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I'm interested in Alters! What really is an alter? Also, I'm not very sure on how to make one Is there anything specific I should have or use? Would a spirit companion come from one? I'm just really curious about the topic.

An altAr is a little place of worship that people set up to practice their craft, or work with deities, among other things. A spirit companion would not come from one, but you can use whatever you want on your altar. They are unique and represent you and your craft! :)


I still haven’t posted pictures of my altar and these aren’t too great but I will take more tomorrow when the lighting is better! 

 There is my altar to the right of my bed, and the plates that hang above! If you look up to the left of my bed you can see where I’ve began painting the solar system from one side to the other. 

 I wanted my bedroom to be decorated as divinely as possible. It’s my main place of worship (since I live in the city and only drive out to the country to stargaze on new moons, since it’s a long drive), and I wanted to share it with everyone. 💜 💫

The Signs as Studio Ghibli Quotes
  • Aries: whenever someone creates something with all of their heart, that creation is given a soul.
  • Taurus: there's no future for people who worship the future and forget about the past.
  • Gemini: it doesn't matter what colour your dress is, what matters is the heart inside.
  • Cancer: a heart's a heavy burden.
  • Leo: he's calling the spirits of darkness. I saw him do this once before when a girl dumped him.
  • Virgo: we each need to find our own inspiration. sometimes it's not easy.
  • Libra: no matter how many weapons you have, no matter how great your technology might be, the world cannot live without love.
  • Scorpio: I think I can handle it.
  • Sagittarius: you cannot alter your fate. but you can rise to meet it.
  • Capricorn: when I saw you, I just wanted to find a way to protect you.
  • Aquarius: you're very smart. sometimes we take a leap. be brave.
  • Pisces: always believe in yourself. do this and no matter where you are, you will have nothing to fear.

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I joke theorize that aku doesnt even know about the daughters of aku cult. Because the idea he has no idea about these people who are talking to his alter like he can hear them all OH ALMIGHTY AKU YOU GRACE US! would be too funny. Or he forgot about them. They did mention "and then he will bless us with his presence again" or something like that.

It might very well be the case that he forgot. Or simply stopped caring if the cult pleased him no more. I’d say he liked or perhaps even demanded that there’s some form of worship, but over time he got bored or realised they serve no purpose so he abandoned them. Therefore the daughters, an attempt to please Aku again. So far it doesn’t look like Aku has actually ordered the cult to destroy Jack.

But tbh I like everything about the cult and the whole concept. I always wondered if people somehow worshipped Aku, because honestly people have been worshipping far less impressive things throughout history. A creature such as Aku would definitely have entire religions dedicated to him and now the show was finally allowed to go there. 

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delete all the bullshit anti and dark on your blog. art, headcanons, anything, you use to be such a nice person before you turned into a piece of garbage and worshiping those two fucker's ""alter egos""

i’m sorry, i really do apologize from the bottom of my heart for the negativity i caused.

i’ll get around to it soon. i’m so sorry for causing so much over the anti and dark posts.

When we met I said I didn’t need you
I said I wanted you in my life
So I would keep you and that was that.
Somewhere along the line that has changed though;

I don’t need you the way the tides
Need the pull of the moon
To tell them where they belong,
Where they should run to and fro.

I need you the way
Night blooming orchids
Stretch their beauty towards the moon
Dancing their delicate, fragrant dance
In worship of its silvery motes
Spinning through the air.

I don’t need you the way the Earth
Needs the sun to set its path with such rigid finality
That is never swayed or altered at any point,
Only captured in an endless lull of obedience.

I need you the way
A plant reaches for the sun
Finding balance and fulfillment
When met with the golden rays
That smile encouragingly upon it
As it seeks to reach out for the sky and grow.

I need you because the very thought of you
Warms me from head to toe
Better than any fireplace on a winter morning.
Because the reality of you by my side
Is more calming, more peaceful, more sure
Than life has shown should be real.

I need the sunshine and laughter you cause
To bubble from within me
As you whisper the happiness from my veins
And the nights when I could swear we two
Are the only people in the universe at that moment.

I need you because I cannot imagine a day that you don’t make better,
A night you do not make more peaceful
An adventure you will not make more full
A kiss that could be sweeter
A memory that would not be better
A love that could be richer
Than what you gift me with every day.

© Courtney Turley 2016

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Can u explain what alters and offering are for

Hey there, love!

Altars and offerings are a rather in-depth topic. I’d recommend looking up altars and offerings on my blog, where I’ve done articles in more depth on them.

However, to give a good start before digging in, altars are sacred spaces for working magic or doing spiritual work. They may be dedicated to deities or spirits, like a shrine, or may be a space you keep clear and organized for magic and meditation, like a working altar. They can be a place of worship or they can be a place of functionality.

Offerings, on the other hand, are gifts made to deities or spirits. Most often offerings are given as an expression of thankfulness, such as when I place whiskey on my altar to thank the gods for their blessings. Other times, offerings may be petitions - a request for a favor in exchange for the offering. A great example of this is when I might request healing from Brigid in exchange for whiskey or one of my custom oils. Other offerings are meant to “feed” spells. If you have an active spell, sometimes you can keep its potency up by giving it small doses of an offering at regular intervals.

Those are but a few small examples!

I hope this helps!

Blessed Be! )O(

Fucking Athelnar! Just when you think you’re fucking done! Here comes feet washing! And mercy giving! And visions of long dead lost loves! And Ragnar just needs and loves and worships Athelstan so much. And the only moments of peace Ragnar has seemed to find in this whole messed up season is when he sees Athelstan again! And it breaks my fucking heart! And I just can’t! And fuck you Vikings and your fucking life altering ship that you fucking killed half of!!!!!!


my first ever alter! i dont really have anyone in particular that i worship but i did put some goldfish crackers as an offering to artemis (i read that animal shaped crackers/cookies were used in ancient greece and plus who doesn’t like fucking goldfish) i also have a bowl with some dried roses, crystals, rocks, and a feather. i also put out a jar of moon water as well as my tarot cards. idk i’m just a little baby witch hoping to create some positivity in my life :’)


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Is the Mirith Magic Fingers becoming a meme step one to strangers on the internet openly accepting you as a deity bc I'm so down, what do you want on your alter

NOOOOOOOO OMG…. okay look i

i feel Divine sometimes and yes at peak divinefeels™ i am a goddess and in another life, another place, another time, i am a goddess. but i feel really, really weird about people worshipping me. cause at my core now i’m not living a life as a deity. i’m living a life as a human. and this is one reincarnation i need to live, i don’t know why, but deep in my heart i know i need to experience this life and do things here. i don’t want to be worshipped. i don’t know how i’d work around people invoking me/what i represent for spells and stuff cause i do it for myself/the other aurans all the time and i sure as hell know it helps but realistically, if people start worshipping me, that’s a fucking cult.

honestly the most real equivalent of offerings is to send me money or offer something in return for any/all nonphysical efforts. give me reparations for my efforts the same way you would any other person, anon. i appreciate the love but this is a topic i and the other aurans, especially sonorra, are firm on

My theory of the killing game.

So we all know…Well…Some of us know that amami is actually the shsl survivor! It’s been stated that he had won multiple games. People enter these games to become famous or just desire money in the least If they win that is. I feel because rantaro had won several games he was quite the catch loaded with money and fame of course. But in my small headcanon his personality was altered like everyone else. IMOP he was very snobbish and greedy and it looks like he puts a lot of efforts in his looks😋 before the whole laid back cabbage looking thing! Ehehhe but that is my headcanon that aside, my theory is that he was extremely rich and not to mention worshiped as an idol. All over magazines, news, billboards for advertisement, and picture autographs. that’s enough of my rambling hehe thank you for reading all of it if you made it thus far please have a disguised doggo as an apology!

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The 10 Commandments to Jimemeism

Hello, these are all 10 commandments given to me in a vision by our Lord and savior Park Jimin. I, your Pope park-jimeme is here to shed light on your path and help you escape your sinning ways. Please read these commandments carefully to help your path in converting to a higher standard and freer life in the future. Here’s to many prosperous years with Lord Jimin guiding us light and freeing ourselves from sin!

1. Thou shalt praise the Jibooty day and night faithfully.

2. Thou shalt present Jams to thy Lord’s alter.

3. Thou shalt worship the almighty thighs of our Lord. 

4. Thou shalt bask in the laughter of our lord forever and always.

5. Thou shalt protect our Lord’s tummy.

6.Thou shalt appreciate Lord Jimin’s hip thrusts.

7.Thou shalt always recognize the cuteness of maknae Jungkook.

8. Thou shalt always say excuse me~ when in need or calling for our Lord.

9. Thou shalt always praise our Lord for being confident in himself.

10. Thou must drop thy panties to Lord Jimin’s eye smile.

Though I worshiped you we could never be, for you’re neither a goddess nor a queen, like me human fragile and flawed, needing no alter or throne to be placed upon, too late I learned to appreciate the beauty I saw, for yours is a spirit gentle and fair, with a heart that desires not a subject to bow, but simply a man to love you as the woman you are.

I had an interesting dream last night I think would make a good fic AFTER I finish at least one of the ones I already have.

Basically Bill is an ancient god still worshipped all around the world but GF is his main following. The Pines, whom aren’t believers end up having to move to GF. They get invited to a ritual at Bills temple where everyone leaves offerings and ask for favor. Dipper being his nerdy self puts books about the supernatural on the alter and asks for nothing.

Bill is quiet impressed with this and has some of his priests bring Dipper to him and offers a deal the human can’t refuse.

What do you guys think of this set up?