i would catch a grenade for you

And now I would like you all to consider the turian boyfriend™ meeting Shepards high school ex. You know, the douchy kind that loves mansplaining and belittling.

Imagine Shepard getting a message on her private terminal that he wants to catch up. Garrus calibrating slightly slower than usual, listening to her read it out. And oh * pulls out rifle * that guy *pulls out pistol * the one you went to the thing with * pulls out shotgun * prom, right? * puts on armor * Sure, I’d love to meet him. * packs a grenade * maybe have dinner together and * packs another grenade * you know, talk. * packs third grenade * He must be such a nice fellow *packs normandy thanix cannon*

I’d Catch A Grenade For You: Redux || closed thread w/ captain-with-a-plan

Ever since the falling out of the Avengers and the migration of Steve’s team to Wakanda, Peggy constantly worried that the UN’s forces under the command of Tiberius Ross would creep into Wakanda somehow and start a war. She trusted T’Challa’s confidence in his country and his people but by the same token, she knew Ross was a stubborn, pompous son of a bitch.

Peggy was currently deployed with some of Wakanda’s stealth forces a few clicks away from the palace, with Steve dug in nearby. They were performing their weekly perimeter check in case of insurgents and sure enough, someone spots a camp on night vision.

“Orders, Captain Rogers?” Someone chimes in on comms.