i would do the same thing to my wife honestly

Dating Melanie Martinez would include:

-Letting her dye your hair
-you scolding her bc “i told u I wanted to go back to my original colour Mel not bright blue oh my god”
-her covering you in bright kisses for forgiveness
-staying up till midnight watching gay love movies and giving eachother small pecks
-getting cute matching tattoos
-or piercings whatever u fancy
-sitting her on lap whenever she’s writing songs
-wearing wacky colourful clothes together in public and private
-“hey babe do you think I can set this entire pizza”
-“Mel nO”
-belting out 90’s songs at 1am in ur matching onesies
-the police coming round the next day from getting noise complaints from ur neighbour
-spending ur Sunday’s watching cartoons and cuddling while eating junk food
-wearing matching sweaters and u pretending to be embarrassed when rly u love it bc Mel looks adorable in her “she’s mine” sweater
-tracing her tattoos whilst cuddling and laughing when she squirms or swats ur hand away because it tickles
-getting her chocolate milk and snacks whenever she’s on her period
-Fangirling over other celebrities with her
-having matching phone covers
-hiding in a closet and waiting till she comes home so you can scare her
-turns out she had the same idea and hid behind the sofa so she could scare you
-waiting for like an hour before you both come up and giggling for ages about it (yes I did get this from the Ellen’s Twitter when her and her wife did it and I honestly though it was the cutest thing ever)
-Melanie telling dirty jokes when ur trying to read or cook and dropping whatever you had in ur hands
-Melanie forever stealing ur food when she has her own"
-“But baaaaaabe yours looks tastier”
-“Melanie they taste exactly the same stOP TRYING TO STEAL MY PASTA”
-When you’s first say ‘I love you’ to eachother Melanie will be really nervous and freaking out and would just blurt it out when your talking about dinner
-“Mel do you want a chippy or a ch-”
“I love you”
“Nothing nothing I wa-”
-Cutting her off with a kiss before muttering an 'I love you too’ against her lips
-Her smiling for the rest of the night and giggling with you and before she drifts off to sleep u hear her whisper 'I love you so much y/n"

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A Weekend With the Cavills

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Prompt: You’re best friends with Henry and you go to visit them. (6)

Pairing: Henry Cavill x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, brotherly rough-housing

You and Henry pulled into his parents driveway and Kal jumped into your lap. Henry smiled and scratched behind Kal’s ears.

“I swear this dog knows where we are faster than I do sometimes,” you shared looping the leash around your wrist.

“It’s because, unlike you, Kal is not directionally challenged,” Henry teased.

“Whatever,” you rolled your eyes and playfully shoved him.

“Y/N,” Henry smiled looking at you, “you still have to double check where our flat is and we’ve lived there for two years now.”

“Alright, okay,” you admitted defeat. “C’mon Kal,” you urged the pup out of the car.

“Y/N,” Niki smiled from the front lawn when you got out of the car.

“Niki,” you saluted playfully. He rolled his eyes at your gimick before hugging you close.

“Already putting the moves on my girlfriend huh Nik?” Henry questioned stepping out of the vehicle.

“Not likely punk,” Niki replied loudly, “but as I last checked, she as Charlie’s friend first,” Niki caught his brother in a headlock ruffling his hair.

“Both of you knock it off before you injure one another,” Marianne came out of the house and directly up to you. “Y/N,” she laughed, “so good to see you again.”

“You as well mama Cavill,” you joked as she laughed.

“Come on the others are inside,” Mrs. Cavill ushered you all inside taking Kal from you so you could greet the others.

“Y/N,’ Simon smiled pulling you in for a hug. He pulled away to greet Henry, “ah little brother,” Simon repeated the actions of Niki from outside.

Charlie rushed to hug you seeing as how you were his best friend who he hadn’t seen in ages. “Still have a thing with my brother I see,” he teased ruffling your hair.

“If you  didn’t want us together, you shouldn’t have introduced us dumbass,” you sassed.

“That is why I have always liked you, Y/N,” Colin laughed, “you don’t put up with any of my boys’ shit,” Mr. Cavill came and hugged you close.

“Well,” Henry shrugged, “with the exception of me.”

“Oh no,” you rolled your eyes, “I don’t live with these Cavill’s. Henry, I really don’t take shit from you,” you wrapped an arm around his waist as the rest of the men laughed.

                                                      * * * * *

You and Henry were out playing frisbee with Kal as the rest of his family sat on their back porch.You squealed as Henry got tackled by Kal but, took you down with him. You looked at each other and bust out laughing. HE helped you stand and you joined his family in their sitting.

“So,” Piers caught your attention, “when can I expect little Henrys to be running around here?”

“PIERS,” Marianne slapped his shoulder.

“Oh come off it,” Richard defended his brother, “we were all thinking the same thing.”

“Uh, I would like to say soon but, with Henry’s busy schedule I honestly can’t. I mean we aren’t even married yet,” you answered awkwardly, feeling uncomfortable for the first time with these people.

“Well, I’m afraid you would be missing some important hardware if we were married and that would make me look like an ass to my family,” Henry spoke. You looked to him confused to find him kneeling on one knee and you gasped. “Y/N, you have made me the happiest man alive.Would you make it even better by being my wife?’

“Do you even have to ask? Yes! Yes of course,” you laughed pulling him in for a kiss as he slipped the ring onto your left hand.

“Hey,” Charlie shouted causing you two to look at him, “no making babies here.” 

okay like…. i stand by saying revival rory doesn’t deserve jess.. but at the same time i’ve also erased any trace of her from my mind. who is this revival rory you speak of? i’ve never heard of her. i only know my wife and daughter rory gilmore. no, she would never do those things, you must be thinking of someone else. yes, she lives in new york with her soulmate and love of her life jess mariano. sorry i couldn’t help more, have a nice day.