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Before the Finale (Thoughts on the YOI Fandom)

Tomorrow afternoon we come to the end of probably the most amazing twelve weeks of my fandom existence. This has been the wildest ride imaginable, and to be honest, I still can’t believe that what started as a shitty sideblog for this GAY ice skating anime has turned into over 12K followers. 12K AMAZING FOLLOWERS, in a fandom that grew overnight into something beautiful and fulfilling. I have some things to say to all of you before this final episode airs, so please bear with me as I sob through this note…

This is a shout out to all the gif makers, because without you we wouldn’t have all these beautiful screencaps of the show. You’re the backbone of this fandom, and without you, we’d be nothing. Thank you for your hard work!

This is a shout out to all the amazing artists, because without you the fandom would be a less vibrant and colorful. From all the sketches to the comics to the high res portraits (and everything in between), sweet and G-Rated to the full-on SIN, you help us fulfill our dreams with color and images of those in-between moments. Thank you for your hard work!

This is a shout out to all the meta writers, because without you this fandom would fall into panic and disarray as we try to sort through our feelings post-ep. You help us discover our own truths to the show and help our head canons grow. You’ve all been exceptional, and I’ve loved reading them all! Thank you for your hard work!

This is a shout out to all the fic writers, because you keep the episodes going. You fuel our imaginations and fill in those details between the scenes and episodes. You thrill us and you fulfill us with the most tooth-rotting fluff to the dirtiest smut, and we love you for it. Thank you for your hard work!

This is a shout out to the yoi blogs, who keep this fandom running. You’ve all been inspirations to me, and the amount of content is insane. You’re all amazing, funny, and wonderful. Thank you for your hard work!

This is a shout out to you, the fans, because this fandom is everything. All of us have come together to become part of something so astounding, something that is making history, trending every week, and bringing more and more people into this fantastic show. We don’t have ship wars, we have spelling wars, and that’s pretty surprising considering how we all just go with it. Thank you for being here. Thank you for your likes and reblogs and the messages and love. Thank you for being here, right now, at this moment, as we go into the final episode. We’re here for you. We’re going to be crying with you, and I hope beyond hope, that this fandom continues as strong as we are now as we move into the black abyss that is post-finale. I love you all.

Lastly, here’s a shout out to Kubo sensei and everyone at Mappa. You did so very good.

Here’s some tissues and a blankie. We’re all going to need them.

“This generation coming up – unselfish, altruistic, creative, patriotic – I’ve seen you in every corner of the country. You believe in a fair, just, inclusive America; you know that constant change has been America’s hallmark, something not to fear but to embrace, and you are willing to carry this hard work of democracy forward. You’ll soon outnumber any of us, and I believe as a result that the future is in good hands.”

-President Barack Obama, January 10, 2017

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#HAPPYBIRTHDAY2ME#170103💜🎁🎉💝🎂 An-Nyeongan-Nyeongan!^^ It’s Jisoo^^ Everyooooooone~ It’s my first birthday after debuting, and to have this many people greet me and send letters and gifts .. I’m so very touched to receive them ㅠㅠ (ched-tou ched-tou) 😭 Thank you🙏🏻🙏🏻 It may be late, but 2017 is a new start, so everyone have a prosperous new year. To receive this much love at the beginning of the new year, I’m very very thankful and happy! (py-hap py-hap…) For the rest of 2017, BLACKPINK will work hard to make everyone happy! We’ll try our best this year too…💕 Hehe 😉 I love you so very much for making my birthday this happy!! ^^ Well then… Nyeongan nyeongan❤️(You-love you-love) 
Ah! Also Lisa please stop talking back at me ㅠㅠ Sob😭(Hate it hate it) Now it’s really nyeongan~~~~~🖐🏻

Trans: black2dpink824

Signs As Bangtan Bombs

*Click on titles to open Bangtan Bomb*

Aries: “BTS Rhythmical Farce”
Taurus: “Rap Monster’s Change Magic Show”
Gemini: “Nick-Name T-Shirts”
Cancer: “A Guy Like Me - Lipsync by Jungkook (V Cam)”
Leo: “95z Dance Time With A Beat App”
Virgo: “Rap Monster’s Performance Class”
Libra: “N.O Trot Ver.”
Scorpio: “Hello, Jin!” 
Sagittarius: “It’s Tricky” 
Capricorn: “You’re A Holiday, Such A Holiday”
Aquarius: “BTS Fan No.1 V” 
Pisces: “Sleeping Boys”

Instagram photo by Emily V Gordon • Dec 30, 2016 at 7:32pm UTC
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Here’s the caption of this photo on Instagram, in case you don’t feel like traveling: 

I’m not real into writing year end reviews of my life, but I will say this: this year we ended that standup show that had been my favorite and longest ever job. This photo by @jeannette_villarreal is of me standing up to let the final audience in and sobbing like a baby. This year I learned that even good things must end. I learned that putting hard work into something can benefit more than just your career. I learned that @edwardasalazar always looks good in photos. learned it’s ok to cry in front of hundreds of strangers (and some friends). I learned my arm looks no good all folded up against my body. (I had already learned that I don’t really care about that) And I learned how to have a social life outside of a standup show. Here’s to learning.


This is honestly really important to me T_T Hansol finally said “i love you” to us Carats and hearing all this Boys24′s Hwayoung drama and IM NOT COMPARING THE TWO GROUPS im just feeling really grateful and appreciated WHAT DID WE DO TO DESERVE THESE BOYS. It has been emotional the last few days/weeks/month seeing SVT working hard and having Carat Bong and their first fanmeeting and loving their fans sincerely im sobbing rn Thank you svt thank you so much

raerraws  asked:

If the turts had babies with their S/O's! How would the turts react to their child playing with their weapon even after being instructed not to, and actually getting hurt in the process? Does dad or mom give discipline?

I’m really working on these asks, I’m not used to them so its the first time with me working on them. I hope you still like it!!! Also I’ve made the ages different for each turtle !! hope this was okay  !!!

Age: 12

“How did you even get hold of these?!” 

“You left them on the table” they sobbed, winching at the pain as they shamefully looked down as Donnie was stitching up the small but deep wound on their hand. I don’t think Leo would be able to give punishment, he’d be kicking himself too much. He’d take it out on himself, beating himself up both emotionally and physically going extra hard in the dojo as the mama was sorting things out. The ma is going to make them do every chore imaginable, just to make them understand that those weapons are not toys and shouldn’t be treated like such. Of cause, raising such an understanding kid, they took their punishment without a word. Because damn their hand really freaking hurt and they’re gonna regret ever touching them.

Leo is going to need a talking too though, I Honestly believe he’ll beat himself up for it for a while. Maybe up until the wound has completely healed, so they’ll have to smack him around the face a little and tell him these things happen, and assure him it’ll never happen again. 

“But please, be careful where you put them in the future?” He’d kiss her after saying that, like sealing the deal type of thing. 

Age: 10


“I’m sorry!” They were wincing, tears in their eyes as the already felt the bruise forming on their head. And of cause, they would go straight to Donnie to see if there was any long term damage, of cause they had a concussion. Mikey would be the soft one out of the two of them, so mama bear would be the one to give the punishment. It would be her taking away their kids video games and comic books,and i assure you, that would bring the biggest temper tantrum in the world. But even Mikey would back her up on this one, they weren’t a toy! After this he would keep them on him at all times, and even ask donnie if he had a safe he could use for them on a night. I also bet everything he would be so smothering afterwards, even with protests from their kid. 

Age: 13

“This is why I said no to playing with these”

“I know..” I feel like Raph’s kid would cut his face? Maybe they raised their hand too high and just grazed their cheek? nothing too harmful, not enough to leave stitches. But there would definitely be a lot of blood.

Out of all the kids, I feel like Raphs would be the one to actually go out of their way to get the weapons. mama bear isn’t going to go near this punishment - she’s gonna leave it all to Raph and not get involved. He’d ban anything fun for a very, very long time. Not letting them near a tv or internet, not letting ‘em hang out with any friends either. He’s gonna be so let down with them, all he asks of his child is to respect him and their mother. He doesn’t think that’s asking for much. The kids going to ignore them both for a while, but soon enough their heads going to be hung low and they’re going to apologize profoundly. 

“You did great baby” they’re s/o would smile, kissing his cheeks as they watched their kid run to their phone after about a month of not having it. 

Age: 11

“I thought I told you not to touch this, do you even understand how dangerous this is, i can’t believe–” 

“…..” I truly believe Donnie would talk the hell out of them, I don’t think he’d really punish them like the other turtles. Just lecture them. A lot. Literally to the point where they actually are sorry and wont want to go near the thing again. Of cause, the mama bear wouldn’t want to do anything either, knowing his lectures would be enough. However something has to be done for them to really understand what they did was wrong, so mama would personally take away any gadgets that they had. Between them not having their stuff and their dad nagging in their ear constantly, they’d get the message and apologize for what they did. 

Mystic Messenger Christmas DLC:

Expectation: Everyone is happy and loving and the different RFA members all do happy, cute Christmas things with you!


signs as iconic seventeen project things

aries: the infamous gat. 

taurus: when mingyu gave a flower to a jeonghan stan

gemini: when s.coups and woozi had a fight but ultimately made up with many tears and hugs

cancer: when seungkwan cried all throughout their performance of shining diamond and was still sobbing at the end

leo: “OMG?? more like OTL!!!!”…until it ended up on the 2nd mini album

virgo: everyone bullying woozi on how woozi bullies them during recording time

libra: the vocal team’s performance of “because of you” (and joshua’s 10/10 chorus)

scorpio: dk crying b/c he felt useless

sagittarius: the high note contest in which dk shattered glass

capricorn: “i am working hard on the choreo!! and woozi hyung is working hard on the song!! and…s.coups hyung is just working on whatever he does” 

aquarius: the random play dance at the beginning and the ceo’s talk afterwards…the ceo in general tbh


This is my submission to the Get-Well-Soon-Tanaka-Sensei-Project ;////////; <3 I wanted to post here cause this is the first drawing that i’ve worked so hard on, and went from 12am - 7am non stop e//////e *i’m hungry now but pffttt I should sleep…* 
@xfrozentiime & @crossingworld – Here’s the finished drawing + coloring!! >//////< I hope you two like it!! 
I hope Tanaka-sensei likes it as well ;//////; asfhkjashfjas <3 
I admit I messed up on the colors though… mostly cause of the wrong color pencils I have. They have the color I want around the pencil but once you start coloring IT’S NOT THE SAMEEEE QWQ *SOBS* Also was supposed to keep Lawde’s pants white oops…. cause Licht-tan’s normal color for his pants are white ahahhah *sobs again* 
On the bright side… I was able to switch their outfits with one another…. su-success(???) QWQ I’m so emotional right now hahahah. Kay, I gotta sleep… g’night everyone!! >//////<!!

  • Remus: Sirius you have to stop
  • Sirius: I can't, I can't stop, Remus
  • Remus: Sirius it's not healthy, you can't go on this way
  • Sirius: I know, I know! [sobs] It's just so hard Moons. [throws himself into Remus' arms]
  • James: What are they talking about?
  • Peter: Sirius has a serious glitter obsession
warmth [sans x reader]

heya! so here’s my first undertale fanfic! i worked real hard on this one. anywho, reader takes the place of frisk. sans goes through a lot of shit, so here’s you trying to cheer him up. tried to make it as gender-neutral as possible. here’s some fluffy sans action for all of you sinners. hope you enjoy!

pairing: sans x reader

type: fluff (with a ‘lil bit of angst)

point of view: second (reader’s) [and papyrus’ during the extended ending]

summary: sans wasn’t the type of guy to cry and sob over nightmares, but he knew you would be there to give him warmth when he did

word count: 1918

listen: Carry On by FUN

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“Ready?” You ask, making Morgan blush a little as he nods. You’ve been working with the BAU for about a week trying to find this Unsub, and Morgan’s fallen hard for you (unbeknownst by you).

At his nod, you kick the door open and follow Morgan in, both of your guns up at the ready. Rushing into the warehouse, you see the missing woman sitting tied to a chair in the middle of the room, sobbing into her gag. You rush forward and kneel at her side, pulling down the gag. “You’re going to be fine, I promise.”

Morgan appears that your side, gun still up as he looks around the room. “Ma'am, is Mark Perry still here?”

She nods. “Upstairs.”

Right after she says that a shot rings out from behind you and you see a bullet hole in the pillar right next to where your head is. Moving quickly, you stand up so you’re standing in front of the woman and your gun is pointed at Mark Perry. Derek’s doing the same from where he stands to your right and a little in front of you.

“Mark Perry, FBI, put your gun down,” Morgan orders. You concentrate on the sound of the others in your comm coming your way.

The man laughs manically, eyes wild. “You know I can’t do that.”

Looking past Perry, you see Reid and JJ coming to the warehouse silently and nod at you. Giving a subtle nod back, Reid steps forward and easily twists the gun out of Mark’s hand and onto the floor has JJ puts a handcuff on his other arm.

Mark hits JJ in the head with his free arm, and Morgan rushes forward to tackle him to the ground so we won’t get away. You finish untying the woman before leading her out of the warehouse and to the waiting medics as the three FBI agents detain Mark Perry.

“It was a pleasure working with you all this past week,” you say.

You had all just arrived back at Quantico, and now it’s time for you to go back to your duties at the CIA. You’re saying goodbye to your friends here at the BAU. Smiling, you pull Garcia into a hug, then JJ, Prentiss, Rossi, and Reid.

You shake hands with Hotch before walking up to Morgan and pulling him into a hug. As you pull away, you see him slightly flushed, and you smile as you slip a small piece of paper into his hand discreetly.

“Call me.”


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happy holiday my friends! you’ve worked hard in 2016, I hope you all have plenty of time to rest and recharge yourselves to welcome 2017. may it be a good year for all of us ♡