i would be like that too

Too Much To Ask mv concept

Niall exits his car with a fast food bag in his hand; he closes the door with a bang and walks crestfallen towards a typical American road motel room. The parking lot is barely illuminated by the half broken motel’s sign; it’s getting dark as the sun is setting. The opening notes of the song start playing as he fishes for his keys, he opens the door and from the door frame, standing still, he looks into the motel room, which is empty and a bit dark. We hear “Waiting here for someone”.

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One of the social/political publications on campus is calling for short essays on social justice issues we’re passionate about and I’ve been invited to submit some writing but I don’t think a pro life virulently anti abortion, anti death penalty, anti euthanasia and assisted suicide article on the inherent sexism, racism, ageism, ableism, and classicism of these institutions is what they have in mind…. nor the fact that free speech applies to everyone, including people you don’t like (and arguably to hate speech? Even though it’s shitty and morally wrong? That’s kinda the whole thing about free will and the nature of sin? Though that’s a whole other can of worms I’m just too tired to open rn)

goodnight everyone~ i hope everyone has a lovely day or night ily!! 💕💐


will i ever contribute to the fandom with something actually good? no

Traffic lights are killing kink fic

Dramatic title, but this rant has been building for some time and I need to get it off my chest. Friends, fellows, lovely fic writers: kink fic in fandom lately sounds like someone is reciting a How To BDSM 101 manual and it’s really starting to grind my gears.

It seems lately that, more often than not, any fic I open with even the teeniest bit of kink spends about half the fic being excruciatingly boring and samey about making sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to consent and who is spanking who in bed. As an Actual Real Live Kinky Person, let me tell you about some things that are seriously pissing me off.

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im pretty sure pennywise throws temper-tantrums when he doesn’t get his way. like, in the movie, for example he gets pouty when bev says she isn’t afraid of him anymore. he almost looks like he was going to cry out of frustration.

i mean, he acts like a child in general, just the way he treated eddie in the Neibolt house scene.

i love my 6'5 tall man child.

What if Twilight Link finally had enough of traveling with Wild child and he turned into his Hylian self.

TP Link: “I can’t take it anymore. This place is beyond weird. There are huge mechanical creatures chasing us at every turn. That Zora Prince was huge! The monsters here are something out of a nightmare. The Master Sword is bigger than you. There are BIRD PEOPLE. And you strive daily to find the tallest mountain in the area just so you can jump off it.”

Wild: -continues eating an apple, not at all shocked that his wolf turned into a man-

TP: “This is crazy, alright? And this is coming from a guy that can turn into a wolf and fought a dragon.”

Wild: -pulls an apple out of his pack- “You want one?”

TP: “The fact that your not even reacting to the current situation proves my point.”

listen, Anakin “I will do anything that you ask” Skywalker would literally never try to guilt Padme into going away with him for the weekend after she says no to do work instead. He might whine a bit, but it would be like a lighthearted whine, not meant to be serious, and he definitely wouldn’t get mad. He’d back off and respect her wishes