i would cry and melt and explode

Love How You Hate Me - Sam x Reader

A/N: FINAL PART! Later than I wanted tonight, but I was held after again. It’s been a long journey, and thank you all for sticking with me! It means the world. I hope that this does everything else justice! Enjoy!

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Warnings: Some mild smut. Pregnant/Mommy Reader. Birth Scene. Flashback/Memories. Some death. Time Skip. Daddy!Sam. Some fluff mixed in. Real light editing. I believe that is all, and apologize if I missed anything!

Word Count: Roughly 3900

“Daddy?” The soft feminine voice called, making Sam stop at the door. His hand clenched around the frame, knowing what was coming. Sure enough, the question mirrored what she asked every night the past week before bed. “Can you tell me more about mommy?”

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Im really confused. I see some posts refer to what i experience as a meltdown. Others refer to it as a shutdown and im just like where do i belong. I tend not to express my melt/shutdown outwardly other than crying and rocking but inside i, dying feels like im melting and my heads about to explode. Where do i belong

Have some of column A, try all of column B?

Meltdowns and shutdowns are really personal to each person, and there can be features of both in any given experience. The way you describe it, I would call it a meltdown, but ultimately you might describe it differently. It really is up to you, and there’s not really a set criteria for it - both are entirely community terms and no definition is going to encapsulate the full range of experiences.


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Hi I was wondering if you could do a shy!ReaderxDean where they can talk to Sam just fine but clams up everytime Dean comes into the room. Until one night when Dean corners them and makes them talk about it with lots of blushing. Please, I love your fics!!

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: None

You met the brothers only three months ago, while on a walk with your roommate. There had been three strange murders in your small town, all the victims having their hearts ripped out. It was suspicious yes, but you wondered back then why the FBI needed to be involved.

It wasn’t until you and your roommate were attacked that you learned what was lurking in the shadows. Sam and Dean, or Agents Jovi and Smith as you thought you knew them, saved you. But it was too late for your friend.

Having no family of your own, and nowhere else to go, the Winchesters took you in, teaching you about monsters. Dean kept insisting you go back home, live a life. It wasn’t until you saved him from a vampire that he stopped doubting your hunting skills or your dedication to the job.

There was no going back to your domestic fantasy. And after only two months, you realized you did in fact have a family.

The brothers were very different very different in many ways, and you learned quickly what made them tick.

Sam, the younger brother, you got along with almost immediately. He was conscious of your space and respected your introverted nature. Talking to him was like confiding in a life-long friend.

Dean was different. You were attracted to him since the day you met, which made speaking to him nearly impossible.

You were extremely shy by nature and Dean’s forward attitude and aggressive behavior made your stomach flit with butterflies and your tongue lock up. He always tried to talk to you. He cracked jokes, flirted occasionally, but it only made things worse.

“You could talk to him you know. He’s not going to bite.” You shrugged, pushing the ramen noodles in your bowl around with your fork. It was 10 o’clock at night and Sam, having discovered that you had a crush on Dean, was trying to convince you to talk to him.

“I know. It’s just… hard. I don’t think I’ve said more than five words to him. I’ve tried… but… I just get so anxious.” Sam sighed, organizing several Men of Letters folders and brushing the hair from his face.

“(Y/N), if you don’t tell him, you’ll never know whether or not he feels the same.”

As if on cue, Dean entered the main room, stretching.

“I swear, if I read one more word I’m gonna scratch my eyes out. How about you guys?” You swallowed, your entire respiratory system shutting down. Sam glanced at you warily.

“I hear you. Are you going out?” Dean smirked, slipping his coat on and winking at his brother. You thought you were going to faint.

“Yup. Just gonna get some fresh air.”

“You mean alcohol don’t you?” The elder Winchester scoffed in mock offense.

“Of course not. See ya.” And with that, he was out the door.

Sam just turned to you, giving a look of disappointment. You rolled your eyes.

“Don’t give me that. You know I can’t…”

You yawned, glancing at the digital alarm clock to your left. 2 am. Sam had gone to bed hours ago, and as tired as you were, you wanted to know Dean got back safely. Part of you felt silly doing this, the Winchester was more than capable of taking care of himself. But you couldn’t sleep until he was back at the bunker. Maybe it was that you were slightly jealous of him hooking up, but you convinced yourself it was the need to protect your partner. Your family.

Your love.

You shut that thought down immediately, shaking your head and walking to the kitchen to make some coffee. Buried so far in your feelings and thoughts, you failed to notice the shadow lurking in the corner of the hall. Before you could reach the light switch at the far end of the hall, a figure pegged you against the wall, arms on either side of you. Your breath hitched in your throat and you tried to scream, before a hand clamped over your mouth.

“Don’t wake Sam.” Your eyes adjusted to the light, focusing on a familiar face. You retracted the knife you had pointed at his stomach and he took his hand off your mouth.


“Dean. My name’s Dean (Y/N).” Your face grew red hot and you bit your cheek, annoyed he was being a smartass about your shyness. He waited for you to say something, but you were tongue-tied. Dean sighed, his breath hot on your face, laced with the smell of whiskey.

“Why won’t you talk to me?” You blinked, swallowing. “Because you seem to be fine talking to Sammy, but you clam up whenever I’m in view. I know you can talk (Y/N).” He was annoyed to say the least. You knew he wasn’t trying to be a bully, he was just a little hurt.

“I… You…” Dean stared at you intently, his bright green eyes seeming to read your thoughts. You felt hot and extremely uncomfortable under his gaze. You were the center of Dean Winchester’s attention. Part of you hated it. Part of you loved it.

“I’m not going to hurt you.” You sighed, fidgeting and trying to melt into the wall.

“Dean… I… You’re…”

“That’s not a sentence (Y/N).” You felt tears welling up in your system. This was so hard, and there was no way to express how hard it was to the man in front of you. But you would not cry. Not now. Not when you finally had a chance to tell him how you felt.

“I… I think I… li…ke…” Your voice faltered and you bit your lip, closing your eyes. Your anxiety was peaking and you were pretty sure you would explode. But still you refused to cry, refused to let your shy nature get the best of you, like it always had.

You met Dean’s gaze again, adrenaline shooting through your veins like a hot flash.

“I love you. I love you Dean Winchester.”

Dean blinked, mouth open slightly in shock. Your breath caught in your chest and you saw your friendship flash before your eyes. You waited for the rejection or the laughter.

Dean leaned closer and your heart was on the verge of exploding. His nose brushed ever so slightly against yours, his eyes locked on yours.

“Was that really so hard?” His voice was a breathy whisper, barely registering in your mind before his hand locked behind your neck, his lips on yours.  You felt like you were flying, weightless and free. He kissed you for a couple minutes, before breaking contact.

“I like the sound of your voice.” Drunk on the taste of his lips you grabbed his collar.

“Shut up.” You could feel him smile under your lips and you couldn’t help but grin, your shyness a distant memory.

Hope you enjoyed it :)


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IF WE DON’T GET A FUSCO/CARTER HUG BY THE END OF THIS SEASON I WILL BE SO DONE. like agh i dont even know why they haven’t developed this relationship even more because it’s perf

I would like for him to just full-on bear hug her. Like, it’s a moment of weakness, they’re finally on the level, and he just throws his arms around her, squeezes, and lifts so she’s a couple inches off the ground, but not too far because Fusco is short. And at first she’s like “WHOA NELLY” but then “aww, you <3”