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Up, up and away, away from me
Well, it’s all right, you can all sleep sound tonight
I’m not crazy
Or anything

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You know what? I’ve only got into b.a.p during these last few months but I fell in love so hard with them and with their fandom, like seriously, babyz are one of the most chill and lovable fandoms I’ve ever got the pleasure to get in. Also, b.a.p are criminally underrated and honestly I don’t get the reason? They are fucking amazing under every point of view: they produce their own music, vocal line on point, rap line always spitting fire and their unique sound is unmistakable, all summed up in one word quality. God bless this group, these sweet sweet boys who always give everything for their fans and always work hard. 

cherryblossomteapot  asked:

As a latina teen, I have a lot of worry about if I really have the chance to make a difference, and go far in life. What can you say that will help me and will encourage me to keep going?

First, you have to believe that you can make a difference. You have to reflect on what you can do to contribute and realize that no matter how small, it’s one more step toward achieving your goal. You must also surround yourself with people who will encourage you and tell you that the sky is the limit. To me, that was my family. I was stubborn enough to believe my parents that I can be whoever I wanted to be, so I worked hard to do just that.

As a Latina, we face challenges that are unique to us, but it doesn’t mean that we let anything stop us! I hope that as a U.S. Senator, young Latinas will see that if I can do it, they can, too.  

Once you’ve figured it out, you’ve lost it. And that’s one of the reasons I’m leaving. Because with this volume of work, it’s hard to be constantly searching for new ways of doing things. But Doctor Who is weird because I love it so much. Part of me enjoys doing the same thing, while another part of me wants different challenges.
—  Peter Capaldi to Empire Magzine

yall my heart is rly gonna break, monsta x always work so hard and improve each comeback because not only do they want to better themselves and their music, they also feel like they can’t disappoint fans (which is impossible really, they’ve never disappointed us) and to hear that all they want now is a nomination instead of a win is so terribly sad because it’s really on us as fans to give them those things and it’s definitely not too much to ask of us considering all of the hard work they’ve put into their careers and the love and trust they’ve given us. really, all i can think of is that one vlive during rush promotions where they were telling us it’s their fault they didn’t get a win and how sorry they were and how they’ll work even harder and it makes me want to cry now just thinking about it because it’s never their fault. it also just makes me worry because how hard do they have to be on themselves to feel like not getting a fan-voted award is their fault??

i know they have plenty more years to come but they deserve this long-awaited win NOW!!! this comeback is evidence of the amount of effort and care they’ve all put into the album as a whole and i really think it’s the best comeback they’ve had so far. can we just applaud the fact that their first full album is absolutely amazing?? they’ve never released one bad song but this album really hits it out of the park! ‘beautiful’ is an amazing song and has stunning choreo, it deserves all the hype it gets. plus, i feel like this first win will give them the recognition and validation they deserve. they put so much pressure on themselves, this win could ease some of their worries about how they’re doing as a group and show how much we care.

can you just imagine they finally get their first win??? on a song from their first album??? JUST BEFORE THEY HIT THEIR 2-YEAR MARK???? i know we have a few odds stacked against us so please, monbebes, i hope we can pull it off this time and give them a win. fans of other groups, i hope you can give our boys a chance to at least check out their music and see why we love them so much, or just help us out with streaming and voting because we are a kinda small fandom and only have about 4 weeks before they stop promoting ‘beautiful’. please, let’s do this for them.

Good day!

Just a quick note to highlight an issue that has come to my attention these past few weeks. 

When you reblog a reproduction of an artwork, PLEASE keep the captions. And here’s why:

1. Credit to the artist, ALWAYS. Artworks are still WORK. Credit the artist damn it. They deserve it. They didn’t go to art school and practised till their fingers bled for you to reblog their works without captions. 

2. Art blogs such as mine work really hard to find the details and links to these artworks so keep the DAMN CAPTIONS DAMN IT. 

3. So far I was willing to pretend that I don’t see you all reblogging shit without captions but from now on I shall name and shame you. If you are one of those people that keep doing this, please be my guest and feel free to click on that ‘unfollow’ button. You shall not be missed, I can assure you. 

Please feel free to contact me for a further debate on the matter. 


Your friendly neighbourhood art historian. 

You’re my favorite song

Prompt: This by Ed Sheeran? Or lucky by Jason Mraz? For the song imagines?

A/N: I love those songs, and I couldn’t decide for one, so I made a mashup, sort of. Send requests, I hope you like this one. Sorry for the crappy title. 

Warnings: fluff.


I’m not a funny girl, I just say stuff. On the other hand, I’m quite clumsy and very spontaneous. Those abilities were part of the decision of giving me a radio show. I had worked hard for it, I loved the idea of being part of the laughs in the middle of the rush hour. I liked make people happy.

“Hey, babe, how’s it going?” Chris asked. I smiled. This man made my clumsiness and fan girl goes from zero to one thousand. He was just getting home after a long, long press tour. Well, it was two weeks that felt like forever.

“I’m still at work. Missing you. And also about to go crazy because today’s guest decided to cancel” I sighed. I heard his amusing laugh.

“Hey, it’s not funny! I have thirty minutes or less to get someone in the show. I should actually hang up. I’ll see you in a bit, because I’m going to lose my job, yay! Love you”

“You’re crazy, woman. I love you too”. After that, I started to scroll on my contacts list. Shit. I was so screwed.

“Y/n? We have someone, he’s going to be here soon” my producer told, I sighed.

“That’s good! Who am I going to introduce?” he smiled.

“Chris Evans”


“You set me up!” I told him when I saw him walking on the studio. He didn’t pay attention to my complaining. He grabbed me and kissed me. it was one of those kissed. Where your jead goes backward, his hands around my waist. He smiled against my lips. Yep. It was one of those kiss that takes you back to life.

“I missed you so much, I wanted to see you as soon as possible. Can you blame a man that it’s so in love?” I smiled and put my arms around his neck. I was so hypnotized by him.

“Of course not” he leaned and almost touch my lips.

“On air in one minute” I heard someone. He kissed my forehead and grabbed my hand. This was going to be interesting.


“And that was the amazing Adele, I’m such a fan. But you already knew that since I play in every block. Also, there’s someone that knows that, our today’s guest, the one and only, just like Adele’s song, Chris Evans. Welcome, captain” I said. He laughed.

“Thank you for having me and I do. I know that. God” he sighed “I know that” he repeated and we both laughed.

“Hello, everyone, this is y/n in the company of Chris Evans who turns out to have another blockbuster” I added and the phones started to ring like crazy.

“It’s not a big deal. But it’s a great movie. You should go to watch it”

“Oh, I’d love to, but my boyfriend’s never here, can you believe that? I can’t go to the movies without him”

“Bastard!” he replied.

“Alright, Chris, let’s take a call. Hello, this is y/n and Chris Evans”

“Oh my God, you’re like the cutest couple ever, you’re relationship goals forever” a girl said almost too fast. Was she even breathing?

“Well, have you seen her? She’s got the cutest on her own, I just smile” Chris spoke. I felt an “aww” running through my body.

“I agree. What’s your name, doll?”


“Hello, Sara” we both said.

“Oh, my God. I can’t believe this” she started again and Chris laughed.

“To make it more believable, ask anything you’d like to know” I added. I admired Chris, even when he was sitting a bit away from me, he was in the right spot to be looked at. He was wearing his Boston cap, old jeans and grown beard.

“How did you realize you were in love with her, Chris?” I wide-opened my eyes.

“Yeah, Chris? How did you?” I cheered and put my elbow in the table and used my hand as support for my face.

“That’s easy. She was making pancakes. I remember that day. I got straight to her home after a while of being away. We never missed communication. We always talked on the phone and in one conversation, I told her that I wanted to bad pancakes. So, when I got to her place. She’d invited me for dinner. And that was our dinner. I loved how she was dancing while cooking. I felt like I could watch that forever, you know? And knowing that she’d take care of me through the smallest details was just wonderful” I was looking at him while I held my breath. I remembered that moment. We were friends back then. He was just getting started with the whole Captain America phenomenon.

“Oh, my God! That’s like the sweetest story ever, guys, congratulations”

“Thank you!” we spoke at the same time.

“Alright, I bet you still have a lot of questions, but let’s move to the music. Here’s Ed Sheeran with his newest hit, we’ll be back, don’t move!” the on air sign turned off. I sighed. I stood up just to kiss Chris. I heard a bunch of awwws and I smiled against his lips.

“I didn’t know”

“That’s how I remember you when I’m away”

“That happened when we were best friends” I added. He smiled.

“I know, it’s funny, huh? I guess I realized how happy and lucky I was to have you in my life even when I was overseas, but I confirmed it that very moment” I kissed him and got back to my place when I saw the signs of my producer.

“And we’re back as I promised. Here’s Chris Evans as my secretary, so make your calls, let’s see who’s on the line, hello?” I spoke fast.

“Hello, this is Anna”

“Hey, Anna? How are you?” Chris asked.

“Great, I can’t believe I’m talking to you!”

“Well, you are!” he laughed and settled on his chair. His hand ran through his beard. He was playing with a bottle of water.

“But, the question is for y/n” I threw my hands in the air.

“Ha! In your face, Evans. Shoot, Anna” I laughed while I looked at Chris.

“What is like being in love with Chris Evans?” I thought my answer.

“Well, it’s very easy. Before getting into this relationship, we had a friendship, so we already knew all the crap that makes relationships fall apart. And he is different from most men I know. I realized that this is what actually feels like falling in love. He has shown me when someone cares, that love it’s not only about making sacrifices. It’s taking risks together, growing together, and being silly together. He’s easy to love. And come on! Have you seen him?” I laughed.

“Anna?” he questioned. “I’m going to kiss my girlfriend, because I love how corny she is and how red her cheeks are turning” now, he stood up and kissed.

“You’re so sweet!” she screamed.

“Thank you, hope you call soon, honey!” I added. God. This was so crazy. But I knew something for sure. He was my mate. My better half.

“What?” he asked.

“Nothing, I just love you” I said “and I just said that on air. Let’s go to commercials, we’ll be back with the newest, coolest, Adelest hits.”

“I love you too!” Chris screamed before we were off air.

haiii-iim-awkward  asked:

Growing up did you have any Latina role models? Thank you for being an inspiration to me and many other latinas in this country❤

That is very kind. I’m so glad to hear I’ve inspired you and hope to continue to do so. Hearing from women like you inspire ME!

My grandmother, who was of Mexican descent, worked harder than anyone else I’ve ever met. So much so, that one of her favorite lines was “I will not take a nap. I will only go to bed if it is time to go to sleep or if I’m dying.” She had the best sense of humor, as you can tell! She played a very important role in my life, and her hard work and perseverance helped me become the woman that I am today.

fuchsiamelody  asked:

I just wanted to tell you that your Mafia AU is wonderful, and I adore your art style! I really appreciate all of the love and hard work you put into your art. It clearly shows. 💜 Thank you for bringing such creative beauty to the world! I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll create next!

Awwww, thank you so much!!  O///u///O
So awesome to hear you like the silly mafia AU :’D
Currently one of my biggest obsessions, so, it’s good to know other’s like it too XD
Hahaha, i always feel like I’m super lazy at art lately, I’m happy that you think it still looks good ;w;
And yus, I shall definitely continue creating great things!!! >w<
Please look forward to it :3
and thank YOU for your kind words and support!!!

truthfully, the behind the scenes of strong woman do bong soon is probably the most solid evidence of how powerful n worldly park bo young is. I remember during oh my ghostess, a taken man JO JUNG SUK !!!!!!! was like ‘its so hard working with boyoung because she just does things that make you automatically want to smile n its hard to control your emotions while acting with her’ n its like bitch…..you get it too, good. literally in the behind the scenes hyungsik always laughs n smiles @ boyoung whenever she does something cute n its like how does one act with her for like 3 months n not fall in love with her ??????????? when bongsoon is holding onto the pole in some episode n minhyuk convinces her to let go in the behind the scenes hes like LAUGHING because shes soooo cute !!!!!! n everything she does hes like 😂😂😂 but thats real because who can truly act serious n mean around her when shes her. 

Rose: “I’ve got a 90C cup size…Thats 35″ (90cm)”


((Cup Sizes work different in every country, so it’s fricking complicate to tell. I had to look it up and still it’s really hard to tell in different country sizes.. so i went with inches and that’s it.)) 

((BTW, THAT IS NOT MY REAL SIZE, only Rosetto’s.))

@pucann @anonymouswind @cryblueofzamorak

Sweet Tart - Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 900

Warnings: Language, other than that, it’s alll fluff

Request:  Hi there! is your post about taking request still working ?Cause i’d love to make one for a Gabriel x Reader in which the reader is a hyperactive hunter and really hard to handle because of to much sugar. And the winchester are so done dealing with them jumping all over the place, Dean ask Gab for help, and bet he can’t handle the reader so Gab decide to show him that there’s nothing he can’t handle and then realize that reader IS impossible to handle. Pretty please if you still have time :3

A/N: This is for @eudokimia , I hope you like it. I felt a little rushed cause I need to sleep but really wanted to put something out tonight.

“(Y/N), you need to calm down, I can’t do this with you jumping on the fucking bed!” Dean had been trying to take apart, clean and put all the guns but you were sitting on the same bed, jumping up and down, and as Dean referred to it as “being a little shithead.”

“Can’t Dean, too hyper.” You said in between bounces with a smile on your face, glad to being annoying your brother, typical younger sibling tactic.

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canvas-rose  asked:

tbh, the whole gen///cry thing really squicks me out. Like, I don't really think it's responsible on Chu's part to focus on one ship, but the whole doctor patient thing has bothered me from square one. Like I have such a hard time explaining why, but the power dynamic is just so screwed. Like, ship and let ship, but it really bothers me?

It’s squicky from a lot of different angles because angela is the one who is supposed to “save” genji, invalidating all his work on his own and with Zen, she’s also supposed to just??? drop everything to do this? angela doesn’t strike me as a woman to give up her life’s work for man, nor does genji seem like the type of man to give up his whole, living in the mountains and finding peace with himself thing. their goals in life don’t cross.  

and yeah, coupled with the fact that angela was really involved with rebuilding him it just…doesn’t seem healthy. :/ like how many narratives are gonna have of the damaged man and the woman who comes in and saves him. :/ 

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lol you wrote a whole essay out of jealousy i wonder if you worked this hard in school as you do about the KARDASHIANS haha

Number one, how am I jealous of things that I already have, things that the Kardashians try to obtain? Number two, the Kardashians are more jealous of me and my black sisters, so lets not get confused on who’s jealous here. Number three, nobody is worried about the Kardashians, I was simply making a point which had solid facts, and spreading a message. Number four, I’m doing very well in school and you can tell by how eloquent and articulate my writing was in the post you’re talking about, and even this one. And lastly, why are you so worried about me? How are you going to wonder if I’m doing well in school, when you can’t even write a proper sentence? Maybe you should focus on school and yourself and maybe you wouldn’t look so stupid. Do you feel dumb………….. because you look dumb and you most likely are dumb. You literally just played and embarrassed yourself, lucky for you, you can be anonymous, but that doesn’t only make you just an idiot for trying me, but a pussy/coward as well. I suggest that you never try to come for me again for your own well-being. Sha-bloop and sha-bye!!!

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sorry im not well read up on everything about this stuff yet, but whats an utau??(i just kinda came up with the idea of making one and ive clung to it since i feel like this might be the only thing i wont go 'aaa this is too hard i give up') -vocaloid anon(imma refer to myself as that if you dont mind)

AH so utau is basically a free harder-to-use vocaloid and it’s notable for users being able to make their own utaus! it’s Really hard to get an utau to be as high-quality as a vocaloid of course, you gotta put a lot of work into both the recording and the otoing (which is basically programming each individual sample and there are A Lot Of Samples) but yea yea it’s definitely possible, and ofc u wouldn’t wanna start out big at first anyways so!

ode to a chair; homework assignment #3

she looked at me
with a sparkle in her eye
her smile climbing up her cheeks
and whispered
“that chair
over there
is where i sit my derriere.”
and i begun to think
what is my ode to the chair?
where has the chair taken me
encouraged me
seen me through my days
and nights?
my ode to the chair is simple
moving in and out of each other
to weave something greater.
the chair-
amongst its sisters and brothers-
sits at the end of the table
me to sit
and take part in communion
with my community.
the chair
calls me to rest
to take time and climb the 
mountain of my thoughts
and to swim amongst all that it
unravels in me.
the chair 
pushes me 
to aim higher
in life.
to work hard
so that one day
i can sit
on a chair of power
of respect
of great confidence and honesty.
and through all of this-
the joke of a friend,
the truth of a chairs stability,
and even thoreau’s words
“i had three chairs in my house;
one for solitude,
two for friendship,
three for society”
stick in my mind
as I sit on the chair
and type out an ode
a song
to the very object
i find myself using

anonymous asked:

character breakdown for Darrel Shaynne Curtis please :)

How I feel about this character

At first I was like tone it down, sir, but then I realized how stressed he is and it absolutely broke my heart. Darry works so hard, he deserves the whole world, he needs to take a freakin’ break.

All the people I ship romantically with this character

I never thought of that actually? Not anyone in particular, but he sure deserves a wife, poor bb.

My non-romantic OTP for this character

I honestly thought that one guy he played football with back in highschool would’ve been a perfect bro friend, but they’re on opposite sides nowadays and that also breaks my poor lil heart, like why.

My unpopular opinion about this character

I feel like he’s really rough without meaning to be like I have this headcanon that if you shake his hand, you’ll pull back and say “Ow!” bc it was too rough, but he didn’t mean to, he’s just like that and he apologizes quickly like oh gosh, sorry,,,

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon


You guys, if I have one take-away from working in a social science research shop for 8 years it’s that social science is so fake. It’s just so fucking fake and I was drafting some serious/interesting examples (like how we are right now trying to align Maslow’s hierarchy, which was our original framework, with the newer neuroscience framework of basic self-regulation/skills and beliefs/executive function and metacognition and this is hard)

But my favorite example is that we believe in a democratic and participatory approach to data collection, that data has the most meaning when it’s under the control of the people affected. 

 That means that, for our evaluation of the effectiveness of circus programs, our data collectors are literal clowns.  And you guys, literal professional clowns are very bad at deadlines.


I haven’t posted any selfies in about 10 years so here have an outfit from the other month that I liked (don’t reblog pls!!). But yeah, life is too short to not match your sunglasses to your dress

(in which it’s been a pretty good week and I’m sort of on top of things, so prayer circle I actually get some Chisolm’s 7 writing done this weekend because oh my lord I’ve been unproductive after work lately haha)

Thursday Check-In & Group Exercise - Gentleness

Dear Book-Clubbers

It’s been a hard week all over the world, and in dark times it is all too tempting to put our needs to one side, to be hard on ourselves because “it could be so much worse”. But when bad things happen on the global stage it is more important than ever to be gentle to ourselves, to begin the journey of positivity in our own minds and so spread it to those around us and beyond. 

And it is SO hard.

Rewiring that little voice in your own head that tells you to work harder, give more, be better, kinder, stronger, slimmer…. (need we go on) is something that all of our book club mod team have been struggling with, in one form or another, for most of our lives. And now WE is asking us to make a change, to replace that lifetime of criticism with affirmations, to look in the mirror and say,

“I am enough”

It’s hard to do. It’ even harder to believe, to listen to our own voices and to feel the truth in the simple words, and so we thought we’d bring this sisterhood together to help shout it a little louder.

For the next 24 hours, use our anon asks function to anonymously send us your biggest self criticisms, those things you tell yourself in the dark, the things you feel weighed down by, and let this circle of women be your affirmation. WE will publish them all, with the affirmation, “You do enough. You are enough.” 

We would then like to invite members of the community to respond in the comments with their own experiences, personal affirmations they use to combat the negativity and any words of support for the person who submitted the ask. This way, anyone submitting a criticism they are struggling with has not only an affirmation, but also a pool of support from the women of this circle to draw on in times when they need a little extra support.

With Love,

-The We Book Club Team