i would date the heck out of all of you if you'd have me

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it's none of my onion because i don't date guys but the aphrodite myth revision is pretty boring to me because it's yet again a gorgeous woman and an ugly dude. Kind of completely tired of women being judged on their looks nonstop but also being told not to be the shallow ones and accept ugly dudes. Ask yourself if you'd support the myth where the goddess of love was unattractive, that's more interesting to me.

Heck yeah I’d support that myth! That would be gorgeous. There are so many ways to slice this kind of a story, because the specifics matter far less than what you get out of it.

To me—and you might consider this splitting hairs, but it’s what comes to mind—the story isn’t about having to “accept ugly dudes,” because Hephaestus isn’t ugly at all. He’s a creative person, he’s someone with a unique mind, he’s someone with a history. He’s Hellenistic where a god like Apollo might be considered classical; he’s bent where others are attractively curved, but maybe that makes him more interesting. I’m not being abstract, I’m being very literal, when I say that the realest kind of beauty is just an expression of the soul in the features of the face. We admire catalogue models, well-made bodies, but we fall in love with human beings. Because even if we happen to fall in love with a model it’s the whole person that we fall in love with, not just a high-end set of limbs but the soul that strings them together.