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BTS Mafia Reaction: When their fiancee runs away

||| Anon asked:  Hi there ! Can I get a BTS and EXO mafia reaction when their fiancee runs away? |||

EXO Reaction

Jin/Kim Seokjin

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He would find this whole situation amusing.

“It’s cute how you think you can just run away like that. You should know better that there is no easy escape.”

Park Jimin 

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He thought about the possibility of this happening but didn’t actually think you would do that.

“I guess I should lock her up when I get her back.”

V/Kim Taehyung

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A few weeks after your escape you came back to your new apartment to find him laying in your bed.

“Oh Jagi you’re back!! How did you like your vacation? I felt so lonely sleeping without you.”

Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon

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He was at a business dinner when he was told that you ran away.

“She did what? I’m sorry gentlemen, I have to excuse myself. Some urgent problems came up.”

Suga/Min Yoongi

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He would be mad and annoyed. You already tried leaving him before so he enhanced the protection around you but this time you outsmarted him.

“There she goes, making trouble for me again.”

J-Hope/Jung Hoseok

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When he found you he pinned you down and decided to have a serious talk with you.

“Now Jagi, what did I say about trying anything stupid?”

Jeon Jungkook

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He would meet you outside your work.

“So you were smart enough to escape but not to change your job?” he smirked getting you in his car.

A/N: I wrote this as if the member is the leader. Feel free to request more scenarios, reactions etc, I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female!! 😄

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I believe that the Mystery girls name is going to be Sugar or at the very least that she will be voiced by RS (or both ) mainly because the first thing that we ever saw her do was putting sugar in her coffee and in this show I think that, that kind of thing counts as foreshadowing

You know … I really hadn’t considered that. It might actually be foreshadowing!!


Ivory: I wish we could have spent the entire night together, Zeke. But I have to get back to Nicole-

Zeke interrupts: No need to explain, Ivory. I’ve also got to get back to Vivica and Keyon. I hope that we can see each other again, though.

Ivory frowns. She felt a wild attraction for Zeke, but she couldn’t possibly risk losing Nico by having an affair with his friend. Nico wasn’t hers yet, but he would be soon. She wouldn’t rest until he was.

Ivory: I don’t think so, Zeke. I do think you’re wonderful, but I just can’t-

Zeke: Fine. I understand. I won’t pressure you. But if there’s anything you need from me, let me know.

Ivory: Actually, Zeke there is something I’d like your help with. Nico promised to buy a house for Nicole. But I don’t know where to begin to look, what market price, which neighborhood. And I don’t think he’ll help me. 

Zeke: Well…I’m not sure if I should get into your business with Nico, Ivory. It’s awkward for me. However, Nico is a very rich man. You could buy a home in the priciest part of  San Myshuno with his money. But I’ll look into it. 

Ivory: Thank you so much, Zeke.

Zeke: No need to thank me. I’d be willing to do just about anything for you, Ivory. I know it’s sudden. But I’m in love with you. 

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I am gay, but am madly in love with a girl who is straight. She is perfect she does little things and I go crazy inside. I can't help but smile when she's with me.. we flirt everything is mutual sometimes she acts gay and I really don't know if it's just for me to be comfortable or if she has feelings for me. I love this girl and she knows it, what do I do?? 😣

I think you could maybe trying to talking and asking her what would she think of the idea being in a relationship with another girl herself. if that makes sense. It’s kinda hard to tell if she has a crush on you as it could just be her being friendly or she actually has a crush on you as some of the signs can be misinterpreted as the person might just be being friendly. I hope this helps a bit :)

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What's your favorite video game? Or do you not have one?

Well, I actually have a great deal of trouble with technology. Most of my long-time readers know that my Siri and her counterparts all seem to conspire against me and very amusing ways. It is the same with appliances, televisions, and I fear that if I ever became too excited or upset with a game, I would do something terrible to the game system. This means that all my experience with said enjoyments has been rather rudimentary, done in shifts over long periods, and involves things that are not like to annoy me.

I have only played on game to completion, and that was Portal and Portal 2. I am exceedingly fond of puzzles, you see, and found the games entrancing. But even so, I did have to be cautious that my anticipation didn’t also fry the poor machine.

I have three MacBook pros, 5 iPhones, and spend an exorbitant amount on light bulbs every years. I have to be careful to make certain that no one electronic device spends any length of time in my company in the “on” position, and so alternate. But game systems are not so easy to shift between, as I understand it, and really, with two businesses and my publishing and investments to look after…

I can easily say I don’t have time.

But! Technology and culture provide! I have discovered the “LetsPlayers” phenomenon, and do frequently watch, so as to comprehend what the devil you lot are saying when you talk about things.

I hope that answers your question.

I imagine Regina would easily convince Robin to have one or two. 

Maybe five. ;) 

ETA: Which in my moment of happiness, I forgot Regina can’t actually have kids. Nm. They’ll start adopting orphans in the Wish Realm. Robin be all like “I’m not a do gooder” but you know, it’s Regina, and Robin would do it for her and realize hey, being nice isn’t all that bad. 

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What do you think about the Emma dying spec? Part of me thinks they'd never kill her, but another part of me thinks the writers would have Emma ultimately sacrificing herself for her loved ones, have that be her own happy ending. I don't know really.

Well Anon, let me ask you something. If you invested a significant amount of time and emotion in this show over the course of six years, and in the end found out that the people who write it consider death a happy ending, that the circle never actually closes, that Emma’s family is broken forever, would you watch anything they write in the future?

‘Cause I sure wouldn’t.

Emma’s story has been about growth from day one, both her own emotional growth and the expansion of her circle of love. Are they going to end six years of storytelling by leaving a gaping hole in that circle? Final shot of the series is Emma kicking her heels in the Underworld, all by herself again? I really, really doubt it.

I am, however, giving good odds that at some point during the finale Emma appears to be dead. That would be both logical based on the Hooded Figure/vision foreshadowing and because someone has appeared to be dead in every single season finale of this show.

Be of good heart, Anon. :)

but like a tinder reveal tho
  • like have you ever just sat with your friends while you all swipe through tinder?
  • and like gush over the people you match with and laugh over dumb profiles and screenshot the people you know?
  • idk i feel like ladybug and chat noir would do that when they’re bored
  • like chat noir would automatically cheer really loudly whenever he matches (which happens a lot and ladybug’s like “what the hell he’s an actual dork these girls have no idea”)
  • and whenever ladybug matches chat noir leans over, squints at the profile, and jokes around with her and says stuff like “eh, whatever, my abs are way better.”
  • chat noir has like double the amount of matches that ladybug has (”jeez, are you famous or something?”) but ladybug gets so many superlikes and chat noir is high-key not surprised because if he could he’d superlike her too
  • but then one day they’re both swiping and ladybug freaking screams because Adrien’s tinder profile shows up in her stack and it shows that he’s less than a mile away
  • (LB: “oh my god, why is he out here so late?
  • CN: “HAHA. ha. um. hey. who knows? he’s a model, right? probably….model…type…..things.”)
  • and chat noir isn’t trying to be pushy but he asks her “sooooooo, are you gonna swipe right?”
  • all the while practically begging in his head for her to say yes, oh my god say yes, please swipe right, please do it, it would make this evening magical. 
  • and ladybug’s just like “ugh we probably won’t match :/” and chat noir’s like “the dude would literally be an idiot if he didn’t match with you.” 
  • so ladybug decides to screw it and swipes right and she howls because YES! IT’S A MATCH! WE MATCHED OH MY GOD I MATCHED WITH ADRIEN AGRESTE HOLY SHIT
  • and then chat’s phone buzzes immediately after
  • with a notification from tinder
  • because he has a new match
  • and it’s marinette
  • and he damn near drops his phone from the top of the gd notre dame

Tbh I always thought that the whole “I have eaten the fruit of the land of the death” excuse that Persephone gave her mother was kinda convenient so consider this:

Hades “kidnaps” Persephone, but what he’s really doing is helping his real live actual girlfriend escape the clutches of emotionally abusive/toxic mom Demeter (see “I can’t talk to my daughter for six months so I’m gonna mope and make the rest of the world suffer with me”)

Super clingy mom Demeter shows up and demands her daughter come back with her, using her own emotional stability and the fucking FATE OF THE WORLD as a guilt trip

“I would totally love to mom, but wouldn’t you know it, I ate this one pomegranate seed and as a result I’m stuck here forever so you should probs just leave and forget about me because it looks like I’m dead forev–”

Zeus shows up.

“Nah man, as king of the gods I can totes negate the effect of those pomegranate seeds, and let you go back to the real world with your mom.”

Cue frantic head shaking and silent pleads from Persephone & Hades from behind Demeter’s back for Zeus to shut the fuck up man, that is not the plan. Zeus catches on instantly.

“But only for half the year, because, uh the laws of–you know, biology or some shit?”

The goddess of flowers and the queen of hell quietly contemplates what she will plant on Zeus’s grave after she murders him.

someone: hey, do you know the group seventeen?

me: [adjusting glasses, pulling 44th complete page of seventeen essay out of typewriter, taking a sip of english breakfast tea, and continuing essay] i’m a casual fan.

O.K. I was not expecting this….right now…………………………………

I was in the process of preparing a post, before the AMA’s, when that pic was “leaked”. If you read my Camren saga theory, you know that I have been expecting a pic like this to surface. Actually, after I found out for sure Lauren and Lucy were at her uncles wedding together, I expected there to be a picture or a video surface with them, soon. I just thought they would wait to “leak” it after the AMA’s. I don’t really think their Management is happy that this has happened, now. The PR team is going to have some work to do, before the AMA’s on Sunday.

Here is my theory on what I was expecting to happen in the next couple weeks…

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Can I ask why everyone thinks that Azula is Zuko’s little sister?

Because unless it was stated somewhere that Azula is 14 in the show, I’m kind of leaning towards her being older than Zuko. And I do actually have a few reasons for thinking this. 

1. It was stated by Ozai in the episode Zuko Alone that Azula was named after her grandfather Azulon

And usually, it is the first born child that is named after a grandparent or parent. And if Zuko was the first born why wouldn’t he be named Azulon? (And I know some of you are thinking, uh duh, because Ozai hated Zuko) But Zuko would have been a newborn baby, there was no way for Ozai to know he would dislike Zuko and thus save the name for his second child. That doesn’t make sense.

2. Now, this might seem off point but stay with me here. So you guys remember Tom-Tom? 

Yeah, Mai’s little brother. We know that he is 2 years old, and then later in the show, it is said that Mai is fifteen years older than her brother. Making Mai 17. And I just always assumed that Azula would be around her friend’s age. She is the same size and looks no younger than Mai. 

Of course, that is more my opinion than fact, but I still feel that Azula would be close to Mai’s age. And she can’t be sixteen because we all know that Zuko is sixteen, so unless they are twins, that can’t be. 

And we do in fact know that Zuko is sixteen because even though that was never said outright, when Zuko confronted his father he said “My father, who challenged me a thirteen-year-old boy, to an Agni Kai,”

 And in the first season, while yelling at Zhao, Zuko says, “I’ve been searching for the Avatar for three years now,” 

Proving to us that Zuko is sixteen. Meaning that if Azula is older she would have to be at least 17 if not older. 

3. Now, this is more my opinion again. But throughout the whole show Azula refers to Zuko as ‘Zuzu’, and I feel like that is something an older sibling would do rather than a younger. 

Of course, we’re talking about Azula here. So really she is probably doing this just to get under Zuko’s skin, and to make him feel inferior because we all know she is a huge manipulator. 

4. Okay, now this is the one that always had me thinking that Azula was the older sibling. So like I said before we know Zuko was 13 when his father burned and banished him. 

This is what Zuko looked like at thirteen. And he does look a lot younger. You can tell this was years ago. 

Now, look at Azula in the crowd watching. 

She looks almost the exact same. Zuko is clearly younger in this flashback, but Azula looks fully grown, and that was three years ago

And as a kid watching the show, that proved to me that she was the older sibling. And up until recently I still thought that. But now I am seeing all these posts about Azula being a 14yo. Which, is of course freakin awesome, because that means she was that cunning and evil at just 14

But it took away a lot of the aspects of her that made me really fear Azula as a character. 

As an older sibling myself, I found it really cruel and scary that Azula would hunt down and try to kill her little brother. (It is horrible whether she is younger or older) but it hit me harder thinking that she was going after a younger sibling rather than an older. 

If you are an older sibling than you know even if you don’t get along with your younger sibs, you still feel protective and want them to strive. And so the fact that Azula was always so cruel towards Zuko made her seem more evil to me. 

She also always knew how to manipulate and push Zuko’s buttons. And I always felt that for Zuko that would be a scary and uncomfortable thing to deal with. And if Azula is older, then there would be that want to impress her in some ways, and feeling less than her in other ways. Making him even easier to manipulate. 

And that was a main part of why I found Azula so evil. Because she should have felt protective towards her brother, but to her, everything was just striving towards power, it showed that she really didn’t have a lot of humanity in her. And I think that point was shown in her breakdown. 

And not only did this make Azula seem even crueler as a character to me. But it made Zuko’s choices more clear as well. 

If Azula is older, Zuko would still want to impress her. Just like he strived to impress his father. Maybe he didn’t want her love. But he would want her respect. And as a younger sibling, I can see him trying to also achieve this. He would feel that he had more to prove. 

And to me, this showed even more character in Zuko when he did leave everything behind. Because he knew that he would be leaving his sister and father behind (not that he cared about their love at this point) but I think that must have been a terrifying thing to do on his part. Because now he will be on the opposite side again. And even if Zuko didn’t think he would be facing his father again, I bet you he knew he would be facing his manipulative sister again.

And it would have been much easier for him to just leave it be, or to even just go hide somewhere where he wouldn’t be found. Because facing Azula again and again would be hard, especially when she knew right where to hit him to make it really hurt.   

And that is why the last Agni Kai felt like the final step for Zuko in redeeming himself. (At least for me) Because he was standing up to someone that must have been scary for him to face, he was putting it to an end, and it a way saying ‘I don’t need to bow down or be scared of you’, because at this point Azula probably didn’t seem as scary to Zuko as she had always seemed while growing up. 

So Azula being the the older sibling not only made her seem eviler, in my opinion, it made Zuko seem even braver. 

So unless proven otherwise, I think I’ll stick to my headcanons.

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Okay so I've been meaning to ask you a request for so long but I was too shy, and you don't have to answer it if you don't wanna. BUt, how would he boys react if MC died during childbirth??????????? And how would their relationship be toward their kid as single parents????????

I’m already sad so get ready for this to be just as sad, if not more. I didn’t do Jaehee’s because truthfully I haven’t actually done her route, I’ve just read it and I don’t know if I could make a good feel for her on something so heavy.


  • He would be so cold towards his child (I wrote a mini series on his son here) and it would be heartbreaking to watch. The house would be dead quiet even if both of them were home.
  • The coldness wasn’t intentional but he couldn’t stand looking at MC’s features ingrained with his own in a person, and he’d even kind of try to avoid it if he could, although that’s not realistically possible.
  • The interactions with his son would be so curt and to the point, Jumin would only make eye contact if it was about something important.
  • In matters of as a toddler and baby, Jumin of course would do what he’d have to and there wouldn’t be a single complaint from him. He’d probably feel disconnected from his own son.
  • Jumin is pretty rational, and he wouldn’t blame his son for killing MC at all, but it would just be difficult. Somewhat synonymous to lunch with his father, uncomfortable but necessary.
  • As Jumin had some time though I think MC would really start to resonate with him once the hurt begins to subside, Jumin would probably open up to his son during a visit to MC’s grave or even spontaneously. 
  • He would be reminded that MC would want him to try and open up and he would try, for his son. The reason he’d been so avoidant of his own son would be because he can’t quite place how he feels about it all besides a strong and vague hurting, and that results in him not knowing how to treat his own son. He’d be really scared of confronting his feelings alone.


  • Zen is really good at putting up a strong front. He’s resilient and that’s shown even when Jaehee notes Zen had changed the least after Rika’s death… and with MC, he tries to carry on the same way too.
  • He’d be such a supportive dad like u don’t even k n o w, his parents were never there for him so he knows he can’t make the same mistakes as his parents.
  • Always encourages his kid to try new things and avoids talking about MC like the plague; the child shouldn’t have to suffer through it more by talking about it.
  • Zen is a really good actor so he’s amazing at putting up fronts in front of his kid, but when he’s alone he’s pretty sad… and he’s definitely not the same as before. He suppresses all of his feelings and throws it into his acting for roles.
  • Everyone calls him brave for barely even changing after MC’s death, to the public eye you couldn’t tell the difference
  • There would be so much effort to try and compensate for the lack of a mother their child would have, he’d be pretty hover-y in regards to parenting and always wants to make sure his kid is always safe
  • Reallly jealous of his friends that are married with kids. Deep down in a selfish way he does miss mc a lot and seeing any mom or wife always gives him a bit of jealousy and sadness.


  • Oh god he would break. He could hardly handle Rika’s death, how could he handle MC’s?
  • A part of him would say he has to stay strong for their child, but he can’t just shut his feelings off and ignore it.
  • MC’s death would consume Yoosung whole. There is no question about it; they’re everywhere he goes and they haunt him it’s a before and after of this person that is supposed to be here and isn’t
  • He’d be agonized by so much pain asking so many questions he’ll never get the answer to and he can’t stop thinking about it, there’s so much pain for him and it changes him so drastically that there isn’t anything quite the same.
  • I don’t think he’d be too active in his child’s life, I think he’d do what was necessary but he’d lose a lot of his passion, especially in his work as a vet. MC was the reason he graduated the fastest and at the top of his class, he needs people he loves to motivate him to be at his best… and we all know what he looks like when he’s lost the person he loves.
  • The RFA would definitely have to step in to help out somehow, there’d definitely be an intervention for Yoosung considering that I doubt he’d be doing anywhere near okay even years after MC’s death.
  • With that being said, his relationship with his kid would be so distant it’s as if they were just living together. Yoosung would be too consumed in whatever vice that takes him first to really try and have a relationship with his child, he can barely look them in the eye half the time.
  • Especially when they have the eyes of their mother.


  • Of course good things would never stay with him. Why did he ever think they could?
  • While raising the little one Saeyoung would resent them in a way, mostly because he was angry at himself for thinking anything good could ever come and stay with him. He was stupid to believe he could ever afford to be happy, and even though the death was out of his hands, he still feels guilty for it. If he hadn’t let them in and hadn’t stopped pushing them away this could have never happened; they could have been a living mother and wife to someone else better for them.
  • For the first few years Saeyoung wouldn’t be very good at taking care of a baby, but he’d constantly check on them and try to do what was needed. He hardly would sleep at all for the first few years, and probably has nearly passed out a couple of times.
  • This doesn’t take away from his fathering capabilities, after his grief he would cling to the little family he had of Saeran and his child. He’d be very good at joking around and being an entertaining figure for his own kid, but he’d get very cold very quickly at the mention of MC
  • Saeyoung would be so fucking good at putting up a mask for his kid, as far as their kid is concerned he’s the coolest and funniest dad ever but when it came to anybody else he would just sulk, he’s so good it rivals Zen
  • He’d act like everything was okay in the group chats and the RFA wouldn’t have a clue, but he’d never show up for meetings and nobody has probably seen him in months besides his own kid
  • He would never ever trust anyone again or try to let anyone in, he feels awful about how he stupidly believed he could have a normal life like everyone else and now his child no longer has a mom and he no longer has a wife.

favorite once upon a time moments | 17/??

2.06, emma swan and snow white.


I was actually unplanned; came as a surprise to my parents. My mom found out she was pregnant with me about three months into her pregnancy. Honestly, it’s kind of a lame argument to say “but what if you were aborted???” Like obviously nothing? I wouldn’t be here right now. But you know what? That would’ve been my mother’s choice. I love my mom enough to respect that choice.

Don’t bring my fucking mom into your shitty arguments.

NCT 127 Reactions ~ An EXO Member Catching Them Flirt/Kiss With A New Trainee

Request: If it’s not too much of a bother, Monsta X/NCT reaction checking out/flirting/making out with a new trainee and getting caught by a member of SISTAR/EXO (or the members of their band) Whichever one you wanna do is fine, thank you! 


“I was just showing y/n around…” *smol wee lamb is actually shaking under Jongin’s stare* 

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“What are you talking about? I’m not holding her hand I’m… uh… making sure she doesn’t get lost in the busy hallways”

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“Kissing? What’s that? I don’t know kissing pft.” Legitimate sweating bc of the obvious stare he’s getting from his hyung.

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Tbh if Chanyeol saw you both he would only wolf whistle (cHogIWa) and let you continue with what you were both doing, ngl.

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The type to almost jump out of his skin and tell you he would text you later while finding the quickest escape route. *hEs hot jot diggity damn*

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My son is too young to date yet sorry, but y’all can hang out at the park or color in some pictures of Mickey Mouse or smth

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Oh Taeil… Wouldn’t even flirt… He’d just be too shook, probably ask you on a date and be really cute and awkward w/ u and ask if you both can exchange numbers

probably spam u with cute selcas that night.

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“bitch that was so fucking smooth”


Aw smol bab would actually have to ask an exo member how to flirt, u dont understand like he’s so pure nd he would be too shy to approach u too bc he’d be so into u *insert longest ye boi*

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Hope u like liKE AW

~ Admin Kai

To all the people commenting that D.va is 19 and an adult in regards to Som.va...

Where the hell were you when there was bunnyribbit discourse? I’ve gotten 5 page dissertations on why Lucio is too old for D.va. That to ship D.va and Lucio romantically is skeezy and problematic. That Lucio would be preying on her (also this is Lucio we’re talking about too, the only preying he’s be doing is if someone asked him to do an impression of a preying mantis). But now Sombra’s out and D.va’s magically an adult? Don’t get me wrong, I agree with you. D.va can make her own choices and if you want her to be with Sombra go ahead. I’m just a little suspicious on why “D.va is an adult and can choose who she wants”  idea is suddenly coming in droves.

I mean, I try to not think about the fact that Black men are often banned from being paired White/Asian women in the media because Black men are often portrayed as thugs, savages, and “players” and they couldn’t possibly be paired with the Pure White Woman™ and the Meek and Shy Asian Woman.™ And even worse all those stereotypes I just listed are terrible for all parties above. Also my family is in show businesses. My mother has come  home after overhearing an outrageous comment about how this black male character would be “too intense” to be a white female character’s love interest (ain’t that a trip?). So in comes D.va and Lucio who talk to each other like they’re equals and enjoy each other’s talents. And it’s a biracial pairing with both as POC? I instantly called up FedEx for next day shipping, bruh.

“But Som.va is a PoC biracial ship and lgbtqa!” You’ll probably message in my inbox. Again, that’s friggin awesome. But that fact the you pick and choose battles and ignore people getting shamed for liking Bunnyribbit and then turning around and defending Som.Va makes me give you the side eye. And yes, its a female/male ship. I say f/m because it is not a hetro-ship because I headcanon Lucio as bisexual and D.va as demisexual. *holds your face close to mine* But even if they were both straight, a biracial PoC couple is underrepresented in the media and needs representation. *lets go of your face*

So we know it ain’t age when you guys weren’t speaking up because Sombra is whopping 11 years older than D.va, while Lucio is 7 years older. So then what was it?

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inquisition companions react to finding out the inquisitor (who always covers their face) is actually the hero of ferelden? (Plus warden Alistair and Morrigan pls?)

Morrigan: She knew instantly, of course. It was the walk, the bearing, the weight on their shoulders and the pride that kept them tall. And their eyes. Those eyes, peeking out from behind their mask, would likely haunt her for the rest of her life, for one reason or another. “I’ll keep your secret, old friend, if you truly do not wish these others to know,” she tells them when she announces that she’s to join the Inquisition. If Romanced: “Ah, my love, how difficult it will be to keep your secret when we shall be sharing a bed. I will not be moved from this. We shall be a family once more, and that’s final. Now, take off that ridiculous mask and kiss me.”

Warden Alistair: Inwardly: Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit. Okay, don’t panic. It’s only your damned commander here. No need to panic. Or say anything dumb. “Heeeeeeeyyyy there!” Damn it! If Romanced: Well, if the way they steal into shadowed corners frequently isn’t enough to give the Warden away, nothing will. But by the Maker, he will spend time with his lover! They’re out here risking their life against impossible odds, as usual, and he doesn’t even get to stay by their side for the duration! Necking in the corner is the least of their worries at this point.

Bonus King Alistair: Yeah, he really didn’t have time to notice. There were more pressing matters to deal with. If Romanced: “Keep that beautiful face covered, love. Your identity is a vulnerable point, as much as I hate that. Our enemies would use you to hurt me and use me to hurt you. If I can’t be here with you, at least you can try to stay safe.”

Leliana: She knew immediately when they were found in the Temple of Sacred Ashes, but she didn’t know what to do with the information. She kept it to herself, allowing Cassandra and the others to think whatever they wanted to think until she had the opportunity to speak to them alone. “Why are you here, what happened?” she asks them. Though their answers are far from satisfactory, she’s willing to trust that her old friend would never have done what they are accused of. If Romanced: “My love, we must stop meeting like this,” she giggles to them even though they’re shackled in a cell. She’s cleared the room to speak to them, ostensibly to question the prisoner. She grins at them, completely certain in her belief that they are innocent, that something else is at work, and she’s simply grateful to be back with her lover even under such circumstances.

Cassandra: She’s suspicious, especially with how careful Leliana is being around them. She wonders why they insist on the mask upon having their hands unbound, but allows it anyway. She has her suspicions about who they are but keep them to herself. When she finally knows for certain, she’s more confused than anything else. “Why not simply tell us who you are?” she asks. “It would have helped remove suspicion from you to know that you were the one who ended the Blight!” If Romanced: “You didn’t trust me with this?” she asks them, a bit hurt. “You are a great hero, someone I admired before we even met. And I treated you so poorly when we met. Knowing this would have saved us both a lot of trouble.”

Cullen: Though the last time he saw the Warden was in the midst of his torture, he remembers them as clear as day. He knows who it is that stands before him on the battlefield, masked and cloaked though they are. He could never forget. He would rather forget. If Romanced: “I knew it was you from the first moment I saw you, mask and all,” he confesses, rubbing the back of his neck. “I wanted to thank you, to ask your forgiveness for what happened the last time we saw each other, but I realized that you must be hiding for a reason so I stayed quiet. I’ve kept your secret, and I will continue to do so if that is your wish.”

Solas: He knows the name, he knows the title, he knows the significance of their actions, but he doesn’t know them. He recognizes them as he studies the Anchor, but it seems to him that their identity doesn’t particularly matter. He keeps it to himself more out of indifference than any desire to keep their secret. Whatever they seek by hiding won’t affect his plans at all, so it doesn’t matter. If Romanced: “I knew. I’ve seen your face in the Fade more than enough to recognize you, but I saw no reason to reveal this information. We were both under enough suspicion as it was without adding to it unnecessarily.”

Sera: She didn’t know. She had no idea. She thinks it’s kind of cool and she’s impressed that they were able to keep the secret so long. “If you’re that good at hiding yourself, think you’ll be that good at pranks?” If Romanced: “So you were a hero even before all this Coriffyshite? Wow, you’re even bigger than I thought. Famouser. More famous. Oh, you know what I mean. Now give me a kiss, you big hero.”

Blackwall: He’s taken entirely by surprise, and one of his first thoughts once the shock wears off is why they didn’t out him as not being a Warden. He’s too afraid to ask, of course. It’s humbling, though, to be in their presence, to know them so well and work together as they do. If Romanced: Again, he wonders why they didn’t tell everyone he wasn’t a Warden, but he figures that someday he’ll work up the courage to ask. “I’m sort of honored that you would want me, after everything, out of everyone. You could have just about anything or anyone you want, but I’m so glad it’s me.”

Vivienne: She didn’t know enough about the Hero of Ferelden to pick them out of a crowd, but the mask made her suspicious since they clearly weren’t Orlesian and it wasn’t decorative like hers; it was a mask to hide behind, not a mask to show off. She tried many times to parse their secret, to discover what lay under that mask. She had a feeling it was important and a good thing to know, but after a while she decided to let it be. If they wanted to tell her the truth, then they would, but all she was doing was exhausting herself. When she finally does find out, she’s more delighted than anything else and congratulates them on their ability to keep their identity secret for so long.

Dorian: Honestly, it wasn’t his business and he didn’t really care to find out why they always wore a mask. When he does find out, he thinks it’s all a marvelous joke and spends quite a long time trying to figure out what everyone would think if they found out. If Romanced: “Well, that’s… oddly intimidating, now that I think of it. You defeated an archdemon. Oh, amatus, and now you have to face another one? One that is controlled by an evil, ancient magister, no less? Don’t worry, I’ll be right beside you the whole time.”

Iron Bull: He had his suspicions. He’s not Ben-Hassrath for nothing, after all. But he kept his thoughts to himself and went along as if everything were just peachy. When the truth is finally revealed to him, he claps them on the shoulder. “No wonder you’re so good at slaying dragons!” If Romanced: “Yeah, I know. Thanks for trusting me with it, though. It’s okay, kadan. I’ve got your back.”

Varric: He didn’t know until they told him. “Look at that! I get to fight alongside both big heroes of the age!” he cries. “This is so going in my book. It’s way too interesting not to.”

Cole: He knew. Of course he knew. “Yes, tainted blood, aching heart, you’ve seen so much death, lost so much of yourself. It’s okay. I’m here. I’ll try to help.”

Josephine: She didn’t know, didn’t guess. She knew there was something worth hiding under there, of course, but she didn’t expect this. She wonders what the secret will do to the Inquisition, if it should be revealed or not. She leaves the decision up to them, but worries about the consequences if the secret is discovered by their enemies or accidentally revealed by their allies. If Romanced: “Oh, my love, why didn’t you tell me? This changes nothing about my feelings for you, of course, but I wish I had known!”

5 Stages of grief

5 Stages of Grief
Denial: She’s not leaving the fandom. She can’t be. It’s impossible. Leo will keep her in, I believe in his powers to keep her from leaving us. It won’t happen.
Bargaining: If you don’t leave the fandom I’ll send you an actual duck named TicTac, and if you do leave the spirit of Kronos will haunt you, and if you stay I’ll cut of my arm and some toes too as an offering Depression: I don’t know what I’ll do without her fanart. I might die. I might cry so hard I’ll die. I don’t know what I’ll do.
Acceptance: I guess I can understand why she might want to leave. She can’t keep drawing the same thing forever. I guesssss *sigh* I can accept it.