i would do so many inappropriate things to him

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Hi Rosy! Can you break down the 412 Bellarke rover scene for me please? I was thinking about it more, and Clarke did pull the trigger (over his head, so it wouldn't hurt him) when she said she didn't. What do you think about her statement that no matter what she does, people always die? Why was it so important for Bell to ease her conscience when she'd threatened/kidnapped him? I love Bellarke, but something about that scene & Bellamy's easy forgiveness seemed too easy.

Well first of all, I think we’ve forgotten that Bellamy and Clarke are always the first to forgive each other– way before they’re able to forgive each other. This is canon and am important part of their relationship. 

He was pissed, no lie. He was mad at her for what she did. But he also understood what she did and why, and the similar decisions that they made together. 

He knows how hard it was for her. Because he’s been in her shoes before.

His whole attitude changes when she says “Nothing is okay.” His eyebrows shoot up. Did he think that she thought it was the right choice? The good choice? When really she didn’t think anything was right or good?

And when she says “whatever choice I make, somebody always dies,”

He blinks, and then is all of a sudden grinning. Like, did he just realize that she picked HIM over everyone else, knowing it was a choice, a conscious one? Like not just that she couldn’t shoot him, that she couldn’t shoot HIM. She knew she would be dooming so many people to die. I mean. It’s a horrible choice and he made that choice too, when he opened that door. But like, she put him on the same level of importance as he put O. Most important. 

I don’t know. It’s totally inappropriate. But all of a sudden, he’s grinning and joking and saying, “Well, not shooting me, that was the right choice.”

The thing about them is they DO understand each other, and they believe in each other. They know where these decisions they make are coming from, even when they disagree. I mean, seriously, she was trying to save lives. And he was risking them. 

“I didn’t pull the trigger,” she says.
“Is that supposed to make it okay?” he asks.
“Nothing is okay.” she says.

What if she just said that she thought not pulling the trigger was the wrong decision. What if she still thinks the door should have stayed closed. There’s an argument to be made for that. 

And she chose not to do it anyway.

She chose Bellamy over what she thought was the best for humanity. 

He’s seen what she’ll do for her people. And she didn’t do it. For him.

What if that scene is really Bellamy realizing for the first time that Clarke loves him? And he is so stupid happy that he starts grinning inappropriately and making lame jokes and staring at her instead of watching the road. She has no idea what just happened, but he can’t take his eyes off of her.

He’s not trying to make her feel better. He’s realizing she loves him back. 

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What happens when your ships are neighbors - minicat

It had been a long time since Craig had wanted to kill someone; the last time being when his friend Evan ditched him in the middle of his own party to make out with his boyfriend. But he was on the edge.

He hadn’t slept well in three days, not accounting for the week before his new neighbor and his noisy dog moved in when he had been up most of the nights editing videos. But now, when he was able to sleep, he found he couldn’t, not with the loud barking that permeated the walls and the subsequent shouting from the owner at all hours of the night.

He wasn’t sure what to do, short of murdering his neighbor and the dog, but he knew that the longer he went without sleep, the more agitated he was going to become. And an agitated Craig was not something to be messed with.

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- 9.3.15

The comments on the Once Upon a Time Facebook page are both appalling and hilarious right now. So many angry people saying the exact same things: “I’ll never watch again”, “Walt would be rolling in his grave”, “I watch this show with my family.” So many people like “This was a family show!” and “How do I explain this to my nine year old?” Like, for one, it’s a prime time show on a major network - it’s not a kids show. And two, Regina literally used the huntsman as her sex slave and murdered him in the first season and these parents think a girl on girl true loves kiss is too shocking/inappropriate for their kids??? Mary Margaret and David had an affair but two girls kissing is morally wrong? Rumple killed his own wife by ripping her heart out but, yeah, Ruby and Dorothy sharing true loves kiss is too indecent for children. like, I just dont get it.