i worked so hard on it and it's barely noticeable

Okay so here goes...

Hey Lovelies! I feel like I’m close to finishing the chapter, but its hard focusing when there are so many things against you.

Like your mind.

My mind is a powerful thing. If I convince myself that a honey/lemon/water drink will take away the sniffles, it does. Its worked for every other thing too. But it has a reverse effect and that’s what’s so hard to fight with.

I live with Epilepsy, and I recently started new medication, new to studies as well concerning side effects, and I’ve noticed that my Want to do something, but just don’t..has gotten worse. And I know it has. And I suspect the drug because the behaviour, it wasn’t so bad, before.

So please bare with me, as I fight my mind and force some will out to give you Chapter 13 :)

Peace out,

Did I Stutter?

I was standing in my parents’ bedroom
Barely able to see over their mattress
Blinking through tears
As they told me I had to see a speech therapist.
I’d never noticed before
That people had to work to understand me.

The rain was pelting my face
Doing its best to hide my broken sobs
As I stood outside my 2nd grade classroom
Waiting to be taken to my first speech class
Of many to come.
While watching a woman make her way across the playground
I was reflecting on how much of what I worked so hard to articulate
Must have been lost on my audience.

It doesn’t comfort me
As you think it might
To hear, “You don’t have a stutter!”
I have 7 years of speech therapy under my belt
And 5 speech pathologists
That might take issue with that sentiment.

No, stuttering doesn’t mean
That I don’t know the material.
Quite the contrary, in fact;
I’ve probably done more
To try and project this damn presentation clearly
Than half the people in this room.

It doesn’t mean I don’t believe in what I’m saying
Nor that I have, “bad ethos,”
If I didn’t think
That what I was saying needed said
It wouldn’t have struggled out of my mouth
At 5 miles per hour.

My inability to speak my argument
Without the keyboard in the back of my throat
Having a broken ‘N’ key
Does not mean that you have won.
It means that what I had written
Millions of times over in my head
Couldn’t make it in before the deadline
Because the wifi is shit.

Please stand by
My vocal chords are experiencing technical difficulties.

anonymous asked:

I've been working out almost every day for about a month. The first 2 weeks I was barely eating and managed to lose weight pretty quick, then I realized how unhealthy it was to be eating as little as I was, so I started eating a little more. Over the past two weeks I've noticed no difference in my appearance or the number on the scale. It's not like I'm eating a lot, and when I do eat, it's pretty healthy. I'm so tempted to going back to barely eating. Help!

2 weeks won’t make a huge differences on your appearance anon.

Eat right, work hard and trust the process.

Stop looking for quick fix for your health, it takes time but it’s worth it: