i would be friends with them

Isak and Even look like a relatively chill couple when they are around their friends. They don’t go overboard with the whole PDA thing. And to some walking by, they would look just like five friends hanging out if they’d ignore the occasional heart-eyes those two throw at each other or the fond! laughter that is heard when one of them tells such a bad joke that even Magnus is like ??? It’s not even funny??

But Even is still Even and he loves showing his adoration for Isak through flirty comments at the oddest of times. So when all the boys are at the café, Mahdi will try to pick his coffee and flinch, hissing ‘damn that’s hot!’ and Even will just put his arm around Isak’s shoulder and sigh ‘yes, he really is…’ while smirking at him with those you’re the most adorable human being on earth eyes.

And Isak will playfully shove Even’s arm off and mutter ‘that was so lame, Even. Oh my god’ but his blush that will burst on his cheeks and the shy smile that he will throw at his boyfriend will give away how pleased and happy the comment made him.

CAN I GET A BEST FRIENDS TO LOVERS PLOT ?? like not even an instant one, but like one with the gradual build up. like MUSE A comes to them after a fight with their significant. MUSE B knocks on their window after a horrible date. no one gets me like you. inside jokes no one understand. maybe even a secret handshake ?? just chemistry so strong it melts your heart. so innocent & pure. bonus points if people used to say they’d get married one day and they both laughed at the idea. but here they are. laughing about what their lives have become. how at the end of the day they’ve always had each other. and now they can’t help but wonder.

Somewhere in the world, a girl with a bad haircut and bootcut jeans is sitting across from her uninterested friend. The girl complains again about the weird people in her HP fandom who ship NOT CANON ships.

“They’re so weird!” Says she as she refreshes her many facebook fan pages. “Why would you ship something that isn’t confirmed. Most of them are even gaaaay….”

*CRASH* I break through the wall into her house, scattering my gay edits and headcanons as I laugh maniacally. “BEHOLD!” I scream. “THE POWER OF THE GAY!”

Children need us to protect them and stand with them on the federal and state levels. There are currently 17 states trying to pass anti transgender laws. Some of those laws would allow a teacher to ignore bullying in schools to lgbt students if they are against lgbt based on their religion. It would also allow an EMT to refuse service to someone who is lgbt, allowing them to die. We can be fired in 32 states because we are transgender. Close to half of everyone who identifies as transgender attempts suicide. We face homelessness, job insecurity, rejection of family and friends, rising murder rates, and general safety simply by existing. I don’t care who you voted for, what your stance is on lgbt issues, or your thoughts on children transitioning. We are talking about basic human Rights to exist in society and everyone deserves them, period!

“Seriously, we are just good friends you all”

(Hey, hmm, Marshie’s mod and I were talking about all the shipping situation, and to be honest, we feel kind of uncomfortable with that. I know that it is normal for most of the people on Tumblr and other social media to ship characters and all, I get it, but please don’t do that with them. Also (if we talk about the character) Misa wouldn’t be in a romantic relationship with anyone because she can’t stand constant physical contact, hugs, kisses and all. We mods just like to draw them together, as friends, and that’s all. x3 -And in my case I love Marshie, so I found an excuse to draw them constantly. x3- So we would appreciate if you can stop sending asks about that. We hope you can understand)

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Do you think Yuuri's the type of person is who is viciously protective of his friends? How do you think he would react if someone insulted Phichit in front of him?

I think he would absolutely verbally tear them apart. I HC him as very protective!

elisalromagnoli  asked:

What are the different types of personality disorders? Is it possible for one to transpire from events such as parental death, loss of close friend, and kidnapping? Does this manifest differently in men than women? Would this cause the character to lash out against and be super protective of someone in a nearly manipulative way. I know my character is mentally scarred but as I move into editing I want to make sure I'm getting this right. Thx.

Hooboy, you asked a lot of questions here.

The different types of personality disorders are:

(each of those leads to a link to my demystifying series on them. See also the General Personality Disorder Criteria here.)

Personality disorders don’t “start” from singular traumas like you listed there. They’re called “personality disorders” because they fundamentally represent how a character is. They’ve essentially always been like this. See here for some more general qualities of personality disorders as a whole.

Gender rates of personality disorders are pretty skewed. It’s unclear whether these disorders are actually more common in their respective genders or if cultural gender norms and stereotypes are unfairly skewing the results.

More men:

  • Antisocial
  • Paranoid
  • Schizotypal
  • OCPD

Slightly more men:

  • Narcissistic
  • Schizoid 

Roughly equal:

  • Avoidant
  • Dependent

Slightly more women:

  • Histrionic* 

More women:

  • Borderline

* Rates vary a lot, but it skews female.

Unfortunately, there is not enough data on the prevalence of personality disorders in genders other than male and female.

As for “lashing out and being super protective in a manipulative way” - I’m not sure what you mean by this. Could you elaborate?

And for making sure your character is “mentally scarred” following trauma - I’d look into Post-traumatic stress disorder (see here) or acute stress disorder (see here).

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I was shipping Caryl so hardcore but then my friend said that episode 10 would have been a perfect time for them to admit and express their love especially Daryl but he didn't. So she thinks that while there is love there, it's not "in love" or romantic or sexual or anything more than friends. She also thinks it's the writers and higher ups way of shutting Caryl down gently. What do you think

Hey there! ❤

I think if tptb would like to shut down Caryl, they could have simply skipped a reunion and seperate them for good.The reunion and much of ep10 did absolutely nothing for the plot.It was development for Caryl.

So tptb did the opposite. All of episode 10 was a love confirmation from both sides. Daryl’s statement to Morgan in the beginning made clear how much he adores Carol. The scene with Daryl threatening Richard was the dynamite of love confessions. Did you hear the white noise when it dawned on him that Carol is alive? Daryl was nearly passing out,he was so overcome with emotion. It’s not platonic to feel like that.The last conversation with Morgan implied that Carol is Daryl’s treasure,his reason to stay alive.

And Carol. She opens up only to Daryl.Lets him in. She clung to him in both hugs, rubbed her head against him with closed eyes in the second hug.She wanted to be left alone,but makes an attempt to go with him when Daryl leaves.She smiles for real only for him.

tptb want to drag it out,they do not want to kill Caryl,never did.You must always consider that Carol and Daryl are damaged people with a lot of old baggage.Both are dealing with new traumas right now.It’s just not the right time yet.

I know Caryl is subtle.It’s extraordinary and delicate.Has always been.It takes so long,but it is always there and it is stronger every time we get to see a glimpse of it.If you read between the lines,rewatch scenes,you see pure,bone-deep,romantic,all consuming love.

anonymous asked:

I was shipping Caryl hardcore and then my friend says that Daryl and Carol couldn't be in love because episode 10 would have been perfect time for them to admit that they do and they didn't and there's no reason for why they couldn't. She said that there's love there but not IN love. Could this have been the writers and higher ups shutting down the "romantic love" idea or?


Look I know I’m repeating myself here, AGAIN, but the important thing to look at is not why did something NOT happen, but why what DID what happen, happen.

Let’s pretend New Best Friends didn’t exist, or at least the Daryl and Carol part of the episode. What exactly is affected in the storyline?

Daryl stays at Hilltop when Rick and co leave to meet Ezekiel. Rick gets rejected by Ezekiel but he asks Morgan to please reconsider convincing Ezekiel. Meanwhile, Richard feels total despair at Morgan and Carol refusing to help him and he realises what he has to do. He sacrifices himself, but in the process causes Ben’s death. Ben’s death causes Carol and Morgan to reconsider and they talk Ezekiel into joining the war. Daryl is hiding at Hilltop with Maggie and whatever happens there happens.

Look at that - New Best Friends has exactly ZERO effect on the long-term stories. It could not exist and the story would go on exactly as it will. 

Can you think of other scenes in this season that the same could be said? Everything has had an effect on the plots - everything from Rosita going out for Daryl’s bike, to Carl and Enid travelling to Hilltop, to Michonne’s target practice has a ripple effect on the storyline.

Daryl and Carol’s scenes in New Best Friends? Not so much.

So, the question is WHY waste half an episode on scenes that have no impact on the plot? Unless, you assume that the story REALLY isn’t the plot, it’s the emotion.

And let’s also pretend it IS about showing us Daryl and Carol are just friends. When has the show ever spent half an episode about reiterating a friendship? Because it’s not a broken friendship that needs to be mended (like Abe and Eugene), all they are doing is re-confirming how much Carol and Daryl care for each other. Why do that AGAIN? Why take half an episode from their precious schedule to tell the audience what they know already?

And like I said before, the goodbye scene… if you assume the point of these scenes is for Carol NOT to learn about Glenn and Abe (which, again seems pointless she can NOT learn about them by no one finding her), and for Daryl to be reassured Ezekiel is trustworthy… why the goodbye scene? 

All the vital parts of the story have come and gone by the time Carol dishes up Daryl’s bowl of food. The scene could have ended right there, with Carol smiling at Daryl as he ate. Why do we need to see the goodbye, which consists of only 5 words? 

Unless of course, you start to look at it and see the goodbye was the point of the goodbye - showing us how hard it was for them to part; showing how even though Daryl was trying to stay emotionally at arm’s distance he couldn’t help going back to hug her; showing how despite everyone else’s attempts to sift CArol, she comes close to changing her mind and going after Daryl or calling him back.

Because, really that’s it. You can struggle and think of what all those scenes were about, or you can Occam’s Razor it and realise that those scenes were ABOUT Daryl and Carol’s relationship. 

They were to show the lengths Daryl will go to to protect Carol, to show how Morgan sees - and Daryl realises - that Carol is the thing Daryl is holding onto, to show that Ezekiel and his knights, Jerry and Kevin’s cobbler couldn’t get anything other than a “go away” from Carol, whereas Daryl brought her to her emotional knees and spent several hours with her so she didn’t want him to leave.

And then you can throw in the romance novel Easter Eggs, the parallels with Dwight and Sherry, and you can see a picture that makes 100% sense - and that picture is that what Daryl and Carol feel for each other is way more than they feel fro Rick, or Ezekiel, or Morgan because NO ONE ELSE has the effect on them that they have on each other.

Step by Step (Peter Parker)

Originally posted by moan-s

Pairing: Peter Parker x Older!Reader

Warning: Cursing

Summary: Peter asks his older friend, Y/n if she would help him learn to dance since he doesn’t know how to and she’s already been to prom. He confesses that he’s scared to make a fool of himself in front of everyone. While teaching Peter in the best way she can, something happens between them.

Author: Dizzy

A/N: This was requested by a sweet anon who said, “I know you have a lot to do, so I feel kinda bad to request something, but I swear I’m patient and since I fell in love with your writing it had to be you! <3 I’d like to request a Peter Parker imagine and thought of something like this: The reader is a bit older, so she’s already done with prom and stuff and it’s shortly before *his* prom. He tells the reader that he’s afraid to make a fool of himself, because he can’t dance. The reader than teaches him a few steps and they end up kissing. :)”

Masterlist Request a Prompt

Peter knocked on the door three times, his knocks getting louder each time as he grew more and more anxious. He had asked the question in the mirror a thousand times, but he was still nervous and embarrassed.

“Oh, hey, Peter.” Y/N smiled, opening the door to reveal the anxious boy.

Peter let out a breath as he looked at you, feeling his nerves settle as you gazed back at him, a smile on your face.

You may have been a year or two older than Peter, who was now eighteen, but he couldn’t deny that he had a crush on you.

“Earth to Peter.” You said softly, causing the boy to shake his head and look at you. “I asked you what was up twice.”

“Oh, I- uh, have to go to prom soon and I was wondering if you’d maybe teach me how to dance?” Peter stammered. “I just don’t want to make a fool of myself cause I don’t know how to dance.”

“Aw, Peter.” You said, placing a hand on the boy’s shoulder. “Come on in. I can teach you how to dance.”

“Thanks, Y/N.” Peter replied, walking into the apartment as you shut the door behind him.

“It’s no problem, Peter. Dylan won’t be home for a few hours, so we won’t have to worry about bothering him.” You explained, talking about your roommate as you arranged the items in your living room to make room for you to dance.

Peter helped you move the furniture around as he spoke. “I was going to just stand in the corner and drink juice, but then I remembered what you said about prom being more fun if you put yourself out there.”

“It is a hell of a lot more fun if you know how to woo your date and just hang out with friends.”

“I-I actually don’t have a date to prom?’’ Peter’s statement came out more like a question.

“You don’t have a date to prom?” You asked, your jaw dropped.

Peter rubbed the back of his neck. “No, I don’t.”

“Okay. First, we’ll deal with the dancing situation and then we’ll find you a date.” You said, taking Peter’s hand in yours as you guided him onto your makeshift dance floor.

Peter nodded, blushing lightly as he followed you. He let you guide his hands in the correct spots as he lost himself in his train of thought.



“Follow my lead, silly.” You giggled, starting to lead him in the right steps. “One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four.” You counted. “You’re doing okay so far. Are you sure you don’t know how to dance and this isn’t a ploy to hang out with me?”

Peter chuckled as a light blush dusted his cheeks.

“Don’t worry, Petey, I’m just messing with you.” You said softly before Peter let out a sigh of relief.

He gazed down at your feet as you two continued to dance before looking back up at you. He studied how your face looked, his eyes flickering from yours to your lips, making you think you imagined it.

“Do you want to take a break?” You asked.

“No, thanks. I think I’m getting the hang of this.”

“Oh good. That’s great. You’ll be dancing with the prettiest girl at prom in no time.” You smiled.

That was when you saw something in Peter’s eyes that you never thought you’d see. There was a fire in his eyes and you knew how you felt for him could materialize in his.

And you thought; Damn, the feelings I have for you I am not sorry for.

Peter couldn’t figure out what was in your eyes the moment he found himself lost in them. He couldn’t describe it, but he felt the urge to do something, anything to break the tension he felt.

“You have really pretty eyes.” Peter spoke softly, his voice barely above a whisper.

You blushed as you found yourself not being able to say anything as you looked into his eyes.

He gazed back at you before leaning in, his lips brushing against yours before both of your eyes closed and your lips melted into one another.

You kissed back and moved your hands from behind him to his face as you pulled his face closer to yours. You pulled away before your breath hitched and you rested your forehead on Peter’s.

“Do you want to go to prom with me?” He asked softly.

You smiled and pecked his lips.

“I would love to.”

Jungkook Scenario: We Don’t Talk Anymore.

Request: Hello,i hope its not to late to do a request.I really like all of the songfic that you guys did(my favorite is roman holiday) but there arent many songfic that you guys have written,so i would like to request a songfic based on charlie puth’s we dont talk anymore with jungkook.Thanks❣️

Genre: Angst / Drama.

Jungkook looked at the group of people who were at the party, he spotted your usual group of friends and couldn’t stop himself from looking for you amongst them even though he already knew you weren’t there, you wouldn’t go to the same places as him as you were obviously avoiding him.
He couldn’t really blame you as he sometimes did the same. Seeing you was hard so he supposed you felt the same.

Jungkook saw Hoseok coming to him, maybe his friend felt bad for him since he was literally standing in a corner without doing anything.

-Jungkookie! What’s up man? What are you doing here standing alone like a weirdo?-

Jungkook shrugged. -I don’t know, I’m just standing-

-Come on, why are you sulking?-

-I’m not sulking- Jungkook denied even if he was technically sulking.

Hoseok stood closer to him. -It seems like it, you aren’t talking to anyone even if you know almost everyone- Jungkook didn’t answer so Hoseok push it a little bit further. -Is it because Y/N isn’t here?-

Jungkook tensed at the mention of your name and turned his eyes to Hoseok, not wanting to glare at his friend but seriously, he had to bring you up. -I didn’t come here because of her-

-No? It seems like it though, if she was here you’d be talking with everyone, making jokes and all that-

-I’m just not in the mood, it’s not about her- he insisted, but he knew his friend was right. 

-I thought… since now she has a boyfriend and all that-

Jungkook snapped his head to his friend and now he couldn’t simulate he wasn’t affected, at least he couldn’t say that after hearing those news he didn’t feel a bit angry. -Who?-

Hoseok was surprised. -You didn’t know?-

-You know what, I don’t care- he snapped, although he did. 

-I thought you knew, sorry Kook, I wouldn’t have mentioned it-

-It’s cool- Jungkook answered not wanting Hoseok to feel uncomfortable. -I haven’t heard anything about her in a long time, we don’t really talk anymore-

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mamapluto replied to your photoset “BINDER GIVEAWAY 19* Hello, friends. We at Shapeshifters are committed…”

Just curious, what do they [animal shelter] use the fabric scraps for? O:

Scent markers! Fresh fabric scraps give the pups and kits something soft in their space that Smells Like Them, so there’s apparently an ongoing need for new fabric scraps that don’t smell like previous beasties.

I was surprised when I called to ask the first time - I assumed there would be, I don’t know, some kind of limit on how much they could possibly use? I thought it would be a good way to donate maybe one garbage bag full of fabric scraps, then we’d have to dump the rest.

Nah. We dropped off six the first round and came back with four more later, and they were still super-happy with us. Now all the puppies and kitties who come through that shelter get to have dragonscales and soft lace in their bedding.

Uhhhhh? Because shipping is completely different than building a universe? I see no hypocrisy here. It’s fun, who cares what i put in my universe vs canon?

as stated before, I’m building this around other blogs and stories I find. For example, I don’t personally ship Tuna, but after having fun with @royalsketchbook id rather make that canon in scisetdaily than whoever I ship twilight with more.

My friend is making a blog including CadMac, so I would rather join with her and have more fun here than just keep shining and Cadence together in the EQG world, which, wasn’t even written as canon anyway, just implied.

Also, I never said there was anything wrong with Fluttercord. It’s just not my preferred ship for the two of them. My personal policy with ships is each their own, as everyone’s should be out of kindness and respect towards others. Ship what you want, just respect my choices and we’ll be fine.

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The chocobros reactions to dating their martial arts girlfriend, S/O!

Hello, my anonymous friend!

Sorry this took so long to get to you but here it is.  

Wrote this more as them reacting to seeing their s/o practicing martial arts … gave me more to work with! Hope this is ok for you. :)


  • If the first time he saw you using your skills was in a battle scenario, he’d be super shocked and would probably wonder where you learned all those awesome looking moves.  That MT you just took out?  Yeah, it’s in bits and it’ll take him a second to pick his jaw up from the floor but he’ll soon snap back into it.
  • Back at camp, he’ll be full of questions.  Where did you learn those moves?  Why didn’t you tell him that you could move like that?  Why did you even bother with the Crownsguard self defence courses when, actually, you already knew how to defend yourself perfectly well without them?
  • Next time you’re training, he wants to watch, he might even try to talk you into teaching him a few of the simpler moves or holds so that he can try to surprise Gladio the next time they train together.  Inwardly, you think that Gladio could still counter Noctis quite easily but you still show him some of the simpler stuff, try to help him get it.  It might take a minute, but he’ll get there!
  • Might even try to talk you into training with Gladio just so he can watch you kick his ass … then laugh when that’s exactly what happens!
  • If the first time he saw you in action was back in Insomnia, at a competition or something like that, he’d be shocked that you compete so well but also SO proud that his s/o is out there kicking ass and taking names.
  • Threaten to throw him when he’s being a little shit?  Yeah, that’s gonna shut him up in a hurry.


  • Watches you take out an MT with a single kick and he literally stops paying attention and just watches you for a minute.  How did he not know that you could do that?!  It takes a thump on the back from Gladio to bring him out of his little trance, he blushes bright red because, yeah he was just caught staring and then moves right back into battle.
  • Wants to learn all the cool looking stuff RIGHT NOW.  Doesn’t want to wait.  Not tomorrow.  Not next week.  Not the easy stuff, either.  He wants to jump right in at the deep end, no matter what you try to tell him.
  • To shut him up, you try to teach him some of the really cool looking moves aaaaaaaand he faceplants.  Repeatedly.  Then realises that he’s trying to run before he can walk and bows to the benefit of your expertise.
  • He wants to come along whenever you go to train, even if he just wants to watch.  He enjoys spending time with you and he thinks it’s a good bonding opportunity, especially if you’ve shown him how to execute a few of the moves.  If he practices them with you, he’s super happy but, to be honest, sunshine boy is happy just spending the time with you.
  • If the first time he saw you was at a competition, he’d be your number one cheerleader, no questions asked.  Always cheering the loudest when you win a match, ready for a pep talk if you’re needing your head screwed on and ready with open arms if you lose your match.  Doesn’t matter if you win or not.  He’s just so proud that you were able to compete.


  • Seeing you cut loose and destroy an MT would surprise him, sure, but let’s be honest, Ignis isn’t a man who’d allow himself to be distracted by it.  There’s a battle ongoing around him and it’d be silly to endanger others by allowing himself a moment’s distraction.
  • Back at camp, though?  Be prepared to have a sit down chat with him.  He’ll wants all the info.  How long have you practiced your art?  Have you ever sustained any injuries?  Do you feel ok after the fight?  Can he help you out?  Iggy is all about making sure you’re good.
  • He makes sure that you have time and space to train.  He understands that being at the top of your game means that you need to take the time to keep up with your training.  He won’t join you, he’d prefer to make sure that you have a healthy, protein infused meal waiting for you by the time you get back.
  • Is impressed by your dedication.  It takes years of hard work and sacrifice to be that good at something and there you are, still loving it as though it was your first week.
  • Would be quietly proud of you while watching you compete in Insomnia.  I can totally see him wanting to take you out afterward regardless of whether to celebrate or commiserate.  He’d just want to spend time.
  • Injured?  Expect him to bend over backwards to help you get back to 100%.  Don’t dispute it, you’ll only spur him on.


  • He’s used to being the one up front in a fight, his literal job title is SHIELD, after all.  He shields Noct, he shields you.  So you can imagine his surprise when you’re first in there.  He doesn’t try to stop you once he can see that you’re MORE than capable of holding your own and, actually, it means he can take a step back from shielding you. You can shield yourself.
  • He knows the dedication required to be at the top of your game and he’s glad that now he has someone to talk to about it.  He has to train a lot, so do you.  It’s something else you both have in common.  It takes its toll on a body, you can share your training stories - funny moments, injuries, epic fails … share!
  • Will want you to teach him how to counter your moves, in case he’s ever in a position where someone else is using them against him.  It’ll result in you kicking his ass a few times but it’s all in the name of learning something new so he’s a good sport.  When he gets it, he GETS it and it’s a job well done.
  • Like Noctis, wonders why you bothered taking the Crownsguard courses in self defence.  Wonders, too, whether Cor knew about your skills and that’s why you flew through them.  Hint; of course he knew.
  • He loves watching you compete at Insomnia competitions; king of the pre-match pep talk.  Loudest voice in the room when you win a match.  Also the loudest voice in the room if you lose a match.  Regardless, he’s all about being supportive and cheering you on.
  • Sore muscles after training?  No worries - it’s massage time!

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IM 100% FOR LUCIEN AND TARQUIN and for Elain to be the best friend who gives the two thumps up when she sees them together.

yes, yes, yes….but also Elain being the best mate/girlfriend who fucks them up when she sees them together. this is also fun. 

i can’t change the past. i can’t change the past. I can’t change the past. i can’t
change the past. i can’t change the past. I can’t change the past. i can’t change the past. i can’t change the past. I can’t change the past. i can’t change the past. i can’t change the past. I can’t change the past. i can’t change the past. i can’t change the past. I can’t change the past. i can’t change the past. i can’t change the past. I can’t change the past.

Okay Aqours officialy announced trio/duo songs and I have been thinking about this for a few hours.
Just gonna drop some of my wishes here:

You & Mari:
Loved their scene in episode 11 and I think they could sing a really funny song together but they could also make a more serious song (fitting for episode 11). Also, I low-key ship them

Chika, Kanan & You:
They are childhood friends so a song with them singing together would be really sweet? Maybe a slow nostalgic song?

Yohane & Mari:
Probably a pair many people are hoping for. Pretty sure their song would be a little bit crazy but god just imagine both of them singing a duet together.

Dia & Ruby:
Okay μ’s already covered many types of love but I think a song covering two sisters would be really sweet? Like, family love is a type of love as well.

Kanan & Mari:
I doubt that you need an explanation for this pair haha… Garasu no Hanazono No. 2

Riko, Kanan & Dia:
Don’t really know… probably because their aesthetic. I think they could make something really elegant/traditional?

Hanamaru & Ruby:
Best friends song. We never got our RinPana duet so at least give me my HanaRuby song.

Yohane & Ruby:
Fallen Angel with her little demon :’) (ft. Dia screaming in the background & Mari’s “Pretty bomber head!” )

Hanamaru & Yohane:
Did you realise by now that I just want another first year song
I think their voices would mix well with each other though I’m not sure what kind of song they would sing together?

TL;DR: I would be fine with any duo/trio. Also I hope they will come with solo songs as well.

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hey, I live in a really abusive home and I wanted to know what I should do, like my Mom keeps saying she's going to kill me, and she wants me to kms. I have no friends anymore and I'm kind of considering it? Do you have any advice that could help, I mean all I have is tumblr everything else sucks, but i really love to watch you and i really like your blog too, but what should i do?

Definitely get away from her. Thats no way to treat a child. If U don’t want to go to the police for help there must be another family member or family friend you could ask to stay with? Whatever u do dont kill urself. Some parents can be terrible but once ur 18 u can get the hell out of there and u dont need to see or speak to them ever again. Im just worried that she will legit try to kill you someday. If u think she would do that and she’s not just trying to scare you u gotta get out of there

but just imagine

Being Feyre and going to dinner with the Inner Circle the first time. Not only is this a new city, in a new body, trying to adjust to potentially leaving her fiancé, recovering from abuse, but now she has to go to dinner with a group of friends who have literally been friends for hundreds of years.

Imagine how intimidating it would be to be the new person at the table. The odd one out who has not gone through hell and back with these incredibly powerful fae. The one who doesn’t share their secrets.

But they are so kind and welcoming to her, they all do their best to make sure she is comfortable and I just love them all so much.

If Mor and Az and Cassian and Amren don’t end up happy at the end of ACOWAR, I’m going to have a literal cow.