i would be grayson's big spoon

Dating Ethan Dolan Would Include

the daddy video today was so weird but im happy that my main lane would b a good dad ; )

  • watching you do your makeup
  • awwww he’d be so interested and insist that you didn’t need any bc you’re beeeauuttiful
  • yelling at him when he injures himself bc lets b real,, it happens pretty often
  • the eye rolls jeeeez
  • and he reasons that he’s a #sAvaGE
  • bc cameron gets pretty annoyed when she has to film for the boys,, a lot of the time u do
  • “gaawwddd (y/n) you don’t know how to work a camera?”
  • omg, u would get to witness ethan after a workout
  • and he’s all sweaty
  • and probs handsy ;;;;;;)
  • when he’s thinking too much he’ll lay his head in your lap
  • or lay across your lap and sigh until u give him a little massage
  • he sometimes will blabber away about his problems
  • and other times he’ll just close his eyes and enjoy your touch
  • sticking his ugly ass feet in your face
  • i feel like he’s a big cheek kisser
  • like when you’re just minding your own business, he’ll do it to try and get your attention or to make you feel better if you are having a bad day
  • when you’re giving him the silent treatment or just being sassy, he’ll pick you up and carry you over his shoulder to the bedroom
  • he would JOKINGLY make ‘daddy’ jokes with u which u end in you blushing sm omg
  • he has no problem embarrassing you in public btw
  • he also doesn’t mind showing a little pda
  • cheek kisses
  • forehead kisses
  • shoulder kisses
  • small hugs
  • and hand holding
  • when he kisses you he likes to place his palm right below your ear, having his thumb on your cheek
  • he’s a pretty passionate kisser
  • sometimes he would forget that he’s all muscle and jump on you
  • he can wrap his arms alllllll the way around you so that he could grab his elbows (if that makes sense??)
  • he likes to be the big spoon
  • but if he’s having trouble with anything he likes to feel your arms wrap around him when he’s falling asleep
  • any time any where legit
  • in public
  • at his moms house
  • in front of grayson
  • you would often playfully punch or slap him bc somehow this boy’s hands are on your body all. the. time.
  • grayson would be so annoyed w you two
  • omg
  • he would groan and leave the room
  • i feel like ethan would want a girl who could keep up with him, so that means;; sosososoossooso many hikes and drives to random places
  • sometimes you have to camp out in his truck bc y’all drove too far away from home
  • watching the sunsets and sun rises together
  • and looking at the stars
  • hand on your thigh or intertwined with yours when he’s driving his truck
  • getting that cheesy ass smile all the time
  • he would be so scared to tell u that he loved you
  • like so scared
  • more scary than going up on stage at the teen choice awards
  • he almost cried when he told u bc he was so scared
  • but you giggled first and so did he
  • lmk if y’all want a part 2 because i could go on forever looooool

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can you do "sleeping next to/ falling asleep with Ethan or Grayson" bullet points? I don't mind which twin I just feel like this would be cute

Night Time With Grayson Would Include:

•he’d be the big spoon, always.
•little snores would escape his mouth
•hands gripped tight on your waist
•boners (the boy would have sex dreams of you every night let’s be honest)
•just before bed you’d tell each other how your days were
•Grayson always telling you he loves you just before he falls asleep
•during the night he’d hog all the blankets and starfish across the bed
•you’d be clingy on the side of the bed for dear life
•eventually falling off the edge
•gray being such a deep sleeper
•sometimes drawing on his face for revenge
•other nights you’d be sweating so much because of the human sauna right next to you
•some nights you’d talk in your sleep and Gray would record it to show you how adorable you are
•Gray coming home super hyped up and you having to tell him to shut the fuck up before you banish him to the couch
•"love you baby"
•"I love you too gray now sleep before I knock you out"
•"always the charmer y/n"
•being woken up during the night by grays phone
•"sorry babe, I couldn’t sleep did my phone wake you"
•"yes you asshole it did"
•even though he woke you up and you wasn’t happy you still snuggled into him just the way he likes to help him get back to sleep.

Taaa daaa finally a Grayson one whoop whoop
For real tho I’d hate to sleep next to someone i move about too much and get hot way too easily lmao.
In other news sleepy gray is adorable and my favourite.

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You're amazing omg. Can you describe what morning sex would be like?

ok but what do you think they would do if they woke up with boners? like i feel like morning sex with them would be so hot ????? i’m melting

^^ this was also an ask I received, so I’m putting them together for these anons. Morning sex is my favorite, so I’m on this like asap rocky fast.

I’m gonna start with Grayson because this a concept I have that I can’t shake no matter how damn hard I try. You’d be the little spoon and he’d be the big one, early morning and the sun is just starting to rise on your side of the planet. It’s dead quiet, like life has ceased to exist for a little while, and you don’t have to acknowledge anything but the fact that you’re curled into the only person who gives you such intense feelings. He’d say some cheesy good morning with floppy hair and a big smile before lifting the covers to see you both naked underneath. With this perfect opportunity he leans forward to suck at your neck, the sleepy haze still apparent for you and it makes it feel 1000% better. He’d reach froward to spread your legs apart just enough to rub you until you’re wet and wanting, sliding in with a sigh that says that’s where he will always belong. He lifts your leg to rest over his as he kisses on your shoulder and thrusts agonizingly slow. It would be so deliberate and each thrust would rake chills over your skin. He’d finally send you over that cliff of bliss, wrapping around him and sending him off with you, his face in your neck and your voices being the only thing you can hear in the world. What a wonderful way to wake up.

^a/n break to say that put me in feels so bad, why do we exist? Why are we on this planet? Who am I?

Ethan always wakes up before you, and he’ll spend every second enjoying laying next to you until you wake up. Morning sex would be the most often time where he wouldn’t take as much initiative to be rough and forceful, rather showing you how much he loves you rather than saying it. You’d wake up by his lips on yours softly, his thumb grazing lightly across your skin. Your eyes wouldn’t be able to stay open, but he’d coax you up. “Baby, please wake up. I wanna see those pretty eyes of yours.” They’d pop open at the gravelly and delectable sound of his morning voice, his favorite color right in your irises. He’d smile and that little part in him that’s nothing but love would shine right back at you. You’d already be wet, because you’re always ready for Ethan. He would grab your hands and place them by your head, lacing fingers and you’d both giggle at just enjoying each other with no pretenses. He’d slide into you with a sigh of contentment, assaulting you all over with sweet kisses on every part of you he could reach. He’d make it last for as long as possible, whispering sweetly to you how beautiful you are and how in love you make him feel. You’d cum a couple times before he would, complaining you were sleepy again and he’d join you back to sleep.

^okay, I’ll shamelessly admit I’m a Gray girl, but this part of Ethan makes me swoon and have serious heart palpitations. I’m swerving so hard here recently and it shows.

Thank you for being so sweet and sending me this, it’s honestly greatly appreciated and my favorite 😻

The Picture - Grayson



My palms had been sweating crazy as the room kept spinning around me. My head had been all over the place by time I saw the picture. The picture that had my boyfriend and some whore in it kissing. I couldn’t bring myself to just ask, my body wouldn’t let me. My body just wanted to stay put right here in this dark room. In my head was a whole different story as tears fell onto the carpet on my bedroom floor. As my breathing became harder my hands found their way to my hair and clenched onto pieces.

I was having a panic attack but my head didn’t know that. My brain couldn’t understand what was happening, because, it was stuck still on the picture. The picture. Gray. The picture. Cheater. The picture. Fuckboi. The picture. The picture. The picture.

“Fuck!” I screamed falling to the ground. My hands fell from my head to the carpet and then clenched onto that. He knew it was hard. He knew. But then, oh then the picture. The freaking picture. I knew from a fact this picture was coming to haunt me of my bullies. I knew it very well. The same kissing.

Besides my loud tears I heard a very faint ding over and over again. Most likely my phone. But I didn’t care. I was in so much pain I felt like I was dying. Seeing the one I fell in love with kissing another broke me. My precious heart can take so much and it felt like it could never be fixed-

His hands clenched onto my shoulders as he shook me violently. I looked up at him with snot running out of my nose with the tears adding to the disgust. He knew immediately what was happening and got up quickly. I looked back down at the ground and continued to cry until he found his way back in front of me holding the pills in his hands along with a glass of water in the other. His mouth opened but I couldn’t work out what he was saying for I couldn’t hear at the moment. By this time his eyes were just filled with worries filled to the brim.

His hand found mine and brought it out to him placing the pills in my hand. I then understood what he wanted to do. I placed the pills in my mouth and he handed me the water. I took the water and gulped it down along with the pills and placed it down on the floor. My breathing was slowly coming back to normal as he wrapped his arms around me bringing me up onto his lap.

I placed my hand against his chest and he stroke my hair, sometimes, kissing my head. My eyes later closed as my chest was violently moving up and down from my breathing and tears. We stayed there at least half an hour to when my breathing was back to normal and I was calming down. I could finally make out what he was saying and wiped my face on my hoodie.

“W-why?” Was what I had ask not daring to move my head. “Its all fake I promise princess. I wouldn’t dream of cheating on you. It’s probably some fan who photoshopped it. Don’t worry about it because I couldn’t be any happy with someone else. You make me more then happy. I love you. Not her. I love you with all my heart.” Grayson read out. This caused me to finally move and look at him. “Promise?” I asked. He nodded and smiled. “Promise beautiful.” He said. I nodded and stuffed my head in the nook of his neck.

I wrapped my arms around his body slowly and started to kiss his neck. But not in a sexual way. Sex was the last thing I wanted right now. All I wanted was to be in Grayson’s arms.

“I love you too.” I replied back after realizing he had said that he loves me. I felt his lips formed into a smile against my head as he kissed it. “Would you like to stay in and cuddle while we watch movies today?” Grayson asked. I nodded against his chest and he picked us both up and dropped me softly onto my bed and got in beside me. “What would m’lady like to watch?” He asked.

“Can we watch Finding Dory please.” I asked nicely. “Of course. Would you like some ice cream and tea as well?” He asked knowing my weird cravings every time we do this. “If it’s not to much to ask.” I said. “Nothing you say is.” He smiled getting up and leaving the room. This have me time to think again. His fans all loved me, so why would they do this. I haven’t done anything to cause them to hate me. I’m a very friendly person.

Before I knew it Grayson came back holding the container of chocolate ice cream and one big spoon along with my mug that was an elephant. He smiled and placed the mug on my bedside table and handed me the ice cream and spoon. “Thank you Grayson.” I thanked. He smiled at me. “No problem y/n.” He replied joining me in bed and turning on the TV to put on Netflix. Finding the movie I wanted to watch and put it on. I cuddled into Grayson’s side as I placed the spoonful of ice cream in my mouth. He wrapped his strong arm around me giving me arm a small soft squeeze.

I was in love with this boy.

Date (preference)


Grayson would be the kind of boyfriend to really try and impress you with the dates he plans. Even when you had been dating for a while he would still go out of his way to plan something amazing because he would always want to make you happy. Sometimes he would do something really adorable and romantic with candles and good food, although you would never be seen in a restaurant type setting. He would take you somewhere so random like you would have dinner at the top of a mountain or something similar. Most other times he would plan a really fun and adventurous activity that you could do together like a hike or dirt biking or something else that you both loved and would have the best time doing. Some dates would just come out of nowhere, he would text at like 1AM saying he was bored and wanted to do something so the both of you would roam around the city for hours just talking. Of course all of these dates would end up back in his apartment, cuddling until he would fall asleep on top of you with his head on your stomach as you played with his hair.


I think Ethan when he is in the mood would take you out somewhere for an adventure whether that was just to the beach or driving and exploring a new town. I think he would be different to Grayson in the fact that on special occasions he would love to wine and dine you, he would take you somewhere amazing and treat you like his queen the whole night. I feel he would be a big fan of breakfast dates, even though you would spend like an hour trying to wake him and you almost miss getting there while they are still serving breakfast. It would be a secluded little cafe so no one would find you guys. He would be so cute and cuddly at breakfast and would order the most ridiculously un healthy thing on the menu. Like Grayson I feel he would be a big fan of lots of cuddles to end these dates, but he would definitely be the dominant cuddler. He would always be big spoon and always be pulling you on top of him with his arms around you super tight.