i would at least get the quotes correct

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So if I read that Out quote right, Ben basically admitted to a gay magazine that he experimented in school and it was no biggie (am I correct? I know quotes can be misleading sometimes) and people still think he's totally straight? I know experimentation doesn't automatically = queer but it at least makes the idea he COULD be queer in some way less ~shocking u know? People get all up in arms if u so much as suggest this but yea. I would be more shocked if he was 100% straight but that's just me

(Nonny is referencing this quote)

Pretty much.  What I find amusing is the line right before that quote the interviewer says “[Ben] claims to have been oblivious to the kind of sexual antics for which English boarding schools are supposedly notorious.”  And literally the very next line, Ben shows he was actually quite aware of it. So he knows on one level he’s not supposed to admit to it, and on the other, well, he’s repeatedly described himself as “unable to keep [his] mouth shut”, especially when he starts rambling, and hence a “PR nightmare”.

And yes, for anyone who didn’t pick up on it by the name, OUT is a magazine for the gay community.