i worked so hard on it and it's barely noticeable

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How did u get noticed on simblr? I'm trying and I get barely any notes so it's not fun after all the hard work.

Hi Nonny, I’ve mostly said my piece on this here. But two things I just want to impress upon further. Firstly, like, I know you probably just mean you want to draw more traffic to your blog, which is 100% understandable, but the focus on “notes” is not what you should be gunning for. You really should be putting the work into your blog for you, doing what you like, and showcasing what you’re proud of. If you don’t like what you post, then what would be the point? 

Secondly, I don’t really think my blog is super popular, but I have dedicated friends/readers who keep up with my stuff that I’m really grateful for. The honest truth in that is what I have said before: Simblr is a community that is about getting back what you put in. You have to put time and effort into cultivating good relationships here (just like in any other community) and being present. I never expected anyone to go out of their way to find or engage with me, so I went out looking for connections and I found them. I’ve been an active part of the community for a little over a year now. I think most people who know me can vouch for that? I read a lot of stories, and I always try to leave comments when I stop in. I like to talk to other sim storytellers and have made a lot of friends that way. But I also just… do things for other people. I think that’s the best way to present yourself if you’re not socially adept or great at making friends. In my case, I create poses, I used to do interior requests, I try to showcase other simblrs, I have had like 50 different community/collaborative projects, etc. The best thing you can do, the best advice anyone can give you Nonny, is just to engage people. This is a social website, so being social is the best way to get noticed. 

But really, if it isn’t fun for you, then there’s no need to force yourself out of your comfort zone or something. You do you, and as soon as that stops being rewarding, then, ya know, greener pastures or whatever they say.

straight-up if u think im ignoring u for a malicious reason, i’m not. my avpd has been off the charts recently & i can’t seem to muster up enough energy to make friends like i tried for a good month & im hella tired y’all im sorry

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I've been working out almost every day for about a month. The first 2 weeks I was barely eating and managed to lose weight pretty quick, then I realized how unhealthy it was to be eating as little as I was, so I started eating a little more. Over the past two weeks I've noticed no difference in my appearance or the number on the scale. It's not like I'm eating a lot, and when I do eat, it's pretty healthy. I'm so tempted to going back to barely eating. Help!

2 weeks won’t make a huge differences on your appearance anon.

Eat right, work hard and trust the process.

Stop looking for quick fix for your health, it takes time but it’s worth it: