i worked rly hard on this thank u

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hi hello i really enjoy reading u guys' hcs and fics (´∀`*)…♡ may i request tsukishima getting all worked up after his short, and snarky, vb playing s/o (who's actually really good at it) gets benched in an important match bc she has bad blood with the captain and wouldn't let her play (he comforts her crying bc she works rly hard during training cough cough) yes ok that is all thank u so much for taking the time to read this and write it if ever have a good day, lovelies! ♡♡♡

Sorry that this took a while, it was kind of hard to write something since you basically had the whole story already written out for yourself! :)

-Admin Lana

  • He’s known for a while that you and your captain don’t particularly get along too well most of the time. That’s probably why you were sitting out on the bench during the match. Again.
  • As soon as the match is over, Tsukishima is there to meet you outside the gym, dragging you to a more secluded place where you can exhaust your frustration and anger.
  • This time it comes in the form of hot and angry tears, face red as you start to rant, words meshing together until it no longer makes sense. The blonde is livid that the captain continues to treat you like this even though you’re one of the best players on the team (not to be biased).
  • Tsukishima isn’t the best at communicating his feelings or comforting a girl when she’s in tears, but the best he can muster is a strong embrace and a soothing hand running along your back. It’s not much, but to you it means everything.

unfinished Steve (+ososnan vers) doodles between commissions


(mun note: i’m so so sorry yusuke. woke up today looked at this and reGRETTED MY ENTIRE EXISTENCE)

(also sorry for the delay (blame tatsujun hell OTL)… on the other hand this is kinda properly rendered bc the blog has reached a follower milestone! O U O O OO OO YOU GUYS ARE GREAT THANK U ALL SO MUCH SOBS)

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HI im back with more overflowing love and support!!! idk if u even remember me bcus i didnt give myself a snazzy anon name But Anyway i just wanted to make sure u remember dont feel pressured into taking on too much at once!! its always ok to take a hiatus and we will understand!! nothing rly prompted this i just read thru ur blog again and wanted to make sure u know how thankful me and all ur other followers are for ur hard work ❤️❤️

Aaaaa YOU ARE TOO SWEET ;; <3 Thank you for your support and your kind words!

I’m still going to try to at least get one or two things out everyday, whether that’s a matchup or a prompt, but I will definitely pay attention to my limits and make sure to take a step back if I start feeling too overwhelmed. *u* <33 I might dabble in some HCs instead of just scenarios next time too so that I can get things out more quickly for those who have kindly been following me! I am having a lot of fun, and hopefully everyone else is enjoying the content I put out, even if it’s slow and wordy alfkjajsdfj

Thank you again! ( ouo)/ I hope you’re having a great day! <33

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your last post about perfectly summed up my thoughts about tokyo ghoul:re. i'm really frustrated with the way things have been going and how some of the character are being treated by ishida. i think i'm going to drop it too... that aside though, i'm super excited to see you working on new, original stuff, you're one of my favourite artists!

yeah i feel you! its a shame 2, considering how strong t/g was! i rly thought re would hold up :”D you should if youre not happy anymore lol! it’s hard but there are always another series out there.

OMG thank u so much tho sdjklga! i’m super flattered! ♥ ♥ ♥ ;w;

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Hi I was wondering if it would be alright with you if I could cosplay as your street fashion dva design I really like the outfits design and all your other art is just as amazing

Hey!! THank you so much omg it makes me rly happy to hear! and ofc you can !! anyone is free to cos this just please send it to me or tag me or whatever sO I CAN SEE IT!!!! id love to see your hard work!!! 

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seungjun + jihun :^)

cries what a Real Ship

  • Who’s the messiest one
    hmm i’d say seungjun bc he kinda seems dreamy, in his own world, so he might be a little forgetful about picking up 
  • Who feels the most uncomfortable about PDA
    neither oh my god these two are sO TOUCHY have u seen them?????? i bet jihun is the slightest bit more adverse
  • Who’s the funniest drunk
    probably seungjun like imagine him rn…..times 100……. all giggly and fallin over…….like a Child. jihun would probably have to make sure he doesn’t fall over and hit his head smh
  • Who texts the most
    probably jihun. i bet u he uses a lotta the (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ faces
  • Who has the most embarrassing taste in music
    probably seungjun can u imagine how many girl group song he has (not that girl groups are embarassing but u know for a fact he’s gonna try the choreo while listening to them)
  • Who reads the most
    i mean im pulled to saying jihun but i honestly think it’s seungjun no jokes
  • Who’s better with kids
    seungjun is awkward and would probably drop anything he tries to carry. jihun wins (by default) ((also he’s a sweetie))
  • Who’s the one that fixes things around the house
    probably seungjun….jihun seems the type to avoid unneeded dirty work…….
  • Who’s got the weirdest hobby
    listen what’s weirder than sneakin into someone’s rooma nd makin mouse noises and skin for back scratches……………….. jihun for this one…..
  • Who cooks and who cleans up
    i bet cooking would be a tandem effort and cleaning would never happen. u know those cheesy scenes where the couple is baking and ends up throwing flour at each other??? thats these two. i bet an emergency call to youjin would be placed for help on cleaning up. 

    send me a ship!
softgladion replied to your post: my lips are. so messed up

same!! sugar scrub n chapstick that u dont hate but dont wanna lick off (plain carmex works rly well) for a week will fix them up but then u gotta drink water so they dont have a reason 2 be chapped (it is hard i only remember to do that like two days a year shsjsbn but they are very good days) and for picking i always say it but if u have a cork it works so well to just pick apart and u can get a bunch at the dollar store

oooo thank you!!!! i will try to actually do this fngjkdfgnk

yourfluffiestnightmare: These??? are so great? Honestly A+ I love your effort!

thank u so much!!! yeah i remember slaving over them..like,,, just editing her eyes and clothes prob took 3-4 hours. but i got a rly good grade on it & my siblings thought they were real covers so it paid off *sunglasses emoji*

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heya nissi !! i was wondering if you could help me find a fic where jimin is like a detective and jungkook moves in with him? its like a sherlock holmes kinda vibe, if you could help me that'd be great!! nd thank u for all of ur hard work helping everyone else find fics ur the real Goddess here

sugar, we’re going down swinging by aborescent

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Good morning! I have recently discovered the fan fiction wolrd and I have been binge-reading stuff for a solid couple of months. You're my absolute favourite author! Your stories are so interesting and unique and the characters are so vivid, you're basically a painter! I'm glad to see other people showing appreciation for your hard work here! May I ask if there's a fic you are particularly fond of/a setting you enjoyed and wouldn't mind going back to in the future? Have a lovely weekend! *^^*

thank you ndrjgsk <33 i don’t think there are any settings that i would revisit cos i already have so many other ideas that i wanna get to but my fave setting is probably the surfer fic just cos idk i love the beach and all that,, plus the neon aesthetic yfeel

DHGKDFJ idk if i could even write that very well?? like awkward first time sex, i once saw it done reallllyy well in another fandom a few years ago but idk, plus i don’t even have that much interest in writing it myself at this point, although that feeling could always change

i don’t rly think about ‘showing vs telling’ when i’m writing, i just write what i think would sound good and flow well and get my point across in an alright way, but i think in scenes that are heavier w dialogue i tend to keep it more ‘tell’-ish, idk,, also yeah i totally hate my writing too and i’m constantly doubting myself so 👌👌👌👌 i’m with ya there buddy

TAEGIKOOK, listen i love the trio but idk, i’m not rly feeling like writing a pwp right now to begin with, it’s very unsatisfying from a writing standpoint cos i can spend so much time on it but in the end rly nothing comes of it

nkjskfhskdf thank you, you keep it Real too fam ur the real one, i’m glad u like my fics and my characterizations, it means a lot cos yknow like i spend time on it and all that and i think abt that shit u mentioned abt stereotypes and yeah, sorry it’s 3 am and i just worked an 8 and i can barely speak coherently when i’m awake so rn im just wooOOO but yeah just THANK YOU for being so nice lol ily <333

betas are underrated ur right, but i can see why like let’s be real they’re boring af, cos the thing that draws ppl to abo fics is the Wet Ass or the Fat Dick or the heats/ruts and betas don’t have that so yknOW kinda boring to read, STILL i think the same thing can be said for the more strict dominance roles of alphas and omegas because usually omegas are written so submissive that they don’t rly do anything in bed and nothing ever rly changes in terms of bedroom roles so betas could amp up the fluidity of the roles in the bedroom ya feel, i dunno

i agree babe is terrible, baby feels different tho, idk i personally don’t use any pet names but in fics i think baby can be nice

yeeeee i love fma!!! i’ve talked abt wanting to write an fma au taekook fic in the past but it’s not rly a priority and i kiiiinda doubt i’ll ever get around to it but yknow, we can dream

aaaah i’m glad u liked it and the twink balls, thank you lol

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do you think there are many traits shared by both hufflepuffs and ravenclaws? because so many people say they're practically polar opposites but i spent so long believing i was hufflepuff until pottermore sorted me into ravenclaw. and now i absolutely think i'm ravenclaw but it's still rly hard to leave my old house behind y'know~ thank u!! xxx

Yes I think that hufflepuff and ravenclaw are incredibly similar! I like to think of the houses as being kind of like a venn diagram with each house being made up of certain components of the others, and I would argue that ravenclaw is the result of a hufflepuff and slytherin combination. 

But I digress

Ravenclaw and hufflepuff both have their core foundations in acceptance and I think that’s what really holds the two together. They also both value hard work (though whether ravenclaws actually get round to hard work is another story) and are both strong believers in taking your time before acting or forming your opinions

In many ways hufflepuffs are the house that ravenclaws aspire to be (which I discuss further in this post) and so in short, yes I think it’s perfectly understandable to confuse your ravenclaw traits with your hufflepuff ones and I know that it can be hard adjusting to a new house so if this blog can help in anyway then I’m glad 

yes its a sucky graphic but oh well ur lucky i didnt draw it in ms paint y’all know i just wanted to use boob kamui oKAY LETS START i was gonna have longer compliments but that fkin meme on twitter hecked my hand up so thats enough sweetness from me today its under the cut it still tags u rite or else ill kick my own ass NEVER MIND IM TYPING SOME SHIT if u dont read ur thing ur off the list, dot u’ll be the first to go uwu

also this tagging is being a bitch so like oops if nothing works

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u wanna post fanfics to tumblr dot com??? well that is fan-fucking-tastic m'dude, but b4 u go off and copy paste ur 300k steveXbucky furry porn onto here, pls just keep these couple of things in mind: 

  •  READ MORES R UR FREN. honestly. there r ppl who will just not read/like/reblog ur thing just out of spite bc it takes so long to scroll past it. after ur summary and whatever else, pls pls PLEASE put your fic under a read more. it just makes the viewing experience a lot more pleasant 4 everyone
  •  READABLE DESKTOP THEMES R P CHILL 2 HAVE 2. if imma read ur fic, i wanna b able to read ur fic. not everyone is on mobile all the time, and if they open it on desktop and its pale pink writing against a white background in like .0003 sized wingdings, they might not read it. tumblr has lots of themes!!!! u can write ur own!!!!! whatever u do, pls have it readable. u want to make ur fic as easy and accessible as possible so ppl will b more likely to read it!!!!!
  • UR SUMMARY AN TITLE WANT 2 B COMPELLING & UNIQUE. if u put “lol this is dumb u probs dont wanna read it” at the end of ur summary, chances r ppl probably dont!!! ur summary can b whatever u want, if its the first paragraph of ur fic or an excerpt of it or a stanza of a poem or quote or an actual summary!!! if u dunno what to do for ur summary, pick up the trashiest YA novel u can find. look at the back. basically copy that except, like, fill in what happens in ur own story. BOOM. DONE. SUMMARY COMPLETE. and as for titles, if ur writing for a popular fandom, then u might not wanna use that song title as the title of ur fic, as there may b duplicates, use a line or phrase from the song instead if ur rly heck bent on using the song!! thats cool too!! mostly, make ur fic seem appealing an worth the read!!
  • BETA READERS!!! find a fren 2 read over ur fic!! its rly nice 2 have a fresh pair of eyes to catch any plot inconsistencies/grammar errors/stuff like that. reading it aloud helps too!!!
  • TAGGING SHIT: u dont wanna tag ur fic as ‘major character death’ bc spoilers??? thats ok!!! thats for u 2 decide!!! if someone comes 2 u and asks u to tho, well, then u gotta work it out w that person. u probs wanna give warnings tho if ur dealing w possibly sensitive subject matter, like drugs, abuse, self harm, etc. u can say stuff like “general warnings for ___ and ____, pls ask me for clarification if u need it’ U just wanna not surprise anyone, thats all, esp w sensitive and possibly triggering subjects
  • NO ONE’S READING UR FIC??? shit man, i’m sorry, it happens 2 the best of us. sometimes i’ll post a fic that is rly long and ive worked rly hard on, only 2 get like ten notes. THATS OK. breathe. ur doing great. its rly hard for fics to gain traction, esp if ur a small blog. DONT LET THE LACK OF NOTES DISCOURAGE U FROM WRITING!!!! its all ok!!! 5 notes is great!!! 5000 notes is great!!! one note and its a like from ur fren is cool too!!!! try 2 find ways to get ur fic out there!!! see if there r any fic hubs for ur fandom u could submit it to, or ask a bigger blog 2 reblog it!!! i know that it might seem like no1 cares abt ur work, but u gotta push thru that!!