i would choose this one


“The moment we sat down and talked to each other, we had like a natural connection right away. He said to me afterwards that the most important thing for him was to feel comfortable. He had to be comfortable with me and I had to be comfortable with him to do all the stuff that we did this season. I think we just clicked and he felt as much as I did.” (x)

  • Person: If you could have any super power, what would you choose?
  • What she thinks: Well, I would choose this one super power that only exists in this fictional world I've created because I fully understand both its strengths and weaknesses, benefits and pitfalls, and therefore won't have to deal with the issues that might arise with an established super power, many of which are already very vague about how exactly the power works and what problems I might have while using it because it's not well defined. This super power is really only understandable to someone else if they have a full knowledge of the system of magic and science in which it exists. I can explain this to you if you have 20-25 minutes, more if you would like me to gather my research on the established theories, practices, structures, forms, histories, and mythologies that allow this system to exist within the established canon of "super power fiction" while simultaneously being a unique and original piece and share it with you.
  • What she says: telekinesis

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if you HAD to choose: Lena or Morgana?

I would personally choose Morgana. She literally had no one on her side for the longest time until Morgause showed up. There were ample opportunities for Merlin and Gaius to help her but they didn’t. But at the same time my poor little baby became a badass high priestess. 

I love Lena, I do. But my heart is pulling towards Morgana….and….also, the corsets she wears and this dress

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when people criticise you by saying that your job is not a job but a hobby and that kids should first do other things so when they grow up, find other jobs to settle down and then if they still want it, to learn a ‘hobby’.

I’m almost 28 years old, and people still telling me if music and painting is a job or not.

in my mind I’m like..
“b*tch, my father was a painter..and he was making a living in that job you call ‘a hobby”
not any OTHER job :D
of course I do artistic things cause I grew up in a family that was doing arts,
and cause my parents never limited me on which path I would be choosing to follow.
as they were the ones that weren’t following ridiculous rules, as well.

let people do whatever they want.
let your children experience what they want.
raise them well and don’t limit their dreams telling them ,that’s only a hobby to ‘feed’ their soul..

as long as someone is not harming somebody else and they don’t harm themselves, then let them do what they want.

not everyone has to find and do something that the society they live in, tells them “it’s a job”.

it can be hard being an artist, surely is a hobby, but it can be as well a JOB.

p.s. I’m totally calm while typing, as
it didn’t really make me feel weird hearing again that comment, but I just wanted to share these thoughts.
maybe someone will read them and get a bit of a strength.

p.s.2 Studying music is not an easy task.
people who are thinking 'music is a hobby’, perhaps they should rethink it..

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Fuck, Marry, Kill. Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Zendaya. Sakamaki!! Also why'd you fuck her? Why'd you kill her? Why'd you marry her? I WANT FULL ANSWERS XD <33 ilya btw


Kill Ariana because she has no tits. Fuck Zendaya. I’d marry Demi because she has that nice ass and boobs.


I’d kill Demi because she’s annoying! I guess I’d choose fuck for Zendaya.

I’d marry Ariana, because she’d make such a cute and beautiful doll to add to my collection.


I’d kill Ariana because she reminds me of that Obnoxious  idol Kou. Marry Zendaya, and fuck Demi.


I suppose I’d marry Zendaya because she seems like the most lady-like of the three. I’d kill Ariana because he behavior is deplorable, and I’d have sex with Demi.


Hmm that’s a tough decision~ I would fuck all of them, but If I had to choose just one to strictly fuck, I’d pick Ariana. She seems like a hot innocent little bitch~. Not big on marriage, but I guess I’d choose Zendaya, and I’d kill Demi nfunfu~


This is too troublesome. I suppose If I have to choose, I’d marry Zendaya. The other two are annoying and have irritating singing voices. Just Like Subaru said, I’d kill Ariana because she’s as annoying as Kou. I’d fuck Demi because she seems like she’d be such a lewd woman in the bedroom.

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Cuddle, Heartbeat, Laughter, Warmth, Unique, Dearest? O:

Cuddle : Which one of your mutuals do you really want to hug right now?
Do I have to choose just one?? I refuse…. I would hug @sugaryuniverse @neeeeeet @crococore @littlegoldenbunny @rainfanu @nightmaresawakening @sorzan :^)

Heartbeat : What fictional character do you love?
Coraline & her parents & Wybie (Coraline), Silvermist & Iridessa & Rosetta (Tinkerbell movies + I’m a huge Pixie Hollow hoe), Jenny Wakeman XJ9 (My Life as a teenage Robot)

Laughter : Who can always make you laugh?
@sorzan @neeeeeet @crococore @sugaryuniverse

Warmth : What is your happy place?
1) Anyone’s embrace 2) Auburn, Alabama 3) The better side of my imagination

Unique : What qualities do you look for in other people?
1) Pay me attention pls, 2) Understanding 3) decent human being at least good lord

Dearest : What item is most dear to you?
Pocket watch!! also my lava lamp. also my 3ds. also my stuffed animals… my babies im sorry……also my damn wallet even tho i keep forgetting to bring it with me

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1. Who was your first ult bias and who is your current one? Tiffany and Taeyeon, respectively.

2. Why did you get into Kpop? A friend of mine told me about it, I searched for some MVs on YouTube, found SNSD and they got me into it. 

3. If you could join any kpop group, who would you choose? I won’t say SoShi because I think the group is already perfect as it is, so I wouldn’t like to change a thing. I would say Wonder Girls… but since they disbanded, I think I’ll choose Apink.

4. If all your biases proposed to you, who would you pick? Why would I have to choose only one… we could come to an agreement… I don’t even have that many biases… 

5. you could be in a fanfic, what genre would it be? Drama/angst. 

6. What mythological creature would you be if you had the chance? A mermaid. Nothing sounds more pleasant to me than spending my days under the blue, quiet water and luring foolish men into their doom in my free time.

7. Supernatural!au or mafia!au? Mafia, I think…? 

8. Which idol would you switch bodies with? None. I would hate to know someone else was in my body.

9. If you could any idol as a pocket size companion? Sunny!

10. If you were only able to say 5 words to your bias, what would you say? “Please, just keep being yourself.”

I tag: I don’t really know who to tag, so if you want to do this, just do it (and tag me so I can see it). :)

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so in the oxenfree au (im going off the posts ive seen Pidge is Alex, Matt is Micheal, Shiro is Jonas, Lance is Ren, Hunk is Nona and Allura is Clarrisa. (those are great bc Hance annd the shiro and pidge brother/sister relationship) Unless i got the roles wrong there's no Keith? is he actually Clarrisa? which would sort of make since if Matt/Keith was a thing

I LIKE THIS BETTER TBH–i never really assigned roles to them so you can do whatever! but i can totally see keith as clarissa too just bc of how they both handle their emotions you know??? allura is perfect as clarissa too! aaaaaaa i dont know which one to choose;;;

i would die for oxenfree hance jfc i’d die–god truth or slap and pidge is all like “YOU LIKE HUNK DON’T YOU, LANCE???” anD LANCE IS TRYIN TO DODGE THE BULLET LIKE “HAHA NO I LIKE HIM AS A FRIEND PSSSHHH”


futurama appreciation week  [day one - favorite character]: Philip J. Fry

  • anti: takes over October, kills jack, says it's our fault, scare master
  • me: <3
  • dark: doesn't let you finish your ice cream
  • me: too far man, too far
Love Post: Namjoon

The great leader of BTS: Kim Namjoon

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There’s so much to say about Namjoon, that I almost couldn’t even make this post. As of now, I’m still struggling to make sense.

If I were to choose one word to describe him it would be inspiring.

Past his appearance or even his talent, I think it’s what’s between the ears that is the most impressive. And no, I’m not referring to his IQ. From the beginning, Namjoon has served as such an inspirational figure in my opinion. He has always tried to encourage the idea of people chasing their dreams and living their own lives, which is such an amazing thing to advocate. He tells his story to show people that you can accomplish what you want in life, you just have to work for it.

I really appreciate that he includes the international ARMYs as often as he does. The use of his English in his V Lives to communicate with non K-ARMYs, how he mentions us at major award shows. He is very aware of us and cares just as much.

The long hours Namjoon puts in deserves recognition as well. He doesn’t brag about it much, but you all know the hours he puts in. Remember the his rendition of Jimin’s replay dance? In the practice video, his shirt was dry and by the end it was drenched. Dances don’t come easy to Joon and you can see the effort he’ll put into something to reach his standards (which are very high.)