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Ok, so like if they had done an actual cap 3 instead of cw where sam and steve went after bucky and you go to write how that would go down, how would you have had the reunion/recovery go? do you think bucky would' want to be found?

I’m on mobile so I’ll have to format this later and put a read more in, but here’s what I would have wanted. Again, it’s long, I’ve thought about this at length.

We would have seen Steve and Sam, probably in Sam’s apartment reading and rereading files, crossing out leads, there’s a map with locations marked and also crossed out, Sam’s on the phone about another possible lead. Steve looks kinda defeated, it’s been 2 years and still he feels like they’re no closer than they were in 2014. Sam hangs up the phone, sits down next to Steve and says something like “Hey man, when he wants to be found then we’ll find him, and I got a pretty promising lead in Romania that says tin man is ready.” And Steve’s all “Sam, you gotta stop calling him tin man” - but he’s already collecting stuff to get ready to leave. And Sam’s close behind him like “Fine, how’s Robocop? Terminator? Man with the Midas touch?” “His arm isn’t gold Sam, can we go?”

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Seven Things About Supernatural: 12x11 - “Regarding Dean”

Let me begin with the caveat that I prepared myself for this episode thus: 

Not pictured: the communal emergency ice cream.

In my defense, the wine was for @treefrogie84​, but I did finish the dregs so that she could have, you know, a work night, and I did several shots in rapid succession about 2/3 of the way though the ep.  SO.

  1. Hey, so y’all remember when Dean took a depressing shower in 9x18, and we reblogged it for years because wet Dean is nice to look at?  Yeah, Dean riding a mechanical bull in slo-mo is this year’s shower, and I a-fucking-okay with that.  

    And really, let’s just take a moment to appreciate that a) the bull’s name is Larry, b) Dean was canonically an “amazing” rider, c) so amazing that he also had some kind of sexual experience with an on-duty waitress afterward, d) this all goes down at a place called The Pickle Jack Shack, and e) and that montage ends in Dean falling back on the bull, sensually – as if spent – to the words “my son you’ll be a man.”

    Because you guys, that right there?  That thing where Dean is totally unapologetic about either experience, and is not put off by Sam pointing out that the bull’s name is Larry and then not being like, “OKAY, BUT FOCUS ON THE CHICK” is possibly the queerest thing that has crossed my screen in the last 48 hours.  If you’re not reading dean as bi/pan/queer – and probably a versatile power bottom – I am not sure what I can do to convince you at this point.
  2. I think a lot of us went into this episode expecting the memory loss Dean experiences to be chronological, when really it was multiple waves of degradation.  It starts with a period of unconsciousness and a blackout of the night before, and then progresses from simple forgetting and difficulty with basic things into increasing helplessness and innocence.  

    What’s interesting is that Dean himself never really goes away.  He loses his sophistication and a lot of his affect, becoming more and more innocent as he goes, but his moral compass and drive to help others never disappears.  There are things that are in Dean’s nature that are shaped by nurture, but they’re always there.  

    He’s silly.  He loves what he loves.  He does not like being a killer.  He does not like arguments in which the ends are supposed to justify ugly means.  Even when he is losing everything up to and including his name, these things are true.  

    (Incidentally, the mirror scene is where I started drinking in earnest.)
  3. Ooh, this is an interesting ep for Watching While Pagan.  

    - The glyph Gideon (whose family appears to be Irish based on their surname, though given names are a bit wonky) uses is ogam.  Ogam is an Irish alphabet developed in either just before or right around the time of Christianization in Ireland.  The alphabet was later popularized by the Welsh “Druid Revival,” which was separated by centuries from actual druids in the sense of the priestly/scholarly class among ancient Celtic language speaking peoples.  The “language of trees” stuff is also a late invention by Robert Graves; most ogam are not named for trees or associated with them necessarily in older lore.

    - The characters of the glyph written strangely in the sense that it’s got diagonal feda on two axes, while the ogam alphabet only has diagonals going in one direction.  It doesn’t make sense for the reversed diagonals to be read alone – they’re the same fid! – and vertical ogam is traditionally read bottom to top.  

    - Ignoring orientation issues, the characters are (from bottom to top) MUIN - neck, trick; GORT - field, garden, MUIN (again); and NGETAL - wound, charm.  From right to left, IPHIN - sweetness, and UILLEND - elbow.  As a collection of things, it’s a reasonably coherent charm because it twists/bends, works with the physician’s skill, ruins the garden with tricks, etc.

    - Also, “ancient Druid” is not a language, and Celts were not a homogenous group but a broadly dispersed collection of cultures and peoples who shared a language group.  SO.
  4. I have not always been a fan of Rowena – her early arc was uncomfortably familiar to me in bad ways – but I really loved her in this episode.  

    In terms of the present she’s learning to adapt and thrive on her own terms, fnding new and satisfying ways to make her way – including, apparently, playing high-stakes poker in the most atmospheric server closet ever – but we’re also getting more glimpses of her as a whole person with a history.  

    More and more we’re seeing Rowena as someone who has survived as an underdog, who has been rejected over and over because she wasn’t what other witches considered worthy.  She’s still not the greatest of witches – Catriona Loughlin immobilizes her relatively easily – but she’s still got significant skill, especially if she’s got good documentation at hand.  She’s also got some regrets, and a grudging respect for the Winchesters’ work and world view. 

    I’m tempted to say that Rowena is becoming Sam’s Crowley in the sense that she’s the one he hates to need when things are happening that he lacks the esoteric chops to handle.  Also, like Crowley, she’s got the measure of the boys well enough to leave Dean a series of progressively more hilarious notes in the Impala.  

    Also, she gives her poppets googly eyes.  GOOGLY EYES.  That alone is Witch Goals, frankly.  
  5. Lots of really excellent brother moments, mostly at Dean’s expense. Sam takes him to task and gives him shit for what looks like a deeply irresponsible night, is amused/smug/teases him about not remembering “blowing off steam” with Elka, etc.  The Post-Its are also great, because they’re this simple gesture that highlights Sam doing his best to be helpful and protective.  Dean may win, though, simply for having the sheer gall to prank Sam with Rowena’s help.

    Also, did anyone else get the impression that Dean remembered his ordeal afterward?  Because the BM scene at the end made it seem to me that he did, or at least had some strong impressions of what happened.   
  6. Okay, but can the record reflect that this episode put Jared’s supports for waffles over pancakes into Dean’s mouth?  

    (From Houscon 2016 - video starts at 13:34)

    Audience Member: “PANCAKES OR WAFFLES?”
    Jensen: “Pancakes or waffles?  Again, solid question.  I’m gonna go flapjacks.”
    Jared: “And true to form, I’m gonna go waffles.  You get more syrup to surface ratio on the waffles.”
    Jensen: “This is why pancakes: waffles catch the syrup.  The syrup spills off of pancakes and onto my bacon.  ‘Cause maple bacon?  Come on!”
    Jared: “Bacon wasn’t a part of this conversation, Jensen!”
    Jensen: “It is now!  And you know it’s always a part of the conversation.  Bacon’s never off-limits.”
    Jared: “Waffles – waffles are like several little bowls –” 
    Jensen: “This is not a debate!”  
    Jared: “You can dip your bacon in the waff–” 
    Jensen: “I just said that maple syrup blends with the bacon.”
    Jared: “I can use the bowl of syrup to pick up the bacon.”
    Jensen: “I hate your face.”  

    Meredith Glynn, we salute you. 
  7. If you want to do yourself significant personal injury, go listen to and/or read the lyrics to “Broomstick Cowboy” and think about Dean Winchester.  

Bonus Thing: KUMA.  KUUUUMA.

Bonus Thing #2: So are we entering tonight’s roofies-that-were-not-roofies into the litany of ways in which the show has talked about sexual assault with men as the targets?  It’s ambiguous – it’s a pretext, not reality – but as the conversation continues between Sam and Elka, you see her shift from ha-ha, these guys are dicks to oh shit, oh shit, this guy got hurt and I maybe hurt him too.  That was…uncomfortably real. 

Bonus Thing #3: Dean Winchester will man the flashlight.  Good job, Dean. 

I’m Not Really the Best - (Poly!DemoReps x Reader) Part 2

WARNING: Mentions of Polyamourous hate, Blood, Hurt characters, Accidents, Feelings of Neglect, Self-Hatred, Pain, Slight Passive-Aggressiveness.

A/N: I have never expected that people would actually like this tbh. Thank you so much for liking and reblogging the last part. Here is part 2, please do not read if the above warnings trigger you. You can also tell me if you want to be tagged, I’ll be very happy to do it. Enjoy <3 <3 <3

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“You have your life, I have mine. It’s not my place to tell you who you spend time with. It’s all laid out for you to decide, me, I’m out.”

Laf could not help but repeat the sentence in his head as the three made their way down to comfort (S/O). He followed but slowly making his way down the stairs and stopping at the bottom of the staircase. It reminded him too much of somebody that had somehow said something similar.

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Splitting Hairs (Part 2 to Questionable Intentions)

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

A/N: So, I guess this is a part two to my first fic. I just really enjoyed it and you guys did too so YAY! I might do a part 3 I dunno and I only say this is a part two because I imagine this being the same reader as before. You guys even get a gif this time cause I was bored

Part One: Questionable Intentions

Originally posted by aomiarmster

You had been visiting more and more since Thor had first introduced you to the other Avengers. You enjoyed all of their company, but you really enjoyed the time you spent, alone, with Loki. You had grown fond of the god and would even dare to say that he felt the same about you. One day while you were “escaping” the company of Earth’s mightiest heroes, you wandered down a hall and stumbled into Loki’s room. Inviting yourself in, you soon realized Loki wasn’t there. Even though you knew you shouldn’t you could never pass up a chance to explore an empty room. Making quick use of your time alone, you inspected every inch of his room without going through anything. Just as you were about to start moving everything to the right about 2 inches the trickster found you.

“What are you doing?” he eyed you suspiciously

“Nothing,” you said feigning innocence

Loki grinned “you don’t look like you’re doing nothing,” he said, “but since I really don’t care I’m not going to pry.” He made his way to his bed and sat down. You continued to look around his room, asking him random questions like you always had, focusing more on his bookshelves and the small decorations and books that filled them.

“Can I mess with your hair?” you asked making your way to Loki’s bed to sit next to him.

“I’d prefer you didn’t” he replies his nose in a book like always

“Come on, please,” you said putting on your best begging puppy face

“You know that isn’t going to work on me” he replied not even needing to look at you to know that your eyes resembled a doe’s.

“Please,” you whined. Loki sighed in response and you took it as a yes, moving to sit behind him. You ran your fingers through his hair combing it out a bit before beginning to separate it into sections and starting to braid it. Your tongue poked out of your mouth. Your idea wasn’t working so you plopped down onto the bed next to Loki opening up Pinterest on your phone and flicking through images.

“Loki” you whined

“Yes,” he said slightly irritated by your antics.

“I need help” you continued to whine

“With what?” Loki questioned, glancing at you  

“Your hair,” you said still flipping through pictures, eliminating the ones you didn’t like

“I don’t even want you to do my hair, Y/n, why would I help you pick something out” Loki pointed out

“Cause you love me” you joked

“Do I? I wasn’t aware” Loki said hiding his slight surprise at your words.

“Just a little” you replied “Not like love, love like friend, love. You get me?”

“Whatever you say”

You went back to your pictures and when you had narrowed it down to a few options you shoved your phone in his face.

“This one?” you said as an image of a girl with three messy buns on the back of her head appeared on your phone screen.

“No. If you even attempt to do that I will cut your hands off.” his eyes darkened and it was the first time you had actually been scared of the trickster in a long time.

“Okay… What about this one?” this time the picture was a simple ponytail with a section braided

“If you’re going to do my hair you’re going to do something more extravagant than that” Loki said a smirk playing on his lips

“That leave us with this” you flipped to a picture of a braided bun. You weren’t even sure if Loki had enough hair for this to work you just thought the style looked cool.

“That’ll do” Loki turned his attention away from your phone and focused on the mirror across the room and watched you as you began to work. He smiled as your face contorted into a mask of confusion for a few moments before you started working, following the pictures. After a few minutes, you huffed in frustration.

“It can’t be that hard,” Loki said his smile still present

“Shut up I’m working” you replied as your brows furrowed. You were determined to get this look right, knowing Loki picked it because he thought you couldn’t do it. Loki made a move to push your hands away from hair and tried to do the style himself. He didn’t get very far before you slapped his hands out of the way and continued working.

“This is my job not yours, it’s no fun if you do it for me,” you said your voice stern but the god wasn’t giving up. Finally after a lot of hand smacking and almost 2 hours of work you got his hair done. It wasn’t like the picture at all, in fact, you gave up a few minutes ago and settled for a simple man bun. You had to admit it didn’t look half bad.

“That doesn’t look like the picture at all,” Loki said

“Oh shut it. I know you picked that style ‘cause it was the hardest out of the three,” you grumbled, pouting.

“Now, now why would I do that,” he said a smirk on his face

“‘Cause you hate me” you continued to pout.

“I do not” he replied appalled by your accusation

“Then you should let me cut your hair if you don’t mind,” You said knowing you were pushing your limits.

“Would you mind if I cut yours?” Loki said his voice rising slightly as you found a pair of scissors

“I’d probably kill you if you did that.” you took a section of Loki’s hair between your fingers mimicking what you’d seen your hairdressers do without cutting his hair. He quickly moved his head so his hair was out of reach just as you closed the scissors making a harsh snipping noise.

“Oh fuck,” you said your face turning pale

“What,” Loki said “WHAT DID YOU DO”

“I didn’t do anything,” you said hurriedly “you’re the one that moved. If you wouldn’t have moved you wouldn’t be missing about 2 inches of hair in one spot”  

“WHAT” Loki roared quickly becoming panicked as you sat behind him and laughed, “YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY?”

“I find it hilarious,” You said a huge smile plastered on your face

“Y/n, darling, nitwit,” he said

“Loki, sweetheart, asshole,” you said back “Your hair is fine, I swear, it was a joke ”Oh, I knew that…I was just playing along” Loki replied his face turning back to its normal color as he quickly tried to play off his panic.

“Sure you did,” you said “totally didn’t get tricked by a simple mortal girl like me”

“Definitely not” Loki confirmed. You couldn’t wait to tell Thor and the others about this.


A/N: Thank you all so much for reading if you have any ideas or requests I’ll take them. Leaning towards a part three but who knows if I’ll ever get around to posting it.

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Top Ten Reasons Servers Hate Teenagers/ Young Adults

Hello young-lings
I would like to take this opportunity to teach you a very valuable life lesson.
When you and your other young teenage/ young adult friends come out for a meal at a restaurant, here is a list of things you DONT do so we don’t end up hating you like usual….

1. Don’t ask me how much every little thing is on the menu. There are prices next to it for a reason.

2. Don’t try and be slick and try to get alcohol when you clearly look 18. We will ID you and don’t get mad when we do, bc it is our job and we could lose it if we got you a damn beer

3. Look at your server when they talk to you. Speak up bc miss mumble I don’t know wtf you’re saying

4. Don’t treat your server like scum. We are human beings just like you. We are working hard for our money to make you guys have a good experience. Some of us only make $5 per hour or LESS!!! That is WAY less than minimum wage.

5. Dine and Dashers: FUCK YOU YOU USELESS PIECES OF SHIT. When you skip out on a check no matter if it $10-$200 we can get in some serious trouble. Possibly even lose our jobs bc of it. Not to mention any hope of a tip we might have “thought” we would receive. So when you ask me for an extra to go bag and you run out without paying bc you think it’s FUNNY, fuck you bc we remember faces and if you come back WE WILL know you and YOU WILL get in serious trouble.

6. Don’t insult my intelligence. Telling me to get another profession instead of serving is infuriating. Especially if this job is paying for my schooling, phone, clothes, car, apartment, and any other needs I may have so I can get another “profession” of my choosing.

8. Campers
When you go out to eat and you plan on sitting there for 4 FUCKING HOURS don’t expect me to go super hard for you. You are taking up a table where 4 other groups of people could’ve came and went and I could’ve made more money. “You don’t have to go home but you have to get the fuck outta here”

8.If for some reason you come on a busy Friday night, chances are your server has more than one table. Sometimes we can have up to 8 (if your good) YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONES IN THE RESTAURANT. When I am at another table getting someone’s order or drinks, DO NOT: snap your fingers at me, yell to get my attention when I’m clearly talking to another table, grab my arm to stop me. DO. NOT. TOUCH. ME. If you need something be polite and just raise your hand and say “excuse me miss?”

9. If for some reason your food is taking a bit longer than expected, don’t blame your server. I am not in the kitchen. I do not make the food. When you ask me where your “3 well done sirloins” are after only being sat for 15 mins, you look like an idiot.
OR: If your food comes out slightly wrong or not cooked enough or overcooked DO NOT yell at me. I do not cook your food! And don’t take it out on my tip when I can control how the kitchen works.

10. “Keep the change”
Let’s say your bill is $100.50 When you hand me $101 and say keep the change (as my only tip) that is not only cheap but very insulting and rude. When you go to a restaurant people usually tip on a scale of percentages. The normal amount to tip is TWENTY PERCENT OF YOUR OVERALL BILL BEFORE COUPONS
So when you spend an average of $100 on food you should tip your server AT LEAST $20. If they were great taking care of you and you felt like they did a good job. If your SERVER sucked then I understand less than that. BUT if you cannot afford to tip your server after he/she busted they’re butt to make sure you have a great experience then FUCK YOU.
**And if you leave your phone number at the table bc you thought your server was cute and you gave him/her a Shitty tip DO NOT expect a text except maybe a fuck you for leaving me $2 on a $120 bill

We all work very hard to make everyone have a good experience. So pleaseeee keep this in mind when you are going out this year ESPECIALLY during the holiday season. And feel free to share this with friends and family bc lord knows some adults can’t grasp this concept either.


Another Mafia AU 2 (I need a title for this)

On mobile so can’t link here. Have a quick look for Another Mafia AU on my blog for part one till I can get on my laptop. Xx

Ok so I am trying to link tell me if u can see part 1 : http://classicalcassiopeia.tumblr.com/post/155318710393/another-mafia-au


II. Percival

The long boardroom was filled with a heavy atmosphere. Percival, at the head of the table was surveying leather bound dossiers in front of him, meticulously flicking through each of his sub companies’ financial data. Finally, he smiled. It was not a happy kind of smile; rather it put one in mind of a particularly hungry shark.

“Excellent work.” He snapped the folders shit and slid them into his own satchel for later full review. “I expect to see the same next time. You are dismissed.” With that, he rose and strode out the door, his secretary Tina falling in step beside him as they strode from the high-rise office building.

“Ah boss. Done with companies for the day?” Tina smirked at him from the opposite seat. “Got something more important in mind?”

Percival relaxed, loosening his tie. “Might do. Don’t get uppity Goldstein. Hate to relegate you to traffic.”

She snorted but stayed quiet. They both knew he needed her as a guard, he couldn’t stand any of the others for long periods, and tended to send them off crying within a day. 4 hours was the official record. Besides, traffic was basically looking over the smuggling goods and inventorying them. Dull. He only sent real morons there.

In the ten years since Graves had become the leader of the Family, Tina was the only one who had lasted more than two months guarding him. Three years in and she was indispensable as a PA and as his bodyguard. She had come to work for him when she was just eighteen and out of high school. With a younger sister to take care of and no parents, Tina had turned to her mother’s line of work before her death and joined the Macusa clan. Working her way up, she had been spotted by Graves as tactically brilliant and ruthless enough to follow through on her plans. They had been fairly inseparable since.

In fact, the only time they argued was when Queenie, Tina’s baby sister, decided to join the family too. Tina had been desperate for her sister to go to college to stay out of the family business to to speak. Queenie had disagreed and really, who was Graves to stop anyone from joining up? It took a period of coldness between them but the problem resolved itself when Graves assigned Queenie to Intel. She was safe out of the ranks, so Tina was happy; and she was terrifyingly good at her job and very quickly rose to take over the department, so Graves was happy. Queenie was just happy to be able to work near her Teenie and be doing an important job.

The car drew up to the huge brownstone residence of the main Graves family. Percival’s parents had both died in a shootout when he was twenty two, so he had take over all the business straight out of an accelerated college degree. Thankfully in addition to business savvy, he had a thick skin, excellent survival instincts and was a decent shot with a gun. After replacing almost the entire upper echelon with his own people, Percival had expanded business operations and now controlled not only almost the entire underworld of New York City, but was also a billionaire outside of his Family work, controlling several huge conglomerates with a finger in almost every pie there was.

As it was, only Percival lived there now. Tina and Queenie as well as his other section heads as well as a few other guards had rooms as well but they were only there when necessary.
As he got into his rooms, Tina doing a quick check before hand, he immediately set a bath running, shucking off his suit. God he was exhausted. It was almost eight in the evening by this point, and he had been at work since seven thirty. He still had pages and pages of paperwork to go through. Sliding into the steaming water, he finally relaxed fully.

The bath was going cold and Percival was just beginning to consider more hot water when there was a bang on the door. Rising quickly, Percival threw on a towel and grabbed his pistol, always close by, to open the door. Tina was standing there, looking a little wild.

“Sir, sir I am sorry to interrupt but this is something - something you need to hear about. It’s the Alpha squad, something went wrong in the general patrol. Queenie has all the details but she said it was urgent and-”

“Tina, breathe. I’m going to get changed and I will be at HQ in fifteen minutes on the outside.”

He shooed her from his room and sharply closed the door. Fuck. Alpha was one of his best squads, his most reliable lieutenant commanded it, his top men were in it. If something has gone wrong with them on a general patrol of his territory then that was very very bad.

In well under the promised quarter of an hour he was striding into Intel for his promised report. Everyone looked to be silently panicking, except for Queenie, who was sending out all the orders with a face of granite. A relived cry of “Boss!” Rang out across the room as she turned to usher him into her closed off office.

“What is going on Queenie.” His voice left no room for dithering or small talk.

“Alpha team were on a patrol down by the Hudson. The Carlacci ambushed them with at least four squads. The group managed to pop them all but three men were shot, several more had knife wounds and even Lieutenant Kim was wounded. Just on the arm sir, don’t worry.”

Percival broke in here. “The other men are being treated by now I hope? And cleanup has sorted out the Carlacci scum?”

Queenie hesitated. “Well. Cleanup has been by and I took the liberty of reassigning the Eta and Phi squads to cover the rest of the Alpha patrol. With Commander Fleamont’s permission of course. However-”

“However what, why haven’t my men been treated?”

“It seems that the new tenant down there is a doctor. They ended up in Jacob’s bakery, seeing as it was the closest safe house. Turns out that his neighbour set up a free clinic next door and heard the commotion. Apparently he helped out immediately, removed the bullets and sutured the bullet and knife wounds without asking any questions. We got them checked out when here but the doctors just called me to report that the work was expertly done. The only things he couldn’t treat were some concussions, which can’t be treated anyway.”

“I see.” He mulled this over. Everyone was going to be well, which was good. He hated losing good soldiers. But this newcomer, who was he?

“I was just getting a file on him.” Ah, apparently he had said that last bit out loud. “From what we know so far, his name is Newt Scamander. He is originally British but has been travelling the last four years, all under different names, and he came in from Equatorial Guinea apparently plying his skills for food and board. Nothing early than that yet, sorry. We’re still getting info coming in.”

More and more interesting. The name indicated a relation to a pre-eminent British crime family but he was in the US, whose underground remained very cold to the British one. He didn’t even seem to be doing Mafia work. He would just have to meet the man himself and see why he was here.

“Keep looking. I will visit him tomorrow morning and give him my personal thanks for helping some friends.”

Standing, he commended her for her work. Queenie, he mused, really would be wasted in another field. Seeing as the situation was under control for now, he would return to sleep and reassess once he awoke.

He did just that.

Bright and early the next morning Percival reviewed the complete file on the incident. All men were fine. Lieutenant Kim was to report in that afternoon. And he, well he had a certain doctor to visit.

Tina, who thankfully slept when he did, was ready to go in the car already.

“Queenie is in bed, she’s been up all night. Got this Scamander’s address though.” Tina said as a greeting.

He sighed. “Good good. She works hard.” The car pulled away. Peri cal spent the ride reading the file on Scamander. It seemed that he had got his degree at Cambridge, had left the country almost immediately after graduating and from there had hopped across Europe and Asia, saving hundreds of lives. From there he had flown to America a couple of months ago and set up his little clinic. Shy, quiet, he had nevertheless become friends with Jacob quickly and was by all accounts, the opposite of a troublemaker. So what was the second son of the Scamander family doing here? Oh, that heir Theseus had tried to cover his trails and the false identities he had used around the world were very good but Queenie and her agents were better.

They had arrived. For this, Percival had chosen buttery leather boots, dark jeans and a white button down with a navy jumper over the top. Attractive but practical. He smirked. Just like him.

He entered the tiny clinic entrance, the door tinkling pleasantly behind him. Tina slid in behind him unobtrusively. A quiet voice called out to “wait just a moment, please, feel free to take a seat.”. Percival elected to stand and wait near the counter. There was no one else there, after all. Less than a moment later, footsteps came closer and a man entered from a screened door behind the counter.

And dear god, was this man beautiful.

——– Part 3! : http://classicalcassiopeia.tumblr.com/post/155437877323/just-another-mafia-au-3-still-needs-a-name
Wolfram (and Yuuri’s) daily routine

I’m submitting this for the MA event @redglassesgirl-maruma​ 
It has lots of information about Wolfram.

Analysis (of the quotes under the cut)

Yuuri says he feels guilty for making Wolfram spend 24/7 by his side. Wolfram is not tagging along uninvited, Yuuri is MAKING him come along.
He said so himself. (Special story in MA illustration)

Daily routine:
Yuuri wakes up. Wolfram - more often than not- is still sleeping. According to Yuuri this is because he has low blood pressure (not because he’s an alcoholic as people have suggested). Yuuri does his morning training with Conrad. He returns to his room, takes a shower- he doesn’t mind if Wolfram is watching- Wolfram is waking up, drinking red tea and munching on something while reading the newspaper in their bedroom. (Duel at MA Noon)

Conrad sometimes joins them for breakfast. Wolfram doesn’t mind. (Duel at MA Noon)

After this they work together in Yuuri’s office -Wolfram is near the door, Yuuri is at the back. We can assume that Gunter and Gwendal work in the same office. (Crossheart)

Then, Wolfram and Yuuri have lunch together and alone, even if Greta is in Shin Makoku- (but this might be because she’s in school, Yuuri created public schools and she attends) The only time that the place where they’re having lunch has been specified, they were eating outside, in the castle’s gardens. (Poison Lady in another land)

Yuuri then goes back to work. Wolfram goes with him, unless Anissina shows up to tell him an interesting story.  (Poison Lady in another land)

At some point ‘working hours’ end. We don’t know how long after this Yuuri and Wolfram have dinner in the maou’s bedroom. The only time dinner was mentioned, the two were eating alone in the maou’s bedroom. (Duel at MA Noon). Yuuri said in novel 4 that he makes Wolfram bathe with him every night. So bathing together is part of their daily routine too. Yuuri then seems to be ‘too tired’ to do anything else, and he falls asleep.

About their ‘bath-time’:

Yuuri states that he doesn’t like to bathe alone because the ofuro is too big.

He also claims that he was trying to deepen his friendship with Wolf by bathing EVERY NIGHT with him…. but if he hates bathing alone… why didn’t he ask Conrad to bathe with him so he wouldn’t be alone? Or why didn’t he try to deepen his friendship with Gwen? Gwen and Yuuri aren’t that close… why not become a ‘bro’ with Gwen? It seems oddly strange that he only wants to ‘deepen his friendship’ with the guy he describes as a bathing angel. What about Gunter? Why not cure his nosebleeds by bathing with him and becoming ‘bros’? C’mon Yuuri! There are tons of people you can become bros with!

And with that irony-filled remark I’ll end my post.
I hope you enjoyed. Reblog with your comments ^-^

(All the quotes go under the cut)

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Things I wish people knew about SPD.

I saw a list of important things to know about SPD circulating on Tumblr yesterday, and it managed to skip pretty much everything that I wish people knew. I’m making my own list not in an attempt to talk over whoever made the first one, but to offer my own perspective.

Note: I can only speak for myself, so if anything in this post erases you or makes you feel invalidated, please tell me. I’m happy to add or amend things.


1. Not everyone with SPD is autistic. While most autistic people have SPD, the reverse is not true. I have read that while a higher percentage of the autistic community than the allistic community has SPD, there are more allistic people with SPD than autistic people who have it.

This one is important from a social perspective and a medical one. From a social perspective, it can be alienating for allistic people with SPD (like me) to see posts saying things like “allistic people cannot possibly understand what it’s like to have sensory processing disorder” or “don’t use these words I came up with to describe what sensory processing disorder is like unless you’re autistic.” I don’t think this misunderstanding benefits allistic or autistic people with SPD. I have had autistic people reblog stuff I’ve said about SPD before, so I think we’re likely to miss out on a lot of people who can relate to our experiences if we try to limit our understanding of SPD to include only one type of person. From a medical perspective, I worry that automatically linking SPD with autism might make it harder for allistic people with SPD to get help or support. If one of our parents is told it’s not autism, they are likely to go “oh, okay then, it must just be nothing” rather than continuing to explore other possibilities.

2. Adults can have SPD just like children can. It’s not something that people automatically “grow out of” once they reach 18. 

3. It is not safe to assume that adults with SPD received treatment as children. The one resource I’ve found for adults with SPD (that didn’t exclusively focus on parents) wrote about how “even though you’ve been treated in the past, you may still encounter difficulties as you enter new levels of development.” Considering that many people with SPD report having been bullied, punished, and threatened by caregivers when they displayed signs of SPD, and that SPD was not well-known (particularly as separate from autism) when many of us were growing up, it is not safe to assume that our emotional needs were always attended to. Many of us are dealing with trauma from the abuse that our abusers blamed on our “difficult” behavior in addition to the already significant challenges the disorder brings. 

4. Even those who have been to occupational therapy may still have sensory issues. Therapy is rarely a cure-all so much as an introduction to some strategies that might make a difference.

5. If someone with SPD is a “picky eater,” this person is not acting “spoiled” or entitled by limiting her menu or refusing certain types of food. Saying stuff like “oh boy, if you had had my mother, she would’ve set you straight about this ‘no spinach’ rule you have” is not helpful. In all likelihood, rather than “setting your friend straight” or “putting your friend’s pickiness in perspective,” your strict mother’s “I don’t care what you say, you’re eating whatever I tell you to,” attitude would have hurt your friend more than it helped. The foods that your SPD friend has on her “safe list” may be the only ones that she can even handle eating. People with SPD who have limited menus aren’t demanding their favorite foods every night; they’re trying to make sure that they actually manage to eat. Having our sensory issues triggered can make some of us literally unable to eat for a while, which is dangerous. Not eating is worse than being “picky” about what you eat.

6. Sometimes SPD triggers don’t vanish after the problem stops happening. Eating food with the wrong texture can mess up my appetite and cause feelings of shame that make me not want to eat. Being touched when I don’t want to be (including on the arm) can leave my skin crawling for hours if not days. If someone is still triggered after a problem is dealt with, yelling “I STOPPED, what’s the matter NOW????” isn’t going to help.

7. People with SPD who cringe and wince at blood pressure cuffs are not “pain wimps” or “cowards who hate fun” any more than sensory seekers who like blood pressure cuffs are “braver” or “less cowardly” than the rest of us. We simply receive different amounts of sensory information from things than you do.

8. SPD is inconvenient for the person who has it too. We don’t enjoy spending 2 hours at night talking about which dinner option is least likely to accidentally have a funky texture. We don’t enjoy working on a meal and having to not eat it (when we’re ravenous) because the texture is wrong. None of us enjoy having trouble sleeping, needing expensive toys to keep our senses in check, etc. None of us delight at finding every shirt at the store itchy. Even if these things annoy you, they’re probably more annoying for us because we have to live with them 24/7.

9. Sometimes SPD makes us enjoy certain things more than you would rather than just hating things more. The texture of a fuzzy or satiny blanket might be more exciting to us than it is to you. My striped sheets feel like they have ridges, which reminds me of eating ridgey chips. People who enjoy weighted blankets may like having more weight on top of them than you’d find comfortable. In short, our senses can be positively stimulated, it just might look different than positively stimulating yours.

10. For some of us, things like sex can be difficult or at least work differently than they do for people without SPD. Some people don’t like the feeling of any wetness around their faces and therefore dislike kissing. Others may need fairly firm touch and get “creepy crawly” sensation from touch that is too light. Some may have sex lives that aren’t too affected by SPD, while others may avoid sex altogether because of SPD. It’s important to ask anyone you’re thinking about being sexual with what their preferences are and to ask with an open mind.

11. When SPD is one of many “unusual” things we have going on, it can be difficult to find where it begins and our other concerns end. For example, a sexual trauma survivor might be unsure whether he’s triggered by kissing or just hates the sensation of it. Someone with fibromyalgia might not know if the way you’re touching them is bothering their SPD or if their fibromyalgia is flaring up. Sometimes, we may need you to stop doing things without being able to pinpoint exactly what’s wrong with those things. 

young - simon

A/N: this one is longer than my usual writing, and I might do a part two! If you want part two, like/reblog or request it!! love you all xx

warnings: sort of sad but no other warnings!

the stress of being young parents gets hard sometimes.

Being parents at a young age was hard, especially when your husband was a famous youtuber who was constantly working. You had met each other when you were only 20 and instantly after you got married, you had a child. Both of you weren’t even 25 yet and you were raising a two month old. Some days were easier than the others, it depended on the mood your little girl was in. 

Today was one of the worst days so far, she had been crying all day and once she finally went to sleep, she woke the two of you in the middle of the night with her screams. You checked the clock and it was already past 2:30 in the morning and your little baby wouldn’t stop screaming. You had been trying for at least half an hour by now. She had a really bad ear infection and for the past few days she had been in pain but today must have been terrible for her as even the medicine wouldn’t help her go to sleep. She was kicking and screaming and wouldn’t stop squirming in your arms. You didn’t even know a person this small could have so much energy. You were cradling her in front of the window, as the view of the city always calmed her down but nothing was working today. You tried singing, you tried bouncing up and down, you tried everything. You looked down at her and her big blue eyes were staring up at you, welling with tears. She really did have her father’s eyes but she definitely had your smile but at that moment, the smile wasn’t present. 

 "It’s okay sweetie, I know you want to sleep. Mommy is tired too, please baby stop screaming. Shh, shh it’s okay" you tried pleading with your daughter but she just kept on crying and you just wish she would go to sleep. You felt a hand on your shoulder and saw Simon standing behind you with the same tired blue eyes as your baby, and he held out his hands. “No Simon, it’s okay I got this. Go back to bed, you need sleep” he reluctantly backed up and walked back to your room.

You sighed looking at your husband walk away, he worked so hard for your family and his fans. He would stay up all night editing, and all day filming, but somehow he always made time for you with dates and cuddles with your daughter. He wanted to be there for every step including the rough nights, even if it meant he never got sleep. But you couldn’t let him sacrifice his own health. 

After a few more minutes, your daughter’s cries subsided and her eyes screwed shut, as she fell into deep sleep. You quietly head back to bed, incredibly tired and wanting nothing more than some sleep. You walked in and saw Simon sitting on the edge of the bed with his face in his hands, and you could hear soft muffled cries. You walked over to his side of the bed, and knelt down in front of him. Slowly removing his hands with your own, you forced him to look at you and you could see tears streaming down his cheeks. 

“Simon? Whats wrong babe?” you whispered. “I’m so sorry” he whispered back. “What are you sorry about?” he took a deep breath and said “I’m always busy and I try to make time for you both but it doesn’t seem like enough. I hate how you’re being left alone to take care of our daughter and I feel like, like a terrible father maybe I’m too young to be a good one” his voice cracks and he starts crying again, his broad shoulders shaking with every sob. You felt helpless, as you stared at a man who was always strong for his family, break down in front of you. 

“Simon, look at me” you said as you pulled his chin up softly. “You’re an amazing father and I couldn’t think of anybody better to raise our beautiful girl I mean she’s so small but she already adores you so much I love you okay and you’re doing a great job, I wouldn’t want to be doing this with anybody else.” Simon took a deep breath and sighed, “I don’t know what I would do without you. I mean it.” You shyly smiled and grabbed his hand. 

“Let’s go to bed okay?” he nodded and got into your messy bed, pulling your body closer to his. 

Where do we go from here?

Pairing: Simon Lewis/Raphael Santiago
Words: 7.5k
Summary: 3 times Simon tries to regain Raphael’s trust (+ the one time he does)
Author’s note: this is a sequel to Would you bleed for me? But you don’t really have to read it to understand this fic. All important information is explained in this.


Simon has always hated working out. He just never understood the point of it. All you did was sweat and get exhausted and possibly throw up, which he could just as well do getting drunk at a festival.

So yeah, he usually sat gym out in the boys restroom in high school and was just really glad P.E. wasn’t a subject in college anymore. He could wave goodbye to that horrible waste of time for the rest of his life.

That is, until he got Turned.

Training with Raphael was hard before he betrayed him. He would kick him around, throw him against walls, make him run until he threw up the blood he’d drank right before (he made a mental note not to feed before training anymore) and throw punches at him until he was dizzy and unsteady on his feet.

But where his training was hard before, it’s ruthless now.

Simon doesn’t blame him. Ever since they got Bonded after Camille died, Simon can feel Raphael’s emotions. Not super strongly and not all the time, but sometimes he’ll feel a flare of anger or frustration or hurt. Raphael is still mad at him for having betrayed him, and he puts all that anger in his training with Simon.

Simon hadn’t expected Raphael to pick up training again when he was finally let into the hotel again. He’d thought the older vampire would just leave Simon to it, make him figure it out by himself. If he’s strong enough to betray the clan, he should be strong enough to continue training by himself.

But, surprisingly, one day after his return to the hotel, Raphael wakes him up by flicking on the lights in his room and throwing a pillow at his head.

“Wake up, fledgling,” he says, already annoyed. Simon grimaces at the return of his old way of being addressed. He’s already missing baby, even though he hated the nickname when Raphael still called him that. The last time he did, Simon was dying in his arms and Raphael saved his life.

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Just to clear up btsmom’s story and validate that deletehoseok is lying and beagletae is in fact a hypocrite.

Hello, I am here to call out everyone for what is going on between btsmom, beagletae and whoever the fuck else stuck their noses in this mess so beware.

While I do not have as much time to gather evidence between them, vela (I’m going to use btsmom’s pseudonym because she did not like her real name being used) did not call the police for no reason. she was truly concerned for the well being of someone she once called her friend. even after she said that she wanted NO contact with her, she went out of her way to be on the phone for hours until they found Hira. I understand you’re all mad because @deletehoseok aka Hira stated she didn’t even say sorry or anything, but you all must understand that this was a scary time and nobody knew if Hira would truly act on the fact she was going to commit suicide.

(please note that the times are different on some messages because of the time they were screen shot and that they are from different parts of the USA. I am from Canada, so my times are completely different than all of theirs.)

See right there? This is a screenshot between Hira and a friend of hers that I will NOT NAME. Yet, in the post of Hira ‘exposing’ vela she stated that she did not make any sort of point that she was going to harm herself when in fact she said this the same night as her extended family was ‘visiting’.

while I am not sure if Hira did ask to keep quiet about the whole ordeal, I am sure that I would also act on those messages if I received them. Especially after seeing this conversation between Vela and the friend who I will not be naming which is clearly distressed about what Hira said to her.

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So I’m going to rant about Bellamy Blake once again because that’s what I do.

-Jason at SDCC 2016 about Bellamy Blake. (infobellarke)

I still rememeber this fucking post “white dude who is always forgiven” which got idn how many notes for sure at least 1k & then people started reblogging and defending him because
1. of course bellamy isn’t white because bob is not, I cant even. why some people are so dumb and still can’t accept that, but i’ve already made a lots of posts about this just like all my bellamy/bob beautiful stans (i love you all!) so I will leave this. just. he is not white. moving on to the subject.
2. he was NOT forgiven. to all antis who said “he didnt do anything and he is forgiven” - he is not forgiven. and I know a lot of people (bellamy stans) saw this and was already so angry, same like me because while two white characters let a bomb drop on tondc then it isn’t an issue, it’s forgiven in a second (or not even forgiven is the worst part - but everything is forgotten) but when a poc is fighting in an army&kills people (thought he was trying to save his people) then he should die. this racist bullshit, you know. Also a lot of people wrote metas about it so I will leave it. - BUT HERE IS THE THING. On the other hand, I’m actually glad he is “not forgiven”, or better - I’m actually glad it’s NOT forgotten. Because I want to see HIS story, I want to see this “development”, how he is struggeling with his guilt, I want to see what he thinks, I don’t want any “rush storyline” how we had in season 3, I don’t wanna read metas & listen Jason/Bob what Bellamy thinks (okay acutally I could listen Bob talking about Bellamy for hours) to understand his actions. I don’t wanna defend him to my friends who are casual viewers = more like, I don’t wanna explain to them the whole story. I want them to see it + me to see it.
I wanted to see the same with Clarke in season 3 about tonDC, I wanted to see her struggeling with guilt “of all those people she has killed”, I wanted her to break down somehow & talk with someone about what she has done. She is only one of few “white characters” I used to adore with all my heart back in season 2. Yeah, I read metas how the whole “not wanting to go back to her people” during season 3 was struggeling with guilt & not being able to see her people because it reminded her what she has done for them to keep them alive. (whole 216 “seeing their faces everyday, it’s gonna remind me what I did to get them here” - and Bellamy saying “What we did” - because he thinks she is talking only about MW, while in my opinion she is talking also about TonDC - seeing his face is going to remind her what she has done to keep him safe in MW. “We had to protect Bellamy”/”I did it to protect Bellamy”. That’s of course open to interpretation, that is mine). Same like ending of season 3 “I tried to run away from pain, it didn’t work” which is basically admitting that what she was doing in 3a was running away from pain (which was pain=her people because they reminded her what she has done to keep them safe) and then “you don’t erase pain. you overcome it. and we will.” which is also admitting that she can’t just forget about what she has done (in MW, tonDC) and run away (so what she did in 216) but facing it, with others (staying with her people, talking about it) - it’s the way to overcome it. and they - delinquents - she&jasper example - will. (hello, she is the reason his love is dead, he has every right to be mad at her even if what she did was right thing to do -and Monty&Bellamy but they stayed and tried to talk with him about it for 3 months - but they can overcome it if they talk about it) The thing is. I got this two lines - 2x16 (Seeing their faces..) and 3x16 (I tried to run away from pain.. & You don’t erase pain..). and I’m like what? Only that? (note: this is my interpretation, because we have only this two lines actually what clarke think, you can think differently and I can also don’t give a fuck about your opinion, write your own meta if you don’t agree, don’t send me rude anon messages)

Whole season 3 is so rushed for every character, I get that they wanted to tell the story about “losing control” etc but not even the storyline is that important as characters - why they’re doing this and that, what they think about it, what they think about what they have done, how they feel etc. I could watch the whole episode without any action where Bellamy Monty and Clarke talk about MW or Octavia telling Bellamy what Clarke did in TonDC or Jasper talking with anyone about Maya, why she was so special for him, what she has done there to him & or even Clarke admitting to /exa that she hates herself for TonDC & or /exa admitting (which didn’t happen yeah) than leaving them in MW was wrong, but she felt in that moment that she had to do it for her people/that she hated herself for leaving the person she cared about there (clarke) - so I could understand their relationship. & or harper screaming at night because she has - after 3 months - nightmares about what they have done to her in MW and Monty being by her side/talking with her about it - since they both were trapped in cages.

The thing is - it didn’t happen. For any character. It’s only my head canon thing, it’s something I’d like too see but I won’t. I could write fanfic about “scenes which should be in season 3 of The100″, baaa, I could write a book about it. And I want some of this metas you all wrote to be canon, I want writers to say it, or more - I want everyone to see it on screen.

I guess what I want to say is - I’m glad Bellamy is not forgiven, because it means his actions are not forgotten and I want to see his story. (just like I wanted to see everyone else’s in season 3 about what they have done in season 2 but I didnt get that). And I feel like because of all this negativity during season 3 (especially towards Bellamy), they will finally focus more on “why some character did that” & on characters story. (Jason admitted that what they did to Bell was too fast)

AND. I want to see him thinking he doesn’t deserve to live - I’ll cry like a baby but I guess I love pain - and I want too see someone (u know who) telling him he does.

There is so little light from the warmth of the sun.

So this is part 2 to “I woke hard. I woke heavy.” if you haven’t read that yet it can be found here

This is significantly shorter than the first part and I apologize that it’s taken this long for me to finish it. But I think I’ve finally gotten it to a point where I don’t completely hate it. I’m a bit nervous to post this as I’m feeling like part 1 is a hard act to follow, but hopefully you all will enjoy this part as well.

It looks like there will be around 6 or 7 parts to this AU I’ve got going on. And it looks like each title will come from a James Vincent McMorrow song off of his album “Post Tropical”. Highly recommended, it’s full of complete tunes. This weeks title and song rec is: ‘Outside, Digging’. 

Also, I just wanted to say thank you for all of the likes, reblogs, kind comments, and overall support everyone has given me. Honestly, this fandom is the best fandom that I’ve ever had the honor of being a part of. I’d give you all lots of hugs and chocolate cookies if I could (or whatever type of cookie is your favorite.)

tagging these lovely folks who asked: thecrushingblack madfatty thehousefinch tzmufasa arashian-emu @snazzy-fit

if you’d like to be tagged as well for the upcoming parts, just let me know :) 

Anyways, hope you enjoy.

It’s been two hours since they forced him from the hospital and Finn hasn’t said a word. He knows it must scare them, but he can’t bring himself to care.

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the soul tattoo - six

pairing: luke/reader (Y/N)
rating: PG (there’s some swearing)

requested: yes

word count: idfk I wrote this on my phone

summary: If one day you woke up with a random tattoo on your body, you were destined to meet your soulmate soon. When (Y/N) finally gets her soul tattoo, she’s in for a shock when she finds out who her soulmate is.

one // two // three // four // five

Originally posted by frick-lucifer

(Your POV)

This is it. The day of the 5sos concert. Saying I was nervous was an understatement. Somehow (Y/F/N) got us pit tickets, so I knew at some point during the concert, Luke would see me.

(Y/F/N) kept telling me that I had to come clean before the concert. She didn’t care some red haired modelesque girl was pretending to be Luke’s soulmate. All she cared about was for me to be happy with my true soulmate. And I understood where she was coming from, but I just couldn’t bring myself to tell him. I was slowly getting convinced that Luke was happy with his soulmate. I didn’t want to get in the way of his happiness. I mean, “if you love something, set it free” right?

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Korvira Fanfiction Masterpost-Updated 12/1/15

I gathered all the stories I could find from three different websites all concerning korvira. People in the past of how asked others on what korvira fics to read or where to find them. Well look no further! 

Disclaimer. If I missed your story(ies), or another link to your story(ies) please know I’m truly very sorry. Send me a link of your stuff, and I’ll put it into my notes. This is the first update since I published this post. So the next update won’t be awhile. I didn’t mention this before, but please give the authors likes, reblogs, kudos, comments, ect. Thank them for all the hard work they accomplished. As a writer myself I know when I receive any notifications on a story I written, I’m always happy (even if a review isn’t a happy one~). Authors take time out of the day to write these wonderful complex stories so a little love never hurt anyone! One last tiny thing- if you link this to anyone or use it please credit me. I worked on this for so long and took the time out of my day to do this. Thank you. 

Until next time everyone. Enjoy the list. (:

Update 12/1/15: The key has been updated and I’ve marked all the new stories I’ve found.

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Penguin Q&A

Recently there has been a lot of discussion about tumblr not being a respected blogging platform. After tweeting about this subject, Penguin reached out and offered to do a Q&A. The following questions are from some of my followers.

A few things that you should know while reading:

  • Rachel can only speak for Penguin, no other publishing houses. Not even Random House Kids.
  • The Penguin tumblr has a blogger contact form, as well as an arc request form. This is the best way to start a working relationship with them. If you aren’t following the penguinteen tumblr, it is a great resource.

Hi guys! Rachel here from Penguin Young Readers. I am a Digital Associate Publicist, and I handle all blogger campaigns for YA, middle grade, and picture books. I am very excited to be answering your questions, so let’s GET TO IT.

 1. What requirements do you look for when you are selecting an influenster?

When I look for an influencer, the two most important things are quality of content and the level of engagement the posts generate. For content, I like to see consistency, a good level of enthusiasm, and a something well designed that isn’t just a glorified Amazon detail page. For engagement, specifically on Tumblr, I look at how many notes your posts get on average, and I will look at a few pages of your site to measure this.

 2. Do statistics like page views/monthly visitors carry the same weight when considering a Tumblr blog as with other blogs? What about interaction-type statistics, such as likes/reblogs? What about asks/answers, which serve the same function as comments but somewhat expanded?

Statistics are always a must to share if you want your site or channel to carry weight. Any information that you can give is going to be helpful. However, for Tumblr, if you have really strong likes/reblogs consistently, that is just as important as UVM. The reason I need this need kind of information is because the UVM tells me approximately how many people are seeing your site/page, while the interaction stats tell me how many people are regularly interacting with, reading, or responding to your content. These are different kinds of information that are both important when I evaluate the role you would play in one of our campaigns. Some of our campaigns involve more engagement than others.

 3. What is the end-goal for reviews and how can we help reach it through non-traditional means? Do you just want exposure, or is there some need reviews fill that photosets, quotes, etc. don’t? Can we find a way to fill that need that still works with tumblr’s fast-paced and highly-shareable style or are you dependent on the reviews?

All of the above! It honestly depends on the book and our overall marketing strategy for that title. We are ALWAYS up for fan art, photosets, quotes, or anything else you normally do. Along with our digital marketing team, I am always looking for these kinds of posts to reshare and get inspired by. Often we do like reviews to go along with posts, but I find that bloggers are doing more mini reviews these days, so use your discretion with these. If you have ideas of what you think works on your site, I am always open to hearing them.

 4. Do you have any advice on someone who wants to start building a relationship with a publisher?

It’s so hard to start out, I know! I can only speak for my process here at Penguin Young Readers since I know that other publishers operate differently. Participate in Twitter chats, review/promote lots of books, and make sure you can point to all the awesome things you have done independently of publisher help to prove that you are a worthwhile partner. That way, when you start reaching out to general publicity email addresses (which are usually checked weekly by an assistant and forwarded along to the appropriate publicist), you have proof to back it up. It’s definitely hard to break in, so just keep at it! It’s also good to connect with other bloggers who have gone through this process so they can offer perspective/advice.

 5. What new methods are publishers using to reach their readers other than reviews?

In the online space, we also rely heavily on Goodreads, social media activities, and blog campaigns that encourage different kinds of posts. In my position, I am always thinking of way to get people engaged with a book without simply directing them to write a review. For example, with Huntley Fitzpatrick’s upcoming release of THE BOY MOST LIKELY TO (out August 18th!), we had bloggers reread her first 2 books over two months, and I had bloggers pick their own superlatives and create “The Blog Most Likely To” posts. This way, they could use the book as a jumping off point to talk about their own blog and the blogging/reading experience. I found that bloggers really enjoyed the opportunity to do something different, and it was a good way for us to celebrate the bloggers who have supported Huntley’s books over the years. I see no reason why Tumblr users couldn’t be involved in something like this! J

 6. What do you feel is important to include in a review//What do publishers look for in reviews?

Publishers do looove good quotes. Anything we can pull out and use that will appeal to other readers, we will try to use in one way or another. Other important basics: correct publication date, title, and author name, buy links (Amazon, B&N, Indiebound, Apple, etc.), Goodreads links, and the lovely lovely cover!

A quick note on negative reviews: we obviously don’t love it when you trash our books. However, I completely understand that people don’t like everything they read and honesty is important, so there is a way to go about this so that everyone is happy! If I have sent you a book, you think you’ll like it, read it and hate it, please tell me. There are always ways you can promote the book without a review (like a giveaway). If you are not interested in that and choose to not review it, that’s also fine! If you write your bad review anyway, just give me a heads up. The worst thing is when an author sends me a horrible review of their book from a site I was just pleasantly emailing with an hour before. I expect a certain level of professionalism from bloggers that I work with, so honesty and transparency are important here.

 7. How does penguin see tumblr and other social media affecting the publishing business, both in the short and long term?

Again, I can only speak for my methods, but I think Tumblr is a fantastic tool for us! Building a strong and authentic social presence is such a great way for public figures to interact with their fans (Taylor Swift, goddess divine, for example). It’s a great way to engage with young people, and it only makes our marketing plans more robust. In terms of effecting business, I would say that it may put more focus on the author to be an active personality for their audience, and publisher’s social channels will act more like content producers for all of our books. This is all very exciting and fun for me since my specific position is a good blend of publicity and online marketing, and Penguin has definitely been paying attention to this space in a positive way. I plan to continue having these kinds of conversations, learning about how you behave in the digital space, and figuring out how we can work together to get more people reading. Am I being preachy? Can you tell I love talking about this stuff?

 8. Why is youtube taken more seriously/provided with more arc oppurtunities than tumblr where the edits, reviews and photographs are reblogged over and over again? Do you feel that youtube and Instagram have more influence over readers than tumblr? If so what is the reasoning?

I will first say that, for the most part, I don’t work with booktubers, and those relationships are handled by our online marketing department, which I work very closely with. Second, it is easier for us to measure the reach of a booktuber and their videos because their subscribers are clearer and we can see how many views their videos are getting. The reach of the top booktubers cannot be overstated. However, the readers watching those videos, the readers following your Tumblrs, the readers on Twitter who can retweet to enter a giveaway, and the readers who like a post on Instagram or Facebook are all consuming that content differently. We do our best to reach new readers while still servicing devoted fans, and it’s always a balance.

 9. What type of opportunities do you offer bloggers in foreign countries. I.E. Canada, Puerto Rico? Would you send an ARC to a blogger who is fluent in English even though it is not their native language?

Here’s the sad part! I don’t usually work with bloggers living in foreign countries because of shipping. If we have digital galleys available, I try to consider foreign bloggers more, but we generally stay US-focused. BUT whenever we do fan-focused campaigns where you are creating things for your Tumblr in conjunction with a larger campaign, I will always be open to working with you! The problem is that we sometimes don’t have sales rights in other countries (the might be owned by another publisher), so there isn’t an incentive to work with bloggers outside the country because any sales they generate in their region wouldn’t go to us.

 10. What if we have filled out the form previously but were never contacted? Should we fill it out again? How long should we wait before doing so?

If you have filled out the form, welcome! You are one of the roughly 1,500 people in my database! (and I delete old contacts that are no longer active). I get about 100 new people registering their blogs every month. I love this! But it does make it hard for me to give the proper time to each new blogger. I look at all the requests on a daily basis, and I do my best to use everyone in some way.

Please note that when you do register and request books, it’s not guaranteed that I will send you something because the demand is so high. I will usually contact you about 1-2 months before the book comes out if I am looking to get you involved. If you registered before November 2014, you can re-register with updated stats, but please make that very clear so I can know to delete your original record. Please do not re-register every month to update your stats, you can do this once every 6-12 months and only if there is a significant change.

anonymous asked:

hey i'm new here so can you please explain to me what's "wrong" with margarita? really, i'm just curious.

  • There’s a post here that I reblogged when I first started this blog up that mentions a lot of stuff that has circulated on tumblr and through this blog that she’s done that’s problematic. (Note that not all these are sourced and some of the sources are dead. Also, the cultural appropriation claim has been debunked by some of my anons here, here, and here; you can read those posts if you want and pull your own conclusion(s) but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t appropriation, unless someone from a nationality where that headdress is worn can come forward and confirm it.)
  • She endorses animal cruelty/fur farms: Her fur hat that everyone gushes over. One anon mentioned they saw someone call her out on IG about it and said she supposedly said she didn’t care. Take that with a pinch of salt, but she does own more than one article of clothing made of fur which doesn’t make her look any better imo.
  • Was involved in a photo on Instagram where she mocked drug use as a joke: Her friend Iva posted this photo of them and and another friend at Venice beach, and it’s obvious what they’re doing. Last time I checked, drug addictions weren’t funny. Way to make light of a serious topic. (Here’s where I posted it - in the event the original is taken down on IG)
  • Claimed to be a POC on Instagram: This was mentioned in that first post I suggested to you so you can read about it there, but my anons discussed it a while ago in these posts:  1 2 3 4 5 6 (Take this with a pinch of salt, since the OP didn’t have a source and if there was one it’s probably been deleted. Those posts I linked are just discussions from my anons for you to read and pull your own conclusion from.)
  • She deletes people’s comments from instagram: I’d heard rumors of this for a while but on that airplane photo she posted a little while back (”raindrops dancing on my window”) someone commented asking if she got a new job and a few hours later the comment was gone? And then the original commenter commented it again with a disappointed/upset looking emoji face? (Which is still there if you don’t believe me, looks like she didn’t delete that one…) (x)
  • Makes passive aggressive posts to people that don’t like her: This one irks me so much because mature celebrities know not to acknowledge or get involved with any hate comments they get from people but a lot of posts she’s made on IG sound like subtle hints to her haters. (ex: the new year’s day post, and “#thehatstayson” comment she made on another post from NYE after someone on IG complained about her fur hat).
  • Her acting is mediocre and uninteresting: Despite the gushing of the “sebarita” fans, her acting isn’t spot on. Putting it on the record, I’ve seen her work in Kings, Adventureland, all 23 of her Revenge episodes and I’ll soon be watching The Invisible and Allegiance. The issue with her acting is that all of her roles are the same (she goes for that “femme fatale” role), and she seems to be someone who has settled for a stagnant career, and is uninterested in growing in her skill.
  • Her “fanbase”: Or should I say lack thereof? She never seems to interact with her fans, and I can’t find any testimonies from people who’ve met her at events or out in public, which is probably due to her lack of interaction. She seems to play off the “fans” that really just follow her for the photos she posts of her boyfriend. Ohcaptainmycaptain explained it wonderfully here, but a lot of the people who come to me complaining that I’m “clogging up her tag with hate”, are always Sebastian fans. I know so because they always mention him when they try to defend her, they somehow always relate it back to him and never defend her for her. They complain that I clog her tag with hate but the reality is, no one is posting stuff about her except me. No one is trying to make any edits of her work or talking about her aside from my anons and I. The only time her tag sees activity other than mine is whenever she posts a photo of Sebastian, because if he’s involved it gets people interested.
  • And finally - saved it for last - the never ending rumors and speculation that she’s using her relationship with Sebastian for her own gain: One of the big reasons you’ve probably seen is that she has supposedly staged paparazzi photos when she goes out with Sebastian to gain popularity because of his large and growing fanbase from his recent success with Marvel. I made an entire post examining the possiblity of this, but take it with a grain of salt. My other reasoning for this is that neither of them are popular enough to be followed this much by paparazzi on their own without someone giving the photographer “extra incentive” to do it. Basically, even with his Marvel success, Sebastian still isn’t well known to be chased down by paparazzi, and Margarita is even less known. Neither of them are photographed often when it’s just one of them out somewhere on their own, but we almost always get a flood of photos when they’re both somewhere together? Also, a lot of my anons (myself included) believe that she definently uses her instagram as a platform to get more recognition, primarily from Sebastian’s fans since the majority of them follow her for Sebastian photos that she now posts often. We’re not saying she doesn’t care for him at all, but she definently seems like an opportunist and is using the relationship to her advantage.
  • Also, in my directory, there’s a list of posts and submissions - along with this one - that I recommend to new people that make some good points and cover some other stuff about her.

Please understand that my anons and I do not force people to sit here and read all of our opinions and theories on her. Some of my anons do like her and some don’t, we have our doubts about her motivations, but no one is forcing anyone to look at this blog. I always encourage people to block this blog if they don’t like the content.

Rhyan's Declassified Warped Tour Survival Guide

Hey everyone!
Since Warped started last week, I figured help some of you first-timers and post a little guide so you can prepare. Here are 20 things that I think are important for everyone to know when going to Warped tour that you won’t find anywhere else. Every other guide says the same thing, so here are 20 new, original tips. (For any music festival really.)
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1. Always buy tickets from a trusted source. People get scammed all the time by buying tickets in parking lots and such. Make sure you’re getting authentic tickets by buying from authorized websites such as ticketmaster or visiting the venue box office.

2. The night before, print off a copy of the directions to the venue, ensure that your gps is working properly, or make sure you can get the directions on your phone. One wrong turn on the way to the venue could make you late. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and make sure you know where you’re going.

3. Track the weather starting 3 days before your scheduled event date. Tracking the weather will help you decide if you need a rain poncho or other rain gear - which you may need to go purchase in advance.

4. Warped tour IS NOT A FASHION SHOW. No one there cares about your brand new skinny jeans or Michael Kors purse. Leave the expensive clothes and jewelry at home and dress comfy and for the weather; stick to breathable tank tops and some old shorts. And RUNNING SHOES GODDAMNIT. You’ll be sweaty and dirty so make sure you wear clothes that can get ruined.

5. Bring a small backpack. Stay away from any kind of purse! It will be ridiculous to carry band merch, water, and other items around in a purse. Bringing a backpack is more comfortable and will ensure you have room for extra items.

6. Bring a notepad and pen to write down set times and stages that your favorite bands will be playing on. If you want to be really prepared, make a spreadsheet. Write down all the info you’ll need and leave an empty space beside each band so all you have to do is add in the set time when you get there.

7. Make sure you have enough money. Usually around $100 is good. $100 will get you around 2 shirts, and a couple other small items and will also leave you enough money to buy food throughout the day.

8. Bring a reusable water bottle and take advantage of the free water-refill stations available on site. STAYING HYDRATED is key.

9. If you feel even 1% unwell, immediately find the first aid tent and talk to a medic inside. Catching any signs of heat stroke or other illness early is the difference between sitting in a first aid tent for an hour or leaving Warped early in an ambulance. Also, if you see anyone who looks really unwell ask them if they’re ok, or tell security so that they can get help.

10. KNOW YOUR LIMITS. This applies to a couple different things. Firstly, if you’re old enough to drink, make sure you can keep yourself under control. (If you see someone who appears to be drunk and you think they are a danger to themselves or anyone else, get security RIGHT AWAY.) This also applies to sun exposure and exertion. Take breaks periodically so that you’ll have energy to last all day.

11. Always bring a change of socks. You never know if your feet will get wet or muddy. Fresh socks are always nice to have.

12. Bring a plastic bag. If your clothes get dirty or something, you can put them in the bag so that they don’t ruin the other contents of your backpack. You can also use this to keep dry if it rains!

13. Be open minded. There are over 100 bands to choose from. If you have time, see someone new. You never know, you may become a fan of a band you didn’t even actually come to see.

14. Keep ALL negative opinions to yourself. No one wants to hear how much you hate Motionless in White, or how your favorite band is way better than someone else’s. Truth is, it’s just plain rude and hurtful. Everyone is there because they’ve fallen in love with a band - let them have their moment. Don’t ruin that moment for someone.

15. Check out some non-profits. Ladies PLEASE check out the Keep a Breast tent - the information there could save your life one day. May I also recommend To Write Love on Her Arms and Heart Support for the 2014 year? You may learn something.

16. When moshing, be considerate of others. Take care of each other and watch out for anything that could be dangerous. Also, if people don’t want to be part of the mosh pit, you need to respect that.

17. If you’re waiting in line for a signing or sitting down somewhere, take the opportunity to talk to someone you don’t know. You are there because you love a band and others are there because they love a band. You may leave with some new friends!

18. Respect everyone and everything. Keep littering, vandalism, and destruction of property to a minimum. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the moment, but just try your best. It’s also important to respect each other, nice comments only, smiles, and considerate actions. The goal is to make sure everyone is safe while having a good time.

19. Other items you may want to carry in your backpack: hand sanitizer, a bit of toilet paper (hey, you never know if you’ll get stuck in the porta potty with none!), SUNSCREEN, a hat, chapstick, hair ties and hair clips (girls), sharpies, things you want bands to sign for you, sunglasses, cell phone charger.

20. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE FUN. It’s important to come home and say “wow, that was the best day ever!” So make sure you do everything you can to have the best day possible.

Happy 20th anniversary Warped Tour! See you in the pit.