i would do u all ok

(vent post)

would appreciate it if everyone in my life (irl) would quit pressuring me to get ordained and be a pastor. idek if that’s what I want, or even good for me to do.

people keep tryna plan my life for me because I just got an MDiv. back off buddies, I’m gonna do what I want. no one needs a faith leader in as bad spiritual shape as I’m in right now. I wish people would understand that I need some time to get on my feet and figure some things out

like can we abolish the idea that if your degree doesn’t apply to what you’re currently doing, then it’s a waste? just get rid of that idea. I studied, learned, and grew so much. The debt sucks but I love having the education I have. even if ordination isn’t the right path for me, I will still be an educated layperson and that is valuable.

guys remember when Zarkon told Keith that he fights like a galra soldier?? What if the team uses that to their advantage and asks Keith what would he do in the galra’s position and then they try to work around it like a Team™

the bestest pal a boy could ever have
  • Listen my boi christopher franklin chow is one of the most caring and thoughtful individuals to ever grace this earth

  • nursey Knows, and therefore tries not to take it to heart that chowder remembers his favorite drink and book and his childhood dogs name. he really does.
  • he also tries to ignore that the full force of chowders attention makes him feel so important and cared for
  • y'all hes only human tho and like… he cant stop himself from spending like 99% of his time with chowder. (who is so nice, he doesnt care at all!! not one bit… because hes… just so nice)
  • and in that time, not only does he feel more validated than he has in his entire life, chowder just also happens to be the best person alive and oh shit… Nursey’s Gay (i would like to think his realization is like… grand and overdramatic like chowder is like “hey man i saved u this banana nut muffin because i know its your favorite” and nursey is like “bro ur the best ily” and then he realizes o shit i definitely meant that in an explicitly homo way rip and then he has like an existential crisis over a muffin & his crush)
  • honestly he feels so bad about it bc.. he can justify lust for chowder obviously bc hes a good looking person and a lot of smh is pr fine lbr but… having a heart hard on for ur best friend is very different
  • he’s also like… positive theres no way chowder could be into him because hes just… so emotionally distant and fucked up and hes not good enough to be happy, essentially
  • the first person he asks abt it is holster but it goes SO AWRY bc he goes “hypothetically… if u were to like ur best friend who may or may not be ur teammate and ur pretty sure hes straight but might not be but probably is… and is like way out of ur league but u like him anyway what would u do about that?” and holster says “well….. HYPOTHETICALLY SPEAKING…. id spend as much time as possible trying to get along with him and taking it slow, get to know him better” and holster walks away thinking nursey has a crush on dex and THat does not go well
  • basically nursey spends like several months pining over chowder but all along… chowder was doing the same thing!! he even sought essentially the same advice from bitty!!! but bitty ALSO thought chowder liked dex so it was like… all the upperclassmen firmly believed there was a frog love triangle happening… and then when nursey finally said fuck it and kissed chowder it was like a soap opera for them and they were all like :oooo and dex was like “fucking finally”

:’) soft tododeku commissions for @eclecticlion

you’ll just have to assume izuku is on tip toes in the first pic or hit a growth spurt because officially todoroki would be 10 cms taller but what can YA DO when the composition doesn’t work that way (they’re sitting in the second so it’s ok. those +10cms on todoroki are all leg). i mean it would but it’d be harder to draw, SO



*send me a DM on here or twitter or something! my twitter is @axolotlpop

*im basically the worst person and will draw anything! NSFW is def ok, with exception of poop. pls no poop thaats all i ask

*(if u want, i can send u more of my art for examples!!!!)

*all payment needs to be done through paypal! if ur request is more complex, i might need to bump up the price a little if thats ok!

*you’ll need to have an e-mail i can send the final product to, since tumblr messes with image quality.

even if you can’t commission me, i would greatly appreciate a reblog to help signal boost this !


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ok but imagine if robert first started hanging out with damien because he was convinced he was a vampire but damien thought they were going on dates, so he was going all out (writing letters and sending him bouquets) blissfully unaware of what robert was doing. and all the while robert is just suspiciously examining everything he does, then mary tells him theyve basically been dating for a month


BLESS U <3 <3

ok but imagine

  • top exy sports star neil josten publically roasting donald trump every fucking chance he gets
10/10 would date- spideychelle headcanon

https://riarkledale.tumblr.com/post/163518972984/1010-would-date-pt2-spideychelle-hc - part 2

https://riarkledale.tumblr.com/post/163523408419/1010-would-date-pt-3-spideychelle-hc - part 3

bc y’all loved my last two hcs and i was just reminded that we’re gonna have to wait till 2020 to see spideychelle happen skjdksjskdj whY

-aight let’s get right into it shall we?

-michelle knows

-oh yea y’all know what i’m talking about

-but peter doesn’t know that she knows

-at first she’s kinda hurt and a lil upset ngl

-cos honestly ?? she’s actually really opened up to peter and ned

-and she’s tried so hard to be a good, true friend

-but the lil shit still apparently didn’t trust her enough

-so she mopes around for like two weeks

-she makes up excuses to not hang out

-she becomes rlly distant

-she gets really quiet

-but then the sadness slowly fades

-and she decides to get some payback bc she is mj, after all

-so one day she casually sits w them again

-as if the last 2 weeks never happened

-lmao i love this girl

-they’re both kinda shook tbh but they don’t question it

-bc they missed her and they don’t want to say anything that’ll make her go away

-and spiderman makes the front page again today

-michelle is salty

-bc how dare!! peter act like nothing is happening and that’s not him on the front page of

-every. single. newspaper. in ny!!!

-so she starts a conversation about the spider-boi (as she likes to call him)

-one thing about michelle, she is such a good actress

-she deserves an oscar honestly

-so they’re all talking about spiderman and suddenly ned’s going on and on about how he thinks scarlet witch is hot

-so she’s like, ah! you’re making it too easy for me, nerds

- and then she goes

- “i think spider-man is hot.”

-her biggest regret of all was not secretly videoing their reactions

-peter nearly chokes on his sandwich

-he looks like a tomato honestly, he’s getting so red

-ned is shooketh




-and she’s like ‘whatever, i still think he’s attractive’

-ned thinks she’s acting very sus and he wants to get down to the bottom of it


- “jesus fuck, ned. have u heard the guy? he’s definitely in high school”

-ned looks like he’s trying to get her to quit the act

-but ha! she’s got em

-she looks at peter who has been strangely quiet throughout the whole thing

-he’s still red btw

-she looks at him teasingly, “anything to say, parker? any protests?’

-ned’s still in shock

-she looks at ned, “he’s a teenage boy in spandex but i still would.”

-ned looks frustrated tbh

-and michelle is loving every second of it

-but just to clarify

-she doesn’t think peter is hot or anything

-it’s like whatever

-this is all just an act ok

-”i think that you’re spider-man’s type. like he would. date u”

-she freezes



-her mind is


-she doesn’t know what to do!!

-she doesn’t want to give it away

-play it cool mj play it cool

-’oh wow thanks for the heads up, peter. i’m so relieved that i’m spiderman’s type, yes. now u can tell him to pick me up at 7.”

-nailed it, mj

-peter looks kinda smug but also kinda confused

-and she takes the oppurtunity to torture him even more

-”how would you know what spidey’s type is? huh, parker? what do you, have some sort of ‘spidey sense’?’

-peter is a mess

-’whaatttt, why would i? spidey sense, wow what is that? such foreign words? i just met him, that’s all. haha yea, he’s a cool dude.”

-’i actually think he’s a bit of a dork.”

-peter is confused

-”but you just said that you liked him’

-’yeah but he’s a cute dork’

-peter is blushing

-it’s worse than before

stay tuned for part 2 (cos i’m tired rn and i rlly want to sleep)

ok but why tf are y'all sleeping on meet me in the hallway???? that song is a fucking masterpiece????? i walked the streets all day running with the thieves cause you left me in the hallway (Give me some more) just take the pain away ,, shakespeare whom??!1? we don’t talk about it it’s something we don’t do cause once you go without it nothing else will do ,, um death would be kinder????

ok so normally I really, really would shy away from doing this but after being randomly fired over the phone I proceeded to be so distracted I…..lost my wallet on the train, which had abt 100 bucks cash it in.

while we mill about the series of unfortunate events style fuckups that plague my every breath and gesture, that 100 bucks was for, like, living lmfao. so if y'all could cash.me $benepla that would be…….nice…..it doesn’t have to be all that much tbh just like. not dying money. thank u


Okay while I’m at it (i mean talking abt my art policy w someone laughs)
I would like to share this thing happened to me from months ago.
Something I rlly have to tell to all my followers or people who visit my page.

To begin with, I’m a really flexible kind of artist regarding my own art’s policies.

Use as icon? Use it. Use as header? Use it. Repost? Redraw? Trace? Reference? Yep, totally don’t mind, go ahead. I see those stuff as ways to appreciate my art, instead i would like laughs at it and “wow why would you like my ugly art cries, thanks tho.”
There is only one thing I ask from you all, “a credit”, yep, a link back to my tumblr. Or my twitter, or my name, just anything.

Because all I want is “respect and honesty” alright, you don’t need to ask my permission, but if you respect me & my art you surely would at least write down my name on the caption right?

Lol i became too sappy im sorry.
And well so, it’s not rare, but not often either for me to saw my art getting reposted. But this one particular haikyuu page in fb reposted my art without a credit to me. I wouldnt tell which art and which page bcs i don’t want problems. Please don’t look it up either i beg you.

Ok so, ofc my friend is like “haru isn’t this your art?” So I’m like “oh yes it is”
So i went to the page, and comment, kindly and politely, to put my link to tumblr on the caption. Thought, honestly, i wouldnt mind if they don’t do it either bcs if you see the comment section, the link is there, right there.
But this page, instead of choosing to just ignore the comment, which is already quite rude, choose to delete my comment.
My friends are like “whoa wtf, do u need a hand” but I’m too tired of shits already so I’m like “nah it’s cool.”

Ok, so, I’m no big artist, and I’m totally cool with this kind of thing. But it’s rlly unrespectful to the artist to do this kind of thing man. If you can’t support the artist by buying their stuff, commissing them, well excuse u, at least pls support them by respecting them.

To the admin of that page, i forgive you but please don’t do it anymore cries.

I’m sorry for rambling too much, i just feel like i need to make this post so some ppl would know all i want is my name written on the caption
Here have a KageHina :’) i haven’t been drawing so much lately cries //rolls away

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what even IS nico and will's relationship in your head?????

um lmfao get ready

- “hey nico can u cook 2night im really tired and i have a long shift” “ok sure” [proceeds to cook really really well, the best tortellini or smth] “nico what the fuck ive been making burnt ramen for the last six months.” “i thought it was cute idrc”

-“nico wake up” “i’ll wake up when im dead” “nico ple as e”

- “do these pants make my ass look good” “will youre not wearing pants” “exactly ;3” “how are you making that face what the fuck”

-“sometimes i think that if that werewolf bit u and u became a werewolf i would still like u but that would make me a furry” “will what the fuck”

-“im so sad obama’s leaving his presidency” “um lmfao who’s obama”

-“what are you eating will?” “my feelings” “christ”

-“god dammit” [gets decked] “do not take the lord’s name in vain” “nico what the fuck”

-“nico im sorry please speak to me in english again the italian is really intimidating and chiara wont translate”

-“wait you mean… benito mussolini is dead?” “yes” “thank fuck fascism sucked”

-“do u ever think about how cool going to space would be” “will ive been to hell i dont need to go anywhere that isnt the fucking surface of the earth”

-“will ur eyes are pretty” “[flustered] so is ur… freckle… right there…” “ok”

-“im gonna tickle you-!” “if u lay a hand anywhere near me i will break all the fingers from ur hand i promise”

-“i wish i was a tree” “why” “then i wouldnt have to listen to u talk about the femur bone so much” “wow okay i just thought it was interesting”

-“nico im gonna buy these light up sketchers” “dont” “nico im doing it” “please dont”

-“hey nico do you still like me” “ye” “no i mean do you like like me” “we’ve been dating for three years”

-“nico i baked u smth!! :D” “[crying] i… love it… its so [chokes] good…”

-“nico where have u been” “i saw a dratini on my radar and ive been trying to catch it” “youve been missing for three days”

after realising sana and mamma bakkoush came home

elias, adam, mikael, mutta: ok they’re home, that’s chill, gotta stop filming now tho

yousef: wow,,, would u look at that,, the window is so interesting, so beautiful, the weather is great today, don’t you think???? wow gotta look into the other direction than everyone else, idek what they’re looking at hahaha something happening outside this window is so much more interesting???? wow what a great day!! don’t feel guilty at all because i completely and utterly fucked up. you’re doing great yousef!!



so imma hoe for bushy ass brows and since i was fucked over in that department i decided i would just give all my sims the boMB ass brows!! so here they r!!!

  • there is 6 in total
  • comes in ea’s 18 hair colors
  • recolors allowed just give credit pls!!
  • do not reupload or claim as your own ):<
  • also if u use em u gotta show me ok so tag me!!!


the interesting and funny thing is that, demographically, lesbians are not any more oversensitive or mean spirited or irrationally dramatic than any other very large and general group of people, u have just been taught 2 see us that way and revel in ur own stubborn discomfort w/ having to hear about our emotions and experiences ever, and because admitting that & admitting that the real reason you cant handle basic human interactions with the Big Ol’ Dyke Conglomerate is because it benefits u to just mentally substitute a very wide and diverse range of real people w/ real thoughts and feelings with that one side character from legally blonde would interfere with ur lifetime of dedicated virtue signalling, u have 2 cover it all up by making up some bullshit about “Discourse” or whatever. its ok though dude like dont feel too bad we all do it