i would apologise but i'm not sorry

Hey, America? An open letter from a Christian.

I’d really appreciate if you took a moment to read this. Get to the end, read with an open mind and listen to what I’m saying before murdering me.

Your new President appears to support Christianity. That’s fine. Bashing other religions? That is not okay. I’m sorry, you guys don’t deserve that disrespect.

His party’s beliefs appear to be very conservative, and some of the things that Mike Pence believes in are crazy conservative.

Can I make some arguments, here? I am a Christian. I have conservative(ish) beliefs. I don’t smoke, won’t have sex before marriage and don’t really drink that much. But you know what? Those are my beliefs. If you want to get drunk then go sleep around, that’s your call, it doesn’t affect me. All I’ll do is make sure you’re safe, make sure you’re consenting and make sure you get home alright. My beliefs don’t have any effect on your choices and I won’t make you live by my standards.

A lot of Christians believe that same sex relationships are wrong. Personally, I am not making a judgement call on this, it’s not my position to decide. Either way, whether someone supports your choice or not, they shouldn’t judge you or treat you any different. EVEN IF a Christian thinks a gay relationship is wrong (just hear me out), that shouldn’t change a thing. They should still treat you the same, love you, support you, be your friend. I have gay friends, bi friends, ace friends, trans friends, I don’t act any different towards them. Everyone is a person. Everyone is worthy of love. We’re all equal.

If a ‘Christian’ attacks you for your beliefs or tries to force their views on you, they’re not representing our God correctly. Literally, our second most important commandment is “love your neighbour as yourself”. Love, respect and empathy are core to our belief, so if someone hates you for what you’re doing, please do not think it’s because of their faith. That is their personal issue. They’ve got some ‘I’m high and mighty coz I’m a good person bow to me trolololo” complex going on. 

We do not have the right to treat anyone as lesser than ourselves. No right. Whatsoever. No matter what. Never. “But what about-” NO. Shush. Love your neighbour. It doesn’t say “unless they do this thing”. Have a look at Jesus’ lifestyle, okay? He loved hanging out with criminals, prostitutes, tax collectors and beggars. He didn’t bash them, he didn’t spit on their life. He had dinner with them. Do y’all wanna come have dinner with me? I don’t have social meals enough so I’d love that! Someone bring the pie.

To the LGBTQ+ community, I am so, so sorry for all the hate you get. I promise with all my heart that that is not what my religion is about. I cried when I heard about the shootings this year. My heart is broken at the thought of anyone being killed for their lifestyle choice. I, and many others, will treat you no different to any other person. There are so many people like me, we just happen to be less vocal than the hateful minority that feel like they have the right to bash you. They’re not justified, and never will be. Even if someone disagrees, they should let you live your life and love you just the same.

Next issue: Abortion.

Abortion is an awful choice. I would hate the thought of any woman being in a position where she must choose that. Not all people see it as morally wrong, so to make a law that tells them to stick to a moral that they genuinely don’t believe in, doesn’t feel right to me. I believe the option should be there, because if it was illegal, people would still do it illegally, and probably less safely.

It’d be like if a vegetarian became president and made it illegal to eat meat. They may genuinely believe in their heart that killing and eating animals is wrong, and they’re entitled to that opinion and can live by that lifestyle. For everyone else that doesn’t have moral issues with it, it seems insane to be forced to live under rules that are there because of one group’s opinion, not nationally shared beliefs.

Some people think abortion is wrong the whole time, some think it’s fine the entire time, others think it’s okay, up to a point, like just the first trimester. It depends on when you believe life begins and how the mother’s rights fit in with the child’s. That’s just the way the world is, people have different views, so we may as well make do with what we can, and support individuals no matter what they choose rather than attack them for their mistakes. 

Too many people say “abortion is wrong” without personalising it. Would you really say to a 14-year-old girl who got raped by her uncle that she is a murderer if she gets an abortion? Context is so important. Yes, some of us may believe is wrong, but telling someone that will hurt them, ostracize them and push them away. We simply cannot make someone hold to our standard just by telling them that we see it as wrong.

You don’t have to be pro-choice to respect people’s decisions. What I do have a problem with is situations where young women are guilt tripped or forced into having an abortion. There should be serious education about the matter so women and girls can make the decision they believe in without getting crap from either side of the debate. 

It’s so easy for someone who is in a safe, loving environment to have strong beliefs without personalising it, and realising there are people in pretty shit situations allows you to empathise and support someone through a hard time without bashing them. Neither choice is easy, so we should be supporting the mothers so that they too are safe.

Forcing abstention, not protecting the LGBTQ+ community, trying to ‘turn gays straight’, not believing in evolution (I’ll come back to this), not allowing gay marriage… These are all things that conservative ‘Christians’ may believe. And hey, if they wanna believe that, that’s fine by me. They can do that within their own lives, that’s cool. The second they try to push that on others, they have overstepped. 

No matter how conservative or liberal your beliefs, you should just stick to them and live by them, and let everyone else do their thing. I do not believe that all laws should be based on Christian beliefs. Christians can still be conservative and believe these things even if everyone else does it. Eating meat is legal, vegetarians can still choose to not to do it. Hence another reason why I am unhappy with the presidential winner. These beliefs cannot be forced on a nation. That just isn’t fair.


I hear Mike Pence doesn’t believe in it. A lot of Christians don’t. That’s their choice. Personally, I do. I think it’s really, really immature to ignore fantastic scientific research just to adamantly support a passage of the Bible that was written poetically (if you want the details of this, feel free to flick me a message), not literally. As someone who believes in a God, I think God used evolution to create the world. So, hey, the world may just be billions of years old and God just kick-started it way back when, and now here we are (quite a lot of Christians that are educated in both religion and science will agree with me). 

Either way, it doesn’t matter. We’re here now. If you’re a hard-core atheistic evolutionist or a strong believer in young earth creationism, it doesn’t matter. That’s another thing we can’t push on each other, no one was there, so we can’t reaaaally prove it either way, unfortunately.

Where am, I going with this? I suppose what I want to say is I am so sorry for any impending law changes that attack things you hold to be true, just because someone else has different beliefs to you. No one deserves that. Anyone who does so is not accurately representing the true, core values of our religion.

TL;DR. Your election has been insane. I’m sorry. If some conservative beliefs get put in place as laws, please do not hate my religion. The people who are representing it are not doing so accurately, and there’s a significant portion of us who agree with what I say. We’re on your side. We are. Anyone who’s not does not have the right to call themselves a true Christian.

Feel free to message me about any of this. Try not to kill each other (or me) in the replies, but please pass this on. I’d love to be able to extend a hand of apology and love to as many people as possible. We’re on this earth together and we gotta get along. Black, white, yellow, tan, brown, pink, blue, green, sparkling in the sunlight like a vampire, orange (yes, Trump too), gay, straight, male, female, local, tourist, immigrant, refugee, or anything in between, we’re all human. We’re all worth love. Every single one of us is worthy of life, joy, safety and happiness. Give someone a hug today. They may need it. 

What do you call a martian anthropologist with lung problems?


zelinxia replied to your post “Kurogane: Murder Babysitter extraordinaire”

isn’t this like one of those movies Vin Diesel was in?? XDD

I had to google this to double check but YES. That is 100% exactly what I was thinking of. 

Tell me I’m wrong. 

(I’m so sorry)

fieldofclover replied to your post “Kurogane: Murder Babysitter extraordinaire”

In which Fai is a single dad with two adopted kids, and accidentally hires a secret agent to babysit them while he works. He’s completely unaware that Kuro-sitter is dangerous but very aware that he’s smoking hot. And Mokona is the family cat.

Yes perfect thank you please. 


North at the Wall and south in Braavos, Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) and Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) both suffer devastating losses meted out by the fraternities they both hoped would replace their families, and that they both failed to fully commit to. Jon may have sworn his vows to the Night’s Watch, but he never quite stopped being like his father: His entire scheme to integrate the Wildlings into the community of humanity is the sort of noble, doomed scheme Ned Stark (Sean Bean) might have dreamed up. In the same way, Arya told Jaqen H’ghar (Tom Wlaschiha) over and over again that she wanted to become no one, but she couldn’t stop herself from hiding Needle and preserving the part of her that wants vengeance for her family. If Jon is a lot like Ned, Arya has her mother’s mix of calculation and sentimentality.Both of those qualities got Jon and Arya’s parents killed. And on tonight’s episode, they got Jon murdered by his brothers — each man declaring that the killing stroke they sunk into his body was “For the Watch” — and Arya blinded by her trainers (a moment that in Martin’s novels made me so angry I hurled a Kindle across the room). It’s not so easy to shake off your old family for a new one. But the costs of failing to break free can be dreadful. [x]

A very brief moment of insanity..

Because this is an iconic day and one I think the Bellas would be quick to jump on. ;) I apologise in advance. Definitely NOT beta’d because it’s late and I’m delirious and I literally just wrote this on my phone so… sorry?

It’s as Fat Amy is running – yes, actual vertical running – full tilt through the

hallway, rainbow flag clutched around her shoulders like a cape as she

speeds by her, that Beca realises it.

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Nobody is probably going to see this, but I would like to apologise on behalf of my fucked up race. When 9/11 happened, every muslim was made to think it was their fault. So I would like to apologise for the Chapel Hill shooting, for Ferguson, and for any other hate that has spewed from us. I am so sorry.

I would like to apologise in advance for this shitty joke I just made up... seriously, SORRY.

Caesar and his high-ranking officials are having a day off, just sort of lounging around parliament doing nothing important due to the local festival for some god or other, there’s always a festival for the gods going on it’s less a matter of who and why, and more a matter of how drunk you can get before anyone notices enough to stop you…

So this day, a little partied out, they decide that perhaps something a little quieter, a little more respectful to their collective hangovers, would be more appropriate…

One senator, coherent enough to formulate words at this juncture, managed to suggest getting some dancers in. Another thought perhaps some light musical entertainment, or gladiators could be more fun…

Cesar frowns and dismisses both ideas. He’s rather more inclined to a Doing-something, a something that can be done with relative ease yet gives the illusion of having actually achieved something… as opposed to a Watching-something. And let’s face it, apart from a handful of spindly aides, and his own bodyguard, everyone else in the room was a fat old man… so there wouldn’t be any acrobatics about to go down.

“Well,” comes a timid voice to the side, an aide just young enough to think twice before saying anything around his master let alone Caesar himself. “Um, we could always try… bingo?”

“Bingo, you say? A splendid idea!” Caesar smiled, “Have it set up at once!”

He indicates several nearby slaves should confer with the aide as to how one plays this game, exactly, because it was a relatively new concept brought back from another land. They flurry about, and within the hour, a small barrel of marked clay orbs has been located, and several tablets with pre-marked numerals and letters set out before each of the senators.

There are a few trial runs, that end in confusion when someone mistakenly calls bingo… but are advised that they were reading it wrong. Caesar is enjoying himself, but notices his closest confidant seems to be getting more dour each number they call out.

“Beta i-v! Beta-i-v!” calls the aide, who is now whole-heartedly in charge of the Bingo calling, seeming to enjoy himself immensely, or maybe it was the amphora of wine he’d been sipping from the moment the game began that made him so very jovial.

“Is everything alright?” he leans over to whisper at his right-hand man, noting that indeed his bodyguard had ‘beta-i-v’ on his scorecard, but had yet to mark it.

“Sir I… it’s…” says the man, his teeth grinding, clearly not enjoying the game.

“Oh, you poor thing, I forgot to ask if you could read before this… look, he’s calling out B4, right now, and you’ve got it right there…” he points, the other covers the totem. Expression unchanging, meaning he’s either sincerely illiterate and embarrassed by the situation, or he’s humouring his master and emperor by playing along.

This becomes a habit, each time the crier calls out a letter and number, Caesar checks his own board, then leans over to whisper it to his bodyguard and see if he has it as well.

“Theta-X-X! Theta-X-X!

"C20,” he whispered, tapping a point on the board.

Maybe it was the wine, or maybe the emperor clearly wasn’t in a lucid enough state to catch the growing frustration of his closest, and truly only, friend the longer this went on. 

“Omega-L-X-X-I! Omega-L-X-X-I!”

He avidly places a token on his own board, and leans over to whisper, “It’s Z71, but you don’t have it… don’t worry, you’re only one away from bingo, though!”

His bodyguard goes tense, but seems almost relieved that this ordeal might be over soon.

Sadly, the blessed last number isn’t called anytime soon, nor do any of the other fat politicians and military officials in the room manage to get a bingo (despite the avid assistance of sober aides keeping track of numbers and scores for their inebriated masters). 

Each time Caesar looks over to whisper the number, then make a sad expression as he taps the board of his bodyguard, dislodging a few tokens and whispers, “No, not that one either… we’ll get there.”

The incredibly sloshed aide calling the numbers out is currently being propped up by two separate slaves at this point, one having to look at the chosen clay ball’s etching then whisper it to him before he called it out, because he no longer can see the damn thing. Twice the guy’s tried to get out of his toga because it’s 'too damn hot in here!’, thankfully slaves kept him in it.

“Iss… whazzat? Al-alpha-i-i! Alpha-i-i!” he calls, just about choking on his own tongue, squinting down his nose at the ball.

Caesar erupts into excited clapping, turning around to violently tap his bodyguard’s board on the only empty space. “That’s your last number, you’ve won! Bingo! A2, Brutus!”

And that’s when the beleaguered bodyguard could take no more and totally stabbed Caesar.


Welcome to the shitty pun-refinery that is my mind.