i worked super hard on it

[Ch 234 spoilers]

k sorry i’m kagehina spiraling SUPER HARD over 234 right now (what a shock) but:

in every shot of Kageyama when there’s a pause in the game, he is looking up, getting his perception and precision back to 100%, he’s utterly focused on that, because it is key to nailing that one toss he needs to make work –

and when he DOES, the first thing he does is APOLOGIZE. lijalseijfal this boy apologizes (again) for not being flawlessly perfect in an unknown situation right off the bat. 

And given his tacit acknowledgment of Hinata’s TOSS TO ME psychic brainwaves that he’s shooting out when he gets back on the court

and the fact that that’s exactly what Kageyama does the moment he feels like his precision is back, it can definitely be inferred he’s apologizing right to Hinata, first and foremost, after messing up their first couple of tosses that Hinata still went for, because he trusts Kageyama utterly, and doesn’t care if they both have to fuck up at first in order to get it right. (Kags is facing the rest of the team though, so I think it is both a “sorry” to Hinata, but also to the rest of them, because contrary to popular belief, Tobio really isn’t arrogant. He’s just a very intense blueberry.)

In conclusion: I love that we get Kageyama telling his small, trusting partner that he is sorry for making him wait around – and look at Hinata’s face as he basks in the glow of their successful quick

The CROWD ISN’T CLAPPING, no one is cheering, they are stunned into silence in the panels directly before this. Hinata isn’t acknowledging the cheers, he is just radiating fulfillment at knowing Kageyama got it handled, and at receiving what he is owed, aka TOBIO’S COMPLETE AND UTTER FOCUS AND DEDICATION to their partnership. 

(And perfect tosses.)


Here’s another sneak peek at a song from our Christmas Special that airs this Friday night at 8 pm on Nickelodeon. Hey, the network has let us out of the basement and for 30 minutes is pretending like they aren’t ashamed of us!

This episode is super special to us. We worked hard to make a holiday event that felt unique. It’s a half-hour of musical shorts with no dialogue, done Fantasia style. There’s a little bit of singing (I apologize in advance) and even some stop-motion. So sip some nog, yule your log, and jingle your bells cuz It’s Christmas, You Dorks!

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Okay but what about star accidentally casts a spell that turns Marco into a siren!!

Here you go! I hope you like it! I like lovey-dovey Tom, is cute!


“Are you okay?” Star asked. Marco nodded, he was in the bathtub, because of his new fins and gils. “I can’t believe that spell worked!” Star exclaimed.

“Well you did it… now change me back.” Marco grumbled. He examined his webbed fingers and fins. Looking at his now scaly skin. Star was beaming.

“This is amazing!” Star mused. “Transformation spells are super hard to make! And I did it perfectly!” Star bragged. She then looked down at Marco. “One thing though… I meant to turn you into a fairy…” She continued. “I guess I messed it up a little more than I thought I did.” Star looked at him. “But hey! You look great!”

“I don’t feel great!” Marco huffed. “I feel like a fish.”

“You… are a fish.” Star nodded. “A very pretty fish.” She assured. “But hey, you should be able to have some of the powers that sirens possess! Do you want to try it out?” She asked.

“Like what?” Marco was curious now.

“Well sirens can lure their prey in with a song.” She explained, reading from her book. “Do you wanna try that out?” Star asked. Marco bit his lip.

“I actually do… a lot.” Marco admitted.


“So you used Marco for a spell? That doesn’t sound so- WOAH!” Tom stopped short when he saw the siren in the bathtub. “Marco!?” He exclaimed. “You look… good.” Tom admitted. Marco waved.

“Hey.” He smiled a little at the demon. “Star used me for a transformation spell.” Marco re explained. “And we were wondering if you could help us try something.” Marco pleaded. Tom looked nervous. Star urged him forward.

“I’m gonna, give you two some space to do you thing.” She slipped out, looking pleased with herself.

“Oh jeez… with what?” Tom asked.

“Well, when Star said she could transform someone into something… they get their powers. And sirens can hypnotize people with their song.” Marco explained. “And I wanted to see if I could do that to you.” Marco admitted. Tom fell back.

“You want to hypnotize me?” Tom asked nervously. Marco nodded. “I mean… if it’s for the sake of learning magic… I guess we can try… you’re not actually going to eat me though, right?” Tom asked. Marco laughed.

“Don’t be silly.” He teased. Tom laughed.

“Alright then… let’s try.” He agreed. Marco cleared his throat and started to sing.

You are my sunshine

My only sunshine

You make me happy

When skies are gray

You’ll never know dear

How much I love you

Please don’t take my sunshine away

Marco started his song and Tom felt any resistance he might have had slip away

The other night dear

As I lay sleeping

I dreamed I held you here in my arms

When I awoke dear I was mistaken

So I hung my head and I cried

Marco’s voice faded out and he looked at Tom who was looking at him with an expression he couldn’t quite place. It was a mix of total adoration and vacancy. Marco leaned forward.

“Tom?” He whispered his name. Tom smiled and laughed a little.

“Yes?” He tilted his head.

“You okay?” Marco asked. Tom laughed some more and looked at him lovingly.

“I’m fine.” He assured. “Your fin is beautiful.” Tom told him. Marco giggled.

“Thank you.” He was starting to realize what was going on. “You know, if I were a real siren I’d eat right now?”

“You can eat me if you want. I don’t mind.” Tom assured. Marco laughing loudly at this.

“Wow, this worked a little too well.”

A project for my 2D class. I was supposed to take a word and make the word out of what it was…therefor,, FRIES!!!!

I liked how it came out, wish I could get the ketchup to look more like its on the paper but whatever… Thanks @kind-of-trash for sago it was good enough to be posted

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I don't get the history of this timeline

Timeline is super jacked and that’s like the whole idea of these two blogs.

Imma work super hard to produce content so you can understand what’s going on uvu/

Doing a little painting today and trying to recalibrate after a well…not so fun night and rough morning. 😔I just want to say that I love you all so much! Your continued support of me and my art is something that I will never take for granted. 💗 I know how lucky I am and I work super hard to do right by you all ✊I will always be here to listen to you and do my darnest to make you happy! My heart belongs to you as does my whole world. 😊💞 I would like to say that life is a precious gift and who we are in life matters. I want to be the kind of person that brings joy and beauty into your lives and you can proudly support💗 I’m so glad that art is therapeutic because I’ll be spilling my soul into this one today. 😅 I wish you ALL an amazing day full of love and happiness 😘💕💕💕💕💕#fanappreciation #love #support #misunderstanding #camilladerrico #grateful #artislife #artist #human #compassion #understanding #fans #always #bethereforyou #myworld #loveyouall

Doing a little painting today and trying to recalibrate after a well…not so fun night and rough morning. 😔I just want to say that I love you all so much! Your continued support of me and my art is something that I will never take for granted. 💗 I know how lucky I am and I work super hard to do right by you all ✊I will always be here to listen to you and do my darnest to make you happy! My heart belongs to you as does my whole world. 😊💞 I would like to say that life is a precious gift and who we are in life matters. I want to be the kind of person that brings joy and beauty into your lives and you can proudly support💗 I’m so glad that art is therapeutic because I’ll be spilling my soul into this one today. 😅 I wish you ALL an amazing day full of love and happiness 😘💕💕💕💕💕#fanappreciation #love #support #misunderstanding #camilladerrico #grateful #artislife #artist #human #compassion #understanding #fans #always #bethereforyou #myworld #loveyouall (at Downtown Vancouver)

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Planning ahead

Maybe it’s because I’m OLD, but at the end of each year I go over my “In Case of Emergency” plans. You know: instructions for family in case I get super sick, injured, or dead. 

Well, this is the first year that I have published works out there. Mostly in AO3. Sure, I’ve got ‘em saved on my hard drive and iCloud, but it’d be nice to be able to orphan them to an active writer, or something. You know, so they’d be looked after, and maybe could post a note on them that the author’s no longer around, so won’t be replying to comments/reviews. My beloved hubby would be lost on how to manage such a thing, or even how to navigate the website. But, my son could contact someone on Tumblr with my passwords and such. 

An amazing fan fiction author by the name Josephine Darcy, who wrote the perfection of The Marriage Stone, suddenly disappeared years ago. Fans were, and still are, lost. No one knew what her real name was, nor where she lived, nothing. Certainly I’m not up to her level of awesomesauce, but it’d be nice to let people know the score, you know?

Do any of you have such plans? Someone who will look after your works and notify your online peeps if a drunk driver, hate crime, or aneurism suddenly make you unable to? I’d love to hear your plan, or your thoughts.

@tearsofwinter @therealmnemo @acaranna @broodywolf @calligraphypenn @diamonddragon33 @ertenion @ioniafletcher @kaerwrites @kleineganz @lorpus @shinyhill @stealyourshiny @warriormaggie

So I tried to do one of these. Not gonna lie, pretty disappointed in myself for not drawing more. Going to work hard to do more this year and stop letting work get in the way. December is empty because it hasn’t been long enough for me to finish something. Hopefully I can! But I am proud of the few finished pieces I did.

I’ll try and do a super nice one for this month. :)

// TL;DR how i feel about new lore and negative reactions to it:

it’s okay to look at lore objectively and criticize what you think warrants it, to pick and choose what you like and don’t like, what you choose to observe on your blog and what you don’t. it’s your blog and what you choose to roleplay in the end is your decision.

personally i don’t think it’s okay to go complaining to riot on boards, emails, etc. about how “bad” the new lore is. you can definitely send something in if you think something was too twisted to the point of being unrecognizable or just objectively and honestly bad, but complaining because you just don’t like it, or it goes against what you’ve worked so hard for, is pointless and immature.

so ultimately, roleplay what you want. that’s totally cool. but picking on employees for something you just…don’t like…is really crappy.

i’m personally super stoked for the new lore!! i’m really excited that riot is putting in so, sooo much effort to make this a more realistic world, with characters that fit into it instead of being weird boring caricatures or boring tropes.

i’d be more than happy to expand on this if anyone really wants me too, but like…i feel like this+my other posts about it have made my stance pretty straightforward lol.

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Art thou still working on the emoji memes...?

in all honesty i have forgotten about them, but I do plan on doing all of them! They were fun and adorable to do.

I also have the kiss meme thing to do (drawing kisses is super hard AND IM SLOW)
i’ll get there eventually :’)

Great things about the other mods

Mod Morgan: due to circumstances beyond their control they can’t answer asks all that often, but when they get working they work hard and do quality work!

Mod Angel: Literally one of the funniest and raddest people i know. They’re trying to balance a physically intensive job, a classpect blog, and like 5 other side projects… And they do it well.

Mod Circe: One of the most god damn supportive people ever, does consistent good work, is humble af (she’s super skilled in her analyses on everything but always plays down her skills) and is a fucking college student on top of that.

God damn I work with inspiring people.


So I’m actually having a crisis. I’m about to be unemployed and I’m seriously freaking out. I’m not in school because college really wasn’t right for me and now??? I’m super sick and undergoing a lot of treatments and I can’t find a job anywhere around here because it’s winter and hours are getting cut. I’m actually freaking out pretty hard. I’m focusing on my writing but getting an article published here and there or putting together a manuscript is not a fully paying job. I’m not working or in school, I’m about to be nothing at all.

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Hi! I'm your big fan since "The New Year"! I read "Infinity" and, oh my god, it's amazing. So canon compliant, so intense and touching! I love Gallavich,and I love Mickey so much!:) Would you mind, if I translate this fanfic into Russian and publish it on this website (ficbook. net)? Of course I’ll state everywhere that I am just a translator and you are the author of the fic! Thank you very much for your hard work!:)

Hi! Been meaning to answer you on AO3, sorry!

It’s alright with me! I’m super flattered. So happy you enjoyed it!

KHUx - 12/08-09 announcements

15 new story quests have been added! They’ll take place in castle of dreams.

A new limited challenge has begun!

  • it will last from 12/09 0.00 JST to 12/15 23.59 JST
  • this is a super hard coliseum-style challenge!
  • you can get a Mickey & Broom Servant medal as part of the challenge rewards

A new christmas event has also begun!

  • it will last from 12/09 0.00 JST to 12/22 23.59 JST
  • collect event coins in the event quests to unlock avatar parts and other rewards! (the turkey hats give +5 raid appearance luck)
  • there’s also a chance of summoning the boss Jack in the box, which gives a large amount of event coins when defeated

Lastly, a new draw box has opened up!

  • it will be open from 12/09 0.00 JST to 12/16 23.59 JST
  • you’ll have the chance to get the new voiced limited fifth tier guilt medal, Dark Riku (reverse speed; lit. Riku wearing the power of darkness); it’ll come with its ability upgraded to the third stage
  • if you draw ten medals at once, you’ll receive a Cid 5 and 10 VIP coins as a bonus
  • you’re also guaranteed one of these past reprinted premiums: Xion illustrated ver. (reverse magic), Sora HD ver. (upright speed), Terra illustrated ver. (upright magic), Ventus illustrated ver. (upright speed), Axel SP (reverse power) and Pooh & Piglet (upright magic)
  • if you draw four times without receiving Dark Riku, you’ll receive it in your fifth 10-pull
  • you may also get some medals with a status boost: Dark Riku will have his attack and defense boosted by +1000; other medals will have their attack only boosted by +1000

A weird side effect of the coding course is that it’s lonely. Andrew is working super hard at the moment so he’s often not coming home until after I’ve gone to bed.

And there’s been a bunch of days that I haven’t had a conversation with another human being that wasn’t about code or a transaction.

And there are people who care about me who I could hit up for company - but I have homework (so more coding) and life stuff like cooking in the evenings.

As of Friday I’m a third of the way through. That’s slightly terrifying.



for the past couple months ive been working on a huge playlist to send off my favorite show ever with a smile, but it ended up being so long that i split it into two parts. the first half is more upbeat and optimistic while the second half is more bittersweet.

part one is here, and part two is here! or you can just enjoy the pretty drawings, yknow