i worked really hard on those okay

Real story at the stationery store

*walked into a store*
Me: Okay, here is the shopping list remember buy fast and go, only buy things that you need.
*finished shopping* , *looked around*
Me: Omg that pencil case, that notebook, those pens.
Me: Wait a minute, do I actually need to buy new stuff? I still have tons of unused stationery at home.
Me: But I really need it, if I don’t buy it now, someone will buy it and it will be sold out.
Me: Well I think I deserve it because I worked so hard over the past few days.
*took and walked away*
*at home*
Me: Why did you buy new stationery? You need to start saving your money now!


“I believe in this country. I believe in the American people. I believe that people are more good than bad. I believe tragic things happen, I think there’s evil in the world, but I think that at the end of the day, if we work hard, and if we’re true to those things in us that feel true and feel right, that the world gets a little better each time.

That’s what this presidency has tried to be about. And I see that in the young people I’ve worked with. I couldn’t be prouder of them. This is what I really believe. It is true that behind closed doors I curse more than I do publicly. And sometimes I get mad and frustrated, like everybody else does. But at my core, I think we’re going to be okay. We just have to fight for it. We have to work for it, and not take it for granted.”

- President Barack Obama during the final part of his answer to the last question of the final press conference of his presidency.

I just noticed that Cassandra is canonically left-handed, like I’ve never really thought about it and yet she is. And if your argument is that she fights with her right hand? Fun fact, soldier (even those who were left-handed) held their shields in their left to shield their hearts. Someone like Cassandra, who is left-handed, had/have to work extra hard since they were/are at a disadvantage. Which makes her skill and prestige with a sword and shield even greater.

I’m sure there might be someone else who is in Dragon Age (Inquisition) too and I’m kind of curious to look now, I just noticed Cassandra though.

Okay so this could just be me, or that the people I follow just happen to like other characters more, but I somehow feel that Daichi is a little underrated?? (゜-゜)
I mean, I think he’s suuuper awesome~ (*´∀`*) 
(And quite handsome too~ \(//∇//)\) 
But then again this is the first time I actually drew him… so…I don’t know, I should draw him more… _(:3 」∠ )_ 

  • me: okay i have a physics final in a few days that i need to pass so i can actually gradua-
  • BTS: hey have you heard our new album yet
  • BTS: here, have some FIRE
  • BTS: oh and we brought back the prologue ver of butterfly
  • BTS: did we also mention the run ballad ver aka your slow painful death and all our other remixes
  • me: ... gdi fam, you right
  • me: i'm sorry i ever thought those things
  • BTS: it's okay, we forgive you
  • me:

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Relating to your text post, i feel like if someone loves you then genitals shouldnt really matter. I dont even consider myself pan, and barely bi, but hell if i really love someone i honestly dont care what they have, and you should find a nice boy/girl that feels the same

Okay see this works for some people but for most people sex is a reallllly big deal in a relationship and there’s nothing wrong with that, so i understand someone not wanting to date me bc of my genitalia and id never want someone to feel uncomfortable bc of it.

It just really sucks that ill never be able to have a male body bc of those reasons, i hate how hard all of this has to be. I just wish i were born male so i didnt have dysphoria.

I was having a hard time drawing today so I decided to go back through some of my old works to maybe try painting something a different way and I made an important observation that if you completely strip down some of my works to the sketches and hide those hidden sketch layers, you will find completely different drawings in there. For example, “TIE FIGHTER.psd”…

What lies underneath?

Okay I see my sketch in there but there’s something else too…

Well look at that…

Hmm, “Grand Inquisitor sitting.psd” seems like a really odd title for this…

Until we look below the surface a bit…

Guess I got tired lol


yes, i’m alive.  it’s been a while.

i just had my second eecs203 exam and it was honestly really rough.  the multiple choice was okay but the free response hit me hard.  it’s okay though, i’m just glad it’s over.

my ROV project is going okay but we’re really behind, mostly because the 3D printers are super hard to access and even when we do get time scheduled, the printers sometimes don’t work.  so, we don’t have the joints we need to put the frame together.  and we’re speed testing in two weeks.

other than those two classes, life is going pretty well.  st patty’s day weekend was really fun and my social life is great.  i’ve been having a lot of fun with friends and that’s not a bad thing.

i’ve finally managed to unpack everything from europe!  i still need to post pictures.

i can’t believe that i’m only here for another five weeks or so.  i really don’t want the year to end.  i love my classes, west quad, the diag, and my friends.  hopefully my week stays the way it looks: not that crazy.


Lately I’ve just been really mad. Not mad at a situation or another person, just at myself. I wanna be great at many things, I wanna make a change in others lives, I wanna travel and see the world with those I love. And although I work my ass off every single day and doing okay for my age, I’m still never satisfied with myself. Nowhere near that. Sometimes I’m too hard on myself, but If not me then who? But as this growing process is happening for me, I’m reminded more and more that I don’t have to go through this on my own. I have the love n support from my family n friends always n I’m truly blessed to have that. Just have to patient and trust the process. Not everyone will be a success. But I know I will someway somehow. My anger with myself is what pushes me, my family is my support. I will be great!

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Is it okay if I vent? If not then it's all right. Sorry for my annoyingness

Yes it’s okay to vent.
Guys I didn’t mean don’t send asks and stuff, I love those! It’s just when you say that it’s weak to live and strong to kill yourself and stuff, I can’t handle that. At all. Send me lots of asks! Just don’t say things like that please. It makes me really angry and sad and it triggers a lot of things for me that I’ve worked hard to try get rid of. Thank you for understanding


3/18/17 - 

Once again, long time no see~ Sorry I’ve been gone, but does anyone actually miss me? Haha. I’ve been incredibly busy with school this quarter and I’m really doing my best to get those A’s but things just haven’t been working out :/

I’m trying to tell myself that that’s okay but at the same time it’s hard to accept getting B’s when I’m so much of a perfectionist OTL We’ll see how finals go… I’m currently at my university’s library studying for the first time, and it’s actually a lot nicer than I expected! Really makes me feel like a college student LOL.

Most of my professors this quarter happen to record their lectures (they’re all about 1-1.5 hours each), so my goal for today (as you might be able to see from my bullet journal peeping out at you) is to listen to 12 biology lectures, 9 forensic science lectures, 2 NPB (neurobiology, physiology, and behavior) lectures, and write my biology paper.

Now that I’m typing it out, it sounds like so much I kind of want to die omg but that’s what the weekend before finals week is for! My school doesn’t have a dead week where we get a week of no class just to study, so I’m staying the weekend at school for the first time (I usually go home every weekend for my part-time job).

Anyway this was really long (I’m sorry) but hopefully I’ll start updating again soon! I’m always taking pictures for my studyblr so I have a lot of good content, I just don’t have time to post them ^^;

For anyone else who’s dealing with finals/exams in general, good luck to you! I believe in you and I have faith that you’ll work hard :^) At the end of the day, your grade doesn’t define you, rather, it’s the work you put in and the determination you have that does. I know y’all can do it!

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“Well, I prefer Nohr, because all the Nohr sibs picked out their retainers based on hard work and who they liked! Unlike those asshole Hoshidan sibs, who all got their retainers via nepotism!”

Okay, but have you considered:

  • Felicia and Flora’s dad is the chief of the Ice Tribe. They were specifically brought to the castle due to their status, not because of anything they did.
  • Jakob’s parents were nobility, and I’m sure that helped them drop him off at the castle. Do you really think that if he was a commoner, that he would be allowed to live at the castle in those circumstances at all?
  • Silas also comes from a noble family. Again, that probably helped in him being selected to come in as Corrin’s playmate.
  • Finally, Peri comes from a wealthy family, as well.

Meanwhile, over in Hoshido:

  • Oboro’s parents weren’t nobility, but were regular old merchants.
  • Azama’s parents also weren’t nobles, but were shrine owners. Also, did you miss the part in his supports with Arthur where it was explicitly stated that he saved Hinoka’s life at one point, which is specifically why she appointed him as her retainer?

Maybe pay attention to what’s directly stated in canon before you start generalizing all the characters and criticizing things that you’re blatantly wrong about.

Working out can be fun :)

Okay, so I was hanging with the fam and they were being boring so I decided to watch some dance tutorials for working out(as its my new years resolution to be healthier and such). 

Its actually really fun doing all the cardio hip hop routines. I(sadly) have really low self esteem, and keeping up with all the intense workouts have always been hard for me to keep up with. 

But seriously doing these videos are so much fun, and its  been working up a sweat for me especially when I repeat them a few times. 

So for those of you who are like me, and aren’t good at keeping up with workouts or have a goal of losing some weight I totally recommend these below! 

(^^ This is my fave!) 

And so many more(I’ll post my faves each week)!!!!

Skinny. (Sam x Reader)

Requested by anonymous. Did it mostly how the request asked, but it ended up going where it pleased. First Supernatural reader insert! Hope you enjoy xx

You never tried to be skinny. You never really meant to. But you lived an active lifestyle and ate whatever you pleased when you felt like it, and your body took care of the rest.

Usually, you were okay with yourself. You had worked hard to be a good person your entire life, and it showed. But your boyfriend was Sam Winchester - the man who even monsters were afraid of - and you felt slightly inadequate.

He could have anyone in the world, you thought, with those puppy dog eyes and his way of caring about absolutely everyone. Don’t even get started on his muscles. He was every woman’s dream, and you were just… you.

It got you down more often than you’d care to admit, but especially after days where Dean would bring up one of Sam’s exes and mention how he’d definitely have sex with her, given the chance, even if most of them were monsters themselves.

That fact didn’t matter to you, though. They were gorgeous. They had curves in all the right places where you were just skinny.

You stood in your underwear, staring at yourself in the mirror as the shower ran. In a way, the sound was a distraction to your thoughts about yourself. The room was quickly filling with steam and the mirror fogged up, thankfully blocking the view of your body from your eyes.

Once you could no longer see yourself, you bit your lip to muffle a soft whimper and tears filled your eyes. Sam deserves someone better, your mind yelled at you. Someone beautiful.

You didn’t know how much time had passed before there was a quiet tap, tap, tap on the door.

“Y/N?” You heard Sam’s voice call out to you, making you jump just slightly. This was not how you wanted him to see you. If you caused too many problems or hated yourself too much, he’d think you too much work and just leave, wouldn’t he?

“Just a minute,” you said in response, silently cursing your voice for cracking just then.

“Are you okay?” He asked this time, voice sounding even more worried than before, but you couldn’t bring yourself to answer. A few moments of silence passed before you could swear you heard a whispered “shit” and then saw the door open.

Your eyes were wide now, arms wrapping around your torso to hide your body from view.

“What are you doing?” You asked, taking a small step back.

“I could ask you the same thing. You’ve been in here for nearly an hour, and… you haven’t even showered. What’s going on?”

You sighed and looked down at your feet, biting your lip and sniffling.

“Y/N?” Sam stepped closer and rested one hand on your arm, his other coming up to place one curved finger under your chin so that you would look up at him. “What’s wrong?” His voice was a whisper and he sounded so worried, but still so full of love that it made your eyes fill with tears once more.

“Why are you with me?” You asked quietly, trying to keep your voice from shaking though you failed. “You could have anyone, Sam. Why me?”

His eyes grew sad as he pieced together everything happening, and somehow that made everything worse. He didn’t say anything as he pulled away from you to turn off the shower, then unbuttoned his own flannel to wrap it around you so that maybe you would feel a bit more secure. You slipped your arms into the sleeves, not even bothering to button it up since he’d seen you in your entirety already.

He gently grabbed your hand and tugged you to stand in front of the mirror with him. You averted your eyes, looking at the floor again, but he rested a hand on your back and looked down at you.

“Look,” he murmured, and after many seconds, you slowly looked at the two of you in the mirror. It was silent for four heartbeats before he spoke again. “I’m not with you for your looks.” Your mind, of course, started racing again. Did that mean he didn’t find you beautiful? You should be glad you found someone who wants you for more than what you look like, but it only made things worse for you. “But they’re definitely a plus.”

At that, your eyes flickered over to meet his in the glass, and he sent the smallest of smiles to you.

“You’re easily the most beautiful girl I’ve ever laid eyes on. You have the greatest smile, amazing eyes, and -” He gave a chuckle and gently moved the flannel out of the way so that he could brush his fingers down your side, leaving goosebumps in his wake. “You’ve got a body to die for,” he murmured, leaning down to press a kiss to your shoulder, then your cheek.

“You have a dorky sense of humor, which I absolutely adore about you. You are independent and strong and that’s honestly so attractive… And you love me. Not many people would be willing to put up with this lifestyle, but you… you stay by my side through everything.

“So yes, I love you. Not for your looks, but because you’re you.” He gently turned you so that you were pressed against the counter behind you, while he towered over you with the most loving look you’ve ever seen in his eyes. His hands rested on your bare hips, and your breath caught in your throat as your eyes moved from his eyes to his lips, then back again.

“I love you too,” you murmured lamely, your mind short-circuiting as your heart seemed to grow three sizes just so all of the emotions you had for this man could fit.

As he leaned down to kiss you, one of your arms draped over his neck and his arms wrapped around your waist, the two of you close enough that not a single part of you was separated. And finally - finally - you kissed.

Question about anti fat acceptance

Okay so, you’re saying that it’s really easy to become thin? Did you account age into it? Metabolism slows down as you age, and some women’s metabolism are just naturally slower (like how other women’s metabolism is naturally faster; my sister is one of those people). My mom (who is bigger) is in her 40s and, when she was in her 30s she tried exercising and yoga and nothing worked. In all honesty I don’t think she tried hard enough, but I think she was discouraged because it wasn’t instantaneous. Can anyone explain how it is possible for an older woman to lose weight and be healthy? I don’t think my mom really cares about getting thinner and healthier anymore, but I do and this might be helpful when I’m older.

Okay… So I had this for a while now and was contemplating on posting it or not and decided to post it!

And yes! I ship them.

Anyway this is an app on my phone called medibang paint, and since my phone is too small and I don’t have those pen things for androids, It turned out like this. But I’m proud of it! It sure was hard though, using my fingers and I didn’t think it would work out if it had a linework so it’s all colored instead. But I love it!

I honestly believe that Arya and Gendry will be endgame in some fashion. 

Whether it be as Lord and Lady Baratheon,

the Smith and his wild wife, 

or in death. 

I’m honestly cool with any of those. 

After the shit they’ve been through, Arya and Gendry would probably take really good care of their smallfolk and Arya at least would probably work really hard to look out for girls, highborn and lowborn alike. And they’d raise their kids to continue that legacy. 

But if they didn’t want to deal with highborn society anymore, that’d be okay too. I think Gendry would be happy to smith in a small town, maybe even run an inn, and Arya would appreciate the freedom and probably would have a good time interacting with all the characters that would pass through. They’d probably end up with a bunch of orphans as well as their own children. Gendry has already picked up Arya’s Stark habit of picking up strays (remember Weasel?). 

And in death, well, that’d be the saddest. But I’d be okay with them ending things as tragic folk figures. Like Wenda the White Fawn and the Kingswood Brotherhood. Maybe Tom would write a song about them.