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All of This and So Much More: Chapter Four[poly!hamsquad x reader]

Time Period: Modern

Word Count: 2.1 K

Warnings: Mild swearing

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Chapter Three   Chapter Five 

Driving around New York was going to be a nightmare.   You knew that after bring John up and you had relayed the information to your father, offering to drive once you got to the city.  Your dad could barely handle Charleston traffic, you knew New York was going to be a challenge.

However, after three almost-crashes and a healthy number of swear words later, you were pulling into the parking lot of your dorm.  

Just as they had when you dropped John off, the second your dad pulled the car into the drop of area, you were swarmed by upperclassmen offering to carry thing for you.  

Your father opened the trunk, allowing them to grab your suitcases and the cardboard box.  You kept your bag and watched as a well-built, dark-skinned man grabbed both of your suitcases, while a lanky redhead grabbed your cardboard box.  They got about halfway to the dorm, chatting casually, before the dark-skinned man put your suitcases down and jogged back over.

“Hey, I’m Hercules.  That’s your stuff, right?”  You introduced yourself, before telling him it was.  “Great, which room you in?”  


“Great,” he said, smiling brightly.  He turned and got about two steps away before he turned back around. “I have another question.”  

“Alright, shoot.”

“Is this really all you brought?  Because I’ve seen people coming in with like entire mini-vans stuffed completely full and you’ve got two suitcases and a box.”

You just shrugged and smiled.  “I guess I learned to pack light.”

“Well, you need to teach the rest of us, because I’ve got about four times as much stuff as you do and this is the third time I’ve done this.”

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