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endless summer characters ranked in order of how often they dab

  1. mc. uses dabbing as punctuation. dabs every time one of their friends dies so therefore has dabbed over 23,529 times
  2. diego. this boy is the ultimate pop culture memelord, of COURSE he dabs too much. also taught varyyn how
  3. craig. dabs without the slightest hint of irony. it’s how he shows excitement
  4. raj. simply has too much joy in his body, has to express it through dabbing
  5. zahra. opposite of craig, dabs solely ironically and usually at very inappropriate moments
  6. jake. says he’s too cool and badass and tough to dab but if you’re lucky you’ll witness a quality jake dab or two
  7. grace. genuinely didn’t know what dabbing was until diego explained it to her and is still warming up to the concept
  8. quinn. not a huge fan of dabbing, but if it’ll make her friends happy she’ll oblige
  9. sean. simply doesn’t see the point? but very rarely he’ll indulge in a very fast dab but nobody can tell if it’s even a dab or just a weird movement
  10. michelle. NOT a fan. goes on twitter rants about how stupid dabbing is. smacks craig each time he dabs
  11. aleister. witnessing an aleister dab is a rare and momentous and beautiful occasion. it’s happened maybe once. raj and craig have been trying to get him to do it this whole time and he’s stubbornly refused. HOWEVER one time when diego is the only one looking in his direction and everyone else is distracted, he looks diego in the eyes and does the most perfect, beautiful, flawless dab in human history. diego gasps and immediately runs to tell the rest of the group. “ha! sure he did” says craig. “yes diego don’t be ridiculous” says aleister. diego cries
  12. estela. it’s never happened and it never will
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Hey y'all! There’s not really any special reason for doing this, but I’ve never done one before and wanted to! 

To anyone who follows me, thank you so much! Without you guys liking and reblogging everything that I’ve written and made I wouldn’t be where I am today and I wouldn’t have the confidence to be able to even share my personal content with y'all! I remember being so nervous to share my first piece of writing, but now I love it thanks to y'alls love and support. I have had the time of my life being a part of the 5sos fam and am eternally grateful for all the wonderful friendships I’ve made along the way and now it’s my turn to show my appreciation back! 

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rainbowdracula  asked:

I think what we're seeing is a communication breakdown between Keith and Shiro, caused by their personal baggage and fears, so it's not anyone's fault but it's still sad because they're so close. Hopefully next season we see them confront this breakdown and make their relationship stronger...I love healthy communication in my shows ;o;

1000% agree!! these guys are funny because they’ve been called the closest relationship on the team but they’re also super terrible at actually soothing each others REAL troubles cuz they’re never really honest about them. Maybe they feel like if they speak the truth they’ll scare the other person off. But the important thing is they’re still trying to comfort each other despite their bad communication issues, and that’s why I like them so much. I feel like we’re gonna hit a big hurdle soon, but when they get over it they’ll be closer to real equals where Keith can have some more faith in himself and stop relying on Shiro, and Shiro can open up to Keith as a man and a leader who can support him as a partner. 

Guys help. I’m already in love with my Nanowrimo OCs but it’s so hard to outline when I’m so focused on how CUTE they’re going to be together. Ian is ten pounds of “fight me” in a five pound bag (bless her) and Angie is the butch lesbian sci-fi hero I’ve always wanted (to be) and they’re going to fall so in love with each other. 😭 😭 💖 💖

hey, if anyone needs any psych/disability/science/culture/humanities essays/articles that they can’t access themselves or find free online, you can totally send me a message and i’ll do my damnednest to see if i can get it for ya’ll, my uni has access to a load of papers/journals/websites that can’t be accessed unless you’re with an institution so just hit me up and i’ll try my best to help

this also goes for anyone who needs resources for essays/papers/etc and can’t really find anything for whatever topic you’re working on. i am a master of the art of ‘shit lets search for everything related to this and see what works’ 

ooc; Sup y'all.

I accept most M!As, but please let’s not take my muse’s agency away. Don’t make him attracted to, angry, infatuated, concerned, etc with one person in particular, don’t make him, through anon magic, suddenly view a particular event in a way that goes against the way he does. I can accept those in very specific terms, only for humorous effect. In any other context it feels deeply self indulgent (even fetishistic) and while it may be fun to others, it isn’t for me.

Even more because he does have multiple other people in his life that he cares for and using M!As to favor one of them doesn’t sit well with me.

I know people sending these mean no harm and it’s not an attack, I’m glad you are invested in my muse. But there’s a reason behind the things he does and his retaliation once the magic wears off can be severe, even get in the way I want to conduct his character.

p much everything that’s happened this year has made me a better and happier person. the irony is i wanted that to be the year before that would but then i gave up for awhile, somehow survived, was patient with myself and things just happened…


happy birthday to our cute jimin!
thank you for being our angel

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you’re hanging out with the cutest girl in the whole wide world, driving around in a pink cadillac convertable, ignoring the male gaze, and eating cherry popsicles on a warm summer day. you think you finally know what joy feels like

having a picnic on a hill filled with wildflowers, you feel the sudden urge to cry from both an underlying sadness and an overwhelming appreciation for the beauty of queen anne’s lace and daisies

you’re parked at the beach at 3:30 in the morning on a warm summer night, and you feel weirdly nostalgic for a time you weren’t alive for 

you’re driving in a car filled with friends with the windows rolled down, and though it’s never possible to fully leave your sadness behind, in that moment, everyone is smiling and everyone is happy, and there seems to be blue and yellow glow over everything

you walk deep into the woods and flop onto your back into a snowbank, staring up at the bare trees and falling snowflakes as the sky gets dark, feeling as if you could lie there forever

you’re riding the subway late at night, listening to an old ipod classic. the car is dimly lit, it’s empty, and it seems as if the train will never stop, but you’re not going anywhere in particular