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It’s a huge honour to be the one who got this amazing opportunity to tell such an important story. I have a four-year-old daughter and she adores princesses. At the same time, she would tell me, ‘The princess, she’s so weak; she falls asleep, the prince will come and save her and kiss her and he’s the hero.’ So I’m so happy to be the one that’s going to tell the Wonder Woman story. It’s such an important story to tell and I’m grateful for it, but I also think that it’s so important for girls and boys to have a strong female superhero to look up to. The more the merrier, and there’s plenty of room for women to come. I’m very, very happy to be a part of that.

Suga Daddy: Part 7

Suga Daddy: Part 7

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Words: 9.6k

Genre: Smut, angst, dirty talk, dom!Yoongi

There is another gif in the story that describes the moment I was portraying. Ignore Namjoon’s name on it, lol. Anyway, enjoy :) 

Parts:  one | two | three | four | five | six 

You had never been more excited to get out of dance practice. Yugyeom had been making fun of you the entire time because you were so out of it. You were trying to hide that from Jane because you were slightly messing up. “Shut up,” you pushed Yugyeom with a laugh, “Some of us are trying to focus.”

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This pineapple look has been a summer staple and I encourage every fat femme to go out and get yourself one! It’s a Cowcow dress from Amazon and it runs from x-small to xxx-large. I am wearing the 3x large and I am usually a size 28/30. These dresses stretch a lot so even if you don’t think you would fit into it, get one and try anyways! It is made out of very light jersey so it’s been a blessing in the summer. 

Pineapple purse is from Torrid. (They’ve been making crossbody bags to fit fat bodies and I am so happy about it! The strap is 52 inches, I believe,)

Shoes are a size 12 from Lane Bryant!

Mindblowing facts about SDR2

[source: tvtropes.org]

I was happily fooling around on tvtropes.org (it’s very good when you want to read something totally random or interesting about any fandom possible) and I decided to read something about SDR2… There are many things (from tearjerking, to nightmarish, to funny, things of any kind, really) that I never noticed and these are the ones I personally find to be the most interesting. 

WARNING: Long post.

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Q: Dear Wen Junhui my child, you are truly very very very great you know, have more confidence! Here’s an early happy birthday for you ha! All right, I’m going to ask something that’s already been asked last year, if you were a girl which member below would you go out with? Why? (don’t you dare say yourself)
1: Wonwoo
2: Hoshi
3: Jeonghan
4: Joshua

J: Can I buy one get eleven kekekeke~~~

NOTE: OP stated that Jun said he likes Wonwoo, but asked if he could write down “buy one get eleven”, OP approved lol

mine | m

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( hybrid!au ; smut ) rated M. 7078 words. seokjin scenario
summary: you don’t like it when your owner meets other women. he’s yours and yours only. seokjin x dog hybrid!you
N/A: reposting cuz I wanted to change a few things. also I love hybrid aus and I love god too dont get me wrong

“Hey, pretty thing. Are you asleep?”

You could recognize this voice in a million. Your ears twitch immediately in response, eyes fighting the heavy lids. In your heavy haze, you see your owner sitting on your bed, his beautiful face and upper body looming over you. You whine a little for your sleep being interrupted, shifting a bit so that your tail isn’t stuck awkwardly between your legs. But even if you want to keep napping, happiness bubbles up in your chest as you blink a few times and feel a smile forming on your lips.

Seokjin coming back from work is the part of the day you love the most.

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another trans marco perspective

in light of @breastforce’s marco realizations, heres my bit

so when i was a baby Trans™ (a clueless and pure child who wasnt even out to herself) i would actively seek out media thar validated those feelings, but that was in short supply so i would read stuff like ranma1/2 (not to bash ranma1/2 but its hardly good trans rep) or those one-of episodes in cartoons where the guy lead protagonist was transformed into a girl (wacky hijinks ensue, but again its played for laughs, kinda [very] damaging)

i would suck all of this stuff up like a sponge, but it wasnt the good stuff to suck up, but if i had anything REMOTELY as good as the trans marco theory back then id probably be a healthier person now. it’s not the standard “guy in a dress” gag, its a consistent and positive characterization which wouldve been greatly appreciated back then

the marco realizations made me happy cause it looks like we’re finally getting good trans rep and we can see the benefits, if you dont think thats the tightest shit, i implore you to reconsider

|| needy ||

{summary: i’ve never been so needy before in my life.}

A lot of readers want more fuckboi!peter parker, so here’s || absolutely || written in his pov 👅👅👅

im also gonna put this out there but cartel’s [[the perfect mistake]] is fuckboi!peter parker’s theme song ♡

tags [permanent + peter parker]: @ghostedwolf , @fandom-flash , @babeychocolatemai , @animexchocolate, @psychicwitchphilosopher , @pharaohkiller , @moonlight53 , @literatureandimmature, @daydr3ams-away, @wannabe-weasley , @mcusebstan , @tmrhollandkay , @pepcvina , @nekonerdxox , @lokigirl18 , @fangeekkk , @kylielo22 , @wavy-ley , @lghockey , @buckysendoftheline , @1022bridgetp , @potterjamesharry

**please don’t repost/plagiarize this story. Reblogs are fine**

warnings: mentions of sexual content, explicit language & attempts at an attack


Despite everything that’s being said about me (even if most of them are true), I genuinely did love Liz Allan, and she was honestly the first one I have ever been intimate with.

I met her on the academic decathlon team and recall joining it solely for the purpose of getting closer her, the team’s captain. I was in love with the waves of her dark hair and constantly imagined what her smooth, mocha skin would taste like against my lips.

When we started dating, it was like a dream come for me.

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Hiii~ How do you feel about writing some angst? How would RFA+V+Saeran react if MC died giving a birth? I hope that is not too much... ♡

Anon, this was so sad. We’re gonna have to write some fluff after this one. :,( They got long, so some of them are under the cut. 

Trigger warning: Themes of death


  • He was so excited when you tell him the news
  • He starts saving up for a home or at least a bigger apartment
  • Meanwhile, he redoes the whole guest room, changing it into a baby room
  • You two spend every weekend painting little things on the walls
  • He’s already buying little microphones for the baby
  • Eight months go by and everything seems fine
  • But then you wake up in the middle of the night with extreme pain
  • He’s panicking but he manages to dial for an ambulance
  • The hospital won’t let him in the room and he’s getting really angry
  • He calls the first person that he can hit in his contacts, trying to make sense of things
  • Surprisingly, it’s Jumin
  • Jumin somehow deciphers what he’s saying and rushes to the hospital
  • He manages to calm Zen down while you’re in surgery
  • The doctor comes out and says they managed to save the baby, even if he was born prematurely
  • While the nurses escort Zen to see his son, the doctor tells Jumin the news about you
  • He knows Zen would be unstable and it would be better for a friend to break the news
  • Jumin waits until Zen returns to tell him that you didn’t make it through the birthing process
  • Zen completely shuts down and says he needs to go for a smoke when he hasn’t smoked since you two started dating
  • When he’s outside, he swings his fist at the wall in anger and sorrow
  • Jumin helps out when he can as Zen through the grieving process
  • But Zen acts like he’s okay, and he eventually gets through it
  • He does his best to take care of his son alone, but he has his moments
  • He never remarries and he makes sure his son knows everything about you


  • We know this man was eager to have a baby
  • Finally, it was happening and he was ecstatic
  • You both had saved enough to finally buy a house
  • One day, he brought home so many stuffed animals for the baby
  • He would put up a chalkboard on the fridge
  • You two wrote potential baby names on it every day
  • The day finally came and you two were on your way to the hospital, baby bag in tow
  • Everything seemed to be going normal until suddenly the doctors were pushing him out of the room
  • He kept asking what was wrong, but they wouldn’t tell him and insisted he wait outside
  • He knows his mental state is fraying so he calls Jaehee, the most practical person he knows
  • He’s so worried, he can’t stop talking to her and asking for reassurance
  • Finally, the doctor comes out and delivers the bad news
  • You hadn’t made it
  • He keeps denying it’s true
  • “No, no. That can’t be. She’s fine. She was fine. I want to see for myself.”
  • Knowing he would get no peace, the doctor allows him to see your body
  • He collapses next to your bed and his crying, clutching your lifeless hand
  • He suddenly regrets becoming a vet
  • He thinks that if he became a regular doctor, he could’ve saved you
  • Jaehee has to almost drag him away when they need to collect the body
  • She manages to calm him down when she says, “You need to go see your daughter.”
  • Yoosung didn’t the baby made it and takes it as a sign
  • He doesn’t want to go back to the place he was when Rika committed suicide
  • So, he pours all he has to make a good life for his daughter
  • He’s so glad she grows up to look like you and constantly reminds her of that


  • Your husband had died two months before you joined the RFA
  • You hadn’t realized you were pregnant until a month after the party
  • Not knowing what to do, you turn to Jaehee
  • After supporting her through everything, she’s more than willing to help
  • She tries to make life as stable as she can for you
  • Has you live with her at least during the pregnancy, so you don’t have to live alone
  • She throws you a baby shower and makes sure you have what you need
  • Finally, the day comes and she waits patiently in the waiting room at the hospital
  • She starts getting worried when she sees an extra team of doctors rush towards your room
  • When the doctor comes out, he asks Jaehee for any family contact info
  • When Jaehee asks why, the doctor says that you had died giving birth to a baby boy
  • Jaehee is devastated
  • You are the only true friend she’s really had, and now you were gone
  • When Zen hears the news, he takes her out and tries to comfort her
  • Jaehee appreciates the gesture, and ends up explaining a lot to him
  • She said that your family never approved of your marriage, so they didn’t want the baby
  • She starts sympathizing with the baby boy, since she too lost her parents and her other relatives weren’t exactly kind
  • She comes to the conclusion to adopt the baby herself
  • She raises the baby as her own
  • Even though she doesn’t know much about being a mother, she tries to be the kindest and sweetest she could
  • She works hard to make sure he was whatever he needs in life
  • She doesn’t tell him what happened to his real mother until much later in life when he’s ready


  • When you told him you were pregnant, he was simultaneously excited and nervous
  • He had to make sure everything was perfect for you and the baby
  • He made sure he had the best doctors and you were well fed and rested
  • He barely let you lift a finger, since he was so scared something might happen
  • He didn’t want to hire anyone to do the baby room
  • He wanted you both to work on it together, and so you did
  • You even caught him attempting to make baby booties by hand for the child
  • The day came and you gave birth to a beautiful baby girl
  • He was holding her and talking to you
  • Everything seemed fine, except that you seemed a bit tired
  • Then suddenly you started convulsing
  • Jumin panicked, unsure what was happening
  • Doctors rushed in and pushed both him and your child out of the room
  • It wasn’t long after that the doctors announced that you hadn’t made it
  • Jumin is quiet, a few tears streaming down his face
  • They let him see the body and he just holds you hand for the longest time
  • Just as they are about to take you away, he presses a kiss to your hand
  • “You said you would never leave me. You broke your promise, my darling, and I don’t think I can forgive you for that.”
  • After the funeral, barely anyone sees him
  • The only person he lets come to the penthouse for a long time is V
  • He cuts down on his work majorly, so he can take care of his daughter
  • He tries to make sure everything is perfect for her
  • He never wants her to feel the sadness of losing her mother


  • He always wanted a family with you
  • So, when you told him you were pregnant, he started crying because he was just so happy
  • He starts adding things to the baby room
  • He’s especially excited about building a crib for the baby
  • He also adds a mobile with little cats and spaceships
  • The day finally comes, but he can’t help but realize that you seem in bad shape on the way to the hospital
  • Turns out his bad feeling was right
  • The doctors don’t even let him come into the room as they rush you away
  • The only thing keeping him sane during the waiting was Saeran who had met him at the hospital
  • When the doctor comes out, he doesn’t even let them speak
  • He pushes past them and rushes into your room
  • When he sees your lifeless body and the dead monitor beside you, he completely loses it
  • He’s weeping, holding your body in his arms
  • None of the nurses have the heart to pull him away
  • He spends hours begging you to wake up and apologizing for no reason
  • When Saeran finally comes in, Seven had cried all his tears and numbly asks, “Are you here to tell me my child died as well?”
  • Saeran shakes his head and informs him that a healthy baby girl was waiting in another ward
  • Seven names the child after you
  • He can’t stand the memories of you all over his house, so he and Saeran move elsewhere with the girl
  • He retires early with all the money he saved up and pours his entire life into making sure his baby girl is happy and healthy


  • When you first told him you were pregnant, he was shocked and very nervous
  • It wasn’t as if he hadn’t expected it, but he didn’t prepare himself mentally for the actual reality
  • After a few weeks, he starts warming up to it
  • He’ll come home from work one day with a small pair of shoes
  • “I wasn’t sure if this would work, but I thought maybe…maybe the baby might like it?”
  • He was trying so hard to prepare, it was so cute
  • You buy him a mug that says “#1 Dad”
  • You tell him to look at it every time he needs to take care of the baby alone when she’s away from the house
  • Especially when changing diapers gets frustrating
  • He got a call a few weeks before the due date that you had gotten involved in a bad car accident
  • He drops everything and rushes to the hospital
  • You’re in bad shape when he gets there, but the doctors don’t dare refuse him access
  • He’s stroking your hair and asking you to hold on
  • You keep saying “As long as the baby is safe…as long as the baby is safe, it’s okay.”
  • Your heart monitor goes dead as he’s clutching your hand
  • Doctors start shoving him out of the room
  • He’s going crazy in the waiting room, shouting and screaming
  • Seven has to almost physically detain him to keep him calm
  • Hours later, a doctor comes out and says they managed to save the babies
  • “Babies?”
  • Saeran rushes over to see his twins that had miraculously made it unscathed
  • At first, he didn’t want to look into the babies’ eyes, scared he might feel resent that they lived and you died
  • But he finally caved in, and he fell in love with his children
  • Despite the following months being hard, he dedicated himself to being the best father he could be in memory of you
  • For years, he kept the mug you gave him tucked away in his room


  • When you told him you were pregnant with his child, he was beyond happy
  • He felt like it was a testament that you both were starting a new life together, forgetting about the past
  • He started decorating the baby’s room with a bunch of pictures he had taken
  • The room was cactus themed with mint colors everywhere
  • What in room decoration
  • You seemed a lot more tired than usual, so the doctor assigned you to bed rest 
  • Just as you thought you were getting better, you collapsed in your home
  • He called an ambulance and rushed you to the hospital
  • He has a really bad feeling when the doctors take you into another room
  • Suddenly, the doctor comes out and tells him to come and meet his son
  • He’s so happy when he gets to hold his little boy
  • When he asks the nurse how you were, the woman just blinks
  • “They….didn’t tell you?”
  • He takes the news that you hadn’t made it surprisingly calmly
  • When they take him to see your body, he keeps trying to bargain with them
  • “Please, I’ll pay anything. Just bring her back, please!”
  • For a little while, they think he’s having a mental issue, but know it’s just the grieving process
  • Soon, he’s crying quietly beside you
  • He thinks its his fault that you died
  • Bad luck seemed to follow him everywhere, so why wouldn’t this be any different?
  • To make it worse, his baby gets very ill while in the hospital
  • V cuts off all relations he has, including the RFA and Jumin
  • He moves to America in attempt to find the best treatment for his son
  • While his son eventually does get better, V stays in the States so he could start a new life

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I still can’t wrap my mind about what happened, this news hit me really hard that i started crying when I read the articles. I can’t even imagine what Ariana is going through , the poor girl just wanted to make people smile that night and make it an unforgettable night for everyone. The fact that she thinks that it’s her fault makes me extremely sad and emotional.Because it is no ones fault. Especially not Ariana’s when all she does is spread love and happiness.and i hate seeing her like this. And i hope she does stop the tour to take time for herself , i would fully comprehend it and everyone should to and just let her rest .It was a very selfish action by people that aren’t human beings , and that will be punished by God and will suffer in Hell.
All my prayers go to the victims, families and friends . I can’t imagine what some mom’s have to go through. With their kids missing without even knowing if they are dead or alive , No mom should go through this pain. It must be an unbearable pain. So sad that some teenagers woke up that day with the thought of “ This is going to be the best day of my life i am going to see my Idol” and their best day of their lives ends like this , it is very heart crushing.
Going to a concert should be an event of joy , an event that brings people together , an event where people feel connected with the artist and an event where you feel safe.


Their wife and baby/toddler dance to GOT7 songs (GOT7)

JB: -he would love watching your daughter dance with you. She wasn’t really dancing just rocking back in forth in your arms as you rocked the two of you together- “she’s really trying isn’t she?”

Originally posted by sassyminghao

Mark: -he would be watching when you wanted to show him what you and your daughter did earlier. He was instantly touched when she started dancing right away when you turned GOT7 on- “so you guys do this while I work? I like it”

Originally posted by baddabingbaddabang

Jackson: -he would be dying from his son’s attempt to dance with you. It was awkward bouncing and shaking but he loved it- “he really wants to dance”

Originally posted by ilovejackson

Jinyoung: -the moment your son squealed and the two of you started dancing to a song he was over the moon- “wow you two are so cute together”

Originally posted by softbeom

Youngjae: -he would be very proud of his daughter for knowing to dance to one of their songs with you- “that’s my girls”

Originally posted by omojinyounghobi

BamBam: -his son did more wiggling than dancing when he was in your arms but it was always a happy wiggle when a GOT7 song came on- “is this your jam little man?”

Originally posted by wassereis

Yugyeom: -he would find his daughter’s “dancing” very cute as she danced with you to one of the groups songs- “you two look really cute right now”

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This was incredibly hard to watch. It breaks my heart that Lainey is literally crying from the things he’s saying to her, and he continues to not only say things that he can clearly see is making her cry, but is doing it in a joking, ~charming~ tone of voice on purpose so that he can later say, “Hey, it was just a JOKE! Stop being so sensitive! Lighten up, get a sense of humor.” Constantly hurting your partner and then telling them that it was just a joke is a classic sign of abuse. She’s so used to his bullying that she laughs it off and blames herself for crying even though she clearly told him that she was hurting his feelings and he kept going anyway that she doesn’t even bother to stand up for herself. She knows that he’s just going to invalidate her feelings and then leave her feeling guilty and blaming herself for “not being able to take a joke”.

I think the worst part of this whole thing is that he then published this video of himself making his wife cry to further humiliate her, with (I’m sure) Lainey telling him that she didn’t want him to (or not bothering to say anything at all, because he’s going to do it anyway and she doesn’t want to start a fight).

And with his fanbase crumbling and YouTube paying him much less than he used to, I’m sure that Lainey is bearing the brunt of his anger, rage, bullying, and need for control.

Edit: So, I just added this video to my queue to be published later today, but I wanted to add this because I thought it was relevant. 

I’m not very good at reading body language, but I was picking up seriously abusive vibes from this video. I decided to bring it downstairs and have my dad watch it - he was in prison for about ten years, and then a social worker for another ten after he got out, so he’s very good at reading people, especially their non-verbal cues - body language, tone of voice, facial expressions, mannerisms, that sort of thing. 

I went downstairs and had him watch the video, to get his opinion. I didn’t tell him what I wanted him to say: I just told him, “I want you to watch this video and then tell me what impression you get from it.” That’s all. I pressed play. About halfway through the video, he paused it, turned to me and said, “Why do you want me to watch this?” I said, “I just want to know what impression you get from them, about their relationship.” And he said:

“This man is a total narcissist and he broke her so much that she can’t fight back. He is destroying her.”

I am not exaggerating at all. Those were his exact words. This man does not know anything about Onision. He has never watched his videos before, nor even heard of him. He made a 100% correct interpretation of their relationship based on watching the first five minutes of this video. 

If this doesn’t convince you that Onision is an abusive narcissist, then nothing will.

Edit #2: I just had one of my friends watch this video too, to see what impression he would get as well - I was just curious at this point to see what anybody thought about this video. And, surprise surprise, he said the exact same thing that my dad did. This is what he said, word for word: 

 "I feel that girl is not very happy in the relationship. She seems like she’s stuck and doesn’t know how to get out, and he’s completely happy and fine. He is literally oblivious to her needs and what she likes.“ 

 That’s two complete strangers who have never heard Onision’s name before who watched this video and immediately came away with the impression - with no prompting or leading questions by me - that their relationship is not healthy.

anonymous asked:

What are your biggest wayhaught hopes for in season 2?

Honest to God truth. I want a sex scene. And I don’t say that because I want to watch them bang. But hers the dealio. I was a huge fan of Lost Girl. Like insanely huge. I’m still a huge fan, it’s one of my go to rewatches when I’m having a shitty day. Anyways. The very first episode I ever saw of Lost Girl was in 2012. I was sicker than shit and had mixed some cold medicine with some other stuff and was high as hell, but like on accident. Also at this time I was an RA (a resident assistant in a dorm building aka I was the student that you came to with your problems or wrote you up if you were in trouble, but I was a cool RA and would be happy to regale stories of that at another time) and that night we had a meeting with all the RAs in the. Holding with our boss who I wasn’t super fond of and I just laid on her living room floor and made snarky comments for the whole hour…because I was high as fuck. And so one of the other RAs was and still is one of my best friends in the entire world. So once the meeting wraps up, our boss tells her to take me to my room before anyone sees me. (Which was only semi successful as there was I girl I was super into and my gay ass ran into on the walk to my room and I tried to hit on her, long story short, she brought me soup the next day) so anyways my best friend takes me to my room but has to then go sit on desk duty, but I when I get sick I catch ‘man colds’ so I didn’t want to be left alone. So she had to go and her solution was to turn my tv on and flip through the channels and find something to amuse me. Now here I need to note, I was still one foot in the closet one foot out and only my best friends and a handful of other people knew I was into girls at this point. Also, I had never heard of Lost Girl. Well she is flipping through the channels and stops on SyFy because I’m into that stuff and it just so happens that Lost Girl was on, specifically the episode in the second season where Bo and Lauren are having really hot passionate sex. Now, up until this point the hottest girl on girl tv scene I have seen is Lexie walking in on Callie and Arizona in the shower. It was before gay marriage was legal after all. So anyways, that one episode of Lost Girl when I was super high got me hooked and he next week all I did was watch this show online. So as many of you know, Emily Andras was a Lost Girl writer for a while and Wynonna Earp is her baby. And I would love a WayHaught sex scene, because I know it will be done right. I also want it, because somewhere, there might be a 19 year old girl, in here dorm room, in maybe North Dakota, who is trying to come out of the closet. And maybe that girl will be flipping through the channels and land on SyFy and Wynonna Earp will be on. And maybe there will be a WayHaught sex scene in the episode she lands on. And maybe just maybe like me, it will help her is more ways than she knows how to express. I hope that answers your question.

watching hamilton with my mom

alexander hamilton

  • “wow”

aaron burr, sir

  • “who is that”
  • “who are they”
  • “What are they doing”

My Shot

  • “he’s not throwing it away so he’s not giving up?”

the story of tonight

  • “so they’re buddies”

the schuyler sisters

  • “hey i know this song”
  • “what are they saying”
  • “wow”

farmer refuted

  • she is very confused

You’ll Be Back:

  • “oh yeah i like him”
  • “look at his face!!!”
  • cackling 
  • “he’s good eh” 

right hand man: 

  • “that’s george washington?" 
  • "so they’re just basically getting organized now?" 


  • "so is this when alexander meets the youngest one?" 
  • at alexander’s happy dance she screamed 
  • laughing bc herc is the flower girl 


  • laughs at anthony’s "alright alright!!!" 
  • looking very confused at choreo 
  • "why? SHE’S in love with him???" 
  • "so they’d be together?? but he’s poor?" 
  • (at least i’ll keep his eyes in my life) "ooh" 
  • "wow" 
  • "that’s pretty cool" 

the story of tonight (reprise) 

  • "are they all drunk?" 
  • (oh shit) she is laughing 

wait for it 

  • "i like this song" 

stay alive 

  • "look at them!" 

ten duel commandments 

  • silence 

meet me inside 

  • "isn’t the bald guy in charge?" 

that would be enough 

  • "is that his wife? she’s pregnant" 
  • "oh that’s good eh?" 

guns and ships 

  • she’s just smiling so much 

history has its eyes on you 

  • "oh he’s giving him a battalion that’s good" 


  • "so they’re getting all pumped to fight?" 
  • me: they’re fighting 
  • "ok" 
  • "that’s awesome, eh?" 

what comes next 

  • laughing as soon as king george starts walking 
  • just 
  • laughing 

dear theodosia 

  • "he had a kid with the british officer’s wife?" 

laurens interlude 

  • "who is that?" 
  • "who’s dead?" 
  • im crying


  • "oh the war’s over right, the world turned upside down" 
  • "what" 
  • "he’s trying to build the constitution?" 
  • "was he a president?" 
  • "he still has that connection with angelica" 
  • me: yep
  • "so…he’s pretty brilliant" 
  • "he keeps leaving" 
  • "wow" 
  • "its really good" 

 what’d i miss 

  • "oh is that devanay or–" 
  • me: daveed 
  • "yeah" 

 cabinet battle #1 

  • *whispers* "slaves" 

 take a break 

  • "he’s writing a letter to angelica? what about his wife?" 
  • my mom really ships alexander and angelica omfg 
  • "so he loves angelica" 

 say no to this 

  • "she’s a hooker?" 
  • she’s mad at hammy

 the room where it happens 

  • "its so good" 

cabinet battle #2 

  • laughs 
  • "who’s daddy? 
  • “oh, washington." 

washington on your side 

  • "so they’re getting together against him" 
  • "oHHH they’re going to find the affair" 

one last time 

  • "wow” (same)

i know him 

  • “oh god" 
  • she loves him 

the adams administration 

  • what just happened 

we know 

  • “wow” 


  • she looked very confused and offended when i explained the reynolds pamphlet 

the reynolds pamphlet 

  • shaking her head in disbelief (same mom) 
  • my mom loVES KING GEORGE 


  • "poor girl" 

blow us all away 

  • "oh" 
  • "ooh" 
  • "shot him at seven that’s not fair" 

stay alive (reprise) 

  • im crying 
  • "wow" 

it’s quiet uptown 

  • me: isn’t that upsetting? 
  • "YES." 

your obedient servant 

  • “passive aggressive” 

best of wives and best of women 

  • "they’re back together?”

the world was wide enough 

  • me: she’s the bullet 
  • “oh" 

who lives, who dies, who tells your story 

  • again im crying 
  • "wow" 
  • "wow" 
  • "i was choked up" 
  • "that’s neat”
  • “yeah i really like the king. he’s funny. what did he say? ‘jesus christ that’ll be fun’?”

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Can you do a headcanons where your pregnant with Loki's child ples?

Originally posted by god-of-my-heart

  • Loki doesn’t like the idea of being a father, at least at first
  • He doesn’t think that he will be capable to raise a child and to explain them all the bad stuff he ever did
  • So his reaction is… you know…
  • “I don’t know if we can have this baby”
  • After a lot of fight, and long days of Loki ignoring the fact that you are pregnant (but thinking about it nonstop), he talks to you
  • He tells you all about his insecurity, how he never thought he would have a kid someday, how he’s “literally the worst person to build a family with”, etc
  • And you tell him how much you love him, how he may not become the best dad ever, but that he will fall in love with the baby and will do anything for him/her
  • It’s a slow process, but eventually Loki accepts the pregnancy and gets more excited about it
  • Sometimes you wake up to him chatting with your belly, talking as if he could hear the baby answering him
  • You secretly let Frigga know about the baby - you tell her in a secret trip to Asgard (let’s pretend that she’s not dead, alright? She was important for Loki)
  • And of course she tells Odin
  • So it’s kind of a surprise for Loki when she shows up, giving him a little blanket for the baby - identical to the one he used to have when he was only a little child
  • “This is a present from me and from your dad. You can bring your child to Asgard whenever you want”
  • And of course Loki will never go back to Asgard, but he also can’t keep the kid away from Frigga
  • So he just smiles, sadly
  • “You will be a lovely grandmother”
  • Through the whole pregnancy, Loki has to do his best and fight against not only the voices inside his head, but also the nightmares
  • Nightmares of you not surviving the childbirth, or him doing something terrible to the kid
  • He’s afraid
  • But he’s also so happy to see you happy and with a beautiful belly growing up
  • Loki gives you free rein to choose the baby’s name
  • “It doesn’t matter if is a boy or a girl, you can choose the name, darling”
  • He tries to be one of those guys who’s there for their girls when they have morning sickness, but sometimes he just can’t
  • Which doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about you
  • He gets pretty worried, especially when you tell him you’re with a headache or something
  • Overall, I think it would be a very hard but nice experience
  • There would be problems, and fights, and Loki would lose his mind sometimes because he’s overthinking like hell
  • But at the end, when he sees the face of his little daughter for the very first time, everything becomes brighter
  • Like you said, he falls in love with her
  • And he now has another reason to fight against his demons
How would the 97 line of Seventeen treat their s/o on her period.

Anonymous said:if you’re still doing reacts, could you do how the 97 line of svt would treat their s/o when they’re on their period? sorry if this is weird, i just think it can be sweet!


Mingyu: Your one aggressive girl on your period, so he tries to avoid any altercations with you. You are very picky about things, while on your period. That’s something he hates, he can give you something exactly how you wanted, but you would still refuse it. He would still try to make you happy, and keep making something, till it satisfies your taste buds. But, after your period is over, you apologize to him, for acting like such an ass, and being very picky. 

*So i don’t know what he was eating…look like a cupcake or brownie. But we gon say it’s a brownie, since most girls eat chocolate on their period.*

Him: “Gotta check to see if these brownies are good before I give em to y/n”

Originally posted by minghaon

*Him after he finds brownies excellent….you on the other hand don’t, and order him to go make another one for the 3rd time*

Originally posted by wonnhao

The8: He loves you, he really does. But, he can not wait till this shit ends, he ABSOLUTELY HATES when it’s “the time of the month”. You act as if you have no legs or your too fragile to get up. But does he complain? He tries, but then you’ll argue with him about how horrible cramping pains feel, and you throw in some fake tears. So, yeah he takes good care of you, to avoid any trouble, but somehow he still ends up sitting down, listening to your complaints.

Originally posted by meowminghao

DK: Literally if he avoids getting yelled, buy you your needs, he’ll think he’s doing a pretty good ass job at the whole “taking care of you” thing. You won’t even know he’s there sometimes. He’ll come by you a few times to ask if you need anything, like something from the store or a massage. His ass would always think he’s ahead of the game, when you go to ask for him to buy something like ice cream, and he already bought tons of it for you. Him: “Who’s the best boyfriend in the whole damn universe?”

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So I'm a lesbian and one of my friends is a bi girl... she recently started dating a guy. I was obviously happy for her but I kept feeling a little disappointed that she wasn't dating a girl... I totally support her bisexuality, but as a lesbian I personally don't feel very invested in boy/girl relationships. I know if she was dating a girl I would feel happier seeing them together, because I feel happy seeing wlw relationships. Is my disappointment flat out super biphobic of me?

its a bit biphobic, but innocently so and not straight out malicious biphobia. you’re not a bad person, and the fact you’re questioning these feelings tells me that. she’s not trying to anger the lgbt community, or be “straight passing” (since that term gets thrown around alot) shes bi, her dating a man is still her being bi. she is still susceptible to homophobia, and biphobia even when she’s in a m/f relationship and she needs her community there to love her when that shit happens regardless of who she is with. if ducky and i broke up, and I happened to date a guy next I’d hope my followers would still like me and treat me the same - you feel me? and the fact that I can’t 100% say that for certain is a testament to bisexuals and their standing in the community.

i’d suggest not expressing these feelings to her because she’ll feel what alot of bisexuals feel which is conditional love from our lesbian/gay counterparts. she shouldn’t feel ashamed for being bi. its a thing. you know?

Comforting them by making them laugh.

Thank you so much!

Kim Namjoon

Namjoon would be a little stressed with work, things became a little too much with him which caused him to be slightly down. 

“Oppa~ Cheer up!” you’d try your best to cheer him up, even trying to dance like he did just to entertain him. Instead he didn’t laugh but you ended up tripping and falling onto the bed, causing him to sigh. *gif*

“Why are you clumsier than me?” he’d laugh.

Kim Seokjin

You’d notice Jin being rather distant from you, that’s when you knew that something was upsetting him. In an attempt to cheer him up you’d make a few of his favourite foods.

“Oppa Jin, I made your favourite” 

At first Jin would be like*gif* but after a few moments he’d give in and apologise for his actions. Jin would then cuddle you while you enjoyed the meal together, as you ate, you were slightly sloppy and got some of the food on the side of your mouth which caused Jin to laugh.

“Ahh, my girl is such a good eater”

Min Yoongi

It would be hard to tell whether Yoongi was feeling down or overthinking things. A lot of the time it was related to work and the  heaps amount of pressure the group were under.  You’d give him the time he needed to think things through before approaching him.

“Yoongi oppa, smile for me~ I love you smile”

Yoongi *gif* 

After some time you’d start pulling the same face pulled and he couldn’t resist letting out a small chuckle at how stupid you were being. 

“I’m dating a dork” he’d tease.

Jung Hoseok

Hoseok had been in a daze since he got home from work, he wasn’t his usual self. You thought maybe he was tired, so you let  it pass but for when the next day came and he was still acting the same, you decided to try and cheer him up a little.

“Isn’t my girlfriend so cute trying to make me smile” he sighed happily. “Come here” he’d say opening his arms.

You accept his embrace. “Of course~  I want you to be happy, always..but you still stink from dance practice”

Hoseok laughed a little at your words. “Only if you join me”

Park Jimin

You’d know from the start that Jimin was feeling rather down, but he would always try to brush it off, saying he was okay, just a little ‘tired’ but you had none of it. You did the little things for him that made him smile, leaving him little notes saying that you hoped he was okay and that you loved him.

Soon enough, he came round and he was his normal self again. “Y/N, I’m okay now, thank you” he’d say with a slight chuckle which would cause your heart to flutter.

“I made you laugh~” 

“Y/N, how can I not after how cute you’ve been acting?”

Kim Taehyung

Despite feeling rather down, Taehyung would still try to push his lucky with you. Knowing that when he was feeling down you were very happy to do what ever he wanted. He’d use this to his advantage and get you to do the little things he loved.

“Hmm, Y/N, I’m almost happy~ But I have one more request” 

“And what’s that?” you’d ask raising an eyebrow. 

Taehyung’s eyes would drift from you to his bed causing you to flush red and slap his arm. He’d burst out into laughter.

“I wanted cuddles you dirty girl!” he’d tease

You’d smile, despite his comment “At least I made you smile”

Jeon Jungkook

Jungkook would be really cheeky as soon as he found out that you were trying to cheer him up because he was feeling a little sad due to work stress. He’d try play on your kindness with bold and teasing requests. 

“How about you join me in bed? That would cheer me up a lot” 

You’d hit him with one of the pillows from the bed. “Don’t be such a perv Jungkookie”

Your outburst would cause him to become a laughing mess. “I got you~”

You couldn’t help but smile hearing his laugh for the first time in a few days.

camp f*ck

pairing: park jimin x oc
genre/rating: smut, mature themes, language
words: 11.3k
summary: you’re working at a camp (kinda like camp rock) sexually frustrated and very single, when the camp suddenly decides to make more money by opening their doors for older “kids”. you come across park jimin, who makes it more than clear that he would like to get to know you better in more than one way

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RPDR Finale Rant

Yo, this post contains spoilers about RPDR Season 9 Finale:

So I went to the finale. One word: disheartening.

I went into this finale #TeamTrinity. To me, Trinity Taylor’s arc is a fantastic story of the underdog proving everybody wrong. She began the season in many ways edited as “the bitch,” so few people liked her, and even fewer saw potential in her (there was plenty of speculation threads postulating her quick demise on the show, leaving 1st or 2nd). After a whirlwind season, winning 3 solo challenges (the most solo challenges out of anybody this season), Trinity proved herself to be one of the most versatile and talented queens - breaking her early categorization as a simple, incapable pageant queen. What I loved about her was her ability to take her craft seriously, but also inject a sense of humor and personality into everything she did - it was very uniquely Trinity.

That being said, I also loved Shea for a variety of reasons. Having been a strong contender from the start and winning the most challenges - four!!! Go girl!!! - she deserved to win. She was the definition of C.U.N.T. in pretty much every way, and I think she would have made one of the strongest winners ever if crowned. So essentially I went into this finale expecting her, or possibly Trinity to win, and would have been incredibly happy with both.

This is not what happened… instead, Peppermint and Sasha are in the top two and Shea and Trinity had to sashay away. While some complain that having the person who wins the most challenges take the crown is predictable, it is predictable because it is logical. The person who exerts consistent effort throughout the show should see their hard work and effort pay off at the end. People don’t get into Harvard just by not dropping out of college before the admissions process, they get into Harvard by showing consistent effort and results, as well as standing out up until that point. To me, Shea and Trinity really did this - they showed consistent effort and results and showed that they are more than just the typical queen, and there is quality in numbers to show for this. While I do believe that either Peppermint or Sasha will make a great Next Drag Superstar - I love them both and agree that they are more than just the typical queen as well - I do believe that them being in the top two for the season negates a lot of what happened the rest of the season. It seems to disregard everything that Trinity and Shea turned out throughout the season, and really seems to take away an incredibly deserved opportunity for both of them. It was honestly just pretty disheartening because you got to see these queens who came in with confidence walk out confused and rightfully sad, because they worked so hard and did so well during the season, and nothing really paid off or even mattered. I don’t know, I know this was rather rambling and ended at an awkward point, but I’m still trying to put my disappointment into words…

TL;DR: RuPaul’s Drag Race has fucked up drag.