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An original skeptic
I’ve been a skeptic from the very beginning. At the French Open, he had more interest in his tiny ice cream than the woman seated next to him. All those photos looked like they had a polite disinterest in each other. Like they were on a bad blind date.
Then that first pap outside of the restaurant (Quagalinos? Something like that) he looked less than happy, but I would be unhappy too if I had cameras flashing in my face, so it seemed reasonable he wasn’t happy in the photos. But what seemed strange to me was the pic of S in the car on her phone. It wasn’t through the glass window like the paps had swarmed the car. And it wasn’t through the open door either. The picture is quite clearly taken through a closed door, open window. That seemed more than a bit strange to me. Especially since her near window is rolled up.
When I heard BC was engaged, I thought that seemed to come way out of left field. But it was in the Times, so it couldn’t be a mistake, right?
But wait, engaged to who? A quick Google brought up the Quaglino pics. Her? The French Open woman? The tiny ice cream looked warmer to BC’s attentions than she did. But, again, ‘it was in the papers so it must be true’ (ahem, thanks, Moriarty.) Googling her full name brought up a handful of “articles” including several cringey ‘why Sophie Hunter is amazing’ 'look how accomplished Sophie Hunter is’ 'isn’t Benedict LUCKY to have snagged such a smart, amazing woman?’ I thought that was HELLA strange. Why the fuck would a grown ass woman be getting this teen beat-esque listicle trash? Especially one that’s supposedly a serious avant garde auteur type.
But whatever. I shook my head, let it go and went about my life.
Then their first outing. The SECOND I saw a pic of them together, I knew something was terribly wrong. Benedict did not look happy or in love. At. All. We know how he looks when he’s happy. He radiates joy. There was nothing even close to happiness in those pics.
I guessed it was for publicity. It’s pretty common in show biz. BC had never seemed the type for that sort of thing before, but then I realized it was for the Oscar season. I found out how Harvey Weinstein liked to run an Oscar campaign. I knew then Benedict had little choice. I knew it was bad.
I just didn’t know how bad things were and how terribly, horribly, wretchedly wrong things would become.
She planned this. She manipulated and schemed and plotted this out. Those cringey “articles” went live on the web the SAME DAY the Times printed the engagement announcement. If they were actual journalists digging up who she was, they would not have had those up with all that info on the same day. They were planned and written in advance and scheduled to go live when the announcement did so people would have something to find when they googled her name. It was all her PR. She has put a man through hell for her own profit because of her own selfishness.
So… yeah, I’ve been a skeptic from the very very beginning. And I’m pissed it’s gone on this long.
But I believe Benedict Cumberbatch possesses a singular talent. And despite the literal hell he’s lived in, he has produced excellent work. So I’m still his fan despite everything, including his moronic PR insulting his female fans. Because his work is amazing, I continue to support him and believe in him. It’s as simple as that.

An Embarrassment of Riches

While I’m telling you every day that I have a new book, my friends in the publishing world are knocking it out of the park, and this fall especially seems like an explosion of activity.  The links are to Amazon for quick reference, but keep an eye out for these in stores and anywhere you like to get books.  To have a new book in fall 2016 feels like I’m on a championship team.  So I want to tell you what is up!

Cat Rackham by Steve Wolfhard

Cat Rackham is the beloved creation of a much loved cartoonist, and I’m over the moon that this book is coming out.  Steve is a shining star of talent and his stories are full of feeling and humour and I can’t say enough good things about them.  Basically everyone I know is pumped that a Cat Rackham book is finally here.  Of course Koyama Press is publishing this book, because they publish the best.

Leave Me Alone by Vera Brosgol

To be a fan of Vera’s work is inevitable, all you have to do is look at something she made and you wish you made it yourself, then you follow everything she makes like a lost puppy.  This book is so bright and funny and sassy and perfect, just perfect.  And we all need some alone time, I feel that grandma. I still need alone time and I work from my house.  

Burt’s Way Home by John Martz

I love this book.  A little boy with a big imagination and a story taking on the joy of that imagination along with the sadness of life, while the reader figures out what is really on his mind, where Burt is trying to get to.  It is a beautiful book.

Romeo and/or Juliet by Ryan North

This came out in the summer but I didn’t mention it much then, so I am making up for lost time.  Ryan’s humour is among my most favourites, witty and clever and irreverent but always welcoming and fun.  

Rolling Blackouts by Sarah Glidden

Sarah is one of my girls, of ole Pizza Island, famed Brooklyn studio that I miss terribly.  I used to watch her work and listen to her talk about it, and her dedication to telling very human stories while always concerning herself about how to tell them right, for what purpose should she tell them, how to do it best, etc - I’ve always been impressed.  She frames people’s voices beautifully in a journalistic sense, while using her own to guide you through the narrative with warmth, humour, empathy.

We Found a Hat by Jon Klassen

This book needs maybe the least introduction as Jon is the current picture book king even though he would hate that I said that.  The “hat” books were always going to be a trilogy, so here is the final instalment at last.  I’ve seen the way Jon works on picture books and I have never seen anyone apply so much theory, of image and text and idea, into it, so no wonder his books are such gems.  He’s like, “I think this book is about the nature of human relationships” and I’m like “my book is about a farting horse.”

Du Iz Tak? by Carson Ellis

When I met Carson Ellis, I had been such a fan for such a long time that I tried to play it cool but I sincerely doubt it read that way in person, because I was probably sweaty-palming that handshake with a dose of nervous cackling and stammering.  She’s the greatest.  At Book Expo America where all the fall books were previewed last spring, I sent my friend Seth to go look at this book and he made a dotted line to her table and then a dotted line back to me and said I LOVE THIS BOOK in one fluid motion.  You will love it too.

Octopus Pie by Meredith Gran

Not a fall release but a continuing one, this is, in my opinion, which is the correct opinion, the greatest comic series out there right now.  I am ravenously reading every Octopus Pie update as the web series draws to a close and Meredith delivers her master strokes of storytelling, which floor me consistently.  But the books are there to love forever!  Another Pizza Islander being the greatest.  

Why #GamerGate and #NotYourShield Matter To Me: A Personal Rant

Less than a month ago I was talking about 2014 being a roller coaster ride. 2014 isn’t over, and I’ve determined it’s not a roller coaster ride. It’s Hollywood’s Tower of Terror. Up and down. Up and down. Uuuupp. DOWN! It hasn’t stopped. And not just days after the death of Robin Williams, did another thing have to rear its ugly head: gamer drama.

Part of me wants to avoid mentioning HER name at all costs, and the other part of me wants to just stand up and say, “No, fuck you, I can talk about this if I want.” But in the last few weeks, I actually feel like I’ve grown up a bit… so I will avoid mentioning her name… to an extent. This started over someone’s lack of morals. This started over a jilted ex-lover deciding to make things worse by spreading drama around. This started over petty bullshit. 

But it was a spark that erupted an ever burning flame.

This woman’s inability to be faithful, and this man’s inability to keep private matters private, started chaos in the gaming community that has not died down despite it being almost a full month of this drama. Drama revolving around gaming journalists and their inability to handle criticism and conflict. Drama that has revealed a gross corruption that many thought, including myself, was exclusive only to “real life” news. 

I was a fool. I was ignorant. I should have known better.

For years, I had been following and becoming friends with people that were very feminist, and very social justice. To me, there was nothing wrong with anything they were saying. I felt there was a grave injustice to women in the gaming world. Some tweeted vile things that, at the time, I laughed at. I laughed at the people they tried to make fun of. I laughed at the people they called “fedora hats.” 

I was becoming the same type of person that made fun of me for my entire school life…

A bully.

Before this GamerGate stuff happened, I was starting to become conflicted with myself. Yes, there are very obvious problems in gaming involving women and minorities… but I started to make a lot of friends that were developers in the gaming world… and they weren’t like the people my social justice friends were making them out to be. They were men… they were women. They were people. Real people.

So when GamerGate started happening, near the beginning, I was conflicted even more. This woman did something terrible… and it revealed a lot of problems in the gaming journalism scene. I was angry. I felt betrayed. I felt like now women would never be taken seriously. That the only way for a woman to progress in the gaming industry was to sleep with journalists and developers for favors. Was this truly how people will see women now?

I felt she brought it upon herself.

And that very thought brought my world crashing down on me.

Suddenly, to my social justice friends, I became an enemy. “You need to back off,” one said. When I tried to push the conversation, when I tried to get answers from another side, he only replied, “What part of ‘back off’ do you not understand?”

It hurt. More than anything, it hurt. This one person in particular I had gone out of my way to help them after they lost their job for their own opinion. For a brief moment, I wanted to cry… and then I became enraged. This…”friend”… speaking to me like I was the same kind of person they constantly spoke down on. 

And I realized something: They were never a friend.

Friends do not tell you to shut up. Friends do not threaten you or stand over you. 

I didn’t back off. I was mad. I wanted answers, and I wasn’t getting them from the people I thought I could trust over someone else. I didn’t care about this woman. I cared about what this woman revealed. I wanted to know why. Why were people being censored? Banned? This whole thing was exploding and my “friends” were turning on me for wanting to know why. 

The only people that were willing to provide answers was the “bad guys.” And because this one side considered the other side “bad people” then anything they ever said didn’t matter. At all. They were insulted. They were ignored. They were accused of being trolls. They were accused of vile things simply because they disagreed with another side. My whole world was being thrown around like a pair of shoes in a dryer. 

But I wanted to know what was going on. More people started talking about a deeper corruption in the gaming journalism scene… then corruption in the actual indie game scene… 



Woah, what?

Gamers are evil? Kotaku, Polygon, and dozens more sites suddenly talking about how bad a gamer is? What was going on?  These sites are supposed to be FOR gamers! When did turning on your audience become something that wasn’t basically shooting yourself in the goddamn foot?

All that was going on in my head was, “WHAT IS GOING ON!?”

… and when I try to share what I thought was information, more and more people began to belittle me. They attacked me for “falling into the troll trap” more or less. They accused me of sharing information that they compared to be similar to the anti-vacc, conspiracy theorist kind of information. 

These people that I have been friends with, people I had been following for over five years, thought so little of me that they thought I would be easily brainwashed by people I didn’t know. That I wouldn’t research anything on my own. That I took people’s words for as they are instead of thinking for myself.

…and they were right… 

I was doing that… 

…with them. 

I let my social justice friends make me think that the gaming industry was against me. I let them make me think that I was no body. I let them make me think that, as a woman, I wouldn’t go anywhere. 

I let them make me think the world was against me.

My “friends” didn’t respect me. They never did. I was nothing to them… 

I was a fool.

The last few weeks have been an eye opener for me. I’ve sat alone in my room and thought about the last few years. Thought about these people I considered friends saying the most vile, mean shit to people they didn’t know online. They would go out of their way to find people that they knew would disagree with them and start fights with people.

They started fights with people they didn’t know over twitter. 

GODDAMN, I was stupid. I’m almost thirty years old, and I let myself fall back into the same shit that my sister and dozens of little kids do over Facebook. Total strangers, people I never knew. Why? 

I never wanted to start fights with people. I didn’t want to be mean. I felt uncomfortable so many times these last few years as I watched my “friends” name call strangers over hashtags. Armchair activists. Fourth wave feminists… 

GamerGate and NotYourShield matter to me… because I know now… The Industry isn’t against me. It never was. There are very, very clear issues with women and minorities in gaming, but it’s not a huge pile of shit that I was lead to believe. 

I’m sorry to the people I made fun of. I’m sorry to the people I argued with over Twitter about women in the gaming industry.

I want to make something very clear: I’m still a feminist. There are still social injustice in this world… but there are other ways to work with this that doesn’t involve getting on a social network platform and name calling.

I end this with a quote that was very recently tweeted by an artist I follow:

“A life filled with silly social drama and gossip indicates that a person is disconnected from purpose and lacking meaningful goals. People on a path of purpose don’t have time for drama.” - Brendon Burchard

I have not lived by this quote, and it’s time that I do. It’s time I give myself a new purpose. I need to focus on art. I need to focus on the positive aspects of my life. 

It’s time for me to grow up… even if that means leaving behind people I once cared for.

I have something to say about this 5sos nonsense, even though it doesn’t matter at this point because the fandom is on fire:

I am currently in college to become a journalist for magazines such as Rolling Stone or Alternative Press – aka where the music is at. At the same time, I am also an avid fan fiction writer and I’ve been at that for about eight or nine years now… In saying this, I have one conclusion: THAT ARTICLE IS A FAKE. I’ve read Rolling Stone for years and while they’ve had shitty articles, there’s nothing as terrible as that one unless they hired a 14 year-old to make up imagines that would piss everyone off – especially Luke girls. There is no way in hell that that article is the real deal. Yes, I know that Michael’s not “confirming” it or whatever, but that is the biggest piece of trash that I’ve ever read in a magazine that’s supposed to have some of the best music journalists in the world.

If you’re still reading, then I’ll tell you how I know this: Journalism is very distinguished and every little detail is key. It’s most likely that RS follows the Associated Press Stylebook which I have studied at this point. Everything about that article is wrong and you’d know this information by reading articles as much as I do and if you know anything about AP style.

Second, as a future journalist and fan fiction writer, I know that the term “devilish grin” only pops up in the latter. There’s no way in hell that something like that would pop up in Rolling Stone. It would be written out in a way that I can’t even describe instead of half-assing the whole gesture. Another thing is this: Unless a band member is married or engaged, there’s usually a very slim to zero chance that they’d mention a three month-old relationship and go into detail about the girl. Most of this shit is written in a way that would only turn people against Luke, assuming that some fan is pissed off about A… Yo, I’m not even going to attempt to spell her name, but you get the gist, right.

TL;DR: This shit’s made up. Stop worrying and wait for the real article to come out next month. If this leaked shit is the real article (which, by the way, shouldn’t have been leaked because it’s Rolling fucking Stone) then you’re allowed to call me out on my nonsense.

  • Gamers: hey you can't be a gamer cause you don't play x amount of games a day and you haven't played y game and only play z games
  • Journalists: gamers are terrible
  • Gamers: whoa what! Everyone who plays games is a gamer so like, who do you expect to read stuff like this? The title of gamer applies to everyone when it's convenient to me so I can't believe journalists would insult their entire demographic better blackmail them and pull their advertising

anonymous asked:

I wish fans would just unfollow those Tom blogs. There are really some good ones out there that aren't looking to find some dirt on Taylor to justify her success.

I don’t think unfollowing is necessary, but it is strange to me to see that some are throwing a fit about my response to the content of that terrible article - an article that some appeared to be taking for fact rather than for what it is: the opinion of bitter journalist who did not get the access to Taylor’s private world that she so desperately wanted. 

If any of you think my responding to Zhora was a “diss” to Tom fans or an attempt to push them into thinking a certain way about Taylor, you’re wrong. I will, however, stand up for what I feel is right and will speak up when I see needless hate being thrown around about someone that I respect dearly. I know that they would do and have done the same for Tom.  And guess what? I don’t judge them for it in the slightest. I don’t patronize them as obsessive fanatics. I don’t try to belittle them for their love of a celebrity. But for some odd reason, I see that attitude and behavior being dolled out either directly or passive aggressively towards Taylor’s fans. It’s bullshit and it needs to stop. No one, and no fandom, on tumblr dot com is superior to another. 

My honest opinion is that they are frustrated with their fandom and with the way Tom has been thrust into the spotlight with Taylor’s current media narrative. But that narrative is neither Tom nor Taylor’s fault. What I see happening is a resignation of sorts - it is easier to hate Taylor than it is to defend her and Tom’s relationship. It’s easier to buy into the force-fed narrative from people like Eve Barlow than it is to do the research that proves otherwise. These people have no investment in Taylor, so they do not care to learn anything about her kindness and philanthropy. That’s their prerogative. Just like it’s our prerogative to speak up if we notice that something is factually incorrect or grossly misconstrued. I have not and will never insult Tom’s fans. It is not on my desire, nor is it my intention. However, if my speaking up for what I believe in is considered by them to be an insult, they will remain insulted and that is out of my control.  I have nothing against any of them. They do not have to like Taylor, but I will remain open to learning about Tom, just like I have been since the start of their relationship.

Complications: Part 6

MERRY (LATE) CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE!! I had to do some thinking for this chapter, but I think I have it all figured out! Enjoy! (You can find this story on AO3 here)

It was finally Friday, everyone’s favorite day of the week. It was also the day Alya was going to pry some answers out of Marinette, who hasn’t been herself the past few days. Luckily, today’s class consisted of watching a documentary of French fashion and its history, giving the reporter a chance to start digging.

“Ok, spill girl,” Alya quietly prodded her best friend, poking her in her side.

“What? What are you talking about?” Marinette asked raising an eyebrow.

Alya folded her arms and shook her head in disapproval. “You know exactly what I’m talking about! You’ve been acting weird all week! You’ve been falling asleep in class, you’re doodling in your notebook more than usual with this…daydream kind-of look on your face, Adrien has actually been talking to you and you’re not freaking out at all! What is up with you?” Even with the lights off in the room, Alya could still see a light blush spread across Marinette’s face.

Keep reading