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Bon Voyage S2 Ep.8 - BTS’ letters to each other


“To. Jinjinjara, Seokjin-hyung!!

It’s your forever roommate, Suga.

Can you believe I have known you for 7 years… I remember when I met you for the first time. I’m surprised and amazed that the one who used to look so upright and kind… has become very bright and cheerful these days. I believe it’s because you’re with us. It seems like just yesterday you were nervous and not confident when you had to sing and perform on stage, but seeing your performance these days makes me think you sing really well. It’s no doubt the result of working hard for a long time. Even though I have been watching you for a long time, it still touched me how you secretly work hard to make up what you lack in. I thought of you as a hyung whom I have a lot to learn from. Let’s keep going together for a long time in the future too.

P.S: But I hope you can act your age.”


“To. JK

Hi JK, it’s hyung.

I’m always thankful to you. Thanks for having the same mental age as this 26-year-old hyung. And traveling with you this time made me feel this once again. Your fists are really strong. I will be good to you, don’t hit me, got it? And your face got tanned a lot. As I’m your hyung I’ll give you facial masks when we get back to Korea. Calm your skin and yourself as well, stop lying on my bed. You keep lying on my bed when I’m not there and send me your selfies. If you do that one more time, your face may have got tanned in Hawaii, but I’ll throw you into the fire pit in Korea. And by “fire pit” I mean my firey heart. You can come into my big embrace. Thanks for always becoming our team’s teacher and energizer. To Jungkook who’s kind and handsome and strong and has nice body and big eyes and sings well and dances well, I love you.”


“To. Namjoonie-hyung

Hi hyung, it’s our team’s maknae, Jungkook.

I’m not the type to write letters often so I don’t know where to start, but I’ll try this time. This is something I always think about every day, but I really am inspired a lot by our team. Although I’m inspired by all 7 members, but I’m especially inspired the most by you. I always want to do a lot of things but can’t stick to them long, like how you guys always joke with me. But gradually, it feels like I really became that kind of person. When you work, talk about music, compose or speak in English, I feel like I grew a sense of confidence and passion. I know it must be tired for you, but please keep showing me your that cool side of yours in the future. I will keep following you from behind. You are a really awesome person.”


“To Jimin.

Hi Jimin.

It cringes me a little to write a serious letter to you like this, but I’ll try. Hope you understand. When we were trainees, we came to Seoul without knowing anything. We would wake up, put on uniforms, go to school together, eating together after school ends, go to the practice room together, go back to the dorm together, and chat together at night. 6 years passed and unknowingly, you have become my dearest precious friend. There was a time before we debuted when you were anxious because of the debut. I had a meeting with the company at that time. They asked me “What would it be if Jimin was on the team?”. After thinking for a while, I said, “There’s no one who’s by my side when I’m tired or happy to laugh and cry with me but Jimin. I hope such a friend could be by my side. I want us to debut together.” It felt good to say that. I’m happy that we was able debut together and make lots of good memories. And sorry, because I’m always the one who take. Even know, you still cry with me when I cry in the bathroom, laugh with me when we sneak out at dawn, care about me and think of me, work hard because of me and understand me, listen to my worries, liking someone who’s lacking so much like me. Let’s keep walking together on the flower path for a long time. I love you, my friend.”



So my first letter is to you. I have mixed emotions. Like the pebbles on the beach we saw in Hawaii, it’s hard to pick out what I want to say to you. Maybe it’s because we’re cherishing so many memories and so many moments like the sea we saw? I thought of the time when I first met you. Seeing you following your father, roaming around the dorm with big eyes and pouty lips, I already felt it from first sight. “This kid will be a rascal”. I remember how anxious you were before we debuted. Your unique and strange character is so vague that I sometimes questioned what’s in you that helped you endure all the way here. But as time passes and I mature more, I learned that even I, who I myself thought was the most normal, am quite strange and unique like an alien. I was drawn by your strangeness. Sometimes I really envy you. Because you can get close easily to anyone and everyone likes you. Your strangeness proved to be your unique charm. It may sound cringeworthy, but as a friend, a hyung who have been with you from the beginning of your trainee journey to now, I wanted to say thank you to you. Thank you for not becoming a farmer, not playing saxophone and came to Big Hit instead. Let’s keep up the good work. Fighting.”


“To. My bro Suga
From. J-hope

Hi hyung? It’s Hoseok.

Without realizing, we have been together for 7 years, including our trainee days. When I first moved to the dorm, I was awkward and unfamiliar with everything, so I only stayed in the living room, but you came and talk to me first, helped me relax. I still can’t forget that time. You were like the savior to me, a Gwangju kid. Always by my side when I’m hurt, always by my side when I’m sad. You’re always there to support me and become my strength when I’m tired or exhausted. When I was tired from seasickness in Bon Voyage 2 this time, the first one I saw after opening my eyes was you. I couldn’t say then but I was really grateful to you. Through this letter and this chance, I want to tell you again that my gratitude to you is as great as the time we spent together. Hyung, thank you for becoming a member of BTS, thank you for becoming my dependable brother. Please keep staying by my side forever. I love my bro.”


“To. Hoseokie-hyung

This wasn’t my first letter to you so I thought it wouldn’t be hard, but it was indeed not easy. I’m nervous. You’re the one whom I talk and share a lot with so think you’ll know well what I think and what I want to say. What do I think when I see you? “This person is really truthful and sincere”, “This person is really upright and kind”. You are probably the first one that made me understand a person can become this cool just by being truthful and sincere. As your brother and fellow member, I have a lot to learn from you. I wanted to tell you that I know you are always working hard to take care of us and I’m always sincerely thankful to you. Thank you, hyung. I hope you can take care of your body and stop worrying too much. To my hyung who I’m always thankful for, I love you.”


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 Taehyung x Reader

soulmate au, angst, sort of historical au?

 5.1K words

If there was one thing you were certain of, it was that the purpose or your existence was to love Kim Taehyung, and his was to love you. Throughout countless lifetimes the two of you have longed for each other, but just like parallel lines, though your souls always seemed to be travelling in the same direction, it was impossible that they could ever meet and become one.

Author’s Note: This was inspired by the Fallen series which I read when I was like 12 lmao

You were no longer sure who, or where, you had been the very first time you laid your eyes on Kim Taehyung.

So many lifetimes blurred together into one, your existence was so scattered throughout time you had begun to lose track of it.  But in each life, no matter who you were, regardless of whether you lived a life of luxury or one of extreme poverty, he was always there. Your existences were irreversibly intertwined.

You didn’t know why. You didn’t know how. You had no clue if there were others in the world who lived through multiple existences, or if any of them remembered each individual life the way you did. In no life had you ever dared ask, for fear of sounding crazy or being whisked away to the closest asylum.

In some lives you were close to him. In a few, you even grew up as childhood friends. You remembered those lives more clearly than most. One in particular that you remembered with a shocking clarity was England in the 1600s. Your family lived on and ran a small farm out in a tiny rural village. It had been a tough life, getting up at the brink of dawn every morning and not returning from the fields until the sun finally dropped behind the earth, but the hard work paid off and there was always a sufficient amount of food. You could still feel the wonderful sensation of the cool, crisp early morning air against your skin, even now.

Taehyung’s family had owned a bakery and every morning, just as you set out to work the fields, his mother would send him round to deliver bread in exchange for milk.

Even from a young age, you’d felt the pull towards him, that feeling which was now so painfully familiar. He was like a magnet, he could only be resisted for so long before you had no choice but to give in.

For some reason, you’d thought in that life that perhaps things would be different, perhaps it wouldn’t end in the same fashion that all the others had. You were no longer sure what had caused you to think this, maybe getting to spend so long by his side had lured you into a false sense of safeness. You weren’t as foolish now as you had been then. You’d learnt the hard way that there were never any exceptions.

You still dreamt about that life sometimes. You dreamt about the way the long honey coloured strands of wheat matched his eyes and the sound of his laughter getting caught between trees in the nearby forest as you played together. But more vividly, you were haunted by the shy, gentle first touch of your lips to his, you were tormented by that fleeting moment of happiness that had existed just before everything crumbled away to dust.

In other lives, however, Kim Taehyung was painfully out of reach. One of you would be of a much higher status than the other, meaning any attraction you felt was forbidden. You could recall a few lives where you ended up being born into a wealthy family and Taehyung had been employed by your family in some way. He had once been a gardener, and another time a cook, and you were fairly sure he had also been a stable boy at some point. But you hated those lives the most. Any interaction with him was dialled down to a minimum and it made your chest ache awfully. Those lives were made of nothing but longing glances and sad smiles.

Kim Taehyung never seemed to remember you. Unlike you, he seemed blissfully unaware of the fact that he had lived hundreds of times before, and that you had been present in each and every one of those existences.

Needless to say, it was heartbreaking to look into the eyes of the man you’d loved for centuries and for him to have absolutely no clue who you were. But it was even more heartbreaking to watch as he fell hopelessly in love with you. The dreadful cycle was doomed to repeat over and over, possibly for eternity.

Because the two of you could never be together.

In every life, without fail, the first kiss with Kim Taehyung was also always the last. You’d spent so many days and nights in complete anguish, wondering why the two of you had been cursed with such a cruel fate.

Because after every first kiss with Kim Taehyung, your body would burst into flames.

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Soulmate AU where your soulmark doesn't only symbolise your soulmate, but also how you'll realise that they are your soulmate. (because unlike the romace novels it isn't always "bond" at first sight, sometimes it takes YEARS to discover what was there all along). Now imagine Stiles so obsessed with his very-much everlasting state of virginity because of his bite mark on his chest and HELLO what else could that mean. (part 2 in the next ask)

Part 2: Or imagine derek trying everything to get rid of his mark, because the bullet shaped mark was the reason his young naive self approached the argents, and KATE, in the first place. And we all know how that went.

The water was cold as it splashed on his face – cold and refreshing – and his hands stayed pressed against his face for a long minute, his eyes closed and a tired sigh leaving him. Slowly, Derek dropped his hands from his face and grabbed the edges of the sink. He hesitated before finally lifting his gaze to the mirror in front of him.

His eyes, blank with a hint of sadness and bags heavy underneath them, found the bullet shaped mark slightly to the left of the center of his chest immediately.

Derek had been five when his mom had sat him down and told him about soulmates and soulmarks for the first time. And because of his soulmark, it had also been when he was told of hunters and how he needed to be careful. More careful than any of his siblings and any of his friends.

He had been five and hadn’t listened. He hadn’t listened when he was thirteen either, nor when he was sixteen and approached the woman he thought he was his soulmate.

It had been years – long and painful years – and he had yet to forgive himself for that. He doubted he ever would,and looking at his soulmark made him feel sick to his stomach.

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can you recommend some korrasami fics?

Of course I can! Man, I don’t even know where to start, but these are some of the ones that come to mind (they aren’t ranked in any particular order):

March of Progress by @threehoursfromtroy

The Avatar must protect nature, foster peace, and keep the world safe.
The CEO of Future Industries must expand, innovate, and, at the end of the day, turn a profit.

Korra and Asami have fallen in love, and fallen hard. But when their duties come between them, their world convulses around them, and their pasts still haunt them both, can the world’s most powerful couple survive?

~ I’ve recommended this many times and still stand by this fic. We get to see the development of Korra and Asami in terms of their relationship, their characterization and their hardships. Also, the author is an absolute sweetheart!


Place in the World by paxbananaKorra struggles to find her place in the world. Continuation-fic. Related to One on One. 

~ Honestly, I think this may be my favourite ongoing korrasami fic so far. The author alternates between Korra and Asami’s perspective in this story and brings about brilliant characterization/introspection as well as culture (we get to experience a lot in regards to the Southern Water Tribe). Seriously… just read it when you have the time. (Yes, I know some people have a problem with the labels used in this story and I completely understand, but try to give it a chance. I think the author has been quite respectful in how they handled the whole situation - but, if this type of thing really does bother you, consider giving this fic a pass)


Absence of Light by @sniperctTen years ago, Avatar Korra opened a spirit portal in the center of Republic City. In the decade since, Korra has overseen a new era of peace. But there are dangers old and new, creeping shadows threatening to strangle and choke out the light and throw the world back out of balance. In the absence of light, what hope remains? 

~ I’ve recommended this to some people because it’s honestly one of the best stories that I’ve ever read (this too has its own series called The Avatar and the Inventor). This story along with The Seeking Balance series are absolutely among my top two favourites in regards to Korrasami fics. Here, we have a badass married Korrasami couple and a very interesting/dangerous villain. We also get to see some good ol’ characters from 


The Everthere by @guileheroine

Korra and Asami on the steady, special road to life partnership. A post-reunion, post(ish)-college roommate AU.

~ So, I’m not usually a fan of AU stories, but this one has left me stunned on multiple occasions. The characterization of Korra and Asami is divine, their relationship progression is so pure and beautiful and the story is captivating. It’s a slow burn story that is definitely worth your time!


(The characterization in this story reminds me of Nightmares and Daydreams by SorbetLaitier - another sort of slow burn type of story that I would highly recommend ~ https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10837027/1/Nightmares-and-Daydreams)

All These Broken Hearts on That Pole by Gummy

Korra knew this was insane. Absolutely utterly mad. The first time she ever stepped foot in a strip club and of course she had to fall for one of the strippers. The entire thing felt like a tired, worn out cliche. But cliche or not, something was happening and she sure as hell wasn’t going to let it slip through her fingers.

~ This is another AU involving a strip club - need I say more? I haven’t read this one in a while, but I would definitely say that it’s worth the read!


Parts to Play by @darling-gypsum

Asami Sato has been raised her whole life to distrust benders, but now, she doesn’t know quite what to make of the Avatar. The two girls bond as the Equalist threat looms over Republic City, but the threat could be closer than Korra realizes. Asami’s allegiances are tested. (designed to blend the “Asami Equalist AU” into most of the show canon, so Korrasami, Makorra, and Masami ships are all acknowledged and explored) 

Unseen moments in the last two books, as Korra and Asami fly out of and back into each other’s lives.Sequel to “Parts to Play” Books 1 & 2.

~ This is definitely a must-read story! It takes an alternative path in books 1 & 2 with an equalist!asami narrative. Book 3 & 4 are more of what we are used to in the show. The characters really get fleshed out and we get to see lot of behind-the-scenes moments/interactions. A very beautiful story/series indeed! 



Book 5: Light by @asami-snazz

A complete Book 5 story following Korra and Asami from the final and beyond as the couple navigate through their new relationship whilst also dealing with rising anti-spirit tension at home and considerable political instability in the rest of the Four Nations as Korra and Asami are tested more than ever before.

“The canon seemed to be being fired carelessly from the Spirit Wilds. Korra…No…Gut instinct told Asami that the Avatar would be there.”

~ I’ve always had a great liking for this story! Very nice characterization and relationship-building for both Korrasami  with a really neat plot! It starts out fluffy but gets very interesting as the chapter go on! We get to Asami have some amazing moments and we also get to see a bit more about Korra’s mental state. Highly recommend this!


Stand on the Horizon by theinvisblekunst 

In 159AG, a portal opened at the bottom of the Mo Ce Sea, allowing giant monsters that became known as the kaiju to enter the physical world. For eight long years, the world’s benders were the first line of defense, but the loss of life became too great. A fifteen year old Asami Sato has the solution, and she presents her idea to the world: Build giant mechs to fight the kaiju. She calls them “jaegers.” Now, three years later, her jaegers are the primary kaiju-fighting weapon, and she’s determined to pilot her own. Who knew the avatar would also want to be a pilot.

~ Another AU that I decided to give a chance and wow, I was not disappointed. I was a big fan of Pacific Rim merely for it cool action-packed sequences. The idea of giant robots fighting giant monsters is always pleasant to think about. Throw Korrasami into the mix and you get an even more entertaining story, especially when the drift is involved. 

This story was quite emotional for me, but I can’t recommend it enough! Korra and Asami become the true legends in this AU.


* * * * *

Some other must-reads that are well-known include:

The Seeking Balance series by SimplyKorra (a.k.a @weissrose on this site) 


Ronin Korra series by @silks-stuff (very obsessed with this at the moment)


Spin the Rails series by @lokgifsandmusings and @progmanx


Venti Sized Crush by @mezoereed


They say that true love hurts. Well, this could almost kill me by frenetic_core 


The Blacksmith’s Favor by @sy-itha


Food Fight by @oldvelvet95 (I love re-reading this one!)


…and a whole lotta others that I want to include (but this list is already getting too long - though you may see me add things here and there :p). I haven’t bothered adding my own commentary to these last few ones due to their well-known status. But seriously, read them all!!! 

Hopefully you can find some nice stories in there that you haven’t read before. They all deserve the chance to be read and loved!!! Feel free to add on some other stories if you think I missed some good ones (which I know I did).

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pleaseee could you write drabble, Emma saying to Killian "I didn't know you could sing"

unrelated to the upcoming musical ep, but here ya go. sorry it’s rather messy. drabble became ficlet.


Emma has never really lived with a guy before. Well, she supposes that she and Neal did kind of live together in the Bug all those years ago, but this is different.

This is sharing a home.

And with that comes a few adjustments. Neither of them have ever owned very many possessions aside from their full wardrobes, but now they have this big house and it’s being slowly but surely filled with… things. Stuff. Books and trinkets on their shelves, an array of colorful toiletries and pretty things in their bathrooms, an admittedly overly stocked cabinet of alcohol, blankets and pillows meant not just for function but also for decoration.

She’s a bit disorganized and messy. Killian is kind of a neat freak after having run his own ship for so long.

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It wasn’t like you had planned to catch the attentions of a Rogue like Leonard Snart. You hadn’t even realized that you had at first. And by the time you really knew about the way Len earned his living? You were in deep.

You’d been working at The Motorcar your last year of college when you first met him. Len was a regular who tipped well for all that he mostly only ordered coffee.

Not that you blamed him. You’d almost starved with that job as your main food source. If it didn’t taste horrible, then it tended to make you ill. You weren’t sure why. You scoured the place, and it did pass the food safety code.

If you were any more superstitious, you’d say the place was cursed.

Len was a regular who wasn’t big on small talk, or wasting words in general. Everything about him was precise. His order, his payment, the seat he wanted, and when were good times to speak to him. You still preferred him to the drunks who wanted a show, or the kids too high to know if they even brought enough money to cover their order. Although at least they never complained about the food.

Even if the wisdom of sating one’s munchies across from CCPD left much to be desired. You figured it was some twisted inner need to be caught. Or it was a three foot eff you to the system. Could go either way really.

Every other weekend, Len brought his sister. It was the one divergence in his otherwise exact schedule. You’d notice him actually smiling - not the polite tip of the corners of his mouth, but genuinely smiling - from time to time when she was there. You made a point to never drift over while they were in the middle of a discussion. And perhaps because of that, at least in retrospect, they always sat in your section.

Your last month at the diner, you’d begged Lisa to come with you to a ballroom dance event. You’d been pulling so many shifts at the diner that making friends with your fellow college drudges attending over summer semester hadn’t been a priority. Going would net you extra credit, which you couldn’t overlook, but going when you knew absolutely no one wasn’t high on your wishlist. Neither was making a fool of yourself, but you figured you’d only see her one more time anyway, so there wasn’t any harm.

She’d gone, to your eternal relief, not making a big deal about it at all. In fact, she’d laughed about how the moving as a team and timing were right up her brother’s alley, even if it wasn’t hers. If anyone had asked you, you would have said the Snarts were good people. A little distant, but kind enough and certainly well meaning. 

In fact, you did say that when the police came knocking not long after, suspecting them. You didn’t see either of them for several years. Not because they’d been in Iron Heights - you thought they might have gotten out of those charges - but because you hadn’t been in Central City.

Len found you in Keystone, working for an advertising company that should have been the job of your dreams. He’d asked if you still had space on your dance card for him after commenting on the glowing character reference you’d given his arresting officer. And somehow that led to a visit to an art museum, and then you moving back to Central City to be able to see more of him.

You’d thought about moving back before. Central was home in a way Keystone had never become. It also had the PR nightmare known as S.T.A.R. Labs to attract your attention. So while Len sought his own adrenaline rush, you’d reached out to the skeleton team left with your proposal. Dr. Wells hadn’t found it necessary, but he had understood your desire to have a challenge. Cisco and Caitlin had been happy to have your help. Such as it was, anyway.

You weren’t a part of Team Flash, although you hadn’t missed their little meetings. Dr. Wells had confronted you about it early on after you had asked him in private if he wanted you to use that information to build up his reputation again or if he’d prefer the secrecy. The scientist had been pretty clear which option he had preferred.

Later, when Lisa seduced Cisco and then Len had tortured his brother to find out the Flash’s identity, you’d been summoned for another private conversation with the physicist. He’d been impressed that for someone so perceptive you hadn’t told your own boyfriend the Flash’s identity. Or hadn’t you worked it out yet?

Although, as it turns out, that conversation wasn’t quite as private as you’d thought.

“You’re dating Captain Cold?”

Turning towards the incredulous voice, you met Cisco’s gaze with a wince.

“I had no idea he was going to do something like that to you, Cisco. Honest. He doesn’t ask me about my work; I don’t ask him about his.”

“An interesting policy, to be sure,” Doctor Wells commented, his eyes laughing for all that his vocal tone was dry and serious.

“We were dating way before he got ahold of your cold gun,” that justification felt hollow even to you.

Cisco didn’t take it as any justification at all.

“Well, stop! He’s a thief. And a murderer, not to mention.”

“Honestly. You do not want to go the route of dragging up dirty little secrets,” you growled out in self defense. “It’s my job to know all of yours, so I can portray you in the best light. Or had you forgotten?”

Watching the interplay between the two men was fascinating. Dr. Wells polishing his glasses as Cisco looked to him for support. Which he did give but with a tired expression to indicate they couldn’t control your life choices.

Damn straight they couldn’t. Even if you had nothing really on Cisco, minus the fact he’d created the weapons used against his brother, which was a cruel thing indeed to mention.

Well, and the fact you’d heard by now just how Cisco was lured into begin with, and this was very much a scenario of the pot calling the kettle black.

 The dark glimmer beneath the professor’s gaze still had you rushing out an addendum quickly.

“Excepting, of course, boundaries like the identity of the Flash and what you do in your personal time.”

You grabbed your jacket and nodded politely to both of them.

“That said, I’d prefer what I do on my personal time to remain personal as well. And I’ve a date in precisely twelve minutes. I am sorry for what happened, Cisco. But I do prefer to be on time. Shall I give your regards to Lisa?”

You decided his blush was adorable. And apparently, so did Dr. Wells. He’d laughed anyway before nodding you on to go home.

Only eleven minutes until you got to see him again. Because dammit, you didn’t care if he was a thief and a rogue.

He was yours.

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Hi I'm new to bts and I just found your blog (love it btw!) I want to get to know the boys more if you could describe each of them in a few traits what would they be?

Thanks for loving BTS and our blog, we’re all glad you’ve joined us ^^

Ahh, okay, hard question! I could describe them each as so many different things, and because we may perceive them differently, people might not agree with my opinions~ And there are things I could describe all members of BTS as. This includes (but is not limited to): hardworking, appreciative, hilarious, down to earth, sweet, genuine, etc.. But okay, the members. I’m going to try to use only three adjectives per member so it doesn’t get too long, haha:

Namjoon: Namjoon is so.. Ahh. I really fell for his personality. If I could describe him in a few traits, it would be introspective, open, and noodle. Yes, noodle. Though I haven’t been part of this fandom for very long, it’s not hard to see how much Namjoon has grown over time. He has learned a lot about the world and himself. Like any of us, he has struggled and made mistakes, but he always tries to understand and better himself as a result. He also constantly shares his thoughts with us all, which really makes me feel like he’s just one of us, taking life day by day. And he really never lets any of us feel left out, always being inclusive in speeches, learning languages, etc~ He really has a lot on his shoulders as the leader of BTS, but I think he’s doing an incredible job. I also described him as noodle because he’s really just so silly when he lets loose. Who remembers that VLive when he danced on his bed? ^^

Seokjin: I’m so happy and thankful the boys (and the rest of us) have someone like Jin to look up to, because he is truly amazing. To describe him, I’d say he’s reliable, generous and lighthearted. He’s always looking out for the members and keeping everyone’s spirits up, which isn’t an easy task. I’m positive he does a lot of things we don’t see as well. On the other hand, he also constantly gives to us~ for example, remember the list of things he did for his birthday? Just to share his time with us. My heart exploded. However at the same time, Jin is level headed and still manages to do the things he originally set his sights on doing, such as attend university and graduate! Being part of BTS was not at all in his plan, but look at him now! It says so much about his character~ Even though Namjoon is the leader of the group, Jin works really hard as the “oldest hyung,” who inspires the rest of us to not only dream big but also let life take you along for the ride. He truly leaves me in awe.

Yoongi: Ah, where do I start!? I would describe Yoongi as passionate, complex, and a grandpa. He really puts his all into his music and as we saw in Agust D, he opened up a whole new side of himself to the world. He didn’t get to where he is easily, but he was patient and hardworking and now he’s even producing songs for other artists. He’s someone to look up to because he really needed to persevere to make his dreams a reality. And somehow he manages to go from pouty and tired to smiley and energized in seconds. He still surprises me, haha. There are many parts to him that I only wish I could get to know. He may not be as loud or constantly posting like other members, but he does cute things and posts selfies when he knows we miss him. Yoongi is honestly just so interesting to me and I may not be describing his character very well but just know that I love and appreciate him so much~

Hoseok: Ohhhh boy. Where does one even begin? Hoseok is inspiring, adaptable and warm (like the sun). For someone whose specialty was dancing, he’s become quite the amazing entertainer, who can now rap and participate in the music making as well. I seriously admire him so much, as everyone should. He had a dream and worked his butt off to acquire other talents to make that dream come true. Now he’s on stage, performing MAMA and making me cry in the crowd! This is kind of why he is (in my opinion) adaptable. He can take part in many different things and show the best of himself no matter what. Also, though he apparently has a more serious character than what we see, he has done really well with his bubbly and angelic “J-Hope” stage presence. Honestly, I think he’d be a really amazing friend that I wish I could have irl. I also said he’s warm, but I don’t think that needs any explanation. He’s so lovely and he truly radiates light~

Jimin: Jimin, our sweet boy! I would describe him as compassionate/affectionate (I think they go together when describing him), thoughtful, and smol (hehe). Does compassionate/affectionate even need explanation? Jimin is the most outwardly loving towards his members, whether it be on stage/in person (what stands out to me is when he hopped over to Tae after he spoke about his grandmother at Muster) or his posts every time someone appears on a show/releases something (Jin on LOTJ, Yoongi releasing Agust D). He’s so supportive and always makes the members feel appreciated. It’s like he does the things we wish we could do for the members. I have no doubt that he’s this way in their home, talking to the members who are going through a hard time and helping them get through it. He’s also just so thoughtful when it comes to us. We see a lot of their perspective thanks to him, as he always shares videos of himself or other members. He keeps us close, and for that I’m so thankful. Jimin has a pure heart and though he himself has struggled he has always stayed true to who he is. I also described him as smol, because he’s so good at being cute. When he smiles his eyes light up and somehow manages to radiate love~

Taehyung: Aw, my heart. Open-hearted, multi-faceted and youthful. Similar to Yoongi, Tae is also one who seems to have many sides to him, some that I’m just so curious about. He has a really open mind, and with that, open heart, and I think that’s why he has so many friends. I think he must be really good at finding a way to connect to people, and that leaves me in awe of him.Tae also has many interests and sometimes a deep way of thinking. I wish I could get to know him on a personal level just to hear his thoughts on art, the world, everything. I think there’s more to him than meets the eye. He’s also very youthful, as I’m sure we all can see in Bangtan Bombs and Bon Voyage. Remember when he got lost and was sooo okay with it? And when he spent forever flipping the water bottle? I know I don’t know him personally, but I think Tae really tries to make the most of life, living it to the fullest day by day, like kids do. I love that about him.

Jungkook: Aw man, what do I even say.. He’s amazing, to say the least. I’d describe him as courageous, relatable, and charismatic. He started this idol-life when he was really young, and that must be a lot to deal with and grow up into. He didn’t get to do a lot of the normal things that I’m sure we all did in middle/high school, but he’s really made the most of it and now is thriving and has even made friends outside of Bangtan. He’s also trying so hard to expand his skill set, trying to practice writing and producing even though it’s hard for him. For that, he’s courageous. Somehow, though, he still is just like the rest of us. He’s seemingly introverted, is a bit shy, and can be a total fanboy (GD, IU!?). There’s something so relatable. All in all, he’s really grown into who he is today. His loud laugh, competitiveness and his silly facial expressions are all parts of him I love.

WOW I said I wasn’t going to make it long asdfghjkl; !!! Why am I like this.. Apologies. When I start talking about them, I can’t stop. Anyways, here are some of my thoughts on each of the members. This took me two days to write~ I don’t even know if this is the answer you expected but thanks for asking, since it was fun talking about them. ^^
- Kristi

Fic: Wait

Prompt: “When was the last time you slept?”

“When was the last time you slept?” Oliver asks, walking into the bunker after a long day at City Hall.

He hadn’t expected Felicity to be here, considering he’d told her to take the day off this morning after they pulled an all nighter following up on a lead that turned out to be another dead end. Since she is still wearing the outfit she had on when he left this morning, he knows she hasn’t left.

“What day is it?” Felicity asks, not looking up from her screen.

“Tuesday,” he says, looking around the room for any sign that she’s at least eaten, but all of the garbage cans are empty, so he knows she hasn’t. The only sign that she’s consumed anything is the coffee cup in front of her and the empty K-Cups on the counter near the kitchen.

“Tuesday, right,” she mutters, clearly distracted by whatever it is she’s doing. “And what day did we go after Valenzuela?”

Oliver looks at her in concern before saying, “Saturday.”

She’s got to be kidding. She can’t have been up that long. How is she even functioning right now?

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anonymous asked:

What advice would you give someone entering their 20s? I mean generally about life (+med if you want but you've got a lot of posts on tips for doctors anyway). I'm 20 and am studying medicine at the moment and I feel like you have a lot of wisdom to share :)


Well, life advice is a very personal thing; what suits each of us is quite different. So I don’t know if what I might suggest would suit everyone, but here’s some tips…


  1. You will have many friends. Right now, you may feel the people you know are all you will ever know, but that’s not true. I’ve met 70 year old patients who told me they are inseperable from friends they met at their partner’s funeral. It’s acually pretty amazing that you can make close friends at any age.
  2. Keeping in contact with friends and family gets a lot trickier when you leave school. People drift off to live and work in different places, they get married or have children, or they just have a job that takes a lot out of them. Understand that your relationship, and how you hang out, can change as your life evolves. If your friend is busy, it’s totally not a slight against you.
  3. It’s worth trying to make an effort to keep in touch with people you care about. You miss them, they miss you. If they bring joy into your life, then make an effort to catch up every once in a while.
  4. Don’t beat yourself up if that doesn’t happen. As I said above, everyone is busy.
  5. But you may find you drift apart from some people you were close with before, and that’s OK too. It happens; perhaps you are all busy, or life takes you in different directions. You might be less close with some people, but you’ll become closer with others.
  6. Relationships aren’t everything; perhaps they aren’t important to you at all. If they are something you value, try to make time for them when you can. Life is busy, and if you’re too focused on everything else, you might not get what you want out of it.
  7. Sometimes things just don’t work out. This isn’t failure, it’s just life. 
  8. It hurts to be honest with ourselves, but if something doesn’t work out, or if there’s an issue, reflect on what you may want to do differently next time. Don’t wallow in guilt, but don’t ignore if you did something wrong, or you might make the same mistake again.
  9. If someone loves you, they will work with you to make things work as best as they can. It may not be enough, but it’s important to surround yourself with people who care enough to try.
  10. People change, or we find out more about how they are. The person they were in the past may not be enough to justify their remaining in your present. You will know if that time has come.
  11. Don’t risk your future on account of your past; move on.
  12. You deserve people in your life who make you happy.


  1. Uncluttering your environment can really help unclutter your mind. You absolutely don’t have to keep things spotless, but when you can take care of business at home, it can really make you feel better.
  2. Keep on top of your finances, and do them as you go along during the year. Spreadsheets are a godsend when it comes to budgeting, and you can make them do lots of nifty things like adding and subtracting everything for you. Save money when you can.
  3. Keep all your payslips. Just trust me on this one.
  4. If you are unsure what to do, whether at work or when dealing with the Grownup Stuff, there is almost always someone whose job it is to walk you through it. Contact someone; even if it’s the wrong person, they can put you through to the right one. Be tenacious; you will get through in the end.
  5. No matter how tired you are, eat a meal if you are due a meal. You don’t have to eat a perfect diet, but you should try to get some vitamins now and again.
  6. Self care is important. Even the little things can make you feel more human when you are truly at the end of your tether.
  7. If you are struggling, talk to someone. Rant, cry, tell someone your fears. It makes a difference.
  8. Look after those around you. Keep an eye on how they are doing, and if you think they may be struggling, lend a hand and ask them how it’s going. Sometimes people need to know it’s OK to not be OK.
  9. Take your health seriously. No matter how inconvenient it is, check up on anything worrying.
  10. Try something new every once in a while. It doesn’t matter if you feel a bit silly, you’ll get over that. You’ll be surprised how many awesome things you haven’t discovered yet!
  11. As long as you are doing what you love, and what you want to, then the passage of time will never feel like a waste.
  12. If you are stuck about what to do, always think ‘what would 90 year old me think?’. Many of the things we stress about now will be completely insignificant further down the line. If 90 year old you would regret spending some of the best times in your life mired in drama, then remember your time is precious.


  1. You won’t know all of medicine. Never going to happen. So please don’t beat yourself up about that. You will be working your way up gradually, but even the specialist at the top of your dream field doesn’t know everything. In fact, they’ve probably forgotten lots of the stuff that you take for granted.
  2. Treat lunch as a job on your jobs list, it’s at least as urgent as half the stuff on there, anyway! There is almost always time for lunch; skipping lunch as a way to leave on time is a bit of a fallacy. You’ll probably still stay late anyway, so might as well do it without being hungry, cranky, dehydrated and miserable. You’ll get work done faster if you are fed.
  3. It’s OK to not know what you want to do, whatever stage you are at in your training. What you need to do is work out what you enjoy in medicine, and what you hate. And then find out enough about the specialities to work out which ones have lots of column A, and as little as possible in column B.
  4. It’s OK if you change your mind about medicine. Nobody ever tells you this, but it’s OK. You aren’t letting anyone down. You aren’t letting yourself down. You are being honestly, brutally true to what makes you happy, and that’s a brave, wonderful thing.
  5. The senior nurse is almost always right. If a nurse is asking you ‘uhh… doctor, are you sure you want to do that?’ then consult a book or a colleague before doing the thing. 
  6. You will have to make many clinical decisions. But, when you are starting out, your job is to know when they are not your decision to make. Your seniors are there to give the final word on
  7. Treat every patient like you would wish your mum to be treated. Or your granddad. If you hate both of those, imagine someone that you care deeply about you. Someone who means the world.
  8. Being in hospital is a scary, confusing time, and your patient and their relatives may well not have had a detailed explanation of what is going on. Too often the conversations going on around them might be goinb completely over their heads. Talk them through what has been said and done; late is better than never.
  9. The devil is in the details. Your job is to be interested in every little thing, until you can decide it is unimportant. You have to think on your feet. But if there’s any ‘little’ thing that is niggling in the back of your head, dig deeper! It may be more important than you realise.
  10. The most important thing is to know when it’s beyond your scope. Never be afraid to ask for help; it’s better to escalate too soon, than too late.
  11. Got any hobbies? Interests? Things you enjoy doing? Good. Keep doing them. That doesn’t seem like rocket science, but it can ssometimes be immensely difficult to achieve; it’s too easy for us to get bogged down with work or all the stressful things in our lives. Don’t trick yourself into believing that this isn’t important; it’s a vital part of self-care and a balanced life.
why do i love him?

less than a week from her wedding, emma swan drafts her wedding vows.

~800 words

Why do I love him?

The words glared indignantly up at Emma from the page as if mocking her.  She let a groan escape her chapped lips and her head slump onto the kitchen table.  The wedding was less than a week away, but she was still ironing out her vows.  She knew Killian would have no trouble with them; he’d been getting excessively philosophical over the last few days, spouting Nicholas Sparks quotes one after the other until she threw the books at him. Somehow, he always knew exactly what to say.

But with her, it was different.  The way she felt when she saw him – the way her heart fluttered so delicately with each rise and fall of his chest—was impossible to put into words.  At least, not into words her father wouldn’t faint at when she recited them at the altar.

She reluctantly picked up her pencil and tried to begin her list.

Because he makes me grilled cheese for breakfast.

He made practically everything for breakfast, in fact.  Except pancakes.  Those were her specialty.

Because he’s there for me before I even ask.

That one sounded deep. She put a star next to that one.  

He’s a good kisser.

He was good at more than just kissing, she noted to herself.  But her parents might not necessarily approve of an in-depth study of her husband’s many talents in bed.  She moved on.

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the sin of sacrifice, Part 1

His breath catches in his throat, his world goes icy cold and he hardly avoids choking on air.

No one is listening.

Lance loves to talk.

His love is not a spectrum, he loves with everything that he is, he loves passionately, intensely, fiercely and will pour his heart into anything that earns it. This isn’t limited to just people, it can be anything from hobbies to items to anything that falls in between. Talking is important to him, he has so much to say, his head feels so full, like it’s filled with cement that will dry if he doesn’t spit it all out fast, so fast sometimes he fumbles, so fast sometimes it turns into one raw, stuttering mess of indecipherable language. The silence feels so wrong to him, and if he has so much to say, why not fill it gleefully?

He loves to talk. So, he talks and he talks, talks, talks, talks, talks.

He talks enough to sustain an entire conversation all in his own words, all by himself, he’ll talk circles around anyone willing to listen, but the people he could always count on to listen when he spoke and not shut him out was his beloved family. In a house so noisy, it was impossible to block it all out, especially since Lance happened to be the loudest one, naturally, as the baby of the family. He loved that attention, loved that he could feel it positively and not negatively, even if sometimes when he’s hungry for more that line is blurred.

There’s a few things he understands about what it means to talk as much as he does. Teachers, they don’t like him, <i>shut up, Lance, be quiet, Lance, move to the back, Lance, you’re too loud, Lance</i>, but that didn’t bother him as much as it probably should have. Students, they can’t stand him, <i>you’re annoying, Lance, stop talking, Lance, this is why no one likes you, Lance, piss off, Lance</i>, but his friends and family could always be clung to. They would never hurt him like that, to disreguard something he loved because he can only love deeply. He loves being a Paladin, his family, Voltron, his friends, <i>talking</i>. He knows he’s a little much, but a returned love was an ear that was always open, right?

There was so much to talk about! You would think he’d run out like a car on empty that needed a refill every once in a while, but all the Blue Paladin needs is to pause for just a moment to collect his thoughts, take a deep breath, and keep talking. No, space was interesting, especially when you’re surrounded by people you respect so much. Have you seen Allura’s new dress? She’s lookin’ <i>so fine</i>. Hunky’s latest kitchen creation made Lance nearly cry, it tasted exactly like chocolate milkshake! The stars are really stellar today, right? It’s not just him?

One unfortunate day, he finds his talking has become… an issue.

He’s rambling; he rambles a lot and he knows it, the conversations he’s holding up all by himself, they just spiral out of his control, the dam has burst and everything rushes out like it’s a race to see which sentence can make it past his mouth the fastest. They’re eating dinner, which is blander than usual, Hunk’s been a little too busy to really work on new foods. Everyone’s a little on edge, he thinks. What with the lion switching and what not.

“Don’t even try to tell me that new Marco’s bread twists are anything compared to the old Marco’s bread twists,” Lance’s dinner is probably getting cold in front of him, he tends to do that a lot, get so distracted he forgets it’s even there, one time Coran said that was probably why he was so skinny, but no, that’s just how his body is and the conversation spiraled like most do. “Like, she tried, she failed, and I don’t want to hear a debate. I don’t remember the distinct flavors that much, jeez, how long have we been in space? I don’t even know, but let me tell you, I’ve been craving a taste I don’t even really remember from a pizza place that closed down for like, quintents, it’s driving me nuts!”

He doesn’t know why, but he decides to pause right there to collect himself and take a breath, but his eyes begin to wander. There’s always this stretch of quiet, stretched like the tales he pulls too tall sometimes, and Lance doesn’t really like quiet if his ever running motor mouth is anything to go by. It feels… cold and wet, like icy water pouring down his vertebrae. Lance, like most people he assumes, had thought about what death is like. He thinks it’s that brief space between breathes, except stretched out to an eternity.

It’s… pretty dark in the backwoods of his brain he won’t let people hear.

His breath catches in his throat, his world goes icy cold and he hardly avoids choking on air.

No one is listening.

Not one person at the table is even glancing in his general direction.

No one is even acknowledging Lance’s existence.

Shiro and Allura are ogling at each other with admiration glistening in their eyes, Keith is stabbing at his food like it was the one that killed his parents (he’s an orphan, right?), Pidge and Coran are talking animatedly about some new piece of technology in the works, and Hunk is fiddling with his mobile device, a polished plate before him.

Maybe… it’s an anomaly.

“So that Marco’s, bomb b- bread twists,” his voice cracks and he wills his smile to stay firm even as it wobbles on his lips, color draining from him, the edges of his vision becoming charred like someone had rubbed them with charcoal, “but it closed down and no one could explain why. My sister said rats, my Mama said the owner got arrested. They argued about it for six whole days, which is a long time to hold a grudge in my house. Women, am I right?” He chuckles weakly at his own joke, expression falling slowly.

No one spares him so much as a flicker of their attention.

His heart sinks further when Keith announces he’s finished with his meal and immediately, everyone looks up from their tasks to respond. Don’t train too hard, get a good nights rest, don’t be stupid, good night, Keith.

“And so, I’m pretty sure the Marco’s got closed down because the owner’s daughter didn’t clean the bathrooms for an entire six months.” Lance finishes with lackluster, eye balling the food he didn’t finish. “So, I guess I’ll head out? Going to complete my skin care routine and get that beauty rest! All for you, princess!” He gives an enthusiastic wink and blows a kiss towards said royalty, receiving little more than a snort from Pidge in return.

“Yeah, night, man.” Hunk responds, still invested with his device.

A wave of emotion rushes hit through his veins as he anxiously makes his way to his room. This was an anomaly, but they seemed so indifferent to Lance’s talking that they didn’t look up even when he was loud? They responded generously to Keith? They interacted with each other and not Lance? Surely, this… was no anomaly. Most people wish they could ignore Lance the way the others had tonight. How long had they been in space again? How long did the others have to develop that skill of not hearing a word he has to say? Was… the real reason they weren’t as annoying with Lance now because they just stoped listening to him? He collapses into his bed, spilling hot, sad, conflicted, frustrated tears onto his brown cheeks.

How long had he been ignored without even realizing it? And how could he be stupid enough to believe his friends would want to hear him?

the air was warm and almost crackling with a kind of hazy electricity as alec sat with magnus on the balcony, his arm around the warlock’s shoulders and his chest slightly pressed against his back. his fingers grasped the cool wine glass lazily and the taste of wine on his tongue was a kind of comfort in and of itself, a relaxing and almost quiet detail. alec looked up at the stars winking almost mischievously above him, twinkling unusually bright tonight in contrast to the city below them. his father had once told him when he was a child of four, a chubby thing with rosy cheeks and contagious laughter that was so rare nowadays, to wish on a star. alec could almost feel robert’s arms around him now, holding him up as a tinier version of himself held onto one of his lapels, gazing up at the night sky. “look! a shooting star!” robert had commented in that bright, cheery tone parents use with their children. “make a wish!” and alec had looked up at the sky, brows furrowed and lips puckered as if he had just eaten something extremely sour. “what did you wish for, my boy?” robert asked and alec shook his head. “a secret, daddy.” alec replied and put his finger to his lips and shushed him and robert and laughed and tickled alec, causing the boy to squeal and giggle just as jovially as his father.

 robert had been and has always been the more affectionate of the two parents. that’s not saying much, but alec smiled a little fondly at the memory. he wasn’t one to wish or believe in miracles. wishing on stars or on birthday candles seemed tedious; alec now let max and jace and izzy blow out his birthday candles because he found the act so pointless. 

he could not deny, however, the the man curled up at his side, swirling the wine glass in his hand around and watching the red liquid spin, his head against his shoulder and his hair tickling alec’s skin, is a miracle, possibly the miracle of miracles.

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anonymous asked:

hey! i was just thinking, that i've been listening to the songs harry requested on radio 1 and they've been stuck in my head for so long omg. and like, i'm not connecting the songs he requested to larry, but with each song a little scenario ab them plays in my head! was wondering if you could write little snippets based on a couple of the songs? sweetest devotion by adele and issues by julia michaels!

I got really carried away with this; I combined both of these songs and very subtly put a few of the lyrics into a mess of 3k. I hope this works for you xx

Louis watches the build up and break over a period of months. Years, even. Harry’s tired. They both are, but Harry’s exceptionally so. He’s been working nonstop on his album, his photography, himself, and now that he’s back in the limelight all day, everyday, it’s taking a serious toll. Louis doesn’t say anything or imply that Harry needs to slow down, but he wants to, just isn’t quite sure how. Harry’s been a little moodier, a little more on edge, and the whole time Louis is trying to figure out a way to approach the subject lightly, it seems that Harry has already given it just as much thought as Louis has, if not more.

“I think I wanna take some time off,” he says one night just before bed. He’s in the middle of changing his pants, tripping into them like he always does. “Like, hide, maybe?” The way he says it makes it sound like he’s asking for permission from Louis, just to make sure they’re currently at the same level.

Louis raises a brow from his position in bed and looks up, relieved, worried. “Yeah? Like go on an extended holiday?”

“Mmm, something like that.”

“Care to elaborate?”

Harry crawls into bed beside him, shirtless and shoulders pink from his sunburn. The weather was mild and about 10 degrees today - typical for January - but they spent the majority of the day outside, anyway, Harry lounging in the backyard, ignoring Louis’ request to venture out. Paps, he said simply, going back to shielding his eyes from the LA sun.

“I rented out a place in Maine,” he says, reaching for his reading glasses on the bedside table. He doesn’t really need them, but no matter how much Louis teases him about it, he continues to wear them, squinting without them. Dramatic. “I’m not even really sure where it is, but I know it’s right on a lake, it’s in the woods, it’s secluded, it’s…” He sighs. “Not here.”

Louis’ stomach tightens. “You trying to get away from me, Styles?”

“No, God no.” Harry shakes his head, curls finally grown back in and bouncing. “I’m trying to take a break from everything, but that doesn’t include you. You can come with me, if you want. But don’t feel obligated to. I know how much you love it here. And that you like writing here best.”

I love it here because you’re here. “I’m comin’ with,” he replies eventually.

“You want to?”

“Yes. You’re a bit strange for wanting to fuck off to the middle of nowhere but. I’m used to your weirdness by this point. No judgement here. I’ll come with.”

Harry smirks, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose like Louis always does. Copy cat. “Good.”

“So, when’re we leaving?”

“Thursday morning.”

“Christ, you’re an impulsive lad, aren’t you?”

“I suppose.”

“Makes life interesting.”

Harry nods, reaching for the remote for the telly, then setting it back down. “I’m very happy. I really am. I just need a change, yeah?”

“It’s okay to, like, want to step back,” Louis says softly. “You don’t have to be grateful and positive every second of the day. Wanting to escape is probably the most normal thing I can think of.”

He’s quiet for a moment, probably thinking. He purses his lips when he looks at Louis. “Thank you.”


“And you’re gonna escape with me? Until you’re tired of me?”

Louis smiles, turning off his bedside light. “Absolutely.”

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rexxieroulette  asked:

I've recently come across yours stories, and I'm love!! You're such an amazing writer. I was wondering if you could write a story centered around Betty's darkness? Sorta like, Jughead finds out she's hurting herself and tries to help, but not change her. If that makes sense??

I’ll give it a go! So I’m gonna do this before Jughead and Betty reconnect. In this story she was never in love with Archie. That girls got too much in her mind to worry about Archie Andrews. It’s a little deeper than some of my stuff so, trigger warning. 🌸 ***

“Okay mom, no, yeah I understand. Okay mom. Goodbye mom. Okay mom.” And suddenly the phone is flying towards the wall before Betty can get a grip on reality, standing in place she watches as it shatters, pieces flying in every direction.

“Ohnoohnoohno” she mumbles, her palms bloody after her phone call with her mom as she bends down and quickly begins picking up the remains of her phone, her hands aching as she tries to piece it back together.

“Maybe you should have taken up softball, you’ve got quite an arm.”

Betty whips her head in the direction of the familiar voice, carrying on with a nervous shake of her head as she goes back to her task, hardly noticing when Jughead Jones kneels beside her and begins helping her pick up the pieces, his eyes catch on to the scarlet drops dripping from her destroyed palms.

“Hey, hey Betty, you’re bleeding, hold on, you must have cut yourself on a piece of the glass.” He’s too fast and she doesn’t have time to pull away before his eyes are scanning the crescent shaped scars littering her palms, the fresh wounds stinging in the open chill. He glances down for a second too long and Betty rips her hands free, not ready to accept anymore judgment.

“You’re smart jug, can you fix this?” She holds out a handful of broken technology and the beanie wearing boy looks up from her hands, shaking his head, his eyes still concerned.

“Unfortunately, phone repair isn’t my area of expertise.” He shrugs lazily, and as much as he tries not too he stares openly at the red streaks on Betty’s jeans where she’s wiped her bloody palms.

“Who needs a phone anyway right? It’ll save me a lot time. I wish I never had to speak to anyone ever again.” She whispers in an uncharacteristically small voice, this is Betty Cooper, Cheerleader, debate team captain, homecoming committee chair, and all around perfect girl next door. So why do her eyes look so distant and why hadn’t he noticed how skinny she had gotten?

She picks herself up off the floor and throws the remnants of her phone in the trash bin, sending a tired smile in Jugheads direction, she heads for the door, her head low and her steps heavy.

“When I was 13 years old I took a shaving razor to my wrist, I thought if I went over my wrist enough times I would kill myself.”

Betty stops abruptly from her place at the door, her back stiffening at the bomb he’s just dropped.

Continuing on, Jughead takes a deep breath

“My mom had just left and she took my sister, my dad turned to alcohol and I didn’t think there was a place for me anymore. The razor didn’t work and I was just left with these crazy looking scars.” He moved towards Betty, watching the way her shoulders shook slightly “after I did it, I instantly regretted it. I didn’t really wanna die, I just didn’t want to be in my life anymore.” He whispered, sighing in relief when Betty turned around slowly, her eyes gazing at the uneven light pink scars on his arm.

“That’s not to say I didn’t try again. It was my 14th birthday, But something stopped me that second time. Do you know what it was?”

Betty shook her head, big green eyes coming up to stare into his, as he smiled

“A beautiful girl with a long blonde braid came up to me earlier on in the day and handed me a chocolate cupcake covered in sprinkles and she kissed my cheek and said..”

At the same time both of the teens finished the story

“Cheer up moonshine, the sun will come up again.”

Betty stared at him with watery eyes, her heart aching as he pulled her towards him and wrapped her in his arms, she openly sobbed.

“I’m so tired juggie, I’m so tired.”

“I know sunshine, but I’m here now and I’m not going anywhere.”

Squeezing into him tighter, Betty closed her eyes and breathed. They were both so incredibly damaged, and maybe they would never be fixed but with each other, they were perfectly fine with being a little chipped.

deprivation (1/3)

The incredible @random-snippets wrote a six-part story called Starved focusing on a touch-starved Virgil, which I read in its entirety and loved to bits, and then there was a post I have lost the link to discussing a touch-starved Logan, and then I started thinking about the possibility of the other sides being touch-starved as well. And then this happened.

Word Count: 1312
Warnings: self-deprecation, negative thinking

Part Two | Part Three

Logan was not a foolish person. Rather, he was the diametric opposite to a foolish person; to be foolish was the antithesis to his very nature. Logic. Logos. Decisions based on reason and rational thinking.

And that right there was the crux of the matter. The decisive or most important point at issue. Logan was not a foolish person. Logan knew exactly why he so often felt so off-kilter. He could list studies to back his reasoning and subsequent conclusion; he could pull up numerous web pages and scholarly articles detailing symptoms and ways to combat them. But the problem here was based primarily in emotions, and so Logan, the purely logical side of Thomas’ mind, was at a loss as to how he should approach it.

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160816 Suga’s FC Post//Trans

The thing with music is that it comes easy then becomes really hard then comes easy again / sometimes (I) sit there for dozens of days and nothing comes out and other times (I’m) there for only ten minutes and music comes out / hmm (I’ve) been making music for 11years now and it’s still hard haha like life

Turns out I started making music since I was 13

During this long journey I think I was able to take time to organize my thoughts on who the person ‘me’ is / although I was able to organize my thoughts on who I am, I’m not going to tell

Of my beats, I chose only the aces to work with / I had saved them for Bangtan’s album but well…I think I’ll be able to make better music anyways :) / I’ll be doing music for much longer than I have been so far *laugh*

I spent close to half my life making music, you’d think it’d get tiring but while living my 24years there hasn’t been anything else I’ve been as passionate for / since my personality is impatient anytime I started something new it never lasted :)

I’ve always wanted to be the best to someone

That’s why I was restless and anxious while comparing myself to others, not being satisfied (with my work), being greedy, thinking, being sad…

Greed which was a weapon sometimes turned into anger

While working on this mixtape, (I) went back to my 13 year old self and saw a memory stuck in the corner of my mind / When I first started making music, rather than someone who is the best at making music, I wanted to make music that would give comfort and emotions to someone.

I think this work has been work that brought me comfort

Why does this young guy have so much resentment

The guy of expectations was always so far from me so there were many times when I clenched my jaw* / due to that I was always able to show you beyond expectation

What a relief :)

I don’t really like interpreting and explaining songs

Music isn’t the creator’s but the listener’s

That’s why during my album reviews I don’t explain the song or the lyrics but I focus on the process in making the songs / Even if I were to explain, it’s not something that really can be understood / Interpretation is solely on the listener

Chew it out, tear it apart, taste it, enjoy it to your heart’s content

While doing this work I felt like I was going back and forth between heaven and hell multiples times a day / Sometimes I’d feel great about something and then get scared about messing it up / sometimes I’d feel ah this is enough and then feel a bit of regret / It felt quite different from what I felt (while doing) Bangtan’s album / I started this while going around on tour and it was crazy but while working on the second half I’m thankful I had some breathing room because the bighit family helped.

Thank you to Yankie hyung and Suran nuna who helped without hesitation with just one phone call even though it’s not even an official album and just a mixtape :)

Will be together with you at your creation and at the end of your life
Wherever you are, will welcome you
In the end, at the end of adversity, will be in full bloom
Though the start may be humble, the end will be prosperous
*lyrics from so far away feat. suran*

(trans cr. Joyce @bts-trans)

Min Yoongi is most definitely a genius

Trans by @bangtoori​ 

anonymous asked:

hello dear person! how about an hc for rfa +v+saeran+vanderwood with an always exhausted mc? they are always yelled at for 'being lazy' but they notice after mc explains that mc is actually tired. but weirdly, all tests always come normal :) thank you! ~love, sugar anon

hey, sugar anon! Sorry for taking so long with your requests(⌣̩̩́_⌣̩̩̀) but thanks a bunch for being patient!

hope you like it💛 [its,,,kinda short,,,]


  • he probably noticed mc’s slightly laziness right away
  • it was impossible to get them to work out with him
  • he even pulled the puppy dog eyes and everything
  • “but zenny..I’m too tired..” 
  • dang, can’t argue with that. not with that look 
  • so he lets it go for a bit
  • until even his director kind of started complaining about mc’s laziness
  • now he really has to ask them about it
  • mc explains that they’re actually tired. They really want to do things, but,,,
  • so now zen pays extra attention to them(even i didn’t think that was possible)
  • and he notices that mc is actually..really tired all the time
  • but is it a problem? nope! he’ll gladly carry them!
  • bridal style, piggy back, over the shoulder
  • he thinks its cute omg
  • “I’ll be your chariot, sweet pea!” 


  • they have lazy days quite often
  • but even when yoosung really wants to go somewhere, mc is so tired
  • and they feel bad cause it makes him sad, but they cant help it
  • so they tell him before it gets out of hand
  • he’s a little confused, so he starts observing
  • and they really do look tired all the time
  • it makes him a bit sad tbh
  • soooo he tries his best to keep them awake! and moving!!
  • doesn’t mind the yawning at all
  • defends them from anyone who calls them “lazy”
  • they work real hard when they work, so its fine to be lazy!!
  • and tired!!


  • somehow even coffee cant keep mc from being tired
  • and jaehee is kind of confused??
  • mc please dont yawn at a customer;;
  • they have to have a talk about it, but jaehee understands
  • she knows they aren’t lazy, they run a cafe together 
  • mc doesnt run the cash register now thank
  • also because of this - jaehee gets to take naps
  • mc literally forces her to
  • at first, she kinda just lays there with them
  • but then she starts actually sleeping
  • power naps!
  • for a power couple!


  • jumin han? take naps?
  • its more likely than you think
  • because mc makes him too
  • any one of his staff calls mc ‘lazy’ and they are Gone 
  • but really, mc always helps behind the scenes
  • so what if they’re tired
  • does not really like when mc yawns in business meeting though
  • but they’re easily forgiven
  • jumin doesnt usually take naps
  • but mc claims they sleep better with his cuddles 
  • so he lays down with them 
  • and sometimes he drifts off too
  • these naps really help him ease stress
  • so he’s kind of grateful  

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • honestly same? 
  • he’s always tired too, but he powers through
  • and so does mc
  • no one knows how they’re awake, please let them sleep
  • for more than 5 minutes, thank you
  • oh no the amount of PhD Pepper they consume
  • no one calls them lazy though because they know how hard they work
  • when they do fall asleep, its in weird positions
  • like, they’re sitting on top of each other at 7′s computer
  • or they’re tangled up on the couch
  • honestly who knows how they sleep comfortably

v / jihyun

  • thinks its pretty funny tbh
  • doesnt call mc lazy at all 
  • but like, finds their yawn adorable
  • can’t carry them, but they’ll make it work
  • since v travels a lot, there’s a lot of opportunities for airplane naps!
  • mc lays on v’s shoulder and v just smiles and kisses their head
  • they’re so enthusiastic one second and the next they’re yawning lol
  • but v understands and doesn’t mind
  • it just means extra naps!
  • which also means cuddling and he is Down


  • this one doesn’t mind just laying in bed all day
  • and they barely go out so he doesn’t notice at first
  • until mc keeps yawning - even when they were just going to the kitchen for a snack
  • doesnt mind it at all
  • takes them by their hand and drags them around when they do go out
  • or just around the house tbh 
  • they have more lazy days and naps than saeran expects
  • but he really likes cuddling with mc so its ok
  • they just,, are wrapped in blankets and saeran doesn’t mind playing with their hair
  • both of them end up falling asleep like this
  • too many times to count, actually
  • but they’re cute


  • oh, vanderwood noticed. 
  • sometimes it was a bit annoying
  • “we got things to do, mc!” 
  • but mc is,,so tired
  • vanderwood starts to think its a problem
  • so they sit down and discuss
  • mc tells them that they’re just,,,So Tired. 
  • “is it, like? a sleep problem?” vandy asks
  • “no, nothing’s wrong with me, I’m just..low on energy.”
  • “all the time?” “yeah”
  • “is there anything that helps get you motivated??” 
  • mc shakes their head
  • vanderwood sighs
  • there are a lot of piggyback rides after this
  • vanderwood learns to like it
  • especially when mc kisses the back of their ear
Mariana Trench

Prompt: Three times Michael has lied to either Gavin or Ryan for the wrong reasons, and one time he did it for the right ones. (GTA mavinwood)

For Olivia - thank you so much for all your support <3 <3


Michael’s in too deep before he even knows it.

It starts in a club the night after their first successful heist as a full crew, a motley assortment of bounty hunters, hit men and vagabonds that Ramsey pulled together from fucking Craigslist, beggars with big dreams who all have just a touch of eccentricity to them. Enough to make things work.

It’s the most fun he’s had in years. He’s known these men seventy-two hours but they feel as close as family already.

Well, maybe not quite like family, because the three of them have wandered away from the rest of the group to sit together at a booth close to the dance floor, and if they were family he wouldn’t be noticing how nice Ryan’s lips look as he lifts his glass to drink, or how the colourful lights flicker across Gavin’s skin so prettily, how good they look sitting side by side - Gavin latched himself to Ryan early on, like a little golden bird perched on the back of a huge dark-haired wolf - now their shoulders brush, they’re sat so close, and Gavin’s fingers trail across Ryan’s wrist to get his attention. Michael can’t stop thinking about how well he’d fit between the two of them.

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ADA Rafael Barba: 10 Minutes

Why? Because I love when everyone’s already assembled and seemingly waiting for Barba to stroll in before they pounce. And I’ve listened to this like twenty times this morning

Originally posted by draconisglow

The phone. Of course. It’s always the phone.

Rafael moaned, and jut an arm out towards the nightstand in order to snatch the offensive device from its place. The alarm, here as it was every too-early-morning; and as always, a second moan, to vocalize how very much he hated it.

This morning, though, instead of slipping away to go back to sleep; you were surprisingly roused and determined.

“No,” you begged, shamelessly slipped arms around his torso in a feeble attempt to keep him still. “Noooo;” this time, your plea came with lips pressed to his shoulder blade, over and over again.

Of course, Rafael let you surround him as you wished, but tried to be the responsible voice in the bed: “I have to-”

You lay a fingertip over his lips, hoping to cease the objection before it gained much traction. “Please, Rafi, just today-” a pout, a whine, and he rolled his eyes in response to the theatrics. “Ten minutes;” your hold tightened, hopefully, and you brazenly rocked your head side to side to show precisely how you refused to resign to your fate of an empty bed. “Just for the next ten minutes, Rafi, oh please…”

Longingly, he sighed, glanced down from the phone to your arms. In the most delicate manner, with just a single fingertip, he trailed a line from your wrist to elbow- the touch tickled, you squirmed closer towards him, and he considered all the routines he had in the morning… all the many things he had to do in order to be proper before getting out of the door in time…

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Luster [Part 10]

Did not get where I wanted to go, but took a scenic route and hammered out some meta for ya boy Taako. Considering where this story is headed, I’m kind of glad I spent as much time on him as I did.

Please comment/like/reblog/let me know what you think! 

[Part 1]  [Part 2]  [Part 3]  [Part 4] [Part 5][Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9]

Taako can’t breathe. He can’t move and he can’t breathe- but the lack of air doesn’t hurt him. Nothing hurts him. It’s true that he can’t breathe, but the reality is he just doesn’t.

He doesn’t breathe, and Taako cannot move. There’s nothing to move. No eyes, no hands, no limbs. No lungs or chest or blood. He’s solid, stuck, unyielding and immutable. And he remains this way.

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