i worked way too hard on this to not even know if i like it

yoi characters as things ive done
  • yuuri: had a panic attack at prom and proceeded to dance through the anxiety
  • viktor: chased my shot of whiskey with jungle juice (it wasnt my cup of jungle jucice) (i dont know whose cup it was)
  • yurio: had a picture of my friend's cat's kitten as my lockscreen
  • mila: given out sex advice to way more people than you'd expect
  • phichit: i show a video of my one friend drunk explaining the plot to Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer to everyone i mention her to
  • chris: made out with my friend as she was grinding on a random guy
  • georgi: ceremoniously stuffed everything i got from an ex into a box and stashed it deep in my closet... except for that pin, i like that pin
  • mari: let my brother and his gf fuck downstairs while i turned up bob's burgers extra loud
  • minako: stayed up all night helping a friend write an essay that he didnt even turn in
  • otabek: one of my friends was too scared to speak to me for three years because she thought i was "too cool" (she knows now that im a fucking nerd)
  • jj: got so high with a friend and told her that her bed was now "my kingdom" we proceeded to make a fort (my castle)

i love the fact that when isak thought he might be at cause for the way even was feeling, sonja told him that it wasn’t his fault, that it was because even was bipolar. because that state of depression he was in is not just the equivalent of having your feelings hurt by someone or by a situation, it’s not just being sad or bummed about something. sonja reminded isak (and the viewers) that the way even was feeling was the result of his illness, an illness he can’t just try to get over and move on from like you would try to get over or move on from a situation that hurt your feelings. and it was so important to be reminded of that because i know too many people have this misconception about mental illnesses and depression in particular that you can just feel better if you try. because they associate it with the feeling you get when a situation upsets you and if you just try hard enough, you’ll eventually get over it. but that’s not how it works, it’s not just something you can rise above. so, yeah, i think it was a really good thing that sonja said that to isak 

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Hi mama! Recently I've been questioning whether or not I'm ace and I was wondering if you could help me out?? I feel romantic attraction to others but nothing sexual (it's too overwhelming and just not for me) but I'm not sure since some people have said "I'm too young to know". What are your thoughts? P.s. I know some people don't like the new chapter but I loved it! Thanks for all your hard work <3

Okay, everyone who says “You’re too young” needs to stop. Sure, maybe you ID as ace now and as you mature you realize that sexual attraction comes to you in a way, but even if that were the case: so what? If you think ace is the label for you right now, because you don’t experience sexual attraction, for whatever reason, that’s perfectly fine! It’s not set in stone and you know best what you feel and how you experience stuff, so you fucking go! 

@heithweek2k17 day one: pets/kids

“Do you want kids?” Hunk asks suddenly, the curiosity weighing on him. It’s not like it matters, at least right now. It’s hard to raise a baby when you’re constantly preparing for battle. And even if they weren’t in the middle of an intergalactic war, they’re too young for kids. 

But Hunk still wants to know. For the future. For if they ever make it back to earth. For if they ever win the war. 

Keith is silent next to him, and Hunk sneaks a glance, noticing the way Keith’s eyebrows furrow together, like he’s considering it. Hunk waits, doesn’t say anything else, just watches while Keith works through his thoughts. 

“I don’t know,” Keith answers finally, catching Hunk’s eyes. Hunk smiles, soft, and he reaches for Keith’s hand, running his thumb over it. 

“I wanted kids, before everything happened. I wanted a family.” 

“Do you not want that anymore?” Keith asks, and it sounds confused and… maybe a little sad. 

“No I—I still want it,” Hunk tells him, “But who knows if we’ll ever get to go home. Who knows if we’ll ever get to even see the families we already have ever again, you know?”

Keith nods, and he looks sympathetic. “I don’t know if I’d be a good parent.” 

“Keith,” Hunk says, and now he’s shaking his head. “Dude. Babe. You’d be an awesome parent.”

Keith’s lip pulls up, but he casts his eyes downward. “You don’t know that for sure.” 

“You’d probably read them bed time stories before they went to bed,” Hunk says, smiling as he imagines it. “You’d make up stories about mothman.”

“I’m not making them up!” Keith cuts in, and Hunk’s smile grows. 

Hunk does his best attempt at a Keith voice. “There once lived a prince named Mothman—”

Keith rolls his eyes, but he’s grinning. “I’d never lie about mothman.” 

Hunk fakes seriousness. “But,” he makes a small gasping sound, “that’s not a lie, because he is a prince… the prince of your heart.” 

“I hate you,” Keith says, smile wide and eyes shining. 

“I love you,” Hunk says back, because it’s true, because it feels right, because he wants Keith to know. 

Keith’s eyes widen, and his smile fades, and Hunk starts to worry that he’s said the wrong thing, but then Keith is leaning in and, “I love you too,” is whispered against his lips before they’re kissing. 

He hopes that one day, he’ll get to start a family of his own. 

He hopes that Keith will be apart of it. 

Christmas Past (Part 1)

Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Note: I figured this request would work best in parts so this is the first of three, enjoy! I’m hoping that the final part will be released on Christmas Day! 

Request: Anonymous asked: Hey! Could you do like a holiday themed “a Christmas carol” type request for Alex? Like he’s way too much into his own work and world that he’s missing out on the love that he has right in front of him?

Word Count: 982

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“Alexander please, It’s Christmas eve and the children want to see you. Can’t you take a break for tonight?”

Alexander can hear his wife Y/N’s voice clearly through the door to his study, but chooses to ignore her. He has too much work to get through to stop and play with children, even if it is for a few hours, if he stops he knows there would be no way his debt plan would pass.

“Alexander you need to stop working yourself so hard. Please take a break, if not for us then for you” Y/N begs him but Alexander still doesn’t bother to answer. Finally she sighs “Well, you know where to find us… if you want to take that break”

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what kpop fans say:

  • “treat idols better!”
  • “idols are human too”
  • “they trained for like seven years oh my god”
  • “they sacrificed so much to become an idol… they literally see their family on a monthly basis omg i would cry”
  • “idols are criticized for every little thing they do and say just back off a bit am i right?”
  • “idols go through so much! they can’t even date, they can’t even gain like 0.5 kg”
  • “look at them crying… omg so heartbreaking they must be under so much pressure”
  • “oh my god look at the way those staff members mistreat those idols… how could you say that to someone?”
  • “literally how could you say that to a human being”
  • “they worked so hard… they don’t deserve this treatment just because of the actions of one member”
  • “omg… all that talent gone to waste…”
  • “idols deserve to be treated with a little more respect”

what kpop fans say at the slightest hint of a controversy which is 50% speculation + 30% blurry video + 10% mistranslation + 10% misunderstanding due to cultural differences: 

  • “omg *insert group* is cancelled”
  • “omg delete *insert group*
  • “fuck *insert group*
  • “y’all still gonna stan???”
  • “i know it’s not like confirmed or anything but they seem so problematic tbh u can just tell”
  • “honestly anyone who’s a(n) *insert fandom* can unfollow me rn”
  • “eww all of them are gross”
  • “ugly af”
  • “how did they even become idols tbh”
  • “haha they’re such flops”
  • “who ?? that’s right they’re nobodies”
  • “i know it’s just *insert member* but honestly they can all go fuck themselves”
Tinder F*ck

So I’ve always been too careful to meet up with people from the Internet.

Until this morning.

Yesterday evening I started talking to a guy who was intellectual, sexy, and extremely open about his sexual desires. Although he didn’t express his wants in the mainstream way a man usually will via social media. It was poetic, the way he described how he wanted to hurt me. He promised he would be there before work.

4:45 a.m. I unlocked my front door and went back to bed. 5:30 a.m. I wake up to a stranger on top of me. He kisses me like he’s known me forever. Then starts to tease me like he owes me the unbearable angst he’s causing. He goes down on me and demands that I cum. He slaps my breasts. Twists my pierced nipples until tears came to my eyes. He slaps my pussy hard and then licks it tenderly. He insisted my hands stay in his hair, squeezing his thick locks so he knows how well he’s doing.

He’s finally ready to cum, sometime after my third orgasm. He becomes animalistic. He thrusted me upwards towards the headboard and crawled between my knees, wiped his mouth, told me how sweet I taste, and forced himself inside me. He is an animal. He’s now choking me so tightly I can’t breathe, looking at me gasping with such admiration in his eyes. “Good girl” he says. “Embrace the pain, it’s only getting me closer to see you struggle.” Every time he caused me pain, made me gasp, or choke I could feel a twinge inside me, him getting harder with every cry. Finally he came. He filled me with his cum and, cradled my pussy, brought his hand to my face, and made me taste myself and the remnants of him.

He was then calm. Like the ocean after a storm. He stroked my hair and told me how beautiful I was. My lion quickly became a lamb folded into my arms. But his teeth marks lie on my neck/between my thighs to remind me, just how ferocious he can be.

He put on his scrubs and left for work. He looked so innocent, so professional. I also put on my business casual and hurried to work. I’ve been wet all day thinking about what he will do to me next time.. What he will make me do to him..


Dear Ex-Best Friend,

It’s been awhile; too long actually. I’d like to say that I miss you, but most of me knows that you probably don’t care one bit. Another portion of me still hopes that you do, though. 

I’d also like to say that I’m so sorry. I wish things didn’t end the way that they did between us. With everything going on in our lives; the change, the drama, the struggles, and even with the joyous times we were experiencing; there wasn’t nearly enough room in either of our hearts for us to forgive each other at that particular point in time, no matter how hard we tried to make amends and repair our damaged relationship. But now, too much time has passed. It’s too late because we’ve grown apart to the point of no return.

I’d like to apologize for a number of things. I’m sorry that we both have to answer questions about how we’re doing to each other’s families and to our old friends that we met through one another. I’m sorry that I now call someone else my best friend. I’m sorry that I held you responsible for a lot of my secrets. I’m sorry that I didn’t act like I cared more, even though I loved you with every ounce of my being. I’m sorry that we aren’t still making all of the memories we thought we would up until the day we hit the nursing homes. I’m sorry for always annoying you and being weird. And I’m sorry that seeing each other is now awkward and weird. In fact, us not being friends is weird; as is the whole situation that brought us to this supposed destiny.

Now that I’m done with some of the apologies that I owe you, (because apologizing for everything would probably result in a novel; and who has time for that?), I also want to thank you. I want to thank you for letting me grow so incredibly close to your family and for you guys being my second family when mine forgot about me. I want to thank you for letting me call you my best friend for years. I want to thank you for making me laugh until I cried nearly every day since the first time we met when we were just little kids. I want to thank you for finally being open and honest with me this past summer and for trying to make our friendship work again. I want to thank you for encouraging me to be more open and honest about myself throughout the last couple of years of our tattered sisterhood. And I want to thank you for all of the memories we share and all of the embarrassing pictures that now pop up on our Timehops. Thank you for being such a fun and adventurous friend for a very long time, even though that time wasn’t quite long enough for me.

When we were just young kids, we thought the whole world wasn’t that large. We were naive and ready to take on the universe. When we were teenagers, we got our drivers licenses back to back, and we traveled places just because we wanted to and because we could. We never thought that the rest of the world was capable of tearing us apart the way it did. Or maybe you knew, but I had no idea. I wish I would have known, though. Because maybe I could have saved us; or at least prevented my own heartbreak. Years ago we could never imagine a time in our lives when a boy would be more important to us than each other. Nor could we imagine a summer vacation without spending time in your backyard making s’mores, swimming, doing crafts, jumping on the trampoline, or laying under the stars while telling stories during meteor showers. We grew up much too fast and lost each other in the mix of all the new and exciting people and opportunities that came forth so abruptly.

I hope that you find a man who is even better than the one that ruined us; the one that I held a relationship with for over a year in which Karma eventually showed up and tore us apart. I hope that he is the one and I hope that he doesn’t break your heart. I hope that you graduate college and find your dream job somewhere on the west coast creating the beautiful art that you do and that you become successful. I hope that you don’t get stuck living somewhere you dislike. I hope that you have children who hold the same beauty, talent, and sense of humor that you do. And I hope that your family is doing well too. I still hope you’re doing okay because despite the betrayal that we were both guilty of, despite the tears I shed because of you, and despite the filthy words that we used towards each other; you deserve it. You deserve to be loved, to be happy, and to be healthy.

I will always read your Twitter updates. I will always stalk your Instagram photos. I will always watch your Snapchat stories. And I will always look at your parents’ social media pages just to see how proud of you they are. Because for me, the friendship we had is a fond childhood memory and the fact that you’re still the same goofy person I was friends with through my awkward middle school and high school years makes me happy. I will always hope for the best for you today, on your last final of college, on your wedding day, and before all important life events. And when my kids and yours become the age that we were when we became friends, I will look back at all of the years we spent eating too many GCB’s from Marvin’s, Watching Elf, going on vacations, taking funny pictures, and encouraging each other to be the women we are today.

Just because we aren’t best friends, it doesn’t mean I hate you. Read that again. Just because we aren’t best friends, it doesn’t mean I hate you. It actually means just the opposite. Rather, because we were best friends, I will always love you more than the majority of people in my life. I know this is true because in five or ten years when I run into you at the grocery store or at the mall because we’re back in Indiana for whatever strange reason, maybe we will be happy to see each other. Maybe we’ll hug and exchange awkward conversations about how neither of us knew the other was in town, and small talk about how our lives are going.

I look forward to this day because I will get to see your smile that brightens up every room you walk into. I might get a small scent of the house that I practically grew up in. And I will get to hear about all of the things you’ve done since we stopped communicating. For a brief moment, neither of us will remember why our foolish eighteen-year-old selves stopped being friends and we will be cordial with each other. I look forward to bumping into you and hearing about your husband and your kids, and to see the sparkle in your eyes that you always get when you are truly happy. I look forward to hearing of your good fortune.

So please just know that although we both have every right in the world to be angry at one another, I’m not mad you at you at all. I wish you the best and all of the happiness in the world. And I also hope you know, I’ll always love to see your updates (even if they make me upset knowing that our friendship is gone). I’ll always be rooting for your wellbeing.

I love you to the moon and back.


Your Ex-Best Friend



It had been 4 months. 4 months of absolutely zero contact. 4 months since he had ripped your heart from your chest, since you had taken a break from the world of wrestling, leaving it behind. 4 months… Until today. Your throat grew tight as you held the phone to your ear, the familiar voice encircling you.

“I’m way too drunk to be driving, so I was gonna walk home– stay on the phone with me, okay?”

You stared down at the number lightening up the screen. No matter how hard you tried, there was no way you would ever allow yourself to forget the digits, not even needing a name paired with them. Your memories flew back at you, hitting you like a runaway freight train.

“Hey, you’re the new beauty girl, right?” You turned on your heel, face to face with the one and only AJ Styles. You had seen him wrestle many times before you were signed onto the company. You smiled brightly his way, a hand falling to your hip.

“I’ve been here a few months Mr. Styles. I wouldn’t exactly define myself as new,” You giggled as his eyebrow rose playfully, a gentle teasing smirk falling to his lips. He took a few steps closer, now directly in front of you.

“Four. You’ve been here four months, don’t look at me like that darlin’, I’ve been keepin’ track, and not even one word to the face that runs the place,” a small pout fell to his lips, as you looked up at him, rolling your eyes teasingly. “That just don’t seem right.”

“I guess you’re right Mr. Styles-”

“AJ. Call me AJ,” he muttered out, moving a hand through his hair. You couldn’t fight the bright smile that bubbled itself onto your lips, eyes meeting his sparkling ones.

“Alright, AJ. I guess I do owe you an apology,” your head tilted a bit, hair falling past your shoulder. “What would you like me to do?”

“You could always let me take you out to dinner,” it was more a challenge than anything. Eye contact never breaking, as his body moved a bit closer to yours. “Say, around 7?” You held back an almost school-girl like giggle as you nodded up at him.

“It’s a date,”

The call ended quickly, the silence becoming overbearing as you continued to stare at the screen, unsure if you should take the call or not. Your stomach dropped as the screen lit up again, his familiar phone number lighting the screen.

“AJ, where the hell are you even taking me?” He could tell you didn’t mind him carrying you around, the laughter in your voice evident.

“Stop being so damn impatient and keep those beautiful eyes closed,” he reminded, looking back at you as if he was going to catch you peeking. A small chuckle left his lips as your grip tightened a bit, readjusting yourself on his back.

“Is there a reason I wasn’t I allowed to walk?” You muttered out, placing a gentle kiss against his neck before cuddling there. You let out a small squeal as his hand squeezed your thigh a bit.

“Course there is, didn’t want you tripping before I had a chance to sweep you off your feet,” a fake, playful scoff passed his lips as you mumbled out a very sarcastic, ‘what a gentleman,’ “I am a gentleman, thank you very much.” His footsteps stopped, a kiss being placed to the side of your head before being set down gently. “Alright, now open.” You started with one eye, moving slowly to peek.

A giddy laugh left your lips as dead in front of you was a beautiful tree house. You looked around for any sign of someone using it, before falling  back to AJ. “Where are we?” He took your hand gently, pulling you towards the rope ladder.

“No girl of mine can say she’s never been in a dang tree house. Get your cute ass up that ladder,” You smiled brightly, pulling AJ in for a kiss before turning, gasping playfully as his hand slapped your ass as you went to climb the twisting ladder.

The second you passed through the opening, you were in awe. The walls of the tiny house had been covered in pictures of you and AJ, small fairy lights keeping you from the darkness. You walked around, a finger running over each picture before turning. Your hands flew to cover your mouth as you did.

AJ was kneeling, a small band complete with a sparkling diamond between his thumb and index finger. “AJ…” It came out as a short breath, warning him that if this was a prank, you were going to kill him.

“Sweetheart, come here,” you obeyed, walking closer as he took a hold of your left hand, looking up at you. “God, you’re so beautiful. I know you’re too good for me,” he took a shaky breath, as if he was pondering something before speaking again. “Marry me. Marry me and I will do everything in my power to make you the happiest damn woman on the planet.” You laughed through the tears, nodding quickly, admiring the way the ring fit around your finger.

He immediately lifted you into his arms, lips meeting for a passion filled kiss. “You already make me the happiest damn woman every day of my life,” he smiled at your whispered confession before leaning in to kiss you again, this time slowed down.

You would have expected the relationship to end in a fight, but this? This ended in a calm, chill-inducing way.  The tears welled up in your eyes as you thought back to his proposal, the ring still tucked away in one of the drawers of your dresser. You pushed yourself up, rummaging through the drawers to find it, before sitting back on the end of the bed. Your eyes were torn away from the diamond as the phone yet again lit up with his number.

You talked happily, hand entrapped in his as he carried your bags to the rental, expressing his joy of finally being back in your home town. He pulled the driver’s side handle, allowing you to get into the driver’s side seat. His arm dangled over the door, a smirk pulling at his lips as he stared down at you. A breathy chuckle passed your lips as you looked up at him, a small ‘what?’ tumbling past.

“You’re so beautiful, y’know that babygirl?” You smiled up at him, tugging on the bottom of his shirt a bit, pulling him towards you. He followed easily, leaning down to meet your lips. The kiss lingered a bit longer than usual, his hand moving to hold your face to his.

“You only tell me everyday,” your eyes met his blue ones as he pulled away from the kiss, moving back to his spot on the door. “What time will you be home?” His eyebrows furrowed together as he thought.

“Not till later, don’t worry sweetcheeks, Gallows and Anderson will keep me in check,” he shot you a flirty wink, you playfully hitting at his chest only to have him feign hurt. A throaty chuckle passed from his lips as you threw the threat of ‘better keep your damn self in check,’ his way.

You felt your whole body wince as the phone began ringing again, seemingly louder this time. You knew what was coming next, tears already cascading down your face.

It was around 2 o’clock in the morning, your fingers tapping against the small notepad as you wrote down new beauty ideas for some of the superstars. Your pencil flew out of your hand as your phone rang, the familiar ringtone you had set up for AJ ringing through your ears. You sighed, a hand falling against your chest and you reached for the phone, placing it against your ear.

“Jesus AJ, you about scared the crap out of me,” you mumbled into the phone, rolling your eyes at the way his chuckle sounded. Your eyes flickered over to the oven, the clock showing the time changing to 2:05 am. “What’s up, need me to come get you?” you pondered aloud.

“Nah, don’t you move that cute little butt of yours,” his accent always grew thicker when he drank like this. You laughed gently, waiting for him to continue. “I’m way too drunk to be driving, so I was gonna walk home– stay on the phone with me, okay?” You sighed happily, already used to him doing this, it becoming a common thing in your 2 year relationship.

“Alright Mr. Styles, but you owe me one when you get home,” he scoffed playfully at this, mumbling a small ‘of course Mrs. Styles,’ your heart skipping a beat as he did.

You heard the screeching of tires through the phone, pulling the device away from your ear as you did. You ignored the sounds from the other line as you pushed a finger in your ear quickly, before placing it back to your ear.

“AJ, what was that? Did someone crash?” Nothing. There was no response, no breathing, just the sound of muffled voices. “AJ?” Finally there was a breath on the phone. “Shit, AJ don’t scare me like that, are you oka-”

“Shit dude, we gotta go,” another thump sounded through the phone, the unfamiliar voice bringing you nothing but fear. You listened as the car sped away, you immediately grabbing for your home phone, dialing the necessary numbers, keeping your cellphone up, watching as the numbers switched, every second passing being revealed to you.

“911, what’s your emergency?” Your voice was erratic, panicky as you tried to explain.

“M-my fiance, he was walking home from the bar and- shit, someone hit him and I heard it, please, please you have to help him, he’s not responding to me,”

“Ma’am, I’m going to need you to calm down, where exactly is he?”

“I don’t know, he was walking home from Merlin’s and I don’t know where he is, I don’t know, AJ, AJ, don’t do this to me, come on baby, pick up the phone,”

It had been 4 months. 4 months since you last heard his voice. 4 months since the accident. 4 months… You held your breath before speaking, unsure of what or who was going to be on the other line. Your anger got the better of you, tears water-falling down your cheeks as your voice sounded through the speaker, hoarse and filled with spite.

“This is sick, whoever the fuck you are, leave me the hell alone, or I swear I’ll call the poli-”

“I’m way too drunk too be driving, so I was gonna walk home– stay on the phone with me, okay?”


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I just want to let you know that no matter how many small things or big things you've given away about the future of Rivals verse Victuuri, my interest in wanting to read about all of it has only increased! I really really appreciate knowing how happy and in love they are in that future timeline <3 I know you've said giving too many things away won't be as interesting later and you want readers to read for themselves in fic as opposed to on tumblr

and I get that and that’s only fair when you work so hard, but I want to let you know that either way, we love getting minor/major details ahead of time and would continue to read each update even if we have some idea of it beforehand. Like I said, for me, it only whets my appetite for more!

I don’t mind giving away too much about their future lives as after chapter 14 everyone knows they get together (although there are some things I’ll keep quiet on until R-PP&F) but it’s mainly things in the companion fic like how Yakov and Yuri feel about Yuuri, when Viktor fell in love, why people think Yuuri’s a playboy etc that I wont say because it’s a daunting task to sit and write 20-30,000 words a chapter and I wont be able to motivate myself to do it if I’ve already given away all the big secrets and nothing is a surprise anymore 


of the reason why i love 1’s comics is that almost all the chars, major or minor, foe or just an extra for one episode, are what you’d call social misfits to some degree; you can find the clues first in our two taciturn, antisocial protagonists Saitama and Mobu, w poorest communication kills ever, and Genos’ awkward manner that has officially been his original personality according to 1’s interview even before he lost his whole body (which only had it intensified now that he thinks of himself aside from organic creatures). and Reigen, a self proclaimed people-person w outgoing behaviors while actually not having a single real friend around his peers; and Dimple, the little ambitious freak spirit; Fubuki and her severe inferiority complex; the human monster Garou… goes on. many of the main chars got bullied as a kid in a real-life sense of bullying we all know too well, and many of them actually acknowledges that they’re misfits/weirdos, and are even sadly ashamed of themselves. theres nobody who acts like Luffy from One Piece or Goku from DBZ that goes all “YEA BRO WE JUST MET BUT WER BEST FRIENDS LETS HAV FUN” or like Ichigo n Naruto with “WE NEVER LOSE HOPE” attitude (except mobu’s 100% courage mode that is.)

instead everything is a bit quieter in 1’s world. everyone is a bit too weird to be completely cheerful, and they’re all deeply lonely inside. they feel like not many would understand them and that is in all honesty, true, but they’re also grateful for a company who is just being with them and would simply say “hi” to them no matter how generally shitty or wrong they would look in a normal society.

and those lifetime companions are not easy to get. 1’s fictional characters are blessed in that way bec they’re genuinely humane people from the bottom of their hearts. 1 never made a overly nasty joke(tends to be aimed at the minorities) thru main chars when some tv shows do it on a regular basis. but then, 1 never tried to seek for the ideal justice, or to guide the reader w their moral compass…and that is something. 1′s characters may not be in their best behavior and do or say stupid things from time to time, and never going to be 100% “socially/politically correct”; but they have those liveliness that i admire and love and actually can relate to as a non-fictional human being.

and i want to thank 1 for making them this way.

Stand up for yourself.

At some point we encounter people or friends who act like they’re better than everyone. Even to you at times. I knew someone who made every story they would tell about themselves. It always had to be better than yours too. People like that aren’t good listeners anyway. It’s like they are just waiting for you to finish the last word so they can start telling their story or just interrupt. I’ll admit, I may have a habit of interrupting at times but never really noticed until my friend told me. I think I just try to finish their sentence like I know how the story ends. LOL. That’s something I’m still working on today.  Another example would be their careers. You could be in a different line of work and yet they still act like your job isn’t worthy or as “hard” as theirs. Everyone has a purpose in life. Everyone matters. Work hard for you, be kind and generous to people. If you feel a certain way about someone who made you feel bad about yourself, let them know how you feel. Let them know you didn’t like the way they spoke to you. Belittling people is not a good look. Lead by example and teach others that the world doesn’t owe them anything. They aren’t entitled to things either. Doing or having “cooler” things doesn’t make you any more superior than others. 

boyfriend hoseok (wonho)

A/N: i’m so sad i wasn’t able to keep my streak but i was too tired and afraid it wouldn’t turn out well!!! im wearing a sweatshirt so i’m typing with sweater paws in honor of wonho!!! masterlist!!!

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  • let me tell you one time i talked about wonho in the car with my mom and by the end of the conversation we were both crying
  • he is So PrEcIoUs
  • make sure he knows he is loved okay??
  • he is always working super hard and forgetting about his sleep and health but he will text you to ask if you’re eating well and taking care of yourself
  • and you’re like bOY
  • sometimes he just has to push himself but he will love the way he can melt into your arms and fall asleep
  • he will pamper and spoil you so much
  • totally the type to be walking around with you and when you see something you like but refuse to buy it he will show up after saying he’s going to the bathroom with that thing you like in seven different colors
  • he does it for the smiles you give him
  • speaking of smiles
  • his smile
  • wow what art
  • he will be smiling so much!!! laughing !!! blessing you with the angelic light that radiates from his happiness!!!
  • you’ll probably be a very chic/stylish couple i can see the minimalist aesthetic already
  • definitely the type to grab you and start dancing while singing to you idk he seems very into classic romance stuff because he wants to make your heart flutter y’know???
  • probably kisses you in front of the members to brag about having a relationship
  • i mean he’ll respect your boundaries more than anything 
  • but he wants to brag about you ALL THE TIME
  • he is so proud of you and you give him so much inspiration and passion just by being in his life 
  • is probably nervous to have you meet his family because it’s so important to him aw and then he’ll take you to the café his mom has and you just witness that pure love between those two and then he wraps his arm around your waist to bring you closer and he is just beaming because !!! the two most important people in his life are meeting !!!
  • loves it when you play with his hair
  • he’ll come home after schedules and plop wherever you are so his head is in your lap and he looks up at you with puppy dog eyes and a wide smile and even though you were doing something you know he’s going to whine if you don’t pay attention to him so you just thread your fingers in his hair and massage his scalp and he basically purrs and lets his eyelids fall and you smile and go back to doing whatever you were doing with one hand now
  • sweaters !!! sweater paws !!! sharing sweaters !!!
  • highkey the type to to give you five thousand sweaters, twelve pairs of gloves, and thirty scarves before you go out in the winter so you don’t get sick
  • once he’s made you into a winter version of the michelin man and you’re looking at him like “seriously” he claps his hands and kisses your forehead and leads you into the outside world
  • definitely adores eating with you
  • like it’s so simple and homey and intimate and he just LoVeS iT
  • will probably want to feed you
  • and then get lowkey embarrassed that he actually just fed you so he will get even cuter by cringing 
  • “can you believe we’re parents already?” “what” “we have monbebes!!!” “i’m divorcing you”
  • seriously though that boy loves monbebes so you two will probably bond over love for them 
  • please speak to him in french because i think about it constantly and it KiLLs Me
  • wouldn’t be surprised if he got a small tattoo symbolizing you because he wants to make sure you know just how special you are to him
  • he definitely feels most comfortable crying in front of you and sometimes you two cry together and it’s beautiful because there’s so much trust in that wow
  • abs abs and more abs
  • please tell him to put a shirt on sometimes because yes seeing him walk around and flaunting his body is wonderful and all but the window is open and it’s freezing and you don’t want him getting frostbite
  • gives amazing hugs
  • the kinds where he just wraps his arms really securely around you and buries his face in your neck so he can smell your shampoo and he sighs so happily and you’ve never felt more loved and adored in your whole life i love wonho
  • hoseok is a pure being and he has so much love in his art and when he loves he loves hard because he feels his emotions to the fullest and he will write so many songs about you and he devotes himself to making the best life for you however it manifests and at the end of the day you two grow so much together and have such a trusting and wholesome relationship and im crying please take care of him
Too Close to Her [Chanyeol]

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Chan♥- Come visit me today! Pleaseee?

Chan♥- It’ll make me very happy!

Chan♥- Oh, and the boys want some good food. They’re not feeding us anything delicious. We’re hungry.

Chan♥- Jagi, please!

It was Chanyeol for the 4th time. He was at work today, filming for EXO’s drama. Honestly, I don’t even know how he finds the time to text me when he should be acting.

I was reluctant to go visit. Seeing him being close with…Moon Gayoung. I know it’s a silly reason but come on, I’m his girlfriend. It’s hard to see him being so close to her, even if it’s just acting. I’ll just go anyway because I miss him.

I packed him and the guys some lunch and made my way to the studio.

“Is that ____ noona? It’s ____ noona!” Sehun exclaimed the moment he saw me. That caused Baekhyun and Kyungsoo notice and the three came running up.

“What are you doing here?” Baekhyun asked, even though I could tell he was more interested in the bags I was holding.

“Chanyeol wanted me to visit. Speaking of the boy, where is he?” I asked, looking around

“Oh, their still filming in the other room.” Kyungsoo answered.
“I hope you haven’t eaten yet, cause I brought food.” I held up the bags and handed them to Baekhyun and Sehun.

“Thank goodness, I couldn’t even look at the food here anymore. You’re a life saver, noona. Chanyeol hyung is a lucky man.” Sehun breathed and opened the containers.

“If you want to go observe your sweetheart in action, through those doors. Just stay quiet.” Kyungsoo pointed. I grinned and advanced towards the door and entered. Chanyeol was in action alright.

He was trapping her against the wall, acting angry. Jealously bubbled inside me and I told myself to calm down. I’m sure it was in the script.

That went on for anther 5 minutes before the director yelled;

“Cut!” startling me. Though they were no longer being filmed, the two stood and talked. He didn’t even notice I was standing there. The other three came back in each holding a container of noodles near their faces.

“Wahh…____-ah. Your cooking is the best.” Baekhyun complimented. That caught Chanyeol’s attention.

“Jagi!” he flashed that million dollar smile before excusing himself from the conversation and coming over to me.

“When did you arrive?” he asked, one arm coming around my waist

“About 5-8 minutes ago.“ I answered, still a little annoyed at the closeness from earlier. He gasped a little.

"Did you bring me food too?” he looked around.

“Yeah, there’s one more container in the back, hyung.” Sehun answered.

“I’ll go get it.” I volunteered before making my way out and to the bags.

“What’s wrong?” I heard Baekhyun’s voice behind me.

“What do you mean what’s wrong? There’s nothing wrong.” was my lie. I know, it’s weak but what do I say? ‘Oh yeah, I’m jealous of Moon Gayoung being too close to Chanyeol.’ nope.

“I know that face. Tell me.” he poked my cheek. I sighed and turned back to the food. He snapped his fingers as if he figured out something.

“Aha! I got it. You’re jealous.” he teased.

“You got it oppa, you win.” I rolled my eyes.

“Why?” he asked

“I don’t know…I just…I’m a little jealous that they have to be that close. I know it’s for the drama and everything but…I don’t know.” I answered him. He stayed silent. I looked up to see Baekhyun staring at someone behind me.

“So…you can tell him that but not your boyfriend?” that familiar deep voice spoke.

“I’ll just…give you two some privacy.” Baek said before jogging back to Sehun and Kyungsoo.

“Why are you jealous?” he asked. I thought he already heard my reason.

“You heard me already.” I mumbled.

“What is there to be jealous about? It’s all acting.” he crossed his arms

“I know but do you have to be that close?” I questioned.

“Yes. She’s a professional actor. Therefore I must be professional as well.” he explained

“I know I know. But just think about it. What if I was an actress and I had to be that close with someone?” I asked
“You make it sound like I’m in the wrong when you’re the one that’s jealous.” he spoke

“I’m just saying that I’m uncomfortable with you being that close to her. I’m not saying that I’m forbidding you to touch her.” I argued back. This was going nowhere.

“If you’re uncomfortable with it then I suggest you leave before you see more.” he pointed to the door.

“You invited me here!”

“Yeah, before I knew you’d be jealous about every little thing I do with her.” he turned away. I didn’t say anything. I knew I was at fault in this argument yet my pride refuses to let me lose it. Instead, I placed down his food containers.

“I don’t need those containers back. Enjoy your food.” I mumbled befor eleaving the studio and making my way home.

You have to apologize at some point. You’re the one at fault. I shouldn’t have brought it up in the first place. Geez, I’m such a bad girlfriend. Why did I act like that? I mean he was working. He’s going to be mad now and won’t be able to act right. The producers and staff probably won’t allow me back anymore. God, what did I do?

I plopped down onto the couch and hugged a pillow. Rethinking about what I said to him. I felt bad. Really bad. Maybe I should call and apologize. But…he’s probably gone back to work by now. I’ll just wait until he gets home…

-much later-

It’s nearly midnight now, and he’s still not back yet. But he should be. My prediction was confirmed when the door knob turned.
He walked through the door and locked it. Then his eyes landed on my sleepy state.

“Why are you still up?” he asked, placing his jacket on the coat rack. I quickly stood up

“I wanted to apologize…” I answered

“That doesn’t mean you stay up late. We can talk about it tomorrow.” he walked closer

“No. My behavior today was awful. I’m sorry, jagi…” I apologized. He came and hugged me.

“Hey, it’s okay. To be honest, I was a bit glad that you were jealous. That shows that you really do care for your Channie Booo!” he teased me by pinching my cheeks.

“I’ve never even called you that.“ I giggled

"Thank god you don’t. That would be very embarrassing in front of the members.” he sighed in relief.

“Maybe I should start.” I whispered to myself.

“What was that?”

“Nothing! Let’s go to sleep. The couch hurts my back.” I complained, adding more effects by rubbing my back. He laughed and threw me over his shoulder before making his way upstairs.


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I don't know if you're still taking requests but Is there anyway you could write a poem for me? One about a girl who finally let someone who hurt her back into her life. Now they're in a relationship but the person she let back in her life isn't appreciating her at all. She thought it would be different this time because he worked so hard to win her back. She's just wants to feel like he loves her in the same way she loves him. It would honestly mean so much to me if you could. Thank you xx

“he never answers her calls. he never holds her tight enough. which is why she slipped from his arms and onto the bathroom tile sobbing for him to come home but he was too drunk to even stand and he hung up without saying ‘i love you too’ he seemed to always forget. she picks herself up from the floor and dreams about the life she wishes she had with him. he picks himself up off of his best friend’s floor and goes to bed with another girl.”


So how is it that they all consider their lives to be that precious? I’m curious. I thought about why everyone is trying so hard to move forward. Even though they don’t even know what awaits them. I felt like people who plotted out a point somewhere and worked hard to get there seemed strange.I thought that people only got lost when they tried to go somewhere and I thought that people’s lives only got hard because they set objectives. But staying in the same place for too long makes you lose your way too, it seems.


I think it would be all too easy to overlook these moments. The moments which occur as each episode fades to black. But something so incredibly (and consistently) exceptional about David and Emily is the brilliant way they can close out any scene or episode- simply by playing off the other. I have no idea how the final seconds of this scene were scripted. Or if they were even scripted at all. We already know that some directors like to take advantage of their ability to improvise banter for an extended period of time. It’s one of the things David and Emily do best. This comes from having a solid foundation and a rich history. Their chemistry has burned so brilliantly since the very beginning. We were all lucky enough to bear witness to that miracle. And the relationship that has blossomed from that chemistry, hard work, and unwavering faith in one another has created such an unparalleled and impenetrable force. Anything these two do automatically becomes amazing. Any interactions they have are pure gold for fans. Suddenly, a “fade out” moment becomes a can’t-miss moment. They are able to convey heat, humor, and love with just a few lines of banter and some tender touches. You cannot script that. I absolutely lost it when Brennan tried on the glasses and Booth had to steady her on their way to their bedroom. That’s just them. That is David and Emily. The trust, friendship and love between them is so evident. Always. In every scene- big and small. They are so comfortable with each other, and that translates so effortlessly and beautifully to their characters. I obviously always overreact to moments such as these. But I just cannot help the way these two constantly make me feel. They are once-in-a-generation costars. And I thank the universe each and every day for allowing the stars to align just perfectly, and giving these two wonderful and crazy individuals to the Bones world. We are richer for having them in our show and in our lives. 

jhdskfgjsfgkfhsj and i’m noticing a lot of the same people who are giving up on iasip/macdennis now are the same people who stopped believing in tjlc after tfp. like. do people not know how romantic narratives work, esp on two of the most meta shows on earth?? of course they want to make the audience lose hope! that’s what you do before a big reveal, you make people think there’s no way it’s gonna happen! they ramped up the romance to the point where even casuals expected it and then they pretended like it never happened, frustrating everyone with all of the loose ends! bc they know it makes it more meaningful in the long run! but y’all just fell for it too hard!

i see people being like “i thought they were such amazing writers but the show doesn’t even make sense now??” uhhhh. hmmmmmm. what does that. tell you. maybe that it’s. fucking not over yet. just a thought