i would be in his personal space too

What dating Jooheon would be like

Dating jooheon would consist of…

  • Back hugs
  • Seeing his agyeo
  • Rap battles
  • Poking his dimples
  • Dancing badly at 4am cause you both can’t sleep
  • Little gifts when he comes back from tour
  • Stealing his hats
  • Stealing his hoodies
  • Hearing his laugh when you wake up
  • Cuddles
  • PDA
  • What is personal space with jooheon???
  • The boys teasing him
  • He doesn’t care, he loves you too much
  • Finding little notes when he’s out
  • Cheesy I love you notes
  • Cheesy pick up lines
  • ugly snapchats to make the other laugh
  • If you’re sad he’ll cheer you up with cuddles and kisses
  • If he’s sad you’d cheer him up by having him on your lap, stroking his hair
  • Telling him he’s good enough
  • Making sure he’s eating well




All Chopper’s scenes from “Ghosts of Geonosis”. Took a lot of liberty with this one audio wise. It just felt more right to do it that way than restrict myself to the original audio. Hopefully you won’t notice too much where I did the splicing. Of course this episode demonstrates how helpless the crew would be without Chopper around with his many accessories.


pairing: victor/yuuri (yuri on ice)
summary: victor likes kissing a lot more than spontaneously grabbing yuuri’s hand.
a/n: it’s been too long since i wrote anything but i just couldn’t leave this alone. i tried my best _(:3 」∠)_ 

Yuuri makes the assumption on the very first night of Victor’s arrival that his idol is a very shameless, touchy-feely person.

He finds out the very next day that this is all true.

Victor is apparently absolutely atrocious when it comes to drawing the line. Yuuri doesn’t think he even knows the concept of personal space.

He often bombards Yuuri with endless streams of questions that most would deem too personal, trying to get every detail of his life under the excuse of “as your coach, I should know”. When Yuuri doesn’t reply (or sometimes, even if he does), Victor would answer his own question with a detailed story drawn from his experience. He also likes touching in general — leaving lingering touches and dragging his fingertips in invisible patterns across his hand while resting his head against Yuuri’s shoulder. 

And then there are the kisses.

During his time abroad, Yuuri had gotten used to the cheek kiss greeting most of his friends and acquaintances insisted on doing at every hello and goodbye. It doesn’t prepare him for Victor, however.

Victor likes kissing; he likes it a lot more than spontaneously grabbing Yuuri’s hand and intertwining their fingers.

Every night before Yuuri retires to his room, Victor would make the crazy suggestion of sleeping together and when Yuuri refuses, he insists on kissing him good night.

“At least one good night kiss before you sleep.”

Yuuri would flush but he’d allow it. The kisses are always on the cheek, never the mouth, but Victor’s lips — warm and soft from the bath — would always light a fire underneath his skin that burns well until he’s lying in bed giddy and cradling his face, and he falls asleep with his last thought being Victor.

It surprises Yuuri how easily Victor does what he does without a hint of shame, but he’s more surprised at himself because he doesn’t even try to stop him.

Yuri Plisetsky sometimes catches them too close in proximity, and he’d crinkle his nose.

“You indulge him too much, you know,” he makes an offhand comment one evening when Victor falls asleep with his head on Yuuri’s lap and hand curling around his. 

Yuuri laughs nervously, eyes gazing softly at the man on his lap while his free hand play absently with pale bangs. Victor grumbles sleepily. It crosses his mind that he may not really be asleep — maybe teetering on unconsciousness — but he doesn’t protest when Victor squeezes his hand and press kisses against knuckles languidly. A smile crosses his face without his permission, and Yuuri is all too aware of Yurio’s narrowed eyes. “Pushover.”

He clears his throat and tries to speak without letting his voice waver. “Maybe I am.”

But much, much later in the night when Victor’s lips move against his in a slow, fervent kiss — when Yuuri finally lets him into his room, and they lay together on the bed that’s too small to fit the both of them, Yuuri thinks that he’s the one that’s being spoiled because he enjoys Victor’s touch, and he doesn’t ever want him to let go.

leglordmettaton  asked:

I love how you characterized the twins in the intermission. They still ring true to their original personalities while also adhering to the parameters of their reverse au characteristics. It's a hard balance to get and I think you got it spot on. I can't wait to see more of them.

Well thank you! I figured having them be all doom and gloom wouldn’t be very realistic, not to mention make the intermission reaaaally boring. 

That being said I did want some parallels between the twins, like Mason rambling on about his theories like Dipper and Mabel having too much energy to listen haha. I also wanted to show that they were still siblings that had each other’s backs, so Mabel just sort of invades his personal space with no consequence and Mason just sort of rolls with it to please her. 

Their relationship is a sort of thing where Mason would give Mabel the world on a golden platter regardless of how and has been doing so for awhile, as if its a perfectly normal thing to be doing. Mabel is only mildly concerned about this, mostly because if she loses him she’d lose everything

Which Haikyuu characters would give the best hugs

1. Bokuto Kotaro

Okay so I feel like if Bokuto’s personality has shown us anything it’s that he’s pretty energetic and hyper. For some reason or another I just really feel like due to his personality he has no personal space bubble. Bokuto loves hugs and his hugs are just so secure and safe even though he’s a complete spaz. Plus I headcanon him as a walking heater so not only do you feel safe you’re pretty warm too.

2. Sugawara Koshi

Okay so I feel like while Sugawara isn’t exactly one to invade personal space bubbles if you ask him to hug you and he knows you, he will. If he does hug you, these hugs need to be treasured because oh boy let me tell you. He’s so soft and is literally just a human blanket.

3. Daichi Sawamura

Daichi would totally give you those really firm hugs that sometimes accidentally hurt you or make it harder for you to breathe. He’s just very strong and doesn’t realize it. Overall though at least it’s not a wimpy hug and feels pretty secure.

4. Hinata Shoyo

Yes, I’m aware this boy is very short, but in my experiences with short people they somehow give the best hugs. Hinata probably squeezes really tightly when he hugs someone and is so hard to get off. It’s not like the hug hurts it’s just kind of clingy and really hard to pull him off. When it comes to some people being bigger than Hinata hugging them can be a bit difficult. This ginger is determined to find a way though.

5. Haiba Lev

Yes, this boy has noodle arms, those noodle arms can easily wrap around you and snuggle you to death though. Again I feel like Lev has less of a personal space bubble and invades others so hugs are a common thing. Sometimes his hugs are really weak, most the time they’re really strong and comforting. To add to the hug Lev’s positive aura makes the person being hugged feel really at ease.

More stuff from Mod Cobalt. Another late night post. The reason I made this one is because I’m a very touch starved individual so thinking about this was very calming. I love hugs just don’t get many :’) ~Mod Cobalt

james: would fight one million bees; “trust, honesty and understanding are the only ways to maintain a friendship so here’s my entire life’s backstory from the moment of my birth”; always cries when someone dies in movies; no concept of personal space; god of athleticism; 75% legs, 25% floof hair; has punched his own shadow; no impulse control; no verbal filter either; would die for his friends 24/7; the epitome of “sticking his leggy in the air”

sirius: always a dog; dramatic hair flips 24/7; 50% vengeance is the only way, 50% im too pure for this shit; no chill; personal space?? what’s that?; “I have always been glorious and fuck anyone who says otherwise”; clumsy as fuck and can’t sit still; the epitome of "thinking detracts from the doing”; would sell one million cornchips to satan for peter pettigrew; fought a bird and lost (while human); also fought the same bird again and lost (while a dog); a living meme

remus: could kill a man with his only thumb; sexy librarian aesthetic; weary eyes; tired of your bullshit 24/7; “logically what you’re saying makes sense and of course logic means everything but right now it means nothing so i’m going to punch you if you keep talking to me at two in the morning”; let him sleep 2k17; will burst out laughing at his own joke and then insist on telling it to everyone; 10% bitter humor, 15% sass, 25% logical thinking and 50% YOLO; loves all of his friends equally except he’d only die for peter and also loves him more

peter: awkwardly adorable; hoards all the good markers; 50% terrified of everything, 50% it’s huge and foaming at the mouth but i wanna pet it; “WHAT DO YOU MEAN THERE ARE NO DOWNSIDES? DEATH IS A BLOODY DOWNSIDE”; the rational one; would sell sirius black to satan for a single cornchip; overthinking everything 24/7; tried to pet an Acromantula on five different occasions; at most would walk through a super hot room for his friends; can sit through gruesome torture scenes but squirms if people kiss for more than five seconds in front of him

Boyfriend Series S.Coups/Seungcheol

What better way to kick of a blog than a boyfriend series? Here’s our beloved leader S.coups

- That pouty and whiny boyfriend that always wants your attention.

- For absolutely no reason other to have you look at him.

- “Jagiyaaaaaa”



- Personal space does not exist.

- Not even in public.

- He’ll always have an arm slinged around your waist or resting on your thigh.

- He’s super greasy all the time too, constantly says stupid things just to see your reaction.

-”You know who’s really cute?”

- “Who, Seungcheol?”

- “Me!”

-”No, no, no! I’m kidding, it’s you! Really!”


- *after picking you up* “Look, I S.Couped you in my arms”

- Is super respectful towards you though, and if you ever asked him to tone it down he would without question.

- Essentially worships the ground you walk on.

- You being comfortable is his number one priority

- Because you’re his number one.

- If you were ever upset he would stop everything and focus solely on you until you feel better.

- He would do everything in his power to make you smile again.

- If it was a problem that he couldn’t fix he would feel awful about it and really beat himself up over not protecting you.

- But would make up for it by sticking by your side and being a shoulder to cry on.

- Tries to be lowkey when he’s checking up on you, but you always notice and tease him for how sweet he is to worry about you.

- Asks everyday if you ate or slept well.

- Wouldn’t be one to show off preforming in front of you unless you asked him to.

- Which would actually make him somewhat shy/bashful.

- But he would do it anyways because he can’t say no to you.

- Sexually, very dominant.

- Likes a lot of build up and teasing before actually getting to the act of sex.

- But could be vanilla depending on the situation.

- Doesn’t really get jealous often.

- Unless another guy touches you in a way that only he should.

- That’s a big no no in his eyes.

- This is when his leader personality would come out.

- he would come up to you and the other person and keep you by his side while introducing himself, making it clear that he’s your boyfriend.

- Wouldn’t be rude but would act in such a way that it would make the person super uncomfortable and leave.

- Because he keeps a level head.

- If you asked his he was jealous he would become a little flustered but would nod his head, not wanting to admit it aloud.

- Is essentially an incredibly sweet boyfriend who values you above anything else.


Please not that I do not know this person directly and that this is solely an opinion.


It was nearly five am in the morning and the thick crowd had just begun to scatter. Slowly, but one by one they left to either go home from drinking too much or to search for other places which would be open for much longer, and serve their alcohol non stop.  He, however, already had let a couple of his workers go and he was alone in the bar that now had a little bit more air within its space. A lonely face at the bar and as he pushed another glass behind the curtains into the kitchen to wash later, he turned and brought himself towards the person with a raise of his brow. “Can I get ya something? Last round, love.”

Delta Episode Daiharu headcanon

The whole cave of origin episode was enough. Steven was scared of everything that was going on. He felt so horrible for depending so much on May. He hated waiting for her to return. He feared for the worse. After she came out, he promised himself to never let May do anything so dangerous again. But then Zinnia popped up. He knew she was trouble. He knew somehow May was going to get sucked into it all. And he was right.
I personally headcanon him to have been watching the whole delta episode in the Space Center from the satellites. He got snappy and kept telling the scientists to change cameras whenever one would go black. He started losing his patience. And when one was being too slow to him, he yelled - which was unlike him. He normally kept his composure.
He took things into his own hands. He typed messily and frantically. And when he finally caught sight of May again, he went numb. She was falling. Falling. Then the screen went black. He thought for sure she was dead. He could feel the hatred for Zinnia boil within himself. He could feel the intense guilt fill within him.
After that he wandered off silently to the elite four into the room where May would’ve been waiting for her next challenger. She had a whole future ahead of her.
He ignored Wallace’s calls. He started thinking about his deceased mom. He started thinking about when he first met May - that spark in her eyes that he’d never see again. He knew she was too good to be true.
His thoughts then stopped to the sound of a frantic Wallace racing in. And his heart pounced to the words “she’s alive”
(Explanation as to why you see Wallace and Steven together in the elite four during the credits.)

happygoluckyyulyxian  asked:

* Got very close this time. Leaving another basket of goodies. He could literally beat her from how close she was. *

* what’s a guy gotta do to get some personal space around here?

     Getting close before he had ample time to get comfortable was the last thing a person trying to earn his trust should have done. In fact, a good portion of the friendly-ish monsters left in the Underground would often warn against getting too close to Sans at all. He really couldn’t stop himself when his personal bubble was breached.

     His cleaver rose once again, slapping down in yet another attempt to hack into what ever he could reach of the woman.

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Hi Saeran!! I've felt sorta bad today so I just wanna relax and watch a movie with a buddy! Would you like to watch with me? - with a respectable distance between us because I respect your personal space and I don't like to be touched either >< also hi Seven!! I don't want you to feel left out so I'd like to ask you as well!! If that's okay of course ^^;;

Do you mind if Cheeto and Foofy join us? They want to watch a movie too. You aren’t allergic like that annoying actor guy are you?

Sleeping w/ calum would include lots of no-covers (cause lets face it hes a walking space heater & it would just get way too hot). He’d always be clinging on to you like a koala despite his size or u would be partially on top of him. I see cal as a really freakin cuddly person so he would always be touching you no matter what. But the best best best thing ever would be the kisses he gave you all over your cheeks & lips with his chapped lips. & his raspy morning voice in you ear that will make U weak in the knees tbh

@princess–vader replied to your post: this is really random sorry: Seth’s iPhone

My guess would be a picture of Hank for his lock screen, and a space image (if anything, he kinda strikes me as the type of person who would just leave the default one up lol) for his home screen background. 😁

Yeah, I agree. It seems most likely. I can’t believe I actually made a post about that earlier, geez 😂 I’m still interested in finding out though.. :$ or maybe I’m just too nosey

poketin  asked:

5'4" bi/pan/poly chick who loves food, cuddling, sexy things, video games, animation, and joking around. very passionate and emotional ♡ (also ill punch your carpal tunnel so it leaves u alone!!)

Elsa the Space Step-mom. I ship you with Shiro!

Shiro, like you, is a very feeling person. He would totally just hold you while you’re feeling down and give you pep talks. You’d boost him up too with your personality and humor. The two of you would just be walking beams of freaking sunlight. Lance would make retching noises when you two walked by, because you’d be so sweet.

Coran would call you the lovebirds with the proudest tone in his voice. 😄

also pls do not punch my carpal tunnel I don’t think it will help very much but thank you

anonymous asked:

Going off from the reacting to finding out their crush is scared of them, how would Karma and Gakushuu try to reassure their crush that they're not scary?

Link to post HERE 

Karma smiled reassuringly. A real smile this time. You couldn’t help but be bewitched by it. “______-san it’s alright. I’m not that dangerous of a person.” He took a step away from you to give you some space. You gulped and started to walk towards the train when you heard him following you. Turning around, you see his surprised face. “I need to take the train too. Want to walk together? We can…get to know each other better.”

Gakushuu was shocked. Your answer wasn’t unexpected but was he really that scary? “I’m sorry you think that ______-san. Get to know me better though before you say that again. I’m quite sure your opinion of me will change.” With that Gakushuu brushed past you not noticing your slightly flushed cheeks from his comment. 

hi honey! - sole survivor, fallout 4

I have too many feelings about Nate and my Sole Survivor, so I made a little something about how she feels about his holotape. 500 words

She listens to it; she listens to it so much that it hurts, and the sound of his voice rings to her ears, a dreadful symphony.

She’s in a rusty bathtub –their bathtub, where they used to spend long hours together, Nate’s long legs taking all the space, and she complaining until finally he would push her body against his chest, closer, always closer. The bathtub feels too large for one person, now that there’s only her huddled up in it, her body shaking slightly. Perhaps it’s the cold that causes the tremor of her hand, as she raises it once more to play the message.

The nights are cold at Sanctuary, and Keira has still trouble dealing with it. No matter how many blankets Codsworth finds lying around, she’s always cold —it’s not the electric warmth of the radiator that she misses, but the heat of her husband’s body.

He used to take all the space in their bed, she remembers, softly snoring, his arm on her lower back even sleeping. He used to take all the space –now she feels so empty.

“Play”. She pushes the button. “Play”, “play”, “play”. She pushes it a thousand times, hoping perhaps to find a hidden message behind Shaun’s giggles, Nate’s voice. The glowing screen becomes more and more blurry as tears roll down her cheeks, so hot she feels her skin burning, melting —there will be nothing left of her.

It used to be that Nate’s voice gave her strength. Now it only makes her sob, her body terribly fragile as she presses her forehead with her fists like it’s about to explode, her breathing reduced to a multitude of pathetic gasps.

Keira never cried. It was a joke between her and Nate before, when everything was clear and beautiful, when all she could hope for was a bath at the end of a long day, Nate’s kisses all over her skin, the brightness of Shaun’s eyes. When everything was simple and he was just trying to make her cry by playing dead —he’d always been so silly.

She takes a long inspiration while her husband’s voice resonates with a chuckle. Trembling, she wipes out the stains of makeup from her cheeks, grasps the edge of the bathtub.

“Everything we do, no matter how hard, we do it for our family.”

She stands up, her legs still weak, and gets out of the tub. The mirror is still hung to the wall, although broken in numerous pieces, and Keira tries to puts in order her hair, brings her lipstick out of her jacket pocket. A few minutes later, it almost seems like a normal day.

“Bye, honey. We love you.”

The woman steps out of the ruins of what was onceher house, and nothing gives any hint about what just happened —except maybe her clenched fists, their almost invisible shudder.

“Mum, are you alright?” the familiar voice asks, always so collected.

 She makes a slight smile, absent-mindedly puts a hand in her hair.

“Yes, Codsworth, thanks. It… just smells too much of corpses in the house.”

|Tracks in Snow|

Aandag gave a little pause, fidgeting slightly before he made up his mind and finally closed the gap between them to slide onto the other’s lap. He settled and glanced over his shoulder, the ghost of a smirk pulling at his lips. “Were you saving this seat for someone?”

“To say it is a seat is an overestimation. I was saving it for myself,” Heinrick grumbled. The man liked his personal space a little too much for someone so gruff, the boy’s within the parlour steered clear of him out of fear, except this little bird, it seemed. Heinrick pulled the boy closer, whispering a threatening, “If you would like to be able to get up, I would suggest you do so,”

Let's talk about kids who grew up during the Clone Wars.

Can you imagine kids who grew up in the Republic during the Clone Wars? How the Jedi were superheroes who beat the Separatists with their magical powers and laser swords! Heroic adventures of Clones and Jedi shown before action movies…and how kids would rather watch THAT instead of the newest Space!Indiana Jones. I bet there were kids who made up their own little Clone characters, giving them names and personalities. Little OCs so a kid can live out his dream of defending the Republic—he’s too young to enlist and he isn’t a Jedi.

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