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Cute Interview (Shawn Mendes x Reader)

A/N: Was watching this and felt like recreating the interview with Shawn.

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« Hello Shawn, thanks so much again for being here. I’m Jess Cagle and today we’re playing the Cagle Exercise.”

“Hi and um what may the Cagle Exercise be?” Shawn chuckled.

“It’s just a series of questions to know you better, don’t worry. And you can skip one if you want.”

“Oh okay, cause for a moment the title sounded a little like some weird physiotherapy exercise.”

“Hahaha so you’re saying my last name sounds like a physiotherapy method?”

“Oh I’m so sorry did that offend you?”

“Of course not Shawn, ahha you’re so kind. Alright let’s begin shall we? Friends describe me as…”

“Uum goofy.”

“Strangers describe me as…”

“Tall.” Shawn joked.

“Only I know that I am…”

“Uum.” He pondered on that a little. “I’m gonna have to skip on that.” His cheeks pinkened. The word that came to mind was kinky.

The interviewer laughed. “My last meal would be what, and I would eat it with who?”

“Hmm. Wow so so many foods. But I have to say chocolate cake and with my girlfriend Y/N, because she truly makes the best.”

“Ah good choice, good choice. I start everyday by doing…”

“Scrolling through my phone. Not the best thing to do I have to admit, but I do it.”

“Something about me I have learned to love is…”

“Okay, let me think. Probably my indecisiveness.”

“Oh yeah? Interesting.”

“Yeah it’s funny, because I ponder a lot on choices you know and decisions to take. And indecisiveness was always annoying to deal with, but I’ve learned to embrace it because the decisions I make after putting in a lot of thought are most of the time good. Oh but it still annoys me during little daily decisions haha. Like when we go into an ice cream store, I cannot choose a flavour right away and it drives Y/N crazy because she’s an ice cream fiend right? So like she’s already paid and ready to eat, when I’m still sampling three flavours.” Shawn laughed.

“Hahaha so this is random, but whatever I’m curious; what flavour do you usually go for in the end?”

“Maple. Yes go on, let the Canadian jokes roll in.”
They both chuckled.

“The teacher that I’m most grateful for is…”

“Miss Parker, she was the one that pushed me into pursuing music.”

“I love the smell of…”

“A lot of things wow. Um let’s see… Rain, grass, apple, rose, this perfume thing Y/N always smells like, and wood.”

“I can talk about blank for hours on end.”

“Easy, music.”

“My recurring nightmare is…”

“Oh god. It’s not really a nightmare, but for some reason I do dream about it sometimes. Tripping on stage. Did it a couple times on tour already hahaha. But a real nightmare for me, would be losing Y/N. Like not her dying or anything, but us not being in contact anymore. The thought of her being alive but not being able to reach her is terrifying to me.”

“Wow. Well, thank you so much Shawn, I’m glad we got to know you better!”

“Thanks so much for having me!”

Shawn shook hands with the interviewer and they both parted ways, Shawn stepping into the green room where you sat waiting.

“Hey.” You looked up at him from her book. “Interview done?”

“Yep.” He grinned, taking his coat. “You hungry? Let’s go get some dinner.”

“Yay food. But wait.” You approached him and pulled him into a close hug, squeezing his hair. “You’re cute.” You said snuggling his nose.

“Thank you?” Shawn said, confused.

“I watched the clip. Don’t ever worry about me leaving and breaking contact with you.”

Shawn smiled.

“I love you.” He hugged you again and you both set off to find a restaurant.

“Oh and by the way, I don’t wear a specific perfume.”

“I just love your natural scent then.” He took your hand.

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MAP Arguments Refuted

I said I was gonna make this post so here it goes. Be prepared for typos.

I’m a non offending pedophile

According to whom? Yourself? You’re on tumblr which is a site full of minors. You regularly interact with them and have an entire blog dedicated to pedophilia. If you were really non offending, you would be in a therapists office and not online where any impressionable minor can fall into your grasp. By making people believe that anyone could be a non offending pedophile but are regularly online, indulge in shota and lolicon, and gawk at children on the streets, it’ll make it easier for any pedophile to offend and make it harder for children to be believed because the offender calls himself a non offending pedophile. You’re not a non offending pedophile, you’re just trying to normalize pedophile for your own selfish gain.

I’m a CSA survivor

Please get some professional help. You should not be in a toxic community that normalizes your abuse and other abusers. You can get help and it’s never to late. Do not believe the MAPs on here. You do not have to be like them and it’s not your fault that you feel like this.

Pedophilia is a normal attraction.

No it’s not. It’s an immoral paraphilia whether you like it or not. It’s not normal because you’re only attracted to the bodies of children and nothing else. You cant compare that to a normal attraction because it just isn’t. You don’t go to therapist for normal attractions. You have to go to a professional for pedophilia but most MAPs don’t want to because they only think about themselves.

Therapy won’t get rid of the attraction

I never said it would. Nobody did but going to a professional will help you handle it better. Im not gonna trust in your pure will power not to offend if you’re not even gonna get any help. If you’re so desperate to talk about it then talk about it to a therapist. Blogging about it doesn’t help you. It’s not safe for minors and I’m 100% sure they dont like the fact of knowing that anyone they know could be MAPs and could have opportunities to offend them. It’s not fair to them to be aware of it 24/7. Don’t give me that bullshit that they might out you either. Doctor patient confidentiality forbids them from doing that unless you’re a clear danger to yourself or/and others. People like me aren’t therapists either. They can’t have a bias in who they help. If you’re so stuck on not offending but afraid of being outed by a therapist then you never cared about children to begin with. I’d rather take a professional opinion than someone else’s and not some whack job or someone not reliable either.

The MAP community helps me not offend

This is a threat. You’re saying if the MAP community doesn’t exist, which it even shouldn’t, then you’d go out and offend a child. That’s really frightening to think that a tiny community full of other child predators helps you not offend. The only thing this community does is normalize pedophilia. It doesn’t help you not offend. If you offend that’s all on you and nobody else.

I’m a minor (under 16) MAP

No you’re not. You’re still a minor which means you can’t be a pedophile. If you truly think so then get some help. You can still be a normal person. There’s still time. Don’t let these sick fucks on here convince you otherwise cause they’ll just do it to push their cause and for their own benefit, not yours.

I’m a MAP and have POCD

No you don’t. You cant be a MAP and have POCD. POCD cause people distress and it doesn’t look like you’re panicking when you’re trying to explain how hot a kid was when you went to the fucking market. People with POCD don’t talk about children sexually and certainly don’t have a blog dedicated to minor attraction. They hate these thoughts and they dont want to be associated with you. Stop ridding on the backs of the people with this illness and stop messaging people with POCD to try to convince them that they’re MAPs. You’re causing fucking harm to these people so shut the actual fuck up.

We’re just trying to raise awareness

For whom exactly? People know that child predators exist and now they’ll just be even more aware of who they place their children around. No one is gonna trust you not to offend because all it takes is an opportunity. Don’t even dare say raise awareness for children either because that’s just fucking sick and suspicious as fuck. It sounds more like you’re trying to get as close as possible to children without your was being thrown in jail. I’m not surprised either. All of you cut the definition of contact so much that your foot is practically over the line but just not touching the ground. Nobody cares that “non offending” pedophiles exist. Y'all are still a danger to children either way. No more no less. I’m sure all the child predators in jail were non offending before they got caught too so get fucked.

We’re getting more support

No you’re not. You get like 50 notes max, anything over 200 is all antis telling you to fuck off. Some support though from like ableists, minors who don’t know better, and extremely stupid people. I’m not surprised since most if not all MAPs are ableists, racists, xenophobic, islamaphoic, homophobic people who probabaly all voted for Trump or would vote for Trump.

I’m not a danger to children

According to…??? Yourself. Am I supposed to believe that? Sure. Sure. You can’t tell me that people you have told aren’t more cautious about you when you’re next to children which you shouldn’t even be doing. If you were Really non offending your stay away from children at all costs.

There’s no such thing as thought crime

Sure there’s not, however if you tell someone that you think about commiting a crime i.e offending a child or killing someone, you can be arrested for it. All of this isn’t in your mind either. It’s real. You talking about children sexually online is real. You indulging in shota and lolicon which is illegal is real and it makes you offending. You having a blog dedicated to your paraphilia is real and it makes people afraid.

I’m not proud of my attraction

Then why do you have a blog for it? It’s not to find help because even if you only have one IQ point, you would know that going on tumblr is not help. All you’re doing is talking about children online and harrassing minors. If you weren’t proud of it, you wouldn’t continuously be talking about it. You’re not helping yourself.

I just want to be respected and accepted

Fuck you. You’re a fucking pedophile and the world hates pedophiles. Your prey on and are attracted to children. You can’t get respected if you wanna be the lowest scum on the planet. You want respect then shut up about it and get help.

But I don’t harm children

So what? You want a cookie for doing something that any normal person doesn’t even have to think about? You want a special prize? Get fucked.

It’s to erase the stigma around pedophiles and pedophilia

That’s bad. How can you not see that? That’s normalizing pedophilia and it’s for your own benefit. You can say it’s so pedophiles can feel free to go out and get help but you’re wrong. You erase the stigma around pedophilia and people will give then support when they actually do offend a child saying that they didn’t mean it or they couldn’t help themselves. Not to mention any child predator can call themselves a MAP and get support but it’s just so they can get closer to children if they’re not already. You’re a fucking idiot if you wanna erase the stigma around it. It’s stigmatized for a reason.

Message me if you have more you wanna hear and have me refute it.

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I would give anything for a you too write about having a intense make out session with Tom and he starts fingering you while you're still making out and your moaning into his mouth and it's driving him insane 😅

dump nsfw ideas here

both of you would probably be on the sofa, maybe watching a movie or a series, but tom apparently placed his hand on your thigh. he gave soothing circles with his thumb as it was planted on your skin. though you knew that wasn’t the only thing he’d be doing the whole time since it eventually lead tom bringing his hand up and near the area between your legs.

he shot you a look that screamed sex all over the place. “c’mon, darling, i missed you.” tom leaned his face closer to yours, close enough for his lips to brush past your cheeks as you became all flustered at his actions.

“i hate you,” you mumbled and looked at him once more but this time your were surprised with a pair of your favorite soft lips latching onto yours as he hummed something between kisses though you clearly did not give a damn as you deepened into the kiss.

meanwhile tom was also working his fingers down below as he pulled your panties aside which gave him an instant access of your pooling core. he ran his fingers around your dripping folds making sure to tease every area as you’d moan into his mouth. your arms would be roaming around his torso but sometime ending up with wrapping it around his neck while your hands would be behind his head.

“you’re wet for me, darling,” your boyfriend teased as he’d gently insert an inch of his finger inside of you, making sure to tease you with those actions.

“c’mon please, babe?” you’d hum between as tom would smile at you before feeling him insert maybe a finger or two in you.

then you’d moan out of excitement —and even almost biting down onto tom’s lower lip as you felt him curl his fingers inside of you. he’d slowly thrust his fingers in your wet cunt making sure to reach every areas of your walls with just his fingertips. you’d again hum for him desiring for more as your nails would lightly rake over his skin, “t-that felt amazing”

and tom loved it when you’d be weak for him he loved hearing your voice break as he’d be working his way to your climax. and tbh for him seeing that you were enjoying and receiving much pleasure already was enough to ignite him for the night —as obviously he is hard as a rock hearing his name with your soft whimpers!!


(with a nice DA book as a backdrop to hide my mess of a room)

I’m so incredibly happy to have these! I’ve wanted to order them for so long, and I finally did this past (very very stressful) weekend so that I’d have something to look forward to so I wouldn’t do anything… stupid. I’m so grateful to you for that. ❤️

(And yes, Solas, it has tea in it, please forgive me. But it’s absolutely loaded with milk and sugar so you might actually enjoy tea like that! ❤️)

…You are forgiven. But only because of the sugar. 

Thank you for purchasing anything and everything with my face on it. I truly am…flabbergasted that you would do such a thing to begin with. 

I would not. 

Have a lovely day, da’len.


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Hey, I don't know if you really do this, or would for this in particular, but have you thought about making Starved a ship-fic? (It would probably be poly +Thomas, right?) I just can't get over how Virgil would react to kissing, sex, etc. Regardless, I love Starved and all of your writing, you're one of my favourite fan-fic authors of all time, and, overall, I just think you're incredible. Thank you for blessing us with your wonderful work.

i’m going to throw this onto my blog and get some opinions here. 

What do folks think of the possibility of a romantic sequel to Starved? I haven’t written anything explicit on this blog, or really anything too blatantly shippy (minus a few drabbles) but I’m thinking of branching out. I mostly just don’t want folks who prefer platonic stuff to feel uncomfortable here, I guess? 


(P.S. Thank you so much!!! I can’t believe I was so rude to not reply to the very lovely compliment of this ask too, I really appreciate it!!!!!!)

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Yo yo yo! How about some Con x shy!Reader?? Loved your Jared x shy!reader ~🐳

• Okay so I wouldn’t necessarily say that Connor is ‘shy’ but he isn’t the most talkative person
• but like, he totally understands your shyness
• He never makes you feel like you need to talk out loud or to other people or anything that would make you uncomfortable
• He is VERY quick to shut anyone down that does make you feel that way and will not hesitate to beat ass just saying
• He loves bending down to hear you bc sometimes you talk quite quietly, and it just makes him grin because he feels so special that you actually want to talk to him
• Connor is known to talk a lot for you
• Even though sometimes that can be kinda annoying, you know he means well, and is just trying to do the best for you
• He just really wants to protect you and make you comfortable

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Would you do a plus size one shot or blurb with Mitch Marner??

You examined yourself in the mirror, twisting to the left and then right, letting out a sigh before pulling the black, half-sheer shirt over your head and letting it fall to the ground with the handful of others you’d tried on already. “I liked that one,” Mitch whined. At this point he would say that to anything because he just wanted you to be done getting ready so you could leave. But you wanted to do anything but that. You had men a few of the guys on the team, Auston when he came over to play video games. Willy when you ran into him at the bar. Matt when you went to dinner with him and Sydney. 

Never would it be like tonight though. A party at someone’s house. A party full of people ready to judge you for the way you looked so you needed to make sure you didn’t look bad. Or fat, at least. How much of a baggy shirt could you get away with so you could cover just the right amount of skin without feeling like you were dressing like a boy? That was your daily predicament. “It showed too much skin,” you told your boyfriend, heading back to the closet. “Why don’t you just go like that?” he asked and you paused to shoot him a shocked look. “This?” you asked, clarifying, pointing at the flimsy tank top you wore that served as an undershirt for the night. 

“Yeah,” he said like it was obvious. It was obvious to you that you would try to cover up your arms all night, worry about your cleavage looking gross, and sucking in your stomach all night. You just laughed out loud and went back to your shirt search. “I think you look hot as hell right now,” he said, giving up and going back to snapchat. You finally pulled a baggy cardigan out of the closet and put it on before inspecting it in the mirror. It was one of your comfort clothes, so you knew you would like it. You sighed still, wondering how many girls you would be jealous of tonight. Or how many would give you dirty looks. 

You grabbed your bag and rolled your eyes as Mitch stuck his tongue out at his phone, making the annoying dog filter slurp noise go off again. “Ready?” you asked. He hopped up and smiled at you. “Mhm,” he told you. You were quiet the whole car ride there and Mitch noticed. You put on a smile when you walked into the lavish apartment as Auston and an unfamiliar guy approached. “Hey!” Auston pulled you into a hug after bro-hugging it out with your boyfriend and you were less nervous, until you met the new face next to him. “I’m Connor,” he said, putting a hand in your direction. 

The night went on like that, Mitch introducing you to everyone he could find and you overanalyzing what they thought of you. You trying to drink but not be seen drinking, and stare at other girls but not be seen staring at other girls. You found yourself alone out on the balcony when Mitch went to the bathroom and you were relieved when it was him who followed you out. “You alright?” he asked, wrapping his arms around you. “Mhm,” you answered. “Then why are you out here, alone and sad?” he asked, resting his chin on your shoulder. 

“I’m not alone and sad,” you told him. He leaned down and kissed your neck. “I know what alone and sad you looks like,” he said. You shrugged. “I’m just exhausted,” which really was the truth and not a lie. Not tired for sleep, just tired of thinking so much about everything. “We can go?” he suggested. “No, stay with your friends,” you told him. He let go of you to turn you around and grab your hands. “We’ve got like twenty minutes before Freddie starts betting people for shots and maybe thirty five before he’s puking in the trashcan. We won’t miss much.” You laughed and nodded along. 

Mitch said what you needed him to say. What he knew had been on your mind all night. “And if you’re worried about how you look, I still think you look hot as hell and honestly I’m the only one I care about thinking that,” he said. You smiled truly at him. “Me too Mitch.” 


It’s time for Abbie to leave for work, so she walks outside to say goodbye to Teresa.

Abbie: Teresa…it was so nice to meet you.  And I wanted to thank you once again for offering to watch Carla for me. I need to get going…I have to be at work soon.

Teresa: No problem.  So…did you get a chance to meet Dexter?

Abbie: *big smile* I did!  In fact, we’re going out on Tuesday.

Teresa: Oh…how nice.  Can I just say one thing?

Abbie: Uh…sure.

Teresa: Dexter is like a son to me…and he’s been through a lot.  Please don’t do anything to hurt him.

Abbie: *confused tone* He seems like a nice guy.  Why would I hurt him?

Teresa: I’m sure you wouldn’t…I guess I’m just being an overprotective mother right now.

Abbie: I understand, but trust me…I’ve been hurt more than a few times and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

Teresa: I can believe that.

Abbie: Well…I need to get to work.  So, it’s okay if Carla stays?

Teresa: Of course.  She can stay as long as she wants to.

Abbie: Thanks again Teresa!

Abbie renters the house.

Abbie: I have to get to work Carla, but you’re going to stay here with Adwin. Okay?

Carla: Yes mommy!

Abbie: Be good!  I’ll see you when I get home from work.

Please stop sending toys to my PO BOX 🙃😅

This is the funniest post I’ve ever had to make.

Whoever is sending plugs and attached tails to my PO box, thanks!? 😬🙃 ! Like. How many can one person possibly own 😅😅😅

I love presents! Try to stay away from anything that’s meant to be inserted in someone 😅 I won’t be taking photos with these if you were attempted to anonymously encourage that!

I’ve thought about doing a tail shoot, but I’m not currently interested as of today! Maybe if I find a character that I would be comfortable doing that with =]

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i just came out to my parents and they said if i wanted them to accept me, i had to quit this all girl film camp and girl scouts. i get it with the camp, but ive been in girl scouts my whole life, and ive only got a year until i age out. they said no one would accept me as a guy if i was a girl scout and no doctor would support my transition. girl scouts is really important to me and i dont want to quit. is there anything i can do?

Could you try sitting your parents down and explaining that?
Explain to them how important scouts is for you and that you don’t want to leave- but that doesn’t change who you are.

Also explain that a doctor wouldn’t know you were in scouts- unless you told them, which you wouldn’t have to so its not relevant. So it wouldn’t hinder your transition.
Good luck! -Matt

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do you plan on adding stuff from s4 to your klance meta? just asking cuz i didn’t see any klance moments or anything akdhakd

possibly! there are some things i think are worth talking abt in regards to klance. there are also things abt keith and lance individually i would like to talk abt more. if i do this, i’m not adding it onto the s3 section bc that’s long as hell already and literally makes ppls phones crash, so it’d just be an extra little blog post.

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re: Derek having a twin. I have to agree if only for the fact that it would speak really poorly of Derek's relationship with said twin that he clearly didn't talk to them about either Paige or Kate. As it is I think it speaks very poorly of his relationship with Laura if they were supposed to be fairly close in age. I love fic where they are super close, but I wonder if canon really supports that sometimes. Do you have thoughts on their sibling relationship? (1/2)

(2/2) Also, while there’s not really anything in canon to suggest it, I’ve become inordinately fond of Cora as a twin. Partly just because I like to get as many extra siblings in the Hale family as possible, but I also think it would go a ways to help explain Cora’s anger in 3A, and why she and Derek don’t seem remotely close or really like they talk to each other at all. And I don’t think there’s anything in canon which conflicts with it, so that’s become my headcanon.

Re: Laura, I tend to set her as being about two years older than Derek –– with him sixteen and a sophomore at the time of the fire, and Laura as eighteen and a senior. There’s nothing really supporting this, except that if she were eighteen that would explain why they didn’t end up in foster care. (They could have just run away and stayed out of the system, but then they wouldn’t have had access to their inheritance, and I feel like they did.)

I have the impression that Laura was generally kept busy with Talia, being trained to be the next Alpha –– there’s a line Peter says in s4, about the talisman… symbol… thing Kate’s after: “Talia used it to teach Laura. I tried to use it to teach Derek.” So I always feel like Laura had Talia’s priority attention and Derek learned for the most part from Peter (human!Papa Hale ftw), which might have caused some distance and possibly even resentment between the siblings. Also, I tend to think Laura would have been the kind of person to be president of the student council, captain of a sports team or two, just the type of person with a million activities and responsibilities taking up her focus and… I doubt she and Derek ever had a bad relationship, but I imagine them only actually getting close after the fire.

As for Cora, I can definitely see her with a twin. I mean, I don’t tend to picture any Hale twins personally, but there’s nothing I can think of to contradict it, and if any of the known Hales had a twin, I’d see it being her.

In general though, I picture there being one or two younger Hales we haven’t heard of, and the age gap between Derek and Cora (five to six years) makes me think there could easily be another sibling (or two) between them. With that big of an age gap, with or without siblings between, Derek and Cora wouldn’t have had much in common growing up. He’d have been firmly in the “baby things are gross” phase when she was born; probably looking to act grown up and impress his big sister and favorite uncle with how mature he was while she was just falling into Sesame Street. And remember that she was only eleven when the fire happened, while Derek was around sixteen, so she wouldn’t have ever been the ideal choice to hang out with or confide in.

So yeah, I’m happily down for twin!Cora, but I can just as easily imagine any siblings within a couple years of her age that she was closer to.

10-S/O Telling character they are pregnant 

“Come in” Jack said in his work voice. Something disappeared instantly after he saw you walking in

“ Oh hey. Everything alright? Its not like you to show up at work”

“Actually…well it could be good or bad depending on how you look at it” 

“That sounds fishy” He laughs nervously standing up from his desk and hugging you 

“Well Jack I wasn’t feeling so well so I talked to Angela and well one thing led to another and I’m pregnant”  You blush 

Having kids was something that felt a million miles away to you and Jack. If his super soldier genetics wouldn’t screw with it then the war and chaos in the world would 

“We did talk about how unsafe having kids could be” He sighed wrapping his arms around you and kissing you 

“I know, Jack if your upset I’m so sorry I can” 

“Your not doing anything sweetie, I’m not mad” He chuckles 

You sighed and kissed him again “Thank you Jack. This is the start of something so wonderful” 

“Yup. Now time to go brag to Ana” He laughs


I really need to pay them, we can’t afford to have our services cut off again but the only places that will probably hire me would pay just like $130 a month and would make my pysical and mental state worse lol…  so I’m opening these special price cheeb comms… forgot to add Busts/Icons are $6!

I draw like, anything so just ask! my paypal email is criticallunatic@gmail.com

Reblogs are super appreciated, thank you!!

Other comms posts and some examples ✨ (Still doing these too!)

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hi!! just wanted to ask with Nams switching to RM now.. do we say it just like it's put "R-M" or could we still call him Rap Mon.. I ask bc I know the members themselves still call him by the first. Just a curious question!!

hi! I think it is best to wait and see what/if namjoon says anything about it himself first. if he is officially switching to rm then we will respect that and refer to him as namjoon or rm, however if he has not mentioned the change or what he would like to be called moving forward and his members continue to call him rapmon/rm/namjoon we will continue to do the same.

we honestly just have to wait and see what he says. his ‘distaste’ for rap monster has been there for a while, you can tell that in about 2015 he started to ‘outgrow’ the stage name and started to refer to himself as rm or rapmon more  or even monie and more so tbh I’m not surprised but we just have to wait and see! 

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You know, I actually think that the first few years of his marriage to Katara would've really scared Zuko at first--I mean, I'm pretty sure that he would've had the relationship between his parents on his mind. He'd probably be afraid of unintentionally hurting Katara the same way Ozai hurt Ursa. He'd be scared that he'd end up doing something to betray Katara's trust a third time, this time for good. Makes you wanna give him a hug, doesn't it?

Humm….I’m on the fence about this one. I can totally agree Zuko would probably have a lot of fears at the beginning, especially about doing something to  unintentionally hurt Katara. But NEVER, EVER “the same way Ozai hurt Ursa “.  That is impossible. Zuko is not his father. Never was and never would be! 

If anything, I think the shadow of his father has long since been slain and so his past holds no sway over his future. If anything his parents marriage would probably serve as a lesson or an example of what NOT to do. I think Zuko and Katara’s marriage would come from love, and that makes all the difference. Ursa and Ozai…I just can’t see Ozai ever loving anyone but himself. Their marriage was probably an arranged one.  

And dude, I ALWAYS want to hug Zuko. 

Thanks for the challenging ask!