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Hey! I don't know whether this has been asked before but do you have prompts about the circus! Specifically, a magical circus. Thank you! ❤

1) The protagonist met the acrobat once every leap year, faithfully on that forgotten day when the circus too entered the world for twenty four hours. Sometimes, they asked what would happen if they stayed together when the circus disappeared, asked what the circus did all those other days, but there was never an answer to be had and the acrobat begged them not to ask. But those twenty four hours were everything.

2) “I’m going to expose you,” they warned the illusionist, words hissed through gritted teeth. “That’s not sleight of hand - that’s witchcraft. Devil’s work!”
“If it was,” the illusionist replied, “I’m surprised you’d make threats against someone who could make you disappear. Seems pretty foolish.”
“Is that - you can’t -” they drew themselves up stiffly. 
“I’m just saying,” the illusionist smiled. “I hope you enjoyed the show.”

3) “Perhaps,” the ringmaster offered the protagonist a smile and a hand to help them up, “you would like to join us?”
“I can’t do anything. I’m not that special. You’re all so - so amazing.” The protagonist felt more silly than ever with their tears and their tatters compared to the circus’s glitter and shine. It’s elegance, it’s magic.
“My dear child, nobody is without worth here. No matter what they told you.”

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Sorry to sound so ignorant, but I saw your earthquake post. Is this the same earthquake that happened a few days ago or did Mexico have another massive one?! =[ Either way, I'm glad you're alright, even though you don't know me. XD

No. We’ve had two different ones. I know it’s confusing, it’s not ignorant at all. 

One was 8.2 and hit Oaxaca and Chiapas (Gulf of Tehuantepec). This one happened on the 7th of September at midnight (literally at 11:59). 

Yesterday, 19th of September we got hit by a 7.1 earthquake closer to Mexico City, Morelos and Puebla (right at the center of the country). This one happened around 1:19pm so kids were at school and people at work (I was in class at college). Mexico City is very densely populated so many people are hurt. Over 240 people have died and many haven’t been found (rescue works are still going on).

Ironically, yesterday’s earthquake happened on the 32th anniversary of a similar earthquake that happened in 1985 (which also hurt and killed a lot of people). At 11am we had an evacuation drill to commemorate this earthquake. Little did we know that we were really going to use that information 2 hours later. 

My country is strong and so many people are helping out on the streets. There have been many places that have begged people not to help anymore because there’s too many on that location. Still, much help is needed. 

Hundreds of buildings are hurt and in danger of collapsing. 

If you want to help, Amazon has opened a special wishlist of products needed. You can buy them and they will deliver them to the people here that need them. They are constantly updating on what it is needed.  

Bored during work? In a waiting room? Going to the bathroom?

Got 1.99?

You could download some new app, or you could buy my book! It’s got lesbian werewolves, rugged lovable fairies, a vampire monarchy, and I think it normalizes ace relationships which is just nice, you know? 

Buy “The Ballad of the Sea and Sand” by Kitty Orleans on kindle ebook and support a indie author (eee that’s me) and help me prove to my parents I could do this. 

Also, I’ve sold 7 copies and it would be so cool to make it to 10!! 

i feel a little sick cuz i spent the bus ride home talking to this guy from work who i kinda get along with and we were on the same page about a bunch of stuff re: problematic representation in film and then somehow at the end of the bus ride he randomly started saying some moderate centrist trump apologism shit that i was too out of it to think of a response to before i had to leave (i had just come off a 12 hour physical labor shift and it came up literally 2 minutes before we reached my stop) im just like … whadda fuck . it really surprised me how someone seemingly reasonable would go and say stuff like “at least he’s keeping his campaign promises and following through on his beliefs!” and “there’s misinformation on both sides” … i told him as i left that i would bring it up again when i was awake enough to be coherent but i kind of hope i somehow just never see him again even though we work at the same location at the same park

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bleh ok so i was on a date with my girlfriend and i wore a compression sports bra under a cami w the flap thing that was small (i normally wear a large). i wore this for abt 4 hours before the date, fine. half hour into the date, i feel dizzy for a minute and have to stop. rest of the date (2 1/2 hours) i was fine. i know i binded dangerously, but would a medium cami work, or should i just stick to only sports bras like i normally do? sorry long ask for a short question

Kai says:

I would stick with just a sports bra since it’s already compression. Stay safe!


Please guys I need prayers. If everyone could please say a prayer for my mother in law Belinda Haggins that would be great. We’re headed to Orlando tonight because she is having her kidney transplant in a few hours ❤️❤️❤️❤️

We’ve been waiting on this for 2 years. We had a call last week for one but it didn’t work out and tonight she finally has one to call hers. We’re headed to Orlando now and I’m so excited but nervous for her. Prayer for me as well to be positive and a strength to her. For now I won’t be posting anything until after we’ve returned home or until after her surgery and they tell us she’s stable.

Mon: went home sick after 8 hours, worked another 2.5 at home. Tue: went home sick after 7 hours. Then had a coughing spell every 45 minutes. Wed: Listened to the Wife and stayed home. Turns out I had a Fever and Bronchitis. Don’t mind the dark circles and red nose.

my cars battery light came on when I was pulling into my driveway, and all of a sudden I could no longer steer my car

ive been trying to save up for a new car, but life shit gets in the way repeatedly. I’m no longer working 2 jobs and I’m only part time at the one job I am working and I’m only making $9.11 an hour getting maybe 25 hours a week

my car is 20 years old and she is on her last legs, I can trade her in for a grand so that would at least off set some of the cost of buying a new (for me) car.

I know you guys don’t know me, and there’s a million and one people on this site asking for help but I wouldn’t ask if it weren’t important

If you guys are willing to help a girl out in buying a car that won’t get her killed I would be forever greatful

my paypal email is babyfirefly1000@yahoo.com


Day 35 of #100daysofpractice! I’m working on about 2 and a half hours of sleep because there were crazy people partying in the hotel room next to mine last night (long story short: they actually got kicked out of the hotel but not until 6 am and I had to be up at 6:30 for my flight 😪) - but I’m back in Dallas and now I have two weeks to learn the Double Treble concert I’m performing with @stirlingtrent and @psychokaz on the 30th.. umm.. ahhhhhhh
🎻Rózsa Sonata for 2 Violins: Allegro risoluto (at Plano, Texas)

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Heart strings

AU in which the first time your soulmate touches you, your body starts burning up and a strange substance travels through your veins, leaving a mark behind, until it reaches your hearts, making both of you part of the same body.

But what happens when your soulmate is not on board with the idea and your time is ticking way too fast?

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Pairing: JungKook x TaeHyung

Word count: 2400

Notes: Quite a weird update time, it was supposed to go up on Friday, but I’ve finished it earlier, so I’ve just decided to post it. Also, I’ve changed the title. I feel like this works best with the fic. enjoy :)

“I think we’ve lost them.” JungKook said as he sat down right next to TaeHyung.

“It was about time…” the other said, leaning his head on a dirty batten.

The night had fallen for a couple of hours now, thick and cold, making both of them shiver and almost forget about the strangeness of their connection. In that moment, JungKook would almost welcome that sudden burn and heat that enveloped his body at the touch of TaeHyung. But he tried to keep his distance from him, scared of the repercussions of the action.

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it's throwback thursday! or it will be in 2 hours depending on your time zone... close enough XD but anyway, could you please doodle some kaworu and shinji? (i saw your answer to that one question about your first anime, lol)

i don’t know who you are Anon, but YOU’RE SPEAKING MY LANGUAGE!!! truthfully, i was just sitting here having a hard time with my work, being like “do i have art block????” ((O    A O)) THEN THIS!? WHAATTT~!!!! i’m on it Anon!!!


The Eleventh Hour so far has my favorite storytelling from Griffin! So here’s a pseudo-movie poster ehuehueue

Had to do another illustration for our Fantasy Illust class and our prof gave me the go signal to draw TAZ again as long as I found good face refs for them. B^) I based Magnus, Taako and Merle on John Spainhour, Paul Boche, and Brian Cox respectively! 

i had the most baffling encounter at work today.

apparently someone left their iphone in our store. the phone was found by a woman, henceforth known as “Terrible Lady,” when Phone Owner set off the “find my iphone” alarm. the alarm is accompanied by a “please contact this # if found” message. Terrible Lady utilizes this number to text Phone Owner, demanding $100 in return for the phone. Phone Owner says they can’t afford it, there’s some back and forth, etc. etc., and eventually Phone Owner threatens to call the cops.

Terrible Lady brings the phone (which is still making the obnoxious “find my iphone” noise, and continues to do for the duration of the encounter) to my register, complaining about the audacity of Phone Owner, as if refusing to pay the $100 is an egregious personal insult. i “mhm” a lot, silently judging her, but relieved she has sensibly decided to release the phone into the store’s custody so we can return it to Phone Owner without further drama.


fifteen minutes later, after she has checked out, she comes by my register just long enough to say “make sure she pays the $100, i’ll call to see when i need to come pick it up!” and is out the door before i can even process the fact that this women genuinely thinks that the burlington fucking coat factory is going to be the middleman for her definitely unethical and most likely illegal lost iphone extortion scheme. (side note: i looked this up once i got home from work, and it turns out that, yeah, it’s totally illegal in our state)

sure enough, an hour later, Terrible Lady calls: “hi, is this cashier #5? [that’s not my name but thanks] has she brought the $100 yet??”

there are like 2 cashiers on duty and 20 people in line. i beg my manager to take the call, which: smart move. because my manager ends up on the phone with Terrible Lady for 20 minutes, telling her that we will, under no circumstances, require Phone Owner to pay $100 before we give them the phone. eventually, Terrible Lady realizes we mean business, and SHE threatens to call the cops on US because we took the phone from her “under false pretenses”

manager hangs up on Terrible Lady /end

some unlucky kiddos :’)