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Harvey Weinsten sexually Harassed Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita: “I have been following the news and reading the accounts of women coming forward to talk about being assaulted by Harvey Weinstein and others. I had shelved my experience with Harvey far in the recesses of my mind, joining in the conspiracy of silence that has allowed this predator to prowl for so many years. I had felt very much alone when these things happened, and I had blamed myself for a lot of it, quite like many of the other women who have shared their stories.

But now that this is being discussed openly, I have not been able to avoid the memories resurfacing. I have felt sick in the pit of my stomach. I have felt such a flare of rage that the experience I recount below was not a unique incident with me, but rather part of a sinister pattern of behavior.

I met Harvey Weinstein in 2011 at an awards ceremony in Berlin, while I was still a student at the Yale School of Drama. An intermediary introduced him to me as “the most powerful producer in Hollywood.” As an aspiring actress, I was of course eager to meet people in the industry but cautious about strangers, and the intentions of men in general. So I tried to vet this famous producer by asking my dinner-table companions what they knew of him. A woman who was a producer herself cautiously advised me to “keep Harvey in your corner.” She said: “He is a good man to know in the business, but just be careful around him. He can be a bully.” And so I exchanged contacts with him in the hopes that I would be of consideration for one of his projects. I wanted to keep things professional, so I made a point of referring to him as “Mr. Weinstein.” But he insisted that I call him by his first name. In this first encounter, I found him to be very direct and authoritative, but also charming. He didn’t quite put me at ease, but he didn’t alarm me, either.

Not long after we met in Berlin, Harvey wrote to me inviting me to attend a screening of a film — a competitor’s film similar to one he had produced. He said we would be watching it with his family at his home in Westport, Conn., which was not far away from New Haven, where I was living at the time. He would send a car to pick me up. I accepted the invitation.

The driver and I met Harvey in the little town of Westport, where he informed me that we would be having lunch at a restaurant before getting to his home. I did not think much of this. It was a busy restaurant, and as soon as we sat down he ordered a vodka and diet soda for himself. I asked for a juice. Harvey was unimpressed with my choice and told the waiter to bring me a vodka and diet soda instead. I declined and said I wanted the juice. We went back and forth until finally he turned to the waiter and said, “Get her what I tell you to get her. I’m the one paying the bill.” I smiled and remained silent. The waiter left and returned with a vodka and diet soda for me. He placed it on the table beside my water. I drank the water. Harvey told me that I needed to drink the vodka and diet soda. I informed him that I would not.

“Why not?” I remember him asking. “Because I don’t like vodka, and I don’t like diet soda, and I don’t like them together,” I said. “You are going to drink that,” he insisted. I smiled again and said that I wouldn’t. He gave up and called me stubborn. I said, “I know.” And the meal proceeded without much further ado. In this second encounter with Harvey, I found him to be pushy and idiosyncratic more than anything.

We got to his home after lunch and I met his domestic staff and his young children. He took me on a brief tour of the house before he rounded us all up in the screening room to watch the film. He had just produced a similar film of his own, but everyone was raving about this rival version.

I settled in for the film, but about 15 minutes in, Harvey came for me, saying he wanted to show me something. I protested that I wanted to finish the film first, but he insisted I go with him, laying down the law as though I too was one of his children. I did not want another back-and-forth in front of his kids, so I complied and left the room with him. I explained that I really wanted to see the film. He said we’d go back shortly.

Harvey led me into a bedroom — his bedroom — and announced that he wanted to give me a massage. I thought he was joking at first. He was not. For the first time since I met him, I felt unsafe. I panicked a little and thought quickly to offer to give him one instead: It would allow me to be in control physically, to know exactly where his hands were at all times.

Part of our drama school curriculum at Yale included body work, using massage techniques on one another to understand the connection between body, mind and emotion, and so I felt I could rationalize giving him one and keep a semblance of professionalism in spite of the bizarre circumstance. He agreed to this and lay on the bed. I began to massage his back to buy myself time to figure out how to extricate myself from this undesirable situation. Before long he said he wanted to take off his pants. I told him not to do that and informed him that it would make me extremely uncomfortable. He got up anyway to do so and I headed for the door, saying that I was not at all comfortable with that. “If we’re not going to watch the film, I really should head back to school,” I said.

I opened the door and stood by the frame. He put his shirt on and again mentioned how stubborn I was. I agreed with an easy laugh, trying to get myself out of the situation safely. I was after all on his premises, and the members of his household, the potential witnesses, were all (strategically, it seems to me now) in a soundproof room.

Earlier Harvey had sent the driver to the store to buy a boxed collection of “The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency,” an HBO show that he had produced. This was the project he thought I would be right for, he said. (I later found out that the show had not been on the air for some time.) As I prepared to leave his home, he presented it to me. He wanted me to check it out and let him know what I thought. He would be in touch about it. I left for New Haven with his driver.

I didn’t quite know how to process the massage incident. I reasoned that it had been inappropriate and uncalled-for, but not overtly sexual. I was entering into a business where the intimate is often professional and so the lines are blurred. I was in an educational program where I was giving massages to my classmates and colleagues every day. Though the incident with Harvey had made me uncomfortable, I was able to explain and justify it to myself, and shelve it as an awkward moment. His offer to me to be a part of the HBO show was a very attractive one and I was excited about it, especially as I would be graduating in another year. I didn’t know how to proceed without jeopardizing my future. But I knew I would not be accepting any more visits to private spaces with Harvey Weinstein.

I decided to invite Harvey to come to a production I was in at school. Perhaps that way he would really see what I had to offer, and he would see my colleagues, too. He accepted the invitation, but the night of the production, he sent a message saying he had been caught up in New York and would be unable to attend. He would make it up to me. So when I received an official invitation to a staged reading of his new Broadway show, “Finding Neverland,” I was not surprised. I was still debating whether I should accept his invitation, and so I responded saying I was not certain that I could make it because of my school schedule. He responded with exactly the words I needed to hear: Come with whomever you want to come with. And so I invited two of my trusted male friends.

We attended the reading, and afterward Harvey invited us all to a restaurant for dinner with his comrades and collaborators. He sat me next to him, and another actress sat across from me. He had my friends sit at a different table. The talk was shop the whole time and Harvey held court with ease. He was charming and funny once more, and I felt confused about the discomfort I had previously experienced. I looked at the actress who I was informed had just worked with him on a project, searching her face for any sort of indication that she too had been made to feel uncomfortable by this powerful man, but of course I saw nothing. We did not stay very long because we had to catch a train back to New Haven. My friends had been equally charmed by Harvey. He knew when to turn it on if he wanted something. He was definitely a bully, but he could be really charming, which was disarming and confusing. I left feeling that perhaps he had learned my boundaries and was going to respect them.

A couple of months later, I received an email from Harvey, inviting me again to New York for a screening of “W.E.” After the screening, we would have drinks in TriBeCa. I then received a phone call from one of his male assistants to arrange my transportation. Feeling more confident about the new sense of boundaries that we had established in our last meeting, I attended the screening on my own this time. Afterward, as planned, his male assistant arranged for me to get to the Tribeca Grill, where Harvey would be joining us. I met a female assistant when I arrived there. I was expecting that it would be a group of us, as it had been for the reading, but she informed me it would just be Mr. Weinstein. She would sit with me until he arrived. She seemed on edge, but I could only imagine how stressful it was to work for a man who had so much going on.

Harvey arrived and the assistant immediately disappeared. We ordered drinks and starters. Again he was offended by my nonalcoholic beverage choice but he didn’t fight me on it as hard. Before the starters arrived, he announced: “Let’s cut to the chase. I have a private room upstairs where we can have the rest of our meal.” I was stunned. I told him I preferred to eat in the restaurant. He told me not to be so naïve. If I wanted to be an actress, then I had to be willing to do this sort of thing. He said he had dated Famous Actress X and Y and look where that had gotten them.

I was silent for a while before I mustered up the courage to politely decline his offer. “You have no idea what you are passing up,” he said. “With all due respect, I would not be able to sleep at night if I did what you are asking, so I must pass,” I replied.

His whole demeanor changed at that point. “Then I guess we are two ships passing in the night.” I had never heard that saying before, so I remember asking him what it meant. “It means just that,” he said. “We are two ships going in two different directions.”

“Yes, I guess we are.”

“So we are done here,” he said. “You can leave.”

We got up, having not eaten anything, and he led me out of the restaurant. My heart was beating very fast. A cab was hailed for me. I said I would take the subway (I could not afford a cab at the time), but he handed me some money and told me not to be silly, take the cab. Before I got in, I needed to make sure that I had not awakened a beast that would go on to ruin my name and destroy my chances in the business even before I got there.

“I just want to know that we are good,” I said.

“I don’t know about your career, but you’ll be fine,” he said. It felt like both a threat and a reassurance at the same time; of what, I couldn’t be sure.

I did not see Harvey again until September 2013 when I was in Toronto for the premiere of “12 Years a Slave,” the first feature film I was in. At an after-party, he found me and evicted whoever was sitting next to me to sit beside me. He said he couldn’t believe how fast I had gotten to where I was, and that he had treated me so badly in the past. He was ashamed of his actions and he promised to respect me moving forward. I said thank you and left it at that. But I made a quiet promise to myself to never ever work with Harvey Weinstein.

Not long after I won the Academy Award in 2014, I received an offer to play a role in one of the Weinstein Company’s forthcoming films. I knew I would not do it simply because it was the Weinstein Company, but I did not feel comfortable telling this to anybody. I turned down the role, but Harvey would not take no for an answer. While at Cannes, he insisted on meeting with me in person. I agreed to do it only because my agent would be present. In the meeting, he was honest about intending to persuade me to do his movie. I told him I simply did not feel it was a role I needed to play. He said he was open to making it bigger, more significant, maybe they could add a love scene. He said if I did this one for him, he would do another one for me — basically guaranteeing backing a star-vehicle film for me. I ran out of ways of politely saying no and so did my agent. I was so exasperated by the end that I just kept quiet. Harvey finally accepted my position and expressed that he still wanted to work with me at some point. “Thank you, I hope so,” I lied.

And that was the last of my personal encounters with Harvey Weinstein. I share all of this now because I know now what I did not know then. I was part of a growing community of women who were secretly dealing with harassment by Harvey Weinstein. But I also did not know that there was a world in which anybody would care about my experience with him. You see, I was entering into a community that Harvey Weinstein had been in, and even shaped, long before I got there. He was one of the first people I met in the industry, and he told me, “This is the way it is.” And wherever I looked, everyone seemed to be bracing themselves and dealing with him, unchallenged. I did not know that things could change. I did not know that anybody wanted things to change. So my survival plan was to avoid Harvey and men like him at all costs, and I did not know that I had allies in this.

Fortunately for me, I have not dealt with any such incidents in the business since. And I think it is because all the projects I have been a part of have had women in positions of power, along with men who are feminists in their own right who have not abused their power. What I am most interested in now is combating the shame we go through that keeps us isolated and allows for harm to continue to be done. I wish I had known that there were women in the business I could have talked to. I wish I had known that there were ears to hear me. That justice could be served. There is clearly power in numbers. I thank the women who have spoken up and given me the strength to revisit this unfortunate moment in my past.

Our business is complicated because intimacy is part and parcel of our profession; as actors we are paid to do very intimate things in public. That’s why someone can have the audacity to invite you to their home or hotel and you show up. Precisely because of this we must stay vigilant and ensure that the professional intimacy is not abused. I hope we are in a pivotal moment where a sisterhood — and brotherhood of allies — is being formed in our industry. I hope we can form a community where a woman can speak up about abuse and not suffer another abuse by not being believed and instead being ridiculed. That’s why we don’t speak up — for fear of suffering twice, and for fear of being labeled and characterized by our moment of powerlessness. Though we may have endured powerlessness at the hands of Harvey Weinstein, by speaking up, speaking out and speaking together, we regain that power. And we hopefully ensure that this kind of rampant predatory behavior as an accepted feature of our industry dies here and now.

Now that we are speaking, let us never shut up about this kind of thing. I speak up to make certain that this is not the kind of misconduct that deserves a second chance. I speak up to contribute to the end of the conspiracy of silence.”

I’m so happy Lupita shared her story and I have so much more respect for her and commend her for sticking by her morals. It’s disgusting that Harvey would even try something with her while his kids were in the other room, what a sick bastard

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Hello ~ How are you doing? I hope you are having a wonderful day or night depending where you live 😊 I wanted to tell you that your art makes my day every time I see it. Keep up the good work! I've recently remembered your modern time Café Au Inuchiyo which reminded me of the last Story Event were Mitsuhide, Mitsunari, Hideyoshi and Inuchiyo acted as waiters in MC's family restaurant. Could you maybe please draw that scene? Thanks in advance 💜

Sorry this took so long anon, I couldn’t remember how this scene went and how to put it into one pic with so many guys. Please Enjoy!! XD 

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“We endured it all, because we had each other.” JR (2014)

“As Long as you try your best, there will come a time when people recognise you for your worth.” JR (2017)

Today was the day people finally saw NU’EST’s worth. Almost 6 years of hard work and suffering all lead to this one moment of glory. 2045 days since debut, today they received their long over due win. The boy group who took the longest time to get their 1st win an a major music show. Because they are family, are each others strength in life, they never gave up on their dream. I prayed to god for years to take your pain away and make you hit the jackpot because I knew how talented you were, we knew there is no one like you. I have been crying all day, because your dream finally came true! I hope you are granted all the love and happiness this world can offer from this day on, cos bloody hell you deserve it.

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22 Warstan (can it be Sherlolly wedding? But not necessarily) :)

What a challenge! I’ve never written ‘Warstan proper’ before. Thankfully, the lovely @mizjoely looked over it for me (since she’s an amazing Warstan writer). Thanks, Miz!! And thank you @mychakk for the prompt. This one was fun!

How in the name of all things good and holy did Sherlock sodding Holmes beat me to the altar? John wondered as he watched his best friend dance with his lovely wife.

Not that he was in some great hurry to get married, exactly. Although… he was six years older than the detective and not getting any younger. The detective who, for the record, had sworn off all things love and sex-related! John could personally attest to the fact that Sherlock did indeed enjoy ‘pleasures of the flesh’ as the berk had once described, because until the week before he’d slept above the very vocal couple.

Looking down at his empty glass, he mumbled, “I need another drink.” then made his way towards the bar. When he got there, he waited patiently while a balding man in his late fifties ordered the most complicated beverage since the Babylonians first fermented honey.

Finally, the man took his pink and purple monstrosity and left, grinning like a fool. John stepped up. “I need something strong,” he said. “Preferably a lot of it.”

The bartender, a pretty blonde, wasn’t paying attention, too busy glaring at the man with the complicated drink. “If you order something with fewer than six cherries, I’ll name my firstborn after you,” she finally said, turning to face him.

Mercy… She wasn’t pretty; she was beautiful. Exquisite. Stunning. “Gorgeous…” he mumbled unintentionally.

“I’m sorry?” she asked.

He quickly realised what he had done. “Ah, that was a gorgeously bad drink,” he rushed. Gorgeously bad? He shook his head. It’ll have to do.

“I know! I don’t get paid enough to experiment nor do I care to. Doesn’t he know you order the most expensive liquor at an open bar? That entire drink had a half shot of bottom shelf rum.”

John laughed, his mood immediately lifting, but suddenly a look of fear broke out on the bartender’s face.

“Shit! I… do you know him? You’re in the wedding party, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am, but no, I don’t have a clue who that was. Probably some distant relative I’ve yet to meet.” He held out his hand. “I’m John, the best man.”

The woman shook his hand, brightening slightly. “The best man? That’s a funny last name.”

John laughed. “Adorable.” Again, he’d not intended to say it out loud. What the hell’s wrong with me today? he wondered. He was way off his game.

But the woman just smiled, then held up a single finger and winked before disappearing through the door next to the bar. A minute later she reappeared holding something behind her back. “This is the really good stuff,” she whispered as she poured him a glass of Talisker.

John whistled. “No kidding,” he said as he took the glass of whiskey. Everyone was either dancing or eating, so he thought he’d take the time to chat with the woman who’d just handed him a very large, very expensive drink. “Ah, do you work for the venue or the catering company?”

“Neither actually. A friend of mine works for the caterers but he broke his leg and asked me to fill in for him. Luckily, I’ve tended bar before. Unluckily, I’d forgotten how much I hate it.” She looked toward the dancing couples as she finished with, “I’m sort of in between jobs.”

John remembered that feeling. Not too long ago he was barely making ends meet. Now he had two jobs (three if you counted part-time Sherlock-sitting). He was just about to ask about her previous employment when he was interrupted by his best friend.

“Ah, John, there you are,” Sherlock said. “I might have known I’d find you chatting with the lovely Mary here.”

“You two know each other?”

“No. We just met a couple of hours ago but she won my admiration when she told Mycroft to bugger off after referring to her as the help.”

“I didn’t know he was your brother, Sherlock. I just assumed he was some government pencil pusher with a superiority complex.”

“And you weren’t wrong in that assessment, Mary.  Can I get some cool water for Molly? She’s not feeling well.”

The woman nodded.

“What’s wrong with her?” John asked.

“The champagne didn’t agree with her and she’s a bit light-headed,” Sherlock explained.

Mary handed him a glass of water. “No wonder, Sherlock. Pregnant women, especially in the first trimester, are very sensitive to certain tastes. She’s probably a bit overheated as well. You should take her outside for some fresh air. Also, some plain crackers wouldn’t go amiss.”

John was about to admonish Sherlock for not telling him about Molly’s pregnancy when he noticed the look on his face.

“Molly’s… pregnant? Sherlock whispered. He’d gone white as a sheet and his eyes were suddenly comically large.

Mary’s face fell. “Oh my God! I assumed you knew, what with being… well, who you are and all.”

“Pregnant?!” the detective said a little louder.

John saw the oncoming freak-out well before it happened, but there was no stopping it. Sherlock turned and dashed toward his new bride, shouting her name as he ran. Molly, who was sitting a few tables away from the bar, talking with Mike Stamford, tried to calm her husband, but he well and truly lost it. He picked her up - actually picked her up!- and carried her out of the building as the entire room watched.

“Bugger! I feel awful,” Mary said as the door closed, cutting the couple off from the crowd.

“Not your fault. I don’t know how he missed it. He knows… everything,” John said, then something occurred to him. “How did you know, by the way?” That was some Sherlock level deducing.

“I’m a nurse and…” She suddenly seemed a bit shy. “… I can read people, a bit.”


She nodded. “It came in handy in my former job.”

“Which was..?”

“If I tell you, I’ll have to kill you,” she said with a smirk, though, for some reason John half believed her.

“That almost seems worth it.”

Mary laughed. “Maybe.”

He really couldn’t take it anymore. She was funny and intelligent and beautiful and mysterious. Throwing caution to the wind, he asked, “What are the chances I could get your number?”

“Pretty good, I’d say.”


“What would you do if I gave it to you?” she asked.

I’d marry you, he thought, or at least he thought he thought, until he saw the surprised and, thankfully, pleased look on the woman’s face. “Oh, damn. I did it again, didn’t I?”

Biting her lip, Mary nodded. “I’m sure it’s just the Talisker,” she said, gesturing to the drink in his hand.

He had only taken one sip. Bless her! The woman wasn’t only stunning and smart, she was compassionate too. “Are you sure you want to give me your number?” he asked, wondering if he’d just ruined his chances.

“Positive,” she replied. “But I promise not to hold you to that proposal.”

She lied. They were married six months later.

Thanks again. Hope you liked it! ~Lil~

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Hey hey apparently Jeremy said something about Lance-centric episodes and Lance content coming this season in the last interview 👀 do you have any quotes?

I’m working on it! I’m watching and transcribing as I go, but I believe those happen towards the end of the interview, and I’m at the midway point, currently. 

But I promise I’ll transcribe and share anything that I think fans would want to be able to see/easily reference. It just takes some time, because it’s a long interview with lots of talking and talking over each other, which makes it more difficult to transcribe accurately.

i saw a post the other day that said ‘stop weighing people’s value by how much revenue they generate’ and agreed, and then i just stopped for a moment. because wow, i’ve come a long way? i mean, it’s not the same exactly, but when i was in school i hardcore believed that my worth as an individual was pretty much exclusively derived from my academic performance. i wasn’t quite so harsh on the people around me in terms of academics? but that was mostly because they all had other skills to boost their 'value’. like maybe they were good at sports, or could play an instrument, or were very beautiful, or something. i didn’t have those - or at least i didn’t believe i had those - so i just kept sinking my entire concept of self into the quality of my academic 'product’. it took a catastrophic mental breakdown to put the first serious dent in that, and going on four years gone from it i realize i’ve definitely grown into a healthier person all around? but that post gave me an odd little shock, reading it and agreeing to it without a voice in the back of my head saying except you. you’re worthless unless you’re producing results. i guess it’s a little pathetic, that my window of improvement has a benchmark labeled 'not constantly evaluating your objective worth on a scale of Garbage to Adequate’ - like, that seems like such a low bar to meet? - and it took me a long time to get here, but… i’m a little proud of myself, for that. i feel… good. generally, all-around baseline good. somehow despite everything that’s happening right now, and even despite occasional lapses, i’m doing okay? and i’m proud of that.

after seeing @angerydj‘s child for Bunsen and Beaker I wanted to draw all the BB kids together, so, I decided to give this little girl a redesign for my next drawing <3 (the sketch on the left was her original design)

Her name is Pipette (Just like Beaker in spain’s spanish; Pipeta), she’s a BB child I created long time ago (2015-2016) for Cathy’s and I rp plot (If my memory doesn’t betray me) but we never reached to that point in the plot, so… I didn’t get to work on her again xD! Now I just wanted to give her a redesign and make her look more… “muppety” (?)

Yes, like Bunsen, she has “no eyes”

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I have just found your blog and I fell in love. Not only you make great use of gifs but you also have an exquisite writing voice and narrative skills (which is probably very ironic coming from me, since I don't speak English and I know this message is going to be full with mistakes, but still...) I wonder if I can make a request? How about boys reacting to Guardienne at the verge of death? (I'm so sorry, but I love suffering.) Keep the amazing work <3

((My my my, thank you so much for your kind words ! I am very sorry I left your message without any answer for so long. ;__; I’ll do my best in order to obtain your forgiveness. Don’t worry, your English is fine <3 ( btw I am not a native English speaker just like you so you might find mistakes in my messages from times to times -) ))

For this one I imagined Gardienne, trapped alone in the forest, being deadly wounded during a battle. She was found unconscious after a while and brought back to the HQ right away after being given first aid. Unfortunately, it was too late to heal her, she was only a few hours away from death. Everyone gathered around their favourite human to give her their last farewell.

I also choose to stay with the “obsessed lover” Leiftan. Ofc we know he’s a bad guy now but still we have no idea about his real feelings for Gardienne. It makes things easier to keep believing he’s trully in love with her for now. Only time will tell us if it is true !

Ezarel : “No, no, no, it can be… It can’t be possible ! I swore I’d protect you even if it costed my life. I swore it ! No… Why wasn’t I near you when it happen ? WHY ? My dead body should lay here, not yours !  ”


Valkyon : “ How dare I call myself a soldier if I’m not even able to protect you ? ”

Leiftan : “Close your eyes in peace, don’t worry. I’ll find whoever dared to take your life and avenge you.” 

Keroshane : “Ykar, I… why ? If only we had found her before we could have saved her…”

Ashkore *new* : “Wow… So she’s about to die. I enjoyed her company. I guess I’ll kinda miss messing with her.”

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I can’t stop thinking what it must have been like for that brave girl to come out to her yesterday. She is only 17 and she is so happy and free and supported. If only Taylor had gotten the same opportunity and not had to be someone else to please country music fans. I think she must feel so trapped by years of lies. I am on the closet now too long to know how to get out. I feel so bad for her. Maybe this girl inspired her, that would be the greatest thing. Thank you for your blog and for helping

Hey :)

Yes good for this girl, she’s brave & i think we can all say here that Tay was highly probably quite moved by her confession :) 

It’s never too late to come out. No matter what the situation is for you, about family, work…I remember a quote from George Michael (yes i’m a big fan ;), from a documentary initally released a few years ago. 

About being in the closet (from his family) for a long time, he had said “It’s very hard to be proud of your sexuality when it hasn’t given you any joy, but once you have found somebody you really love… it’s not so tough.”

This quote has helped me a lot at some point, bc i thought it was very telling & true :) It helps when you know you have someone you love and who loves you & supports you. It makes you stronger, to face your family, bc usually you choose your friends, so most of the time your close friends are the first ones you tell, but you don’t choose your family…And knowing that if things turn bad, you still have someone llike this who’ll be there for you: is all the strenght you need sometimes :) 

About Tay, well, from what we know she was out at 15, before signing her contract, and her family and close friends have known too for that long, so she’s in the closet only for the GP & her fanbase, not her close ones :) it doesn’t prevent her from living her life, she just has to be way more discreet than she probably wants to, now…The bearding part was imposed on her, by the Entertainment industry in its generality, she couldn’t do otherwise, esp in Country Music…

Not sure if I’ve said this yet but genuinely the biggest thank you to the incredible @taylornation for all of the hard work they put into making these events run so smoothly. The amount of time and dedication spent for fans to have an amazing once in a life time opportunity with Taylor is absolute insanity. I will remember last night for as long as I live. Thank you for caring so much about both Taylor and us.

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Hey i'm with lipip, i don't see the appeal in your art and i feel its not going to get you anywhere really. You won't make a living out of it and its pretty much a waste of time to put it up and show everyone your never improving art. Try improving more. Show me something new and great in a day alright?

I’m proud of my artwork, it took a long time for me to be comfortable and happy with my style. All i can hope to do is hopefully inspire someone with my work and or make someone’s brighter. As i’ve said I am not doing this for fame or fortune. I draw because I love doing it. It takes lots of time, patience, and practice to be content with art you create, that’s how it is for me, it gets frustrating but hey that only motivates me more to keep trying. Its alright if you don’t like my art, i’m not forcing you to. But i’ve got lots of determination and the motivation to continue doing what i love and who knows what the future holds, were just going to have to wait and see. Have a great day. 

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My bulge makes me super dysphoric so I've started to try tucking using Chrissi's method but 1) It's p uncomfortable. Not painful at least but I can't imagine tucking all the time. 2) It doesn't work that well? I mean it certainly helps, and it looks pretty good when I'm completely clothed. But when I'm just in my underwear I still have a very clear bulge Is there anything to do about either of these?

Autumn says:

For longer term tucking, if you are wearing clothing on top, I found I could usually get away with compression underwear/shorts keeping everything pretty flat. It isn’t as good as a full tuck but it will help hide it and it won’t be super uncomfortable.

For getting a really flat tuck in just underwear, that can be a very hard thing to do. Chrissi’s method is the one I would recommend. You can also use compression underwear or even underwear that is a little bit too small on top of it to really keep it flat, that might help a little. I would advise against any tape or glue methods, they are very painful and don’t actually work much better than Chrissi’s method. Keep in mind not to do anything that hurts though!

anyway i wrote the opening/first chapter of the bluejays novel, it was only 600 words but the opening isn’t meant to be long, it’s more of just getting that hook out to draw people in

but i haven’t actually started to write anything in a long time so im sat here feeling pretty accomplished. i have a lot of research/planning to do (as well as drawing, since i wanna make some stuff for this book) but im taking it at a comfortable place, even if this is a personal work 

it feels good to be writing again. ive been so scared of it for so long. but its as easy as breathing to me. its always been what i was meant to do.

remember the guy i was seeing this summer we havent really spoken much since he left in august. like we facetimed once in september. we don’t text much, but when we do text hes always initiating the conversation. and recently he texted me again saying “hey its been awhile we should face time this weekend” he texted me that monday and its thursday now and i just finally replied back with “hey sorry for the delayed response  i cant facetime this weekend im really busy” and hes like no problems what have you been up too. i told him everything ive been working on and he’s like “wow sounds like youre thriving im so happy youre doing so great im so proud of you i cant wait to hear more!” like hes such a sweetheart but at the same time i don’t really care to put the effort to make our long distant friendship work. its this weird feeling where i kind of want to isolate myself away from him even though he’s done nothing wrong, its such a gnarly feeling


So, it’s been a long time since I’ve written up one of these things. I haven’t really found it necessary until now, and that’s likely just because we’re getting bigger every day as a group! Here are some things that have been brought to my attention that need to be worked on. 

  • Please do not use the gif search feature on Tumblr. It makes the gif over 500px and makes for a really messy dash. (If you’re not sure how to find good small/medium and gif icons, do the following: http://tumblr.com/tagged/faceclaim-name-gif-hunt or http://tumblr.com/tagged/faceclaim-name-gif-icons). 
  • Try to choose your gifs wisely. If you’re using small/medium gifs, don’t use anything that stretches over the whole post and try to use gifs that are more compact and not really big. 
  • Please give what you get when it comes to replies. If someone is writing 20 sentences, you should try to do the same. Otherwise, people will feel like their efforts are not being appreciated. 
  • Do not bubble roleplay in any way. Don’t just do replies to your friends, ships and smut replies. Expand your horizons. Check the starter tag regularly. And don’t play favourites with threads. 
  • Try to use small text. I know that it’s not everyone’s favourite thing in the world, but it requires only a second of your time and it makes for a cleaner dash (And a gal like myself with severe OCD really appreciates it). 
  • Cut your posts down to two replies. If you’re mobile, try to use the browser instead of the app (the app’s stinky!). 
  • Do not send people rude OOC anons about things they’re doing that is bothering you. If you want something to be addressed, message us. 
  • If you’re the type to make a lot of errors when writing, or if you’re mobile where errors are easily made, please proofread your work to make sure it reads well and makes sense. Also, grammar is important too! 
  • Do not plagiarize actual works of fiction. Meaning, don’t use lines from movies/tv shows/books in your starters or replies. Be original!
  • LIKE THIS ONCE YOU HAVE READ IT TO COMPLETION. If anyone has anything that they want to add as far as reminders go, throw an anon our way.

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The sequel my brain came up with was that somehow Dr. Strange shows up at Darcy's apartment and sees Bucky and Darcy is like no worries dude, he's like Caspar a friendly ghost, very friendly, and winks, and ghost!Bucky is just rolling his eyes cause how many times is she gonna make that joke, and Strange is like I can help with this, and Bucky says exorcism won't work, and Strange says of course it won't, you're not dead, you're stuck in a pocket dimension, you must have ran into a sorcerer and

…‘Made them mad somehow, hold on, and does magic hands motions, swirly magic appears around Bucky, and then he’s fully in this dimension, totally solid and alive, and Darcy is so happy she’s like, dude, there’s so much you gotta catch up on since you were stuck to that bed, what do you wanna do first?? And Bucky says, well, first thing I wanna do is this and goes up to her and kisses the daylights outta her, and says I’ve been wanting to do that forever doll, and I was hoping maybe I could stay

You and the bed, cause I’m still pretty attached, and Darcy and Bucky get a totally happy ending.👻💏 So yeah, that was what popped into my head.’

I had to put these all together so people could read it cause IT’S SO CUTE AND I LOVE IT, THANK YOU NONNY <3<3<3

For whatever reason mobile tumblr doesn’t feel like showing me my new asks so I’m sorry if this took me awhile to see. IT’S PRECIOUS.

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Can you explain commissions? Like how do you price and stuff, i wanna start doing them but im not sure how to price them.

the commission page i have on my tumblr is a bit oudated, both for my capabilities as an artist and what i’m willing to do for an amount of money; i’m planning on updating it soon ;u;

As for how to price stuff; consider how long it takes you to make a drawing when you’re fully concentrated. Put a price on that time. It’s not the drawing itself you’re selling, but your time in making it. 

If someone asks me for a fully colored commission, that’d take me around 4-5 hours to complete, so I’d charge around 100 USD. If someone asks for a lineart+simple greyscale commission, i’d work on that around 30-50 minutes, so i’d charge approx 10 USD. It’s still a very low price if you consider it’s an hourly wage, but in the end we’re not getting paid by a company, but by individuals who may or may not have jobs themselves. 

On top of that, our commissions are not made to be resold, as is with illustrations for books and the like, so we can’t charge as much as a contracted illustrator either. 

You should also account for your resources on top of your time, so the cost of your materials/tablet, electricity, internet, your drawing program license, etc. 

Basically: Put value on your time, but understand that you’re still being underpaid due to your target audience. Learn your working pace so you know exactly how long a specific drawing will take you before you even start drawing it.

I hope I helped a little bit, good luck! ♥

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hello!! can I have hanzo, mccree, genji, and reinhardt cuddle headcannons? if you didn't do it already,


-He’s not fond of physical affection
-But for you, he’ll find something that works
-He likes holding hands, occasional neck kisses
-As long as you aren’t literally on top of him, he’s fine with it

-He loves to cuddle
-He’ll find every excuse to be physical with you
-Looping arms while walking, putting his head on your shoulder, hugging you close while sitting down

-He likes to make time
-Holding you at night, reading together, easy talks
-During the day, he’s not as cuddly but he’ll still hold your hand 

-It’s not so much cuddling as it is a giggle fest
-He likes to talk more than anything, really
-At night, he loves it when you lay your head on his chest. It makes him feel warm 

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OH just you wait Megan ENJOY 🍸🙏

Hahahaha. Oh I did. I LOVED it.
I mean, soapy as all hell but I LOVE watching Rob at work. Part of me tonight wondered if post redemption they intend to take away the majority of his shiftiness.

I have a feeling they will and we’ll get mainly human!Rob, family storylines, romantic hero Rob, his actual heart and a proper redemption storyline so it’s really kind of making me feel like I want to embrace this dastardly wicked twisted shifty manipulative Rob because we may not see him for a long long time!!!

I’ll say it again though, it’s so telling why Aaron is being kept so far away from this. The audience needs to see Rob spiral - fully and uncontrolled - into rock bottom. They can’t have Aaron there as the second Rob is within his range, he caves and softens and just cannot keep this all up because Aaron is a reminder of goodness and happiness and hope and lovely things. We need to see all of This Rob, the one who is casually (despite a bit of Oscar reel acting and a few hairy moments and also having to fake woo a bloke he despises) destroying the lives of 4 people because he can, because he needs someone to take it out on, because he hates them, because he blames them for so much, because he hates and blames himself, because he has lost everything that meant anything to him, because he’s empty and bitter and furious with himself and the world. They need there to be no semblance of human, lovely, gentle, kind Rob on screen because his fall needs to be from such a height that a redemption feels earned.

That’s what I ALWAYS wanted. It’s why I LOVE this storyline. Yeah it’s soapy and plotty and contrived a little but it’s also very clever in ways.

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