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Thought I would finally show you guys the Arthur toy I found at a thrift store a long time ago. The front pocket on his hoodie really works and I use it to hold spare change. He has a radio on his wrist that used to make sound or play music?? Or something like that it it doesn’t work anymore. I have no idea where he comes from but I thought it was worth a share

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Why does it take you so long to make things. You have stuffs in your current wips that been there since middle of last year? Other people make things for there followers everyday but you don't.

A better question would be why did you feel the need to send me this message? Are you salty because something I’ve been working on hasn’t been finished yet? Either way, the time you spent typing out that message could have been spent Googling “How to make Sims 4 Custom Content” so you could learn to make your own stuff and then you wouldn’t have to send messages like this to people.

707 as a boyfriend

- he’d be really busy a lot of the time, truth be told, but you’d distract him from work so much that he’d give in and spend time with you

- he’d want to get a cat. make that two cats. who am i kidding, he picks up strays from the streets and makes them live with you guys

- when he has free time he’s practically like when a cat needs attention. non-stop nudging and pawing, with kiss attacks

- cuddling is his favorite past time

- he  l o v e s  when you lean on him or get affectionate as long as you’re considerate of his current stress and responsibilities

- sometimes he gets scared he doesn’t spend enough time with you, or that you’ll realize you might be able to find better elsewhere. he doesn’t feel like he can make you happy but he tries his best for you

- he just wants you to be happy


Pasty and Delia ||Saturn

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I work at a restaurant and some guy pissed himself today. We don't know if it was while he was here or before he came in. He told the server that he was going to tip her well, but she took "too long" going to their table (which I doubt she did, TBH). He then proceeded to gab her ear off and make her fall way behind on her other tables, which led to her getting bad tips the entire time he was here. He REEKED. We had to close off the table for the night. It's been 3 hours and I can still smell it!

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Hey!! Love your blog and art too, been a follower forever now, and i wanted to ask. Can u give some advice on how to make a webcomic? Like how u lay it out for example. Dank u dank u ^^

Thank you for your message, a long time follower! <3

For me comic drawing works the best when I don’t plan any panels. I take BIG canvas; usually 5555 x 7777 pxl, bigger if needed. Then I draw the panels randomly there, usually so that the story goes from top to down. Here are two examples:

These are actually pretty neat; usually the page is messy with full of pics here and there! 

After that, I cut them in Photoshop.

For a proper comic - the first one I’m doing since 10 years or similar - I think first what I want to draw, and then think how it would fit the page the best. Where there it would look the best to me and in what shape of a panel it would fit in nicest.

I draw the page on a canvas of its own, which is bigger than the the final comic page will be, but does have the same shape; for example a comic page which is 3000x5500 pxl will be drawn on a canvas of 5000 x 7500 pxl. I try to plan the page’s layout as much as possible, just going with the flow and not minding how the final panels will be and will they fit in or not. Just get down the spirit of the page so to speak!

Then I make the proper comic page. I add panel lines based on the original drawing and then cut the drawings out, adjusting them in the panels: resize them, erase extra either from the drawing or the panel line, tilt the pics if needed and draw more if the picture doesn’t fit the panel properly.

Then comes the speech bubbles, which should be near the head and the bubble’s “tail” should always point at the speaking character’s mouth if possible. I will add the speech bubbles to this on-going Promptis dojin project when I have drawn the comic fully :3

I knew Moana wouldn’t win for best animated feature, but damn did it deserve to win at least for Best Original Song. “How Far I’ll Go” is such a beautiful, powerful, and inspiring song about finding yourself and and breaking limits to reach your dreams and achieve what you what you meant to do in your life. Moana was a gorgeous representation of Polynesian culture, a group that sadly doesn’t get enough exposure in the media. Lin-Manuel Miranda is so talented and passionate about his work, he really put all his heart in making Moana’s songs be memorable and enjoyable. Auli'i Cravalho is a fresh new talent that we haven’t seen in a long time with a lovely voice who is so humble. She’s only 16 and achieved a lot at a young age, performing at the Oscars and not letting her nerves get the best of her while she sang her heart out in front of millions of people. Watching interviews you can see how much Moana means to her and how grateful she was to bring such a strong and determined character to life. What a shame that the Academy didn’t see how great the song was and voted it for the standard Hollywood mediocrity. La La Land might have had a few decent songs, but it wasn’t as moving as Moana. All it was is an throwback to Old Hollywood that the critics ate up. Defend it all you want. It’s the truth, plain and simple.

I know this isn’t the end of Lin-Manuel’s Oscar journey. He has many projects in development, he’s still young and will get it soon and will join the EGOT club. Just you wait.

okay so im actually going to be doing the bts host club like the plot of ouran host club.

if you don’t know. Its about a girl with short hair who goes into one of the “empty” classrooms one day to study and she accidentally breaks a vase and te vase costs alot of fucking money that she cant pay for because she is broke and then the guys come out of no where and literally thinks this chick is a boy and starts saying oh no what will happen to you. And they are all like looks like you need to pay with your body. And is signed into their host club and then they find out shes a girl after a few times of her working because she honestly doenst mind it as long as she is getting money and yeah. ITS NOT GOING TO BE JUST LIKE OURAN HOST CLUB. JUST THE PLOT. tHE BOYS WILL ACT DIFFERENT BUT IM MAKING TAEKOOK LIKE THE TWINS BUT NOT EXCATLY. 

im really exited for this now and i hope you are all okay with this change. anyway, i got to go rewrite this stuff hahaha. 


Ta-dah! The needle felted Pyronica I’ve teased a couple times is now finished -^^- Boy, remind me to never ever buy long fiber wool again. It’s nearly impossible to work with especially with more intricate details, and those are def the lousiest hands I’ve ever made. The flames were a more pleasant new challenge, and I’m pretty happy with how they turned out.

All thanks go to @rustedqueen and their amazing art for giving me the inspiration for making Ronnie! <3 Next up will be a human Bill, so stay tuned ^^

(Oh and btw, if anyone’s interested in buying her, feel free to give me a nudge!)

More pics:

Thirty six hours (Teamiplier x FemReader) fluff drabble

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(( gif not mine - happy children ))

(A/n): I hate life and I want death but I’m stilllllll writing

Summary: The whole crew is up late, they have been editing for soo long as a group and the reader offers to make hot chocolate and Mark is childishly very hyped for it

Warning: swearing lmao


Long hours drained (Y/n)’s mind, hard. She would tell you that she’s a night owl, in which she is; staying up late was a hobby. But really if you make anyone stay up late and work at the same time, then that’s how things get rough.

A Date with Markiplier went very smoothly. Filming had gone down without a hitch; every part finished and shot on schedule.

Now came the editing portion.

For this video to go up on Valentines, then it would take the entire team to help out.

Kathryn and (Y/n), Amy and Mark and of course Ethan were all confined together in the upstairs loft. Slouched in various places, positions, that changed every half hour or so.

“Did you send me the final video cut for ending one?” Mark mumbled. He was laid back in his office chair; curled up and focused on his laptop.

“Yeah..” Ethan replied, just as idly.

Energy was not a present force among them currently.

Lounging on the opposing sofa, (Y/n) stared numbly at her monitor. Several seconds past with no activity from her before she began to wiggle her fingers, and scrunch her nose.

From next to her, Amy spoke “Break time?”

(Y/n) nodded briskly, rolling her neck. Lazily, she plopped down her laptop and stood up in a stiff haze.

The girl focused her energy in getting to and down the steps, grunting at Mark in acknowledgment.

“Tea?” Mark chuckled, gazing up.

“Tea.” (Y/n) agreed.

Down the steps the young girl went, groaning as her legs cracked peacefully.

Making way over to the cupboard, (Y/n) opened it’s wooded door and peered at the contents. She groaned some more when her eyes didn’t find any type of tea. Eventually though, they did land upon a large cylinder of hot chocolate mix.

With a small kitchen lamp lighting the room in the night, (Y/n) allowed it’s rays to help her to prepare a mug of hot chocolate. Using milk, instead of water.

Content, (Y/n) traveled her way back up the stairs; siping at her drink once she reached the top. Moaning in delight, she looked to Mark.

“I didn’t know we had hot chocolate mix.”

(Y/n)’s words were sweet, and somehow, lightly reenergized.

A small grin broke her features when the girl observed Mark’s face perk up, spinning it fully to look back at her.

“Wait, you made hot chocolate?” he asked quickly. The question hung heavy in the air for a few seconds before (Y/n) was able to reply.

“Indeed I did.” she said.

All at once, the male placed down his computer and harnessed a great grin.

“Can you make me some?” he said happily. Practically jumping with excitement, Mark turned to the other three in the room.

“You guys are getting hot chocolate.” he demanded, standing up “You have no choice in the matter.”

Amy and Kathryn looked at Mark in wonder for several seconds before Kathryn spoke up, causing Ethan to pay attention as well.

“It’s close to two in the morning, I don’t think I’d do well with a hot drink.” she warned.

Mark only squinted to her “No choice.”

(Y/n) laughed quickly at his words “Alright, alright. I’ll go make three more mugs, yeah?” and back down the stairs she went.

“I’d do fine with some hot chocolate right now.” Ethan commented.

“You don’t understand, my child.” Mark began “Her hot chocolate, is god’s creed. It is holy. Honest to lord, I am surprised to be the only one that’s had it.

Ethan only giggle to his declaration, along with the two other girl; he shook his head gently.

“It is. The bomb. Like she makes it with milk and adds cinnamon. Oh my good golly god. It is amazing. Oh, it’s so good.

“I think maybe we’ll have to see about that.” Amy offered, standing up as well and giving her back a hearty stretch.

Once (Y/n) had returned up the steps, she had with her four mugs; two in each hand.

“Alright,” she chuckled tiredly “bon appétit.”

As a group, they each grabbed a respective mug, calmly taking a drink.

Except Mark. Mark was eager.

One by one, their eyes went wide. Jaws loose; Ethan, Amy and Kathryn held their gaze on (Y/n).

“Holy shit…” Kathryn whispered, looking back at hot chocolate.

“It’s good!” Ethan cheered, taking a bigger swig.

Mark’s voice was muffled by a mug covering his lips; one hand holding its handle and the other pointed out the others. He spoke, all the while, furiously drinking.

“I told you so, turd blossoms.”


(A/n): Tyler doesn’t get any, because Tyler didn’t help edit. Lmao rip Tyler

“im sorry i have “Consumed” most of the deli meat…cheese?“


Guys im sorry but im about to make you think for a long long time With one question…


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hi, could i ask about your finances? what i'm interested in is if you are turning a profit with your store/hobby/cosplay-work and if so how do you divvy up the profit? or does it all go back into your store/hobby/cosplay-work? don't mind if you don't answer, it's just something i've been wondering about...

I’ll speak pretty generally on the subject for anyone who might be considering going into costume-making as a business.

After two and a half years, we are comfortably treading water.

It takes a long time for businesses to become profitable. This is normal for businesses because of the start-up costs. You don’t just decide to start making things and begin raking in money –– you will always be buying new tools and supplies, juggling expenses, investing to expand, etc. Every new venture costs money and you can’t grow without taking new ventures but the money has to come from somewhere, and that’s generally your own pocket at first. I guess you could just use all your personal tools and keep all the money for yourself and never invest, but you can’t just will a business to thrive long-term if it never has adequate tools, supplies, resources, etc, especially when efficiency and productivity are crucial to being successful. You have to spend most of that money building up a product line and means of production. (And for all you budding commissioners out there: profit comes after labour costs. Does it really count as profit when you’re paying yourself less than minimum wage per hour in labour?)

For now we have day jobs, but the goal is that in two years we will be established enough that Christine, Shazz and I can do this full time, as well as begin hiring contractors when necessary. In five years, we’d like to be able to hire more people full-time.

- Jenn

//So like, the mun has spent most of this weekend musing and working on some personal projects of their own; and it’s come to their attention that their own Fate OC (a character they’ve been holding very dear to their heart) could make an interesting RP blog to run.
I know I’ve spoken before about possibly creating other blogs for characters - but it’s fallen through because I’m too darn scared to showcase any of my own work. However, Akihiko (Assassin) has been a long time work in progress, and I’d be a little disappointed if I didn’t do much else with him once he’s been formally completed. Running him as an independent character would be nice, and it’s encouraging to see plenty of other OC/Fate blogs too… So I don’t know. Dare I step into that world? Would people think less of me because of this? Running a cannon blog is fun because people know who they are dealing with, but an OC blog is entirely different.

Eh, I’m just a little worried that people mightn’t like his character or call it out as a Sue-blog or something.
I am a sucker for attention to detail, and I genuinely do not think Assassin is a Sue by any means, but still. That doubt is there. ^^;

Better late than never!

Hi guys!!! Sorry for being quiet for so long. I’ve been super behind because of work and school. Because it took me over a month to actually finalize partners I think it’d only be fair to extend to end date a bit, at least for the artists but I’m sure the writers would like the extra time as well. I’m thinking of pushing it back by about a month making the post date around june 15th? 

I just finished up the artist pairings though like I thought we were still a bit behind on beta’s. I’m going to be messaging all the authors in a little for their check up-

note to the anon who was asking about the check up: basically I message the authors and see what their progress is with the fics. I’m probably going to start messaging the artists as well next check up because some of them probably haven’t been able to talk to their writers yet. 

An addition to the check up this first time is that I’m also going to add in the contact info to your partners, I know some of you have been talking already but I just want to make sure everyones covered and nobody is left out. 

I’m still so very sorry about taking so long everyone. I’m going to hopefully be having more time from now on. Thanks for sticking it through with us.


Hey, lovelies!

I’m still in hospital (on very short leave today) and it looks like I’ll be staying here in the long term until we decide I’m well enough to leave. I’m okay with that though - I have a lot of time to work on recovery and my well being, I’ve made a few friends here and the staff are really lovely.

This does mean that I won’t be posting on here often at all! Although I can bring a laptop back with me to the ward, my current one is very old and not going to make it so until I can buy myself a new one, I’ll be left with just my phone. And I think we can all agree that accessing tumblr via my mobile is most certainly going to be detrimental to my mental health. It’s so slow!

In the mean time, if you need any help or advice then I’d recommend talking to @bpdrotten because they’ve always been a reliable source, or @theneurotypicals. Before making my blog, these two blogs were the ones I referred to most, but there are so many more lovely people willing to help. In fact, if you are a BPD blog that posts advice then you could reblog this to let others know you’re out there <3

I love you all so much and I wish you all the very best. I can’t wait till I can get this blog up and running again but until then, I’ll leave you all with love 

- Amy xoxox

Before I knew @laynemorgan personally, I knew she was member of and advocate for the LGBTQ community in entertainment. I’ve always appreciated and respected her work in that regard. I know it’s hard, as any minority in entertainment will tell you.

Now that I know her personally, I know how much truer that is than any of you realize. I know some small bit of how often she’s your advocate in rooms where it is not glamorous to be your advocate. I know a tiny fraction of how heavy she carries the responsibility of being a queer woman in entertainment (while also trying to let all the bullshit she gets for it roll off of her), even with the relatively little power within the industry to make change she has at this stage of her career. I know how much time she spends fighting in losing battle after losing battle, not where you see it online, but in the long slow, slogging work of being a minority in entertainment. Always seeking after the small wins, the moments she can explain to someone why fandom matters, that they’re not some screaming mob of hate, but real people with real faces seeking reflections of themselves, experiencing real pain or struggle. That the stories matter. Or the chance to try one more time to shift the tide of cisstraightwhite establishment even just a little. Consistent, day in and day out, looking for the small moments where being in the right room or at the right table or in the right company at the right moment opens up a chance to make some small change. 

I’ll never understand movements that prioritize politics over people, especially people who are advocating for you. I’ll never understand how it is acceptable to elevate straight men and women over our own community members. I’ll never understand people’s silence in the face of their community desperate to tear down one of their own. 

I’ll never understand why LGBTQ people so often don’t seem to have the backs of their own community members. Layne, among others, is on the front lines in this war. You don’t have to like her or her methods or her speeches or who she fights with or against but for god SAKE stop starting battles with her when she’s in our CAMP. Give the woman a damn break. 

Hey it’s been a while! Figured it was time to share a concept I’ve been working on recently.

If you’ve been following me for a while you should know who ChimAhk is. (The char I’m using as my avatar) ChimAhk was supposed to be an interaction/persona character but ended up becoming defined by his emotional blankness and the story he had become inserted into, so I couldn’t do what I really set out to do with him.

Not too long ago I thought about taking a new crack at the persona idea. My goal was to make a char that was more approachable and that I’d feel more comfortable using as a representation. I couldn’t get beyond my chimera though, so I felt the best way forward was to create this alternate version of ChimAhk.

And of course, the best way to try out and get used to a persona is to draw them making faces.

Let’s talk about screenshots.

As you all probably know already, I like to take my own screenshots. I find it incredibly relaxing to sit down with my laptop, pop one of my dvds in to my external dvd player (because for some ungodly reason laptops these days don’t have internal dvd drives), and spend quality time with our favorite guys and gals of Emergency!

While it’s relaxing to the point where I’m not aware that four hours passed already, it’s also a tedious task. Because of copyright issues, there’s a specific way you have to go about taking the shots; and there’s a whole obstacle course of steps you have to walk through to make sure the images come out right. 

Sure there is a lot of work that goes into taking the screenshots, but you also have to factor in time as well. Each episode is between 40-50 minutes long, and as you’re taking a screenshot, you’re constantly stopping the episode to grab the shot that you want. Sometimes it can take longer than the allotted time of the episode to grab all of the shots that you want to grab. I’ve found myself spending an hour and a half on just one episode quite frequently. 

With that being said, I want to point out that all of this work is incredibly worth it. It’s so cool to be able to go through the screenshots and basically relive the memories of the episodes, kinda like bringing a camera to your favorite museum and taking pictures of everything that you want to remember. 

However, when you are taking screenshots of something that doesn’t belong to you, you do want to make sure that credit goes to the proper people. On every site that I have my screenshots; Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and sometimes Twitter, I always note images are copyright @NBC Universal.

It’s SO important, like you wouldn’t believe. I don’t mind if people use my screenshots for whatever reason they would like to use them for. They’re not mine to say no, and they’re really not mine to say yes either.

But is it nice when people recognize you for all of your hard work and dedication gone into taking all of the shots? Hell yeah!