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kixboxer: “this is the one thing he’s trained himself for his entire life” brb screaming at the thought of yuuri doing a thesis on viktor and his reader being like “……..has anyone ever told you-” and yuuri being like “yes”

I MEAN.  now all i want is a fic where yuuri is the world’s best Victor Nikiforov historian, but he also runs one of those “dead people i would fuck” tumblrs.  by day he has contributed so much to the field of Winter Sports Of The Late Nineteenth- And Early Twentieth Century, and has written the one comprehensive, incredibly engaging biography of 1924 Winter Olympics Mens Figure Skating Gold Medalist Victor Nikiforov.  by night he runs and curates popular blog yeahidfuckvictornikiforov, which is just a bunch of black and white photos of victor with a dozen eggplant emojis underneath.  of course, this all takes a turn for the strange when yuuri travels to st. moritz, the site of the 1928 winter olympics, and victor nikiforov’s mysterious, unsolved murder, and finds himself transported back in time.  caN YUURI SAVE VICTOR, THE DEAD ATHLETE HE HAS BEEN CRANKIN OUT ORGASMS TO BLACK AND WHITE PORTRAITS OF SINCE HE WAS A TEENAGER??? 

queerwitchyvegan: listen I never asked for porn that makes me cry yet here I am and I just want to know why you had to do this to me

because i cry too much about victor nikiforov, and i want other people to cry with me so i feel better about myself.

BTS Reaction T o Their s/o Being a Famous Olympic Figure Skater

I love your writing so much. You’re honestly my favourite blog! :) I was wondering if you could do a bts reaction to their s/o being a famous olympic figure skater? please?? thank you!!<3

Aww thank you so much! I’m so happy that you really like my blog!!!!!!

Requested by anon *gifs are not mine*

JIn: Proud af. His heart would swell up with pride knowing that he’s dating one of the best figure skaters in the country. He would try to attend every single one of your competitions and show support. 

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Yoongi: Amazed at how well you skate and how much you take it seriously. He’d constantly praise you on your skating, being all extra. When he’d attend your competitions, he’d be in the crowd telling whoever was sitting next to him, that you guys were dating, even if they didn’t care.

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Hoseok: Excited every time he heard, saw, your name in the news or radio. He’d want everyone to know how amazing you were, so he’d post videos of you practicing your spins and jumps, wowing every time you landed them. Endless praise as well.

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Namjoon: He’d be doing the most. He’s good at skating so he’d want to be able to skate with you and he’d pretend he was just as good as you. He would also be happy to hear you all over the news, getting praised. He’d be salty when people would criticize your skating because he believes there is no flaw in your skating. 

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Jimin: He’d be in awe with how you moved in skates and without them. He’d sit on the floor whenever you had to practice a routine before executing them on ice. He’d volunteer to help you practice whenever you had to partner up with someone. Recording you every time he was invited to watch you practice. He would compliment you all the time, leaving you no time to interrupt him and reject the compliments.

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Taehyung: Hyped. He’d be more excited than you whenever you had a competition. He too would post videos of you skating by yourself for fun, or when you were practicing. Flowers will be sent to you whenever he couldn’t make a performance/competition of yours. He’d call you before you even started the competition to let you know that you were amazing no matter what number you placed in because you’re amazing.

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Jungkook: Hyped AF! Best believe this boy will be hyping you up and getting everyone to cheer you on. He’d show so much respect to you because of how hard you work to perfect every move. He’d also compliment you and sometimes he’d just stare at you with a smile on his face. Wow is the only thing he’d be able to think whenever he saw you on the ice. The gracefulness and precision you showed in each and every move.

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Night Terrors
Guang Hong Ji and Leo de la Iglesia
Night Terrors

Here’s the Night Terrors audio, as requested by an anon. Guys, I know that you get excited when you request something, but this honestly felt like a chore after Leo and I said we would do this and then we got asked another three times when it was coming out. 

We have our own plot the blog follows and sometimes things crop up, but we have a list and requests are always at the top. A lot of work goes into making these scripts the best we can make them. Just please have faith in us when we say we’re going to do something. I really hope you guys enjoy this one. The acting was challenging for me to do. 

Contains: A panic attack, mentions of what happened to GH, kissing noises, medicinal drug use (marijuana), @leodelaiglesia-skates, giggling and cuteness, hurt/comfort 

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Hi! How about the diaboys having a s/o who is into ballet or figure skating? I love your blog btw ( > ◡ < )

*whispers* blog-chan loves you too ( ॣ•͈૦•͈ ॣ)

I took this as the s/o is a ballerina and/or figure skater

Shu: He enjoys it very much. Watching you skate or perform is relaxing because it requires no effort from him at all, he can just kick back and enjoy the show. And at the same time he gets to see you twist and twirl your body around for his enjoyment.

Reiji: The best part for him would be practicing with you, spending hours and hours dancing and skating in circles with just him. He loves to watch you prance about gracefully on stage and then later brag about how well you performed.

Laito: Laito of course would love this, he always loves a good show. He is a lover of the arts and want to record all of your performances to watch later. Laito would tease you about how your skill with skating and ballet means that you are especially good in bed. 

Kanato: At first, he wouldn’t know what to think about this because he’s never had any interest in that type of thing. But when he goes to see you perform, it would blow him away to the point where he’s crying and hugging you. Afterwards, he would demand you perform for him every day.

Ayato: When you tell him about this, Ayato would make you perform for him immediately; he wants to see his Chichinashi move her body for him. He would brag about how talented you are like Reiji and you’d come home one day to find that he bought a bunch of revealing outfits for you to wear (Laito, Kou, and Shu would do this too).

Subaru: When he sees you perform, there would be a million feelings swirling around in him about how talented and beautiful you were. He wouldn’t be able to shake away the feeling that he’s not good enough for you and become really sad after watching. You’d have to reassure him that he is good enough and that you love him more than anything in the world. 

Ruki: This would be very impressive to him and when you’re alone, he would casually praise you for your performance. Even though outwardly he tries not to look like it’s a big deal, it’s actually the opposite.

Kou: It would be shocking to see that his M Neko-chan is really skilled at ballet and figure skating, this side of you is surprising. Kou would have dancing sessions with you ever since and want you to perform on stage with him. He’d develop an interest in ballet and skating as well; you two would always perform as a duo. Kou loves seeing you prance around in a tutu especially.

Yuma: He’s confused by what is so interesting about frolicking around in some skimpy outfit to music. He says it’s like Kou and his work as an idol. He doesn’t think it’s that bad though, he actually enjoys watching you dance for him. Yuma smirks at how your body looks great on when you leap around on stage. 

Azusa: He’s entranced by your movements and grace with dancing and skating about. You would drown in all his sweet comments and after performing, he’d pull you into a hug telling you how much he loves you. Azusa is big fanatic of the arts and things that involve pushing the body’s limits so watching ballet and figure skating is engaging.

Carla: Carla has a hard time expressing his emotions, but is very happy with your show behind the concealing scarf. He subtly appreciates the performances and gives some words of praise as a reward. Since you have some experience in ballet and figure skating, he gives you lessons on other types of dance like ballroom.

Shin: Shin would think it’s silly to be interested in something like ballet or figure skating because he thinks it’s boring. He learns more about it through you and ends up going to all your recitals and shows excitedly cheering for you; he’d be your biggest fan.


“Can you please do a fake Instagram post where Nate is dating a half Filipino girl? If you could use pics of Jasmine Villegas (also known as Jasmine V) that would be awesome. She’s half Filipino and half Mexican. She’s also a really goo r&b singer”

I loved this one and I lowkey think they would look so cute together if she weren’t in a relationship😝😻

I hope you like it☺️😋

Ask box is open all the time so please just put some requests in and I’ll do my best to get them done😜

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How do you think Lucio/Zarya/76 would react to finding out their s/o used to be a professional figure skater before joining overwatch? (by finding out i mean like walking in on them practicing somewhere) (also i love this blog its so cute!!! rip: me)

Very surprised, they didnt seem like the person to figure skate
He tries his best to join in on the figure skating but falls flat on his ass

They’re a figure skater? Great! Zarya’s part time figure skater part time “punch me in the face please”
she always wins competitions

He’d be very confused and maybe try to join in on stretching and that stuff but there’s no way he’s getting on ice
He’s also too old to stretch
old man needs a nap



this contains triggering events, so read at your own risk: .

“Listen, I can’t be with you anymore. I don’t love you anymore, and I don’t need you in my life. Goodbye Y/n.” Hayes walked away leaving me in the rain.
Rain and tears raced down my face as I stood there. The love of my life doesn’t need me anymore, now I’m broken and shattered.
It’s been 2 years since I was dumped. I fell into depression, and he never realized it. My life was slowly falling apart in front of my very eyes. Everyone would try to cheer me up, nothing worked. He was the missing piece of my broken heart, but he wouldn’t come back to me. I left school and did online school. My entire life now consisted of eat, blog, music, skate, sleep, repeat. Everyone thought we were immature at thirteen but that’s the thing, we weren’t. Society was fucked up.
I dragged the silver blade across my skin. This blade was my best friend now.
“y/n?” I heard a voice say.
“It’s Cameron, Cameron Dallas. You’re bestie!” He knocked on the door.
I got out of the bathtub and fumbled with the blade. I tossed it into the drawer and grabbed a towel. The door slowly opened, and Cameron and Nash stood on the other side.
“What happened?” Nash asked.
He raised an eyebrow and yanked at the towel.
“No! Stop!” I yelled.
I grabbed the towel but it was too late. There mouths were open as they stared at the cuts.
“Why would you?” Cameron asked quietly.
“Society. My life. It’s crashing and burning and it’s broken! I’m broken if you haven’t realized. If you haven’t noticed, I’m like the joker. I have a smile drawn across my face to disguise my true, hideous self.” I cried.
“Where else? Is your wrist it?” Nash croaked.
I took off my shirt and pants, and let them see my body. My thighs, hips, stomach, scratch marks across my neck and shoulder blades. Rubber band marks up and down my ankles and wrists. Nash grabbed my sweatshirt and jeans and handed them to me.
“He meant a lot to you didn’t he?” Cameron pouted.
I nodded my head and looked at my reflection. All I saw was a monster with a red face and scars along her body from the people who hurt her.
“Let’s go.” Nash held my hand and led me to his car.
“Where are we going?” I managed to whisper.
“Hayes!” Nash yelled.
He threw the door open to the house, and I saw Hayes with a blond girl.
“Y/n?He managed to say.
Cameron held my hand and brought me closer to Hayes.
“Is this, that girl? I understand why you left her.” The blond bimbo rolled her eyes.
Nash grabbed her and literally threw her out of the house.
“Look at what you did to her!” Cameron shouted.
His shouts echoed off the walls of the empty, silent house.
“Y/n did I do this to you?” Hayes grabbed my hand, but I pulled away quickly.
“I asked you a question!” Hayes shouted and pushed me backwards.
I stumbled backwards and hit the wall. My head collided against the wall before I fell down. The pain felt like knives, but I could care less. All I could see were white, blurry, fuzzy, figures across the room. There was shouting, but I couldn’t hear anything.
“Y/n stay with me!” I heard voices say, but it was too late.

Thursday Things

This morning, I coughed so hard that I cried. It’s really not that bad (whatever virus I have, that is), all of the crud just settles into my throat/chest when I sleep, and it takes a little while to work itself out. I’m also just incredibly slow to heal, so things that affect healthy people for 1-2 days usually affect me for 5-7. Asthma puts me in a high-risk category – flare-ups tend to greatly weaken my immune system and keep me sick longer, and getting sick causes flare-ups. Such a beautiful catch-22, right? And really, it’s not the cough that bothers me so much as my general inability to breathe or do anything even remotely physical. My inhaler is +/- my best friend right now. (Sorry, Danielle.)

Every time I put my earbuds in, I automatically flip my tragus piercing up. I just noticed that I do this. Huh.

Bless the poor soul over in the UK that is slowly working their way through my entire blog archive. Things were weird back in 2012, eh? (Just wait for 2011, friend. That was a special time.)

The Mormon wants to go ice skating. For once, his suggestion sounds rather nice instead of horrible/terrifying.

I made mac and cheese last night, just like I said I would. (Pinky promise to make biscuits and chocolate gravy sometime soon, Justin. You’re invited when I do.) Everyone knows that a box is actually single-serving (obvi), but I could only eat one "real" serving. Pathetic showing, I know.

New York in 19 days. I haven’t been home for Christmas in three years, and I haven’t had Christmas with all of my siblings since… 2009? I also haven’t taken more than two consecutive days of vacation since I moved to Utah. To say I’m excited is an understatement.

I have planned social engagements today through Sunday. Help.