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Representation: Make Your Own, Vote with Your Wallet

Here’s a comic that I drew up to explain my grievances with these counter-arguements I’ve seen popping up. I’ll write more in text here.

I don’t want to stop anyone from making their own games. Making games is a hard, incredibly rewarding creative task, and you should never stop making games, ever. You want to see a game that is totally your thing, your own brainchild go out into the world for people to enjoy? Do it. Make that game, and share with the world more culture than ever before. There is nothing stopping you from making your own game except time and effort.

But one person’s games, that’s just one voice in a million. As a gay person (and I cannot speak for anyone else but my own gay self), I grew up without any gay protagonists, with the constant background radiation of “Straight Is Normal”. Every romance, every love interest, every single character who wasn’t a joke or a villain, straight. I couldn’t share a part of me that was vitally important to me, and nobody knew what being gay meant, since there were no positive gay characters in the media we were consuming. If I made a game with a gay main character, that would still be one game in tens of thousands. It wouldn’t reach a wide audience, and there wouldn’t be the presence in media that is sorely required. I would need to have a marketing campaign, and millions of dollars I don’t have to reach the audience who really needs this representation.

Because this isn’t about one game, this isn’t about any particular game. This is about culture in general. Children will grow up playing straight leads and create straight leads in their own games. They won’t think “Hey, maybe I should make this lead gay” because that’s not what they grew up playing. We imitate what we’ve learnt, and we create building blocks with which we craft stories. The gun toting veteran soldier is always male, the princess who needs saving is always female, the hero is always straight and always gets the girl.

But what if we made sure that wasn’t the case? What if the hero had a gay love interest, what if the princess was a dude, what if the gun toting vet was a lady? What if we explore these avenues, construct a more complex narrative and not just rehash the same narratives we ourselves played as children?

We shout loudly for this to happen, decry wasted opportunities because we need to. Because if we don’t bring it to the attention of the people making the games, nobody will. We cannot remain passive consumers - “only play the games you like” only counts if there are games that represent us - and if there are parts of those games we find hurt us, we can still love those games and recognise the hurtful bits. I do not want to boycott games with problematic elements - that will ensure only bad games get made. How do you make money speak the necessary things we have to say?

(As a footnote, I will explain how money talks. Money is a language all of it’s own, and it is a very simple language. If you give someone money for doing something, you are saying “I support the thing you are doing”. If you do not give them money, you aren’t really saying anything, as it could be anything from “I don’t support this at all!” to “Eh, I wasn’t invested enough to lay down money” to “I wanted to support you, but I couldn’t.”. Now, if someone made a really really good game, but it had an insulting or degrading depiction of your group inside it, and you really liked the game, would you buy it? Would you not buy it? If you bought it, you are supporting the status quo - they will continue to do anyway. If you didn’t buy it, they might think “Wow, we need to not do a game like this ever again” and not even consider that the problematic elements were the problem. Money is too crude of a language to get this across.)

So, we are left with the only avenue that is viable for us: Actual Dialogue and Critique. Where we are free to say “I really liked this game, but it had problematic elements in it”, and discuss the things that went wrong in the game. Now, critique is not the same as censorship. With censorship, you remove the media from the public’s eye as soon as possible, so that their eyes are not offended by it. I do not want this. I cannot stress enough that I do not want this. Censorship is a regressive and counterproductive tactic, which does not help us learn from our mistakes and missteps. If we censored every piece of art that had mistakes, we would stagnate.

Critique, on the other hand, is the honing of skills and behaviour through discussion of the implementation of such behaviour. Just like an artist can recieve critique on anatomy,a writer can recieve critique on representation. A poor artist draws what they think something looks like, a poor writer writes what they think something acts like. And just like a poor artist can avoid drawing body parts they have no skill in drawing, a poor writer can avoid including people they know nothing about. Representation is simply another way we can improve the quality of our games - with proper representation comes richer, more varied casts.

I want to stress again that critique is forward thinking, not backward thinking. When we say, say, that Assassin’s Creed: Unity has four identical white males and that’s boring and samey - it is a critique of the game itself. It is a flaw that perhaps Ubisoft can learn from, and if we didn’t point it out, they would be none the wiser about it. Ignoring flaws is just as bad as censorship - both ways we learn nothing about it. Would you like to see a game industry filled with nothing but grizzly Doom Marines? If nobody pointed that out, the industry would blindly make more Doom Marines, because that’s what would sell. But once we’ve pointed out the samey Doom marines, or the four white lads, future games can be made that have an eye to this critique, and it can only benefit everyone. Sure, there will still be problematic games, but we are only human, and we are still allowed to enjoy those games. But I think the game industry can be better, and it needs to be told where it is going wrong. Those games that it creates, they will still exist for you to enjoy. They will always exist, and they will be fun.

I know you want creative freedom, and I do too, but the industry makes a profit from creating games geared with marketing and not just a little cynicism. By having better representation, we open up avenues for more voices, more varied creators to have their say, not just the ones that “sell at the moment”, as executives, the ones that are really in charge of the creative decisions, are a frightened and conservative lot. If we show them that no, we won’t stand for this lack of representation, they will have to reconsider their cynical and conservative marketing avenues. And we can’t do this by money alone. Money can only take us part of the way there, and for the rest of it, the vast majority, we need…


I bet even some of you out there are still skeptical, like, why do we even need better representation, games are fine as they are. I’m not here to tell you that you can’t enjoy games. I’m not here to tell you that games aren’t important, or aren’t art, or should be a lame minority rainbow, or that all games should be Captain Planet and the Planeteers, where social consciousness is the deal of the day, all day, every day. I think that would be terrible. But what I do want? I want gay heroes to be just as normal and ordinary as straight heroes. I want black heroes to be unnotable and accepted. I want female heroes, I want trans heroes. I want characters that stick in people’s minds as normal. There is no “Special Snowflake Patrol” wanting to make every hero be an intersection with every marginalised group.

I just… want to be normal. I don’t want to have to shout, or campaign, or point out Straight White Male Protagonist #6753 as being yet another wasted opportunity.

I want to be normal. I want to be able to walk down the street with my boyfriend, holding hands, without people recalling all the regressive stereotypes that they have seen in the media and informed themselves about my sexuality.

I want to be normal. I want to be the hero sometimes, I want to be the villain sometimes. I want great gay romance, I want terrible gay romance.  I want to pick up a straight-to-DVD animated movie and sometimes see gay characters just existing, being gay, without it being notable or anything.

But that will never happen if I just make my own media and just passively consume the media that most closely fits me. Not existing in media I enjoy is not good enough for me. I refuse to be a passive consumer. This solution needs


And if we need to get a little loud to be heard over the roar, well, that’s just what we’ll have to do. Why not join in, so that we can fix this problem sooner, and we can all rest and enjoy making our own games, while enjoying games made by teams of people with far more money than we’ll ever see in our lifetimes? After all, it must be great to see a big budget game with a romance that you can connect with. I wish I could play one!

And even though I’m gay, and not a person of colour, female, or transgender, I still want them to feel the same thing I’m striving for. That’s what equality is all about. I’ll help them, they’ll help me, and if you help as well, to strike up dialogue, to critique, to discuss and deconstruct, we’ll get there.

We’ll get nowhere just passively consuming. Let us


UPDATE: My good friend Samael inked the comic for me! It looks much better now!

“Will You Be Mine?” Digital Oil Painting

I thought a painting of Actual Disney Prince Tom Hiddleston with a rose would be a perfect complement to premiere day for the live-action Beauty and the Beast. I’d accept that rose in a heartbeat! ^_^

If you enjoy my art, please consider subscribing to my Patreon! I am saving to buy a wheelchair lift.

We at the Art for Tarts art show are determined to make sure we showcase at least as many woc/trans women/trans women of colour. Obviously sex worker activism is constantly dominated by cis white women but we would like to not perpetuate that.

We can pay $150 for performances, and will strongly be encouraging people to both tip and actually BUY art.

If you are a sex worker of colour or a trans woman or a trans sex worker of colour–i know this sounds tokenising and probably is but we really really really want to bust open the strangle hold white cis women have on the sex worker spotlight.

PLEASE consider performing or showing your art or both–we want to pay you!

please share with friends!


roquereptil  asked:

i have some questions, you said you used water based pencils, what are those? (lol) and did you use those for the light efect in garnet's pants, also how do you shade using markers? (im having nightmares trying to figure out these water base markers i just got (magnetips)

I hope you don’t mind I’m posting the answer! 

The watercolor pencils I used are from Caran D’ache! The ones I have, I believe are older than myself because they belonged to my older sister. She wasn’t as much into art as I was so our mother decided to give them to me.

they’ve been through tough times when I was a kid, but I’m glad there are only four of them missing.

and Yes, I used the aqua pencil to make the highlights on Garnet’s suit!

The markers I used were COPIC markers! They are alcohol based markers, and the sketch / ciao lines are properly made to blend the colors. They can be quite expensive, so you have to think really hard about making this investment. I would also advise you to try buying first just three from the ciao line (because they have the brush tip and are less expensive than the sketch ones) from the same color family, or close ones (like all blues or a blue, a purple, and an aqua) if you’re really considering investing on those.

these are some o the colors I used, but if you want more detail I’ll post my process after I finish that art. 

edit: I actually used a copic named “amethyst” to paint amethyst’s boots and star! 

I hope this helps a little!

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Hi nekophy! I wan't to ask if you ever consider to do a comission becouse i would love buy something you made, i admire you and i have like a little jar with money waiting that you do a comission, if you do one i would buy like crazy! Beacouse you're amaizing! So...have you ever consider to do a comission? (Srry my bad english)

Originally posted by hairsandfashion

This makes me so happy u have NO IDEA ASDFGHJK

Also yes I actually am! :’33 I have decided the opening price n all- I just- still trying to find the time to get my friend helping me actived my paypal because I have zero idea how paypal works… :’)))

“Starry Starry Amy” - Digital Oil Painting

Some Van Gogh inspired makeup and hair for Amy! Please note, the background behind the stars is actually from Van Gogh’s “Starry Night,” I did not paint that part.

If you enjoy my art, please consider subscribing to my Patreon! I am saving to buy a wheelchair.

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Yooo would you ever consider making charms of your Diabolik Bats?? I would totally buy one!

I’ve actually been asked this a few times this week but I’m not sure if many people would be interested. I would have to censor them but I would consider it. :3

I can’t be the only one who thinks that instead of retaliating and being disgusted when wearing a dress, Pidge would actually be very ecstatic, nostalgic and, oh I don’t know, happy, perhaps? 

I’ve seen so many fanfics of Pidge despising the mere thought of wearing one or anything considered feminine but when she wasn’t at Garrison she seemed so comfortable in one. So all I’m saying is:

  1. I need more ‘Pidge missing the feeling of wearing a dress and Allura or any team members really (Specifically Lance ‘cause he has sisters) realising this then going shopping with her to buy one and loving it’ fanfics
  2. Pidge wearing a dress in Season 3.

That is all.

You know how sometimes you get random people messaging you on kik. Usually if they’re nearby or if you’re online at the same time? Well this guy just asked to buy some nudes off me with a whole bunch of “😂😂😂” because he didn’t think I would reply and I did and he was like

“Oh I didn’t think you would actually consider it I thought you would just tell me to fuck off”

Anyways we got talking and he was like “idk what a fair price is for 5 photos.. How about 100$”

So I got 100$ and he loves the photos so he told me he is definitely going to want more.

Movies and physical disability (updated)

Here are some movies that I’ve seen that adress the issue of physical disability on the plot. Though the list is very short, the idea of posting this is for you to make it longer with your own recommendations.

1. Les intouchables (2011) by Olivier Nakache and Éric Toledano.
French drama about the friendship between Philippe, who is rich and quadriplegic, and his stubborn assistant Driss. This movie is A-MAZING! It’s a must, disabled or not. The film won several awards and both starring actors are super hot, plus, “Philippe” is adorable. I fell in love with him, I wanna marry him and have french kids. (+ Loved the “ear joke” ).

2. Kiss me (2013)by Jeff Probst.
Drama about a girl, Zoe, who is diagnosed with scoliosis at 15 and is forced to wear a back brace. She falls in love with the father of the kids she babysits. It stars Emily Osment, for teenage fans. It’s kindof a teenage drama, but it sums pretty well the pressures on being disabled at that age. (+The plaster scene is gold! It was such a flashback for me that I shed a tear).

3. El bulto (1991)by Gabriel Retes Mello.

Mexican movie about Lauro, a journalist who returns from a coma after twenty years and struggles with recovery and adapting to the whole changes in his family, politics, ideology and culture. He starts a romance with Adela, a friend of the family who used to take care of him. This film is old but still awesome, though idk if you can find it with english subtitles. (+ I adore the scene when Adela shows naked to Lauro to make love to him and he is so overwhelmed that he falls off the wheelchair).

4. The Brooke Ellison Story (2004) by Christopher Reeve (YES! Superman)
It’s the story of this girl who was the first quadriplegic to graduate from Harvard (in science, I think). It has a pinch of inspiration bullshit, but it’s also rough as it’s so true. (+Looking for the data, I found that Brooke Ellison ran for U.S. State Senate in 2006 :O And the prom scene made me cry like a lady).

There’s a Stephen Hawking movie starred by Benedict Cumberbatch, but I can’t recommend it as I haven’t seen it.

Now it’s your turn!

hnppandme suggests:

5. Morgan (2012) by Michael Akers

About a recently paralysed cyclist coming to terms with his disability and finding love. He is also gay but to be honest, it doesn’t make much difference to the plot apart from the fact that the love interest is male. I love that it is not the main plot and just something else added in. Independent movie that won some awards. You can watch it here.

6. Avatar (2009) by James Cameron

(My favourite film ever) “A paraplegic Marine dispatched to the moon Pandora on a unique mission becomes torn between following his orders and protecting the world he feels is his home.” I love it so much because the fact he is in a wheelchair has no impact on the plot; it doesn’t matter its just a thing that happens. It still deals with his reaction to it though.

7. Ondine (2009) by Neil Jordan

“This is an Irish tale of romance and tragedy set on the life of a fisherman by the name of Ciracuse. Here, rescues a woman from the sea. However, she begs him not to expose. So, he keeps her at a secret hideout. The man is stuck between the Ondine and his drunkard wife and their paths intertwine.” I don’t remember that much about it but Cirscuse’s daughter Ondine uses a wheelchair and is waiting for a kidney or liver transplant. (I can’t remember which!) It’s weird but it has a nice ending. It’s also the same again, the fact that she uses a wheelchair has no impact on the plot but the difficulties for her family are dealt with a bit.

8. How to Train Your Dragon (2010) & How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014)

(These are kids films but I really like them!) Set in the mythical world of burly Vikings and wild dragons, and based on the book by Cressida Cowell, this action comedy tells the story of Hiccup, a Viking teenager who doesn’t exactly fit in with his tribe’s longstanding tradition of heroic dragon slayers. Hiccup’s world is turned upside down when he encounters a dragon that challenges him and his fellow Vikings to see the world from an entirely different point of view. *spoilers for the first film* Right at the end of the first one, Hiccup loses a leg and uses a prosthetic. He continues to use the prosthetic in the second film. I love the first one and hope the second will be just as good! One of the other characters has one hand and the dragon is also disabled (for most of the first film). Hiccup having one leg also has no impact on the plot. (you can see a running theme here!) There’s also a TV series with these but I don’t know if he has one leg in them or not. I’ve got the DVDs to find out! He does in a short film in the series too.

9. X-Men Franchise

Superhero films. Professor Charles Xavier is in a wheelchair. I’m not sure how many of the films and they’re not in a chronological order. I’ve never seen them so I can’t comment on what the portrayal/whatever was like.

10. Hawking (2004) by Philip Martin

I have seen this and can recommend it. It’s Benedict Cumberbatch’s first leading role and he did very well considering how hard this would have been to play. It’s about Stephen Hawking around the time he got diagnosed with motor neurone disease. It has the decline which it really important as I never see gradual declines anywhere in films. You can tell it’s a bit dramatised compared to what actually happened to him but if you read Stephen Hawking’s accounts of the time, some parts make it directly into the film. It was a TV movie but can be found online and on youtube because on Benedict. It’s also now available to buy on DVD on amazon.

11. Forrest Gump (1994) by Robert Zemeckis

“This Academy Award winner for Best Picture stars Tom Hanks as the good hearted, but painfully slow Forrest Gump, a man who manages to somehow be involved with almost every major event in history during the last half of the 20th Century. Spanning the course of his life, the story follows him as he grows from a weak child to a war hero to a shrimp boat captain, all the while pining for the love of his childhood friend Jenny, played by Robin Wright.” *Spoilers* Lieutenant Dan loses his legs in Vietnam and that is dealt with a fair bit. He is in the film a fair bit and in my essays on the film I classed him as a main character. You might also consider Forrest as being mentally disabled. This really is a fantastic film and if you haven’t seen it go and watch it now!

12. The Elephant Man (1980) by David Lynch

"A Victorian surgeon rescues a heavily disfigured man who is mistreated while scraping a living as a side-show freak. Behind his monstrous facade, there is revealed a person of intelligence and sensitivity.” (Not seen the whole thing myself so can’t comment but I think it’s supposed to be pretty good. It’s also interesting for how people with disabilities were treated in Victorian times.

13. My Left Foot (1989) by Jim Sheridan

“Christy Brown, born with cerebral palsy, learns to paint and write with his only controllable limb - his left foot.” Interesting for comparing then and now etc. Also how a family with very limited income dealt with it.

14. Quid Pro Quo (2008) by Carlos Brooks

“A semi-paralyzed radio reporter is sent out to investigate a story that leads him into an odd subculture and on a journey of disturbing self-realization” All I can say is that it’s quite interesting but very weird. The ending is especially weird.

15. The Fault in Our Stars (2014) by Josh Boone

For the Book: “Despite the tumor-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel’s story is about to be completely rewritten.” I love the book of this and hope the film will be just as good. Augustus Waters has one leg and there are other characters with varying physical disabilities. The issue of physical disability is dealt with really well in the book and especially a bit at an airport which I think is fantastic (I really hope it’s in the film). I can definitely recommend the book and I hope I’ll be able to recommend the film.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. I’m sure I know more though. There’s a new Julia Roberts one where she’s in a wheelchair but I have no idea what it’s about or what it’s called. My Sister’s Keeper maybe counts but it’s more dying and morals than disability but the book is much better.

DRAMAtical Murder  stickers!!

okay um serious question though guys, i’m wondering about interest in these, because if i have enough people wanting them, then i’ll get them printed properly, as opposed to doing it myself (if there’s enough interest to even sell them at all sob).

if you’re seriously interested in buying a sheet of these stickers (the price’ll probably be ~$6) please let me know via a note in the reblogs, or an email to everyredqueen@gmail.com – i won’t consider it a preorder that i’ll lock you into, it’s just definite interest (not ‘i would if i had the money’ which is nice, but isn’t a sale, sorry;;) that gives me a reason to actually make them

thank you! <3

kabukigirl1977  asked:

So I was at Salvation Army the other day and I found a fridge magnet of the talking caterpillar with a mustache from that Veggie Tales movie about Jonah and the Whale.

Not a question, but neat! I actually read the autobiography of the creator of Veggie Tales,  Phil Vischer, and he proved to be a delightful human being with a love of creating and his fellow man. Did you buy the magnet? Was it thin or thick? If it was thin, would you consider attaching it to a car and/or electric scooter to show your assumed love of in-house animation? 

you had me until “he would probably sleep with Bull and Dorian on his day off” 

Zevran isn’t casually going around trying to sleeping with everyone who might jump into bed with him. There’s actually a point in Origins where he’s flirting with Leliana (I believe it happens if you’re romancing her) and she calls his bluff. 

The reason he’s got a “varied past” as he puts it is because the Crows encouraged him to seduce his targets, to use sex as a tool. He literally tells the warden that the crows buy elf kids because they’re considered beautiful. 

So to say he’d probably sleep with Dorian or Bull, I’m not buying that just as is. I’m a firm believer in that he wouldn’t get along with Dorian the second he heard his nonchalant views on slavery. 

So... Here's something I actually need you guys to respond to.

Basically I’ve been considering selling my art (taking commissions), but I need to know if you guys would be willing to buy it.

So, I just need you guys to say if you would or you wouldn’t.

I’m not saying I already AM taking commissions, but there’s a chance I will start taking them. I’m not completely certain since I don’t know how many people would be willing to pay for my work.

(( I’m mostly doing this because I need money to pay for my art supplies. They’re really expensive and there aren’t really many ways for me to make money. ))

We at the Art by Tarts art show are determined to make sure we showcase at least as many woc/trans women/trans women of colour. Obviously sex worker activism is constantly dominated by cis white women but we would like to not perpetuate that.

We can pay $150 for performances, and will strongly be encouraging people to both tip and actually BUY art.

If you are a sex worker of colour or a trans woman or a trans sex worker of colour–i know this sounds tokenising and probably is but we really really really want to bust open the strangle hold white cis women have on the sex worker spotlight.

PLEASE consider performing or showing your art or both–we want to pay you!
please share with friends!


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Can we get five words to describe the next story you're working on? Have you ever considered writing a novel? Legacy verse to me reads like one. If you ever do pursue it please let us know because i would love to be one of the first to buy your stuff. You have a talent for creating worlds and people you can connect with on such a deep level. Your original characters have stolen my heart.

“Legacy Verse Big Final Installment” is the working title.

Well, actually, the working titles of the documents in which it is taking shape are “Kitchen sink” and “Trashpile draft.” There are about 36k words in them, most of which won’t make it to a final draft, but it’s coming along.

I had to go show this ask to my best friend, like a big nerd, because I have always kinda wanted to publish original work. I’m not there yet, but it’s definitely on my mind. Thank you so much for the lovey encouragement!

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Oh boy would I love to see a speed color/draw of that fob or one like it. Have you considered ever doing that?

I have, actually! I’ll just need to buy myself a tripod cause right now I have no means of pointing my phone at the desk lol. But, y’know.. SOON!!!✨


  • He would be surprised to find out you are a vampire, but he wouldn’t be scared or disgusted in any way
  • He would understand your need for… nutrition, but he would be kinda wary of it at first. He wants to make sure you are still living healthy despite your “diet”
  • Of course he would offer his own blood if you needed it, even though he may not be all for it at first
  • “Can I really sacrifice my beautiful neck and skin?”
  • He would give in after a while though, and he might actually find himself enjoying it too when he’s used to it ;)


  • He would probably be scared when you told him
  • “I thought vampires only existed in movies and myths!”
  • You’ll have to reassure him that it’s not dangerous, and that you won’t bite him without consent
  • He will let you bite him without much discussion though, and when it didn’t hurt as much as he thought it would, he would be happy to have you feed on his blood
  • “As long as you don’t actually kill me >_>”
  • He would call himself your ‘blood angel’, and he would feel proud to be of help to you

((I’m not gonna do Jaehee I’m so sorry it’s just not working for me ;_;))


  • He would instantly worry about your health, and he would ask you if you want him to get you “Blood? Or something? Um…”
  • He would get you the best of the best, and if his chefs gave him strange looks after the requests he would just glare at them and threaten to fire them
  • However, if you insisted that you wanted his blood, he would be a bit more reluctant
  • He would be worried about whether it is safe or not, and if he’s not good enough for you, but you just have to say that you’re sure and he’ll let you bite him


  • “Wow you’re a vampire?! Super cool!”
  • He would just be in awe 
  • He would also let you drink his blood without hesitation, and he actually asks you how it tastes
  • “Is it sweet like me? lololol”
  • It might actually be too, considering all the chips and soda he consumes
  • After a while he would too end up enjoying the feeling of your fangs digging into his neck, but even more so the fact that he is helping you in a way. 
  • He likes to feel useful


  • He would also think its pretty awesome, but he wouldn’t show his excitement as much as his brother
  • He would not let you bite him though 
  • poor boy I mean with his abusive past and all, he doesn’t need biting and pain like this ;_;
  • He would still help you find food though, whether that meant awkwardly buying bags of blood, or helping you find some of the jerks on his old blacklist shhhh
  • He would think you’re badass, and anyone who dares to say against it will pay


  • V’s first reaction is just worry
  • He’s worried about your health, your well-being and your diet and just everything
  • You have to calm him down, and after a bit of talking he trusts you know what you’re doing
  • He might not want you to bite him at first, but you wouldn’t know because this man would literally do anything for you
  • If you wanted to drink his blood, then he would let you. He trusts you very much
  • Though he is still worried for you, he wants to be of as much assistance as he can

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Any romantic/dating headcanons for red

yes yes yes

so i think red would really really try to be a perfect gentleman

he’s not dumb, he knows generally what is considered polite and chivalrous

the problem is our poor Buff Child is a tad socially awkward, so usually his attempts to plan perfect dates go a little awry because he didn’t know you have to wear suits to five star restaurants or actually buy tickets to a concert he thought his s/o might like

but he’s also v good at being spontaneous, so when he inevitably screws something up it’s not hard for him to improvise and still have a wonderful time (usually by going to explore outside somewhere)

so while actual dating is a little odd for red, our boy is romantic af

he doesn’t even have to try, he’s just so genuine so he’ll say unexpectedly sentimental things every so often that are guaranteed to melt his s/o

he’s also obvs v good at body language, so he’s better at emotionally reading people than most other people are

so he always always knows exactly what to do to cheer his s/o up or make them melt