i worry sometimes fandom

sometimes i worry that one day shoplifting won’t be heavy enough a crime for people on this godforsaken site. 

sometimes i get genuinely worried that a product tampering fandom is going to spring up where people put dangerous/toxic shit into store products in an attempt to fight da big companiez and da big hurtful kapitalist mashine :’((((((((

i worry they’ll move from hurting employees to customers. you people lack just enough logic and empathy to try shit like that.

To whom it may concern

I just want to say, that I love Gillian Anderson.I want some positive things to be tagged under her name, so I wrote this. I thought maybe to see all this, it can help you to remember why we love her so much, why she is so great. It’s been forgotten in the last 2 days, and it makes me sad :(

Gillian Anderson started her career when she was 24 years old. Becoming Agent Scully changed her whole life and her whole world. Are you familiar with the Scully-effect? If not, please google it! Thousands of life’s been changed forever because she was playing a character that gave them hope and inspiration. Just stop for a second and imagine how you could handle it. It must have been bloody difficult but she did it. Did she make mistakes? Of course, she did. We all do. All the time. The difference is that your mistakes are not well documented and cannot be thrown back at you so easily. She handled it, the best way she could. She stayed with the show until the end. She fought for equal pay. She became the first women to write & direct an episode for The X-files. She became an icon for women all over the world.

23 years are gone and she is still embracing this part of her life. She is still actively attending Comic-Cons to meet the fans. She is a delight on these events, taking her time, making sure you get a nice experience. She treats you like a human being and appreciates you being there. 23 years later she is still willing to do another season. I truly believe that her fanbase is part of that decision. 

She is a brilliant, versatile actress. She is one of the best actresses of her generation. She has many projects, always active. Do you remember how happy we were for her when she reached her dream and got to play Blanche? Do you remember how happy you all were when went to see her in New York, just a couple of months ago? How she was on stage for hours and then came out to sign and meet the fans?

She is taking her time to acknowledge us and even to randomly surprise us with cute, little things. Her Twitter account is one of the best things that ever happened to us! It just brings you joy and possible confusion every time she decides to tweet. She created a Tumblr account to host Q&As, to interact. She did a live Facebook Q&A just a week ago. She doesn’t have to do these things. She just does them because she wants to.

She is an activist. She is fighting the good fight for a long time now. She is using her voice to raise awareness. To support charities, to raise money and to try to change our world. She does more amazing/important things in 1 day than I do in a year. Do you remember when in March she spent her day with giving an interview at The Today Show, then one to SiriusXM, only to finish with a speech at the UN about human trafficking! Do you remember, how much you loved her and were inspired by her? Yeah, me too!

The woman hasn’t slept for 20 years, she is working her ass off, while she is trying to be considerate and reachable. she is a good person, she is an actual ray of sunshine and she is an inspiring human being. She is truly someone who you can look up to and who you can learn from.