i worked on these a long time and now i'm quite tired

“Ah, hello. Is this… delightful creature yours?”

So asked Lusamine between clenched teeth as she held what may or may not have been the approaching person’s Pokemon threateningly at Max Repel-point. Upon having her own Pokemon taken from her, she had become familiar again with the experience of having wilds snap and dive at her as they pleased, just like when she was a child roaming the then much smaller conservation area. A bit nostalgic, she supposed, but she was already growing tired of having to (gently) shoo wild Spearow away from her and Lillie’s things.

This was no Spearow, but it did appear quite entranced by the crystal ornament in her hair– as well as the matching piece on her chest that sparkled when she’d turned around to protect herself.

Now, she looked– and felt– more disheveled than she had in a very long time… That was, slightly disheveled, with a few hairs misplaced and her hairpin off-center.

How shameful.