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You Swept Me Off My Feet

Description: Phil works as a janitor and Dan works at a cafe, and well Phil literally sweeps Dan off his feet.


TW: curses words? really bad writing mostly, I’m sorry

(A/N):I’m sorry this is really bad please don’t be to hard on me this is my first phanfic and I know how bad it is ok. Also I think I saw a prompt like this before? I can’t quite remember, please correct me if you know! Also idk if i even tagged the appropriate tags,it’s like 3am and I’m kinda scared to post this ok bye   

ok but Q’s work ethic is so on point? I don’t know if I’ve ever truly described how much I LOVE the way Lev lays out how hard Q has to work for everything he has. He’s smart and talented. He’s fucking brilliant and he works every second of every day to keep his straight A’s and his top of the class status. Before Brakebills. In Brakebills. After Brakebills. He starts to break – we watch him break so MANY times – but even then he’s constantly studying to try to save Alice.

I just get very emotional over how hard of a worker Quentin Coldwater is.

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I know quite a few people are annoyed by the fact that Iris seems to be helping to operate on Caitlin, despite her not having any medical training (that we've seen). People think it's disregarding how much time and work it takes to become professionally trained, and yet Iris seems to be mastering it. I'm not one of these people, I was just wondering your thoughts?

Wait, people are actually upset about Iris helping her friend?? What??

Ok, I understand that getting a medical degree takes a lot of really hard work and dedication, I’m not denying that. So I guess I can understand where some of these people are coming from.

But that’s not the point of it at all?

What we see in the promo pictures of 3x18 and what we will see in tomorrow’s episode is a friend helping another friend. That’s it.

There are only two people in Team StarLabs that have had some sort of medical training: Caitlin and Julian. I’m not entirely sure how far their medical knowledge reaches, but what we’ve learned from 3x12 is that both Julian and Caitlin have performed autopsies in the past and thus would be qualified to operate or at least have some idea of what to do in that situation. Besides that, Caitlin is always the one to keep track of the speedsters’ vitals during missions, which is more proof of her knowledge on the subject.
Now, Caitlin can’t really operate herself, can she? So that’s where Julian comes in.

So assuming it’s a two-person job: who could possibly assist Julian in operating Caitlin?

The only other member of the Team to have some sort of medical knowledge would be Barry, what with him working as a CSI. But even then, we’ve never seen him do anything related to autopsies or medical stuff? Plus, he’s probably busy trying to catch Abra Kadabra.

So, who else is there?
Cisco, Joe, Wally, HR. And honestly, I don’t think any of them has medical knowledge profound enough to help out.

So yes, Iris (probably) hasn’t had a medical training and is technically not qualified to operate, but 1) she’s not operating, she’s assisting and 2) honestly… no one on the team is qualified to operate except Julian (and Caitlin, but again, she won’t operate on herself).

I actually see this as a reference to 3x12. In this episode, Caitlin saved Iris’ life by using her ice powers and while doing so, she risked losing control (she actually did lose control for a moment). I can see Iris volunteering to assist Julian because she wants to help Caitlin the way Caitlin helped her: she wants to save her friend’s life. And that’s it.

i’ve been working 3+ years in a job during which i’ve seen hundreds of women’s bodies in a medical context

lemme tell you a thing

women are fucking hairy, ok? i’ve seen women covered with hair from their ankles to their armpits. women with super visible pubic hair that approaches their bellybuttons, regardless of race/ethnicity. we have hair absolutely everywhere and our public image as women is totally devoid of this reality. 

men really have no idea how hard women have to work to make ourselves hairless. it’s as unnatural for us as it is for them but this is something that doesn’t even cross their minds as they emerge from their caves looking like unwashed wookies not even aware of how much they’re just allowed to exist.


↳ oh hot pink..!
↳ who could I be
↳ nochu come through
↳ the members don’t even know
↳ ok this is Jungkook
↳ put your hands up
↳ ARMY thank you so much
↳ 😘
↳ these days McCree’s accuracy is amazing
↳ now I will shoot at all your hearts ❤️️
↳ I am really grateful to overseas ARMY here too
↳ who is the most handsome in the MV?!
↳ hah
↳ right we’re all handsome hehe
↳ we’re working hard preparing for the concert!
↳ please anticipate a lot
↳ heheh thank you! I’m going to go practice hard again!
↳ see you again! 😙
↳ guns, aim, fire (lyrics from Not Today)❤️️

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[ revision log printable + google sheets ] — reviewing course material is an excellent way to retain information over the long term! to use for my exams, i made a little revision google sheet and a matching printable, which i’ve decided to share with the community (●っゝω・)っ~☆

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Been pulling my hair out over a particularly background-heavy project but…I think I’m off to a…pretty alright start?

“I’m not Barack Obama. I’m not Bill Clinton. Both of them carry themselves with a naturalness that is very appealing to audiences. But I’m married to one and I’ve worked for the other, so I know how hard they work at being natural. It’s not something they just dial in. They work and they practice what they’re going to say. It’s not that they’re trying to be somebody else. But it’s hard work to present yourself in the best possible way. You have to communicate in a way that people say: ‘OK, I get her.’ And that can be more difficult for a woman. Because who are your models? If you want to run for the Senate, or run for the Presidency, most of your role models are going to be men. And what works for them won’t work for you. Women are seen through a different lens. It’s not bad. It’s just a fact. It’s really quite funny. I’ll go to these events and there will be men speaking before me, and they’ll be pounding the message, and screaming about how we need to win the election. And people will love it. And I want to do the same thing. Because I care about this stuff. But I’ve learned that I can’t be quite so passionate in my presentation. I love to wave my arms, but apparently that’s a little bit scary to people. And I can’t yell too much. It comes across as ‘too loud’ or ‘too shrill’ or ‘too this’ or ‘too that.’ Which is funny, because I’m always convinced that the people in the front row are loving it.”


What do you mean it isn’t Halloween yet?

He’s a perfect pumpkin child

a concept: grantaire following enjolras about, loudly singing “you are my sunshine my only sunshine :) you make me happy when skies are grey :)”
enjolras trying really really hard to be annoyed but not being able to resist smiling at “you’ll never know just how much i love you” & interrupting with “i do. i love you too. now shut up” before getting back to his work

BTS Reaction to Their Girlfriend Asking Them if They Want to Makeout

Namjoon: “Let me finish this and then we can.” Work first and then…where was I going with this?

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Taehyung: “Then come over here.” Little pup would be so eager and ready don’t even gotta ask twice.

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Hoseok: “Well aren’t you eager today?” He’ll most likely tease you until you finally just pull him into a kiss and then… ((;

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Jin: “I know it’s hard to keep your lips off of all of this” headass

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“Have a kiss instead.” he’ll do this just to get you mad.

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Jungkook: “Is that really all you want? Or is it something more?” fucking bye


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Yoongi: "I know that not what you really want.”


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Jimin: ”Good because I was just about to ask you the same thing. Great minds think alike.”

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Comfort - One Shot

Prompt(s): @marvel-music-books “there is like some family arguments and tensions going on and the reader is just stressed and Bucky just calms them down (the fluff part) and makes them feel loved.”

Warnings: language, little teeniest bit of fluffy/smut? Maybe? If you try really hard to believe it’s smut.

Word Count: 1772

Author’s Note: Ok, this request is wonderful. I cannot put into words how frustrated I have been with my own family lately, so this is just perfect timing! I listened to Keaton Henson’s Romantic Works album writing this, it’s fucking beautiful. Healah Dancing and Earnestly Yours especially during the floof if you’re at all interested in living in my imagination. :)

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Laying in the grass, your head on Bucky’s lap, holding a book up to block the warm light of the sun, you drew in a deep contented breath. Bucky smiled softly as he ran his fingers through your hair, adoring the simple, uncomplicated time together.

He had put his book down some time ago but loved to watch your sharp eyes devouring every word. Loved how your brow furrowed sometimes when you were real focused, or the corner of your mouth pulled up into the tiniest smile if you read something amusing. He couldn’t understand how you got so lost in books, but it was one of those little mysteries about you that only drew him in deeper.

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HEYO one more for tonight. I swear this series makes it. REALLY. HARD. to focus on art stuff I should ACTUALLY BE WORKING ON. Shit.

The Many Faces of Neil Josten + precious boy Andrew Minyard.
Neil looks 5years old with dark hair and eyes.
He has way too many keys ok his key ring is gonna get so heavy in his pocket its gonna pull his sweatpants RIGHT DOWN.
Also I wish I knew what kind of knives Andrew likes. I know nothing about knives.

Just trying to nail down faces that I like for them so that I can pretend to have SOME SORT OF CONSISTENCY moving forward.