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Do you like/understand Disbelief Papyrus?

I don’t like disbelief Papyrus. But the reason I don’t is because it just isn’t something Papyrus would do. I get it that everyone he knows and loves is dead, but despite all that, I don’t think he would hold a grudge. There is actually a fan fight I think is much better handled where Papyrus still meets you in the judgement hall, but even when he’s sending attacks at you he’s still trying to appeal to you and make you see that what you’re doing is wrong, and whenever an attack made a hit, he would flinch like he still doesn’t want to hurt you. And in the end he is so overcome with grief over losing his brother that he breaks down crying, and that’s when you either cut him down or spare him.

Soooo I have a headcanon (well…I guess it’s a headcanon, but it’s something I hope might actually happen) that Chas filmed the speeches at Robron’s wedding reception.

Like…I found it a bit odd that Robert mentioned his speech (to Aaron outside the pub), but we didn’t get to see it. So I have this headcanon that it did happen, that Robert probably did make some long soppy speech, and maybe Aaron said a few words too (not a lot, and certainly not he way Robert did!) and that Chas filmed it (as she appeared to be filming them dancing/cuddling too).

So my headcanon is, that at some point over the next few weeks/however long Aaron is inside, Robert is going to watch these videos. Like just sit there in the quiet and watch them. I can imagine Chas telling him that she’s put all the wedding stuff on a disk for him, but he can’t bring himself to watch (because he’s sort of embarrassed, but also he just can’t bring himself to watch them without Aaron) but one day he just….he can’t stand being away from Aaron any longer, and just needs to feel close to him, so he brings himself to watch the footage of them on the happiest day of their lives.

I would love this so so so much if Emmerdale actually like….showed this. Like you can’t say (twice!) about Robert making a speech and then not show it. So imagine if they did show it, just weeks later, with Robert watching it on the TV or on his laptop. Like wobbly home-movie style footage with Chas “aww’ing” over the top of it.

I mean I don’t actually think this will happen, but bY GOD I would love it if it did. Either way, it’s going to happen in my mind <3

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How would Guzma, Team skull grunts and Plum react to a teen being dropped off at po town and when asked what they were doing just said in a monotone voice "my parents heard this is where people drop unwanted kids off" sorry if this is against the rules or something, just delete if it is thanks

Dude, the fucked up thing is that I can actually see this happening sometimes.


* As soon as he hears about this, he’s enraged. A kid’s parents shouldn’t do something like that, it’s just messed up. He tells the teen that Team Skull is their family now and that they’ll make them feel more at home here than anywhere else.

Skull Grunts

* When they hear about what happened, they’ll start hugging the teen and comforting them. They’ll tell them that they’ll always have friends here and they’ll help the teen get more settled in. Some grunts even tell them that the same thing has happened to them too and it’s their parents fault, not theirs.


* This isn’t the first time this has happened but that doesn’t mean it still doesn’t get her blood boiling. She keeps a calm face though and first asks them if they’d like her to talk to their parents about this. If they say no, she’ll take them by the shoulder and talk to them about how they’ll be treated better here.

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Hello I would love to cosplay aqua from Kingdom Hearts, but I'm having trouble with the bra pads on her shirt. Everyone else either cuts up a bra or get a bra cup, cover it with their fabric of choice and stitch it on. I actually don't want it to be an actual bra cup but a design thats a part of the shirt. I want it to be just the fabric part of the bra. Now while i had a template for the shape, no matter how many times i cut it out, hem it or add darts, it just never comes out right. Thanks!

Hello there!

That’s a really weird design, even for Kingdom Hearts. Wow.

To me, it looks more like fabric pieces sewn on than actual foam bra cups, so I think you are on the right track, though I can see why molded foam cups would be much easier!

What I would do is use the saran wrap method of patterning. Wear the undergarments you are planning wearing with the costume and possibly even the top if you have it in a wearable state and the fabric isn’t going to get damaged by this method. Get Glad Press N’ Seal wrap. This has a light adhesive on one side, so it will stick to you and to itself, making your patterning much easier. (You can also use a layer of regular saran wrap with masking or duct tape over it, if you choose, but this is the method I use for unusual patterns.) Once you have a good few layers of plastic on, use a permanent marker to draw the shape that you want. I would recommend just wrapping your breast area and drawing on the triangle shape of the cup and at the very least a vertical princess seam, or a vertical seam ending at a horizontal seam (like a 3-piece bra cup), though with how low this sits on her breasts, you will likely only need the one seam if yours sits in the same place.

Carefully peel yourself out of the wrap, and cut the pieces along the seamlines you just drew. Flatten these as well as you can. Take the two sides and try to square them with each other the best you can so you have an even pattern. Make sure to add seam allowance. Sew these out of a test fabric as a mockup, and make any changes you should need before doing them for real. For reference, the pattern will roughly be shaped so that the princess seams are curved, with the pieces curving outward toward each other in the middle (the top of the piece will be smaller, and the outward curves towards the middle and bottom will allow for extra space in there once it is sewn). The degree and location of the curve will depend on your breast shape and size.

By doing it this way, you’ll end up with pieces that are shaped and sized to the specific shape and size of the breast, rather than a flat piece you are trying to fit over a rounded surface, or a flat piece you are trying to dart. The correct shape of the seamlines will be built into your pattern, rather than added later.

The tricky part here is that the top appears to be a stretch material, so I would also make the cups out of a stretch material. Even though they are seamed for shape, they still need to be able to stretch with the fabric underneath. If you use a non-stretch material, wear the top, pin the cups in place very well, and sew them with the top stretched so that it mimics how much it will be stretched when worn.Otherwise, you’ll end up with the top either being too small in that area (because it wasn’t stretched) or lumpy and rippled.

I hope that helps! If it doesn’t, let me know exactly what was going wrong with the previous versions and with this version and I can try to help troubleshoot.

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I actually would kill to see emily’s reputation in the FBI because, like, she died that one time (i doubt anybody with their picture on a remembrance wall ever comes back), she’s spent years in a high burn out unit chasing serial killers and isn’t intimidated, had a senate investigation called on her (which in all likelihood was a classified and mysterious™) and when an escaped serial killer was gunning for one of the FBI units that caused a long standing agent to resign, she’s the one they immediately bought in to the fold to fix the issue.

I bet she scares the shit out of the shitload of generic white guy agents. 

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I think my thing with age gap is that, if the two people had a close relationship when one of them was a kid and the other one wasn't....I struggle with that. Just the idea of Kakshi watching her slowly grow into a woman and then one day realizing he is attracted to her after a certain point, I cannot. I'm convinced a part of him would always see her as a child to him. If it's AU where they meet as adults I don't mind though. Their hair color compliments somehow...

You know, it’s totally ok that it squicks you! It’s completely alright if you want to say “I only like KakaSaku in AUs where they meet as adults” (or in AUs where they’re the same age).

Personally, I actually like the appeal of “whoa I thought our relationship was X but now suddenly I want it to be Y” in ships, that’s a major theme in my OTPs across many fandoms. For one thing, that’s built-in drama. Person A wants the relationship to change, but Person B isn’t sure, and then Person B suddenly realizes it but Person A has gone away, Person B you must chase Person A down! EXCITEMENT. Also: external opposition? Taboo?? I MUST HIDE MY FEELINGS AND PINE SECRETLY FOR LO, MY LOVE CAN NEVER BE??? 😍😍😍

Specifically with Kakashi and Sakura, a big reason why I ship them is that while genin Sakura certainly does intend to respect and obey him and view him as an authority figure (because she’s a Good Girl), right from the get-go she doesn’t really. Inner Sakura (her true feelings) laughs at Naruto’s prank, and she’s appalled at his lateness and trolling. The entire time she’s a genin, I’m convinced that Kakashi never truly registered her potential. The most frequently cited example of this, because it really is appalling, is when Sakura mastered tree walking the first try–#1, Kakashi merely uses her accomplishment to ridicule and shame the boys, turning them against Sakura (teamwork, Kakashi??? hello???); #2, her “reward” is to sit on the bridge with Tazuna while Kakashi trains the boys without her. Nice. And during the time skip, it’s fairly obvious that Kakashi and Sakura didn’t interact–otherwise Kakashi wouldn’t have been so completely gobsmacked at her unleashing the Fifth’s strength. He wasn’t merely surprised, he was stunned.

The inference that he thought Sakura completely incapable of learning Tsunade’s techniques so fast is inescapable. He knew she was training with Tsunade, so Sakura using Tsunade’s technique shouldn’t have shocked him so much, right? Yet it did. Because he completely discounted Sakura’s ability.

That’s slow to change as well. Even though Sakura’s fight against Sasori was far more successful than Kakashi and Naruto’s against Itachi and Deidara, even though Sakura is spending every moment of her free time researching and begs him in the hospital to help find a way to improve, does Kakashi bother to come up with a training regimen for Sakura? Nope. He and Yamato train Naruto alone, and they get Asuma involved as well.

Now, to a huge extent, to me, this is just a symptom of what should have been an overarching problem in the series: short-term thinking. It is completely natural that short-term thinking would be ubiquitous in a society undergoing constant warfare and violence. But short-term thinking causes problems, and when those problems are attacked with more short-term thinking, things can turn to shit so fucking quickly. Each of Kakashi’s decisions to prioritize Naruto and Sasuke so exclusively make sense through a short-term focus. His decision to teach Sasuke the chidori to fight Gaara makes sense through a short-term focus. It’s only when you step back and look at the pattern that you realize how fucked up these decisions are.

So when does Kakashi start to realize how wrong he’s been? In my opinion, it all comes home to him during the Five Kage Conference and his fight with Sasuke–a fight that prominently features the chidori that Kakashi is responsible for choosing to teach Sasuke. Kakashi says right out in this arc that he was a bad teacher. He is correct.

It’s the Fourth War when I see him really changing his view towards Sakura, and realizing just how much this wonderful, amazing, strong kunoichi isn’t the Sakura he thought he knew. But there’s a snag. She’s still all hung up on the guy  who literally everybody treated as more important than her safety from day one! Oops!

Originally posted by mittdwmrl


And we haven’t even gotten into all the things that Sakura doesn’t know about Kakashi! So yeah the stage is set for amazing things, potentially, but this is Naruto so we don’t get nice things. But who cares, really? I mean, fuck, I ship all the canon ships except SS, so just take it from me: you do not want your Naruto ship to be canon. My God! You want Kishimoto writing your OTP?! You want Studio Pierrot writing it?!?! I ship NaruHina and I’ll never be the same. Don’t do that to them. Keep them in fandom, where they’re safe from the shitstorm that is the rest of post-699 Naruto.

*coughs* I seem to have run off the rails, anon, sorry about that. Onto your last point.

I am convinced that a not insignficant portion of Sakura’s shippability is her colour scheme. You wouldn’t think pink hair and green eyes would blend so well, but for some reason it really does? She just looks good with everyone!

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I have yet to see a single person in the KHR! fandom who actually likes Iemitsu (or at least, DOESN'T enjoy causing him emotional agony), but your story of Tsuna calling Reborn his dad is one of the best things I've ever seen come from it. I love it. Reborn going along with it is hilarious, too. Usually, I would feel bad for a victim of the combined forces of Reborn and Tsuna (who even in canon does have a weird sense of humor sometimes), but somehow I don't feel bad for Iemitsu at all. Thanks!

Iemitz is sorta like the fandom punching bag tbh

Reborn is such a little shit and Tsuna being the aggravated unmotivated teen he is has so much potential to grow up to be a shit just like reborn. It probably starts as him trying other ways to cope with the crazy shit Reborn and the rest do b/c?? screaming doesn’t work?? being Critically Injured doesn’t work, nothing normal works, so, acceptance in the form of “I have to live with this so I may as well contribute to this fuckery in my own way” is the way to heckin go.

He didn’t expect it to actually give him some leverage over some of the more chaotic people in his life. He didn’t expect that he actually kinda saw Reborn as a sort-of father figure/guiding (pffha) hand and certainly didn’t expect him to go along with it. And he didn’t expect people to start fearing his resulting behavior (and fearing him). Congrats Tsuna, what originally started as a hail mary/last-ditch-effort ended up working and becoming an integral part to who you are. Hooray! 🎉🎉

I am very glad that other people like this silly idea

I would just like to say that leafys new video today seemed more real to me. It was just him playing his games and talking about a story of his and I actually laughed a lot through out this video. Recently I think he is trying to change up his style for his viewers but his old stuff is what makes him the best. (In my opinion) I love how it seemed more real instead of something put together for the views. And I actually hope to see this content make an appearance on his channel again in the future. Yes I do enjoy his face cams but he even admitted in a video they weren’t really something he enjoyed a lot. And to me it really shows of in the videos.

It may look the exact same, but actually i ripped off, redrafted and recut the waistband because… just because, which was hours and hours of work. It’s the same but better.

It’s funny going through the comments of my Blaire White post and seeing everyone be like “you didn’t even watch them how can you even say this without watching them first” like are you kidding? Why would I have such issue with just YouTube video titles? That’s so asinine. I do my damn research. Even after watching the videos I still completely disagree with her. Imagine that. Me not posing the actual videos doesn’t mean I didn’t watch them, in fact how do you think I took the screenshot in the first place? By clicking on the horrendous video and watching ignorance spew falsehoods left and right. After watching her damn videos I still find her points half baked and misleading. It’s a crazy thought isn’t it someone disagreeing with your very problematic fave.

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One thing I struggle with on Supergirl is the iffy moral issues surrounding the DEO. Like... they hold people of human-level intelligence/awareness without trial? Indefinitely? Like, why would Alex be okay with them holding M'gann for no good reason for so long? How would Maggie be okay with that? I get it, it's not so deep, it's fiction etc. but still it'd be interesting to actually see that moral conflict at some point.

James brings it up in season 1, and I love him for it.

It’s not just iffy moral issues – it’s atrocious, all of it. Because it’s the basic premise of the show, all this shitfuckery, I have lots of headcanons about Maggie and Alex, hell, all of them, that help me cope and blame the writers/basic show structure, not the characters. Because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to like any of them, lol, but obviously I love them so… like I said, lots of headcanons to get me through o.O

Has John been shot?

Okay, I will elaborate but I’m still gathering so much evidence for now. THIS ISN’T THE ACTUAL META. Its more like a preview. 

Okay, so alot of people agree John has been shot. And quite frankly, I do too. I’m still writing the meta (and boy is it a long one) but for now, lets just examine this:

Look at Johns reflection in the water. See his face?

Is it just me, or does it look like there is a gaping hole/wound right where his eye is????

Note that the water is reflecting his right side, but in a mirror; that would be considered his left side of face. Some may think its a shadow and thats okay, I did too; at first.

But then I realized: there is no shadow that dark on his face for the water to reflect

Any other thoughts?

(Btw, just a sneak peek of the meta I’m still writing)

theories? on MY blog??

Okay, so remember that ask about how Luigi is buddy-buddy with his ex-minion pals? I’ve gotten a handful of reminders from both anons and actual users telling me that Luigi wasn’t conscious during his time as a villain and therefore would not remember his time in the castle. That’s cool, you can believe that if you want! But I just can’t agree.

Here’s what bugs me about Mr. L:

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I've made my peace with Grimm ending, but after this episode I need a Russell Hornsby/Reggie Lee buddy cop comedy.

Right? I need it like breathing. I would settle for literally any buddy cop comedy featuring those two actors, of course, because it would be brilliant…but I would possibly kill a man really love to see a Hank/Wu spin-off, specifically.

The pilot could take place a few months after the events of the Grimm finale, and show Wu’s first case as a full-fledged detective and Hank’s new partner.

They deal with new cases each week, some Wesen, some regular. We could get actual full backstories for both of them as time goes on and learn even more about the Grimm world. Whichever other characters survived the finale very occasionally make cameos, like maybe they call Monroe and Rosalee to get some info on a new Wesen they’ve never seen before.

New characters would be introduced, including more members of the Portland PD, their new captain (a badass no-nonsense lady of course), and possibly a wacky CI or two. Wu and Hank would become best friends and develop their amazing chemistry as they help each other deal with Portland, the emotional fallout from the end of Grimm, and life in general. There might be a mytharc, there might not…I don’t really care.

It could be called Weird Portland.

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Hello, I'm Chinese and I would like to start translating Chinese manhua into English. I actually have started, but translating is actually a lot harder than I thought 😞 Could I ask you how you translate so well? Thank you 😞

STOP IT I’M SHIT AT TRANSLATING but i normally do it like 1. translate the korean to english in my head 2. see if the english would translate back to the exact korean and change it if it translates into something else 3. say ‘fuck everything i hate life’ and go to sleep

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I wish we got a scene where Jin runs into Zuko years after the war and actually learns of his true identity. I wonder how she would feel knowing she kissed the Prince of the Fire Nation xD

Yeah, I really liked Jin. I think it would have been cool to see a scene of Zuko visiting Ba Sing Se, and stopping by the old tea shop and running into her. I’m sure he would be embarrassed. Or even a scene where she recognizes a picture of the new Firelord as Lee. I liked how they showed her in the background just as Zuko was going back to his old prince life and looking very sad and miserable. 

I hate how they brought her back in the comic. Just so Mai could get her to help abuse Zuko. The comic made it seem like she forgot all about how Zuko left their date, and I found that really weird that she would have no awkwardness or anything. Then Mai and Zuko just instantly start kissing. Almost like it was implying that Zuko couldn’t continue his date with Jin because he still had feelings for Mai or something. Blech.

I think he would have missed his old life while he was living in the Fire Nation. I think Zuko’s one date with Jin was better than all of his interactions with Mai put together. He looked so happy with her, and then he looked so uncomfortable with Mai on the boat. It would have been interesting if they showed more that he missed Ba Sing Se and that was a reason for why Zuko was so depressed when he went back home. I’m sure Ehasz intended for Mai to be just the opposite of Jin.

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For the first time after Finland and Sweden adopt Sealand, he is left in the care of his uncles while his parents attend a business trip. On the vey first night, Denmark, like the giant puppy he is, gets a bit too rowdy with the small child and accidentally hurts him, causing him to cry. Denmark panics and runs to Norway yelling, "Nor! Nor! Help! It was an accident, I swear. Fin and Sve are going to kill me!" Meanwhile, the poor boy is still crying. Continue.

Norway would probably panic himself at first, because he knows how Denmark can be. However, when he sees that Mathias actually hasn’t properly hurt him, he rolls his eyes and takes Sealand to the sofa before hushing him and asking him if he’s ok. Denmark would apologise profusely to Peter and promises to be gentler, so Norway let’s them play again; still keeping an eye on them just in case he does get a little too carried away.
They, wisely, don’t mention it to Sweden and Finland.

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Have you ever thought about publishing and selling a book about your study advice? Your advice is brilliant and I think you could make good money out of it

I - wow. Wow. I - uh - thank you so, so much! I was honestly left speechless by this ask for a few minutes, because damn, that’s the nicest compliment I’ve ever received!

I’m working on a fiction book right now, but tbh, I’ve never thought about publishing non-fiction. Most of my advice is pretty succinct, so I’m not sure you could actually fill a book with it… I guess it’d be more of a leaflet? ^^;

Also, I’m not sure if people would actually want to pay for it? I mean, I’m definitely going to keep it on my blog for everyone to read, so the only advantage I could see is for people who like the physicality of having a little advice booklet lying around that they can touch and leaf through.

The third issue lies with the gifs. Obviously, you couldn’t print them and I don’t own them, but I’d still need illustrations. So I’d need to either collab with an artist or polish up my own drawing skills - the first is pretty unlikely, since I don’t really know any who’d be up for it and the latter would … take a while.

But I dunno, let me know if an actual Study in Style-booklet is a thing you guys would be interested in. If it is, I’ll find a way to make it happen :)

Dare anyone and everyone to tell me otherwise that whilst Tala was in a coma, Bryan called him EVERY name under the sun in hope that he might actually hear him amd reply, and Spencer definitely checked every five minutes to see if Tala was waking up and then just sat back like: okay sleeping beauty, get up now. And Bryan definitely collared a doctor, AND I MEAN LITERALLY COLLARED A DOCTOR, and just: listen here buddy, u get in there and work your magic on my buddy. And the doctor would definitely threaten to call security because at this point, Bryan’s got his fists up. And Spencer has to pick Bryan up, and apologise for his behaviour like: sorry, he’s just emotional. Whilst Bryan is red in the face, fists still in front of him and just: emotional???? i’m fUMING!!!!!!!!! 👿👿👿👿


So, I was playing around, trying to get a few more examples, and decided I wanted some half-breed examples. Since horns are an Au Ra’s ears, I figured they probably didn’t have two sets of ears (cat-like/horns – of course, everyone is welcome to their own headcannon and I am by no means saying it is not possible).ANYWAY! I situated the horns up a bit higher, closer to where they’d be on a Miqo’te. The Miqo’te face is used here, since an Au Ra face would be TOO EASY ON MYSELF. Added limbal rings, etc etc. It’s not fully cleaned up because carpel tunnel is a bitch, but *shrug emote*

She’s not an actual character, I just nabbed two screenshots in character creator. If she happens to look like your character, and you want to use it for reference, please let me know- though I don’t see that it would matter much. ♥