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the signs feeling intense anger

Every sign can reach the stage when the mind just ‘quits’, no matter how laid back they are. check mars and moon!

Aries: She feels no anger. She feels rage. The intensity, the strong, sometimes short but intense feeling of emotions was something she was familiar with, but what she did hate was the feeling of anger she could mostly never shake off. It was always there with her, she let her rage out and it seemed like an exploding volcano. All she saw was red, there was too much energy flowing inside her bones that she could not get rid off and so she let out her anger, and she did not care who would see her like that. ‘I am fire and you will get burned.’

Taurus: He was angry. Angry with the world, angry with this unsteadiness, angry with the fact, that he could not do anything to stop the current situation. Long, slim hands pulled him out of his nest and threw him hard on the ground. He flinched as a cold breeze came and took away all his warmth. “No, do not take everything away from me!!”, he screamed but the dark did not listen. Gritting his teeth he felt his temper raging, long horns started to grow out of his head and he shook his head, trying to get rid of the feeling of losing himself. 

Gemini: Emotions were an construct. A map with a thousand of points, connected with each other by a small, small string. No there was a knot in the strings, there and there was nothing else he could do to untie them, to clear up this mess in his head. It was like the road for his thoughts was blocked and now everything just piled up. Irritated he shook his head, even communicating was hard and the knot in his head slowly transformed in his whole body. Then his mind just quit. Rash action. 

Cancer: She could not tame herself anymore, she got hotheaded again and knew the will easily fall in an tantrum again. Followed by this feeling of guilt: why me? Why this unfairness? Why the need to upset others and be upset? In the end a wave of intensity and sadness washed her away before she could get a hold of herself again. And getting back to the surface after being pulled down by the ocean would cost her a lot strength. Strength and a long time of swimming through these endless waters. 

Leo: “I do not like this”. It all started with the feeling of unfairness, adding a a little bit of hurt to the shattered self that lay on the ground. “I cannot let them now I am hurt! I will not allow them to touch me gain that deeply.” She opened her mouth and showed her long, sharp fangs. She roared. It was loud and vibrant. Whetting her claws she narrowed her yellow, fiery eyes. “Pray for yourself”, she whispered before sprinting to her prey. 

Virgo: The head was a like a working space. There were many files and papers he read, worked with, analysed, only to put them into a new file that was stored somewhere in his office. “Wh- what is this?” This certain piece of paper  was not like the others. Unreadable. Impossible to put somewhere, therefore it was just out of order. “I..I have the control..”, he said, his hands starting to shake. “I..I have the control over it…I have the control..”, he repeated unsteady before standing up and shredding the unknown paper. He started breathing hysterically, what was that? This brooding fear inside of him? “Control…”, he said one last time before shattering the mirror and flipping his precious work desk. 

Libra: These thoughts. These worries. These fears. She did not know what to do. How was she supposed to handle? “It is their fault!!”, she cried. But at the same time is was her own fault. She cried quietly, feeling like she wanted to let everything out, but couldn’t reveal herself, because everyone next door was sleeping. She did not want to disturb them with the mess of feelings. “I will ignore it. Swallow it.” But it was far too much to keep on pretending. She felt like being on fire, but she still smiled. A poisonous, deadly smile. Everyone should feel her poison sting inside their veins. 

Scorpio: His anger is intense. It’s like a thunderstorm with roaring thunder inside of him. His heart is beating and he wants to destroy, cry and scream. He wants to let out his darkest thoughts, he wants the world to feel his pain, transformed out of the bitterness. But in the end, he remains silent and waits till everyone left. He could hurt anyone right now, but he know it’ll be no good, knowing that he will destroy for sure if he demonstrates his power. So he balls his fists and closes his door. Outside of his bedroom you can her the thunder roaring. 

Sagittarius: ‘Do not stop me’, was all she thought. These feelings were caging her. No matter what she did to distract herself, the anger would haunt her after all, so the minute it became to much she snapped. She could be free spirited and joyous but deep emotions were something completely different, especially anger. Because she was not only the laughter of joy but indeed the stomp of a herd of wild horses swirling up dust as they made their way through the steppe. There was raw force and energy inside of her and that needed to get out, now. 

Capricorn: Get a hold of yourself. Get a hold of yourself. Now. But there was no way to get himself under control. There was this dam inside of his head that stopped this enormous river of feelings of overflowing. Now, there were little cracks in the once so strong concrete and each of them plainly showed the nerves he lost from time to time. He sat at his desk, swallowed and closed his eyes. Suddenly, the dam broke. The raging float of dark water swallowed him completely. 

Aquarius: She saw it often on other people. Anger. She watched them live it out, stomping with their feet, raging, screaming, shouting. Now? She felt it herself. “I know this, this familiar”, she explained to herself. But familiar did not mean good. She knew her temper tantrums for when she was young. She knew that destructiveness could be a part of it. “I do not want that. I will not.” Suddenly a dark, whispering voice talked to her: “You do not choose to be out of touch. You are not your own master.” She widened her eyes anxiously. And suddenly, it was like she was 7 again. 

Pisces: Anger? Anger, he felt it so deeply, anger and the need to cry out of frustration, he did not want to feel it anymore, the worst thing that ate him alive right now. So he grew bitter. “I can turn nasty”, he thought. “I will be the worst if you make me feel this again.” And so he did. So he became the feeling of anger and bitterness himself. As he looked in the mirror he couldn’t recognize himself anymore. Dark, red eyes starred at him, tears flowing. 

Voyager Moments

His fingers twined hard in my hair, pulling it loose so that it tumbled down my neck.  The dislodged pins cascaded over my shoulders and pinged on the floor like pellets of hail.  My own fingers were clasped around his forearm, digging into the linen as though I were afraid he would disappear unless physically restrained.

As though gripped by the same fear, he suddenly grasped me by the shoulders and held me away from him, staring desperately into my face.  He put his hand to my cheek, and traced the bones over and over again, oblivious to my tears and to my abundantly running nose.

I sniffed loudly, which seemed to bring him back to his senses, for he let go and groped hastily in his sleeve for a handkerchief, which he used clumsily to swab first my face, then his own.

“Give me that.”  I grabbed the erratically waving swatch of cloth and blew my nose firmly.  “Now you.”  I handed him the cloth and watched as he blew his nose with a noise like a strangled goose.  I giggled, undone with emotion.  

He smiled too, knuckling the tears away from his eyes, unable to stop staring at me.  

Suddenly I couldn’t bear not to be touching him.  I lunged at him, and he got his arms up just in time to catch me.  I squeezed until I could hear his ribs crack, and felt his hands roughly caressing my back as he said my name over and over.  

A common complaint that I’ve heard about Cursed Child is that Ron’s character is “reduced to a punch line” and “only there for comic relief”. While I understand where these concerns are coming from, I happen to love this development for his character and I think it makes perfect sense.

Picture this. The Battle of Hogwarts is over. Voldemort is defeated. Good has won, but the Weasley family has paid dearly for it. The loss of Fred rocks each of them to their very souls.

For Molly, this is worse than even her worst fear. Remember that the boggart at Grimmauld Place showed dead twins. She never imagined that they would be separated. She regrets being so hard on him. She would let him pull a million more bone-headed pranks if only she could hold him in her arms again.

Arthur desperately wishes he could have told his son how very proud he was of him and all that he had accomplished. How he took his passion and smartly turned it into a successful business. How he never hesitated to fight for goodness. How he never lost sight of hope, even in the face of evil, and how he kept laughing when no one else (other than George, of course) could muster up a single happy thought.

Then there are the siblings.

Bill and Charlie are wracked with guilt that they didn’t do more to protect their little brother. It was their responsibility as the eldest to look out for the younger ones, and they had failed in the worst possible way.

Percy deeply regrets losing so much time with Fred over such a petty argument. He was fortunate enough to have gained forgiveness in the last moments of Fred’s life, but he could have had years more if he hadn’t been such a prat. There is also the possibility that Fred might not have even been in the line of the explosion that took his life if he hadn’t been wanting to fight alongside his long-estranged brother. That possibility will haunt Percy for years.

Ginny has lost her hero. She spent her entire childhood looking up to the twins and trying to be more like them. They taught her how to both make and take a joke. They taught her how to stick up for herself. She wouldn’t be the same person if Fred hadn’t been in her life. She certainly won’t be the same with him gone.

Of course George is affected the most. He has never been without Fred. Losing Fred is losing a huge piece of himself. Now, for the first time in his life, he has to figure out who George Weasley is as an individual. And that thought is terrifying. He’s not even sure he wants to find out. What’s the point without Fred? 

Ron sees all this and, through his own devastation, he recognizes that he has an obligation to his family. Say what you want about Ronald Bilius Weasley, but his family means more to him than anything in the world. Think about how hurt and defensive he always was when Draco insulted his family. Think about how terrified he was when he found out that Ginny had been taken into the Chamber of Secrets. Or how protective he was of her when she started dating. Or how he listened to the radio everyday while he was out hunting horcruxes, desperately hoping that he wouldn’t hear any of his loved ones’ names added to the rising death toll. Family is everything to him, and right now they are broken. He will breathe life back into them. He will make them laugh again.

Fred was a light in the darkness. His life’s purpose was to provide a bit of cheerfulness when people needed it most. Ron learned that lesson from his brother, and he stepped in to be the light during his family’s darkest hour. So, no, I don’t think Ron is just a punch line. I think he became what his family needed at the time and was surprised to find that it fit him well.

College! Michael Blurb

Word count: 99 (I know it’s super short but it hit my feels tbh like I smiled so hard writing this)
Written by S

Okay so imagine college!Michael trying to finish a paper and totally stressing out. He’d get that little crinkle between his brows and he keep sighing while running his hands through his dyed hair. So of course you’d go up behind him, rub his shoulders, whisper to him to relax and press light kisses to shoulders and collar bones. His breathing would slow as he finally closed his eyes and relaxed, little sighs leaving his lips as you continued to rub his back and hums every time you left a kiss somewhere and SOME ONE GIVE ME A MICHAEL

Lycanthropy took everything from him.

His future, his sleep, his dreams–it took those like it took bones and crushed them for wicked purposes. It took his mother’s smile, it took his father’s heart, it took their home and shredded it with claws. It took his schooling. It took his childhood. It took his life. That was the end of his story.

But that wasn’t all. Sirius made him laugh so hard on Saturday that his tea came out his nose. Peter thought a blueberry pie would be a great match for Remus and his new bruises, since they matched. “I still like pie better,” Pete laughed, and Remus suddenly felt himself smiling for the first time since full moon. James kept on him about sleeping the week before, though he himself couldn’t get a wink either and they sat in the common room for hours talking nonsense until the sun rose.

Remus discovered that he had a knack for tactful planning. The map of the school they were slowly building was carefully hand drawn, and the days spent bedridden after the moon with his mother paid off in the form of beautifully illustrated hallways in black ink. He knew these hallways better after drawing it out, and their escape routes were always tucked away safety at the forefront of thought. How else did one sneak down for hot cocoa after curfew and not get caught?

All the while, Remus must deal with his condition. It is a painful fact he cannot ignore if he tried. But he sits back on the Hogwarts Express and it occurs to him then: lycanthropy is a thief of life, of prosperity and health. But even so, Remus has been… happy.

Lycanthropy is a thief, but it cannot take everything.

In response to this post that I promised to fulfill, here’s a little Sterek practicing kissing. Your wish is my command, @endgame-sterek

“Derek…you don’t have to.”

“I said I would, okay? Now shut up.”

“Oh, yes. Please. Continue with your wooing. I’m all tingly here,” Stiles says with a roll of his eyes.

But honestly, who can blame him? He’s 147 pounds of pale skin and fragile bones; sarcasm was his only defense. And when Adonis reincarnated just agreed to teach his gangly, virgin ass to kiss, yeah, the only way he was going protect himself was with sarcasm. It doesn’t help that the guy in question has been his friend since the Hales moved in next door when Stiles was six. It should, maybe. They may not be in the same social circles any more, but Stiles trusts Derek more than pretty much anyone, especially in this situation.

The ‘this’, the reason Stiles had stormed home after school in a fit of frustration, the reason Derek had knocked on his door not ten minutes later after seeing said fit, the reason Stiles was now stalling as he faced his oldest friend on his bed…was all because of Scott, really. 

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"One..." Nico took another deep breath, convincing himself to actually do this. "Two..." And then he snapped the bone back in place before he got to three, watching Will bite down hard on the leather, flinching violently, eyes welling with tears. "I'm so sorry. Shit. I'm really sorry it hurt so much." Nico chewed the inside of his mouth, biting till he tasted metallic blood. His hesitation only lasted a second and then he was grabbing Will's hand, squeezing it tightly. "Granola bar?"

Will nodded, still not trusting himself to speak. He gingery turned his foot, noting the discomfort that shot through him. He was going to have to heal it, but it would be a lot easier now that the bone was in the right place. Nico handed him the snack bar, already unwrapped, and Will started to chew on it slowly. Nico looked genuinely upset with himself that he had to hurt Will, but it had been a necessary evil. They needed to get moving, but they couldn’t do that with Will hobbling along on one leg. When he finished the granola bar, Will cleared his throat, wiping the unshed tears from his eyes. “T-thank you,” he mumbled. “For resetting it. I can, ah, I can heal it now.” His hands were shaking and tears started to flow down his cheeks, but it wasn’t just from the pain.

me: I don’t get too upset at tv shows, what’s the point in being salty over something fictional?

me: *thinks about how Suite Life on Deck had a prom episode and they didn’t have Maddie appear as a cameo role, even though in the episode of the original Suite Life series, after Zack had thrown together an amazing Circus Prom for her, Maddie asked him to dance with her and promised she would dance with him at his prom*

me, clenching my fist so hard people around me can hear the bones starting to break: I…don’t…get…too upset at tv shows…what’s :^) the :^) point :^) in :^) being :^) salty :^) over :^) something :^) fictional >:^)

Wreck Shiro 2k17 Pt 1


Title: Royally Screwed
Rating: Explicit 
Pairing: Shiro/OMC for all your bottom-shiro-getting-boned needs, and with none of the shipping politics

“What?” Shiro asks, just as the Prince says.
“I would like to have sex with you, if you are interested.”
Shiro freezes. He can’t have heard him right.
Shiro finally finds his voice, and squeaks out a, “What?”
Okay, so maybe he found his voice from when he was nine.
“You want to have sex,” Shiro repeats slowly, “with me? Tonight?”

It’s a pwp of Shiro getting boned into oblivion.
Look deep in your heart, you know you want this.


Married Life Is Hard

Looking at the photos on my phone of me and my husband of just over five months, I let out a bone chilling sigh. I knew Spencer had a demanding job but he swore it would ease up a bit once we were married, I wish he was right. It seemed as if it only got harder now that we were married. I had so many things to tell him but he was on assignment and that meant he needed to be focused on work, not on his wife that was over a thousand miles away. The buzzer for the apartment rang, making me get up from the couch and buzz the person downstairs inside, I knew it had to be Penelope seeing as she texted me saying that she had something to drop off to me. I walked into the kitchen to get our cups of tea ready that I had been boiling for a long while.
“The door is open, Pen!” I shouted just before the door opened and closed behind me.
“I have to tell you, I’m glad to see at least one of team members, it’s like I haven’t seen any of you since the wedding. So what did you have to drop off?” I asked just before a very familiar pair of arms slid around to my front and a chin rested on my shoulder.
“You made me tea? How sweet, Mrs. Reid.” Spencer whispered causing me to smile and turn around in his arms so there was no space between us.
“I thought you were on assignment.” I said causing him to shrug and cup my face in his hands.
“I was, Hotch said that my talents were needed more here and I wasn’t going to protest spending time with my wife.” He said just before touching his lips to mine, in a quick yet passion filled kiss. I smiled into the kiss and pulled away as the water began to scream in the tea kettle.
“Well, I’m glad to have you back.” I said turning back to the tea and pouring the hot water into our cups.
“I’m glad to be back.” He responded as he leaned against the counter and watched my every move. We stood there in silence, the only words being spoken was Spence’s small thank you as I handed him his cup of tea. I looked down at my cup, watching the water begin to turn a light brown color.
“(Y/N)?” Spencer asked making me look up at him and force a small smile. I was more than excited to see my husband but other things on my mind were taking over my emotions.
“What’s wrong?” He asked as I walked into the bedroom with my cup in my hands and my eyes looking everywhere but him. I sat on the bed, my cup of tea now on the nightstand on my side of the bed.
“I love you.” Spencer said, knowing that would make me look at him. I smiled slightly, seeing the nervousness in his eyes as to why I was so quiet.
“I know, I love you too.” I said looking down at my hands that were resting in my lap. Spencer soon got down on his knees and kneeled in front of me, one of his hands reaching up to my chin so our eyes would meet.
“Talk to me.” He said causing me to let out a watery laugh. I knew I had to tell him and I know how he would react but part of me was still scared.
“I’m pregnant.” I said causing his face to break out into a joyful smile and my face to get peppered with kisses.
“When did you find out?!” He asked as now crawled up to the bed and sat next to me.
“Two weeks ago.” I said letting a smile spill from my lips, happy that I was going to be a mother.
“Why were you so scared to tell me?” Spencer asked, causing my smile to disappear and my nerves to come back.
“You are barely home as it is, I know it’s busy season but still. Spencer, I saw what the job did to Hotch and his marriage, I don’t want that to happen to us. Putting a kid in the mix, just makes it worse, I know you always wanted to have a baby, as do I but it’s just going to put us in a harder situation.” I confessed making Spencer sigh and shake his head from side to side.
“Sweetheart, no. You couldn’t be more wrong. Hotch knows what it did to him so he is only going to go easier on me and he is going to make sure the same thing doesn’t happen to us, hey he is the one to told me I needed to come home. He knows how hard it is on you, on the both of us. Look at JJ and Will, the have Henry, they are married and JJ is away just as much as I am. They are so unbelievably happy. I love you so much and I will love our baby even more. I would do anything for the both of you and I will make sure that I will be the best dad that I can be.” He said, making all my worries and fears vanish and a small smile begin to form.
“I’m sorry.” I said causing him to shake his head no once again as I rested my head on his shoulder.
“Don’t be, I would have acted the same way if I was in your shoes.” He said rubbing my back softly.
“How did I get so lucky?” I said resting one of my hands on the nape of his neck, causing him to look down at me.
“I ask myself that same question every day. I love you, (Y/N) Reid.” He said as we cuddled on the bed, knowing that we would have to get back to reality sooner than later. He both knew it was going to be hard but we would get threw it, just like we always did.

Wreck Shiro 2k17 Pt 2

Title: Royally Screwed
Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Shiro/OMC for all your bottom-shiro-getting-boned-senseless needs, and with none of the shipping politics
Chapter: 2/3

“What?” Shiro asks, just as the Prince says.
“I would like to have sex with you, if you are interested.”
Shiro freezes. He can’t have heard him right.
Shiro finally finds his voice, and squeaks out a, “What?”
Okay, so maybe he found his voice from when he was nine.
“You want to have sex,” Shiro repeats slowly, “with me? Tonight?”

It’s a 20k+ pwp of Shiro getting boned into oblivion.
Look deep in your heart, you know you want this.


Michael would be so adorable on a first date, he would do everything he could to make it the best date you’d ever been on but you wouldn’t care because you just wanted to spend time with him. But he’d be trying sooo hard to impress you, so he’d dress up all fancy and kiss your hand and shit and you’d find it really odd because he’d try to make really sophisticated conversation. So half way through the really fancy dinner, and him spewing off random facts about the economy that even he didn’t understand, you’d just interrupt him and tell him “seriously Mikey what the fuck are you on about?” and he’d look at you and realise he didn’t need to be someone else for you because you wouldn’t be there if you didn’t like him for him and so he’d just say “balls…ah that feels good to get that off my chest” which would make you laugh because that’s the Michael you know and holy shit I want a first date with this nerd

My mama once warned me about the boys with electrifying blue eyes that could light up any city.

She also warned me about the boys whose grip is so tight it could break a bone in my hand or fingers. She said he wasn’t trying to physically hurt me, he just wants to hold me tight and keep me close.

She warned me about the boys who took me on coffee dates and she warned me about the boys who could make me laugh so hard that I’d pee myself.

She warned me and warned me, and everytime I would look at him all I would see is what my mama warned me about; and I see it now, I see why she warned me about boys like him.

“Don’t get hurt.” mama said
“Why would I get hurt, mama? He loves me very much.” I asked
“Love hurts.” mama said

My bones were platinum,
my skin steel,
and my veins like titanium –
but he,
oh he had a heart of pure gold.

I tried so hard not to obsess over words like shatter
and the notion of something as this boy breaking in pieces.
But obsession is a blaze of fire –
and even metal bends for its spark.

His golden fingers clawed open my mind,
and my skull cracked open at the seams for them.
I bled for him,
but my blood was silver.
Still I treasured the metallic taste,
thinking perhaps one day, my heart would beat golden too.

—  Gold and silver, his heart and mine  |  j.k.

So in an interview Karl said he would have liked to see Bones struggle with using a phaser as he has always been a man of healing, and how it would be hard for him to harm other beings. While it didn’t really make it into the movie I think this gives fanfic writers some fuel at least. Hopefully we may see something like that in the next film!

Ok so I feel like before you wanted to make love to Luke you would make out and stuff but after you would start taking off his clothes and he would always still be hesitant of his body when you took off clothing. BUt you would slowly shake your head and kiss him sweetly on the lips and after saying “I love your lips”. Then you would move down to his Adam’s apple “oh and I love this”. Then down to his collarbones “so beautiful”. To his arms, hands, chest, tummy, hip bones, legs, face and all he would do is just shift around with his heart pounding (and getting slightly hard) because god, you loved him so much and he loves you and he’s so great fun for you. And when you reach back up to his ears as he swallows, you whisper “and I will always love your dick”. And idk man but I feel like he would cum in like multiple seconds of you making love to him because there was so much love.