i worked rly hard on this thank u



i worked rly hard on it and like it a lot

it was honestly such a blessed project. sony vegas did not crash once during the production of it. anyways i love victuuri and yuuri katsuki with all my heart . thank u and goodnight 

hey folks read this

so if u have ever had a conversation with me in the past 7 or so months, u know that where i am living rn is Literally in the middle of nowhere, we get no cell signal and the internet is really slow bc the house is too In The Middle Of Nowhere to get an upgraded cable package thing, so already its rly hard to reach people, but yesterday morning our router completely shut off and wont give us that sweet internet juice. at all. so i have no way to contact people unless im not home, or out on the front porch bc i get a tiny signal out there so thats where i am now lol. ……… so TLDR i wont be online too much, except when i feel like sitting outside bc the weather is nice, or im on break at work or something, until we move 2 our new house. im not dead or ignoring u. thanks 4 read ing

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hey pal i saw ur thing abt school and lemme tell u i was in a kinda similar situation freshman year i got all F's bc i was in a rly hard program and i felt stupid as heck but it was rly just cus the classes were too advanced but then i did a recovery school thing and passed that year with ok grades and now by the end of this year (sophomore) ill be all up to date and this is all while moving from school to school so i think if i can do it u can do keep up the good work 💖💓💕💗💞💘

;v; aaa thank you so much. im a sophomore too!! it’s just that I typically have core classes and I pass even with decent c’s and that’s all I need to feel adequate and make my parents proud of
me, so since I’m failing English (my only pre AP class btw) I feel so terrible and inadequate. that’s what I get for putting my mental health first this year I guess. was the recovery program for you easy? I sure hope mine will be :( thanks again for the kind advice

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ahhhh can I just say??? ur newest askxephos about lalna having dreams is so so good. i rly love the art style and the colors. thank u i rly appreciate the hard work you put into it! keep at it and have a good day

aa thank u i didnt get the notif about this ask .. i had a lot of fun drawing it nd its gonna suck to go back to th usual ax style bc i cant do as much with it p: 

i dont like … i dont usually spend a lot of time drawing/colouring things so it was rly nice to push myelf