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The Kids Are Alright (Part 5)

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Summary: Stiles is a single dad just trying to raise his little girl right. You’re a single mom in a new town doing your best to stay up with a rambunctious toddler. When your kids become friends on the first day of kindergarten, where will it lead you and Stiles?

Author’s Note: FINALLY! I am so pumped to get this posted! I really hope you guys like this part, I’ve been working so hard on it! Please give me feedback, let me know what you think :) Enjoy!!!

Warnings: Language; adult themes and situations; hella fluff; SMUTTY SMUT SMUT; but like cute smut

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4


“Henry will love to have a sleepover with us and Lily!” Kira insisted, tossing the shirt she had been eyeing back onto the shelf. “Come on, Y/N. You and Stiles haven’t had a real date since you’ve been together.”

“Yes, we have!” I defended, stopping to look over my shoulder at her as I tossed the vest into my cart. Kira gave me that who are you even kidding look, making me sigh.

“You always have the kids with you, whether you’re out doing something or having a dinner and movie night at home. You’re adults, you need some alone time.” She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively at me, my cheeks heating up in response. “It’s been what? Almost two months now?”

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Estreline's Translations

Hi everyone!

It has happened again. Wattpad has removed Estreline’s translations of <Are you Addicted> chapters 8-111. You may notice that the chapters are still in your library but it will disappear if you refresh.

It seems, someone(s) has reported her translations (we don’t know who) and as usual Wattpad immediately removed the work without giving her a chance to stand her ground. I understand their “reasons” (some of which are utter garbage) for doing this but at the least investigate the report first before taking such action.

Estreline, Sienna and Grantye has worked hard on those translations for nearly a year now and are still working with me on recent chapters. So, for that, I am very appreciative of them. At the moment, they are highly upset that their work were so easily taken down.

We’ll try to get those translations back as best we can, but do take note that there is a chance that it cannot be recovered. Please kindly support them as we fix this problem and continue to bring everyone more translations.

Thank you!


Summary: It’s your first time experiencing snow and Lin has some definite plans for you. 

Author’s Note: Okay, here comes admission time: I have never even seen snow. I’ve grown up in the South for my entire life and the only way I’ve witnessed snow is through movies, photos, and weather reports. So, please, bear with me as it is hard to describe and I also have no idea how sledding works. 

So, this could not have been completed without the help of my resident winter experts: @tempfixeliza and @strongenoughfoundation ♥♥ 

Words: 2,549 

Warnings: fluff so sweet you’ll get a toothache, no real-life knowledge of snow or sledding, horribly (?) written kiss scenes 

So, here we go with the snow day fic I’ve been promising you all for two days! 

When you woke in the morning, you were acutely aware of the chill you vaguely felt from the world outside. Deciding it wouldn’t be worth your time to get out of bed when temperatures were below freezing on a weekend, you snuggled deeper into the covers, tugging one of your blankets up to your chin. This kind of peace only lasted a few hushed minutes before you heard your boyfriend barreling into your bedroom. It was only then you realized he hadn’t been in bed beside you. You rolled your eyes, an annoyed smile appearing on your face as he ran straight to the bed and jumped into it. You pretended to be asleep, squeezing your eyes shut tighter, as he pulled his body over to you. You could just picture the goofy smile that his face undoubtedly held and resisted the urge to peak your eyes open to see the picture of innocence and delight he would most definitely portray. When you felt him pull you closer, his hands icier than you had expected, you also felt a shiver run down your spine. He took this as sign that you were awake.

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Hey there studyblrs! Here are some motivational lock screen wallpapers that I made by myself! A way to say thanks to the studyblr community that has helped me so much.

Please note: Pictures & quotes are not mine; full credits to owners. I only edited the pictures and put the quotes in it. And please don’t take this text down.

a comparison
  • what aesthetic, on-screen studyblr looks like: going to cafes to study, drinking enough water, reading in your spare time, everything is neat and organized
  • what it looks like behind the screen: staying home all week because holy fuck i procrastinated too much, messy and rushed notes, not getting nearly enough sleep

Hey everyone! So apparently when my life gets hard, I throw myself into making edits as a distraction…posting more in a bit. Enjoy!

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NOTE: I don’t mind if the edits I post are used, I actually encourage it, but PLEASE don’t steel my work. Also if anyone wants to request something, I’d be happy to make something!

a/n: i know i have more prompts to fill, but i had a stroke of inspiration for another high school au that’s way more feel-good fluff than my previous one (which i love but it was hard on me personally and this made me feel better [please note these fics are not prequel/sequel but two separate works, despite their similar structure]), so i had to get it down. nothing happens but it’s a fun, banter-y, makeout nothing with a lot of run-ons and italics, so have a look and enjoy.

dare me to do it

all you do is sit and stare
beggin’ on my knees, baby, won’t you please
run your fingers through my hair?

—joan jett & the blackhearts

[jonxsansa, modern high school au ~4k+]

Jon wouldn’t say that he flirts with his best friend’s sister—“It’s called being polite,” he’s pointed out to an obviously perturbed Robb on more than one occasion—but he also wouldn’t necessarily say that he doesn’t, either; he just wouldn’t say that to Robb.  

But he absolutely doesn’t go to Robb’s soccer practices because that just happens to be when the cheerleaders practice, too. That’s a coincidence. Sam covers sports for the school paper so thoroughly that it’s practically inhuman, and Jon will tag along to keep him company, that’s all it is. He can’t help it if Sansa, you know, just happens to be there.

Not to mention, it’s not his fault that the muscles in her upper arms strain when she piles her masses of crimson hair into a bun on top of her head. He’s not some sort of pervert, either, but the sparrow tattooed on her lower back is expertly shaded so if anyone asks, he’s only admiring its craftsmanship. And it’s hot out this early in the autumn so, yeah, Sansa’s gonna strip her shirt off and lead practice cheers in nothing but a bright yellow sports bra and black leggings that have got to be tailor-made, he swears, because the way they fit the curve of her ass is just like… But he’s definitely, most decidedly not looking at her ass, Jon reminds himself, so how would he even know?

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Thinking of opening commission slots

Hi guys, I’ve been considering opening them this year, I have kept my work schedule closed the last year due to health and bereavement dedication time. (please note I have not done commission’s in nearly 2 years so I may start off with limited slots to get back into my work flow). Who would be interested? I am looking to make prices affordable as I could do with any money right now and understand how hard it can be to afford high quotes/ budget’s. Just comment or send an ask letting me know your feedback and like to see offered 😊 👍

Jealous (Part 2) – A Danisnotonfire One Shot

****Author’s note: sorry that I’m posting this so late, but you have no idea how hard I was working on this. I give mad props to smut writers, because this was one of the hardest pieces I’ve ever written. PLEASE be forgiving if this isn’t what you had in mind for a sequel, because I tried my very hardest. Enjoy :-) ****

“You look sexy when you get jealous,” I whispered, before revisiting his lips with mine. Feeling Dan’s tongue teasing mine, anchoring me in his hold with his hand placed behind my neck, made my desire for him intensify. He pulled away too soon. “I want you so bad right now.” He admitted with confidence. The type of confidence you feel when you know you’ll get your way.

He grabbed my hand, and we quickly walked towards the street. Dan raised his hand to hail a cab. He looked impatient, as was I. I couldn’t wait to put my hands all over him. The cab pulled up towards the curb, and we got in.

Once we were in the cab, the sexual tension could be cut with a knife. We both had the same idea in our heads, but to be withheld from exploring it, even for a short car ride home, was agonizing. Dan and I sat at opposite ends of the backseat section. The seat between us felt like a territory that neither of us were willing to cross, given the inevitable sex-capades that would ensue. However, I realized I underestimated Dan when I heard the click of his seatbelt, and felt his hand graze my inner thigh.

Each upward-downward stroke he made on my thigh triggered my heart to beat faster and my legs to spread wider. He inched closer and closer to my crotch. I gazed at him; he was smirking, and his eyes were dark with dirty intentions. This shit head knew exactly what he was doing. I could feel my clit throbbing. Throbbing for his touch.

Wearing jeans was a mistake, I thought to myself. Had I worn a skirt, he’d probably have his index AND middle finger paying my lady area his long-awaited attention.

Right as I was about to go mad from the sensation, the cab pulled to a stop in front of Dan’s flat. I scrambled out of the car, and threw random bills into the driver’s window. I didn’t care how much I paid him; nothing was worth more than my need for satisfaction at that moment.

Dan and I ran up the steps to his front door, and I was bouncing on the heels of my feet waiting for him to unlock it. Once he did, he opened it and pulled me in. He pushed me up against the door, closing it in the process. He pressed his body against mine, and kissed my neck hungrily. I worked my hands through his hair, and lifted my leg to bring him closer to my crotch. He reciprocated, hoisting up not only my raised leg but my other as well, wrapping them around his waist. I had never seen this side of Dan, but I loved every bit of it. He grinded his groin on me, and I felt his boner stiffening through his skinny jeans. “Oh, my God,” I sighed, completely flooded with lust for him. His tongue danced on my neck, nipping and sucking every so often. While this felt amazing by itself, I needed more. I needed him to fuck me senseless.

“Babe,” I whispered, trying to stifle my moans, “can we go to your room and continue this?” He pulled away from my neck, panting, and said, “Yeah, good idea.”

We stumbled towards his bedroom, taking off articles of clothing on the way. I removed my shirt and jeans, and Dan undid most of his buttons on his dress shirt, ripping the last three buttons off due to impatience. Once we reached the edge of his bed, he pushed me down onto the mattress. He crawled on top of me, kissing up from my stomach all the way to my mouth. Each kiss he gave me ignited nerves on my skin I never knew I had. He made my body feel like the Fourth of July, fireworks exploding everywhere he touched.

While our tongues battled, I reached down to his jeans to unbuckle his belt. I briefly pulled away from the kiss. I removed his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, and rubbed his dick over the material of his boxer briefs. He groaned intensely. This encouraged me, so I began to pull his jeans off to expose his boxers. He kicked them off, which left us both in our underwear.

Dan trailed kisses back down from my neck to my stomach, hovering over my panties. “How the hell are these still on?” he asked rhetorically, then ripped them off. Literally. Ripped them off. WHO WAS THIS MAN?

He wasted no time before sliding his finger inside me. He slowly pumped in and out, starting a rhythm. He added a second finger, and massaged my clit with his thumb. I gripped the bed sheets to refrain from moving my hips. I wanted to let him do his handiwork without interruption.

I hummed in pleasure. “You like that, baby?” Dan asked seductively. “Mhmm,” I hummed again in response. For a second, I didn’t know it could get any better than that. Of course, I was proven wrong seconds later, when I felt his tongue replace his thumb on my clit. I gasped. He licked lightly at first, and gradually started to flex his tongue harder and harder. I couldn’t get enough. I wanted Dan to write out the entire Lord of The Rings series with his tongue.

He took his fingers out of me, and hooked my legs over his shoulders. He delved deeper into me, now using his tongue for his fingers’ purpose. He wrapped his hand around my thigh, and reached two fingers in to work my clit. This man and his God-given sex skills had me writhing in a wave of over-the-top ecstasy.

As I moaned out loud repeatedly, I massaged my hands through Dan’s hair, pushing him deeper into my core. I began to feel the familiar build-up in my lower abdomen, signaling that I was about to come. I finally released, moving my hips in sync with his mouth to ride out my orgasm. He kept going just as he did before, and he didn’t stop until I had to drag him up by his hair.

“That was fucking amazing,” I panted out. He smiled, and leaned in for a kiss. I blocked his lips with my hand. “No, no,” I said, “it’s your turn.” His smiler grew wider as I shuffled farther down the bed. I straddled his legs far enough down that I came face to face with his crotch. His boner was rock hard, and begging to be relinquished from the restraints of his boxer briefs. I obliged, tugging his briefs down at a slow speed teasingly. His dick popped out as soon as the waistband cleared it.

I caressed it with my hand, stroking it up and down as Dan had previously done to my thigh. I wanted to make him yearn for my touch as he did to me. He leaned his head back, and closed his eyes. I could tell he was enjoying this. To bump it up a notch, I placed light, airy kisses on the tip. He sighed with his mouth hanging open blissfully. This was too good.

For my final tease, I licked one long line underneath the shaft of his dick, starting right above his ball sack and going all the way up to the head. He shuddered. I looked up at him sensually, only to see he was looking back down at me. I could see in Dan’s eyes that he was aching for me. Aching for my mouth. I gave in to his wish, and wrapped my lips around his tip. I inched down his shaft, sucking gently. When I felt his head hit the back of my throat, I sucked back up, and then down again. I picked up a steady tempo, and went a bit faster when I heard Dan begin to moan.

My jaw started to hurt, so I wrapped my hand around his dick, lined it up with my mouth, and worked my way down, sucking and fondling simultaneously. Dan’s moans grew louder. I recruited my other hand to play with his balls. This took him by surprise, I assumed, since he gasped the second my hand touched them. I used this to my advantage, running my nails over them VERY delicately. My hair fell over my face while I solely focused on pleasing Dan, so he picked up each strand and held them in a loose ponytail behind my head. “Jesus Christ,” Dan groaned, “this feels so fucking good.” This urged me to work even faster. Sucking, grappling, licking, stroking. “(Y/N),” Dan said urgently, “get up here now. I need you.”

I smirked, and crawled back up towards him. He got a condom out of the side drawer, opened the package, slid it on, and flipped me onto my back. “Spread your legs,” he demanded, placing his hands on either side of my head. I obeyed. He lined himself up with my entrance, and eased into me. I rolled my eyes into the back of my head, feeling more than satisfied with the feeling of him inside me. It felt like the final piece of a puzzle filling in its empty space. Things were complete.

His hips found their flow, thrusting in and out at a steady, quick pace. I moved my hand down to my clit and massaged it to intensify the pleasure I was feeling at this moment. “Fuck,” I breathed out. Dan grunted repetitively. I started to kiss his neck, and moved my hips to meet his with each thrust. The sensation was out of this world, and I knew he felt it just as much as I did.

“I bet Jackson never fucked you like this, did he?”

That blindsided me. This whole time, Jackson hadn’t crossed my mind even once. I soon realized this passion, this sex drive, that had seemed so out of character for Dan, was fueled by jealousy. That little green monster catalyzed this, and even forced Dan to be vocal about it. But when he said that, it turned me on more than I had ever been in my entire life.

“Oh, no, Dan,” I moaned, “Jackson never fucked me as good as you do.” He groaned deeply, and I learned that the dirty talk was succeeding. I came in closer to his ear, and whispered, “He’d never please me the way you do, baby.”

Dan thrusted even faster. “He’ll never even touch you again,” he said between breaths, “you’re mine, (Y/N).”

“I’m all yours, Dan,” I affirmed, “I’m about to come.” I pulled his face in for a kiss, and our tongues found each other instantaneously. My climax was reaching closer and closer. I rubbed my clit hastily, and soon enough, I entered the known state of euphoria. I cried out, overwhelmed with the rapture of my orgasm. Dan was still thrusting, now sloppily, until he groaned one last time, more elongated and intense, cueing his orgasm.

He pulled out of me, and collapsed next to me on the bed. Beads of sweat were dripping down our faces, drenching our hair and causing my make up to run. He tugged the condom off, tied it up, and tossed it into the bedside trash bin. We were both trying to catch our breaths. Neither of us said a word for a few minutes.

“Hey,” he said. I turned my head to face him, and raised my eyebrows. “What’s that thing you said? About me being sexy when I’m jealous?” he asked teasingly.

I laughed, and rolled over to cuddle up to him.

“Yeah, maybe we should see Jackson more often,” I said sarcastically.

“NOT funny,” he said, stifling a smile. I laughed again. I tilted his head to kiss him on the cheek, and rested my head on his shoulder before falling asleep.


Hey there Tumblr-verse! My girlfriend @crystalspectr , my cat Morris, and I have been living for about a month in our room in NoHo…and we’re still unemployed even though we are desperately job hunting. Can you like and reblog this to help us get some support?? Rent was a little higher than expected and we’re gonna come up about $100 short. We are both disabled queer folx who have a hard time working because of various pain issues, and my poor cat can’t really get a job. I hate begging so let me barter you something. Donate even a few dollars to my PayPal which is attached to the email nixie97@gmail.com and I can do a commissioned drawing for you, or send you a video recorded thank you note! Please help us survive until we can get back on our feet!

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It's so sad when you follow all these great blogs. Too bad I am a nobody that when I post pics of my town which I worked really hard on. Nobody notices. Its just like me in real life. Nobody notices. Nobody cares. I am a nobody.

Anon please send me your blog!!! I would love to see your town I bet it’s beautiful. It’s upsetting to not get notes on something you worked hard on but it’s just that it hasn’t reached people yet! So please please tell me off anon! You’re worth it and I bet you’re a great person too so please don’t be so hard on yourself :(

You know what bothers me? People reblogging fanart or just art in general and then they put in the tags how amazing it is, I know you like to talk in tags, I do to, but when it comes down to fanart and art, you should always just put your opinion in text, so that the artist can see it, because most of the time they work really hard on stuff and then they get a lot of notes, but zero feedback on their posts, because you all said it in the tags and you can’t expect someone to go by every single reblog to get feedback. So PLEASE JUST PUT IT IN THE TEXT PLACE WHAT YOU THINK OF (FAN)ART INSTEAD OF IN THE TAGS.

Texts - Ruby&Liz
  • Ruby: Sorry darling for replying so late, my phone’s got issues… the cracked screen isn’t the only thing that isn’t working, it’s having a hard time keeping up with new texts. Of course you can come! But please have mercy on me for once, I can’t really do anything else but stretch my limbs yet and I had to admit it but I’m quite sensitive so please don’t squish me with your muscles.
  • Ruby: On another note… I miss mine. The muscles I worked so hard for. :(
  • Liz: You don't have to be sorry. I can get you a new phone, you know. I can bring one by so that way you don't have to worry about not getting texts and a cracked screen. Mercy? Who do you think I am? I'm not a softy. ;) I can't promise I won't squish you, because I want to hold you and not let go...make sure you stay safe.
  • Liz: Don't you worry, we'll get those back..when you're healed.

A collection of selfies from today + e of my favourites for comparison

genderfluid/bordergender god

im disabled, mentally ill, white-passing (white, japanese, penobscot), and i worked really hard to clean myself up and do makeup today

im autistic and borderline and i REALLY need validation today, so please get me to 100 notes, i need attention and validation and compliments really bad haha

Oh happy day🙌!! This is a progress photo from one of my e-designs and nothing makes me more excited than to have a happy client! My client already had the beautiful art work (that was lovingly gifted to her) and the chairs but the rest of the space came together through my design for her home office. She has been a true gem to work with all the way across the country and has worked super hard to pull this beautiful space together!! A few more components still need to be added but so far she has done a fabulous job and I couldn’t be more excited with the way it’s turning out!! And if you’d like more info on my e-design services, please see the link in my profile. On another note, I know I’ve been tagged for lots of things this week and I promise I’ll try and get to all of them soon if I haven’t already missed deadlines but thanks to all for thinking of me…I really appreciate it❤️. Happy Tuesday, friends!! #edesign ✨✨I’ve tagged some sources for you✨✨ #interiorsbyzdesign #zdesignathome. @lisacfleming by interiorsbyzdesign


Hey so I’m pretty tight on cash lately and getting a job is hard so I’m gonna start taking commissions! 

Note: this is my first time doing this so for now I’m keeping things pretty simple? So no shaded works for now sorry! Also it might take me a bit to figure out this paypal stuff so please be patient with me! Edits will be made to this post as I figure out what I’m doing too so be sure to keep a look out for that.

But whoa look at all this nice cheap art!!! 

I’d like to be paid half before I start just to make sure I get something. Too many horror stories about people not getting paid, you know? The other half can be sent once the art is completed. 

Also I wont’ draw any nudity///sexual stuff. Not only am I uncomfortable with it but I’m also just not that good at it? So you’d be better off finding someone else for that anyway. More strict rules will probably be made once I get into the swing of things haha

Invoices and requests should be sent to my art blog gameandwatchgallery and my paypal Crabcakes455@gmail.com 

And feel free to check out the blog for more examples of my work!