i worked a long time to make this

Not to sound dramatic but becoming a Kpop Fan is one of the BEST decisions I’ve ever made, and I do not reget it at all.

Ramadan Mubarak !

Ramadan Mubarak to all of my Muslim followers. Insha'Allah it will be full of blessings, prayers, yummy food (hehe), love, joy, and that it will not be too hard. Make sure to eat suhoor so that you can stay full of energy the next day and make sure to drink lots of water when you break your fast so you don’t get dehydrated! Don’t overwork yourselves too much so if you need to work out, lower the intensity a bit! I know a month of fasting seems so long and hard but it actually goes by so quickly so enjoy it while you can and use your time wisely! ^-^

Why I am sending my kid to do something else on Memorial Day...

As other parents of a special needs child might understand, your kid behaving during a gathering that’s somewhere other than your home, is a roll of the dice. I’m constantly chasing her around, making sure she’s not eating something that’s not food, not snatching a handful of food off someone’s plate and sprinting away (admittedly her giggles when this happens are ADORABLE), stealing someone’s water bottle, touching a hot stove in the kitchen… the list is never-ending. Seriously. I am always on guard, and never get to sit down and eat at the same time as everyone else. My husband and I take shifts, so we each can sit down and eat without worrying if she’s getting into something or not.

So of course, she gets told ‘no’ a good portion of the time she’s there. “No, don’t go in there”, “no, that’s not yours”, “you can’t be in the kitchen right now, there are hot things on the stove, and they need to get in the oven”. So then she gets upset, because her life is pretty much doing her things her way, and she will very clearly express her displeasure at being kept from going/doing where/what she wants.

Of course she wants to be in the kitchen, that’s where the food is, and the tile floor is nice and cool to lay on. Why is it a problem when she steals a water bottle, and sprints away giggling so she can play with it. She doesn’t care about the consequences of her actions, or recognize danger, so she has to be constantly supervised. That’s more difficult to do, when you’re in a home that isn’t as “autistic kid-proofed” as your own might be.

Not to mention, when she gets tired of being there, and wants to go home. She starts giving what we call ‘the signal’, which is leading us to the door and putting our hand on the knob. If that doesn’t work, she does what we call 'turning up the volume’ by starting to make fussing sounds. Next is gently tapping her head with her fist, and so help your eardrums if you haven’t started to get your stuff together to go, because here comes the ear-shattering shrieks full-on punching herself in the skull, and slamming her head into the wall.

All of this means we usually end up leaving early, missing dessert, time with family, and taking my younger daughter away from playtime with other kids.

So instead, I will be sending my girl to day camp at her therapy center. She is comfortable and familiar with the environment- she goes there every day after school. She knows the people, as she has the same technician working with her on a 1:1 basis.

Since she is not there, it means I can relax. I’m not constantly chasing her around- meaning I can sit, relax, and visit with family. I can eat at the same time as everyone else, and even hang around long enough for dessert! I might even have a drink or two.

While I’m relaxed and not stressing like crazy, because she can’t be left alone for a second, and gets upset that she has a constant shadow, she is in a familiar place, with familiar people, doing things she enjoys.

Some people might not understand why we do this, but it is what works for our family. I’ve stopped worrying years ago about judgements from people that don’t know us. To me it’s not being selfish, I am just making sure everyone in the family enjoys themselves, including the nonverbal kid that can’t speak up for herself.

Well, this is awkward…

Exactly one year ago today, it was Humourtalia’s first anniversary. And that’s only because, a year prior to that, this blog was created. Funny how time works, isn’t it?

When that anniversary post was made, this blog was in what some might call its ‘heyday’. I had recently returned from a month-long hiatus of despair, and had brought with me a new idea, a last-ditch attempt at making this blog work: the style of image-based imagine that has become Humourtalia’s norm.

After that, not only did the notes rise, but the follower count as well. Within months, we went from 1,000 to 2,000 followers. Mundays were held, events celebrated, and fanfictions written. Humourtalia was thriving.

But then everything slowed. Two posts a day to one. Fanfiction stopped updating. Hiatuses became all too regular. Even my ugly temper made a few unwelcome appearances.

Ironically, I can’t imagine how that appeared from the outside. My best guess is that it looked like a wounded blog, limping away from the height of its activity, whispering to itself that it had more to come while the grim reaper loomed ominously overhead.

Well, perhaps not that dramatic. But something like that.

It’s that image which brings us now to a sad symmetry. Exactly one year ago today, a question was asked: will Humourtalia continue? That same question can be asked now. But, as with last year, the answer has already been decided…

Of course it will, you pillock! I don’t have the words to express just how much I love this blog (which is deeply uncomfortable for a writer). Through all the stress of recent months, it’s been at the back of my mind, calling to me like a sultry mistress. Or a particularly needy parrot. Whichever works.

That said, it won’t continue right away. I have some business to finish, but then Humourtalia will be back, baby. Mundays will be held, events will be celebrated, and fanfictions will finally be updated. Most importantly, though, there’ll be imagines ready for your reading every day at 9pm.

If you thought this time last year was Humourtalia’s heyday, you’ve got another thing coming. But it’s a good thing, so don’t worry. You’re going to have a lot of fun.

like y'all ok ive been trying to work on c2p2. for over half a year now. i started on it at the same time i was working on that colorbars remaster which we all know didnt happen. and as you can see ive put out a LOT of songs in that time like

it’s specifically communications and nothing else i have no motivation to work on, and no matter how many breaks i take or no matter what i try nothing gets me motivated enough to work on it long enough to actually finish it, and these small bursts of motivation happen every couple months so by the time i have motivation again there is SO MUCH i wanna improve about what i have done so far and right now it’s to the point where i’ll probably have to re-do the instrumental because it sounds so messy

and sure people asking about it makes me less motivated, but it’s not the reason why i wanna finish c2p2. like trust me i’m not doing it just for the fans, if i just didn’t wanna finish it, i wouldn’t. i would’ve cancelled communications and that would be that, but i really do wanna finish it. like the only reason i’m stressing about it is because *i* wanna finish it but i can’t because i genuinely can’t work up the motivation nor the inspiration and i guess people asking about it only reminds me of the fact that i just. can’t get motivated. and people trying to give me advice on how to motivate myself also makes it worse because i’ve tried, trust me, and literally nothing works. my depression is an immovable object, i’m not exaggerating. and being reminded of that makes me even less motivated i guess,

i’m so sorry to rant, i don’t mean any of this personally at all it’s just??? i’m hoping you guys can understand, i’m more impatient with myself than even my most nagging fans and it’s not something a simple break will fix


I’ve either been with these blogs from the beginning or just have been with them for a heck of a long time. And tbh guys I feel like the Little old proud mom to see how well the blogs are doing. It makes me so happy, that you sharing what you love makes others happy and they like it! And i just don’t know if I ever told y'all how proud of y'all I am 💕 keep up the good work
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Ok, this is just a doodle, but as all my babies…I love him very dearly. It was funny and quite complicated, and long… because every time I started some lines or shades, other duties came in and I were obliged to interrupt the work.
A thing that annoys me at epic level!
Anyway, thanks to Dr. Lang -Tom for the reference pose.
What you see isn’t a camera filter, or some app effect for editing…is just my paper sheet flooded by late afternoon sunlight. And I love the way it hits the paper surface, emphasizing the grain…
I’ve just imagined Loki fallen asleep after one of his long nights of studies and reading, in the library.
Not one of my best drawings but not so bad anyway…

Just an idea...

Hey guys!

So people have been telling me for ages I should get patreon so I make a little money on the side and so they could help support my writing addiction, and I’ve been hesitating a while because I haven’t really been able to decide on what to post for rewards and such.

In an ideal world I would post my fics, but that’s kind of copyright violation so I can’t do that…and I do eventually want to post original works and maybe fan art, but it takes a long time to plan, write and edit these to be publication ready and professional looking. Same with drawing it takes me a while. So I’m not writing it off entirely, but I don’t know if I will be able to get anything like that up and ready soon.

But I was thinking of maybe doing something along the lines of writing tutorials. Short videos or written guides on different writing techniques I’ve felt to be helpful and which might be helpful to any aspiring (or even fellow, established) writers. I often teach my students at school with video lectures so the process is fairly simple for me to adapt to writing tutorials, and that way I’m using both my teaching experience and writing experience in a practical manner.

Anyway, it’s just an idea but would you guys be interested in this?

Just an update:

I hurt my back in addition to the issue with my foot, thanks to an uneven gait and just general issues that can come from walking unnaturally for a long period of time.

I’ve temporarily upgraded to Roxicet and Flexeril which make me pretty much useless as a person so I apologize for any delays with regards to my WIPs. I have most of the next chapter of WWWOS done, a bit of CBTL, a revision of Ch1 of Bounty and several other little things coming down the pipe that I’ve been working on.

In addition to all also been struggling overall with my self worth as a writer, questioning why I do this, if it even matters, if anyone even really cares. I just don’t feel like I’m particularly good at this right now, playing the comparison game, getting hung up on mistakes or errors, and worrying far too much over what people think of me and my work. It’s hard to be a sensitive person who attaches a lot of importance to these things and I’m just not really in the best place right now.

I know some of you are probably sick of me going on about it. I’m trying to put a little distance so I don’t overwhelm you with depressing, self flagellating posts. I don’t want to bring anyone down or make anyone feel like they have to send me supportive messages. It’s just where I’m at right now.

I know logically it’s just chronic pain on top of heavy medication and general post-fic posting sadness but it sucks and I’m sorry. I’m trying.

I’m very grateful for this fandom and the people who do seem to genuinely enjoy what I’ve written, I hope I’ll be able to continue soon.

anonymous asked:

Um, okay, so I apologise if this is a little personal or inappropriate - but, holy shit, how do you do it? How can you write this much so often? Do you not have a job or whatever? I just want to write like you but I physically don't have the time. How long do you reckon it takes you to write like 1000 words? Xxx

I have a job…or whatever.
(No, not or whatever, it is a real job at a non-profit/museum).

I also make glass art/functional work. I also have dogs that I frequently care for and a husband I sometimes talk to. irl friends see me once every full moon, if the weather is right and it is not a Friday. My group chat friends hear from me far too often, and have recently changed the gc title to ‘Pen’s Inner Circle and Horcruxes’. It’s charming. I’m charmed. 

And that depends? Generally I know what I’m writing ahead of time. When that’s the case, I’d say I write about 1,000 words an hour or so. But that doesn’t count the time I spend going back and editing it later, so idk.

How do I do it? I just do it. I don’t spend hours on tumblr (I seriously just get on here to talk to you guys and occasionally post stuff. I sometimes scroll through my dash but soon feel dizzy tbh), or Facebook, or watching TV, or whatever. Writing is something I find enjoyable so it’s not hard for me to find time to do it.

My inability to sit still without doing something productive for more than two seconds probably helps, too.

anonymous asked:

if Bellamy does end up dating someone in space, I hope it's not Raven because he's obviously going to end up with Clarke and Raven doesn't deserve to go through that again. I mean, if the writers can make it work so she doesn't get hurt, then that'd be great because she's 10x better than Echo. if not, I hope Raven is with someone who loves her first and foremost

I don’t know man. 6 years is a long time. Sometimes you’re okay with not having a stupid soul mate. It doesn’t matter what direction their relationship takes, Raven and Bellamy are a team and will support each other through this hardship. Raven has always been one of Clarke and Bellamy’s right hand men and she has always been the person they turn to first for solutions. She’s prickly and argues with them, but she makes it happen. 

If you ask me, I bet they all will have paired off and unpaired and recombined in any number of combinations over the course of 6 years. And they will all love each other when they come out of it, even when they hate each other.

Come to think of it, my novel has a tiny ship isolated in space with only 8 crew members. Listen. I started it WAY before this happened. 

i’ve been wanting to do FE x animal crossing for years and it has happened at last dkjfldf

also have some variants!


Jellybots started as a number of character designs back in 2011- (which started as an attempt to prove to a friend that Beard Holograms are a sweet idea) then some more designs, and eventually a mini comic and a longer comic pitch (very just *almost* a series of GNs) and persistent dreams about wanting to do something bold and colorful and sci-fi/fantasy about growing up and mixing in major personal influences in a very particular sort of way that haven’t left me alone (despite never feeling like I have enough time or followthrough to do it justice). A quick googling should fill in some of the details but suffice it to to say: Jbots is my little personal project about kids and monsters, and a story world I’ve been taking trips to for years. Most characters are based, if loosely, on my irl friends. #DailyJellyJam is a month long attempt to take some of my own advice: one push-up is better than no push-ups! And a little bit of dreaming a day is better than no dreaming at all. So, at the suggestion of @erkshnrt, I’m making time to do some low-stakes worldbuilding at the glacial pace of no money, and I sincerely hope you guys are enjoying it! :)) Above is a sampling of some of the work that’s come together across the last few years- it’s all evolving and much is outdated and likely to be revised, but hopefully it gives you more of a sense of The Thing, or at least how gelatinous sausage gets made ;) new art momentarily!

Daily updates and process videos on Instragram:

In a Heartbeat FAQ

When will the film be released?
Sometime this summer!

Is the film done?

Then why not post it now?
We’re submitting the film to film festivals, and some of them have rules about putting the film online. We just want to make sure we have enough time to run it through the festival circuit, but we are eager to share it with you as soon as we can!!

How much will it cost to watch it?

Where will you upload it?
Vimeo and/or Youtube - but don’t worry, we’ll post about it here, and on our facebook!

Can I share it once it’s online?
Yes! BUT - please do not share by downloading and reuploading the film to your facebook/tumblr/instagram/youtube/etc. That’s stealing. To share it, copy and paste the link (that we will provide!) or use the reblog button on Tumblr or the share button on Facebook! Thank you!

Where can I watch the trailer?

How long is the film?
A whopping 4 minutes and 5 seconds :)

Can you make it longer?
No, this is a student film made by two people - Beth and Esteban were solely responsible for all of the visual aspects of the film, including storyboards, character design, character and set modeling, texturing, rigging, camera layout, animation, set dressing, lighting, rendering, and compositing. That’s a lot of work for two people! Plus, as a thesis film for our college program, there was a required time limit.

Will there be a sequel?
Slow down! We haven’t even released it yet!

Will it have subtitles/will it be dubbed in my language?
There is no dialogue, so there won’t be any need for subtitles or dubbing.

What are the characters’ names?
Sherwin (red hair) and Jonathan (dark hair). And sometimes we call the Heart Shirley :)

How old are they?
Around 13 or 14

Did you change Jonathan’s ethnicity?
Yes! While we were designing the characters, our only consideration was that Jonathan’s eyes be (dreamy) blue. But when we got into production, we made a few adjustments so that Jonathan was mixed Latino. Esteban was born and raised in Mexico, and we wanted to give an extra personal touch to the character.

Can I draw fanart of the characters?
Sure! We’d love to see it if you don’t mind sharing it with us!

Are you still accepting Kickstarter donations?
No, our Kickstarter campaign ended in December. However, if you would like to donate for festival submission fees, we have put a donate button in the sidebar of our tumblr page! There are no rewards attached to these donations, though, so don’t feel obligated!!

Will the Kickstarter rewards still be available to buy?
It’s pretty likely that we’ll open an online store to buy t-shirts and prints, so we’ll let you know if/when that’s available! Thank you for your interest!

Thank you for your support! If you have any other questions, please let us know! <3

Johto Legends: Music from Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver
Johto Legends is a cinematic, orchestral recreation of the soundtracks to the Game Boy classics Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver.

Hey Tumblr! Long time no see. :)

I recently launched a Kickstarter for my newest project: Johto Legends, a licensed album of orchestral music from Pokémon Gold and Silver. We’re so excited to be working with live players, a professional sound engineer, art designers and a CD manufacturer to make this project a reality – but we need your help!

There’s only 1 week left to make this musical tribute to Gold and Silver a stunning success, and we’ve already raised ~$20K! If you love game soundtracks and Pokémon, please consider backing the project and spreading the word. Thank you!!

~ Braxton Burks, creator of Pokémon Reorchestrated and Kanto Symphony

Writer’s Scene Checklist

This works for film/TV as well as for a checklist for an entire novel chapter. Decided to make this because I used to have a lot of trouble figuring out how to structure a scene.

  1. Exposition
    1. Introduce the scene’s characters, situation, time, and place. Basically, let us know how the setting has changed since the last scene (if at all).
    2. This shouldn’t be too long or drawn out (unless you have good reason to). This is just to orientate the audience. And if the scene/story calls for it, you don’t have to orientate them to all four; characters, situation, time, and place. In a mystery, you may not let the audience know everyone who is present, what time it takes place, where, etc. Only do what’s necessary for them to not be too disoriented.
  2. Rising Action
    1. Complication of the situation; intensify or complicate the main conflict; introduce a new conflict. This is the gist of scene, which takes up the most word count/screen time.
  3. Turning Point/Climax
    1. Situation/conflict of the scene is directly addressed or confronted. This is what the gist of the scene has been building up to; the highest moment.
    2. Often times this is the shortest part of the scene since it is a single moment.
  4. Falling Action
    1. Conflict either appeased, put off, or ended; hint of new conflict/situation. Unless this is the final scene, I like to think of this as the SET UP for the next respective scene/chapter.
  5. Conclusion/Tag
    1. Rise of new conflict/situation. Usually, the next scene’s conflict is clearly stated in the conclusion, or at least overtly hinted at.

EXAMPLE SCENE: Airplane ride through a storm.

  1. Exposition
    1. Milo and Alisha are on a passenger plane, headed through the Bermuda Triangle.
    2. This could be stated in one sentence: “Milo shoved Alisha’s carry-on bag into the overhead compartment, taking care not to squash their lunch.”
  2. Rising Action
    1. Milo is nervous about planes, and it is no help that there is supposed to be a storm. Alisha assures him they’ll be alright.
    2. This is the gist of the scene and can carry on for several pages as they talk about his anxiety, what they’re going to do when they land, etc.
  3. Turning Point/Climax
    1. The plane hits severe turbulence due to an intense downburst.
    2. As I said before, stating the climax doesn’t take very long at all since it is, in fact, only a single moment: “The plane lurched downward and the emergency masks dropped with it.”
  4. Falling Action
    1. The pilots lose control; oxygen masks deploy; panic ensues in the cabin.
    2. This could take some time, but usually doesn’t. Once the climax is reached, you’ve now begun setting up for the next scene.
  5. Conclusion/Tag
    1. The plane crashes on a strange island.
    2. You could end a scene like this right as they crash; you could end it a bit after the crash as they bear witness to the aftermath. Personally, and for the most part, I would end the scene at the impact, or just after, and save the aftermath for the next scene.

If this seems really simplified, that’s because it is. It may seem like it’ll make your scene short and choppy, but trust—it won’t. These are simply beats in your scene that you need to hit for the scene to seem plausible; and it isn’t even necessary to have them in this order. You could cleverly state in the beginning that the plane is going to crash, putting the conclusion in the beginning, and then build up to it. It’s all up to you. But these are the beats that make a scene or even a chapter (though some chapters may have more than one scene in them–but even with multiple scenes in a chapter, the chapter will still have these five beats overall)