i worked so hard on it and it's barely noticeable

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I know they are adults and would be really good about it. But it must be awkward now filming all those scenes together specially the kissing ones. I almost feel like my love for linstead is decreasing because of the break up. The awkwardness in filming the scenes just makes me cringe.

They’re actors and it’s their job and I guess they went into their relationship knowing what they’d have to do if it didn’t work out…but yes there would probably be a very different dynamic on set now with the linstead only scenes. Good thing they barely write any intimate linstead scenes like, ever. It’s kinda funny that they have a kiss scene in 4x15 and a home scene in 4x17 after all this time of pretty much nothing when they were together (sans the stakeout makeout). 

I know its hard to separate the two but they are good actors and I didn’t notice any difference watching 4x14 from before so you just have to try and put the thought to the back of your mind…