i worked rly hard on this thank u


😍 Donghae SNS Updates & IG Live Trans Heechul & Yesung Comments | 170714 😍

@leedonghae : I couldn’t sleep to due to worries after I got hold of the news our beloved fans were waiting in front of the police station in the sweltering heart since a few days ago. I was worried if it was taxing on your health? Or did you guys eat? Also, a lot of people came from overseas so I was really touched and happy consecutively. I will noy let yiu guys be lonely from now on so lets make lots of good time together. Thabk you for waiting 1 year and 9 months. See you at fanmeeting next week ^^ and I will greet yoy with Super Junior album! I’m now extremely happy and sorry! Sleep a lot today since you guys waited overnight ^^ have a good dream I love you. Sincerely, thank you and I love you. -Police Lee Donghae- 

Yesung and Heechul comments on Donghae’s photo :
@yesung1106 : earnest earnest~~
@kimheenim : happy birthday 😍 lets call it even with this dorobbong 😏

Donghae IG live:

DH: Thank you
HJ: We’re out~
DH: Back!
HJ: Yeah!
DH: We back!
HJ: We’re home!!! DH : Ppl were waiting in such hot weather from yesterday early morning, I gained strength,I was really nervous
HJ: “nervous” (laughs)
DH: I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep, in the morning at like 5:30 or 6 is when i got to sleep, so after sleeping like 30/40 minutes. I got up in the morning &wondered is this is dream,is this real? this, uh, I’m so thankful to the extent where my words wont even come out
DH IG live: I’m really happy (Reading comment) You are so cute, English pls. (replying to comment) I’m going home rn
HYUKJAE WAS CLUELESS FOR THIS INSTAGRAM LIVE AS WELL LMAO, he was like “are you talking with them? can you hear me?!” HJ: who are you talking to? Can you speak to them too?
DH: mhmm
HJ: Can you hear me? Can you hear? Pls write in Korean everyone
HJ:(reading comment)Mexico Love u! Wow Mexico,we should go to South America once again
DH:We should
HJ: I want to go there again
HJ: Srsly,on my discharge and same on DH’s discharge, so many ppl came, again I feel like we couldnt greet properly so I’m sorry
HJ: But there is still out fanmeeting everyone! We have to have fun playing there~ Bye bye~
DH: yes, that…
HJ: Speak up, ‘yes that’ what?
DH : I came out on such nice weather,to the ppl behind,the right/left/front, I rly wanted to greet u all properly
HJ: /Growing Pains/
HJ: Go on, greet now, greet! Greet now!
DH: For safety reasons, I couldn’t be there long so I feel really bad, I’m really thankful and sorry
DH: I’m really sorry, and for as sorry as I am, I will work as hard in activities and love you just as much! /lip synchs to Growing Pains/
HJ: All tgt! (sings)
DH: I’ve been discharged, (cant hear) and returned to you all. Before I enlisted u said to return well and I have returned healthily to everyone so guys, fans, ELF, I will greet you first as Super Junior, with an album, I will return coolly
DH IG live: I’m really thankful for today! /waves bye while lip synching to Growing Pains again and Hyukjae is singing along/
Hyukjae was so loud rapping in the back while donghae was speaking 


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hi hi! congrats on hitting 1k!! i would like to see fics whereby jongin gets tgt w ks only bc he had a bet w his friends? but still falls in love w ks in the end~ hehe that'd be a rly sweet plot so i wanted to see if there's anything like this! once again congrats!! i rly love this blog, keep it up and thank u all for the hard work! xxx

hehe thanks a lot bab ♥ here r fics where jongin gets tgt with ksoo because of a bet:

  • First Dance by Maroung - Jongin makes a bet with Sehun where if Soo falls in love Jongin he’ll get extra credit and get nominated as prom king
  • Heart Shaped Lips - TeaCupOfFeels - A cliche but cute popular!Jongin and nerdy!Soo fic. Jongin’s friends make a bet for Soo to say “I love you” to Jongin before they finish high school 
  • It Was Only a Bet by Kyungdaddy - Jongin’s friends make a bet that Jongin, the school’s bad boy, can’t get anyone like Jonign claims to be
  • Jongin Liked Challenges by FlimsyFinn - Jongin’s friends make a bet that Jongin can’t get the next person that walks into the classroom to fall in love with him
  • Nothing is as it Seems by biigbanng - playboy!Kai takes on a bet that he can get any boy he wants, including the hard-to-get, seemingly mysterious D.O.
  • Supremé - car racing au, jongin makes a bet and if he wins, ksoo is the prize - J
  • A Parisian Dream - jongin uses ksoo for getting fame - J
  • That Booty Lookin’ Retro - my fave djsjf jongin in order to get into the fraternity has to flirt w/ someone while dressed up as a girl that someone is ksoo (crossdressing, topsoo) - J
  • To Cheat Death - fluffy, jongin has a bet with his friends to make soo cry - J

more fics involving bet here ~

- Admin W

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hi hello i really enjoy reading u guys' hcs and fics (´∀๏ฝ€*)…โ™ก may i request tsukishima getting all worked up after his short, and snarky, vb playing s/o (who's actually really good at it) gets benched in an important match bc she has bad blood with the captain and wouldn't let her play (he comforts her crying bc she works rly hard during training cough cough) yes ok that is all thank u so much for taking the time to read this and write it if ever have a good day, lovelies! โ™กโ™กโ™ก

Sorry that this took a while, it was kind of hard to write something since you basically had the whole story already written out for yourself! :)

-Admin Lana

  • He’s known for a while that you and your captain don’t particularly get along too well most of the time. That’s probably why you were sitting out on the bench during the match. Again.
  • As soon as the match is over, Tsukishima is there to meet you outside the gym, dragging you to a more secluded place where you can exhaust your frustration and anger.
  • This time it comes in the form of hot and angry tears, face red as you start to rant, words meshing together until it no longer makes sense. The blonde is livid that the captain continues to treat you like this even though you’re one of the best players on the team (not to be biased).
  • Tsukishima isn’t the best at communicating his feelings or comforting a girl when she’s in tears, but the best he can muster is a strong embrace and a soothing hand running along your back. It’s not much, but to you it means everything.

y'all i’m gon be real soft for a minute here , like bitch i’m out here exposing myself n shit but …,,, i fr love jimin so much like he’s so thoughtful n full of love n genuinely loves his fans i’m bout to start crying …….. he cares about the members so much n he wants to make them proud like do y'all hear him when he’s asking the other members if he did okay like sis .. … …….. n not only is he a Visual but he’s also a really talented dancer n singer like i could fr watch him dance for Hours and listen to him sing for centuries ,,,, n he’s so down to earth like anyone w eyes can tell he’s a great dancer but when he’s complimented on it he just shyly says thank u or some cute shit like that :// (tho he rly need to work on that self esteem too) not only that but have y'all seen his smile like ….. when he smiles so big his teeth show n then there’s the eye smile n when he laughs so hard the throws his whole body into it n tries to cover his mouth ..,…,.,,,, the best thing my eyes have witnessed :/// yall im so emo i love jimin w my whole weak heart


HEY guys please watch my oneyplays animated i worked rly hard on it and i think it turned out rly nice n it would mean a lot to me if u watched it !!! thanks !!

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hello!! i read your cherry bomb theory, it's wonderful and it's screwing with my mind omg amazing job! i read it first bc someone posted screenshots on kpop amino app (i dont have tumblr thats why im anon) but then seven hours later i found someone who wrote it but passed it off as their own!! idk if it's u or not, as i stated i don't have tumblr, but i reported it last night at around 10pm pst so i wanted to confirm it isnt you aminoapps(.)com/p/l12cnm

first of all, thank u for enjoying my theory u angel ! !! 

& snjkdsghkdfjgh ?? ??? i havent posted my theory ANYWHERE except on this website so i checked it and 


i guess im a mom now ,,,, & an aunt ,,, u are welcome 4 da help kiki 

aminoapps(.)com/p/l12cnm < if any1 has amino pls report it or comment on it like i worked hard on this nd lmao is this a joke 

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Omg Sareena I'm a very active fan of ur YouTube channel I think you are so hard working and I look up to u in so many ways! Also you seem a little tired lately I really hope you are doing ok and giving yourself time to relax and spend time with friends or alone. Ilysm ~ Grace from Canada

awww hello grace!!! thanks so much for keeping up w my channel i rly appreciate it <3 <3 im def a lil tired and def a lil stressed hahahahahaahahahahah maybe very stressed !!!! but im absolutely making time to spend time with friends (i have lunch dates scheduled with a different person for each day of this week yayyy)


(mun note: i’m so so sorry yusuke. woke up today looked at this and reGRETTED MY ENTIRE EXISTENCE)

(also sorry for the delay (blame tatsujun hell OTL)… on the other hand this is kinda properly rendered bc the blog has reached a follower milestone! O U O O OO OO YOU GUYS ARE GREAT THANK U ALL SO MUCH SOBS)

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hey i just wanted to let u know that i rly love your writing! your style is so smooth to read.

!!! :D  Thank you! My style tends to shift quite a lot depending on my mood and so I usually feel like it’s somehow inconsistent? But the more regularly I write, the better things tend to flow together. I just have such a hard time forcing myself to work if I’m not 110% in the right headspace. I go weeks without doing anything productive, but when I get a new idea, it’s not uncommon for me to push out 30k in a week or two if the inspiration strikes. 

So it really means a lot when people say nice things about my writing. <3 As much as I love writing and creating stories, I have such a hard time forcing myself to push through my blocks. This makes me want to keep trying! <3

smash-brethren  asked:

i absolutely love your work and writing its amazing and you work rly hard!!! ur dogs super cute too! take your time if u need to but do u have any hcs for usagi or sharyu with a romantic/flirty s/o ???

Thank you, I appreciate the compliments ^^ but please make sure when you’re requesting don’t say “this character or that character” because that’s specific in my rules. I’ll only do Usagi.


  • Is really impressed with how good a flirt they are
  • They can make Usagi melt with just words, and that’s incredible and special to him
  • He also really loves the romantic gestures and things that you do, it makes him feel loved and appreciated
  • Usagi is always really careful and makes sure that he’s the only one you flirt with, he trusts you, but sometimes your friendliness can be mistaken for flirtations
  • Sometimes he’ll try to repay what you’ve done for him with romantic gestures of his own, but they never turn out as well as yours
  • He’s also really bad at flirting back he mostly just makes the :o face after listening to you

vocagumimegpoid  asked:

mmmmm those Tetos in your header. too good. dl plz. b e a u t i f u l too good for this world mmmmmmyum

aw THANK U THEy’RE BEAUTIFUL RIGHT here’s the full preview for all the teto babes <3333 i worked rly rly hard on them u w u but even tho i release all my models……….. i don’t trust the mmdc w these ones bc rulebreakers……… they’re too precious to me………. so sorry but no downloads!!! and pls to anyone else who likes them and wants them too, dont ask for their download!!!! they’re only gonna be for friends and by friends i mean myself and my recycling bin xd

credits: i forgot!!!! credit goes to the owners!!!

(actual real credits bc i dont think i ever listed proper credits for these crap edits that i made 6 years ago: 
base: p sure it was animasa/giza rin
hair: 3dcg converted by mmdfakewings18
in fact most of the outfits are 3dcg converted by mmdfakewings18
except the yukata, which was an animasa edit- i tried searching for the original creator- and all i was lead to was back to animasa so i hope it’s just animasa stuff idek dawg
the default teto outfit is from mayumichan0907)

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u kno ive been followinf ur art for a bit and its so good and ive always wondered what it reminded me of and i think i know now? it reminds me of childrens storybooks in a rly good way i love it!! like books that are a little ""darker"" (like where the wild things are idj what other word to use) but are still very cheery and happy despite the different genre they are i hope im making sense dksnfksm

same anon but im just on a roll,, i rly adore your art i do so much. it has this dreamy childlike feel to it? in such a good way like… when i say childlike i mean eberything is just so imaginative and creative and interesting to look at?? you work rly hard on designs and it shines thru and it makes ur art rly rly stand out!! alonf with all the detail u put in its just.. its rly rly good i love your art so much and i hope you never stop trying as hard as u are

goodness, im.. im speechless.. wow!!

i mean thank you, really, that’s so kind and such such a super nice thing for me to hear. :” ) i do put an extreme amount of attention and effort into my art and im really just so tickled that you appreciate that, and your wonderful perspective of my style (which i think is a fantastic description by the way, i loved where the wild things are as a kid and undertale is just screaming for that treatment).

my art comes from my honestly out of control imagination as i’ve been using fictional worlds to cope since my youth, so these worlds become very grounded in reality to me while still continuing to be a child’s fantasy of a better life. the idea that i’ve managed to capture just how magical and yet how real the things i imagine feel to me if exactly what i’ve been hoping for.

because, if you’ll forgive my rambling, my art is like a little unfiltered essence of me that i’m unable to express in any other way. i love sharing my ideas because it brings so much joy to others and that you have such nice thoughts about my little corner of my heart means so much to me. thank you, very very much.

and i wasn’t gonna post this here as a WIP, but for your kindness, my just-started-shading current project for you:

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listen, whenever i read clexa au's, if clarke and lexa aren't interacting within like three chapters, i'm usually out. HOWEVER, knight au is the best exception bc i am absolutely enjoying tf out of small lexa and mentor anya and lexa's new friends. you are doing a swell job, man

thank u so much???? im working rly hard on putting clarke into it, it’s been harder than expected but by no means is it impossible so im just gonna have to bug one of my friends to listen to my plan lmao. but yah this is the kind of writing im all abt im literally GLEEFUL getting to craft this shit im fuckin thrilled pals it’s like a gingerbread house au where im the wicked witch & y’all are Hansel & Gretel but im the one laying the breadcrumbs & y’all are being led to my candy house this is a creepy analogy in hindsight but I’ll stick with it

anonymous asked:

I cried so hard reading your new fic of robin succumbing to grima especially with Lon'qu!! T^T That poor boy suffered so much in life already and then you did that...i love the angst and i love your writtings they're always amazing!! Thank you for all your hard work

omg thank you ;;; i’m glad i was able to make you feel so strongly wahh ;; and sameee i love lonqu so much I FELT RLY BAD i was like omg. u poor boy but angst is fun—

colorsandmayhem-art  asked:

Hi I was wondering if it would be alright with you if I could cosplay as your street fashion dva design I really like the outfits design and all your other art is just as amazing

Hey!! THank you so much omg it makes me rly happy to hear! and ofc you can !! anyone is free to cos this just please send it to me or tag me or whatever sO I CAN SEE IT!!!! id love to see your hard work!!! 

sanhakyeon  asked:

seungjun + jihun :^)

cries what a Real Ship

  • Who’s the messiest one
    hmm i’d say seungjun bc he kinda seems dreamy, in his own world, so he might be a little forgetful about picking up 
  • Who feels the most uncomfortable about PDA
    neither oh my god these two are sO TOUCHY have u seen them?????? i bet jihun is the slightest bit more adverse
  • Who’s the funniest drunk
    probably seungjun like imagine him rn…..times 100……. all giggly and fallin over…….like a Child. jihun would probably have to make sure he doesn’t fall over and hit his head smh
  • Who texts the most
    probably jihun. i bet u he uses a lotta the (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ faces
  • Who has the most embarrassing taste in music
    probably seungjun can u imagine how many girl group song he has (not that girl groups are embarassing but u know for a fact he’s gonna try the choreo while listening to them)
  • Who reads the most
    i mean im pulled to saying jihun but i honestly think it’s seungjun no jokes
  • Who’s better with kids
    seungjun is awkward and would probably drop anything he tries to carry. jihun wins (by default) ((also he’s a sweetie))
  • Who’s the one that fixes things around the house
    probably seungjun….jihun seems the type to avoid unneeded dirty work…….
  • Who’s got the weirdest hobby
    listen what’s weirder than sneakin into someone’s rooma nd makin mouse noises and skin for back scratches……………….. jihun for this one…..
  • Who cooks and who cleans up
    i bet cooking would be a tandem effort and cleaning would never happen. u know those cheesy scenes where the couple is baking and ends up throwing flour at each other??? thats these two. i bet an emergency call to youjin would be placed for help on cleaning up. 

    send me a ship!