i would be your moffat

the whole ‘phone call from the past, i’m gonna make you stay’ honestly felt like a cheap trick. because… how is making clara stay, by telling that your future self needs her, any good? her trust needed to be EARNED, not forced with emotional manipulation. she was abandoned by the same man approximately 20 minutes before that and almost died on her own. 

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I think you've mentioned how DW is becoming WAY more Doctor centric and how we've lost the companion POV. I thought that this would help illustrate your point. In NewWho, Pre-Moffat, there were two episodes with 'Doctor' in the title (S1E10: The Doctor Dances [written by Moffat] and S4E06: The Doctor's Daughter) and after there's S5E10: Vincent and the Doctor, S6E04: The Doctor's Wife, S7E13: The Name of the Doctor, The Day of the Doctor and The Time of the Doctor. Thought you may be interested.

It’s funny because it’s more than that, it may look like a coincidence but Moffat now has:

  1. the Oldest doctor
  2. the youngest doctor
  3. the doctors first on screen wife
  4. the longest running companion (clara “saving” the doctor repeatedly)

Im sure there’s more (i just woke up) But this are just off the top of my head.


It’s less about the companion, more about the doctor but less about the doctor, and more about Moffat. if you look at most of Moffat’s twitter quotes (you know the ones insulting females or a sexual orientation) most of those quotes can usually be found in Doctor Who or Sherlock, either in the narrative or in actual quotes. 

There’s more and more Moffat inserts, he is trying to mold the Doctor off himself. Yes i’ve been a bit guilty about that when i write fanfiction yes it causes some people to get mad but most of them have the chance to read other stories but the fact is I’m not a professional, it’s not ruining 50 year series. while we only have that one Doctor Who.