i worship this woman way too much


I used to worship the ground Marilyn Monroe walked on…until I found out she’s was best friends with Dorthy Dandridge, a woman who went through way too much for Monroe to just up and steal her look after she died. That “signature red lip” Monroe is iconic for? Yeah, was created because she wanted to mimic Dandridge’s naturally full lips. I hate that we as black women are taught to worship white beauty icons from the Glamour Era, but none of the black ones…


Request: “You dated Chuck back from when he was ‘just a writer’ up until he disappeared to be God. Amara uses you to bait Chuck - knowing you were his true love. Angst, fluff, ‘My love for you surpasses that of my archangels.’ FEELS?!” Your wish is my command, @markandjackaremysuperheros!

Pairing: God!Chuck Shurley x Reader

Warnings: ALL THE FUCKING ANGST, SWEARING (as expected), out-of-character Amara (idk how to write her), really bad writing because I don’t know what the fuck am I writing at the end there 

A/N: The title is called Mercy because of this one song called Mercy by Shawn Mendes, check it out! OH. By the way, I may have stolen (borrowed…?) a bit of @crowley-you-sinnamon-roll‘s Consequences (which I am massively in love with still) for inspiration because the setting was so strikingly similar to the request, so you can check that steamy one as well! 

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^by the way, isn’t this like, an amazing entrance by Amara, like ugh

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xxlittlefreak  asked:

Hey! Do you remember when Amy said, she is engaged to a saudi prince? Can you please write something after they break up and than surprising the saudi prince comes to visit her and Amy forget, that she is engaged to him because of Sheldon and Sheldon taught that, this was a joke when she was telling him about that (yeah..a joke ^^) and now he have to fight for her?? That will be awesome!

Thanks for the prompt!  I hope you enjoy!  A bit of Jelly Shelly.  A bit of protective Sheldon.  Some Amy telling off Sheldon.

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