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Dating Draco would include?

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  • you would be the Dynamic Duo™
  • The Sarcasm
  • he’d spoil you so much
  • he’d give you so many gifts
  • you’d have to work up to pda
  • he’s afraid of getting hurt and you had to do a lot of work to have him open up
  • once he trusts you he’ll come to you for comfort
  • you’re his happy place
  • he’s your happy place
  • he’d embarrass you all the time with cute super extravagant romantic acts
  • passing notes in class
  • slow kisses
  • he was an amazing listener
  • no one else was able to comfort you when you were feeling down
  • he’s the jealous type so his arms would always be around your waist 
  • you two were inseparable 
  • roses
  • you’d get roses from him everyday
  • but only one a day until you make a bouquet 
  • he’d present you with one a different way each day
  • sometimes you’d find it in you bag with a note attached
  • or he’d give it to you by the black lake
  • it’d be the cutest thing ever
  • you both had promise rings
  • yours is gorgeous and very extravagant (I mean it’s Draco what else do you expect)
  • he called you princess 
  • you were his princess and he treated you like it 
  • he respected you unlike a lot of the other Slytherin boys 
  • he respected your choices and never questioned them or asked you to do something you were uncomfortable with
  • Narcissa loved you
  • Draco always went to her for advice
  • you and her were pretty good friends
  • she wants you two to get married one day
  • he’s super protective
  • you took lessons in confidence from the man himself
  • candle lit dinners
  • he’s a perfectionist so he tried to make all your dates perfect
  • you love him so much and he loves you
  • matching tattoos seems like a ting he would do
  • I can’t think of any more for now so yeah
Submission: Switch Up

So amusing thought. We all know that Ino is to Sakura what Sasuke is to Naruto. So what if we took their stories (NOT their personalities) and just…swapped things around…? Imagine this:

Sakura is an orphan, outcasted by the village for reason’s unknown (maybe in this world, she’s the jinchuuriki, maybe it’s for a different reason). So her goal is to become the best Med-Nin in the world, and FORCE the village to acknowledge her (maybe she also wants to become Hokage, maybe not, it’s a bit of a toss-up at this point). She’s got the smarts, the control and the willpower to do it, but has never has a friend in her life or any family to speak of. 

Enter Ino, a traumatized clan orphan who watched her clan get slaughtered (Maybe the Yamanaka clan in this AU are what the Uchiha were to the village a la cannon. Powerful for their mind-control powers, but feared all the same. Maybe instead of the Sharingan being the catalyst for nine-tails attack, it was a Yamanaka who somehow managed to enter the mind of Kurama). I have no idea who does it, but maybe it’s someone close to Ino. Broken and alone, she pushes herself to the limit in an attempt to be stronger, to kill and avenge her clan. Her goal? Kill the person who took everything from her. Nothing else matters. (That’s not true. In her heart, she knows all she wants is to have a family again).

So of course they get put on the same team, why wouldn’t they…and sparks fly.

How could they not, with personalities so similar but so different at the same time. They’ve both been left behind by a village that was suppose to protect them. Left in the dust by a broken system, left to pick up the pieces of their broken lives. Both just want a family, friends to laugh with, a shoulder to cry on. But they go at it in different ways. Sakura gives life. She’s a medic, of course she does. She’s gonna save as many lives as she can, and prove to the world that she is more than her past, more than whatever it is that makes people look at her in disgust and fear (even if she has no idea why). Ino is the avenger, she brings death. It’s all she’s ever known, how can she not? She’s gonna kill who ever took away her world, and if someone stands in her way? She’ll get rid of them, one way or another. 

They hate each other. They hate that they can see themselves in the other’s eyes. A sad, lonely child looking for a place, a person to call home. They are enemies, they are rivals…and somewhere along the way, they become friends.

Of course, cannon events still happen. Ino leaves the village, Sakura tries and fails to get her back. Ino becomes a missing nin, while Sakura claws her way up and becomes a hero. Ino still triggers the Fourth Ninja War, and Sakura still chases her relentlessly. The final epic battle is not between two overpowered boys with the power to level villages, but two overpowered women with enough power to destroy a world and a half, and the brains to do it with style. 


I’d imagine things would go…differently. Of course, there’s still a matter of if everyone else keeps their roles or if that’s mixed up too, but hey details. (Also, I think the idea of Naruto and Sasuke being best friends since childhood, but also rivals in love would be…amusing, to say the least. It’d be even funnier if the object of their affection were Ino (because Ino and Sasuke switch roles) or Sakura (because you know…Team 7), who both either 1) do not have time for this shit, or 2) are too gay for this shit.

I’d Like That

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Anonymous Requested: I’m so happy requests are open! I’ve had this idea for WEEKS! Ok so it’s a Richiexreader, where the reader has a reputation for being a super aggressive fighter and they start dating cause Richie tried to pick a fight and was super witty so it impressed her. This doesn’t really make sense as I’m typing it out, but I really hope you can write it!

Pairing: Richie x Reader

Warnings: none.

A/N: I know this isn’t exactly what you wanted, I hope it’s okay.

Yet once again, Richie Tozier was making a fool of himself in class for the sole purpose of gaining attention. In all of your years of being in the same class as the class clown, he never failed to do the very same thing; make a fool of himself or someone else so that the class would laugh and he could feel pride that he’d gained a bit of attention on himself.

Now that wasn’t to say the boy wasn’t smart or couldn’t ever do anything else. You’ve been in Richie’s class (somehow) since grade three and over the years you’ve gotten to know him just a little bit. Over the years, over the times you’d been paired together for projects or had been assigned seats next to each other, you learned the boy was extremely smart. He had the brains for something much more but he just chose other because he thought that way he wouldn’t fade into the background.

Little did the boy know that that wasn’t needed, you’d never forget him; whether you liked to admit it or not.

The teacher sent Richie back to his desk with a ashamed sigh, as the class erupted in joyful laughter. You couldn’t help but notice the faint smile on his lips, the laughter of his classmates probably echoing in his mind proud-fully. Once took his seat next to you, you turned to him with an unimpressed glance, “you do know that’s not needed right?”

He furrowed his brows, the smile slowly slipping off his face. “What are you talking about?” 

“You don’t need to make a fool of yourself to gain attention.” You sighed, and Richie’s face fell as your words sunk in. “I’ve known you for a long time now, Richie and you don’t need to- to do that. I would never forget you, even if you just sat in your desk and worked.”

You didn’t say anything else or let the boy say anything, instead opted for turning back to your desk and continued working. For the rest of the class, Richie was oddly silent but you payed it no mind, just continuing to do your work. It wasn’t until the end of class and you were packing up your things did you finally notice that you’d changed something within the boy.

Just as you finished packing up your things, Richie made his way over to your desk. “Y/N?”

You straightened out with a curious glance, smiling over at the boy. You faltered slightly when you saw the pondering and concerned expression on his face, and with the fact that he’d been eerily silent, you wondered if you’d upset him. “Hey, sorry about earlier… if I upset you-”

“No you didn’t.” Richie quickly clarified, before glancing up at you. “Just made me think. No one’s ever really said that to me, or cared so much…”

“Oh.” You mumbled, folding your arms across your chest with a faint blush.

“I was wondering if you’d like to go out with me sometime?” He asked, shocking you. Suddenly the Richie you knew shined through and he smirked; “teach me your ways.”

You laughed, brushing a strand of hair behind your eyes; “i’d like that.”

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Nct Mark talking to his s/o after a performance where he fell *i just saw the video of him falling multiple times during limitless and I just want to hug him*

• i saw the video aw he’s a slippin and a slidin
• he would be so embarrassed
• like the boys would tell him it wasn’t a big deal and that it happens to everyone
• and he’s clenching his fists under the table like i know, but i’m supposed to be absolutely…… fully……. capable…..
• lol jokes aside i do think he would regret seeing your caller id after the show like he knows you’re going to make fun of him
• and even tho it’s just in jest he’s already gotten enough of that from haechan and ,,,, he rlly doesn’t want the first thing he hears from you after a few days to be “lol you’re so clumsy!”
• he reluctantly presses the answer button like “hello. mark speaking.”
• and your voice sounds so worried and you start ranting,, “are you okay? seriously can they not make sure the stage isn’t slippery?? or put some of those stoppers on the soles on your shoes??? what if you had twisted your ankle or had broken your tailbone from the fall???????? i had this friend once who fell right on her butt and she broke her tailbone. couldn’t sit for weeks mark—”
• and you’re still ranting but mark has this very fond sparkle in his eye and he’s biting his lip to keep from smiling in front of the boys
• but they can already see his blush so it’s rlly null and void
• “baby,, i’m okay. promise. no injuries, just a bit of soreness which will be gone by tomorrow.”
• you huff at the other end “fine. but when you get home we’re snuggling and your going to have at least three of the cookies i made for you. three.”
• mark’s laughing at your attempts to make him feel better, bc they’re working “i’d be glad to have three of your cookies. you might need to save them for me tho bc the boys are going to attack as soon as they see them.”
• cue sicheng, taeil, and jaehyun, “we will not!”
they totally plan to
• you agree to save some back anyways like,,,,, you know nct are like black holes when it comes to food
• “just hurry up so i can hug you,” you order, teasingly.
• mark knows you mean every word. and his heart feels a lot warmer now that you’ve spoken to him about it. “alright. love you.”
• “love you too, clumsy boy.”
• ah, there it is. he knew there had to be a silver lining somewhere.

Dating Youngjae Would Include:

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  • Y’all he’d be so shy at first
  • And most likely make everything awkward
  • But the cute kind of awkward
  • Ya know what I’m saying?
  • My boy would blush and shit
  • Like a lot
  • And then casually try to cover his cheeks not wanting you to see that he was blushing
  • During your first kiss he’d most likely smile, breaking the kiss
  • And he’d just say quietly
  • “Sorry.. It’s just, I’ve been waiting for this to happen for so long..”
  • Which in his head would sound so cute
  • But when he got home and thought about it again
  • He would mentally slap himself not believing how cringey he sounded.
  • I can assure you,
  • He’d be the most sweet and caring boyfriend ever
  • Taking care of you when you’re sick by attempting to cook you soup
  • Would force you into taking your medication even if you didn’t want to cause it tasted horrible
  • He would most likely wrap you around 18382819382 blankets to make sure you were warm
  • Cause let’s be honest,
  • He wouldn’t want to cuddle you at your condition
  • Tbh, he’d take care of in general
  • Constantly texting you or calling you when he was away to make sure you were okay
  • Dates at the park
  • Ft. Coco
  • He’d most likely have a million photos of you playing with coco because cute..
  • No horror movie marathons though..
  • That shit’s scary
  • Sorry girlfriend he ain’t about that life
  • He’d be very possessive over you
  • He’d hold your hand 24/7
  • Just to make sure every guy walking past you two knew you were taken
  • He’d get jealous if you got close and spent time with other members
  • And you would most likely have to assure him nothing was going on between the member and you

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Nini! Have you ever wished to be a guy so that you can have what yaoi has to offer?😮 love you lots btw💜

I actually wanted to be a boy when I was a kid and a teenager ^^ 
If someone would offer me to switch to a male body, I would totally do it!
I identify as female cis but I’m not that fond of my boobs and that super annoying uterus thing and I’m super penis envious lol 

Love you back <3 <3 <3 


Not Quite Ready to Leave Mummy and Daddy Just Yet

Author’s Note: another one from the queue! Enjoy and let me know what you think! An anon requested this but ovbi i can't tag you so I hope you see this.

At two and a half, Ella was quickly growing into her own person. Her favourite thing to do right now was sit in her high chair while one of her parents sorted out the breakfasts for the morning. And as the day when the boys would finally be starting ‘big school,’ Harry was the one who was on breakfast duty. It wasn’t going to be anything special but they were planning to make as big a fuss of them as they could.

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Soft things with Jungkook

-Male Reader- Basically just a list of soft things that you’d do with Jk because I’m soft tonight ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • You guys would play video games all the time and oh boy it’d be hell if both of you were competitive!
  • If you weren’t tho, Jk would sometimes let you win because he loves the happy face that you have and proud grin and he’d low key melt inside
  • C u d d l e s
  • Normally he would hate any sort of touching
  • But if it was you?
  • He’s a goner
  • Always holding your hand and kissing your cheek
  • And some days where you were feeling down he’d do silly faces just to see you smile
  • And since he sometimes doesn’t know how to express his feelings he’d just awkwardly hug you and say dumb stuff while stuttering
  • Always blushing when you start laughing at how cute he is
  • Some nights you guys would watch movies all night and cuddle with a bunch of unnecessary blankets because why not
  • You’d always call him baby boy because it adorable when he starts blushing and being all shy
  • And then one day he calls you baby boy but then ends up blushing so much and starts whining when you laugh

And that’s all I can do without dying, hope you guys like it!!

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hi hello everyone, it’s Non-Jim here with a really big question:

would it be fine if I gradually turned this into an all egos blog??

it would still primarily be the Jims and go by slim-jims still but I’ve been having this idea of bringing in other egos to work as “interns” in a sense and work with the Jim boys and do their own news type dealio, y'feel?

I can just make this decision on my own ik, but I’m just thinking about what YOU, the viewer, would think about this and if y'all back me up on this or just want it strictly Jims and Jims only, bc this is about y'all too! y'all are like,, 100+ reporters and viewers who I love and trust with these types of things y'know, bc sometimes I can’t decide and it takes the help of one or many to really get my mind set on stone about something

so ya, that was it! I’d rlly love to hear what y'all have to say, if you have anything to say!

But have I talked about how relatable Gorgeous is to me? There’s a boy that I’ve liked for 2 years now. He is so smart, unique and beautiful. But I never did a thing about it because I am sure a boy like him would never like a girl like me. I just feel like he deserves a lot better. And also… when I was in a relationship a year ago I still liked him and wondered about how wonderful it would be if he was mine. I felt terrible about that but I know a lot of people go through that when they are not happy in a relationship (IT IS NOT CHEATING! YOU JUST CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!!) Gorgeous had me so shook when I listened to it for the first time. I feel like Taylor was writing about my situation.

So my dream last night combined Game of Thrones, Ripper Street, and the Old West….and a little bit of video games, just because there were Respawn capabilities.

So, we had a plan to save the old west town. But I found out that the scoundrel Yankee surgeon Homer Jackson was double crossing us and not being honest. So I screwed up his plan by doing the same thing he got the young boy to do. But Jackson was so upset, said I didn’t understand his plan, and, “You won’t get 40 yards in there before they’ll hang you!”

But Jaime Lannister knew we could do it, because he loved me, and together we would beat Cersei. Of course she was furious in the cold callous way of hers, but Jaime finally saw her for who she was and wanted nothing to do with that life.

And I knew, that even if I had to sacrifice myself, we would save that old west town because I had known Jaime’s love and that was enough. There would be justice, one way or another.

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find twelve songs that would describe you in the soundtrack of your life then tag 10 people you would like to get to know better who should do this

I was tagged by @ellabeth01 and @wonderrful

A song where the lyrics summarize ;

1. Your childhood : Great Day - Paul McCartney

2. Your love life: Thing Called Love - Do Nothing Club

3. Your high school years : Yesterday - The Beatles

4. Your sexuality : Boys - Charlie XCX and We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off - Elle Eyre

5. Your personality : I’ll Be There For You - The Rembrandts

6. Your opinion on a hot topic : Gi’ mig Danmark tilbage (Give me Denmark back) - Natasja (this is a Danish song about how the modern society has changed Denmark and turned it into something bad. It’s has a lot of super powerful messages, but I know none of you can understand it) So my second choice is If I Were a Boy - Beyoncé, Where Is The Love - The Black Eyed Peas and They Don’t Care About Us - Michael Jackson

7. Your best friends : Count On Me - Bruno Mars

8. Your thoughts on growing up : Youth is Wasted on the Young - Scarlet Pleasure 

9. You on a night out : Here - Alessia Cara, but when I’m home Can’t Stop the Music - Village People

10. Your flaws : Man in the Mirror - Michael Jackson I’m not really sure about this one, but this is the way I change my flaws I guess idk man

11. Your perfections : Born This Way - Lady Gaga I’m not sure about this either tbh

12. Your year : Under Pressure - Queen (David Bowie)

This was the hardest thing ever, and I don’t think it’s very correct lmao

I tag : no one because I think most have already done it? but feel free!

you know what kills me????

steve is cocky sometimes. steve is in fact cocky to the point of near-suicidal recklessness (mr. Parachutes Are a Formality, “on va voir [removes helmet before a fight just to Prove A Point]”). rhodey is proud to be war machine (WARMACHINEROX, hey everyone!! gather round to listen to my war machine story BOOM). pepper is confident in her capability to tell people what to do. as of cap 3 clint is fucking MASTERFUL at pointing fingers. wanda has no issue eventually being basically like “you know what people around me are wrong.” neither does steve by the way

but yeah!! sure!! tony’s the ONLY ONE IN THIS TEAM whose ~ego is a noteworthy characteristic. tony’s the ONLY ONE who should have his ego targeted in any situation. the ONLY ONE whose Ego ever did A Thing in his life ever. the ONLY ONE, EVER, IN ALL MOVIES

lmao miss me with this honestly

a not-entirely-earthling stinky boy

Season 4 complaints

I’ve seen some people posting about how season 4 just ignored all the development in season 3 and yada yada so I decided to make a post about my view on the most popular complaints.

  • “Shiro’s headache and the whole it must be a clone theory was totally put aside because now he pilots Black again!”

Shiro going back to being the black paladin wasn’t him just saying “well let’s try this again just because” and the black lion going “one time is not enough but TWO times hell yeah u my paladin”


The team was in danger, Keith was away and was constantly showing signs that he would end up leaving the team. Another thing, Shiro had to convince Black to let him pilot it.

My point is: Black would not let the paladins fucking die if it could do something to save them. After letting Shiro (or clone Shiro) pilot it Keith decided he was going to leave and BUM there’s no return now and Shiro (or clone Shiro) had to be the black paladin.

Besides, if the clone builds connections with the team and loves them as much real Shiro it will be 1000000 times more heartbreaking to show real Shiro coming back.

  • “Lance’s and Keith’s relationship development was completely thrown away!”

Those kids are at a war. That’s what they’re doing in space, they’re fighting a war. You guys really think Keith (the guys who’s been fighting with all his strength the whole time, who has put his friends in danger just for the possibility of attacking Lotor, who trains more than anyone) is going to focus more on a crush we are not even sure he really has than on the fight against the Galra?

Voltron is not a show about two boys finding more about themselves and slowly falling in love with each other. Their relationship is a SUBPLOT, let the main plot run its course for God’s sake.

  • “Lance’s character development was ignored and now he’s back to the way he was in season 1!!”

Lance didn’t really open up for the team about his insecurities. He had one good talk with Keith, who left, and that’s it. Lance may be self-centered but he’s not self-centered enough to put his problems above the war they’re fighting. The whole thing about Lance’s character is that he hides his insecurities behind a mask of confidence and jokes.

Moreover, being insecure doesn’t mean being sad all the fucking time. He genuinely enjoyed being an actor and doing performances and flying around so let the boy be happy.

He never stopped being a flirt either.

  • “Lotor’s generals would not turn on him like that!”

We don’t know that. In fact, we know close to nothing about Lotor’s relationship with his generals.

As much as I love the idea of all the characters getting good development I know that’s not really possible. The show is not about Lotor and his generals, is about team voltron.

Besides, we might get some more information in the future, just like how it was done with Zarkon’s backstory.

  • “Keith leaving the team ruined the dynamic season 3 built!”

Firstly, Keith never wanted to be the leader and after the talk he had with Lance it was obvious he would not claim Red back when Shiro came back. Secondly, the Blade kind of represents a family to him in a sense, they’re a connection to his past. With Shiro being back and Red having a good pilot, Keith saw the possibility of helping team Voltron and the Blade at the same time. He took the opportunity.

In season 3, Keith wasn’t the leader because he wanted to, he was the leader because he had to. Now he can do something he really wants to do instead of being stuck in a position he doesn’t consider his own. Be happy for the guy.

  • “Lotor has barely been introduced as a main antagonist and is already having a redemption arc!”

Lotor’s intentions were very different from Zarkon’s intentions. He wasn’t after Voltron like crazy, trying to destroy the Lions or get them for himself. Lotor had a very specific plan and just used his position as the new leader of the Galra empire to to help him with it.

The talk he wants to have is not a “Wow I’m suddenly a good guy”. Lotor’s is an enemy for the Galra now and if wants his plan to succeed he needs allies. My enemy’s enemy is my best friend. Team voltron kind of has a debt to Lotor now that he literally saved everyone so he has an advantage.

Lotor doesn’t want to become a hero, he just wants his plan to work.

That’s it. Might do a part 2 later.

Some bakushimas loving Denks  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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Henlo there,can you blease draw expensive headphones(Rich//Michael)?? I dont know if you ship it,though I just wanted to see you draw them together :') Thank you sm

ask and ye shall recieve uwu

It’s not exactly a main ship of mine but it’s still hella adorbs so here’s some expensive headphones

completely out of text quotes that im fully convinced were said on the starblaster

spoilers maybe??? I guess

I don’t know who said what for half of these and even though some of them are kind of obvious everything is up for interpretation

feel free to add to this!!

- “welcome back, my love!!!! stop fucking dying”
- “cap’npooooort taako hit me with the ladle agaaaaaain”
- “if one of you chucklefucks switch the red ink cartridges into blue pens again I swear to GOSH you won’t make it to the next cycle”
- “hey sorry to wake you up but Barry got ahold of the magic booze and won’t stop singing “margaritaville” and normally I’d be okay with this but he forgot half the words and is replacing it with beep boops so can I sleep in your room tonight”
- “maggie, broski, bubba, if you pronounce lasagna as las-aag-nah one more time, I’m gonna hit you with the fucking ladle agAIN-“
- “sorry I used magic to try and toast a bagel but I got distracted and long story short for the rest of the year we only have half a kitchen”
- “see Merle your plan is good and all but not only is it dumb, it’s also stupid.”
- “are you allergic??? no??? then there’s absolutely no reason we can’t have a dog we have plenty of food and water and I would train him he’d be a good boy I swe
- “i have no idea how to play chess but I’m almost certain you’re doing it wrong”
- “hey stop stealing Magnus’s shit!!!! that’s my thing”
- “lup was shaving half of davenport’s mustache really necessary JUST because he ate the rest of your Fantasy Poptarts?!” (from my other hc post).
- “this toaster is homophobic” 
- “this coffee maker is transphobic”
- “hey Lucretia sorry to bother you but I accidentally let myself be emotionally vulnerable for 10 seconds and Magnus has been trying to get me to talk about things so I’m your book partner now”

- “his name is john? god with a name like that I just wanna punch him even more.”
- “no! dogs! in! space!”