i would do anything to be with you


The true depths of strength, of resilience, of honor and loyalty.

I didn’t think the others gave him enough credit—for noticing the shift in someone’s emotional current. To command legions, I supposed, he needed to be able to read that sort of thing, judge when his soldiers or enemies were strong or breaking or broken.

“I’m a warrior. I’ve walked beside Death my entire life. I would be more afraid for her, to have that power. But not afraid of her.” He considered, and added after a heartbeat, “Nothing about Nesta could frighten me.”

Cassian had been born for this—these fields, this chaos and brutality and calculation. I’d never seen anything like it—the skill and precision. It was like a dance. I must have said it aloud because Mor replied, 
“For him, that’s what battle is. A symphony.”

Cassian’s own voice broke as he said, “I never got to repay your mother—for her kindness. Let me do it this way. Let me buy you time.”

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'Your oc looks like Chara' - I believe that's because it's your art style? This trolling anon is really stupid, sorry you're dealing with this. Keep strong.

Yeah cause these two look TOTALLY  alike guys

Like, I could get if people told me that I don’t have a varied range of facial expressions, which I agree I think I need to practice that. But to straight up and say they look like another character is baffling to me, especially when that one character is a FANMADE version of the CANON character. If anything, I think Drunk!Chara’s design is a rip off of Rachel’s, maybe I based their design on her without realizing it.

Anyway, thanks for the support, honestly one gets really excited when it comes to do something of your own when you just start and people seem to pick up interest, but then you have these people who for some reason would love to put you down, like no constructive criticism whatsoever just straight up hate and compare to other stuff.

❝ It’s over. ❞

Plot: Jimin cheats on you, because he’s too drunk, and you broke up with him. 

Pairing: JiminxReader 

Words count: 1,9k+

Genre: Angst

For anon, I hope you like it! - M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

The happy barking of your dog was the best welcome after a long and tiring day of study and work. You laid the purse and the keys on the cupboard near the entrance and you were ready to head to the bathroom to relax a little when strange noises from your bedroom made you block completely.  

Immediately your heart began to beat at an abnormal rate because they were little misunderstanding sounds and immediately understood what was going on in that room.  

Your hands began to tremble and in small steps you began to walk towards your room, finally reaching the door. Yet you couldn’t open it, you were scared to death to see what, or rather who, was in it. But your hopes were destroyed shortly after because the female voice screamed that name, the name you hoped to never hear, and with your hopes, even your heart broke completely. 

Your brain allowed you not to hurt yourself and trying to remain silent you turned and left the house looking for a possible refuge to spend those hours.  

You never thought that Jimin could cheat you. After a year of relationship by now you thought you were perfect together, he was so considerate to you and he always tried to show you how much he loved you. You had so hard to trust him, because of your past experiences, that that seemed like a joke to you because it felt impossible that he really did.  

Walking through the streets of Seoul you didn’t cry, because there were too many people who could see you, stopping in a kiosk and starting to drink in solitary. You never liked alcohol, but at that moment you just wanted to anesthetize a little the pain your felt into your heart.  

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I'm concerned as to whether or not violence actually affects anything positive. I get that it's supposed to scare them into shutting up, but it doesn't seem to be having that effect. It seems to be helping their victimhood act. I get that people should know better than to fall for that act, but the fact is that they apparently don't, so we need to take that into account strategically. It would obviously be to their benefit to pay fake rioters to do violence. Should we then do that for free?

This is a hotly-debated question among anti-fascists and anti-racists.  Here’s the way we believe this question should be approached: if you discovered that there was a gang of fascists was in your community recruiting members and publicly organizing, what could you do about it?  Here are the range of options:

1) Ignore them and hope they just magically go away.

The problem with this, of course, is that it does not work.  History has very clearly shown us that ignoring violent racist extremists doesn’t make them go away; on the contrary, it gives them license to intimidate, attack, and eventually murder the people belonging to groups they’ve targeted - racialized people, LGBTQ people, people with disabilities, religious minorities, etc.  This is because fascists take your total disregard of their presence as a sign that you agree with them.  It also lets the people they target know that no one will defend or support them.  As novelist Joy Kogawa put it, “if there’s just one thing that history teaches us, just one thing, it’s that bystanders and perpetrators are both on the same side.“ 

2) Report them to the authorities.
People that believe this is the way to address fascists in their communities are often extremely disappointed with the result.  The authorities aren’t going to do anything to stop fascist plans until they have injured or killed somebody.  To our mind, that is far, far too late.

There are other problems with relying on the authorities to solve fascism and racism as well.  The old saying “cops and the Klan go hand-in-hand” doesn’t just come from police going out of their way to protect fascists and racists while viciously attacking those brave enough to confront fascists.

It also comes from decades of evidence of police involvement as members of fascist and racist groups themselves.   Some notorious examples of this include:

- the police in Greensboro, North Carolina colluding with the KKK to allow them to shoot up an anti-racist demonstration, killing five people;

- this asshole:

- this police department/KKK Klavern in Florida;

Then there are things like the time when the Canadian spy agency funneled money and intelligence to one of the main organizers of the neo-nazi Heritage Front, allowing it to grow into the largest white supremacist group in the country.  Or the time when Germany’s intelligence agency, which had been paying money to neo-nazi organizers, became aware of a neo-nazi gang’s serial murder plot and instead of stepping in, actively obstructed and tampered with the police investigation.  The neo-nazi gang would go on to murder nine immigrants and one police officer along with committing two bombings and fifteen bank robberies.  

Finally, there is the fact that in most cities, racialized people are more likely to be killed by police than by any other group of people.  So no, 2) is not a great option.

Which brings us to:

3) Take up some form of passive protest against them.

The favorite choice of liberals everywhere!  But the problem with pacifism is that it only works when the opposing side has a conscience.  Fascists not only lack that, but they actively fetishize and valorize violence as a legitimate political mechanism, a preferred political tactic, and a philosophical principle that builds group cohesion and commitment.  So bravo to liberals for deciding to do something about fascism but they quickly discover that they have to then choose whether or not they wish to be the victims of fascism, because opposing fascists necessitates self-defence.  Liberals that don’t understand this wind up making the same mistakes of people like the White Rose Society.    

So what’s left, then?

Expose, oppose, and confront them whenever they appear and defend yourself and your community as necessary.
This is the tactic the majority of antifa choose.  It’s also the one that has, to our mind, the most effective over the last seventy years or so.  There’s abundant evidence of that to be found in examples like The 43 GroupAnti-Fascist Action, The Torch Antifa Network, The Anti-Fascist Network, and dozens more.  


5) Hunting down and killing fascists.  

Which, to our knowledge, is very illegal in most places.

So Anon, which do you think is the right option to choose when fascists are publicly organizing and recruiting in your town?


After how popular the first iteration of this flowchart got (thank you all so much for that, by the way, it’s really awesome that it helped so many people out), I was inspired to create a second volume, with even more species and resources than the first. Well, after a month or so of work, it’s finally here! Just in time for the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars: A New Hope, here’s “What Species To Choose For Your Star Wars OC: Volume 2″!

For this new version, I upped the ante with everything. I went from including 75 species to a whopping 150 (which is still only scratching the surface of the full list, I’m afraid), and I tried my best to include more species from “The Clone Wars”, “The Force Awakens”, and “Rogue One” as well. Not only that, but down below I’ve included more resources as well: in addition to each species’ Wookieepedia articles, I’ve provided (where available) videos of the species in action, informational videos, and name generators, all to give you as much info as possible for your OC. Furthermore, among some other minor formatting tweaks, I’ve also added the option to choose answers via dice rolls (thanks to  @empress-only-in-name for that idea), for anyone who would prefer a more random choice in species. Finally, I think it’s also worth mentioning that the wonderful @pomrania re-created the flowchart in a text-based format here, if you’d like to check that out.

Let me know what you all think of the new version! I tried my best to take into account everyone’s requests and suggestions, so hopefully it all worked out to your liking! Do let me know if there’s anything I can add or change, though; it will be a while before I make a Volume 3, if ever, but I’d be happy to tweak this version if it helps. Also, if you end up using this to make a character, please consider either tagging me or using #StarWarsOCFlowchart so I can see it; I don’t care about getting credit or anything, I just want to see what you guys come up with!

Links to resources are below. My original intention was to have them as part of this post, but since Tumblr apparently has a link limit for posts, I had to split them up. I hope this isn’t too much of an inconvenience!

Species A-ISpecies J-RSpecies S-Z

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Also if you make a shop can I request something for it?

Okay I’m gonna use this ask to let everyone know that I did make a shop

Look at that, amazing, nearly no one believed I would anymore - I’ve been slowly adding stuff to it (real slowly, it takes forever to update things), but if there’s anything between what I’ve posted here you’d like to see on it please do let me know!

As far as requesting I draw new specific stuff for it goes, it depends on what you request! Try asking, you never know!

→ gumdrops & lollipops (m)

pairing → Hoseok x Reader (ft. oompa loompa! yoongi & jimin)

☆ genre  →  smut, crack, willy wonka!au
↳  drabble; 2k

→   a visit to jung hoseok’s chocolate factory does not turn out the way you expected it to

a/n → yo, i was finally drunk enough to write this 
i won’t @ her bc she might block me, but jordan is 101% responsible for this. by this i mean the concept, the cute banner, everything. blame her :’‘)

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I’m Not Promise, I Drunk (Pt. III)

Part One, Part Two

Fandom: Riverdale

Pairing: Jughead Jones x reader, BestFriend!Cheryl

Request: Yes and no

Summary: After days of Jughead avoiding her, [Y/N] finally plucks up the courage to fix her mistakes and figure out what was really bothering her ex-boyfriend, but she didn’t expect what had ticked his brain.

Warnings: None

Word count: 4,569

A/N: This is the last part of this mini-series! Hope you guys like it. So sorry that it came so late. I’ve been drowning in school work. The last part of this is very rushed but I hope it’s okay. There will be no other parts to this.

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NSFW Alphabet - Roman Reigns Edition

*I tried to keep this pretty gender neutral but I’m sure I failed somewhere in this lmao. gosh this is terrible wow.*

• A - Aftercare (what yall are like after sex) - we all know he’d be v rough so yall would def be exhausted afterwards, not to say Roman couldn’t go for a few more rounds lmao. He’d gently pull you onto his broad chest, wrap his muscular arms around you loosely and start softly talking to you about random, unimportant things to get you to sleep. He’ll definitely ask you worriedly if he was too rough on you and if you were okay.

Other than that, he’d be cuddly af, which def isn’t a bad thing lmao. His arms would be tightly snaked around your waist & his head would be nestled in the crook of your neck, breathing you in as he cuddled you from behind.

If he notices you’re esp bruised & sore, he’ll insist to taking care of you to the best of his ability. He’d start out by drawing you a nice bath, he’d def sit at the edge of the tub and give you a bomb af massage.

• B - Body Parts (favorite body parts of theirs & of their partners) - we all know Roman loves his hair lmao but I feel like he’s prideful of his muscles, esp those arms 😫 he looooves your thighs, your neck & your ass. when it comes to your thighs, he takes his sweet time leaving trails of bruises from your legs to your inner thighs. it would always leave you blushing & embarrassed when someone points out your bruises when you’re in public, but Roman would just smirk knowing he successfully marked you.

When it comes to your neck, Roman would find himself glancing at your neck if it was unmarked, yearning to trail bruises from your neck to your collarbone. He loves it when you style your hair leaving your neck exposed so his marks can be fully displayed. He’d always make sure to pay special attention to your neck when making out with you. He would always pull your hair tightly, giving him more access & making you slightly moan from the sting.

When it comes to your ass, Roman loves leaving marks all over your ass lmao don’t @ me cause yall know it’s true. When Roman goes down on you, he loves gripping your ass tightly with his big fucking hands lmao. You love wearing jeans that compliment your figure & grip your ass well, knowing it would tease him in public. 😏

• C - Cum (anything to do with cum) - I gotta admit I totally stole this from my boo @roman-reigns-princess 😂🙌 he 100% has a pregnancy kink, I didn’t even think of it until she mentioned it in her version but omg 😭 he loves watching you lick cum off of him just as much as he loves licking cum off of you.

• D - Dirty Secret (pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret/secrets of theirs) - I’m completely biased lmao but I feel like Roman would surprisingly be a switch 🙈 even though he’s def more dominate, he does have submissive moments. He loves when you use handcuffs, a whip, etc. He loves having you ride him as much as he loves fucking you into the mattress.

• E - Experience (how experienced are they?) - Roman is v experienced lmao. Y'all try out different things pretty often to keep things interesting, not like y'all need to haha.

• F - Fave Position (again, self explanatory) - his fave position is most likely you riding him. He loves being able to have his hands holding your hips as you ride his dick, & he loves watching the look on your face as you came with him. Either that, or doggy style so he can either choke you or fist your hair as he thrusted into you from behind.

• G - Goofy (are they humorous in the moment, are they more serious, etc.) - honestly?? Sometimes he can be humorous, esp if you’re in a sad/bad mood or whatever but idk why I just don’t see him really being goofy during sex lmao.

• H - Hair (how groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.) - Even though he’s got a beard lmao he’s most likely shaved down there.

• I - Intimacy (how are they during the moment, romantic aspect..) - he’s v big on intimacy during sex. He loves being able to stare into your eyes or hold you as he thrusts into you. He’d be muttering praise & “I love you’s" as he pounded into you. “You’re taking my dick so good, baby, fuck.” “I love you so much, Y/N.”

• J - Jack Off (masturbation headcanons) - oooh omg so when either of y'all were on the road, y'all would def send nudes & have phone sex 24/7. Sometimes he’d make you masturbate before y'all fucked, but he wouldn’t let you cum, just to prolong the pleasure lmao.

• K - Kink (one or more of their kinks, LORD. also I’m gonna do it bullet point style for this.) - he 100% has a daddy kink 🙈🤗

- overstimulation/multiple orgasms, both ways 👀

- biting, both ways but I really really feel like he loves it even more when you bite him.

- hair pulling, again, both ways but I think he really has a weakness for it.

- choking kink, both ways.

- spanking kink

- thigh riding

• L - Location (favorite places to have sex) - I feel like he’s totally open to public sex??? He’s def one to tease you while having dinner with your family

• M - Motivation (what gets them going, turns them on) - it really turns him on when you wear clothes that show off your figure or that are v revealing. It really turns him on when you tease him & take control. He loves when you leave marks on his neck, his thighs, his arms.. He loves when you tease him while he’s on the phone with his parents or when you’re out having dinner.

• N - NO (something they won’t do) - name calling (to an extent lmao), race play, degradation of any kind. That’s just too much for him. He would call you stuff like ‘slut’ if you’re up for it lmao but he couldn’t ever actually degrade you.

• O - Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.) - oooh he definitely prefers giving oral 😫😫 your pleasure is more important to him anyways, so he’ll spend as long as he can eating you out because he loves feeling you come undone just from his mouth. Overstimulation would come into play almost every time he ate you out, so he’d definitely make you cum at least four times before he started actually fucking you. Roman also has a habit of waking you up with an orgasm by eating you out, not that you’re complaining though lmao.

• P - Pace (slow or fast? sensual? etc.) - definitely fast & rough! He’s obviously sensual, but he loves fucking you into the mattress or against the wall, while you scratch down his back & cry out. You’d think that he would tease you by going so slow but he just loves torturing you by overloading you with pleasure.

• Q - Quickie (their opinion on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.) - he would def prefer proper sex rather than that, but he wouldn’t turn a quickie down lmao. You’d often find yourself pushed up against a wall in an arena, a restaurant or a closet while he fucked you.

• R - Risk (are they game for experiment, do they take risks, etc.) - he’s always up to try new things but if you’re vocal about not wanting to do it, he’ll stop right away.

• S - Stamina (how fast & long can they go for?) - His stamina is unbelievable. Roman can go for hours on end, round after round after round. You’d go for so long, you’d be begging him to stop, but he wouldn’t cause he knew you really didn’t want him to.

• T - Toys ( do they own toys? do they use them on their partner or themselves? etc.) - I completely believe y'all would own & use toys, you obviously don’t have to but Roman loves having you use them. He’d make you use toys while you masturbated & he make you use a small vibrator while you were out in public at dinners, at the movies, etc.

• U - Unfair (how much do they tease?) - It depends on the mood, really. If he wasn’t in a bad mood, he’d wanna prolong your pleasure as much as possible & he’d tease you. Besides sex, he’d send you nudes while you were busy, whisper dirty talk in your ear in public while he fingered you, etc.

On the other hand, if he’s in a bad mood he’ll definitely take it out on you in the form of multiple orgasms & overstimulation. He’d have you crying from cumming so much & so hard. He’d say shit like, “Think you can cum for me one more time, baby?” “Damn, baby! You’re still so fucking wet and tight for me..” and, “You’re being so good for daddy, babydoll.”

• V - Volume (how loud are they? what sounds do they make?) - Roman’s definitely loud, & he never bothers to try to be quiet. He loves the idea of other people hearing you get fucked, so he never holds back his growls & moans.

• W - Wild Card Kink (random sex headcanon/s for the character of your choice) - Roman loves submitting to you, having you use him, & he esp loves when you edge him & overstimulate him. You would drive him to the point of tears from edging him, but once you finally let him cum, you made him cum over & over. Thanks to sis @macfizzle for that lmao. ^^

@roman-reigns-princess gave me this amazing idea omg. So sub Roman would 100% love when you reached to jerk him off while you sat on his face. 😫😫 he’d beg & say stuff like, “Please come sit on my face baby, let me eat you out.” His moans & whimpers would be the sweetest thing once you finally let him pleasure you.

• X - X-Ray (let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words) - so I’m on mobile & ik there’s a way to add pics yourself but idc lmao. We’ve all seen those pics with dick prints when Roman’s wearing sweats or something, so we all know daddy Roman’s packing. 👀👀

• Y - Yearning (how high is their sex drive?) - this is gonna be more sub Roman lmao but he would have an unbelievable sex drive. I feel like he’d be needy in a way?? & demanding, but in a cute way?? idk haha.

• Z - ZZZ (how quickly they fall asleep afterwards) - he falls asleep pretty quickly when y'all are finally done having sex. He’d usually either wrap his arms around you & cuddle you from behind if you weren’t curling into his warm, hard body. He’ll look at you with a smile as you fell asleep, admiring how adorable you were.


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The word sits heavy in Aaron’s chest and he doesn’t know why. At first he thinks it’s because Robert’s trying to worm his way into good books. Robert doesn’t have that expression, doesn’t look like he wants anything more than to explain, to confess, to come clean. 

Aaron’s head is in turmoil, chest tight, breathing difficult. He wants to hurt himself, wants to hurt Robert, but wants even more to forgive him. Robert’s hurt him, betrayed him in the worst way, but there’s a small knot of realization behind Aaron’s breastbone.

Everyone assumes Robert gets what he wants, sure, but they also assume he can cope, that no matter what, he’ll be the same old Robert. 

Aaron already knows that’s not true. He’s seen evidence for himself, even back in the prison when everyone assumed he couldn’t figure out how tired Robert was, how frayed, how broken. 

Now it’s just -

Now it’s just all come to a head. 

Robert can’t cope without him, and hasn’t he said as much? It’s just never seemed real before. 

Beautiful, Aaron thinks again, as Robert sleeps beside him. They’re still on the floor because Robert can’t bring himself to get back up on the bed, and Aaron doesn’t want to move him. 

It feels like too much, like he wants to get away, but something about Robert’s vulnerability, about how much love still sits between them, large and obvious, makes Aaron stay. 

Moving his chin, pressing a kiss to Robert’s head, Aaron thinks about that word. Such an odd choice of word for Aaron, who’d never call himself beautiful, who wouldn’t call himself much of anything. 

Other people have called him handsome, other words of varying degrees of appreciation, but never beautiful. 

He lifts an arm, lets Robert shuffle closer and wraps his arm around Robert’s shoulders. Part of him is still angry, still bright with fury that Robert could do this to him, to them. If Aaron was worth so much to him why would he -

Though it’s not really a question of that anymore. 

You turn yours on yourself. I turn mine on other people

Perhaps they’re not so different in coping mechanisms. 

Aaron brushes his spare hand over his face, then peers down at Robert as best he’s able. He can hear the steady intake and exhale of Robert’s breath, feel the brush of it against his neck. Robert’s never been so vulnerable, so accessible. Sometimes Aaron feels like he can read everything in Robert, and others it’s like he doesn’t know him at all. 

This moment might have been one of those, if not for the fact that Aaron does know Robert well. He knows when things are alright, when Robert’s being - Robert. There’s been something about him, something small and distant and empty in the way he smiles, talks, acts. Something not quite right, and now Aaron knows what it is. 

“Hey,” he says eventually, his back protesting at the angle. “Robert?”

Robert grunts into Aaron’s neck, but stretches, blinks heavily as he looks at Aaron. There’s a split second, because Aaron’s looking, where Robert looks surprised, grateful, and his heart aches. “You’re still here.”

Aaron doesn’t say anything, wants to shake Robert and tell him to get help, that he can’t keep doing this, but he’s promised to be better. “Come on, up.”

Eyes flicking to the bed, Robert swallows, nods. “Okay.”

If Aaron were a better man, he’d offer to let Robert sleep elsewhere, but he’s not. He can be selfish and jealous and mean when he wants to be, except for the fact that this is their bed. Aaron hates Rebecca, feels it blossom in his chest, and he’s damned if he’s going to let her ruin this for him.

“Come on.” 

Watching Robert change, eyes on the bed as he peels off his shirt, Aaron unzips his jacket. “Why’d you choose beautiful?”

“What?” Robert frowns. “When?”

“You called me your beautiful husband.”

It should be a light moment, and Aaron wants to make a joke of it, wants something about this to feel normal. But he can’t, and it doesn’t. Nothing about this is normal. 

“You are,” Robert says, cheeks red. He drops his shirt to the floor. 

Aaron stares at him, at the scar on his chest from the bullet wound, the one across his neck from the car. So many visible reminders of everything they’ve been through. He’s almost glad there isn’t one from this people can see; it’s something they get to work on between them, try for them.

“Am I?”

Robert stares at him, intense, and Aaron wants to look away, but he can’t. “You’re everything, Aaron. I know that might seem - might seem like I’m trying to make this better, but I can’t and I’m not. I just - it’s how I feel and after everything you deserve that.”

“You keep telling me what I deserve and what I should do,” Aaron says. 

“I’m not,” Robert says, looking panicked. “I just -”

“You’re just not used to people choosing you.”

It’s one thing to know it, another to see it confirmed. Robert’s face shutters for a second, a beat and then he’s shrugging, like it doesn’t matter. Like he thinks he doesn’t.

“I’m choosing you.”

Robert nods jerkily, something grateful and surprised. “I know.”

Aaron takes a step towards him, curls a hand around the back of Robert’s neck. “It’s not gonna be easy, and I can’t say I won’t ever bring this up, alright? We fight so much. But I do love ya. And I’ll always choose ya.”

“I know,” Robert says, in the manner of someone who does, who wants that with every fibre of his being. 

They’re both a little broken, the two of them, but together, somehow, they make it work. 

“Just don’t call me beautiful again, alright?”

 100  more  random  sentence  starters.

  1. ❛ A champion blanket listens underneath a gene. ❜ 
  2. ❛ Why does a saint discriminate? ❜ 
  3. ❛ You should always be careful what you wish for. ❜ 
  4. ❛ I can find everything I need under one roof. ❜ 
  5. ❛ Don’t step on the broken glass. ❜ 
  6. ❛ I checked to make sure that they were still alive. ❜ 
  7. ❛ I’d rather be a bird than a fish. ❜ 
  8. ❛ A glittering gem is not enough. ❜ 
  9. ❛ If I don’t like something, I’ll stay away from it. ❜ 
  10. ❛ I will never be this young again. Ever. ❜ 
  11. ❛ Please wait outside of the house. ❜
  12. ❛ Lets all be unique together until we realize we are all the same. ❜ 
  13. ❛ The memory we used to share is no longer coherent. ❜ 
  14. ❛ I want to buy a onesie… but know it won’t suit me. ❜  
  15. ❛ Wait, if I didn’t do it and you didn’t do it.. then who did? ❜ 
  16. ❛ You mean to tell me all this time you were lying? ❜ 
  17. ❛ I’ll never trust you again, if that’s what you were aiming for. ❜ 
  18. ❛ Things just seem to continue to get worse and worse. ❜   
  19. ❛ I will not stand by and let this happen! ❜ 
  20. ❛ I want you to know, that it’s our time. ❜ 
  21. ❛ You and me run the came course. ❜ 
  22. ❛ No offense but you really are a bad lair. ❜   
  23. ❛ It only shows you’re not a robot. ❜ 
  24. ❛ I’m not going anywhere with you ever again. ❜ 
  25. ❛ Is that a threat or a promise? ❜ 
  26. ❛ What the hell? You embarrassed me back there in front of everyone! ❜ 
  27. ❛ Honestly, how do you sleep at night? If you even do.. ❜ 
  28. ❛ For a minute there, I almost believed you. ❜ 
  29. ❛ Can you teach me to lie? It’s just.. you know, you’re good at it. ❜ 
  30. ❛ I just wanted you to like me is all. ❜ 
  31. ❛ I don’t appreciate your sarcasm right now. ❜ 
  32. ❛ There is no point of running away form a sniper. ❜ 
  33. ❛ Sometimes even when you brake you can’t stop. ❜ 
  34. ❛ It is not bad if you got stood up, it is worse if you liked it. ❜ 
  35. ❛ There’s good climate in heaven, but a better company in hell. ❜ 
  36. ❛ A bright mind is a necessity while shopping. ❜ 
  37. ❛ There’s a dark side and light side and it holds the universe together. ❜ 
  38. ❛ I thought I told you I never wanted to see you again! ❜ 
  39. ❛ You have an act for showing up unannounced. ❜ 
  40. ❛ The real trouble with reality is that there’s no background music. ❜ 
  41. ❛ Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege. ❜ 
  42. ❛ You can’t be late until you show up. ❜ 
  43. ❛ A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic. ❜ 
  44. ❛ You never learn anything by doing it right. ❜ 
  45. ❛ If you’re gonna go, go obnoxiously. ❜ 
  46. ❛ You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus. ❜ 
  47. ❛ Do you really believe that killing is going to make up for it all? ❜ 
  48. ❛ The grass is never greener on the other side, stop looking at it. ❜ 
  49. ❛ Do you think we’ll ever be able to come back from all this? ❜ 
  50. ❛ I don’t think I could ever come back from all this. ❜ 
  51. ❛ We all have our place and each us are important for this place. ❜ 
  52. ❛ I thought you would have forgotten all about me. ❜ 
  53. ❛ If love is great then why has it broken so many hearts? ❜ 
  54. ❛ It is not love that breaks the heart. It is betrayal. ❜ 
  55. ❛ Absence makes the heart grow fonder. ❜ 
  56. ❛ If you love something, let it go. If it comes back, it loved you too. ❜ 
  57. ❛ You could always get a dog or a cat, to help with being lonely. ❜ 
  58. ❛ I didn’t kill anybody! It wasn’t me! It was you! ❜   
  59. ❛ The fact that you’re totally oblivious, just amazes me. ❜ 
  60. ❛ I’m not here for you, so you can stop smiling at me now. ❜ 
  61. ❛ I’m completely surrounded by idiots. ❜ 
  62. ❛ What are you doing? We don’t give up. ❜ 
  63. ❛ What’s this? What am I supposed to do with it? ❜ 
  64. ❛ Are you really ready to start the chapter of your life? ❜ 
  65. ❛ Look, if I’ve heard one sob story then I’ve heard them all. ❜
  66. ❛ Is it really that hard for you to be humble? ❜ 
  67. ❛ I will relish the day you are captured and hung. ❜ 
  68. ❛ Do not take my kindness as a weakness. ❜ 
  69. ❛ Are you stupid enough to be challenging me right now? ❜ 
  70. ❛ If you want to leave, fine. I’ll hold the door open for you. ❜ 
  71. ❛ Go on and leave, if that’s what you want. No love lost or found here. ❜
  72. ❛ If you kick me while I’m down you better pray I don’t get back up. ❜
  73. ❛ I don’t think I have anymore fight left in me. ❜
  74. ❛ I cherish every word that you speak to my heart. ❜
  75. ❛ Is that really your best at trying to sound endearing? ❜  
  76. ❛ If you leave now, you better not return! I will have you locked away! ❜
  77. ❛ You can’t make me leave! This is my house! I pay the bills here! ❜
  78. ❛ I’m beginning to think you’re stalking me, you know.. ❜
  79. ❛ Are you following me? I’m pretty sure you’re following me.. ❜
  80. ❛ Just remember, where there is smoke, there is a fire. ❜
  81. ❛ Please, underestimate me! My favorite thing is proving people wrong. ❜
  82. ❛ I love your perfume! What is that? The stench of death? ❜
  83. ❛ You think I won’t cut you, but I will so cut you. ❜
  84. ❛ No offense, but you really creep me out sometimes. Like right now.
  85. ❛ I thought we were friends and you do something like this…..
  86. ❛ I don’t think I could ever grow tired of you. ❜
  87. ❛ Can you not take a hint? Make a move on me already! ❜
  88. ❛ You was that you were kissing over there? Not that I was watching.. ❜
  89. ❛ I see you peeking at me from your window all the time. ❜
  90. ❛ Wait! Wait, no! This isn’t what it looks like! I swear! ❜  
  91. ❛ Why are you always following me? Someone put you up to this? ❜
  92. ❛ You kind of remind me of someone from my past. ❜
  93. ❛ You always know what to say to cheer me up, I’m lucky to have you. ❜
  94. ❛ I haven’t kissed anyone other than you, stop accusing me! ❜
  95. ❛ Well, let’s just put it this way, I’d only break your heart. ❜
  96. ❛ You think you scare me? I don’t scare easily though… ❜
  97. ❛ You’ve mistaken me for someone who gives a shit. ❜
  98. ❛ Trust is like glass, once it’s broken, it can never be the same again. ❜
  99. ❛ I can’t believe you can’t even apologize! ❜
  100. ❛ You make me sick to my stomach and I’d rather never see you again. ❜
Justified Anger

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Dean + Mad, Requested by @live-your-life-9999

Characters/Relationship: Dean x reader, Sam

Warnings: forced captivity

“Tell me where she is and maybe I’ll send you back to hell without torturing you first,” Dean sneered, towering over the demon that stood between you and him. 

“Right. And you think I’m quaking in my boots while you-”


He heard your voice like a faint echo, a beam of hope, coming from somewhere in the abandoned house. Dean gave one look at Sam and he knew. Sam began the exorcism while Dean sprinted, searching each and every room. 

He opened a door in the kitchen and light from the room filtered down a dark staircase.

“Dean? Is that you?” you asked from the dark. 

Dean galloped down the stairs. “It’s me, baby. I’m here.” He jumped off the last stair and began searching for a light switch.

“There’s a chain, somewhere in the middle of the room,” you said. 

You didn’t sound hurt, your voice was level, your breathing even. He calmed down and let his eyes adjust. He could see your figure in the back corner sitting on a chair. He saw the chain dangling and turned the light on. Then he was at your side, taking a knife to the bindings around your wrists and ankles. 

“Stupid moron left my gag too loose,” you said. 

“I would’ve found you anyway,” Dean said as he pulled you up and into him with force. You slammed against his chest, and he crushed you with his arms. You didn’t mind bear hugs, but your lungs were getting little air. 

“What were you thinking!” He released you, grabbing your shoulders. His eyes were level with yours and piercing, full of anger. 

You sucked in air, but he didn’t seem to notice. “I led you to the demon, didn’t I?”

“I was so- You can’t run off without saying anything! We don’t do that! We make a plan, and if one of us is bait, we all decide it. Together.” 

He was yelling, but you weren’t upset with him. His anger was justified. You would do the same if he had ran off independently, ready to sacrifice himself to win the hunt. 

“You’re right, I’m sorry.”

“Yeah and- Wait, what?”

“I said I’m sorry. It was stupid to do that. I’m sorry I made you guys worry.”

“Worry? I was picturing you dead,” he said, pulling you into his arms again and kissing your forehead. “But yeah, please don’t ever do that again.”

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I adore the Slytherin in Isak I really do. But please don’t pretend he’s innocent and pure and would never do anything to hurt a fly when we’ve got 3 seasons worth of him being the exact opposite of that…

Like the reason he isn’t a bad person is that he does apologize for some of the shit he did when he hurt someone, bu he did so after he was caught not before that. 

Like I don’t understand why you all pretend like Isak isn’t fake himself in so many ways? He legit led 2 girls on before he came out. It doesn’t make him a bad person but he’s not exactly Saint Isak either?

So when you say I wish Sana wouldn’t do this to my pure Isak, you’re erasing his past, assuming judgment on who’s deserving of revenge and cruel treatment, and magnifying Sana’s mistakes to minimize Isak’s.

Being the Girlfriend of Draco Malfoy Would Include...

since I haven’t gotten anything out in a while, here is some headcanons


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Gryffindor Reader

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•Teasing each other jokingly 24/7

•Jokingly mocking one another in Quidditch Slytherin vs Gryffindor

•”Ha! You call that ‘good’, Malfoy?”

•”(Name)! Pay attention and stop ogling at the opponent!”

•”Well how do you expect me to stop staring when he’s got an ass like that?”


•Playful kissing

•”Ugh, can’t you two get a room?”

•”You’re just jealous, Parkinson.”

•Then afterwards making a point by full on pulling his collar towards you for a kiss

•You both taking turns buying each other candy

•Him finally gaining the courage to bring you to meet his parents

•His father disapproving of you since you were in Gryffindor

•His mother asking you in private to keep Draco safe with a stern tone and stern eyes

•You telling her, “I would give my life to spare his.”

•Her almost tearing up and smiling sadly

•Him overhearing, taking you to his room and scolding you

•”If it comes down to you or me, never choose me.”

•”So you expect me to just let you die?!”

•”You are not dying. I won’t let anyone hurt you, you hear me?!”

•The small argument ending in cuddles and a promise to both stay alive

Slytherin Reader

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•The power couple

•You both slay tbh

•Like you could both walk down the halls and own the place

•It’s like you were basically meant for each other

•”Hey, Draco…”

•”I know what you’re thinking. Hot chocolate?”

•”With marshmallows, yes, definitely.”

•Headcanon that every Friday night some of the students in the Slytherin House gather in the common room to play card games like Cray, BS, or Spoons

•If it’s Cray, you and Draco are always a team and always win

•If it’s something where the two of you are competing against each other, you’re both super sneaky and competitive

•Sometimes he lets you win, sometimes you let him win

•Him taking you to meet his parents for the first time, Lucius having a mildly better opinion on you since you were a Slytherin 

•You acting prim and proper while dining with them, but then when you and Draco are alone in his room…

Tickle wars

•Narcissa smiling softly to herself when she hears the joyous laughter emitting from her son which she hadn’t heard in a while

•Her noting how much more he smiled when you were around or mentioned

•The two of you crying in each others arms when you show each other your marks

•You both drying each others tears and promising to keep one another safe

•”I won’t let anything hurt you. Never.”

Ravenclaw Reader

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•You being almost like a guardian to him

•”Oh, Draco, don’t forget to finish that section of homework.”

•”Draco, remember to take your notes.”

•”Draco, your tie is right here. Stop looking in your sock drawer.”

•You sneaking into his common room (oh his request) to study

•Him not wanting to study

•”But (Name), what I meant by ‘study date’ was act like we would study and actually just cuddle.”

•”I have three tests coming up, Draco. Now shut up and let me study in peace.”

•You finally giving into his whining

•”Oh my gosh, fine. But if I make bad grades, you’ll suffer for it.”

•Him taking you to meet his parents

•Lucius not really treating you hospitably, but then again not despising you either

•But he has to admit, he was only slightly impressed by your academic ability

•”I will escort (Name) upstairs to my room. We have a test after the break and we both want to be prepared.”

•Then when you get into his room, all it is is goofing around and making paper cranes

•He shows you his mark, you having to try and stay strong for him

•He tells you that he never wanted it, you trusting him

•”You are not evil, Draco. You are not your father.”

Hufflepuff Reader

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•You two being the cutest things ever

•Draco overhearing someone diss you

•”You better take that back, or I’ll just have to knock some sense into you.”

•Then you confront the person planning to fight Draco and

•”If you so much as lay a finger on him, I will rip off your arms and beat you with them.”

•Him buying you candy all the time

•Like seriously, you have a stash because of how much he spends on you

•”Draco, this looks expensive…”

•”It’s something sweet for someone sweeter.”

•Him losing focus in class because he is non-stop smiling about the small things you do that make him smile

•”You’ve gone soft, Malfoy.”

•Him not even denying it at that point

•”What can I say? She just does that to me.”

•You two walking in flower fields, him smiling to himself when you get excited over a pretty flower

•But he thinks you’re the prettiest thing out there

•Him taking you to meet his parents

•Lucius disapproving of you, but Narcissa seeing how care-free and dreamy you make Draco and approving of you

•Narcissa honestly finding you precious

•You and Draco building pillow forts in his room and sleeping in them

•You breaking into a fit of sobs when he shows you his mark

•But trying to stay strong because he started crying at the sight of you breaking down

•The both of you cuddling each other until you both fall asleep, making a silent promise to always be together no matter what life may throw at you.

Only You

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Words:  1019
Requested by Anonymous:  I have a request how about your Castiel little sister and dean falling in love with you and he can see your wings!

          You could feel him watching you more and more often. You knew what he was thinking without reading his mind. He projected so loudly toward you without even realizing what he was doing.

           You had been drawn to him from the beginning. Ever since your brother had introduced you. But you really had no idea what could come of it. Could anything actually come of it? Could this be something real?

           “You should talk to him,” Castiel said, looking at you seriously.

           “What?” you looked at your brother.

           “Talk to Dean,” he said, “You both have feelings for each other. It’s obvious. Just go talk to him.”

           You studied your brother for a second, “Are you serious? You would approve of Dean and I being together?”

           Castiel nodded, “Of course. He’s my best friend. I know he would treat you right. And you would treat him right as well.

           You smiled, “Thank you, Castiel.”

           “Why are you thanking me?” he asked.

           “Just because.” 

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My life as an ISTJ

SUBMITTED by anonymous

(Gif: Mr. Norrell, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. ISTJ)

When I took the test,I was typed as an INFJ the first time and an ISFJ the second time but when I read the description,it never fit me so I kept looking.I came across realistic,objective descriptions of ISTJ and I knew that I found what I was searching for.

Introverted Sensing: My memories are extremely important.I would feel incomplete without them.One of my worst fear (along with losing my sanity and my mobility) is having Alzheimer’s. I trust my past experiences to know how to act in the present. My brain is so accustomed to compare the present to the past that I very often get a feeling of deja vu. Everything in my present have ties to the past : my hobbies are connected to the past ones (as a child,I loved Greek and Latin mythology. Now, I love mythology in general.)

I’m sentimental and I can be really nostalgic. My past made me who I am and shaped my personality.I can be stuck in the past and unable to let go past hurts,wounds,insults,bad experiences,grudges. I can also be resistant to change unless I am proved that it is beneficial. I enjoy my personal routines.It gives me a sense of stability and peace without which I can not live.

I don’t really see myself as traditionalist in the sense of “in the society you live in, it had always been this way so you will do it like this.” If that was the case,I would let the boys in my class be the boss. Marriage and having children would be an very important goal and I wouldn’t be a feminist and a self-identified demigirl and possibly demisexual and demiromantic.

I often get annoyed at people who want to force me to try new things. I know what I like and don’t like and I know I will not like it so why bother ?

My tastes are very specific and on the expensive side.I love anything that delight my senses in a quiet way : good food, chocolate, salty and spicy things, a fresh drink during a hot day,comfortable clothes,soft and high quality fabrics,walk barefoot on the cool floor,long and hot showers,
pleasant perfumes,sweetly scented candles, hygiene products that smell good, beautiful music, the sound of the rain, a lovely landscape, an elegant and refined decoration,the feeling of well-being you get after a long walk…

I am very attentive to my physical needs and very aware of my body’s reactions. I can’t understand how some people can completely forget their body and its needs. For me, it’s unthinkable. History is my favorite subject in school and I learn about it as much as possible by myself. I am fascinated by the history of a lot of countries (especially my own) and I enjoy connecting what happened in one specific country to the international situation during this period. I like visiting museums,watching historical documentaries and films,
reading books and using the internet to satisfy my thirst of knowledge. I deeply respect antiquities and relics.

I see the past as a source of knowledge and wisdom. History always repeats itself and we are fool if we think we can escape the past (Go see Fighting the Hate by MangaEngel on Deviantart. It’s crying the ugly truth no one wants to acknowledge.) I think we should look deeply in the past,see what had worked and where we have failed and use this information to build a better future. I’m tired of seeing each generation think that they will not repeat the mistakes of their elders and that in the end they still make the same mistakes.

My memory is good but selective.I easily remember useful information,
things that interest me or are stupid but I am very bad with people’s name and face.I often think about the past and I love analyzing it.

(Gif: Abbey from Sleepy Hollow. ISTJ.)

Extroverted Thinking: I love structure and organization. I want clear and precise rules,limits and instructions,and detailed explanations and advice. I want things to make sense and be organized and logical. I have high standards for myself and others and I expect effectiveness and competence. My patience for incompetence, foolishness and lack of maturity and responsibility is very thin. I become annoyed very easily if people can’t do their job correctly. Planning and organization are natural for me. The moment I wake up, I began to organize my day in my head. I dislike improvisation and not knowing what I will do. Despite the appearances,I procrastinate often. However, I never miss deadlines. I loathe being late.

I am a down to earth, practical, pragmatic, realistic and no-nonsense person. I’m blunt and straightforward on most things. I dislike it when people are not plainspoken. Tact and diplomacy are not my specialties. My common sense is solid and extremely present. I don’t want to be in the spotlight and I am not interested by being the boss but if I see that the leader does a poor job, I will take charge. The dependable stereotype is true and if I promised to do something,I will do it. I am repulsed by the idea of not keeping my promises.

Introverted Feeling: My feelings are deep and strong, and I have trouble understanding and controlling them but I hide it. I internalize everything. I am unable to talk about what I feel,which can be very unhealthy. I am extremely reserved and private. I fiercely protect my thoughts, feelings and private life. I am not very expressive and affectionate. I show my love and affection by doing things. I keep everything to myself and I almost never open up. If I confide to someone, I will only say a little and only talk about the situation, never my feelings themselves. I need time alone everyday to function. I like my space and I respect people’s space. I am not a physical person: physical contacts are rare to nonexistent depending of the person with me, and I always keep some distance between myself and others. I am sensitive and take everything seriously. I try to be more detached without much success.

I also have a romantic and dreamy side that very few people know about. I have a strong moral and ethical code. If I don’t respect my values, I feel extremely sick and guilty. I have quite a black and white vision of the world even if I am aware that grey is the dominant color. I dislike talking about my values but I am ready to defend them. That’s one of the only moments you will see me passionate and fierce. I am very independent and a lone wolf. I never tried to fit in group at school and never felt any desire to do so. I think in term of individual rather than group. I have a strong sense of identity and I will not change to please others (my grandmother asked me many time to be more feminine.I never changed. She also asked to my mother to get me and my sister baptized before herd death, we completely refused.) I have a live and let live attitude unless one of my deepest values is violate. My life is my business and people’s life are their business. Everybody has the right to live his/her life as they want. Besides, you don’t have to judge people. You’re not in their shoes. I am not good when feelings are involved. Consoling someone is hard for me and I suck at giving emotional advice and support. I don’t know how others see me. (I am just sure that I come across as aloof and reserved.)

Extroverted Intuition: On one side,this function makes me prone to catastrophe thinking and panic when things don’t go according to the plan. I am pessimistic and I always think the worst will happen. On the other side,it gives me an intense curiosity. I love analyzing things, try to see beyond the surface and compare what people say to the reality. I have various interest I want to pursue (sociology, psychology, parapsychology, mythology, history, symbolism,
religions, languages, foreign cultures… ).“Why” has been my question since I was little. Ne also helps me to accept change and alter my views on what I want from the future.

NWTB song asks
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Salvaged:</b> is there anything that you lost that you wish that you could bring back?<p/><b>Mangled:</b> has there ever been a time in your life where you did something  incredibly dangerous? If so what was it?<p/><b>Dawn of the third day:</b> is there something happening soon that you are excited about?<p/><b>No more:</b> has there ever been a time where you were so fed up with a person that you didn't even want to acknowledge them?<p/><b>Monster inside:</b> do you ever feel like you become a different person when a certain event happens?<p/><b>Hold on to you:</b> is there a person in your life that you wish would come back?<p/><b>Nightmare:</b> do you have more dreams or more nightmares?<p/><b>Misty:</b> what is your favorite pokemon starter?<p/><b>Same old forest:</b> do you like your hometown?<p/><b>Far away:</b> do you ever wish that you were somewhere else?<p/><b>Lullaby:</b> do you consider yourself a hero or a villain?<p/><b>Hero of our time:</b> if you were a superhero/villain what powers would you have/want?<p/><b>Time to go:</b> how long do you normally sleep for?<p/><b>Twisted:</b> do you ever feel like you're in a different place/world when things feel odd?<p/><b>Grounded:</b> have you ever gotten into a fight before?<p/><b>Drowning:</b> do you ever feel stuck with your life?<p/><b>Shell:</b> do you like who you are?<p/><b>Hands of a thief:</b> have you ever stole something?<p/><b>The evil king:</b> is there someone in your life who thinks that they are more superior?<p/><b>Promise me:</b> tag a mutual and tell them what you would give them as a gift!<p/><b>Ashes:</b> do you ever feel like you have enough power to control the world?<p/><b>Dead silence:</b> do you ever get extremely violent?<p/><b>Unaligned:</b> do you ever feel like you don't fit in?<p/><b>Blood and ink:</b> do you like to make art?<p/><b>Enjoy the show:</b> who is your favorite FNAF character?<p/><b>Home:</b> what makes you feel comfortable and safe?<p/><b>This is the end:</b> what is your biggest fear?<p/><b>The finale:</b> is there a show that you loved that isn't on anymore?<p/><b>Branded:</b> do you ever feel to weak to do anything?<p/><b>Stoprewind:</b> would you rather go to the future or the past?<p/><b>Live long enough to be the hero:</b> who is your favorite super hero<p/><b>To the ends of the earth:</b> where is your dream vacation?<p/><b>Heroes never die:</b> do you get sick often?<p/><b>Perfect by design:</b> do you feel out of place when out in public?<p/><b>Id love to break it to you:</b> if you had one thing to say to your ex what would it be?<p/><b>All I see:</b> would you get back with your last ex?<p/><b>We are ignited:</b> do you sometimes feel like you should disappear?<p/><b>Sandcastle kingdoms:</b> do you feel like you have true friends to stick by you in times of need?<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
Blank Space

Here is Part Two in “This Love”

Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Words:  1286

-Jensen and the reader talk about what happened-

Warning: angst. talk of miscarriage.

A/N: If you want tagged, send me an ask.

         It had been a week since Jensen left the house and went to stay with Jared and Genevieve. Genevieve had stayed the first two nights, only going home during the day, but you insisted that she go home to be with her husband and her boys where she needed to be. While your husband was at her house as well.

           Your heart felt like it wasn’t even in your chest anymore. Like all the little broken pieces were being swept away every time you thought about Jensen not being there. Which was every second of the long week.

           Filming had been hard, but you were an actress. You could pretend for everyone else that you and Jensen were still together. You could pretend that nothing was wrong. You could last until you got home to break down and cry yourself to sleep night after night.

           The hardest part was going to bed alone. There was too much room. Jensen’s side of the bed being empty was the hardest pill for you to swallow. You missed him. You missed his warmth. You didn’t know if you would ever have him with you again.

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Ball phandom meetup

Hi pals! So @apollodiangelo and I are holding our first phandom meetup!

What is it?

A phandom meetup where you can post anything in the theme of our ball. You can go there with a date, a friend, multiple people, or your pet if you don’t have any friends. The idea is that you can dress up like you’re going to a ball, design outfits for a ball, or draw dnp or make an edit how you think they would look if they’d go to a ball, show nice hairstyles, just whatever you want, as long as it has something to do with a ball!

 How to participate?

Post any, or multiple, of the things mentioned above and compliment others! Remember that everyone is welcome and that you are not allowed to be mean or to not accept someone for who they are or for who they choose to go with.


The meetup will be Saturday 10th June - Sunday 11th June, starting at CEST 12 am, you can send me or @apollodiangelo an ask if you don’t know what time it is for you, we will tag those with #savelia does a phandom meetup (no, matilda, savelia isn’t canon), the meetup will last 24 hours, so don’t worry about being late!

What are the tags?

The tags are: #phandom ball meetup  #phandom meetup and #phandom tumblr meetup

Other stuff:

As we have mentioned before; it’s not allowed to be mean or to be disrespectful. If you have questions send us an ask and we hope you will all participate and have fun!