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Here, some headcanons of Hyde and Jackie as parents :) Par 1 of 2.

PS: I did these a while ago but somehow got lost in my other blog (poetdameron), so I re-write them here.

  • They would be the supportive parents, but also the kind that spoils without noticing. Both of them grow up without feeling loved by their parents until they were basically taken by the Formans, so in a way they feel like their kids deserve all the damn love ever. Eventually, they will find a balance in it and things will be fine.
  • Older baby would be a girl, and the naming would be an event. The girl would be the Forman’s first grandchildren, none of them want their daughter to have their mother’s name, but naming her after Kitty embarrass the hell out of both (under the “you know, she isn’t our mom, maybe Eric or Laurie would name their child after her… so… maybe no….” point of view), so maybe Kitty can tell them how to call her? But none of the names she suggest are what they feel their baby should be named, and soon their friends starts giving suggestions too. Nothing suits her. Until they came out with a name during a long night without sleep because the baby refused to go to bed.
  • Eventually, Jackie will come to the conclusion that they need to have three kids. “Why?”, would Hyde asks maybe thinking those are two too many, “Because what if one of them is a genious but the second one isn’t? The third one will be normal like the second one, to compensate the first one’s best at something else thing! That way we can have a happy genius and two happy dummies too!”, it will actually work on Hyde. She is damn right, man.
  • Even thought she likes buying them stuff and taking them to the salon, to shopping and helping them get ready for stuff, Jackie seriously doesn’t want her daughters to be like her in the sense that she recognizes she grows up thinking you show love on presents and money, and now she knows that’s not correct. So she tries her best to not rotten her girls like that, Steven always tells her she is doing a great job even when she doesn’t notice. One day, she will see them and finally realize her husband was always right about her. It’s fine.
  • After their first baby was born and brought home, and everyone finally left, they put her on their bed and they sat in front, looking at her from the floor, in complete silence. They don’t know how much time passed, but both remember the calm sensation of the minutes they spend only listening to their baby’s soft breathing and the warm of the other’s hand in theirs.
  • Donna wasn’t allowed to carry the girl at first because, since she has cats, Jackie was scared shit it may do something to the baby. Kitty had to do a little intervention to Jackie so she would stop worrying so much about the girl’s health.
  • While Hyde is more relaxed about germs and so, he gets that the kid needs to explore and get strengthen its defenses. Yet, he is the first one to run to their kid if she is about to do/touch/just look at something that may be dangerous.
  • He likes to pretend he is a cool dad, but he is as paranoid as Jackie or even worse when it comes to certain things: the baby is not going out without a blanket for if it gets cold, baby is not going out without a cap and solar protection if the day is sunny, baby is not going out at night, if she/he sneezes he stays around to heard if she/he breaths okay and doesn’t sneezes again; fourth sneezes and they are calling Kitty, six and they are going to the doctor. Jackie thinks is endearing.
  • Jackie organize play dates for their kids with their nephews and nieces, the bunch of Kelso’s are a big ‘but’ at first, but at the end she accepts them because they are family and her kids love them. But none of the Kelso boys are allowed to look too much to any of Hyde’s girls. Any of them (imagine if his princess, Baby Zen (1) eventually dates Kelso’s older boy? lmao).

I’m sorry to say that I will be taking a hiatus from this blog because apparently real life is important and I have responsibilities and all that. I don’t know when or if I will be back. I still have a queue on all my blogs that I’m going to let run out. I’ll put an “out of stock” post at the end of my queues.

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