i would be friends with them

one of the reasons im so shitty at talking to people is because i can’t believe that im someone people want to talk to as opposed to them feeling like im an obligation so when people message me i always think that ignoring them would relieve us both of the burden

What’s the worst thing you can do, to your very best friends? Tell them your darkest secret. Because if you tell them and they decide they’d rather not know, you can’t take it back, you can’t unsay it. Once you open your heart, you can’t close it again

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Why is it so important for fans if the girls wishes HBD to Camila? I mean, zayn days ago had his birthday and the only one was Liam who wished him HBD publicly but doesn't mean the others didn't. Not everything has to be publicly. I mean Lauren once said she texted her a hbd but then did it publicly. So I think fans should calm down and let the drama some other place. It's fucking 2017

It’s because the fandom is used to big birthday messages between the girls via social medias since the very beginning of the group - I think the whole thing also comes from the fact that most of the fandom is barely starting to get around the idea that the 5H we knew is now gone, so they’re trying to hold on to little things, the little interactions we might still have between the 5 of them. It would also reassure a lot of fans that the girls are still indeed friends - I don’t think it’s so much about drama this time, but more about the hope of witnessing that friendship again - at least it’s the case for me, even though I’m pretty sure they still all are in good terms and that they’ll obviously wish Camz a happy birthday in person or via phone call, it would still make me really happy to read a ridiculously long wonderfully sweet birthday message from the girls.

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Do any of your students know you have this blog? And what would you do if a student came up to you and asked you about it and told you they follow you?

Nope, I haven’t been found out yet, haha! If they did, though, in all honesty I would tell them that I think it’s awesome that they’re enjoying the comic and that I appreciate the support.

But I’m really hoping that doesn’t happen. As fun as it would be to be able to talk with them about the comic, they’re not my friends - they’re my students. And I’m not their friend - I’m their teacher. It’s really hard to explain without going way the heck into too much detail but it’s really, really probably better that they don’t know :) At least while they’re still my students.

My sophomores already got me to agree to playing Minecraft with them after they graduate so maybe I’ll bring it up then haha.

The link to the post is here <– 

This post gave me a lot of inspiration so I wrote a Drarry Valentine’s Day in 4 Shorts: 

Guess what, Draco?

The Great Hall was alive with excited chatter as Valentine’s Day approached. Draco noticed that even Pansy and Blaise seemed to have perked up, sharing looks with each other and no doubt gossiping about who would be getting together come the 14th. It all seemed far too repetitive for Draco to take notice in, he had his assumptions also but it was futile to share those thoughts with his friends. That would encourage them to talk to him about their gossip, and he was far too above that.

           ‘What about you, Draco?’ Asked Blaise, the Slytherin Prince hadn’t been paying attention to their conversation in the slightest. He had been catching up on homework mostly, and attempting not to glance at a well-known Gryffindor while musing to himself.

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unpopular opinion: jinki is a bad leader (i mean i think ppl who actually believe this need some Help... but just please enlighten us!!)

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

( here’s what i said when told that jinki shouldn’t have won the leader award in ‘15.)

if i were going to whittle every moment where jinki has shown his strength as a leader, broadly or through nuance, it would be this moment.

because he & jonghyun are friends.  every ship in shinee sails at least as a bromance because at the most basic, fundamental level they’re friends.  there’s a comfort that exists between them all that is beyond chronological familiarity & comfort to varying degrees of genuine compatibility.

but this is is not jonghyun & his friend jinki.  this jonghyun & his leader, the only hyung he has on the team, & while age is not of great consideration for jonghyun when making friends maybe this time it was.  maybe this time he needed someone older than him to hold his hand & let him know that it’ll be ok because they’re there & they’re not relying on him to be strong.  there’s a difference between being allowed to cry because they can’t stop you anyway & being allowed to cry because they know it’s what you need & this feels like the latter.

jinki gave up the stage to hold his band member’s hand so that he could cry without looking at the crowd & for just a moment be the one being held.  that’s leadership.  that’s knowing what your member needs & giving it to them & sacrificing your own wants/needs to do so.

“[an ideal adult/senior] is someone who takes care of the staff around them.  rather than someone who displays their adult/senior position, i think someone who invisibly does things, without anyone’s knowledge is great.“ - taemin 

this is how it is now. you jumped into my life and i had no control until suddenly i did. you were everything i wanted but it was just an illusion. we were tangled in the sheets from dusk to dawn and i would have given you so much of me.

this is how it is now. we were so beautiful for such a short amount of time. we were beautiful until you gave up. immaturity is a blockade of its own.

this is how it is now. things change. clocks don’t stop ticking.

i watch your mutual friends rotate from you to me. i watch you avoid my existence. it feels like knives.

i watch you smile when you are with them. i watch you laugh. you are not thinking of me. it feels like ice.

i have been through this before. i think about you out of habit. you’re the one at every intersection, you’re the one in the back of my head. you are painful.

but i have also been through the recovery. it will stop. the pain will stop. the memories will become vague. space and silence will fill the awkward voids and the unplanned glances.

one day you will smile at me in the hallway and it will not sting anymore. my sunshine will radiate. you will regret letting me go, i will be long gone, but we will be civil. we will be at peace. it will not hurt.

time. we just have the give it time


aww thanks! i watched that movie about 800 times as a child so it probably shows

tbh im always confused about what “furry art” actually is cause i get a lot of comments like this. like i’ll be drawing anthropomorphic animals which as far as i’m aware is the exact definition of a furry but people will be like “oh they’re cute though, they’re not really furries.”
so i’m always just like ?????? is it only Furry Art if i’m doing like, don bluth style inflation fetish wolf drawings?? several of my friends are legit befursuited furry artists and none of them would touch that shit with a 30 foot pole so like. what is the truth. what is furrys. its 3am

My friend is about to publish her first book and I’m just




Like holy shit

I was around when she was posting this story chapter by chapter daily on our Dreamwidth community

I was around to watch her weave this plot

To see her fuck with us by taking elements of our theorizing and weaving them into the coming chapters. Just because she could.

I’ve been here since the first chapter was posted. Something I read on a whim, and I’ll never regret that choice. Because if I hadn’t clicked that link? I’d not only have missed out on reading a great story, but I would have missed out on meeting one of my best friends. 

And now, nearly two years later, I’m going to get to hold a copy of that story on my hands.

Let’s just take a moment...

Can we just take a moment to realize how much these boys are changing and are coming out of their shells???

Jungkook is not exactly known to be very social with people that he does not know and would rather be alone or just stick around his hyungs. And he even said in that VLive a couple of months back that his only friend in this industry was Yugeom. But now, all I have been seeing is how more outgoing he is. Obviously, I don’t expect him to never be shy again but seeing him interact with other people around his age makes me happy and proud. Don’t get me wrong, I love when he and the other BTS members spend time with each other but I personally think that it would be healthy for them to have their own sets of friends outside of their group.

Same thing can be said about the other 97′ liners, especially Minghao. Bambam and Yugeom don’t seem to be as intimidated by strangers or shy but the Seventeen boys can be quiet at times and keep to themselves. But seeing that Minghao and Mingyu are now socializing with idols is endearing. As a fan, all I can wish is that ALL OF THEM continue to become more comfortable and outgoing when it comes to talking to new/different people and develop new friendships!

I am looking forward to the day that Jungkook says that he has a GROUP of FRIENDS that he can go bowl with!

Dress Blues

Clementine’s shoulders clenched under the weight of bad weather and heavy fabric. It was only the second time she had worn this coat, and it was new and stiff. Her fingers pulled at the hem until her mother’s frowning eye caught the movement. Two years’ absence hadn’t diminished the power of maternal disapprobation.

The women stood next to each other. Not quite a wall against the elements, but something like a fence in need of repair, tattered after a recent storm. A full collapse might be imminent, but no one in attendance would have known from looking at them.

When it was over, they kissed family, hugged friends and shook the hands of strangers until both had worn craters in the phrase thank you for coming. It was late when they were able to sit in the car and close their eyes for a bit as the driver took them home.

“The jacket looks good on you. He showed the picture you sent to everyone. He was very proud.”

“I know, Mom.” Clem stopped fidgeting with her cuffs and took her mother’s hand. “I know.”


man can it become like a social norm for ppl to directly tell their friends when they lose interest in them instead of sticking around out of pity or just slowly paying them less and less attention bc that would rlly help the crushing paranoia that everyone i care about hates me all hours of the day

I need everyones advice for a moment. I am texting this online guy. He is gay so no ‘shipping’ us.

We used to be very good friends. He was a fan of my blog and messages me a lot therefore we spoke quite often to the point where I wanted to message him and tell him what happened and shit like that.

So then I started noticing that he didn’t appreciate me having success in general. He didn’t like it when one of my post went Tumblr viral and he didn’t like the attention other blogs were giving me.

I decided to make him meet my online friends at that point but he never got really close with any of them. When I asked him if I could meet his he told me that that would be weird.

Later on (today) we got into an argument and he told me that all of his real friends think I am weird.

I will tell more about that later, moving on:

Every time I wanted to help him with his blogs he would gladly accept my help but it would always end up in an argument because he felt like I was way better than him and that I was pushing him around (When I was literally just giving tips and advice at that time) so we had a huge fall out when we decided to make a roleplay blog together.

Some of you might remember that because I posted about it on here. He deleted the blog we made together and we didn’t speak for two months until he started messaging me again about how his grandmother was sick. I didn’t reply at first but I felt bad and so I told him that I would give him another chance.

Two weeks later we decided to make a roleplay blog again and things went great until the day everything was finished. He got mad again because he had changed something I worked hours on and I didn’t approve of the thing he changed because it didn’t make any sense anymore (the storyline).

In all of his anger he managed to delete MY roleplay blog again and he told me to kill myself. He quickly recovered and told me that he wanted to kill himself and that the 'kill yourself’ message was directed to him and not me. He said that I was his only friend so I contacted his mother through facebook and she didn’t care.

I know that that 'kill yourself’ message was directed to me and not him because later on he said it again. Anyway, we have made up again but he is constantly disrespecting me and I can’t lie, I am not the best friend for him anymore as well because of everything that happened.

Back to the whole online friend thing: he told me that I was his only friend yet now he is claiming that his 30+ rl friends all think I am weird and honestly I don’t know what to do with him anymore?

We constantly shade each-other and it is kind off toxic? But I don’t want to take the risk (what if he is really all alone and I am his only friend?) I don’t want to leave him alone because he is a good guy and he can be a good friend.

On The Balcony - Dan Howell X Reader

Hey guys, this is later than promised, sorry! I still have no requests… :’) Anyway this is a cute little fluff loosely based off Modern Baseball’s song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfdrSF-bWLs How Do I Tell A Girl I Want To Kiss Her, I highly recommend listening to it while you read or before/after or whatever. Tell me if you want a part two…enjoy! :) <3

Warning: CHEESY AS hecK, a little cursing

It was a cool house party filled with some friends of yours and some of the most popular faces on YouTube, due to your friend Luke inviting them all, but your mind was far away. Things were always this way, people would bore you, so your imagination and your brain were your escape. You were getting lost in your mind again, until when on your way to the kitchen to poor yourself another drink you bumped into someone.

His voice was soft and somewhat familiar, “Sorry.”

You look up at him and as your eyes meet his all the awkward tension seemed to melt off of him, and it looks as if he is searching for something in your face. Weird. “No, I’m sorry, I ought to have been paying attention.”

You walk past him and continue on your way, but he turns around and starts following you. “What’s your name?”

“Excuse me?”

“I was, uh, wondering if I could get your name.”

You both finally get to your destination and you begin to fill your red solo cup again. “Um, it’s Y/N. My name is Y/N.”

“Well, it’s nice to meet you Y/N. I’m Dan.”

You take a sip then look back at him, raising an eyebrow. “Danisnotonfire?”

He chuckles and smirks, “So you watch my channel?”

You reply with a smug grin, “No, but my best friend does, and she’s obsessed. You better run, before I go get her.”

You begin to leave the room and he starts to follow you again, blushing with embarrassment. “Sorry, that was a bit pretentious of me.”

“Yeah it was.. Why are you still following me?”

You start to walk up the stairs, and he still follows. “You just give off such an incredible vibe and ohmygod that was probably a weird thing to say-”

“It was odd but honestly seemed like a lame attempt to charm me, didn’t work Howell.” You look down at him for a second and smirk, then continue up the stairs.

He laughs, “So you do know a little about me, that’s not fair.”

You both go out the sliding glass door on the second floor, and out onto the small balcony. “Why is that not fair?”

“I want to know everything about you Y/N, and you got a head start on me.” He takes place next to you, and you both look out at the stars. “Why did you come out here?”

“Just needed some fresh air. Why do you want to know about me?”

He looks at you. “I don’t know actually, but something about you seems so extraordinary.”

You look back at him and laugh, but then bite your lip in an attempt to hide your smile. “You couldn’t be more wrong.”

“Why don’t you think so?”

You look back out at the sky. “I’m not like you Dan, I have no big accomplishments, I have no awards and I certainly don’t have millions of people who care about me and my life. I’m like every other normal person in this world.” He turns his body towards yours and leans against the railing.

“I’m still simply a person, Y/N. I am no more special than you, we’re equals even if we’re different.”

It’s your turn to turn and face him, giving a sad laugh. “You don’t know me, you don’t know what I’ve done, and you don’t know what I’ve been through.”

“But Y/N I want to know.”

You felt your cheeks begin to flush with mild agitation. “What makes you any different from anyone else who has wanted to know? What makes you any different from my old best friend who learned all there is to know then told everyone? How would you be any different than my ex who learned it all and used it against me? I’ve been through some shit Howell, and I don’t want to go through it again. I don’t have to to know what will happen.”

You face the railing again and look up at the moon. “I’m sorry, Y/N.”

You sigh, “I guess I blew that out of proportion. People usually all turn out to seem the same to me.”

“What is it you want Y/N?”

This caught you slightly off guard, “What do you mean?”

“What do you want Y/N? Do you want me to be your new best friend? Or do you want me to be your new boy-”

“Look Dan, you’re really nice but I think you misinterpreted what I meant.”

“But I’m still asking,” he turns to face the railing as well, and looks up at the moon with you, “what is it you want, you want the moon? Just say the word and I’ll throw a lasso around it and pull it down for you.”

You laugh and look at him, “So when the charm runs out you quote old, cheesy movies?”

“I had no charm to begin with, and actually I am very awkward and have raging social anxiety and use self depreciation and peace signs as a coping mechanism, but with you,” he looks at you and gives a bashful smile, “with you talking comes naturally. That’s how I can tell you are extraordinary.”

You look away and awkwardly laugh,blushing. “I want to get to know you too, Dan.”

Suddenly his friend Phil that you also recognized because of your friend emerged through the balcony door, “Hey Dan, I hope I’m not interrupting but I’d like to leave. Everyone’s lovely but not when at this level of intoxication..”

Dan laughed at his friend’s comment and you turned to face him. “Can I get your number?”

You decided to let your witty, cold demeanor from before reappear, “Mmm, not now. But if I do want to get in touch you have millions of followers online, it won’t be very hard to find you.”

You winked, and he giggled, “Okay, then I do hope to hear from you soon Y/N.”

Then he was gone, and from then on you couldn’t look at the moon without thinking about what he said.

“I want to know everything about you Y/N.”

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Jack and Felix have to share a hotel room and while one of them is showering the other hears some strange noises

-quick fic i promised myself this would be a quick fic

[skip all the hesitation on jacks part and he’s in the bathroom]


Jack’s hand still hovered by the doorknob as he made eye contact with his friend. Felix’s wet hair was pushed out of his face slowly, his face bright red, hand still wrapped around his length. 

Jack swallowed thickly.

“J-Jack, what’re you-” Felix stumbled over his words, the water still falling over his shoulders as the pair continued to stare at each other. 

“I-I heard somethin’..” Jack mumbled, his eyes quickly darting down to the floor as he came to his senses. “S-so I..fuck, I don’t know what I was thinking..”

There was a painful silence between them before Jack heard Felix laugh quietly. Bewildered, Jack looked up to see what he found so funny. 

“So..are you gonna take you clothes off and join me? Or are you gonna just stand there and make this more awkward?” 

Jack didn’t need to be asked twice. In a matter of seconds his shirt, jeans and boxers were on the floor and he was stepping into the shower. 

This was something he’d only ever dreamed about, where he’d wake up at 2am in a cold sweat and with a serious hard on. 

He looked up into Felix’s glassy eyes, his bottom lip being pulled between his teeth. A sly smile spread on his friend’s face as he leaned over and closed the space between them. Jack’s hands went up to Felix’s neck, their chests pressing together. 

Jack could feel himself losing all sense of being as Felix kissed him.  The hot water ran down the sides of his face as he pulled away, completely breathless. Felix’s hands were on his waist, fingers digging into his hips. 

“You look beyond hot right now.” he mumbled, kissing Jack again. He picked him up, grabbing his thighs harshly and pressing him against the shower wall. Jack threw his head back, hands pushing through his friend’s hair as Felix began to leave hickeys. 

“F-fuck, Fe’..” he whined, toes curling. 

“Glad you came in here, aren’t you?”

-[im sorry this isnt even good but i really wanted to post it augh]

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I'm,, not sure if u know this but agsjdkfj my friend (best friend) she would die for ur art and also marry u. So please. Keep making it? And U must b a lovely person to make such lovely things and to share them with so many people. your art inspires me to create my own and have courage. I love u too. ⚡️🌈 may the powers of gay and trans keep u safe 💋🐶

ohmygod???? brb sobbing
thank you both very much??? I’ll definitely continue making art if it can inspire and help others!! I hope you have a wonderful week (’v’ )
(and tell your friend she’s too good for me, she deserves better adfjdajklf)

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You Promised me Forever

A/N: Something that happened when I couldn’t sleep… Thanks for betaing this @thorne93.

Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: All the ANGST. Character death.

Wordcount: 730

*not my GIF*

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I have never believed in love, at least not in this life, not as a hunter. The few people I’ve known to have that has lost it, brutally, bloody. No, I have never believed in love, not until the day I met Dean Winchester.

It started for us with a simple arrangement, a kind of friends with benefits deal where we would share a night of passion and comfort whenever we worked a case together. After a while it evolved to texts and phonecalls, and one day we found ourselves going out of our way to spend some time together. I worked more and more cases with the Winchester brothers and within a year of our first night together I found myself living in the bunker with them.

I knew long before then that I loved him, maybe I even knew after that first night, but much like Dean I didn’t think I deserved love. We struggled with findinding our pace me and him. Equally stubborn, equally broken by this life. But somehow we managed and we found what we needed, what we had longed for, in each other. It was like the pieces of our broken souls fit perfectly together.

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