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Fake Friends
a playlist for bitterness, loneliness, longing and regret

just rock and roll - midtown // fake friends - joan jett // action cat - gerard way // dead friend - against me // summer hair = forever young - the academy is… // honey, this mirror isn’t big enough for the two of us - my chemical romance // jezebel - joan jett // true friends - bring me the horizon // I can’t stop drinking about you - bebe rexha // some nights - fun. // ghost - the academy is… // bury me in black - my chemical romance // two coffins - against me // our story’s already been told - william beckett // no place feels like home - midtown // emenius sleepus - green day

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I made these! It’s a crossover of AOT/SNK and Neko Atsume! I worked rlly hard on these so I hope you guys like them or something..! Hope you all have a very nice day..!