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To Propose

This is my impromptu thank you for reaching 1500 followers! Thank you so much my darlings- I love all of you and appreciate all of you- I am always happy to have a chat to you and get to know you, I LOVE MAKING FRIENDS!

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How would the RFA + V + Saeran propose? 

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Bliss | Jimin, You

I am currently watching Yuri on Ice. And this is what came out of it

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Nothing else has ever made my heart beat before you came along

Jimin took in a deep breath before opening his eyes to the flashing lights and the loud cheers, but most of all, the music he was all too familiar with.

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mino; this time round

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“Will you just let me take care of this mess?”

Streetracer! Mino

scenario of 1.8k words, angst/fluff

The sound of tableware clinked through the empty apartment as she packed away dinner that should have been gone since hours ago. The only thing that her eyes were occupied with was the clock that hung almost dauntingly across the room.

It had been five hours and Minho should be here by now.

Thunder rumbled in the distance and she caught the rain spattering against the windows outside. She was past being angry at this point but rather, worried sick because it was way past midnight and there was no sign of him still. Countless places that he knew of crossed her mind, mentally ticking them off as she found a reasonable excuse as to why he wouldn’t be there at this time of night. One place in particular stuck to her yet she dismissed the thought as quick as it came. You wouldn’t dare, Song Minho. It’s raining for god’s sake.

There was a bitter possibility that Minho had broken the promise he made. An empty promise that slipped his tongue to not scare the living hell out of her, the way he would when he raced street after street. Her heart sank knowing that he could be out there right now in god knows in what condition. A huge fight exploded between the two of them the last time it happened when Minho barely arrived home and she had to do a double take. Minho was unrecognizable and if it weren’t for how badly he’d been hurt, she would have slapped the smug smile off his face when he rasped out “But I won, babe. I won.”

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Joker Imagine - Project 6277 PART 2

Your P.O.V.

An awful headache made me groan in pain. My eyes stung and even tho my room wasn’t so bright, it was awful. The natural light coming from the window was enough to make me feel worse. So I sat up and felt my head spinning. What the fuck happened?

I was still in my working clothes and I felt my lipstick all over my face. So  I stood up and tried to ignore the hangover. As I walked to the window and pulled the white curtains in front of them, I remembered something. I was in Joker’s private room. My heart skipped a beat and I nearly threw up. I felt so sick from the alcohol, especially now that I had been sober for months. Joker and I drank a little too much and I was making out with him.

“How the hell” I whispered under my breath and felt a little scared. I could somehow remember him saying ‘we’ll meet later’.  How could I be so stupid and drink that much? Why the fuck did he take me to that luxurious room? I was kind of annoyed that I had started kissing him. Joker wasn’t just a man. He was dangerous, insane and a criminal. Oh and my boss! Tears stung my eyes that were hurt from the lights. I had a plan. I’d take medicines and a nice bath.

So I walked out of my small bedroom and walked to the kitchen. I had a small apartment in Gotham. It had a small bedroom, a bathroom, a living room, a kitchen, a toilet and a balcony.The walls were white in every room, but the bathroom had tiles. Also the floor was mostly dark brown. Once again the only difference was in the bathroom that had a red tile floor. My bedroom had three white walls, but one of them was greyish blue. I groaned in pain as I grabbed my box of painkillers. They were 800mg strong. I grabbed one white pill and then filled my glass with cold water. Then I put the disgusting tasting pill in my mouth and took it down with water.

What a hangover. How the fuck could Daniel even survive this all the time? I hated him, but dealing with these hangovers was impressive. He deserved the pain tho.

I took off my clothes and then left them on the floor. I would clean the apartment later. Soon I was naked and I put my red underwear in the laundry. I yawned tiredly and then let warm water fill the bathtub. The apartment was nice and the bathtub made it even better. I loved taking baths. As the tub started to fill, I grabbed a purple bath bomb. It smelled like blueberries and besides I deserved to relax. My heart was still beating kinda hard and I was a little tense. What if Joker knew where I lived? How did I even get home? I couldn’t remember anything at all. When did I come home?

                                                         After a nice warm bath I felt way better. I was draped in my white towels as I sat in front of my mirror with my makeup bag on my lap. I didn’t use much makeup, but I wanted to do my eyebrows, fix my dark circles and then add a little mascara and eyeliner. My laptop was on the nightstand and I was listening to music. It was a grey day outside which wasn’t surprising at all since this was Gotham city. Right now a song called 'Pumped Up Kicks’ was playing and I hummed along as I finished my eyeliner. All I had to do was put on a layer or two of mascara. I groaned as I noticed that the bottle was nearly empty.

Just as the song ended, I was done with my makeup. It didn’t look bad, but it wasn’t super amazing either. Just casual, just like me. I sighed and put the makeup back into the bag. Then I put the bag on my nightstand with the mirror. I got up and put the white towel at the edge of my bed to dry, with the other one wrapped around my hair. Then I opened my drawer and decided to get dressed. I put on a black bra and black undies. They weren’t the same set, but as long as the colour matched, no one would ever care. It was autumn so I didn’t want to freeze outside. I grabbed black jeans and a white button up shirt with black pumpkin print on it. I matched it with orange socks and a dash of my favourite perfume.

My hair was still a little wet as I took the towel off. I was just about to go and blow dry it, but the doorbell rang. I sighed and thoughtlessly walked to the door. Without even looking at the peek hole, I opened up to see a complete stranger. At first I couldn’t see anything wrong with him since he was looking to his side, but then he turned his head to look at me. My eyes widened as I saw that the other half of his face was covered in burn marks. I had no idea who he was so I tried to act like I didn’t see it.

“Hi” I broke the silence and was ready to lock the door if he’d try anything. Our eyes met and I saw that his were brown.The man was wearing a business suit and he had dark brown hair. “Hello. May I come inside?” He asked me with no emotion in his voice. “I’m sorry. I’m kind of in the middle of something. Who are you?” I questioned him nervously and tried to keep my chill. He didn’t seem pleased with my answer. “Just call me Harvey Dent” He smiled a little. I just nodded and kept the door nearly shut. “I was just curious. Are you the girl seen with Joker last night?” He suddenly asked me. I felt a blush on my cheeks and I grew a little nervous. “N-No. You’re asking the wrong person” I muttered and tried to sound as reliable as possible. Harvey tilted his head a little bit and examined my face closely.

“Oh I’m sorry. There must be a misunderstanding. Bye” He mumbled mysteriously and walked off. I made sure he entered the elevator in the red and white hall until I shut the door. The second my door locked, I let out a long breath. Jesus. My knees were a little weak and I felt small. It had only been a couple hours and apparently people had talked about me and Joker already. What the fuck is wrong with Gotham?

I groaned and then got angry. Why the hell did I get myself drunk? This was my fault. Also Joker’s but he didn’t force me to drink. “Fuck” I hissed under my breath and stared at my blue flannel that was on the floor. I had work tonight and I had to go to the club in just a four hours. I had slept until 2 p.m. and I would have to be there at 7 p.m. or else I couldn’t get everything ready for a new night of fun for strangers. We had to clean, make sure the DJ had all his tracks, get everything dangerous like broken glass out of the way and get updated on the day’s special drinks.

Joker could be there tonight. He owned the club and he was damn proud of it. Mostly he was on duty doing some criminal shit, but he often came there. I rarely saw him, but that’s probably since he was in his VIP area. I couldn’t help but to get nervous. What did he want from me? Just as I was about to overthink, my phone buzzed twice, letting me know I had received a message. I sighed and grabbed it from the floor. It was from my co-worker, a dancer called Tiffany. She was gorgeous. She had brown long hair and piercing green eyes. She was honestly smoking hot, but a little bitchy. She thought she could treat me differently because I wasn’t a dancer, but a bartender.

“Omg did you sleep with our boss? People are talking about it Y/N. Wtf” She had texted me. I stared at her message for a good minute until I waned to smash the screen. I replied with simply a no. Then I shut the phone and ran my hand through my wet hair. How did this happen again? Why me? I’m the most average casual person in entire Gotham. Joker could’ve got company from his dancers instead. They would have loved to rub their bodies onto him and get all hot and steamy. They’re  horny at work, but it’s probably normal. The girls were a little strange, but it was okay. After all most of them were good people who got really hyped by music and money.

My eyes looked across the living room. I had a black couch and a white coffee table. Then I had a couple plants that were dying because I always forgot to water them. In the corner I had a tv that I barely used since I was always out or working. Now I felt like locking myself in my home for weeks. I had made out with my fucking boss and now a creepy man had asked me about it behind my door. Why would he care anyway? I had never seen him and neither had he seen me. It was none of his bloody business.

My stomach rumbled and I realized that I was a little hungry. So I walked to the kitchen and opened my fridge. It was quite empty for a change. Then I looked into my cabinet and saw some ramen noodles. I grabbed my favourite and then ripped the package open, pouring the noodles into a bowl. I put water into a kettle and then let it boil. As I waited for it to boil, I noticed a letter on my kitchen island. It was small, but big enough for preparing food or eating around it with a few people. I had a table on the balcony too that I took inside when it got colder.

Curiosity took over me and I grabbed the letter. My heart almost skipped a beat as I saw three letters scribbles on it. 'Mr. J’ was written on the white letter in cursive letters. My knees went weak, but I forced myself to unfold the letter and look at the message..

Hello dollface,

I thought I'l leave you this so you would know what to do at work tonight.

Instead of going to check things and making sure everything’s neat, come to my office. One of my henchmen will show you the way. I have a surprise for you. I’m sure you’ll like it just as much as I do.

                - Mr. J

My eyes were open wide now. I stared at the letter in shock and I had to re read it to be sure I could believe me eyes. What on earth did the clown prince of crime himself want from a normal woman like me?


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romanced companions react to finding tons of holo-logs and tapes of soles filled with them and there lives together. about how much they loved every inch of who they where as they up-dated it everyday up to the vary end.(sole dying of old age) the last tape being a thank you for everything they have done for them. and how they should never forget how much they truly meant to them. love lives beyond the dead<3

Cait:  Cait felt tears brimming on her eyelids when she found the old cardboard box in the attic of their house.  She’d taken Sole’s old Pip-Boy and worn it proudly after their death.  There were holotapes of Sole’s favourite songs, some from the Pre-War days with her and Nate, but one caught Cait’s eye; it had her name on it.  She slid it into the slot and a tear rolled down her cheek when Sole’s voice came through the speaker.

   Cait… you know what?  That was a crappy beginning, let me start over.  My sweet, alcoholic, cage-fighter, I love you.  Nah, that was too sappy… eh, I’ll roll with it.  Anyway, you were the best thing to ever happen to me, I want you to know that.  There were some days where you felt awful and worthless, but I was lucky to have you.  You’re funny and brave and I couldn’t ask for anyone else.  I wouldn’t ask for anyone else.  Never forget how much I loved and appreciated you, my darling.  Tá tú go h-álainn… is that right?  ‘You are beautiful’?  Without you I would have gone crazy, so thank you.  You owe me a drink when you get to heaven.  Don’t think I’ll forget.

   Cait wiped her cheeks and ran a hand through her grey hair, she pulled out some more of the holotapes and popped them into the Pip-Boy, remembering the adventures they had.  

Curie:  Curie knew that Sole would die one day, she knew that she would die one day as well, but unfortunately she’d outlived her lover.  Sole had mentioned something about a box underneath their porch before they died.  She now sat on her couch with a wooden box that had a tarnished silver lock.  Curie had picked the lock and held a handful of holotapes in her arms.  She picked up the Pip-Boy beside her and put one in.

Bonjour, mon cherie!  That's… That’s as far as my French goes… That and au revoir.  I recorded these as a birthday present because after you got your synth body, that seemed like a pretty good birth date.  Besides, you needed one anyway, it would just be sad if you didn’t.  I want you to know that you’re beautiful and I love you so much, you’re kind and helpful and smart.  Without you, many patients would have died, you saved so many lives.  I don’t have much time left, and I’m sure you know that, but know that I always loved you.  Thank you for being there… Adieu, mon amour.  That’s the extent of my French.

Curie giggled, clutching the holotape to her chest, she recollected a memory of Sole bringing her to the ocean and feigning surprise when they “discovered” a picnic basket with two beach chairs.  That was Curie’s favourite memory of the pair.  

Danse:  Danse tried to push through leaving the Brotherhood, he’d been betrayed by the people he’d put all his trust in.  That hurt.  But it hurt much, much more when Sole died, they hadn’t been killed in battle, old age had been the culprit.  Danse had been going through some of their belongings in order to stabilize himself, to remind himself that they weren’t totally gone.  A part of Sole would always remain.  He found a holotape a few days  ago but he wasn’t sure what was on it.  Now seemed like a good time to figure it out.  

Danse!  Hey!  That tickles!  Hahaha, stop it!  

There was a lengthy pause in the tape, then Sole’s voice returned.  

Well, now that you’re asleep, I want to record some of these things for you when I’m gone.  For future-you.  Like, forty-five years in the future you.  Even though I didn’t really approve of the Brotherhood, it made you happy, so I went with it.  I’m not here to rant though, no matter what the Brotherhood, Maxson, or anyone else thought about you, my love never wavered.  You are the kindest, sweetest, most loving man I have ever known and I adore you.  Ad Victoriam, Danse.

Deacon:  Deacon sat alone in the Railroad HQ, he was one of the handful of people who remembered Sole.  He had always had a box of their holotapes, but he’d never had the courage to listen to them.  He and Sole had fought, but isn’t that what most couples do?  Hed said some nasty things to them, some things he thought they’d never forgive him for, but they always did.  They were the one that always apologized to him.  Before he knew what he’d done, Soles voice poured out of the speakers.

Deacon, I’m sorry.  I just want to get that out there, I’m sorry for the things I said, I’m sorry for the pointless fights, I’m sorry for leaving for days on end sometimes, I’m just sorry.  You know what I’m not sorry about?  Falling in love with you, it sounds stupid, I know, but you’re a good man, Deacon.  Not perfect, but who is?  You were there for me when I needed it, you stayed awake with me on my sleepless nights, and you loved me regardless of whatever I did and I thank you.  For everything.  There were things about you that you didn’t want to disclose and I respected that, but the one thing I hated was the lying.  There were times when I knew you were blatantly lying to me and it infuriates me like nothing else.  I never understood why you didn’t trust me enough to tell the truth.  Dammit.  This isn’t how I wanted this to go.  Scratch everything I just said, my point is, in all of your flaws, I truly loved you.  Eternally.  Goddammit I’m screwing everything up.  

The tape ended and Deacon scrambled for another one.  

Hahaha, Deacon!  Give my sandwich back!  

This is the time they’d gone on a picnic near Nordhagen Beach.  

Not until I get a kiss!  

Hmm, is my sandwich worth it, I wonder?

Who wouldn’t want someone so dashing?

Deacon smiled when he remembered how Sole kissed him that day, slowly and passionately.  They’d pushed him back until they were on top of him and kissed a line down his collarbone before snatching the sandwich out of his hands.

Hey, that’s cheating!

All you asked for was a kiss.

Fine, you win.

I love you, Deacon.

I love you too, darling.

Deacon let the tears roll down his cheeks when he heard Sole say those three words.  They truly meant it and he loved them equally as much.  

Hancock:  After Sole died, Hancock didn’t know what he was supposed to do.  He dragged himself back to Goodneighbor and got as high as possible.  He spotted Sole’s old coat, it was like Nicky’s trench, but navy blue.  Inside one of the pockets was a holotape, he got out Sole’s ancient Pip-Boy just to hear what it said.

Hey, Hancock.  I’m walking back to Goodneighbor and I got bored so I decided to record this for you.  First of all, three things:  I love you, I think Jet saved my life twice today, and I’ve got a present for you.  I’ll give you a hint, it’s gold.  It’s not diamond encrusted chems if that’s what you thought.  

Hancock twisted the gold wedding band on his ring finger.  

I mean, obviously you’ll hear this after I ask you, but I thought it would be nice to get my mind off of the fact that I had to kill nine super mutants earlier this morning.  I brought wine, do you know how long it took me to find a decent bottle of wine?  A month.  You’d better appreciate it.  Anyway, I’m runnin’ out of space on this one, I’ll see you soon, love.

Hancock smiled a sad smile and went to lie down in his bed, he draped Sole’s overcoat around his shoulders and breathed in the faint scent that lingered in the cloth.

MacCready:  MacCready knew he never deserved Sole.  Never.  Not with the things he’d done.  Sole had pressed a holotape to his chest when they’d died, he couldn’t find their Pip-Boy though.  Sturges had fixed up one of the radios in Sole’s old house for him and he’d inserted the tape.  

Robert Joseph MacCready.  I can’t wait for you to get back, where did you and Hancock even go?  You said it was a “secret mission”, what does that even mean?  I plan to bombard you with both questions and hugs when you return and if you won’t tell me, I’ll bribe Hancock with chems.  Hehehe, manical laughter makes it sound more menacing.  Do you know what I found today?  A copy of The Phantom Tollbooth in the Boston Library, only a few of the pages are torn, but it’s still readable.  I think you’d like it.  Maybe we can read it when you come home, okay?  I love you, see you soon.

MacCready still had that copy on the shelf in his room.

Nick:  Nick felt awful.  Sole was gone and now Ellie couldn’t even get out of bed.  Nick went to see her everyday, she didn’t have anyone else besides the synth detective.  He was walking to visit her now, in fact.  He hated seeing her like this, he couldn’t imagine what it was like for her since he would never grow old.  The deterioration of Sole was incredibly painful to watch, they once said that shooting themselves would be better than being stuck in a bed all day, though the only reason they hadn’t done it yet was because of Nick.  

   “Nick?”  Ellie’s voice penetrated his thoughts.  

   “I’m here.”

   “Sole left this for you, she/he said to give it to you today.”  

   There was a radio in Ellie’s room and Nick slid the holotape in.

   I love my baby, she makes me oh so blue, I love my baby, she makes me oh so blue.  She keeps me so worried, that I call her U 92!  She’s got a high potential and a low resistance point.  She’s got a high potential and a low resistance point.  I have to be so careful, that gal might blow up the joint!  C’mon, Nicky!  Dance with me!  

   All right, just this one song.  

   Nick remembered this like it was yesterday, he and Sole did a classic swing dance to this song.  Sole knew all of the lyrics and sang along with Amos Milburn.  

   She’s my atomic baby, yeah, she’s my atomic baby.  She’s my atomic baby and I have to handle her with care.  They can build them small, they can build them large.  But they can’t build a motor that will stand a charge.  With my atomic baby, she’s my atomic baby.  She’s my atomic baby and I have to handle her with care.  Yeah, she’s a little bitty mama who needs a whole lot of room.  She’s a little bitty mama that needs a whole lot of room.  She can ignite your rockets and lead you onto the moon.

   Nick had stopped the dance by leaning Sole into a dip and kissing them in the lips.

I love you, Sole.

I love you too, Nicky.  

Ellie clapped and Nick tipped his hat, he slipped the holotape into his pocket and kissed Ellie’s forehead.  

“I’m going to head out, but I’ll bring back lunch tomorrow, how’s that sound?”

“I’ll see you later, Nick.”

Piper:  Piper sat staring at her typewriter, she was supposed to write an obituary for Sole.  She looked around her house for a distraction, a holotape caught her eye.

Hey, Piper.  I know you were having a rough day today, and I thought I’d make something to cheer you up.  Today’s date is May 24, 2080 and rainy for your weather report.  I’ve got a little something planned for when you come home, it involves candles… damn… the power just went out… all right, it involves the dark because I’m lighting the candles now, but we’ll make it work.  I appreciate everything you do for me and I love you eternally.  I shall now recite the most beautiful of ballads, *sounds of Sole clearing their throat dramatically*  You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.  You make me happy when skies are grey.  You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you, please don’t take my sunshine away.  *Sole clapping*  Yes, thank you.  I’m quite the virtuoso.  Well, darling, I eagerly await your return.  In the bloody dark.  

The tape clicked off and Piper had uncontrollable giggling at Sole’s “ballad”, they sang it in the most ridiculous tone.  She decided to take a break for the night and went to lie down.  

Preston:  Preston sat alone in the Castle, listening to the endless violin stream echoing from the broadcast.  He was running the trading shop in the north wall, it had been slow business today, but that was typical on a gloomy day like today.  


“Yes, cadet?”

“I found this, it has your name on it.”

The boy set a holotape on the table in front of him and left.  

Preston, it’s our anniversary in a few days and I hope this is an adequate present, it’s not extravagant or anything, but you can replay it as many times as you so choose.  I love you and couldn’t ask for a better partner in my life.  I just hope that you continue to feel the same way about me.  Do you know what I found today?  A rose.  I found a bloody rose, Preston.  That means I can plant things there, real flowers.  I picked it for you and it’s sitting on my windowsill.  I hope you like it.  See you soon.  

“Of course I feel the same way, darling.  I still love you.  Always.”

X6-88:  X6 sat at Sole’s grave, turning the holotape over and over in his hands before sliding it into their Pip-Boy.

C’mon!  It’ll be fun!  

I don’t think this is a logical idea, ma’am.

What did I tell you?

I apologize, I will use your name from now on.

You said that the last three times.

X6 distracted the radstag while Sole climbed on, it was surprisingly calm and reacted to their touch.  Sole guided it around the trees and near the river.  

What did I tell you?

You were right, I made an error in my calculations.

Not everything is calculated, X.  You gotta do what feels right.

Riding a radstag felt right?

Indeed, my good sir.

The first thing the radstag did when X6 climbed up on it was buck around and throw him off.  Sole giggled and then realized that he could be seriously hurt, they both laughed it off and had lunch in one of the low trees.  For the first time in a long time, X6 smiled.

It’s been awhile and I apologize for my inactivity, I’m trying to push through the extreme writer’s block, but it’s getting increasingly difficult.  I’ll try to get more reactions done though!

Behind The Mask - Michael Clifford Imagine

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Flaming red hair, soft, pink lips and a complexion as pale as snow, a truly beautiful combination. I was drawn to him. From the moment I saw him, I found myself wanting more of him. The attraction was mutual, for he had been sneaking glances at you all night. Neither of you knew who the other was, it was plain blind attraction. The strangers identity concealed by a small black mask lined with gold trim. 

He was dressed head to toe in black; from his dress shoes to blazer and tie. The only dash of colour came from his hair and his too-pink-to-be-natural lips—a huge contrast against the darkness of his clothing and paleness of his skin.


When I first arrived at the annual pre-Halloween Masquerade Ball, I was lead to my table where I was seated with strangers. What persuaded me to come alone was unknown, I just knew that I had to attend. Call me stupid but I had a feeling tonight was going to be special. Whether the feeling I had was related to the stranger or completely unrelated was unbeknownst to me. The evening would have to play out before I could tell if something was indeed going to happen or I had ate some bad sushi prior to my self-proclaimed fortune telling.

I sat in my seat conversing with a lady in a shimmering red dress and an abnormally high up-do about the decor of the banquet hall. It was dark and elegant, setting the mood for this cool October night. That’s when I saw him. He was walking across the dance floor, weaving in between the dancing couples. His mask covered his eyes, which appeared to be green from what I could see through the material. He seemed to feel my eyes boring into his side, for he turned to meet my gaze. Blushing, I immediately tear away from the stranger. I felt his eyes on me several times throughout the night. I couldn’t find the courage to talk to him, even with my identity hidden, I wasn’t able to put on any sort of facade. It wasn’t until I had a few glasses of wine coursing through my veins that I was able to walk to his table. 

He was deep in conversation with one of his mates whom he seemed to know rather well. It was only until his friend pointed towards me that my presence was acknowledged. “Oh, hello.” He says, his voice and sensual. He had no shame in blatantly raking his eyes up and down his body, meeting my face with a smile. 


“Is there anything I could do for you, miss?” He adds, raising an eyebrow at me.

All of a sudden I found myself flustered and tongue tied, unsure of what to say to the red-headed stranger. “I just wanted to say hi, I suppose.” I force out, my breath hitching as I did so. 

“Well, hi.”

“I’m sorry.” I mumble, quickly dashing away from the man, my ring slipping off my finger and clashing to the floor without my noticing. He picks up the gold ring and fiddles with it, shoving it into his pocket until he gets the opportunity to see her again.

“What was I thinking.” I groan to myself, slamming my head against the dining table.

“Are you alright, dear?” The lady with the high up-do asks, patting my back soothingly. 

“I just made a fool of myself in front of someone.”

“Oh, dear. How is someone supposed to like you if they’ve never seen you at your worst? Making a fool of yourself isn’t the worst thing you could do. You could’ve spilled a glass of wine on him, now that would be embarrassing.”

“I could have done something worse, that is true.”

“Don’t be so hard on yourself. Who knows, your awkwardness could have swept him off of his feet!”

“Or made him terrified for his life.”

“Everything will be alright, darling. Smile, be confident and have another glass of wine.”

“That I can do,  minus the confident part.”


The air chilled my arms, covering the surface of my skin with goosebumps. The aura in the room became too thick as multiple couples began crowding the floor; sharing affectionate pecks as they slow danced with their bodies molding together. Too much love in one room can make one lonely, single person feel rather sick. 

I loved the autumn air; it was fresh and comforting. I walked around the venue, finding the garden and sitting down on one of the benches. The flowers that once bloomed were now dead and wilted, the leaves on the trees were tumbling down in shades of reds and oranges. It was truly magnificent. 

“I thought I would find you here.” A deep voice asks, reminding me of the red-head.

He walks around the bench and sits down beside me. “I went to your table but you weren’t there so I figured you’d be out here.”

“What made you assume I would be here?”

“You seem like the type of person who would want to be alone, to clear their head. You don’t strike me as the person who would chat with everyone.”

“You don’t even know me.”

“I know. I had a hunch.” He smiles.

“Were you looking for me?”

“Indeed I was,” He reaches into the pocket of his blazer and pulls out a tiny gold ring eliciting a gasp to fall from my lips. “You dropped this earlier. I wanted to return it, but I didn’t want to do it right away. I wanted it to be romantic, like Cinderella.”

“Did you have to scour the nation to find me?”

“I fought trolls and knights to reach you my princess.” He jokes, getting down onto the floor, propping himself up onto one knee.

“My fair lady, would you do me the honor of dancing with me?” He lifts the ring towards me and holds it up. 

“I do. Or is it I would. Either way, my answer is yes.” I giggle, allowing him to slide the ring on my finger. 

He extends his hand out to me, “Shall we?”

“We shall.” I take his hand willingly and we walk back into the banquet hall. 

He leads me to the middle of the dance floor, pushing through the couples. He places his hands onto my waist and my hands rest on his shoulder blades. We sway along to the random song playing. As the song progresses, our bodies become closer and closer until their is virtually no space between us; our chests pressed tightly against the other. “This is nice.” I whisper.

He nods, smiling once again. “What’s your name, princess?”

“Y/N, and yours, my prince?”

“Michael, Michael Clifford.”

“Well, Michael, would you like to get out of here?”

“What are you implying?”

“I was thinking we could go to a coffee shop,” I begin, noticing his fall fall slightly I smirk. “And maybe after, I could show you my apartment. I got a new bedspread. It’s very soft.”

“Hopefully I’ll get to try it out.”


Multiple people stared at us like we were insane; two people dressed in formal attire with masks to match casually standing on the subway platform, totally normal. We dismissed the strange looks strangers gave us, who cares what others think? 

The train was fairly empty, giving us the leisure of sitting wherever we desired. We ended up fooling around, running up and down the isles, standing on seats, laughing, joking around, having a joyful time all around. It was rare for me to fall for someone I barely knew, let alone someone who’s appearance hadn’t been revealed. His personality drew me in and now I was stuck. Stuck falling for a stranger with red hair and green eyes.


We sat down in the cafe, sipping on coffee and nibbling on cakes, talking about our favourite bands, hobbies, family, we talked about everything under the sun. We had much more in common than I suspected; from our love for Busted to the urge to eat pizza everyday, we might be what others classify as “soul mates”. We were drawn to each other from the start and the attraction only seemed to intensify as we got to know each other. It was bitter-sweet.


I lead him down the street to where my apartment building stood. I lead him up the stairs and I lead him into my bedroom. We sat down on my mattress and he immediately sprawled out on it, his long limbs covering most of the bed’s surface area. “You were right, this is very soft.” He sighs, cuddling into the nearest pillow. I kick off my stilettos and lay with him, allowing him to pull me into his chest.

The room was fairly silent aside from the sputtering of the heating system and the wind blowing against the windows. It was nice, not awkward, but comfortable. “Am I ever going to be graced with the gift of viewing your face in full?” He asks, gesturing to the masks we both still had on.

“I’ll take it off if you do.” I state simply, sitting up in bed.

“I think we have a deal,” He sits up beside me and stares at my mask. “Take off mine and I’ll take off yours?” He suggest and I nod.

Simultaneously, we reach out for the other’s mask, bumping hands along the way, sending us both into a fit of giggles as if we were 14 year olds bumping noses  before they kiss. He carefully brushes my hair from my face, giving him full view of my mask. The mask falls to the bedspread and I’m sure I saw him gasp. “Beautiful.” He sighs, staring fully into my eyes.

“Your turn.” I whisper, reaching around his neck to untie the mask. It falls in suit with mine. His eyes were a deeper green than I imagined, like I was staring directly into an emerald. “Your eyes are so nice.”

“I could say the same for you, Y/N,” It sounded so lovely, the way he said my name. “You’re more beautiful than I thought you’d be.”

“Is that a compliment?”

“That came out wrong, I apologize. I meant to say that you’re far more beautiful than a man could even begin to imagine.”

“Are you usually this sappy?”

“Nah, tonight’s an exception.”

“Good. Too much sap can make a women sick, y'know.”

“I take it you aren’t a romantic?”

“Tonight’s an exception.” I say, mocking him.


“I’m hilarious.”

“Hilarious looking.”

“What a gentleman.”

“I’m the gentlest man you’ll ever meet.”

“Am I still speaking to the same man from earlier?”

“You bet you are! Am I the only one who wants to passionately make out on your very soft bedspread?”

“You’re definitely not alone in that sense.”

“You know what I say to that?”

“I have an idea.”

“Kiss me, and kiss me hard.” He smirks and our lips collide in a fierce and fun embrace. Our tongues melt together when they make contact, moving around in perfect harmony. He bites at my bottom lip before pulling away. “I’m hungry.” He states, staring at me with eager, pleading eyes.

“Pizza?” I suggest.

“I think we’re going to get along smoothly.” He says, already dialing the number for the pizza place.

“I’m not getting up to get it.” He says after he gets off the phone. 

“Lazy ass.”

“The laziest ass you’ll ever meet.”

“Do you wanna play fifa?” I ask and he perks up almost instantly.

“You fucking bet I do! I swear to God, it’s fate that brought us together.”

“Fate, huh?”

“We might as well be soul mates.”


“And that, is how I met your father.” I say, concluding the story to how Michael and I met.

“Prince Michael!” The six year old exclaims, throwing a fist into the air.

“Be sure to call him that when you see him tomorrow morning,” I chuckle, tucking the blanket around my daughter. “Now go to sleep, it’s already past your bedtime.”

“Goodnight, mommy! I love you.”

“I love you too, sweetie.” I press a kiss to her forehead and turn off the light, heading out of the blue coloured bedroom.

“When did you get home?” I ask, noticing Michael sitting on the couch with a beer in hand.

“Around when you told her about Prince Michael,” He chuckles. “C'mere babe.” He says, patting the spot beside him.

“I love you my beloved wife.”

“I love you too my lazy yet hardworking husband.”

“Don’t push it.”

“Go cry about it, Clifford. I could get you a binky if you’d like?”

“Okay, I hate you.”


“And you’re also a Clifford so I don’t see what you’re talking about.”

“Shut up, Michael.”

“Yes, ma'am.”

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"I was taking a shower in the hall bathroom and someone stole my towel so now I have to make a break for it down the hall to my room as naked as the day I was born and I didn’t see you when I rounded the corner until I slammed right into you" AU klaaaaaaiiiiine! :D

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Blaine tries hard to adapt to the college life.

More precisely, to the dorms life.

Sure, Dalton was a good practice for it, but there is something different, more … carefree, about the college dorm life.

Luckily, Blaine has found a system that helps with his adaptation–and having an upperclassman as a roommate definitely helps too.

He listened to Elliott’s advice, going to the cafeteria on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and keeping apples in his room, and he showers at different times than the rest of his floor.

Not early in the morning, not late at night: Blaine showers at 1.45pm, when nobody else is here and when he can take his time.

He doesn’t even need to take a change of clothes with him, his towel enough to cover him and let him go back to his room without flashing anybody because a, it covers him completely, and b, there isn’t anybody else.

Usually, that is.

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No Future Part Three: Escape From No Future
Titus Andronicus
No Future Part Three: Escape From No Future

you will always be a loser
you will always be a loser
you will always be a loser
you will always be a loser

you will always be a loser
you will always be a loser
you will always be a loser
you will always be a loser
you will always be a loser
you will always be a loser
you will always be a loser
you will always be a loser



Redemption Song

This essay is going to be a little bit different in that I’m not going to do a blow-by-blow account (or fireball-by-fireball account, in Regina’s case) of where the villains stand on their road to redemption. Instead, I’m going to talk about the different TYPES of redemption.

I’m seeing an ourobouros of hate on my dash that goes something like this:

  • Rumple fans: Rumple-Bumple may have killed his wife but he never hit a woman!
  • Hook fans: Killy-Willy may have hit a woman but he never slaughtered the peasants!
  • Regina fans: First of all, you will address her as “Your Majesty” and second of all that was soooooo season 2!

As with any discussion, it pays to define your terms: I think what people are REALLY arguing about is what redemption means to them. To help things along, here is my list of the types of redemption:

  1. Noir– There IS no redemption, only time spent before your inevitable and painful doom as your past catches up to you
  2. The Blue Fairy– You can be redeemed by trying to make it up to everyone you’ve wronged
  3. The Little Mermaid– You can be redeemed after hundreds of years of selfless service and good works
  4. Return of the Jedi– You can be redeemed by one gigantic act of self-sacrifice (but you’ll probably be dead afterwards)
  5. Drown in My Own Tears –You can be redeemed by suffering. Lots and lots of suffering.
  6. Blues Brothers– You can be redeemed by a higher power.

Ready? Buckle your enchanted seatbelts ‘cause we’re going on a ride to Redemptionville (population: WHO KNOWS?).

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Tales and Stories

Summary: Blaine was not meant to be a knight and facing off dragons was never something he wanted to do.

Prompt: Blaine is ‘taken’ by a dragon. Really the dragon (Kurt) saw him hurt and brought him to his cave to care for him and Blaine ended up staying. Blaine’s family find him and are very confused by what they find. Bonus if Kurt’s treasure is books.

Warnings: Injuries


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