i would do that neckline


So, I made a movie-Arwen dress in the fall, and I am going to use it for the Rivendell bingo square, because it doesn’t fit anywhere else! 

I used a pattern from Simplicity that has Arwen’s blood-red dress, and Eowyn’s brown and green dresses. They call it something fantasy-related, but it is obvious. I altered the pattern around the neckline and the upper sleeves, just to match the movie dress a little better. It took me a really long time to make. The sleeves were very complicated with the beading, and I did a decent amount of hand-stitching. The deep red color didn’t photograph very well, but it is a stretchy velvet texture. If I had to do it again, I would make the neckline lower and the sleeves longer.

I love the way that Arwen is described in “Many Meetings”, it is so different than the way that Goldberry is mentioned. They are both beautiful, but Arwen’s wisdom and grace are added to her description. I think she embodies Rivendell’s culture of beauty, peace, age, and wisdom.