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nothing in my life has ever made me happier than to love and cherish 9 of the most loveliest boys in existence. as a group you have grown so much these past 5 years and nothing has made me more proud than seeing you push past the limits that people put on you and achieving things nobody else has yet to achieve. your hardwork, your perseverance, and your loyalty is evident time and time again and nobody can any longer doubt how hard you have all worked to become the successful and talented group you have dreamed of since predebut. happy happy 5 years exo and i truly hope to see you boys achieve all of your dreams that will last you a lifetime! (insp)





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This is the only animation I can do ha. I wanted to do a little backgroundmmm but, that stuff is hard without layers..



Even with the many changes that has gone through the years since they debuted in 2012,  (going from 12 to 9) they continue to do their best and give their all. As Suho stated and asked, “Let’s go for another 10, 15, 20 years. Can we do this for 50 years?” Well, maybe not 50 years because who knows what will happen by then, but I will continue to support this hard working group because not only are they doing what they love, but they allow me to have happiness. While the last 5 years was mixed with a lot of tears, confusion, sadness, there were definitely a lot of happier moments and I’m glad to have spent the last five years with them. 

Being a Yixing/LAY biased has been really hard lately, but small things, like Suho calling out for LAY, even though he’s not there, still gives me hope and happiness. While he cannot be there to celebrate their fifth anniversary, it doesn’t mean he’s not EXO or lesser than the other members. It must be hard time for him especially with the politics, so I’m glad that they continue to support and even include him. 

I hope that there will be more moments with all nine of them, but overall, I wish that they all continue to do what they love but in a healthy manner.

Thank you for the wonderful five years and definitely look forward to what more to come. I definitely can’ wait to see you in 20 days! ❤



Exit Interviews [S:16/17] | Mattias Janmark

How are you trying to handle that lingering doubt? Jim said earlier that ‘if anyone could do it, [Mattias] can’, so there’s some confidence but it sounds like there is still a little unsureness.

Yeah, I know I think it was more the first couple of months, maybe. You think a lot and you’re worried about all of the exams you’re doing. But now I am more comfortable with it and I know what I can do. There’s things that need to happen for me to get back. I think if I do a good job and work hard, eventually with time I will be back.

((part 1))
april 9

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@nemovonsilver surprise because youre the first animation run pony. i hope you like it ;-; its okay if you dont. worked hard on this it was pretty tricky but it helped me learn and have my setup bc animation in my case is espeically tricky (moving files from one app to another and dealing with layers) but it came out great and honestly the way i hoped it would! this is a little surprise for you and i hope you have a wonderful day von.

so if youd like a little run like precious little nemo (rainbow is optional and can select different colors; for example if youd like blue and purple instead of a rainbow, or no rainbow at all) then hurry because i will only have 3-4 spots open ^^


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