i worked rly hard on this u u



for the past couple months ive been working on a huge playlist to send off my favorite show ever with a smile, but it ended up being so long that i split it into two parts. the first half is more upbeat and optimistic while the second half is more bittersweet.

part one is here, and part two is here! or you can just enjoy the pretty drawings, yknow

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Hi! do you have any tips on anatomy? i struggle so much at it. your art is so cute btw!!!

hi anon!! thank u so much!! im gonna try my best to offer some tips to u!!!! im still learning with anatomy as well (& im not so good with tutorials…) so bare with me:

SIMPLIFY AND BREAK DOWN EVERYTHING IS MY #1 PIECE OF ADVICE. for example lets start small with a hand. instead of looking at a reference or ur own hand and trying to perfectly capture every detail, look at the basic shape!! its p much a square for ur palm, 4 sticks of varying sizes, and as i have described here the little pouring part of a teapot (idk what its called) for a thumb.

u can apply this anywhere!!! just like the hand, other parts of the body like legs and arms have basic shapes too!! ive seen many artists explain it this way so i picked it up as well, but they have this rhythm where one side is curved and the other is straight (its more subtle in realistic art, but if ur going for cartoony u can exaggerate this too). depending on the drawing or sometimes if my drawing is small i’ll just make straight rectangles for arms or legs but rly it will make things more interesting and technically correct if u show these variations in the appendage shapes.

really the best thing in art ever for me is to simplify simplify simplify, im not great @ anatomy but learning to break things down and represent them in the most minimalistic ways has rly helped me a lot and made my anatomy look better too. to be honest i have not done figure drawings in ages and i rarely use real life references when drawing (IM NOT ADVOCATING FOR DOING SO, I KNOW IT HELPS MANY PEOPLE A LOT BUT I JUST CANT EVER GET INTO IT). whenever i use real life reference, i feel like my art becomes stiff since i tend to replicate the image too closely thus making a cartoony style have the proportion and anatomy of a real person which doesnt really fit the style.. i prefer to study the work of other artists especially animators since they have a great grasp on appealing simplification and stylized anatomy (bc u know its hard to have an animated show thats super detailed). craig mccracken and genndy tartakovsky both have really cool simplistic cartoon styles so i draw a lot of inspiration from their art (and i hope to use varying shapes and exaggerate my anatomy more like theirs as well). 

(one little other important thing i didnt rly mention but ill keep it short since everyone says this. of course u have to practice too. i know it sucks to hear “just keep doing it” from everyone when ur frustrated with ur abilities and dont want to keep doing it, but continuing to draw bodies will boost ur abilities so much. u can look at art and read a million tutorials, but actually drawing will continuously build up ur muscle memory for drawing arms, legs, etc and after a while it comes naturally!!)

tldr practice & study not just from real life but look at how other artists break down and simplify shapes of the body. also remember art doesnt have to have flawless realistic anatomy to look good! there are so many incredible artists who bend the rules of anatomy whether its as a stylistic choice or to exaggerate emotion or perspective, etc.

some trojans hcs

bc i’m bored and also i love the trojans have i mentioned that

gonna start w/ alvarez

  • super friendly and extroverted
  • always blasting spanish music (she’s puerto rican)
  • always first to buy into ridiculous instagram trends—glitter roots, super fancy nail art—sometimes they work! sometimes they,,,do n ot
  • real goofy 
  • how??? does she do it??
  • carefully steps off a park bench: ‘parkour’
  • says what’s on her mind bc she’s lowkey salty as hell
  • that’s why she gets along so well w jean 
  • rly, do NOT get these two mad at you they will drag u so hard nothing will be left of u. prepare for death
  • they bicker a lot but it’s out of love


  • jeremy’s bffl
  • always carrying bandaids and,,, pretty much everything
  • ‘laila!! laila!! our bus broke down—’
  • laila pulling out 5 spare tires 7 flashlights and a full repair kit out of her backpack: i got this
  • voted Most Likely To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse
  • lovs to dance
  • idk what she studies I’m saying either art or engineering,,,both
  • is super chill unless u fuck up and then she descends upon u with the fires of hell in her eyes
  • actually funny as hell
  • loves trying new stuff and for some reason always heads out at the weirdest hours
  • laila, at 3am: jeremy. jeremy wake up we’re going to get french fries alvarez and jean are already in the car

jean I lov him

  • taking french to fill out his subjects bc #hackthesystem
  • jeremy put on les mis and jean, slightly (very) drunk launched into a 3hr rant about incorrect translations and accuracy
  • alvarez filmed it and it’s the holy grail of the trojans group chat
  • will bodily lift alvarez off high surfaces and lower her to the ground
  • learning how to play the violin (because he always wanted to, but he can now)
  • whenever anyone annoys him he uses it to make screechy sounds outside their door
  • and then sweetly smiles and pretends its just bc he’s a beginner wow u didn’t sleep at all connor i’m ever so sorry bc he’s a little shit
  • picked up sketching and painting, and is taking some lessons with laila

jeremy, loml

  • certified Team Dad™ , tells awful jokes and thinks they’re hilarious
  • avid lover of kpop
  • loses everything oh my god someone help him he is a mess
  • for someone who has an image of a responsible and put-together captin he rly is a disaster
  • team ‘why do today what u can do tmrw’
  • needs glasses and stumbles around half-blind bc he loses them all the time
  • contrary to popular belief, not a morning person but caffeine recharges him
  • softest sweaters, but they’re constantly being stolen by everyone else

 in conclusion: disaster of a team but i lov them and hope they r doin well

last night i realized that usually the rich-poor relationship is the girl being a rich, elegant and preppy gal full of luxuries and the boy being a humble, poor ( or not sooooo wealthy ) guy, kinda like in lady and the tramp or the famous ship formed by serena van der woodsen and dan humphrey in gossip girl !! sooooo why not make a plot: where MUSE A is a rlyyy rich boy, always dressing in suits or expensive clothes from famous brands (( even his sweatpants cost lots of $$$ )), elegant, with this misterious thing around him and maybe kind of an asshole, ((( +++points if he’s a bit of a womanizer, dont mistake it w being a fuckboy they different things ok !!!! ))) with high standards when it comes to women, and MUSE B is a humble middle class girl that could work in a not-so-chic place like a cafeteria or some fast food place??? or is just a student and she has to work hard to pay her studies bc her bank is full of - - - and not $$$, her personality could go from being classy, shy and a rly nice girl to ‘i hate u and ur money i dun lyk u!!!’ type of girl, its up to your imagination idc?? ofc they dont know each other so they could meet anywhere. u can do a lot of things w this plot tbh that’s why its so great just let your imagination fly and yeah !!!!


pygmy tyrant / [8tracks] [spotify] [playmoss]

“Blue was a hurricane lurking just offshore”

safe as life / [8tracks] [spotify] [playmoss]

“Boys like him didn’t die; they got bronzed and installed outside public libraries”

unknowable / [8tracks] [spotify] [playmoss]

“Adam was not always alone, but he was always lonesome”

kerah / [8tracks] [spotify] [playmoss]

“He was brother to a liar and brother to an angel, son of a dream and son of a dreamer”

the smudgy one / [8tracks] [spotify] [playmoss]

“I was more when I was alive” 

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winnie winnie, my super winnie winnie winnie!!! ~ so happy that you're back :) i have a somewhat angsty question: what are some fights the girls have gotten into w the boys? not like super huge fights but also not something that they just brush off. something that does get rectified though or helps them grow either together or individually.

ooooh this is a good q 🤔💭!!!!!

yoongi & hoseok: i think these both would be a time thing bc i feel like they lose themselves in their work the most n therefore lose track of time often. but the way they handle it is diff like yoongi is a “sh*t, i lost track of time. sorry.” text and hoseok is a “OHHHHHHH MY GOD IM SO SORRY I DIDNT REALIZE WHAT TIME IT WAS I SWEAR I DIDNT FORGET” phone call !!! n the girls react differently too like hoseok’s y/n isn’t afraid of confrontation so she’d vent her frustrations right away & hoseok would just take the scolding bc it was his bad u kno? and yoongi’s y/n would say she’s mad but i feel like there wouldn’t be a conversation but i can see both hoseok & yoongi being rly harsh out of frustration sometimes like a “it’s not my fault that i’m busy/ it’s not like i forgot on purpose/ god why are u so mad?” response that rly turns it into a full blown fight bc both sides are like how can YOU be so insensitive towards ME n i know ppl think opposite bc of their images but i think hoseok would be more irritable than yoongi so he’d be upset longer like it takes more time for him to recollect himself after the fuse goes off & i think since yoongi is pretty rational he’d be quicker to want to reconcile when the fight is big & feelings were srsly hurt like he’d be the first to say “sorry i shouldn’t have said it like that” & explain where he’s coming from while also trying to understand where ur coming from. hoseok would get there too but it would just take more time 2 calm down especially considering that his partner is a lil hot headed too

chokeslam: jeongguk is v attentive so i don’t think they’d fight over things like him not texting her enough or not making time !!! there’s a very tiny barrier separating what u can & cant joke about and i think on some rare occasions one of them will get one of their toes across it & the other will go off like the buzzers @ a bowling alley 🚨❗️🚨❗️🚨❓❗️n it goes from lighthearted teasing to why the hell would u say that to me 😡🤒🤧 ??? but i think the climax of the conflict ends quickly once the other person realizes what they said that was hurtful n apologizes but i think the thought of it lingers for a few days especially if jeongguk is the one that went too far i think he’d feel rly disappointed n guilty bc he kinda prides himself in knowing her super super well so he’d be upset that he didn’t read the situation well or wasn’t able 2 tell that kind of thing would hurt her feelings :( he’d think abt it a lot even after she’s already gotten over it

namjoon: “…………….namjoon are u listening to me?” namjoon, on his phone: was very much not listening. u can see where i’m going with this. joon’s world is v busy n she understands that but i think she would expect him to at least pay attention to her when they’re together ?? even if she’s just complaining abt something or talking abt food she saw on instagram and ESPECIALLY since she listens 2 all of his 3am ramblings after he just had an epiphany about how life & pringles are similar “don’t make ur hand smaller to fit into the can, just like we shouldn’t make ourselves smaller to fit in w the norms of society. if u work hard enough u’ll find another solution *turns the can upside down*” if she can sit through that without losing focus then the least he can do is listen to her talk for 5 mins without letting something else take his attention !!!!! so i think that would rly make her angry 😡😡 & u KNOOOOOOOO namjoon is the type to look up from his phone like “huh ???😴” so that’d make it worse :/ & i think he’d claim that u know it’s not that big of a deal “food on insta isn’t that important anyway. u wanna eat? let’s go eat then” but it’s not the importance of what’s being talked abt but rather the importance of the person talking like ???? he should care he should listen ! especially bc there’s a rly strong emphasis on being equals in their relationship


(mun note: i’m so so sorry yusuke. woke up today looked at this and reGRETTED MY ENTIRE EXISTENCE)

(also sorry for the delay (blame tatsujun hell OTL)… on the other hand this is kinda properly rendered bc the blog has reached a follower milestone! O U O O OO OO YOU GUYS ARE GREAT THANK U ALL SO MUCH SOBS)


As stated previously, my job is to drum up excitement for the Sinclair Mansion. Problem is, there’s a lot of stuff I ain’t allowed to talk about yet due to plot spoilers and Salad has already shown off most of the characters. 


What Salad has neglected to do is give a good idea as to what their personalities are like. This is where I come in. And what better way to do it than in shitpost format (at least for the ones that I have more than a passing knowledge of)!


- Will make you sandwiches for being a good little boi                                        

- Tries so hard but the world says fuk u                                                              

- Ugly as sin                                                                                                        

- I drink to forget but I always remember                                                            

- Just wants to sleep but nobody else works in this damn house


- He big                                                                                                               

- Like     rly big                                                                                                    

- Dark Backstory ™                                                                                        

- What is sex?                                                                                                     

- He’s a nice guy really (sometimes…maybe)


- Will fight u, stub his toe, and then cry for three hours                                      

- Really just wants a hug                                                                                     

- Tries to pay his child support                                                                           

- Has an odd attraction to abusive weirdo’s                                                       

- Don’t let him near yo kids


- Is everyone’s father                                                                                          

- Is the embodiment of daddy kinks                                                                    

- Dont u touch his baby girls or he cut u                                                             

- Loves (almost) all his children                                                                        

- Master Chef Gordon Ramsey, not Hell’s Kitchen Gordon Ramsey


- Your daughter calls me daddy too~                                                                  

- Very racist                                                                                                        

- If there is a drug he’s been on it                                                                      

- Crying on the inside                                                                                          

- Needs to lose em dreads srsly                                                                         


- Doesn’t really own it but doesn’t really care                                                     

- Would kill u for a potato chip                                                                           

- Dangerous without his morning tea                                                                  

- Could actually be the Queen of England                                                          

- Asshole


- Would kill you for blinking in his general direction                                            

- I had fun once, it was a traumatic experience                                                  

- Literally had kids and then forgot about them                                                  

- Refuses to pay child support                                                                           



- Tries to be cool but fails                                                                                  

- Has the ultimate daddy kink                                                                            

- tfw ur lover from an alt universe don’t love u no more                                      

- literal baby all the time                                                                                     

- Your son calls me daddy too


- Did nothing wrong                                                      

- What are parents?                                                                                          

- Just wants to watch Disney in peace                                                                

- Like actually did nothing wrong                                                                        

- Raised by his brother who isn’t his brother

That’s about all I got for ya. Hopefully this stirs some excitement. Have a lovely evening y’all

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hi hello i really enjoy reading u guys' hcs and fics (´∀๏ฝ€*)…โ™ก may i request tsukishima getting all worked up after his short, and snarky, vb playing s/o (who's actually really good at it) gets benched in an important match bc she has bad blood with the captain and wouldn't let her play (he comforts her crying bc she works rly hard during training cough cough) yes ok that is all thank u so much for taking the time to read this and write it if ever have a good day, lovelies! โ™กโ™กโ™ก

Sorry that this took a while, it was kind of hard to write something since you basically had the whole story already written out for yourself! :)

-Admin Lana

  • He’s known for a while that you and your captain don’t particularly get along too well most of the time. That’s probably why you were sitting out on the bench during the match. Again.
  • As soon as the match is over, Tsukishima is there to meet you outside the gym, dragging you to a more secluded place where you can exhaust your frustration and anger.
  • This time it comes in the form of hot and angry tears, face red as you start to rant, words meshing together until it no longer makes sense. The blonde is livid that the captain continues to treat you like this even though you’re one of the best players on the team (not to be biased).
  • Tsukishima isn’t the best at communicating his feelings or comforting a girl when she’s in tears, but the best he can muster is a strong embrace and a soothing hand running along your back. It’s not much, but to you it means everything.

true-disaster  asked:

No, but for real, what IS Lances skincare routine?

he texted me his earth routine b4 he fucked off to god knows where here it is yall ready:

step 1: exfoliate (soft bristles - scubs can cause micro-lacerations)

step 2: toner - micellar water gets rid of all impurities!!

step 3: face mask!! heres what ull need:

- two heaping tablespoons of chickpea (or rice) flour
- one heaping teaspoon of tumeric
- one tablespoon of almond oil
- mix, then add milk bit by bit until you get a paste!!
- apply then leave on for 20 mins
- remove gently with warm water

these ingredients r SUPER good for ur skin they will clear acne and acne scars as well as even ur skintone with repeated use. lance n ray bringin u those Poc Secrets trademark

step 4: moisturize

*remember to change ur pillowcase often bc dirt builds up and ruins ur hard work!!
* if u have rly dry skin, swap out the milk for natural yogurt!

happy skincare love yall !!!

itsjustlientje  asked:

Hey Cookster! So, i REALLY want to start digital drawing, but i don't know how to begin. I don't know how the programs work, I don't have enough money for a drawing tablet etc. Do you have any tips? (Btw, i'm in love with ur art) ( / *-* ) / โค

aah thankiies ! Yea’ sure!(●´ω`●)ゞ let meh try to help u !

first of all. don’t draw digitally.

//cough cough// for bein’ honest ,i don’t kno’ ur art skills but it’s better to draw traditionally the most u can. a graphic tablet doesn’t make any artist better like it would be a magic trick. Σ(・ิ¬・ิ)

IF u rly want it ,(ง ◕ั⌑◕ั)ว ⁾ (in the possibility of earnin’ money thanks to traditionnal art)then u need to be sure of ur choice. it’s expensive but try to buy the cheapest graphic tablet possible.Any size,any kind will be perfect for a beginner.

IF u rly absolutely can’t. Draw with ur mouse. i kno’ friends  rly good at digital art and they exclusively use their mouse. MsPaint, gimp,FireAlpaca,krita ect..It’s all free art software !nothin stahp u,there r tons of tutorials for learnin’ how to use them !

Other tip: if u can’t draw 100% digitally(bc honestly, it’s hard) : draw traditionally, take a picture/scan ur art and color it digitally. that works too! //winky wonk// 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

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What do you reckon are the benefits of posting your poetry on tumblr (if theres not even a large chance of anyone stumbling across them) rather than just keeping it all in your notebook?


i’ve been stuck on this for daaaays bc i wanna give the best comprehensive answer but the Truth is contributing any kind of creative work on tumblr is a thorny business & i would urge anyone considering it 2 Rly think on it before they do. publishing my work on here was in a lot of ways a huge blessing but it comes w/ its own baggage.

i started writing on tumblr after a huge years long drought of not writing at all. it was great bc thru other ppl reblogging my work it gave me motivation to write & publish more. it also put me into contact w/ other writers which has been invaluable not only creatively but in my personal life. some of my greatest friends are ppl i met thru the writing community on here. 

if ur not necessarily in it for the exposure (which is a double edged sitch i’ll get 2 later) then starting a sideblog for ur work like i did here is helpful because it in some ways keeps u accountable. i mean i say this & i haven’t posted a new poem on here in 3 weeks but u get my Drift. if accountability & motivation is an issue for u, then posting ur poetry on tumblr can help w/ that. it definitely reinvigorated my writing. its also cool bc u end up w/ this platform where u can v much visually see ur growth & how ur writing has changed. u could go to my writing tag on my main blog & do a quick /chrono & its V obvious that my style & interests have evolved.

that said. in all the ways tumblr can be a great place to write & engage w/ other ppl’s writing (look how many ppl have had books published thru their tumblr poetry!) it can also be a huge crapsack. 

i think it can b rly dangerous for young/new/insecure writers to start off on here. we all want validation but if ur Soul reason for writing on tumblr is for ppl to see ur work u might b disappointed. it can be hard 2 get ur work seen & i know that can be v discouraging. so many ppl end up equating quality for notes & its just not true. the truth is some ppl just have a bigger following than u & that helps them get attention. u just need 2 keep that in mind & go into w/ realistic expectations. 

the other thing is…people steal. straight up no sugar coating ppl will fucking steal ur shit. if they don’t do it blatantly then u’ll see it in other ways. sometimes they don’t do it on purpose. but it happens. it sucks. it doesn’t just happen to ppl who have 1k notes on a poem it happens 2 everyone. & its not just ppl w/ v little followers who plagiarize, sometimes its successful writing blogs w/ published books. every single one of my friends who publishes on tumblr has had their poem plagiarized at least once. its not a safe place to post ur writing. 

bottom line: u have no control over how ppl choose to engage w/ ur work. when u post it to tumblr u leave urself rly vulnerable to a lot of shit. ppl will misappropriate & misuse ur writing if given the chance. if u still wanna do it, which is ur prerogative bc Hi, my friends & i still Definitely do it, this is my advice: 

never post ur best work. save it. try to publish the best stuff thru a mag or journal or whatever. but keep ur best stuff 2 urself!! b a dragon sitting on a pile of dope poetry u won’t let strangers touch. 

after that decide what 2 do w/ the rest. maybe u wanna post it & tag a couple friends. maybe u wanna make a writing blogue 2 workshop ur stories. mayb u just wanna write gay love poetry abt ur Girl where other Gays can see it. who knows! the world is ur oyster.. just b safe out there guys…

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i feel so tired, he only call when he's sad or want sex. i'm so tired, so tired.

mannnn u gotta cut that shit off. he’s just using u whenever he needs something and u rly deserve so much better than that! tell him ur done and don’t pick up when he calls anymore. maybe even block his number! and then work towards loving urself and making urself happy by treating urself and hanging out with people who actually appreciate u. cutting toxic ppl out of ur life can be really hard at first but i swear it’s worth it in the end