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my friend: Why do you think Lance asked Keith, “Is the princess ‘with you’ with you?”

me internally: In animation, every action, every line of dialogue, every scene is planned out and has a purpose. You can’t just add a scene without it meaning something later on, or else it would be a waste. It has already been established that Allura is not interested in Lance, and in season 2 Lance really doesn’t pay her that much romantic attention. In fact, most of the romantic tropes used in animation and entertainment, in general, are used with Lance and Keith. And throughout the seasons they have hinted at Lance and Keith’s bond with their ‘rivalry’ and then making a good team and then being the two colors that make purple, which is a prominent color in the show. Lance’s “’with you’ with you?” line wouldn’t really make sense if he was asking if Allura was dating Keith because at this point he wouldn’t care about Allura being with someone, but it would make sense if Lance was subtly asking if Keith was single because he has a crush on Keith.  Lance’s interest in Keith has been stated to have begun at the Garrison, and he is constantly inserting himself between Keith and others and always trying to get Keith’s attention somehow. This and the fact that a storyline about Lance’s insecurity may hint as him feeling as if he is insecure not only in his abilities as part of the team, but confusion about his sexuality and insecurity about crushing on someone who he sees as one of the most talented people he’s ever known. Therefore, asking if Keith is dating Allura is a sign of his interest in Keith and a subtle hint at their future storyline(s)/interactions and Lance’s own storyline.

me externally: lol who knows

I really wanted to draw the first fusion version of Garnet since I saw her! This was a little challenge to practice somewhat more simple set-up comic pages that look flashy yet don’t tire me out. There are things I would redo but I’m trying to learn to keep moving forward rather than nitpicking.

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Johnlock not confirmed?? Wrong!

Can we talk about the scene where Sherlock is given the choice to shoot either Mycroft or John?

Because Sherlock doesn’t even HESITATE. He doesn’t ever even point the gun in John’s direction.


Instead, he goes straight for Mycroft. And what’s more is that Mycroft knows that Sherlock would NEVER, under any circumstance, harm John Watson. So Mycroft, in an unusually human and selfless act, tries to make it easier for his brother to shoot him instead.

Mycroft knows that Sherlock needs John far more than Sherlock needs him. And going by Sherlock’s reaction, the detective knows this too. And so does Eurus. And, of course, so does the audience.

Sherlock and John in this episode are shown to have now surpassed friendship - by their own admission and subsequently proven in this scene they are now are FAMILY.

No, we didn’t get a kiss. But look at them at the very end. They’re living together, looking after a baby, and HAPPY. They’re SO happy and content together.

The physical side isn’t shown, but we got much more in terms of their actual emotional relationship and how far it’s developed since series one. They’ve opened up to one another completely. Sherlock is not someone who craves a physical relationship, but rather an emotional one. What he and John have is SPECIAL - more special than having the writers simply (and lazily) throw in ‘sex’ to satisfy standard expectations.

If Sherlock had ordinary sexual cravings, I would be extremely annoyed that they don’t kiss. But what Sherlock and John actually have, I believe, transcends ‘normal’ convention. They are simply together and IT WORKS. Everyone is entitled to their own interpretation, but this, for me, is what Johnlock is all about.

The final deduction is therefore easy to make. This scene, and every other scene in the show points to one inevitable conclusion, that stares us right in the face:

Johnlock exists.

You don’t need a kiss or sex scene to prove it, because that’s not the ultimate conclusion needed to establish their relationship. It never has been. The entire show has been an incredibly intimate adventure of Sherlock and John as their love emotionally matures and this finale really does convey that they have both found within each other a soul mate, someone to settle down with, someone with whom they can be truly happy.

It’s far more than just a platonic friendship - this particular scene proves this beyond a doubt as Sherlock doesn’t even CONSIDER shooting John over his own brother.

If that’s not real love, I honestly don’t know what is.

college au valentines:

- kendra is just laying across the chair in the common room surrounded by valentines from random strangers like well i can’t wait to see what carter manages to do this year

- sara: he can’t be that bad
kendra: have you ever gotten tired of eating quarterscale molds of your boyfriend’s dick because he thought it would be more romantic to buy in bulk
kendra: they’re white chocolate because he thought any other kind would be racist
sara: are they at least hollow
kendra: they’re caramel filled
sara: nothing about this story is good
(rachel’s note: this is the funniest joke i’ve ever come up with it’s all downhill from here)

- rip of course hates valentines day, did not get sara any of the dildos on her dildo wish list, would like to spend the day inside NATHANIEL IF I SEE YOU TAKE THAT DOVE OUT OF YOUR COAT ONE MORE TIME I WILL DROWN YOU IN THE MENS BATHROOM

- nate: slowly putting celebratory valentine’s dove under sweater as she coos gently

- ray: no matter what carter does it’s going to be so romantic that i will cry for 6 years

- amaya: so len + mick you guys are pretty much married what are your vday plans
len: same thing we do ever year
mick: steal a bottle of champagne, watch nightmare on elm street, gay sex
amaya: wait do you have sex before or after the horror movie because watching a movie about teenagers getting murdered would make it pretty hard to get aroused??
mick: well la-di-da
len: the fucking princess over here
mick: too good to have sex after watching teenagers getting murdered
amaya: you know what? yes. yes i am

- sara: honestly don’t even worry about it kendra at this point we’re all like, each other’s girlfriend boyfriends. carter is like everyones boyfriend so we’ll all be embarrassed
jax: i don’t claim him

- sara not 5 minutes later: kendra your boyfriend has shown up to our dormitory on a white horse
kendra: you said he was all our boyfriends
sara: that’s before he rode a horse onto campus to come see you. now you’re on your own

- ray: A HORSE!!!! SO ROMANTIC!!!!!!

- Carter: kendra come up on the horse
kendra: get off the horse
carter: i can’t hear you i’m on-
kendra: get down from the horse carter
carter: kendra get on the horse

- 10 minutes of horse related arguing later carter finally gets down from the horse and gives kendra this wicker basket with a yellow ribbon on it and she’s like please don’t be dick related please don’t be dick related please-


- ray: full bawling, has not stopped

- carter has an off campus apartment so he was planning to actually have aldus live with him but kendra is like NO HE STAYS WITH ME WE’LL PUT HIS LITTER BOX IN THE BATHROOM 

- rip: i’m going to end up cleaning out that box aren’t i
kendra, holding her baby cat son: yeah. yeah you are
rip, gently loving his cat son: okay :’)

- jax: what i want to know is where carter got a horse
carter: you don’t need to worry about that
jax: that answer is actually more concerning than you just telling me where you got a horse

- carter: and raymond, my sweet prince, the other love of my life, for you i have prepared a series of sonnets-
all: NO
ray as the rest of the group has to duck to avoid the incoming flurry of doves: I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO LOOOOOOVED


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‘why don’t you stick with one face style scarlet’ why would i want to do that when i can draw eyes 19487324 different ways

A Quick Guide to tsuna’s ‘behaves a lil differently depending on who he spends more time with’ thing



Dear everyone who has called me miss and she today,
Fuck you.
Morgan, your genderfluid pal who is a He today
((The notebook says He/They genderfluid, my phone just ruined the quality))

Like Real People Do

Inspired by the melody of “Like Real People Do” by Hozier. 


The weight of Simon’s sleeping head on my shoulder was something I would have killed for at Watford.

Honestly, I could track the years by what my response to this would have been. 

If it had been second year, I would have shoved him off and pinched him. Maybe taken his moment of vulnerability to spit in his ear or something. Twelve year olds are weird.

I felt him sigh against my neck, turning more on the couch to cuddle against me. Bunce had taken a vacation to see her moronic brother Primal, so I’d taken up residence in their flat.

I already had, to be completely honest, but now we didn’t have Bunce griping at us to stop snogging in front of her.

Simon had suggested we watch the last Lethal Weapon movie at 2pm on a Tuesday and had immediately passed out, his snores brushing against my neck and his arm snaked behind me to grip my waist. It was uncomfortable, but I’d sooner crawl back into a numpty cave than move.

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anonymous asked:

I apologise - I don't mean to belittle your experiences and what's happened. Yes, his actions have been, and have continued to be, very wrong in the past. If you, and many other people, would want to cut yourself off from everything to do with him, you'd be more than justified. But people can be dumb. Sometimes, it might take 5 or 10 years for something to sink in. We can't control that. It sucks. I just want people to try and be patient because it's less likely to create a worse situation.

i’d say neo-n@z!’s publicly appraising your work and saying keep it up is a pretty bad fuckin situation and for most would be a sign that some messages need to change immediately.

i have soooo much homework to do tonight and i’m feeling super unmotivated atm bc my teacher posted his critique and was like ‘well it’s fine :\\ you’re just not designing up to expectations bc you did such a good job on the past projects, this one is kind of :\ simple :\\\’ 

like my guy we are one week away from the end of the term and i am done w your ridiculous assignments so i wasted at least two hours trying to make it better and then just ended up doing what i was doing anyway bc i didn’t want to spend a minute more on this gd project


Summary: You and Yugyeom do a photoshoot with a sexy concept, and it leads to a little more after.

Genre: Smut

Length: 2226

Requested Here

You walked in front of the bright lights, feeling extremely exposed. When your company had told you that you would be doing a photoshoot with Yugyeom, you had been thrilled. You and Yugyeom had known each other for a while, and you had a little crush on him, but you two had never spent that much time together just the two of you. However, when you agreed to doing the photoshoot, you had no idea it was going to be a sexy concept or one that was so revealing at that.

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anonymous asked:

Your post about Glorfindel and Erestor reminds me of a headcanon that I sometimes entertain that Erestor is actually Maglor who went to Elrond and Erenion as the only people who he really could and he just stayed there and helped them as much as he could despite the number of people who would loathe him if they realized who he was.

:D I love this so much!

I think Maglor would do this.

Initially both Elrond and Erenion would be hesitant to accept him as a servant—which he wants to be. Anything to pay for what he’s done.

Elrond doesn’t think it’s right, nor appropriate to degrade the man who saved him, cared for him, and raised him to the status of a hall boy. He’d rather give him a higher status, such as a lord.

Erenion doesn’t know what to feel, and would rather Maglor be arrested and tried for his crimes—no matter his personal feelings towards him. However, he sees it as Elrond’s call to “punish” Maglor since he is his only living victim.

Of course making Maglor a Lord fails miserably. He doesn’t think he deserves it, and makes it impossible for Elrond to give him a title. And at the same time, Maglor would not last a day in Rivendell if they knew who he was, lord or servant.

So Erestor is born.

It’s a compromise. Elrond will not let Maglor scrub the floors, but he will allow him to serve under his household, as a lower ranking member. He’s too important to send downstairs. He can help, can serve, and can counsel.

There’s things he knows that the other elves don’t, and he can be extremely beneficial to the fight against Sauron, and even if he is fearful of facing those he’s hurt, Elrond tells him that this way, he can repay those he’s wronged.

Also, he and Elrond maintain their close relationship, and Elrond likes that he can watch over Maglor. Even though he’s the chief  counselor, Elrond still cares for him. And Maglor still takes care of Elrond.

My dad wants to know why I won’t tell him about the math I do anymore and really it’s because last time he asked and I explained to him the backbones of an epsilon delta proof and he spent ten minutes telling me how that wasn’t a proof and kept trying to come up with counterexamples and getting offended when I would tell him that no, that works for some delta and some epsilon and I am sick of having to personally argue with him because his engineering self can’t accept that pure, non-applied math also exists.

anonymous asked:

Fears and eyes for Cassian and eyes for Bodhi if your still doing that headcannon thing


I think the most obvious one is that the Rebellion will lose – after everything he’s given up and all the Terrible Things™ he’s done, believing it was necessary for the greater good, for the Empire to prevail at the end would be the unbearable. After all, I don’t think he’s afraid to die (in the service of the Rebellion, anyway) and I don’t think he’s let himself be attached to anyone else enough to really fear losing them, except for K2. 

So yeah – I think Cassian’s greatest fears will be that all the fighting he’s done for the majority of his life has been in vain, and losing his one and only friend in K2. 


cassian andor has the unforgettable eyes of a soldier

I just keep thinking about that dumb Teddy Roosevelt (?) quote about waiting until you could see the whites of an enemy’s eyes before shooting at them, and how totally useless that would be to Cassian’s lived experience. 

Also, given the fact that he’s a sniper, I’m sure his eyesight is p good, but also I’m certain he’s spent hours perched in some terrible places, staring through a scope, waiting to kill someone. Which is an emotional minefield, obvs (I feel like there’s a lot of potential there for some really sad fic – the time he’s spent observing people, his eyes straining to keep track of them, and only engaging them when he, y’know, kills them) but also just on a logistical standpoint, it probably leads to lots of literal headaches and exhaustion. 

So I’m sure his eyes are predominantly tired, in both sad metaphorical ways, but also in a very literal sense.


As for Bodhi’s eyes….well I talked a little about how fucked his sleep schedule is, so I assume in part (when he’s not running on adrenaline and what the fuck fumes, which he is during all of Rogue One) he’s always a lil’ bit sleepy so he’s got, y’know, that heavy eyelids situation going on a lot.

Also given his general anxiety and very tense work environment, I feel like he’s the kind of person who defaults to not meeting people’s eyes – not so much out of deference (like I’m sure he doesn’t acknowledge Empire functionaries as having, like moral authority) but out of survival (you don’t really want to be challenging an Imperial officer by meeting their gaze too directly, inadvertently or not). Plus, it’s easier to keep the peace and stay out of trouble if people can’t see your roll your eyes or have emotional reactions to whatever shit the Empire is having you do this time. 

On the other hand when he’s gambling, like, not meeting people’s eyes would be such an obvious tell – perhaps that’s why he thinks of himself as not that good a gambler? 

Either way, by the time of Rogue One, when he looks people in the eye directly, it Means Something: he looks up for the ‘I defected!’ thing in particular. I imagine he’d still have a lot of trouble with the rest of the Rogue One team tho, especially since he didn’t really have a lot of time to get to know them.  

Send in a character and a number from this list and I will write a headcanon based on the word

Teacher’s Pet

This is just a little vignette for the comic Maplevogel posted yesterday because she likes to put ideas into my head.  I might post more as she adds further details.

Teacher’s Pet

Matthew huffed and scrubbed his face with his left hand.  He was exhausted and his coffee was bitter and cold but the classroom was still a mess and he had promised himself he would clean it before heading home.

“Alright.  Alright.  I can do this,” he said, squaring his shoulders.  The sooner he started, the sooner he would finish, and the sooner he could catch up on his soap operas.  

And drink an entire bottle of wine.

He washed down the countertops and organized the cabinets and scraped the gum off the undersides of the desks.  He left the more interesting graffiti sprawled across the top and cleaned the rest of them.  He filled out his lesson plan for tomorrow.

The sun was setting behind him when he reached for the skull sitting on his desk and dusted it off.

“It’s just you and me again tonight,” he told the skull, smoothing his hands over the cracks.  He had inherited the skull when he took over the classroom in September and he found himself talking to it in between classes.  It was a bit pathetic but he liked the company.  “I’m sure you’re not surprised.”

He traced the maxilla and mandible with his fingers.

“It usually is.”

He lingered over the teeth.

“But thank you for sticking around.”

He raised the skull to his lips and pressed a sentimental kiss to the well worn teeth.  The skull was cold and unyielding against his lips until, suddenly, it was not.  It was warm and wet and his fingers slipped backwards through hair that had not existed a minute ago.

And when he opened his eyes, he was kissing a man.  A very pale, very handsome man.  A very heavy man.

Matthew collapsed under his weight.

“Oh my fucking…  Shit!  Fuck!  Who the hell are you?”

The man just blinked at him before sweeping his gaze across the classroom and looking down at his bare chest.

“Why are you naked?!”  Matthew shrieked.  He tried to push him off but he was running his hands over his chest, stomach, and lower.  He examined his fingernails with a strange mixture of horror and wonderment.  

“I’m alive,” he croaked, and it sounded like he had not used his voice in years. His hands fluttered to his throat.  “I can talk.  Oh my god, I can talk.”

“Who are you?  Who are you?  What are you?”  Matthew repeated over and over until his attention snapped back to him.  He grinned at Matthew and started touching him instead.

“You kissed me!”

“I did not!”

“You did!”

“I definitely did not!”

“You did!  You said ‘thank you’ and you kissed me!”

The pieces started falling into place but it did not make any sense.  He must have been dreaming.  It could not… He would have…  His mind reeled with possibilities.  

“You were a skull,” Matthew said slowly, trying the words on for size.  “My skull.”


“And now you’re not.”


This was a dream.  

This had to be a dream.

But the man felt real enough in his lap.  He was heavy and warm and his knees were digging into his sides.  It was getting harder and harder to breathe.

“I don’t understand…  You can’t…”

Matthew fainted.

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