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I know that you don't take requests. But can you draw our beloved Yuri in Welcome to the madness costume?

i actually do (kinda) take requests! But only the ones that piqued my interest ;o; And this was a good warm up! I’ve been playing the Welcome to the Madness song on loop all morning to get in the mood pfpfffpfpft

theory: instead of the original pure animosity we were offered in the original look at justice league, aquaman and batman are going to end up being what i call “do it for the vine” bros. not even necessarily bros, just two dudes who could look at each other and know that they’re both thinking of pulling the same stupid stunt. what if i surfed on your danger car, batman? what if i flung you off my danger car, aquaman? all in all, it is much more dangerous than the simple hatred we thought of before

Mogeko March day 27 - Species swap

i already did one w the squadda just a few months ago so heres these guys

dont fully know yet how that au would work but species swaps are fun so i might dive into it more (ahah get it dive ? bc theyre fish)

You know what I found odd in ch10? After the ball was interrupted by the Charlatan attack, when Veronica caught up to Vanitas and Noé, she said: “It stinks like men. Stinks like humans.” Now, why the plural? Think back to our groups of ‘Charlatan’ for a second. While I think that Naenia could possibly be a vampire, what about the other two? They seem to be male and they look like they could could very well be two of Moreau’s experiments - especially the one with the cross (I swear, it’s the same cross the Chasseurs wear). But if they are, then that just raises more questions….

TAKEOVER!!! Close to 300

I’ve been getting tons of requests for a takeover. So since I’m getting close to 300 followers already I thought I would do 2 takeover weeks! 😄 so the first week I will be hanging out with Conrad and Carter from my series “Who I Am Inside” so you guys can ask as questions or just chat with us! Then the next week will start Sam, Dean, Cas take over! Same thing applies! Takeover with Carter, Conrad and me will start tonight at 6 p.m and end next Monday. 

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Writing questions thingy thing thing

saw this on @desayunogratis and nicked it because …

1) How many works in progress to do you currently have in progress?

Ignoring the fics on MNFF which I’ve abandoned (there are around 5, I think) then I would say 2 for haikyuu, 2 for YoI, one novel I’ve abandoned and one I’m still thinking about. Plus two HP stories that I might get around to finishing. (I’m not including the ones in my head, just the ones I’ve started). I’ve stopped starting fics and publishing them before they’re finished because it got too stressful!

2) Do you/would you write fan fiction?

I do because discovering fanfiction was the thing that kicked my butt and got me writing anything at all. (Never diss fanfiction in my hearing, unless you want a slap.)

3) Do you prefer real books or ebooks?

Uh … ‘real books’ ??? Are you saying ebooks aren’t real?   Have I imagined them all?  Wow. Perhaps rephrase this to be ‘paper books’.

(shakes head at book snobbery)

I like the convenience of the kindle. Reading is reading - no matter what medium it comes in, so I’m not that fussed where my words come from especially as I read a lot of fanfiction and manga which isn’t in paperbook form. I like paper books because, on the whole, they’re easier to flick back through to find your favourite bits unless you get into the habit of highlighting. Also, bookmarks are pretty.

4) When did you start writing?

Apart from the books I tried to write getting to a page and a half and then abandoning, or the awful poetry I wrote as a teen, then I started in 2008 when I discovered fanfiction as a way for me to get over the loss I was feeling after the end of the HP series. It completely changed my life. 

5) Do you have someone you trust that you share your work with?

I publish practically everything on A03 and most of my early work is on MNFF

6) Where is your favourite place to write?

In my bed on my laptop.

7) Favourite childhood book?

Moomins and Winnie the Pooh

8) Writing for fun or writing for publication?

Fun, but I’d like to be published. I mean I always say my aim is to make a living with writing, but in reality, I love writing fanfiction (despite my frequent moaning) because I actually just love the canon material and I want to write my versions, so fun mostly.

9) Pen and paper or computer?

Computer. I stopped using paper for a first draft round about 2009, when I realised I could edit as I typed anyway. 

10) Have you ever taken any writing classes?

Yes. Well, my college degree was partly Creative Writing, and I took a night class in Writing too. But they were mainly for journalism type pieces.I’ve learnt more by listening and reading other writers, tbh. MNFF was HUGELY instructive.

11) What inspires you to write?

The canon as a whole. Music. A lyric will float into my head and I’ll picture someone so have to write it. Also dreamt up a time travel thing which I want to OF (or turn into an Iwaoi au - haven’t decided yet.) 

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So my mom was asking if I wanted to be interviewed for a temp position at the place she works at doing some computer work (it’s like for a couple of weeks or something).

Anxiety bells go off for many reasons

1. it’s anxiety and the pretty much the wind blowing will trigger it

2. my resume is like 20% together (although tbh they may not even require one).

3. it would be that job + my current job (although they’ve given me like 8 hours per week the last 2 months bc they suck).

4. it may not even be feasible because i would only be available 2 days per week and they’re not even consecutive.

i’d deadass rather not even go for this job and just get my shit together and go for a different job but i really need something on this resume other than “went to college and has suffered in retail for 7 ½ years”). i’m being (fairly) pressured because i’ve been in a rut for 2 years. but MAN i really don’t wanna do this.

anyway!!!! allow me to present michael ealy as clark kent:

he’s got the baby blues:

he’s got the great smile:

he’s a dork:

here he is in glasses:

pls imagine this face directed at lois lane:

and this one:

he can do serious too:

look at him:

these gifs:

and finally:

michael ealy as clark kent 2k17


Next Grand Prix Final.

Yurio gets jealous of a fangirl who wants to take a picture with Otabek and erm…he forgets that they didn’t kiss before.