i worked super hard on it

I’m finally continuing my RvB Voltron AU!!!! It’s only been like…. 4 or 5 months since my last post for this au lmao. Here are my sketches and notes for the Grifs!!!!! This isn’t really finalized or anything. I’m just messing around with ideas right now. In not really sure on the age gap between these two yet. If this is going to work how I want it to they either have to be really close in age or maybe twins??? idk it’s an au so I guess I can do whatever haha? I typed everything out in photoshop so I didn’t have to rewrite it so hopefully you guys can read it (sorry for spelling mistakes, it’s really hard to fix things after you merge text in photoshop so I just left it haha)! @renaroo I’m super excited to work on this with you!!!

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My boyfriend is going away at the end of summer for schooling 6 hours away so he won't be able to visit very much I have some gifts I'm planing and making for him but I don't know how to handle the thought of him leaving for so long as I have abandonment issues even though I'll move in with him as soon as July next year I'm still nervous about this (public answer is okay)

Long distance relationships can be hard, I’m not going to lie to you.
I’m in a long distance relationship and I have BPD so it’s super tricky, though we don’t have any set date for meeting yet.. which sucks.

Try to Skype often. Seriously, it helps. Even if you don’t know what to talk about, or you’ve got work to do and you’re too busy to properly chat, just hanging out and being able to see and hear each other is nice.

Update each other when you can about how things are going in your day to day life. You might think something like “I’m drinking a really nice hot chocolate” is kind of unimportant and not worth telling, but honestly, that kind of thing (maybe with a picture too??) really helps you feel like you’re still “with them” in a sense, living their live along with them every day even though there’s a distance between you.

Mail!! Mail is nice every so often. Little gifts, letters, maybe plushies that smell like them really boosts the mood. I have a lot of emotional impermanence so physical items can really, really help.

Get involved with other things. Maybe if you find a fun hobby to take up your time you can show them how good you’ve gotten with it when you get together again! I’m sure they’ll be really proud of you ♡

I found this post for people with DPD/BPD on my personal blog from my own references. It helped me when my boyfriend went on holiday so our communication was severely reduced.

Remember that it’s okay to feel awful. It’s okay to cry, to get frustrated, to feel hopeless.
The important part is getting back up, brushing yourself off, and accepting things you can’t change. Check out radical acceptance techniques if it helps. (x) (x)

Good luck!! ♡ 

- Solar the Sea Turtle

hey, guys! as you know or are pretty much all aware of, i’m sam also known as admin sam also known as the small joke i like to always add in: ½ of team rocket so i’m going to make a few things known right now that were already addressed by my lovely coadmin but just again, in case you missed it. so tinsels is my baby. i think i made that clear before but it is! steph and i put a lot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears into this roleplay because we simply wanted a place to call ours and to create an a space where we could share that with some pretty awesome individuals, make new friends and to plot as well. personally, i think we definitely had that going here with you all because you guys are SUCH an amazing group of people to the point where i’d give you my number right now and have you guys text me but we’ve taken account into how the activity has slowed down a bit. some of our fellow members have ghosted because they’re simply not interested anymore or because the dash hits a standstill sometimes and that’s perfectly fine! i’m going to admit that i wasn’t really helping the issue either because i always logged on late in the afternoon and mostly because i do tend to have a social life on the weekends (much to my surprise) and steph pretty much works and has a social life as well but i do understand that life gets a little hectic sometimes where you’re not able to get online.

however, steph and i are so determined to keep this going with you guys to the point where we are changing a few things about tinsels. of course, that doesn’t mean it’s over or anything like that! it just means as the admins, we want to make sure everyone’s having a good time and that everyone’s interacting and enjoying themselves because otherwise, what’s the point, right? so we’re not giving up just yet and we honestly hope that you guys aren’t either! we still want you to be apart of this and only if you want to because we don’t want to force anyone into anything they don’t necessarily want to do but i assure you that i’m not going to let our baby (see, there it is again) die and just be swept under the rug. it’s not something i’m going to allow to happen, regardless of what anyone may think because i take an immense amount of pride into this rp and i definitely want to be able to explore the possibilities and success tinsels could have.

it’s going to be a little tough, obviously, but the thing about this is that i’m like 99% sure we’ve all made friends here or at least, i’ve made friends here to the point where i’m not interested in letting y'all go. so the point of this is that the admin team is going to go ham to get tinsels in a new & improved condition that i’m sure some of you will enjoy. it’s been almost 2 weeks since we’ve opened for interactions but to be honest with you, it’s been the best 2 weeks ever because i’ve met all of you and want to continue prospering with you! so there is it… an update on what’s going to happen this week! you guys can continue to interact and everything since we’re definitely not interested in stopping that but please LIKE this and STEPH’S POST so we know you’re aware and also message us if you’re interested in staying so we know when we do this quick yet drastic makeover like mia thermapolis in the princess diaries! alright, i’m done because i have things to do but thank you for reading this! love you guys – i mean, fam! ♥️

“No, Shoot, I can’t. I don’t know how. Can’t we just… “ ( ˊᵕˋ )♡.°⑅

MY FEEEELS! The pictrue is an ilustrations to COUPLES ONLY fanfiction by VoidAndroid

I didn’t expect such touching in this super smol nashuu fandom ;U; It moved my kokoro so much so I HAD TO draw this. Thank you author for giving me feels. NOW PEOPLE! GO AND REAAAD IIIIT (♡´❍`♡)*✧ ✰ 。*

Sorry also for not posting much lately, but together with @sunnygays we work on a nashuu doujin! 8D Stay tuned for previews, pages, and hafta work hard to finish it!  BRING IT ON!

i know ive said this before but guys just please, imagine captain!yamaguchi. just imagine for a second. he’s come out of his shell and isn’t nearly as shy anymore, and he helps the shy first years come out of their shells too. he works hard and is rly just and fair and nice and likes to make jokes but also gives the best feel-good speeches before matches and everyone is just !!!! about him always. pls. just imagine.

Gamer Flug Headcannon

I can’t not see Flug playing video games, the question is, what video games?

I don’t think he’s a modern gamer. He doesn’t play OverWatch. Maybe.

No, I think Flug is hard core nostalgia gamer.

I mean an entire Twtich and YouTube full of Pokemon gen 1&2 speed runs hard core.

Super Mario bros? Easy.

Sonic the Hedgehog? Psh, been there done that.

MegaMan? All suits full Japanese playthough

Earthbound? Now that’s a weekend.

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I got a cut super deep on my finger once from working at subway. I was too poor to go to the hospital but it looked like I needed stitches so a coworker put super glue in the would after cleaning it and then a bandaid and it fUCKING WORKED, it healed just fine I barely have a scar

oh wow!


I don’t

I don’t recommend this method of fixing htings, but in all, super glad that it worked and that you’re fine and nothing horrible has happened



the side of me with medical training is cringing so hard, but I’m still super glad and happy about htis?


Meet the Artist - Wicklesmack 2017

I’m just a cat lady who works with cats all day. Also I’m super allergic so i’m forever stuffy and in need of dairy products. I’m also super lactose intolerant. 

I try my best to stay positive but I have a resting bitch face so its hard for me to physically show that I’m happy. I usually have ten million things on my mind so I auto pilot in order to get stuff done. Its true, I am a robot. I’m also blunt so I come off rude or awkward as fuck. I am all about transparency and honesty so I will say anything and everything if I have to. Just tell me to shut up if its too annoying… he 

But in all honesty, I work a lot. I don’t get sleep. I love my job way too much and probably don’t know what to do with my free time when i’m not working. Its hard for me to reach out to talk to anyone because i’m scared that i’ll end up ignoring friends because of how busy I am. So if you say hi and I never reply … trust me I read it I just don’t know what to say or do! So i’ll probably send you a cute video or dank memes if i remember if you like stuff like that. But I’m quietly cheering on everyone and wish for the best. But to those I try my best to keep in touch with I don’t know what I would do without you guys! You guys keep me sane and in touch with life. Y’all are my strength when it comes to my everyday life, so much love for you guys.

Cupcakes and Shoeshine


*Andy Dwyer-centric


“Working hard or hardly working?”

“Babe!” Andy jumped up from the shoe shining station. “What are you doing here?”

“You do know I work here, too, right?” you asked with a laugh.

“Well, yeah, of course, but you have like, super important things to do. You have an office! And a computer!”

“I… work in an office. Don’t have my own.”

“But you will. All you have to do is wait until the President of this building dies.”

You bit back a laugh. Andy was so sincere, he truly believed that that’s how the parks department worked. “Right. Anyway, listen… there’s this… experiment I need your help with.”

“Ooh, an experiment? I like experiments. One time, I did this experiment in school where I left a tuna salad sandwich in my locker all year.”

“Ew, your teacher actually had you do that?”

“No. Why would my teacher tell me to leave a sandwich in my locker?”

This was the man you’d placed your affections on. “Anyway, here’s the experiment.” You leaned forward and kissed Andy.

“I like this experiment,” he said. “I’ve never been turned on by science before.”

“Okay, so you know what my lips feel like?”

“I might have to do another test,” he said, leaning down to kiss you again. “Okay, I think I have it.”

“Great. Now,” you pulled out your new lip scrub, wiping a swipe on your lips. “Tell me if you feel a difference.”

“Oh my gosh,” Andy said when you pulled back. “Your lips are so… soft! And they taste like cupcakes!”

You smiled. “Good. Then it’s working.” You looked down at your watch. “I’ve got to get back, but thank you for helping me with my experiment.”

“Can we experiment more at your place tonight?”


Later that night, Andy stepped out of your bathroom and plopped down on the couch next to you.

“Did you wash your hands?”

“You tell me,” Andy said, wiping damp hands on your face.

“Andy!” you said with a laugh. “Stop!”

“Not until you say the magic word!” Andy leaned forward, pinning you to the couch.

“Uncle! Uncle!”

Andy stopped, still holding you in place. “Fine. You win.” He leaned down and pressed a kiss to your lips.

You looked up at him, confused. “Why do you taste like cupcakes?”

“Oh! I found your lip stuff in your bathroom and I really liked how it felt on you earlier so I wanted to see if it felt the same way on me. I can’t really tell. But it tastes really good and I may have accidentally eaten a little of it.”

You wrapped your arms around his neck. “Well, I suppose I can forgive you.”

“Oh, yeah?”

You nodded. “Although now you have me craving cupcakes.”

“I can go get that tub of stuff and put more on.”

“Let’s go make some cupcakes, instead.” You rolled off the couch, pulling Andy behind you.

“Can I lick the spoon?”

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Request: 1920's AU a mix of Five Word Prompt "Actually...I just miss you" and 100 Ways to Say I Love You "Stay there, I'm coming to get you." Yay for lovely fluff-a-luff!!! :3

at last, have some super dumb, gross, cheesy romantic idiots waxing poetic about each other. UGH, jerks

“They not working you hard enough over there? Or are you caught in the throes of literary insignificance again?”

“Actually… I just miss you.”

Nyx smiled into the receiver and wished that Noctis could see it. He could hear the sadness in his voice, could see it in the vivid blue of his eyes that Nyx wrote into his music every night to substitute writing his hands into perfect, pearlescent skin. As pure and unwritten as a blank sheet of music, begging Nyx to make it sing.

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Don't you feel stalked ? Because I check your tumblr like 10 times per day haha 😅 (please, tell me I'm not the only one ? ) Thank you for your amazing work, send you kisses from France ! 🌼 🇫🇷

Noooo! I’m really happy that you guys like my work! When I first started this blog I was super hard on myself and I actually was super close to actually deleting it but something told me to keep doing what I love (writing). You don’t know how much it means to me that people from DIFFERENT COUNTRIES are following me. So thank you! 💓 much love from hell, i mean Florida :))


lets go to our fucking badass house. 

seriously i worked on it not so hard!
Lol its those bros or whatever’s house on the island in windenburg but i COMPLETELY gutted the inside. 

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KNK are so underrated I swear I could cry. Like I've been looking for fancams of them at kconny and I've only managed to find a couple :'( and it's been a month since sun, moon, star came out but the mv is still under 200k views wtf. I'm feeling so bad for my boys. They deserve so much more T.T

Hi Anon,

KNK is extremely underrated!!! They have the whole package…. They have a great mix of vocals, they can write and produce music, visuals/models, actors, dancers, and variety show skills.  They lack nothing…. i think the issue is YNB promoting them properly in Korea. International wise they have a great big following but in Korea is super weak. KNK does deserve more… we need to work hard for the boys… but this comeback they had was with super popular groups and it was hard for them to compete and shine. I hope they have a breakthrough here soon. I also hope that YNB won’t forget about KNK like they did for BESTie…..


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Does Maestro have any accents?

I still am working on figuring out a voice for Maestro but some notable ones that came to mind were:

Double D from Ed, Edd, n Eddy (for his regular speaking voice)
King Candy from Wreck it Ralph
Commander Peepers from Wander over Yonder (Tom Kenny in general)

Definitely something super cartoony but in general kinda light, maybe a little flute like but also nasally? 

Voices are hard for me haha.

@trinitea-art also recommended this song for Peanut and I think this captures his personality pretty nicely. No the lyrics specifically but just how its sung.

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Until today I hadn't ran more than 2 miles since the end of the XC season last fall (so around 6-7 months), and I did 4.5 miles at an 8-9 minute pace and I'm proud of myself because I didn't think I was ready to run that far since I had been doing those 2 miles at 7:30-8 pace. Not super fast I know, but if this is one of my first preseason workouts I think I could get a sub 24 or even sub 23 by August and make Varsity, & that's my goal. Please send good vibes and wish me luck :)

I am so, SO happy for you anon!!!!! You will accomplish your goals if you work hard, train consistently, and BELIEVE. I promise you :) GOOD LUCK!

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Septum piercing? Are you trying to look like a big strong bull?

That’s the comparison a LOT of people go to! Picturing this thick steel ring looped through the base of my nose, dangling over my bushy mustache, the mirrored steel fogging up as my deep huffing breaths steam it foggy.

My thick pecs heaving as I feel that weighted steel tug at my nostrils, feeling how HEAVY it is, my already angry look accentuated so much more so, looking from beast to fucking MONSTER as I just walk around constantly fucking hard, thick cock stretching down my thigh as I’m so ready to just fucking BREED like the hulking BULL I am!

I know I’d have to stretch it out over time, but there are some REALLY hot options, that are thinner in the middle and flair out super thick which would work for me!

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I saw your post about someone wanting to breed Bosco, would you ever consider breeding him, or are you not interested? If you were to consider breeding, what would be your criteria for the bitch? I'm not asking to see if you would/would not breed, but more of an open conversation about it. I have a 6m/o GSD (mostly Czech lines) and people are already asking if they can have a puppy from her (she's a med-high drive and if she had pups they would not be for pet homes), and it makes me cringe hard

We’ve been asked many times by breeders to use Bosco- he has an excellent working pedigree, he’s OFA Good/Normal, high biddability, super work ethic, and is physically striking. He also has a ton of training videos on YouTube because Martin takes Shade’s classes at Gold and he did Bosco’s novice parkour dog title (breeders like knowing he isn’t afraid of being on different surfaces). But as Bosco’s pedigree predicts, he is a serious dog with a low threshold for aggression (ie. sharp).

Let’s assume the basics are there for a workingline GSD female: hips/elbow ratings for generations throughout the pedigree (PennHip, SV, OFA, OVC, BVA, etc.), DM test (even though this a complicated topic), demonstrated working ability with good/balanced drives (via titles, and/or video, and/or Martin working the dog in person), good conformation (with no white markings or hare toes!), compatible pedigree with Bosco’s, and solid nerves (absolutely no sound sensitivities!). I would want her to be on the more social side of the correct temperament for a GSD (aloof but approachable) with a high biddability and on the smaller size of the standard because Bosco is at the top. I would want an experienced breeder who works his/her dogs in a bite sport(s), has a history of owning strong dogs, sells to working homes, and has a lifetime commitment to the puppies because Bosco’s lines bring aggression. An important question to ask is would we want to own one of the puppies? So far, no breeder has met these requirements. Of course, we would gladly allow Bosco’s breeder to use Bosco but unfortunately his breeder no longer breeds. 


Up, up and away, away from me
Well, it’s all right, you can all sleep sound tonight
I’m not crazy
Or anything

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