i would always be using purple

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[Based on writing styles]

White: I’m really shy to talk to you, but I would like to write with you sometime!

Yellow: Your writing us great! Keep it up!

Orange: I can hear ____’s voice when I read your writing!

Pink: I like your writing, it just needs a little tweaking! [Specify]

Red: I admire your writing and stories from afar. Just know I always read them.

Maroon: Eh, your writing is ok.

Magenta: I aspire to write like you.

Purple: Your writing needs a little work.

Violet: I wish you would write more.

Aquamarine: Can you write a drabble between our two characters?

Blue: You need to improve your writing

Navy: I have a hard time understanding your writing.

Gray: You should put more description into your writing.

Black: Your writing is terrible.

Silver: How are you not famous for your writing? O_O

Brown: Your writing seems a little bleak. Would you like some tips or advice from me?

I’m Impressed - AbbyCatsUK

I still feel I need a better medium powder, I would really like a brighter yellow/honey coloured one. The one’s I keep coming across, even in those colours, always looks like a dark beige to me. They really don’t match my skin tone very well.

It’s odd as I can use the lighter colours in the same range and they are much better matches. Blending/buffing helps but oh well the search continues for a better colour…

Anyway, what I was happy with is the way my eyes came out, especially my eye shadow. I thought the purple worked very well and I was very happy with the way I blended it out.

So we can say this was a bit of a win :)

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I do have a question! What should I do with 3 tiny spiral sea shells, a tiny purple sea urchin shell that my brother gave me specifically for witchcraft that he found on the beach in Maine, and some shiny light purple unrecognizable sea shell bits? I looked at the sea witch website and they had a wishing spell but that is it. Thank you so much :)

So many things!! Here are some ideas:

  • Seashells, in general, are always good for protection (spell, jar, bag, anything you want). The urchin one would be even better. It can also be used for cursing, banishing.
  • For your 3 spiral shells, you can use them for a friendship spell/bag/jar.
  • You can charge each of them with positive/protective energy and place them in different spots in your house.
  •  You can use them for beauty spell/jar/bag/etc too.
  • You can carve/draw sigils into them and place them somewhere they’ll be of use (like the entrance of the house for protection) or carry them with you.
  • You can also crush them and use them for a Sea witch salt, or protection powder.
  • The bits can be great for cursing or banishing too.

If you want more ideas, you can check my sea witch tag ;)

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Hey, Im trying to learn colours as its something we never learn :) Would you mind listing some colours or sending links where I could find colours names??

Depending on whether the noun you’re describing is masculine or feminine:

violet (m) | violette (f) - purple
gris (m) | grise (f) - gray
vert (m) | verte (f) - green
blanc (m) | blanche (f) - white
noir (m) | noire (f) - black
bleu (m) | bleue (f) - blue

These are the same for both masc and fem nouns:

orange - orange
rose - pink
rouge - red
marron - brown
jaune - yellow

You can always search “french colours” on quizlet and a bunch of flashcards will pop up. That’s what use.


578 Elk Glen Road

Here is another one of my first builds in the sims 4, way before I knew how to decorate correctly, however I thought I would upload it furnished for funs. Obviously you can redecorate the place because its not really well done, haha. Anyways its a two bedroom one bathroom home, perfect for a small family. A family of three with a daughter currently lives in it, in my save so the second bedroom is rather girly. Its the purple house so there is a lot of purple in it. I hope you enjoy the download, and like always tag me if you use my home so I can see your cute sims using it! (As always the CC list is included in the download, I have every TS4 ep and sp, however I think this was just after the Get To Work ep so you might only need those eps and sps up to there, however if you dont have them, the game will replace it with base-game items!!!) [edit: as you can see there is a spooky day item in this pack so you might want that as well for the pumpkin carving table]

Shoutout to all the creators of cc for the sims 4 , you rock! :D


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Hi! So this is kind of not gemsona related (but also kinda related) but is amethyst just purple or can it come in other colours? Cuz I've seen a bunch of Red Amethyst gemsonas and but also read that amethyst 'is always purple'. I would think that a red amethyst would be red quartz? Ahaha sorry if this is not gemsona related I just was really wondering so I could use the facts in future gemsonas

**Anyone can feel free to add on or correct the information below!**

Amethyst is the purple variation of Quartz, as you’ve stated.
“Amethyst is a violet variety of quartz often used in jewelry… Amethyst occurs in primary hues from a light pinkish violet to a deep purple.”

However, there are different types of gems that begin as Amethysts, such as Citrine (which is orange/yellow) or Prasiolite (which is green).
“The color of Amethyst is most often caused by iron impurities, though it can also be colored by natural radiation exposure. Amethyst is sometimes heat treated to deepen the color, or to transform it into Citrine. Some forms of Amethyst may also change to a light green color upon heat treatment, and such stones are given the name Prasiolite, or “Green Amethyst”, as it is more commonly known in the gem trade.”

Although, some people don’t think Prasiolite should be called Green Amethyst…
“Since amethyst, by definition, is the violet to purple shade of quartz, there is really no such thing as green amethyst.

As for the existence of “Red Amethyst,” I have seen photos advertised under that name, but if we follow the above quote with the Green Amethyst situation, I would say that there’s really no such thing as “Red Amethyst”. It would probably just be called Red Quartz because there’s no “Amethyst” species, it’s “Quartz”. I have to admit, I have made color palettes and researched information for “Red Amethyst,” but they are probably not completely accurate.

In addition, I HAVE seen Amethysts with red Hematite inclusions such as these images:



Perhaps some Amethyst stones have a larger covering of Hematite and therefore, appear red instead of purple. So in conclusion, I think the stone would be called Red Quartz and there isn’t truly a “Red Amethyst” since it’s a type of Quartz, not a species on its own. “Red Amethyst” is probably just Amethyst with red hematite inclusions.
-Mod Stevonnie

Lapis Lazuli Mirror Tutorial!

Do you want a snazzy mirror to use as a cosplay prop? I did, and I’m going to share how I made it in hopes that it’ll help people out!

You will need:

  • A gem (tutorial on how to make a resin one will be up later)
  • Model Air (This is an air dry clay I got at joann, it was easy to paint, and sanded really well. Feel free to use a similar product!)
  • Acrylic paints in blues, purples, and greys (varies by brand)
  • Sandpaper
  • Small piece of insulation foam, ½ in thick
  • Round mirror
  • Modge Podge
  • Light blue sharpie
  • Green cardstock
  • Elmers Glue

1. Print out a full size picture of the mirror. This will tell you what diameter mirror to buy, as well as help with sculpting and painting. 

2.Trace out the base of the mirror onto the insulation foam, and cut it out. I used a knife specifically used for styrofoam, which I would reccomend. Always cut it out a little larger than you need it, so that you can sand it and not end up with a too small mirror.

3. Make the shape of the handle. It is much easier to shape it, wait for it to dry (or bake it at 350 for 30 min, depending on thickness), and glue it to the foam than to try to get it to stick while sculpting.

4. Trace the shape of the round mirror onto the front and back of the foam, so when adding clay there is enough room for the mirror. I forgot this when I made mine, which added an extra hour of sanding :/

5.Start shaping the clay onto the foam. This is the most finnicky part, but making a basic shape, glueing it on, and then adding details works best. With this clay, you can always add more and wait for it to dry. After getting it as smooth as possible and as close to the canon shape as you want, let it completely dry before sanding it.

6. Sand the mirror, making sure the two sides look the same.

7. It’s time to paint! I used a light blue for the base of the mirror, and then added grey to paint the handle. I mixed in an even darker grey to add the teardrop shapes. I mixed a light purple and pink for the very edge. You will need many coats of paint on the raw edges of the insulation foam to get it to look smooth. You could also do this with modge podge.

8. Coat the whole thing in modge podge, or another shiny top coat. I only used one coat.

9.Cut out the green cardstock the same size as your round mirror. You could add the ligher edge with a different color for more detail. Glue that to the center of the mirror. Take some air dry clay, and flatten a small amount. Place your gem on top of it, and cut around it to get a white edge. Wait for that to dry.

10. Cut the round mirror part of your full sized printout out. Mark where the lines touch the edge of the mirror with sharpie, then connect your lines to get the criss crossed pattern. This will smudge, so be careful, or seal it.

11. Glue your mirror to the base, and your gem with the white outline to the cardstock, and you’re done!

I hope this helps, and if you need any more details, photos, or just have a question, feel free to ask!

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Gem(stone). For the word fact thing.

1. The gemstone for my birth month was always pearl. When I looked at the other months I used to think that pearl was impossibly dull. Of course as a kid I only really knew perfect round pearl-like beads, not lumpy and unusual natural pearls…

But now, the gemstones for June include moonstone and alexandrite – the latter being a ridiculous purple-and-green frankenstein’s monster of a gem which means of course that I love it. I need to find a good specimen to make a pendant with.

2. If we are talking about Crystal Gems, I have a soft spot for Amethyst but I would always pick Garnet as my fave.

Former Playboy Model Reveals Secret Romance with Prince in 1985: ‘I Was Absolutely in Love with Him’

“He was small, but such a sexy, charming guy. I was absolutely in love with him, During the Purple Rain tour he would fly me to all of the concerts, all over the country.” The pair dated on and off again for six months in 1985 – spending late nights together at extravagant after-concert parties and indulging in lavish early morning hotel meals.

“We used to go dancing with Sheila E. and his band, but he always told no one to talk to me,” she says. “He liked me to be mysterious, and so I was.” Devasquez met Prince at a December 1984 Chicago concert after a member of the “Little Red Corvette” singer’s entourage showed a photo of the model to him before the show.

“Prince sent a limo to pick me up that night and put me front row center at the concert,” recalls Devasquez. “I saw how sexual he was on stage. Here I was very close to the stage and he was performing the whole concert to me and licking his hand and doing sexual gestures!”

The former model says she had never seen anything quite like that first exotic, sensual Prince performance.

“He ended up doing the splits and he split his pants and had no underwear on,” she says while laughing. “I put my hands to my mouth and said 'Oh my God!’ He looked embarrassed.” After the show, Prince’s bodyguard, Chick Huntsberry, drove Devin back to his hotel in a van. 

“I’m in the [hotel] room lying down, with my eyes closed, trying to relax and all of a sudden… I wake up and Prince is standing over the bed and looking down at me,” she says. “He looked very shy, he was not the [same] person he was on stage playing the whole concert to me and splitting his pants.”

The pair talked for hours that night – and Prince invited Devasquez to Sheila E.’s birthday the next day.

“But I couldn’t [go] because the next day I flew to Los Angeles… to meet Hugh Hefner for the first time!” she says. “When I got to the [Playboy] Mansion, I had a note waiting for me saying Prince would like to call…”

The day after Christmas, Devasquez received a call from him at 2 a.m. on the dot.

“He had a very deep phone voice,” she recalls. “He says 'It’s Prince.’ He said, 'I’m sorry I’m calling so late, I was performing and I’m a night owl.’ We talked on the phone for several hours.”

Devasquez says the Purple One called her every day – at the same time – for the next several days.

“I said, 'You’re so different on the phone, in person you were so shy! How do I know this is really you?’” she says. “And so he had his tour manager make arrangements to fly me to Dallas on New Years Day 1985 for a show.” When Devasquez arrived in Texas, Prince’s bodyguard was waiting for her with a handwritten note taped to his Around the World in a Day album that read: “I hope your trip was cool, this is my new album. It’s rather strange so maybe you’ll dig it.”

When she arrived at the concert venue, the “Purple Rain” singer immediately took her backstage.

“I stared at him in the mirror and he says, 'Devin, I’m sure you’ve never seen a guy put on makeup before’,” she says. “He handed me one of his outfits and goes 'Here put it on!’ and he says 'You can have that!’ I went out into the audience and everyone thought I was Apollonia.”

After the show, Prince took Devasquez out dancing with Sheila E. and the band. “I escorted his dad, Mr. Nelson, to some of his concerts,” the former girlfriend recalls. This routine – talking on the phone every night, flying to concerts and attending lavish after parties – continued on for six months.

Devasquez says she was deeply “in love” with Prince, but that they mutually ended the relationship in the summer of 1985 when he told her there was “a controlling side to him” that he never wanted her to see.

“He was respectful of me and our relationship. He also knew I was old-fashioned … and I wouldn’t be one of many girls,” she says. “We didn’t talk for months.”

But only one month after Devasquez’s photos appeared in the June 1985 Playboy issue, she says Prince called her from overseas while filming a music video in Nice, France.

“He phoned me from Nice and said he missed me and asked me to come see him,” she says. “I said 'I thought you lived with someone?’ and he said 'Well I miss you!” and I said “Well I miss you too, but it doesn’t work that way for me.’ ”

Devasquez says the person Prince was living with at the time was Susannah Melvoin.

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i love looking at your archive !! it's so amazing~ bc i just reblog/post whatever i want so my archive looks messy lmao. how do you do it? do you keep track of the things you reblog/post? and how do you choose the next color? ^^

aww thank you so much! ♥ i’m so glad you like it!! ~ i use my likes as an archive of posts i want to reblog (i ONLY like posts i will reblog) so i go thru my likes to search for the posts that match the colour i want to reblog. sometimes i don’t have enough posts in the same shade of colour so i always check the archives of either my fave blogs/blogs i follow/or fyeahs. i always choose the colour randomly, but i don’t like to repeat the same colours often.. so if it was blue - pink - purple, i would not go for blue again, because i just reblogged blue posts recently. i like to reblog posts in EVERY colour, and i like it when i can find every colour in my archive, like green, orange, yellow, black, white… it would be boring if i reblogged only 2-3 colours. also i hate to reblog a lot of gifs at once, i always need at least 2 pics between gifs/gifsets, because too many moving gifs would make my archive look messy (to me). that’s just my taste tbh lol it doesn’t mean ppl have to do the same thing and i would find other ppl’s archive ugly if they don’t manage it like i do. i don’t care about other ppl’s archives as long as i like their posts and the stuff they reblog ~ (:

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relationship  status: Single and floating though Space.
favorite  color: Purple, Blue, or GREEN!!! I go back and forth.
lipstick  or  chapstick: Chapstick >:U
last  song  i  listened  to: I’m Awesome by Spose. It was in a Speedpaint I watched :’3 Warning: it has. lots of *language*
last  movie  i  watched: Uh. Um. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-
top  three  tv  shows: House, Mushishi, D. Grey-man
top  three characters: Papyrus/US!Papyrus as they are my precious boys, Riki from Xenoblade Chronicles, and Ravio from LoZ: Link Between Worlds.
top  three ships: USPapyrus/USUndyne, Papyrus/Mtt can be cute sometimes, Sans/Happyness??? pffff idk I’m not much of a shipper
books  i’m  currently  reading:  Nothing atm, but the last book I read was Rick Riordans latest Magnus Chase book.

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If there was no music in this world, our lives would be bore and dull, and it is very important for us that we don’t take music for granted. We don’t have to forget that music always gives immeasurable moments of happiness and joy to us. I remember my first kiss whenever I hear a certain song that was playing at that time. Or, when I hear different music, I can recall going somewhere, swaying in the car that was driven by my mother. Every time I hear music that I heard in my childhood, I can discover a wonderful memory from my childhood. Without music, I would not find joy in those memories and my life would have no meaning. I can’t live without music.
—  John Frusciante
the trump campaign in the last 24 hours
  • trashed a baby
  • trashed the city of Harrisburg, PA 
  • declined to endorse Paul Ryan
  • threw more shade at John McCain
  • said Americans should pull their 401(k)s out of the stock market
  • bragged about easily getting a Purple Heart as a gift from a fan, said he always wanted to receive a Purple Heart
  • reportedly deferred the draft 5 times
  • said sexual harassment victims should just leave their jobs or careers
  • said he has no regrets feuding with the Khans
  • said “if the election is rigged, I would not be surprised”
  • called “unfit to serve” by Obama
  • his spokesperson blamed Obama for Capt. Khan’s 2004 death
  • ally of Paul Manafort said the campaign chair is “mailing it in,” leaving staff “suicidal”
  • reportedly asked why we can’t use nuclear weapons
  • prominent Republicans Rep. Richard Hanna and Meg Whitman announced support for Hillary Clinton
  • Reince Priebus is flipping over Trump’s refusal to endorse Ryan, made calls to Trump’s campaign to express “extreme displeasure”

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When is your birthday? June 25th! 

What are you listening to right now? the “What if it was purple?” Eric Andre Show segment lmaooo. 

Do you still have your tonsils? yup!

What is your opinion on sports? tbh………i like some sports, i used to play soccer and would totally be up for a game if anyone asked me to play, i also used to be REALLY good at swimming which i miss a little. and i’m always down for a game of tennis? or badminton? or bowling? and i biked 25 miles through the mountains in one day a few months ago. and i go to baseball and football games with my family sometimes. this art school nerd who sits on a computer all day isn’t as non-sporty as you’d think. 💪

Rolling Stones or the Beatles? gonna have to go with The Beatles. 

Is there a special piece of jewelry or accessory you wear all/most of the time? i like to wear my guitar pick necklace a lot, but i gotta get a new one. 

What is your rising sign? i don’t know??

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? only if i have to. 

Do you have any nervous habits? maybe cracking my fingers? or i usually always wear a ring to fidget with. 

Who is your favorite author? can’t really say i have a favorite. 

What’s the worst hairstyle you’ve ever had? when i had my hair cut really really short. like, not even reaching my shoulders. oh dear. 

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1 and every ask with 4 in it from "askthetic" :3

  • 1: what color do you talk in?

i feel like it’s blue? with a bit of purple & yellow?? or just the rainbow bc i’m gay

  • 4: radio or mp3?

i love listening to the radio in the car! i always discover so many amazing songs. 

  • 14: CDs or vinyl?

vinyl for the #aesthetic

  • 24: who do you admire most in the world? why?

nobody. it’s dangerous to idolize people, they’re always bound to disappoint us. 

  • 34: if you were a teacher, what would you assign to your class as their first project?

in which subject? something about the seven wonders of the ancient world would be pretty cool. i’d hate to be a high school teacher though

  • 41: if you could choose one instrument to master overnight, which would it be?

piano or violin? i used to take piano classes but i got bored after a while.  

Alright, so that “the World is a power-stealing Stand,” theory goes like this-

The World is not DIO’s stand, but Jonathan’s stand. The idea that the World is related to a time-stop being a private little world of one’s own is kind of weak; the actual Tarot Arcana, the World, is tied into the concept of integration and wholism, very much something that kind-hearted Jonathan would produce. I could definitely see Jonathan spending his life helping people and being just super chill if Dio Brando never came around. The Stand’s actual power is to absorb and integrate the power of the Stands within the Joestar family. And it makes sense for DIO to steal such a power, since he has always been a parasite on that family, in addition to being a literal vampiric parasite.

It’s outright shown that DIO can use a stand that looks exactly like Joseph’s Hermit Purple. Stands don’t really duplicate themselves like this in the rest of the story; even stands that have similar powers never look alike.

The World – the yellow holy diver motherfucker – isn’t just coincidentally almost identical to Jotaro’s Star Platinum, but a copy of it.

The sudden appearance of the mind-controlling fleshbud ability, which wasn’t established as a vampiric power in Parts I or II (though, to be honest, Araki just pulls out a lot of bullshit non-traditional vampire powers) is the result of Holly’s stand being integrated into the World. They both have a “seed” and vine theme, and it makes sense that if Holly had a stronger personality – that oh so important fighting spirit- she would have probably have wanted to control people – or at least Jotoro. She’s such a doormat that her power is the polar opposite of that trait.

That’s pretty much it for the theory, but it actually fits DIO’s character and the heritage theme of the story (hell, it was called “Heritage for the Future” before it became “Stardust Crusaders,” probably a change for the worse).

Edit: and, as Brondeef pointed out in the comments, Dio is shown, in a flashback in Stone Ocean, to have healed Pucci’s leg, which matches the power of Josuke’s eventual stand.
margaery tyrell didn’t frame sansa stark for the purple wedding

when discussing the Tyrells and their preparation for the purple wedding, I often see people claiming that they purposefully framed Tyrion and Sansa for Joffrey’s murder. this supposed plot is used as evidence for the villainy of the Tyrells. however, this line of reasoning always makes me scratch my head, at least figuratively, because I cannot figure out why the Tyrells would want to neutralize Tyrion and Sansa. in particular, I can’t figure out why the Tyrells, a family of political opportunists, would want to make the presumed Stark heiress persona non grata of Westeros. if you have a political prize like Sansa on your hands, why would you condemn her as a kingslayer? what possible end does that service?

I know that doesn’t make the Tyrells seem that great, as they’re not seeing Sansa as a person, but as a pawn. And I understand people’s trepidation to ship Sansa with the Tyrells or trust the Tyrells with anything to do with Sansa. but I really, rally hate the idea that the Tyrells purposefully framed Sansa for the Purple Wedding. the way I see it, the Tyrells had two potential guests to frame.

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stretches leggy out rly far

now that i hav ur attention ive been meaning to sort of expand the pool of people that eridan has to talk to

a lot of the mutuals i started this blog for have sort of buggered off in one way or another but i still love this asshat to pieces so would definitely like to branch out with him and get him interacting more regularly with some other muses b/c i tell ya he needs it

since im an anxious as fuck bean i figured it’d be easier to make a general post about this sorta thing so hey if anybody is interested in yelling at this purple squash giv this post a like and i will hit you up in IM we can plot things out and everything will be hunky dory

alternatively if you are gifted with not being riddled with anxieties you can directly hit up my IM (( just be sure to use parenthesis!! )) because lemme tell you im starved for attention always 26/7 and would absolutely adore such a thing make my day

and if you feel the need 2 reblog so that word can spread even further than my pool of followers that would also be downright snazzy thx i love you all

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mocha, dulce de leche, annnd green tea uwu

mocha: ideal weather conditions?

Oh man…. I love it when it’s warm, and raining. Or chilly, and raining– in general, though, I just REALLY LOVE IT when it rains. Rain is my jam. I used to run around outside barefoot when it rained (between ages like 5-9 when I still lived in Canada, this was not something you would willingly do in Hong Kong HAHAHA). But yeah, I love me some rain.

dulce de leche: an instrument you wish you could play?

I wish I could play Violin! I’ve always loved that instrument… I settled for Oboe instead! (I love Oboe though—)

green tea: favorite flavors of ice cream?

I LOVE!! TARO / YAM!! ICE CREAM!! And I could only find it in Hong Kong so I am sad ; ___ ; It was purple and delicious.

I finally got caught up on my fanfic readings! I was more than a month behind because of work and the course i’m taking.

Here are the stories whose updates were waiting patiently in my email inbox. I recommend all of them: